Mauzer's Diary

M'Lady is a true artist. It's truly a pleasure to watch her when she allows me. Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Mauzer, "Mauz" for short. And I am the legal property of Mistress Sarah. I just call her M'Lady. It's so much easier for both of us. It's a long story, but I have time tonight.

I met M'Lady a few years ago. It was around December of 2017, just after Christmas. We hit it off rather well on the 'net. We talked, chatted, exchanged ideas for six months or so. Then we met. I was drifting towards her town anyhow, so we figured it was a good time to meet. Ahh, she was beautiful. An inner beauty that's hard to describe. I was a drifter before then, doing anything I could to get along. An odd job here, and whatever there. But for that time I talked with M'Lady, we grew onto each other and, well, developed a special relationship.

Before we met in person I already knew a lot about her. She was a 'Mistress', and she had several 'slaves' who paid for the privilege. I also knew in her town it was legal for her to practice this trade. I know the morality is perceived as low, but I don't think of it that way anymore. It's more like performance art where the person who views the art has an orgasm when the artist signs her name. But at the time I've wasn't one to willingly give my freedoms to another for their pleasure. I'd done that once, in the military. I didn't like it. I didn't choose it.

With M'Lady, though... It's different. It goes back to when we first met. For starters my persona on the 'net was that of a cat. And she adored me there for my persona at first and then my person when we got to know each other. And her persona was a bit different than her real life person, but that's just fine with me. I've never judged people by their icons.

I think that's what she liked about me. Not judgmental. Anyway, she let me stay at her place for a token rent and some work around the house. For her favor I returned it with small things over and beyond my required housework. Whatever needed doing, I did. Fix this, repair that, whatever it was I did. At first I did this to give some meaning to why I was staying there and occupying a room for a buck a month. But, I dunno... M'Lady kinda grew on me as I did her...

Whenever a 'client' came in I stayed out of the way when I could. It was never my business then. From below I heard the most interesting sounds of cracking whips, plastic hitting flesh, and the occasional groan and yells of an orgasm or three. But by contrast M'Lady and I would cuddle together when we were alone watching the holo-vids. She'd pet me like a cat, I'd purr. That'd be the extent of it, really. She never approached me with sex, and I never really asked. Wasn't my place.

But, over time, we started talking about the bondage stuff. It was never a "Will-you-tie-me-up-and-whip-me" conversation at all. It was strictly academic at first. We talked about fantasies. We talked about dreams. We talked about almost everything. But never once did she demand me to serve under her. And I think that made it easier, really.

I confessed some of my fantasies to her, again willingly. Like being a cat. Like having a permanent home where I was adored and loved. Things that I never had when I grew up. My parents were nomads. They sold me to a corporation so they could eat. There was no love there. Only hatred, fear, rage...

M'Lady told me her fantasies too, but those are between myself and M'Lady. If you must know ask her yourself.

We were open about sexuality after that. I think it was something that was now comfortable to talk about together now that we knew our ultimate fantasies. When we talked about sexual preference, I told her I wasn't sure, but I considered my self straight het. But she asked me something interesting. "When did you decide you were straight?" I didn't have an answer.

M'Lady talked me into trying a male/male encounter. I may tell you about that encounter later, if I get his permission to. Actually, I liked it. But I still liked the feminine touch as well. So I figure that I am 'bisexual', even though I hate that description. It sounds like I'm androgynous. I prefer to answer "Are you gay or straight" with a simple "Yes."

Then the one morning that things changed for us. I don't remember how the conversation came up. But we got to talking about how the cybernetics were coming up in technology. And how I was thinking of getting my 'plugs looked into for upgrade. Yeah, that's how it came up. Anyhow, she mentioned that she would spring for the upgrade, and some other things as well, if I was willing to be her legal pet.

I thought she was joking at first. But she came to be a few days later with a brochure showing what was possible at a clinic she knew of. Some amazing things were in there. My favorite was the bunny. She was a white rabbit with black frosted ears, and tail. Whoever she was, she did her modeling job well.

M'Lady put a lot of things on the table, as it was. She was willing to put the money for the surgery, and the cybernetics needed. In return I was to become her legal property for the length of the contract (which is between her and me, by the way...) I was hesitant at first, as I think anyone is when they're about to sign their life away. I'd done it once against my will, and I wasn't too thrilled about doing it again.

But this time was different. Like I said I had known M'Lady very well for a year or so, and I had lived in with her. Some of her clients thought we were married or at least engaged. And over that time our talks were very... intimate about what we enjoyed and what we desired. And we came to several agreements, and several disagreements.

As it turned out, I signed. Not because I was sexually thrilled about becoming what I'd always wanted but could never afford. Believe me I was. I look at it as a different marriage. Different because all I was to become was a pet, not a partner. And, in the long run, I was getting a good deal. The transformation I'd dreamed of, and all I had to do was be myself, and with M'Lady.

I thought at the time that it was all one sided, I got a lot of good things out of the deal, but I couldn't see what she got. In time, I did. And I still do. But, again, that's her business and not mine own to give out and discuss. I may ask her to let me tell you all, but I think that with half a brain working on it you can tell me.

We both signed the papers together. It's funny that in this electronic age that some things, like important contracts, are still done on paper. And I think we weirded out the lawyer when we kissed after signing. I know that some people enter a slave contract on a last ditch effort to turn their life around, and most never made it out of the vicious circle of signing their life away for the promise of food and lodging for a period of time. They never learn...

Going to the hospital was a blur to me, I don't remember check-in all that well. I don't remember the physicals, the tests, or any of that too well either. Images of what I think happened are there, but my brain was somewhere else. I do remember being wheeled, on my back, to an operation room. And the gas, still smells like bad fruit stripe gum... And that gradual fade out, seeing M'Lady over the theater window smiling...

I don't remember if I dreamed either. It's all kinda nebulous. I remember vividly waking up. I didn't know the time, hell, not even the day. I'd lost time before while in the military, but it was never like this. I remember the sun on my body, it felt good in a strange way. Heh, just like a cat to think that was my thought. I opened my eyes and sat up. I felt so weak, I'd been lying here for a long time. My eyesight was crisp, I remembered what cyber-eyes felt like again. I looked around, and saw myself in the mirror across the room.

For starters, I'm now covered in a dark gray fur. From my fuzzy head to my fuzzy toes. It's a nice pattern, like we had agreed upon. Predominantly a gray fur, with black stripes like a tiger. The tips of my pointed ears, tip of my muzzle, around my eyes, and on the tip of my tail it is a lighter gray fur, as is a portion of my underbelly and under my chin which forms a nice diamond. My hands and hindpaws, umm, feet, are a very dark gray. Almost a black but not quite. I'm still bipedal, and I can still speak, and I still have hands, but only 3 fingers and a thumb. But now...

Now I'm M'Lady's pet cat. True, legally, she owns me. But even if she didn't I would never want leave her. I adore her too much, and she I. And I know that she could do anything to me she wished, including sell me and my contract if she desired. But I don't think she will. She wouldn't know what to do with herself without a pet. Perhaps I'm being self serving by saying that, but we've developed something special now.

Thoughts raced in my head. Several thought that screamed "You're a slave now, just like before." But, I wasn't, not like before. I don't like talking about my military career, as it was. But I'll say this. I wasn't exactly a willing recruit. An orphan with no family in the corporation is prime candidate to becoming a shock trooper. But they couldn't kill me, no matter how hard they tried. Too damned lucky.

Anyhow, this time was different. This time I knew what was happening, and I controlled the terms of the contract. And all I had to be was a pet, at least contractually. I knew I'd do more, as I knew M'Lady would do more as well. It was different now. I controlled my own destiny on this contract, not like before.

My thoughts were interrupted by the door opening. M'Lady came in. She just smiled and locked the door behind her. She came to my bedside. "Good Morning, my pet. Don't talk." She placed a finger on my muzzle, making my whiskers tingle. "Your vocal cords aren't ready for it yet. And I know you're too weak to do hug me." I did want to hug her, kiss her, something. But she was right. Whatever drugs they used to keep me unconscious weren't gone yet, it still had most of my strength under it's grip.

She slowly disrobed. When she was undressed she took my penis into her hand, and smiled. This was one of the only things that wasn't an exact duplicate of a cat, but it's close enough. There's a sheath around the base, and when I get excited there's an inner penis that's very slick, and it's shaped like a cat's penis, but it's not barbed. She was very insistent about that. "I see what isn't weak, however..." She made a few strokes with me. She had a smile that was something very physical in it. And the scent in the air, I recognized it later as M'Lady's scent when she's aroused. At the time I didn't know that my sense of smell was boosted. I purred very loud and my head rolled backwards. They installed a loud purr in me too.

And then I heard a metal "ting", kinda high pitched. I felt something go from the bottom of my muzzle to about mid chest. Then I felt her hands stroke the fur around my neck. I looked up to see her straddle my body in the bed. With her poised just over me, I saw her take something in her hand and hold it up.

It was a black nylon collar with a black plastic name-tag on it. There was white lettering engraved in it. It simply said "Mauzer" on the front. She turned it slowly to show me the back. It said "Owned by Mistress Sarah" on the first line. "If found wandering, punish severely and contact" and her phone number on the second line. The third line was a series of numbers, my Emergency Trauma Service ID number. She'd thought of everything.

"This is just to remind you who you're owned by, my pet." She said as she draped it over my throat. I remember the moment so well. It's hard to put it into words. Her touch was electric. The feel of the collar around my throat was, well, incredible. She fed it through and buckled it shut. It was tight enough to be next to my fur, but not tight enough to constrict me at all. She checked it with three fingers between it and my throat. And smiled.

"I've taken the time to legally change your name, Mauzer." She said. "Seeing that I own you now I have that right." She had a tone to her voice that I recognized as how she talked to her clients. She wanted this moment to etch permanently in my mind, to have purpose. It did.

She then attached a leash to the collar, letting me feel it's pressure as it clicked into the D-ring. She gently pulled on it as she descended on my stiff penis. "And as my pet, and property, I get to take your virginity as I please." She pushed down onto me.

She pleased herself for a moment or two on me. But, she became sensuous after that. M'Lady controlled the tempo expertly, moving slowly, then pulling my leash as she let herself down slowly. Then a few faster short pumps. She had me on the verge, but held me back. I closed my eyes and felt the wave build. "Mauzer.... Now!"

Her order was fast, and I did. Just as she pulled hard on the leash and impaled herself onto me thrown back in her own orgasm. Honestly, I didn't really look. I had a yowl stuck in my own throat that couldn't escape. My voice wasn't back yet. I yowled silently, as did M'Lady.

She laid down next to me, panting hard. I nuzzled against her gently. She smiled and stroked my chest fur. "Such a sweet cat..." She said softly. We cuddled for a few minutes before she collected herself together and dressed again. She took a towel to my fur and cleaned it off for me. She threw the towel in the hamper. My fur handled the rough cleaning well, making me wonder how long I'd really been out for!

A doctor looked at my monitor reading a bit later. He asked M'Lady what I did to have such a fast heart rate. She simply said "He was happy to see me again." Indeed, I was. M'Lady and the doctor talked for some time. I found out I'd been unconscious for two weeks, and about five days of that was letting the fur settle in so it wouldn't 'float'. I could explain that term, but I don't want to gross out people with the meaning. And I found that I would be going into physical therapy, starting soon after.

I spent about a month at the hospital re-learning some basic things like walking, talking, eating, and the like. M'Lady visited when she could, she did have a business to attend to. My voice had changed, it was a bit deeper now and the muzzle made it sound a bit resonant. But it was still my voice, all told. They also taught me how to use my tail, how to flick my ears for the best hearing I could get, how to retract my claws and unsheathe them too, and how my whiskers were now wired into my nervous system and why.

There's some more things too. The tech for it is extremely expensive, and I didn't know at the time why she put it in, but I have anti-bioplague nanotechnology going through my system. Now I know that it's very good at fighting off all forms of disease from the cold to, well, STD's without me activating them. So I can basically do almost anything without fear of infection. I'm still very cautious for very good reasons. But it's nice to know it's there, if you know what I mean.

Of everything in my system that scares me the most. I noticed that I'm much looser now with sexual contact on most levels, and something still screams in my head that it may kill me. But, M'Lady reassures me that it's not so, and to relax. I do, but that voice is still there. They also installed something, I don't know what it's called, that increased my flexibility. If you'd like to know how much, I can easily say that I now know why animals lick themselves. Figure it out.

I was fortunate that M'Lady sprung for the learning program as well. It would have been very difficult to learn those things on my own. It also taught me about my new cyberoptics (and, fortunately, how to turn on and off the features in them) and the audio as well. I think M'Lady was worried about my hearing when she decided on the dampening system.

Ahh, so worried about her pet. I think that's why I signed the papers. She's ruthless to some patrons, but to me, she's the most wonderful person I know. Granted, I still clean the house for her sometimes. Sometimes I wonder if that's part of a personality chip she had installed too. I've noticed that my cat-like behavior has increased a lot. Little things like cleaning my paws, twitching my tail when I'm not thinking about it. My ears flipping to any given sound. I don't think about it anymore, it just happens. I've also noticed that I'm a bit more permissive, more hedonistic now.

After a month of training I was released from the hospital. I did go out of my way to thank the doctors and nurses for everything. They were very helpful. M'Lady picked me up and took me home. We talked for a long time about everything, nothing, and all things between. I was just happy to be getting home. She gave me a week or two of more time to get used to just being in a new body in the same house. It helped, but I was back to cleaning up after her patrons in a few days. She almost kicked me out of the house once just so I'd stop doing it!

M'Lady mentioned once that there were a few more things that were installed as well, but that she'd show me later when they were fully 'set'. She hasn't shown me yet, and I won't lose any sleep over what it is. I trust M'Lady. She's too kind to do anything too bad to me.

I keep mentioning that M'Lady is kind. She is. She lets me have my freedom when I ask for it. There are some occasions she won't. But, usually, she lets me go. She knows I'll be back. I've met some other net-people in real life, and we share interests. We go to concerts, 'ball games and what not. I've invited M'Lady along, but she's not really into the rock scene.

Oh yes, I should mention this too. M'Lady has 'trained' me, to an extent. Like I said earlier, she's a professional. Anyway, she's trained me to be her helper on certain slaves. Some don't like it, and I stay out of those. But most don't mind. Or they're told that they don't mind, something like that.

But we spent a week of her training me in simple commands. Most of them she just needed to teach me by proxy like come, sit, stay and the like. I also had to learn to respond to "Mauzer" and "Mauz" too. It's weird being called a new name, and replying not missing a beat. It freaked me out a few times. But I learned it. I was also told that the collar I was wearing would never be removed, unless she wanted to change it. And that was fine by me, I'd actually adored it from the beginning. It had good, but short memories to it.

I also had to learn the styles of her whips and identify them by length. Also the floggers, hoods, collars, cuffs, clamps and so on as well. I had to know exactly where they were, and how to get to them. I've gotten it down now that when M'Lady asks for a 6 foot whip I can have it in her hands in 20 seconds. She likes that. She's got an impressive arsenal, and anything faster than that and I may get hurt.

And, along the way, she's also taught me how to be more dominant, more aggressive. I'm not nearly the artisan she is, but I consider myself all right at the part. I'm getting better at it. But I'll talk about that later.

I asked her during this how my name came about. "Oh, you silly cat." she said to me, stroking up my fur. "You're not going to let me sleep until you find out, huh?" I nodded. She laughed. "Well, look up your history and you'll find a small reference to a German weapon called a 'Mauser'. Knowing your past, I thought it appropriate. I changed the spelling a little, and it sounds like you chase rats now." She smiled. Now I got it. "Besides, there's more to it than that, jut like you." She scritched me, hitting the hedo-nerves and making me just melt in her hands. It's her way of driving a point home to me. I hope nobody else finds out where they are, it may kill me.

Just a side note : way back when I told her of my past. Why I'm a drifter. I don't want to go into all the details, but I'll put it this way. When I was in the military I did things that nobody can do and sleep well at night. I didn't become a good net-runner by going to public schools, ya know. Ya know, I keep saying I don't want to talk about my military past, but I end up talking about it. I guess I need to tell someone some of the things, but I don't know what is declassified yet. Later, I think...

Oh yes, I did some research into my name too. And I came up with a further reference to another Mauzer. He's gray too. But that's another thing.

After the training M'Lady decided to take me to one of her 'club' meetings. She had me fully prepared for the event. I wasn't registered as her slave, but as her pet. I was happy about that. She left me to choose my own costuming for the event. I say that because a 'costume' is the best description of clothing now for me. It's how I think of it now, something to adorn over my fur. Before you assume otherwise, I do wear clothing around the house. Loose and light is preferred.

I decided on something simple. A felt burgundy vest and some black tie-pants that tie on the ankles and the waist but are open on the sides. It leaves my tail exposed, which I prefer. She put me on leash and muzzled me before we left for the club. I'll admit that I enjoy being muzzled, especially by M'Lady. Her fingers feels so good and... well... It's hard to describe if you don't have a cat's face that can be muzzled properly. I'll just say that my whiskers are more sensitive than I care to admit.

She put me in the back of the car and we drove to the event. We weren't the first there, but certainly not the last. She led me in on the leash, it was very loose. She un-muzzled me there, and introduced me to the club. Actually, that's not really how it was. I was introduced to individual members one on one, or two on three, or whatever it was. I met almost everyone over the whole evening.

The best part, for me anyhow, was the total lack of anyone demanding that I service them, or please them in any way. It was clear I was the property of "Mistress Sarah", and they went through her first before asking of me. And they would ask first! I guess being a pet has it's advantages. I don't think it was fear of M'Lady or her renown. I think it was respect for others property. They are a cool bunch of people. No macho BS that I expected, no bullies. I like that.

M'Lady let me roam free from the leash for a while. I actually asked, and she figured "What's the harm? just don't get involved in a long scene, Mauzer." I didn't. I was invited, but I respectfully declined. But I did get to watch some very interesting things happen there that I had never considered before. M'Lady has a nice arsenal, but some of the devices were... well.. I will never look at chip clips ever again in the same way.

A dominant guy in jeans and suspenders had a younger male, about 25 or so, and a female around the same age bound together in an interesting way with interesting toys. She had a gag that was in her mouth, but had a penis-shaped dildo coming out of it. It was buried in the male's ass. The male had a similar rig up, and his was in her cunny. And the overseeing guy was instructing the male to pull, pinch, and tickle her nipples. It was interesting, to say the least. Nothing I'd do, but it was interesting.

M'Lady called for me. I knew her call, it's an ultrasonic whistle that she carries on a small pager box that my cyberaudio is tuned in to receive. It's a rare tone, which is why she chose it. She had the opportunity to torture a slave girl who was placed on a rack that looked like an upside-down 'Y' with the meeting joint being high enough to leave the girl's ass open. When I got there she had already placed the wrist cuffs onto her, and bound them to the beam.

"Mauzer. Bind her ankles to the boards." She said. I didn't say anything, I just did so. I expected some resistance, but received none. I fastened the leather cuffs tight, as M'Lady taught me. The girl was also hooded, a pony-tail of brown coming out of the hold on the top of the hood. I heard the tone again. I turned to look. M'Lady made a few hand gestures to me that I knew the meaning to.

In a few moments I had blindfolded the girl over the hood, used a belt to restrain her arms straight on the board, and used a few other belts to hold her chest and legs on the boards as well. When I finished I took M'Lady's hand and kissed it gently. She smiled and said "Thank you Mauzer. Number 7." I looked on the table, and didn't see the crop she asked for, but I saw one like it. I handed it to her. She smiled and winked. It was close enough.

M'Lady would trace some parts of her with the crop, the nipples caused a sharp inhalation, the cunny a deeper one. She slapped a few places lightly, then a hard "THWAP!" to the girl's thigh got a moan. A few more to her nipples, under her arms, and then her cunny itself made the girl moan and rock against the restraints.

A few more strikes, and she stopped. M'Lady signaled to me for a paddle, but not specifying a particular one. I chose one that had deep grooves all around it. M'Lady smiled and switched tools with me. She had a patter that she went into with the girl, about how she was a slavegirl and how M'Lady owned her until her Master came back. I looked in the small crowd around us, and one man was smiling. It was the girls Master.

"Do you like this?" M'Lady asked. Between breaths the girl answered yes. And M'Lady smacked her once on the right asscheek, making her squirm. She would ask a question, await an answer, and smack the right if she was good, the left if she was bad. When it was all said and done, she was equally red on both sides.

After a few more smacks M'Lady handed me the paddle back. I arranged it with the others as M'Lady placed clips on her nipples. "Mauzer? Go find this slave's owner and ask him if he'd like his property back?" I nodded and turned to the crowd. The Master, I know him as Master TJ now, flagged me down. I went to him.

He read my tag, both sides. "Your a good pet, ya know that?" I nodded. "I gotta ask Mistress Sarah if I may cat sit you when she's on vacation." We both smiled, and he scritched me behind my ears. "But, yes. I think I'll publicly finish her." And he followed me to the frame. M'Lady had placed several clothespins on her breasts, each connected together with a string in the center. Every time she attached one, the girl would writhe moaning loudly.

Master TJ placed his fingers inside her cunny, she rocked the frame with her thrashings groaning very loud now. M'Lady pulled hard on the bottom of the string, which quickly tore the clothespins off of her body like a zipper. The girl threw her head back and screamed "MASTERRRRRRAAAHHHHH!" as she came. She pulled on all of the binds, cutting her wrist slightly on one. And her thrashings continued for some very long moments before she came down from the orgasm.

I was told later M'Lady did a good short scene on the girl, but I didn't know what to look for at the time. I got a few scritches behind the ears for my work in helping her, usually with a 'Good boy' attached to it. I enjoyed that.

Before going home she muzzled me again, and placed the leash on the collar. We said our good-byes to people and headed back. I fell asleep on the way home, curled up in the back. She woke me up at home. She removed the muzzle and leash before we went into the house. Something about the illusion being over. I was so tired at the time I couldn't think straight anyhow. She treated me to some real cream that night. I was in heaven. I fell asleep in front of the fireplace with her scratching me just under my muzzle, very comfortable. I woke up when the fire was out, and went back to my own bed.

M'Lady even made my own room to look similar to how she would bed a cat. I actually sleep in a larger 'pet-bed'. It's like a large tear-resistant cloth bean-bag chair inside a basket. I know it's almost all plastic on the inside, but it's the most comfortable thing that I've ever slept on. At least I now think so. Now, I know it's clichˇ, but M'Lady likes the thing, and I love the thing. We're all happy.

Things are interesting living with M'Lady as her pet. There's a constant urge I feel to show her in more ways than physical that I appreciate what she does for me. I cook for her, and she likes what I make. I clean around the house, and she likes that too. She tells me it's not necessary, but I like to do it.

Come to think of it, it may just be love. It's so hard to tell sometimes. I know it's not a chip in my head, I know how those feel. I guess that my life as a drifter has left me somewhat jaded. I knew love a few times before, and I got hurt badly. This is different, tho. I guess it's love in the way you love your pet, and I'm feeling that love in a way I never thought of before.

I shouldn't get too deep here. This isn't really the time for that kind of thing. Perhaps at a later time.

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