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A few years ago I met a wonderful woman, M'Lady Sarah. She embraced my feline side, and we played online for hours and hours. She gave me a name, a virtual collar, and her companionship online. I still have the real collar I got made up with her pet name for me, and I still wear it sometimes.

Over the years I've lost track of M'Lady, and I genuinely miss her dearly. I still write the occasional Mauzer story, but it's not the same without M'Lady to have as my muse. If for some reason M'Lady sees this, I beg of you to e-mail me. I wish to speak once again to my gentle, sweet M'Lady Sarah.

The name "Mauzer" has also become a part of my furry side, I've used "Mauzer" as the name of my tiger costume, pictured here. That costume isn't really what I envision the character of "Mauzer" to look like, but I enjoy it. And, yes, this is a yiffy costume too.

These stories are all for her.

The costume

Mauzer's Diary

Part One : "Rebirth"

Part Two : "The Slave"

Part Three : "Discrimination"

Part Four : "Homefront"

Part Five : "Favors Untold"

Part Six : "The Bear"

Part Seven : "Letting the Cat Out"

DISCLAIMER : "Mauzer's Diary" is Copyright 1995 - 2001 Socks Furrotica Press. Distribution is permitted in electronic format, as long as 1) the entire text (including this disclaimer) remains intact and 2) My e-mail address remains on the work ( Permission is also given to print this text out for personal use. If you wish to include this story in a web site or for publication, e-mail myself ( and we'll talk it over...

This is (unfortunately) a work of fiction. It depicts sex. Lots of quite graphic sex between several genders and arguably a few species. Af any of this offends you, or anything vaguely pornographic bothers you, don't read this, and don't send me your nasty e-mail (I may enjoy it, you know...)

Being a work of fiction, none of the characters herin are based on a real person (Save the narrator and one other person...) And similarity to any person alive, dead, undead or unalive is coincidental, totally. However, if you see yourself or someone you know in a character be honored. You've been immortalised.

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