Mauzer's Diary
The Slave

My name is Mauzer, and I am the legal property of M'Lady Sarah.  I don't 
know why I write that as the introduction to these entries.  I guess that 
I've grown accustomed to the fact, and I guess comfortable in my role as 
pet.  After a while, I guess that pleasure is a nice thing to be used to.  
Perhaps even addicted, I think.

Sometimes I wonder why I keep a journal at all.  I mean, nobody's ever 
going to read these until way down in the future when I'll be dead in the 
flesh and M'Lady...  I don't want to think about that.  And all this 
mindtype takes up memory that I can use else where.  But I sometimes think 
it's to remind myself that it's not just some wild fantasy.  It's not a 
dream that I'll wake up from, behind a dumpster in NewChicago some day.  
This is real.  I guess that's why I'll plug myself headlong into the 'face 
and record it.

There's also this need within me to make permanent what happens here.  
Kinda record keeping in a way.  I should mention that it's all legal.  An 
inspector comes around once every other month to check it out, make sure 
it's to code.  And we always are.  I make sure of that.  It may be 
something that's not really respectable to most, but it is regulated for 
safety and health.

But tonight I think I'll talk about our slave for the weekend.  He was 
interesting, to say the least.

Actually, it got started a month ago.  M'Lady has a computer, like everyone 
else.  And, unlike everyone else, she happens to have an ex-hacker as a 
pet.  Through my i-face plugs I was finding the places that M'Lady never 
really gets to.  And through some back doors, connections and what not I 
got her a free ad in a net-paper in the city that catered to the 'off-
center' population.

M'Lady isn't the most well known professional dom in the city.  Hell, I 
make it sound like this place is full of them.  It's not, and the few 
people that can make a living on it are few and far between.  M'Lady does 
because of her pure artistry, and because she is good.  She can afford me, 
so she is good enough to feed two and keep a stocked dungeon.  Another term 
I hate.  I prefer 'playspace'.

There's a lot about M'Lady that I haven't talked about.  Most for a good 
reason.  It's no secret what happens in the house here, by any means.  But 
it's not all that happens here, the left neighbor knows, and he's a good 
friend of ours, couldn't care less that I'm her legal pet.  It's a 
permissive neighborhood.  Having the house soundproofed helps.

And considering where our house is too, it's amazing that nobody complains.  
I think we're in what used to be called Suburbia.  Now it's 'Beavervilles', 
named after some old flat-screen show.  Mostly corporate types who commute 
to the city, most have families, most wanted to escape the city they work 
in.  Considering that, and considering they know what we do in here, 
they're amazingly tolerant.  I think it's the profit margin that M'Lady is 
perceived to have.

The money she gets from clients is good enough, if she went full in she 
could be a rich woman no doubt.  But we don't.  I think that keeping the 
number of people in low we can weed out anyone that wouldn't be... healthy, 
if you get my drift.  M'Lady does have a semi-real job, extremely part 
time.  She's a guest teacher at the local university in Medieval culture, 
not to mention Roman civilization and some Greek philosophy  (Not much, but 
a bit.)

I do a bit more too, but I don't think here is a proper place for that.

But, about the ad.  She got a few nibbles to it at first, and eventually 
weeded out a single person who was serious.  He sent M'Lady a deposit for a 
session up front.  I traced the deposit with M'Lady's permission, it was 
legitimate.  The guy said he was into trying anything once, and he liked 
things like hoods, restraints, spanking, submission and so on.  No 
permanent marks in obvious places, nothing life threatening, and it had to 
be somewhat discreet.

The kicker was asking for the 'total slave training', which was totally out 
of place in the letter all together.  The way it was written, it sounded 
like a few letters pasted together from different people, and the 'slave' 
bit was tacked onto the whole mess as an afterthought.  It didn't flow 
right.  Not to mention that M'Lady has no such training program.

I traced the account back to the source.  M'Lady doesn't like that, but 
it's hard to break old habits.  The man was a professional businessman with 
a large corporation, I won't say which.  Married to a corporate wife, has a 
corporate kid, drives corporate car, eats corporate meals.  Typical wage-
type.  But I didn't get what he wanted with M'Lady.  So I tapped into his 
phone and listened in.

Yes, I know it's illegal.  But a curiosity will not be quenched within 
laws.  Besides, I did it from a friends computer.  Anyhow, I heard him talk 
about wanting to do something "off the trail".  And a virtual vacation 
wasn't going to do it this time.  I think his buddies were talking to him 
about a virtual golf trip in Scotland, and he wasn't going to do it.

I listened in for a long time.  It was interesting hearing him talk.  His 
holovid conversations were laced with sexual innuendo, regardless of 
gender.  Most of it was innocuous comments about losing weight or what not.  
But there were a few comments that, out of the business conversation, were 
downright sexual.  His voice kinda wavered when he spoke of his "weekend 
getaway", cracked a bit when he spoke after that.

So what I could figure out of the man, he was a closet bisexual, very 
frustrated about work and home, and he thought that submitting to M'Lady 
would do it for him.  It was interesting hearing him fantasize in the 
office when he thought he was alone.  All about being spanked, bound, and 
all that.

I reported this back to M'Lady.  I got muzzled again for breaking a law by 
tapping his phone.  But, at the same time, I got thanked for the 
information.  M'Lady took me by the restraint upstairs to her terminal.  
Once there, she had leashed me to the table.  "Sit."  She said, I did.  I 
then watched her type a letter to the man.  It went something like this.

     Slave :

   I permit you to visit me on the days you humbly requested.  Here are My 
instructions.  Follow them to the letter or you will be punished.

   Set your watch to the exact local time the morning of the 23rd.  Before 
driving here you will wear a new plain white t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and 
shoes.  At exactly 6 PM you are to pull into my driveway and flash your 
lights once.  The garage door will open for you.  Roll down all your 
windows and pull in.  Shut off your car and wait for the garage door to 

   Once it is closed you will get out of your car, and leave anything 
besides your shirt and pants in the front seat.  Approach the door on the 
left.  On the handle will be you first instruction.  By following it you 
submit yourself to myself fully.

   If you choose to submit, my pet will greet you at the door.

   I will see you then.
     Mistress Sarah

(Actually, it's a lot like this.  I retrieved the file later on and saved 

She sent the message along, and removed the restraint, and the leash.  "I 
didn't want you protesting, but I wanted you to see it."

"M'Lady?  What do you wish from me with this one?"

She smiled.  "I think you can figure that out." she said in her sing-song 
voice.  She took my paw in her hand and gently squeezed a finger to produce 
one claw.  "I didn't want you to have these for nothing, Mauz."

I smiled.  We discussed what the plan for him was.  We had it figured out 
for the basic weekend.  And we had an outline of what would be done.  He 
wanted some punishment, and we could do that easily.  Something about him 
had me concerned, tho.  not sure what, but something.  I had to practice a 
few things, so I didn't hurt the man.  But I was ready that day.

I slept in that morning, not really wanting to wake up.  It wasn't 
disinterest, it was a really neat dream that I didn't want to miss.  It's 
so rare that I get a neat one lately, so I treasure them for all they're 
worth.  I was lying in bed, watching television.  Yes, to some that's 
boring.  But I was enjoying myself.  I missed M'Lady's breakfast, much to 
my dismay.  She made soy-sausage that I could smell in my sleep.  I like 
her way of making it, tender with a crisp outside.  I ended up making my 
own.  the smell in the kitchen made me want it.

The day was uneventful, for the most part.  I spent time cleaning the 
basement, cleaning the rooms our guest would end up seeing.  I reorganized 
the collection.  Sometimes I hate the neatness, but it's something to do 
while waiting for M'Lady and her guest.  I took another nap and woke up 
around four to M'Lady's call.

We did some last-minute preparations of things.  Where this was and that...  
And we checked the official time around a quarter to six for laughs.  
M'Lady wasn't serious about the time thing, it was simply to put him in the 
frame of mind.

Before he came in I selected my outfit for the evening.  In this case, 
costume was important.  He wanted an illusion, plain and simple.  M'Lady 
wanted me to give it to him in full.  I decided on something simple, but 
effective.  A pair of black silk baggy pants with a dark red loin cloth 
over the front and back.  My tail was free.  I do so hate bragging about my 
physical condition, it always sounds so stupid when it's in print.  But 
I'll admit in a totally narcissistic way that my fur does look very nice 
with my muscle tone.  Not too built up, but well toned.

M'Lady decided on something very striking.  She's never really been into 
wearing leather, even though she looks devastatingly beautiful in it.  She 
likes things that are soft.  Purple velvet gloves that are so fur-like it's 
wonderful.  Purple lace teddy, but it's made so that her cunny and breasts 
are covered in a dark purple satin.  Her long blonde hair was braided 
loosely with a few purple ribbons in it, again very loose.  We went into 
the basement.

At precisely six o-clock a car drove into the driveway.  I smiled inwardly.  
"He's yours, Mauzer." she told me.  "I'll call you when I think he's had 
enough."  I smiled and took a leash into my paw as I went up the ramp.

I did forget to mention this too.  M'Lady's house has some cameras in it.  
She doesn't film anyone unless they consent willingly.  She uses them to 
observe patrons when they're alone or with me and for house security.  To 
keep them in line, as she says.  I find it erotic as anything.  There are a 
few places that aren't monitored.  My room, and her room are two.

Anyhow, the car flashed it's lights quickly, nervously.  I tapped the 
button and the garage opened.  My ears picked up the car as it rolled into 
the garage, and killed the engine.  I let it air our for a moment before I 
closed the garage.  I could only imagine what he was thinking.  I heard the 
door open, then close.  And some nervous footfalls to the door.

There was another noise, the sound of masking tape being removed from the 
door.  M'Lady placed a note for him.  Then the hesitant jingle of metal.  
My favorite sound.  Then the click of the collar, he didn't deserve a 
buckle fastener yet.  He was mine.  I turned off the lights behind me, 
activated my low-light cyberoptics and opened the door.

He was scared.  That was my first impression.  He was excited.  That was my 
second impression.  Sometimes, I hate my olfactory boost, his scent was 
overpowering of expensive aftershave, testosterone and adrenaline.  He was 
about 35 or 40, it's hard to tell.  He wore a white t-shirt, and a pair of 
jeans.  Nothing else but the collar.  His hair was short, and well kept.  
Clean shaven too.  He had dark eyes too, probably natural.

I placed the leash on the d-ring of his collar with a loud click.  "At 
least you can follow instructions, slave!" I said as I pulled him in 
gently.  He seemed startled at first, he wasn't expecting it so soon.  I 
led him into the adjoining room.  "Give me your hands."  He did, slowly.  
In one motion I put his arms up high.  I took the length of the leash and 
wrapped it around his wrists, and attached it to a hook in the ceiling, 
tight.  It wasn't coming loose any time soon.

I left him like this for a moment.  He was standing comfortably, with his 
arms in the air.  I walked over to the switch behind him, and turned it on.  
He winced once, the light stinging his eyes.  I adjusted instantly.  "My 
name is Mauzer.  I am the Mistress's pet.  You answer to Mistress Sarah, 
and myself.  Is that clear?"

"Yes sir." he said, almost like it was rehearsed a thousand times.  I 
nodded, and walked in front of him.  "But, right now, I think you're 
overdressed.  Don't you?"  He nodded, it was a nervous nod.  I unsheathed 
my claws, and he widened his eyes.  "Don't move."  I slashed across his 
body once.  His eyes closed very tight and he braced for the worst.  But my 
practice paid off.  I had made a clean slash across the t-shirt, ripping it 
cleanly from side to side.  The rag dropped to his waist.  I removed the 
rest of it by hand and tossed it to the side.

He released a breath hard, his whole body relaxing.  His body was very 
nice, for a corporate wage-drone.  He had the look of a power-luncher who 
worked out for 30 minutes every day, and worked in the other 7 1/2 hours.  
He was breathing hard now.  More in relief that I missed him.  I smiled.  
"Mistress Sarah told me I can't harm you.  So I won't.  You have my promise 
on that."  I unbuckled his pants and undid the fly.

"You have nothing to be nervous about." I said calmly.  "I'm only here to 
greet you."  I removed his pants, he was half erect.  I took his pants and 
threw them aside.  "Tell me, slave.  What do you desire from here?"

He breathed for a while before answering.  His excitement was growing.  The 
scent of testosterone was growing.  "I want to try... new things."  He 
panted out.  I nodded.  I took his penis into my hand and stroked him 
gently.  "And your a... new thing...  Sir!" He was getting breathless now 
as his erection grew.  Again, the voice cracked.  But I figured it was his 

I dropped his penis.  I walked around behind him and took up some things 
from a small drawer.  Two of which were some leather ankle cuffs that I 
personally adore.  I placed them on him, and pulled them gently.  They were 
secure.  Again, I smiled.

"What has the Mistress instructed you not to do, slave?" I asked.

"I may not orgasm unless she gives me permission to.  And I must call her 
Mistress Sarah at all times.  And I am to call you Mauzer or Sir, whichever 
you prefer." He said, slowly calming down in his voice.  Is that right?

I walked around to face him.  "That's right.  You may call me Sir for now.  
You may earn the right to call me Mauzer yet."  I kneeled in front of him.  
"But, right now, I wish to see how well you can control yourself, slave."  
And I licked his penis.  He groaned loud once, rocking from the leash over 
his head.  He was hot, and ready to go.  So I went all the way in.  I was 
expecting the tone, but M'Lady never used it.

The other thing I was expecting was verbal resistance, but he didn't 
complain about another male suckling from him at all.  I almost think that 
enhanced it for him.  He just groaned as I enjoyed teasing him, nothing 
serious.  Then he made the greatest mistake.  He said "You're such a good 
cat..."  I didn't like him saying that to me, considering it wasn't his 
place.  So I decided to make him pay.

My paws played with him.  I sucked his penis, licked his balls, stroked him 
sufficiently.  Now he was starting to thrust harder.  And now he realized 
what I was doing.  "Please!  Don't!  I can't do it!  Please!!!" he begged.  
I felt his surge the first time, it was weak.  He was trying to hold back.  
I pinched his testicles once.  He stopped begging, and I felt his blood 
rushing to the tip.  A loud moan was in the works.  His knees buckled, and 
the leash supported his weight on his wrists.

He made a loud noise as I felt the first spurt in my mouth.  I held his 
hips and sucked him harder.  His body thrusted into my maw harder as I 
heard him groaning even louder.  He slowed down his spurts after a few 
seconds, and I pulled away from his softening penis.  He tasted all right, 
the usual for men.  Either you know the taste or you don't.  It's that 

I licked my fur clean as he was slumped, being held up by the leash.  "I 
hope you enjoyed that, slave.  The Mistress won't be happy with you, you 
came before permission."

He slowly looked up at me, with disbelief.  "But you made me!"

I shrugged and shook my head.  "You slipped, slave.  I enticed you.  You 
were weak."

"Please, don't tell her?  I have money, I'll pay you..."

I rolled my eyes.  With my left paw I grabbed the loose part of the leash 
from the collar, and pulled myself into him.  "slave, you don't have money.  
You don't have property.  You don't have anything right now.  You are the 
property of Mistress Sarah, and by proxy property of me."  I heard the tone 
from the basement.  I backed off.  "And, right now, The Mistress wishes to 
see you."

"Please?  Don't tell her?  Please?" he was still begging me.  I walked 
around behind him to the drawer again.  I took a rubber hood from it, and 
approached him from the back.

"Quiet, slave." I said, pushing the gag into his mouth.  Before he could 
fight it, I stretched the hood over his head, forcing the gag in.  It's a 
small penis-shaped gag that is thick enough to fill the mouth without 
invoking the gag reflex.  It also blinded him sufficiently.  He could 
breathe through his nose, however.  His voice was muffled through the gag, 

I took the leash down from the hook, and pulled on it.  His arms, still 
bound, pulled back reflexively.  I pulled straight on the collar, and he 
followed.  We went down the ramp to the basement.  "Mistress?  Your slave 
is here."

She smiled to me, and took his leash.  She felt his penis, his balls, and 
his pubic hair.  She brushed the wetness.  "Mauzer, did this slave cum?"  I 
nodded.  "I thought as much.  I could hear him from down here.  I'm going 
to have to punish this slave." she said sternly.  I smiled and pointed 
upstairs, she nodded.

M'Lady wouldn't need me for a while, so I decided to change clothing.  My 
navy-blue sweat pants and my poets shirt.  Very loose.  I hung out in my 
room for a few hours, chatting informally with some people about nothing in 
particular on the 'net.  M'Lady summoned me before I could lose myself into 
it, however.  No big loss, really.  I slinked down the ramp so he wouldn't 

When I got there, she had already done a wonderful job on him so far.  He 
was in a different hood now, red leather.  The eyes were open in the hood, 
but blindfolded.  The mouth was open too.  He was in a full latex outfit as 
well.  All red, his penis and testicles free, and so was his backside.  It 
was red too, but not from latex.  It was light, it would fade in a few 

She had him positioned rather well.  His ankles were locked to a floor-ring 
together.  He was bent at the knees, and the waist, legs spread apart far 
enough to expose his hole.  His collar, now a red leather collar, was 
attached to another floor ring too.  His wrist cuffs were also attached to 
the same spot, making him rest on his forearms.  Simply beautiful.

M'Lady saw me enter, and signaled me with two fingers, pointing to his 
testicles.  I nodded, and retrieved a parachute ball stretcher.  I took the 
red leather one, I figured to keep the colors consistent would please her.  
It did.  She snapped it onto him and he groaned very loud now.  "Thank YOU 
Mistress Sarah!"  He said mechanically.  Slaves have a tendency to say it 
that way the first hundred times or so.  It works out eventually.

She handed me the crop she had.  "My pleasure, slave."  She said.  She 
pulled the parachute down, eventually attaching it to a chain.  He winced 
at it, but he wasn't in a position to go anywhere, really.  She attached 
the chain to the floor-ring the ankle cuffs were on.  His body flinched.  
She looked at me once and nodded.  I whacked him once on his right cheek.

His whole body jutted forward with a "YAAH!" before he came back down.  I 
don't think he was expecting me there.  She tightened the chain when he 
came back down to stretch him fully.  "Thank YOU Mistress Sarah!" he barked 
out.  I smiled.  She did too, and nodded again.

"Not Mistress Sarah, slave!" I said, and I smacked him again.

"GAAH!!!" He once again jutted forward, but came back quicker when his 
balls held him back.  He screamed out again, but not in pleasure.  His 
whole body wracked in pain, and he lay perfectly still for a moment.  I 
winced myself, it looked like he hurt himself fairly badly, not expecting 

M'Lady saw it too.  She removed his blindfold.  "Are you all right?"  She 
was genuinely concerned.  He just nodded, slowly.  He then collapsed in the 
restraints onto himself.  "You're sure now?"  She looked to me and motioned 
to release the cord.  I did.  He just nodded again, a bit more sure now.  
"Would you like a break?"  He shook his head.

"I'm...  Ok...  Mistress Sarah..."  He was hurting, I could tell that from 
his voice.  No cracks, but it was forced out of his chest.  That reaction 
hurt me to watch.  She undid all the locks.  He tried to get up, but only 
slumped over slightly.  I helped him to his feet.  Very rapidly we removed 
the latex, and the hood.  His face was slightly flush, but he did seem to 
be recovering.  We changed him into a simple jumpsuit, and kept the collar 
on him.

"Get him up, Mauzer." She commanded.  I hoisted him onto one shoulder, and 
she opened the door to a cell we keep.  I carried him into it and placed 
him on the cot.  "We'll come back for him when he looks better.  Recover 
fast, slave.  We'll want you again soon.  Understand?"

He nodded, "Yes, Mistress...  Sarah..."  He just kinda laid there, in a 
half-fetal position.  Even though he was looking better, it was still not a 
pleasant sight.

"Stay."  She told me.  She went upstairs, and returned a moment later with 
some Gatorade.  She placed it in the cell, and locked the door.  "We'll 
return for you shortly.  I brought you something to drink, slave.  Enjoy 

"Thank you, Mistress Sarah." he said.  It wasn't mechanical this time.  
M'Lady took me by the collar and pulled me gently upstairs.  I closed the 
door, leaving him alone in the mostly dark.  We went to the kitchen.  She 
sat down, obviously pissed.

"Damned macho bastard." She mumbled.  "Can't admit when he's really hurt!"  
Her hands were balled up into half-fists that lightly pounded the table.

I came up behind her.  I massaged her shoulders.  "M'Lady...  You can't 
predict everything...  We didn't know he'd jump, ya know..."

She sighed, and took in a long, slow breath.  "That doesn't piss me off, 
Mauz."  She said.  I felt her shoulders tighten under my fingers.  "What 
pisses me off...  Did you see his face?  That was too much for him Mauz!  
He wouldn't admit it was!  Too damn proud!"  She balled her hand up 
tighter.  "And what he said too..."

I took her fist into my paws.  "Hey, hey....  M'Lady?  Shhhh...."  I coaxed 
her hand out of the ball.  "I'll talk to him.  Did you tell him the safe 

"Red for stop scene, Black for stop the whole thing.  Yes."  She was 
relaxing now.

"Do you think he understands?"

She looked at the table.  "I don't know, Mauz.  OOh!  I hate when they do 
that!"  She smashed her other hand to the table.

I gave her a hug from the side.  "M'Lady?  I'll tell you what.  I'll talk 
with him, when he's better.  He'll be better.  Trust me.  It's a big pain 
getting hut there, but it's short."  I sat down next to her, holding her 
hand.  "I can talk to him.  He'll stop the BS.  I promise."

She looked into my eyes.  I saw frustration, anger, and some pain of her 
own.  Then she nodded once.  "Talk to him.  I'll teach him later about 
being dishonest."  She looked down to where the slave would be.  "And being 
too fucking macho."  I simply smiled.

I waited an hour before going down again.  I figured the time would let him 
either stew in anger or wallow in self disgust.  I went downstairs with a 
small snack, a beef jerky.  When I got down there, he was pacing.  And he 
turned to face me.  "Sir!  I'm ready now, Sir!"

Took a quick look at his cell.  The Gatorade was gone, only the bottle 
left.  At least he knew a good thing when he saw it.  He looked recovered 
from the incident.  "No, slave, I don't think you are."

"How do you mean, Sir?"

"It's Mauzer right now, and I'm gonna cut the crap for a moment." I said, 
approaching the cell.  "I know how much that hurt.  It hurt me watching as 
it did you.  Why didn't you admit the pain?"

"I didn't want to show weakness to Mistress Sarah, Mauzer."

I rolled my eyes and shook my head.  "That's why?  Your pride?"  He looked 
at the ground, shuffled his toes.  "slave, you shouldn't have any pride.  
Not since you belong to us.  If you get hurt, we can't use you to your 
fullest.  And if you get hurt, you won't be available to come back.  Do you 
truly want that, slave?"

"No, Mauzer." he said, quickly.

"All right then.  You know the safe words, correct?"  He nodded.  "Tell me 
them, and what they mean."

"Red and Black."  He said after some thought.  "And they stop what's going 

"No." I said.  "'Black' means you are done, and don't want anymore.  You 
say that to Mistress Sarah, and you go home.  'Red' means you're in too 
much pain, and you wish to stop whatever we're doing.  And the only 
repercussion is that you'll get asked what crossed your threshold so we 
won't do it again.  Or at least not until you're ready for that type 
again."  He was looking at the floor, more self pity.  "Look at me."  He 

"The safe word Mistress Sarah gave you is for your safety.  You may be 
nothing but a slave, but an injured slave is worthless to Mistress Sarah.  
If you're in pain, or you're very uncomfortable with what's going on, you 
say 'Red' and we won't press the issue with you until you're ready.  If 
you've had enough of us, say 'Black' and we won't ask questions, we'll let 
you go home.  Do you understand?"  He nodded.  "Tell me what I just said to 

"'Red' for when I'm in too much pain, 'Black' for when I've had enough."  
He said slowly.

"Good." I said.  "'Red' also means you're not comfortable with what we're 
doing, and wish to stop.  Understand, slave?"  He nodded.  "Good.  Now I'll 
try to calm Mistress Sarah enough so she doesn't whip your hide off of your 
back when she comes back down.  I'm now 'Sir' again.  Understand?"

He nodded enthusiastically "Yes Sir!"

"And remove that jumpsuit, slave.  You look silly in it."  I said as I 
turned to leave.  I heard the velcro rip apart as I went up the ramp and 
shut the door.  I found M'Lady at the table again.

"I think he understands now, M'Lady.  He confused the safe words.  We 
shouldn't have trouble again."  I sat down again.  "Now, are you all 

"Yes, Mauz.  I'm ok."  She said.  "I'm still angry, 'darlin.  I'm still 
pissed about the whole thing.  It's not just this safe word business 
either.  There's more to it."

I smiled.  "Take it out on him then, yes?"  I licked her nose once.  She 
laughed.  "Or play muzak during your next session with him.  That's torture 
enough, no?"  She laughed some more.  She needed it.

She went back down, and I decided not to join her.  She spent a lot of time 
with the slave down there.  And at one point I heard the vacuum tube start 
up, and a very loud groan, followed by a few cracks of leather to flesh.  
Thankfully it's a wet/dry vac...

One of the things I like about M'Lady's house is her rec room.  It's got a 
camera, sure.  But she's got a full entertainment suite, interactive 
gamelink, holovids from around the globe, and disks!  Tons of disks of old 
movies, I mean pre-holo movies, I mean pre-COLOR movies!  A few have color- 
and holo-enhance to them, but I play with the controls to turn them off.  
The one about the falcon statue is much better without color and holo-

I was watching the 'vids when the tone came from the basement.  I walked 
down there to find the slave being placed into a hood, a tube coming from 
his mouth.  He was confined sitting up, arms and legs bound to the chair.  
"Mauzer?  Will you fetch the slave's meal?"  I nodded and went up to the 
kitchen.  "You're gonna like your gruel, aren't you slave?" she said 
sternly as I walked up the ramp.

Thankfully, I didn't laugh 'till I got upstairs.  Gruel indeed!  It was a 
simple mixture really, chicken broth, some rice, and some vitamins to give 
it something worth while nutritionally.  Microwave for a few minutes and 
bingo.  Something that smelled all right, but looked like a septic 

Still a bit warm I delivered it to M'Lady without saying a word.  I noticed 
that his balls were now in a nice stretcher, attached to a cock ring.  He 
was erect too.  M'Lady would give him a bit of the stuff, then stroke him a 
few times after he swallowed.  Then more soup, more stroking.  He was so 
close when he finished the soup to another orgasm, but M'Lady just stopped 
and removed the tube.

"All done!" She said happily, and began to walk away!

The slave's eyes grew very wide.  "Mistress Sarah?  Please?  I'm so close!  
Please finish me off?  Please?"

She didn't turn around.  Rather, she faced me.  "Well, Mauzer?  What do you 
think?  Should I let him?"  She winked.

"I don't know, Mistress Sarah." I said.  "He did forget to use the safe 
word earlier..."

"I won't forget again!  I promise!"  he said.

M'Lady spoke very quickly "Stay out of this slave.  You don't get a voice 
here."  She approached me again.  "So, what do you think?"

I looked over the slave.  He wasn't going anywhere.  "Well, I think you 
should let him before he sleeps.  It's going to be an early morning, and 
you may as well give him something to help him sleep..."  The slave's eyes 
didn't shrink any when I said that.  M'Lady smiled.

"I think you're right." She said.  She walked over to the slave and undid 
his restraints, and led him by the collar to the cell.  She wordlessly 
strapped him down to the cot, face up.  She removed the hood and cuffs, but 
not the collar or the cock-ring.  "Something to sleep on, slave."

She traced her velveteen gloves over the head, and it throbbed.  She took 
her time stroking him.  He would try to squirm, but he never could.  "I 
think I'll honor you tonight, slave."  She said, then she put her lips to 
his penis.

He groaned very loud this time.  His toes curled, and his fists balled up.  
She used her tongue and her lips to bring him to the brink.  She used her 
free hand to give me a hand signal.  I quickly took a simple blindfold and 
put it over his eyes.  Then with my paws I pinched his nipples hard.

He thrusted once, then he threw his head back, I could feel him quiver 
under my paws.  M'Lady was enjoying his cum.  She does so much like giving 
head, but she won't admit it to patrons.  He thrusted a few more times 
before coming down.  He panted a few times, before adding "Thank you, 
Mistress Sarah."

She smiled.  "My pleasure, slave, and my pleasure alone.  Now sleep.  We'll 
'play' in the morning."  M'Lady grabbed me, and locked the cell door.  We 
both walked to the ramp way going upstairs.  Before going up M'Lady pushed 
a few buttons on  the lighting panel, which killed most of the lights in 
the place.  It's kinda eerie, really.  It looks like a dungeon when she 
does it.  She took me by the collar and we left the slave to his own 
thoughts in the basement.

We walked silently upstairs.  I finally broke the silence when we got to 
her room.  "M'Lady?  What will we do tomorrow?  Same as planned?"

"I have some new plans, my pet." she said, stroking just under the chin.  
"I spent tonight breaking him from his ego.  He's so caught up in his 
damned penis..."  She shook her head slowly.  "I think that he needs to go 
the rest of the way, how about you?"

My ears swiveled forward, tail twitched and head cocked to an angle.  "I 
don't follow, M'Lady."

M'Lady just laughed.  "You'll see Mauzer.  Sleep well tonight 'darlin.  
Sleep in, you'll need it."  She then kissed my muzzle once before letting 
me loose.  I was confused a bit, not knowing what she had in mind.  But, I 
figure that she does know the game better than I.  She calls all the shots 
for a reason.

I did sleep in that morning, until noon.  One of the things I like about my 
room is that I get sunlight from 8 till noon on good to fair smog days, and 
I know the neighbors can't look in at me, I'm on the second floor in what's 
mostly ranch housing beaverville.  So it's nice to sleep in the fur, and 
sleep in when I'm allowed.

I did wake up with the warmth in my veins.  It's hard to describe the 
feeling if you're not feline in nature, it's a cat thing.  Just nice, warm 
fur in my little place in the sun.  It's like a slow buzz that doesn't go 
away until you're in the shade.  It's why I sleep only in the fur.  M'Lady 
doesn't mind me without clothing.  On those particular mornings it's better 
than clothing, in my opinion.  I got to the kitchen for a glass of 2%.  
M'Lady gets the real thing for me, and it's so weird to get real when I've 
grown up with the soy all my life.  It tastes so...  different...

Anyhow, I finished my glass when I heard a crash of metal, and a crack from 
downstairs, then a muffled groan.  I jacked my hearing to maximum.  A voice 
faded into my range "...what you get for spilling some, slave.  Do it 
again."  I heard M'Lady say in a very stern voice.  Then, some shuffling of 
feet, sounded like they were in high heels.  I covered my face with my paw, 
laughing to myself.

She didn't...  I thought.  I decreased my hearing to normal levels as I 
approached the basement, still holding my glass.  I poked my head into the 
doorway to hear a stutter step, and some metal hitting the floor.  Then a 
quick *THWAP* of the crop, and another muffled groan.  "Again." She said 
sternly.  I laid down the ramp way while the sounds of metal being picked 
up pierced into my ears.

When I got a good look I almost dropped my glass!  The slave who, not more 
than 24 hours ago was too proud to use the safeword was now wearing heels, 
fishnet stockings, a skirt, no top, a collar with a tray attached to it by 
one strand, making it hard to balance it at all.  he also had a gag in his 
mouth.  The slave had several red marks on his rear, and his back.  They 
would go away in a few hours, M'Lady was still being kind.  I stifled 
laughter long enough to get back upstairs.

M'Lady must have heard me, she came up the stairs a few moments later.  
"Bad cat." She just said.  A leash was snapped onto my collar and I was 
lead upstairs to my room.  I didn't resist.  "You could have at least 
laughed in his face Mauz." she said as I was released from the leash.

"I'm sorry, M'Lady." I said.  "I just...  I mean it's...  Polite?"

She put a finger on my muzzle "I understand, my pet." she said.  "You'll 
get over it."

"I don't understand it all, M'Lady."  My ears flipped to emphasize my 
point.  "I mean why?  Does he want that?"

"No, but it's what he's getting." was her reply.  Deathly serious.


"Let's say that I'm the only one in his life that stood up to him."  She 
turned around and walked away.  "And, Mauz?  Be ready at 5.  We're going to 
a party tonight and I want my pet to look good.  Your clothing has been 
laid out in my room."  She went downstairs.

I didn't know there was a party, but I know when she says it to be ready 
for anything.  I took some time to get there, but what I saw on her bed for 
me wasn't anything I wasn't expecting.  It was in a pile, and I put on each 
piece as I found it.

Black denim cut-off jeans, my black leather moccasins, a leather harness 
that crossed my chest and back, and a black-leather mask that only covered 
the eyes (like those robin-hood masks...)  It wasn't bad, and it did all 
fit well.  It didn't feel right, the straps and all.  Something was 

Then it hit me.  I was missing M'Lady's leash.  But I assumed she would put 
it on for me.  Based on what I was to wear, this was going to be an 
interesting party.  I went back to my room for some rest, I figured I'd 
need it.

I was awakened by the tone.  It's not a bad thing like I imagine a dog-
whistle is to canines, but it's sharp enough to get my attention and light 
enough not to hurt my ears.  M'Lady was in the entry room that I had 
brought the slave into the previous night.  I went in there, knelt at the 
doorway and bowed my head.

"Good boy." she said, and I felt her hands scratch under my muzzle.  Then 
the jingle of metal bits, and the other hand swung up.  I clenched my jaw 
loosely as she placed a muzzle over my maw.  This one was different, it was 
velvet.  It had a strange feeling as she buckled the back then the front, 
then the straps over my head, attaching the whole rig to my collar.  It 
massaged my fur, like a constant scritching.  It felt very nice, especially 
when she brought her hand up over my whiskers, I thought I'd melt right 

She guided me up, and I saw the slave now.  Interesting style I thought.  
M'Lady had dressed him in a leather maids outfit, the fishnets, the heels, 
the gloves and the skirt and all.  And he had a hood over his head, also 
leather, mouth gagged from the outside, his eyes wide open.  And the lace 
crown that maids wear for some reason.

I smiled in my muzzle, M'Lady saw it.  She just leashed me and pulled once.  
I walked along side her.  "Isn't our little maid girl so pretty Mauz?"  I 
nodded.  I could see him cringe.  "But, I don't want her getting lost.  
Will you do the honors, Mauzer?"  She pointed to a dresser, and gave me 
slack.  On top was a few more restraints.  With no resistance I place the 
ankle and wrist cuffs onto the slave, and them the high leather collar.

With the slave's back to her, M'Lady gave a signal for me.  Without 
breaking stride I placed the chains around the ankles, then the wrists.  
The slave could move and walk, but running was out of the question.  I 
latched the ends to the wrists.  M'Lady then took the slave by the collar, 
and they both walked to the door.  The leash was on her waist, and I didn't 
let it go tight.

M'Lady drove the van, I sat in front while the slave was placed in the 
back, chained to the floor.  I looked a few times questioningly at M'Lady, 
but she smiled and hummed with the radio.  After about ten minutes we got 
to the party.

Don't think I mentioned that M'Lady has two cars.  A van and her car.  The 
van is a full van, white with some gray detailing.  It's got restraints in 
the floor.  M'Lady told me it belonged to a bounty hunter once who got out 
of his business.  It held the slave really well too.  But, the party.

It wasn't really a wild party, just a getting of M'Lady's and my friends.  
Or, more correctly, my new friends.  It was the house of "Mistress 
Exotica", who's only started exploring the local 'scene' M'Lady told me.  
It's in a middle class area, off the road a bit.  It's out of the way 
enough that she can do whatever she pleases there.  Mistress Exotica is a 
bit on the... well...  her surname is very accurate.  When we first met she 
scratched me behind the ears and kissed me on the muzzle.  I should mention 
at the time she was having sex with two other guys.  Anyhow...

M'Lady stopped the car on the street and unmuzzled me there.  She let go of 
the leash to get out, and came around to my side to unlock the car.  I got 
out, and she placed the leash back onto her belt.  The slave was hesitant 
to get out, I guess he saw the walk was a ways across the open.  M'Lady 
spanked him a few times (and said some nasty things about his supposed 
manhood) and then he got out.

We crossed the way, M'Lady holding his collar directly.  We got to the 
door, and she made the slave knock.  I could almost see him shaking, but I 
couldn't tell if he was nervous or excited.  The door opened to a flashbulb 
burst, then he was helped into the door.

Only about five other people were there.  One other sub, the rest were 
dominant.  Come to thinking of it, I don't know where I officially rank 
right now.  As a pet, I'm submissive.  But M'Lady and myself work as a 
team, so I'm a dominant.  But I differ to her, so I'm submissive...  And so 
on and so on.  I break the rules, kinda.  I've been told I'm a switch.  But 
I prefer to be known as a pet and it's done.

The slave was brought in, and photographed a few times with the insta-cam.  
The guests were dressed in kind to M'Lady and I.  Mostly leather and PVC.  
M'Lady and I went aside for food and drink.  "I called Robin last night 
when you were talking with the slave." she said, pointing into the other 
room.  "She wanted to invite us to a leather play party, and when I told 
her about the slave she said to bring him along."

I nodded.  "Ahh!  So that's a part of it too?"

"Unplanned, but yet it is.  They know his rules, and my rule about leaving 
his hood on."  She said.  "While you were sleeping I taught him a few 
things.  I've already cleaned off the toys.  Let's enjoy ourselves, my 
pet."  She removed the leash from her belt and let me loose.  We both went 
back into the main room.

I shook my head when I walked in.  The slave was kneeling before a man, 
sucking him off.  That's what M'Lady meant!  And he was doing rather well.  
The male was holding the slave by the sides of the head and thrusting.  And 
with a loud groan, he held the slave's mouth over his penis, shivering as 
he came.  "Swallow it all slave!" He barked out.  The slave did his best to 
do that.

"MAUZER!"  It was a happy, if not excited voice.  I turned to see Robin...  
umm...  Mistress Exotica.  Damn it!  I always do that.  the problem with 
knowing someone outside the games and inside the game is you mix up their 
names when you meet them in other circles.  Feh.

Anyhow, Mistress Exotica came over to me and gave me a big kiss.  It was 
passionate, as she goes anyhow...  She then took my leash and led me back 
to M'Lady.  "Mind if I play with your pet?"

M'Lady laughed.  "That's why I brought him!  Go ahead!"  Mistress Exotica 
smiled and led me to her bedroom.  What we did there was, well...  
Interesting.  But, without her permission I won't put it into words.  Isn't 
fair to her.  But, I'll put it this way.  She said she always wanted to 
'make it' with a cat, and she got to feel fur on flesh.  And I spent 
fifteen minutes cleaning her sweat from my fur.  Not fun when you gotta 
lick it all off.  But I like the way she tastes.

When she led me back to the main party, the slave was looking tired.  His 
face was still covered in leather, the gag still out.  But his body was 
hanging, dragging.  He was having a hard time moving about.  Attached to 
his collar was the tray, which he was currently serving drinks from.  But I 
knew he was exhausted.

I found a couch and curled up into it.  I was getting sleepy when I felt a 
tug on my leash.  Another guest, who's name I still don't know, took a 
liking to me.  We snuggled on the couch, talking about the weather, the 
baseball season, and what not.  We took nips from each other's ears, 
nothing serious, just being my playful self.

She was wearing clothing revealing everything.  She coaxed me into licking 
her breasts, nibbling the nipples.  She stroked my fur as I did that, and 
she would coax me gently to licking her where she wanted to be licked.  She 
took some time to lead me to her cunny, which I licked all around.  Just 
the outer lips at first, then delving deeper.  She took some deep breaths 
when my tongue reached in even further.

The nice thing about being feline now is my tongue can reach just a bit 
deeper when I'm requested for this.  She held me by my ears pushing my 
whole muzzle into her vagina.  Her legs over my shoulders, she thrusted 
into my maw while groaning "GOOD cat!  GOOD boy!"  She let me up after she 
stopped thrusting.

While I was licking my muzzle clean she pulled me up by the leash.  "Your 
turn kitty."  She licked my fur clean of her juices, and put me down on the 
couch.  I was hard already, and her stroking kept me there.  She removed 
her bracelet, and placed over my cock as a makeshift cock ring.  The jewels 
sparkled strangely as she did that.  It felt very nice.

She guided me so I was on my back, leaning off the couch.  With a free hand 
she opened a condom, and unrolled it onto me effortlessly.  "I don't think 
you can make me preggers, being a cat and all..." she said softly.  "But I 
don't want to take a chance."

Then she tossed the leash over my shoulder, and straddled me.  A few 
strokes, and she was closing her eyes, feeling me inside her.  She took a 
few minutes to just work myself into her comfortably.  She got into a 
rhythm, and worked herself to another orgasm.  She slowed down, and I 
decided to have fun now.

I put the loose part of the leash around her neck.  "Hold onto me luv."  
She put her arms around my neck, and I lifted her up as I stood.  She 
laughed as I did that., and I carried her to a wall.  With one paw under 
her thigh I let her other leg drop to support her weight.  Slowly rocking 
my body inside her, I maneuvered to reach that little spot M'Lady always 
talks about.

And I guess I hit it too.  She threw her head back, mouth wide open, 
squeaking little noises from her lips.  She clamped down hard onto my 
penis, which was all I needed.  That final surge, the tightness of the 
groin, I yowled loud enough for the world to hear!  The thrustings into her 
shook her body, and I squeezed her leg hard in my paw.

We both caught our breath, and shared a few licks together.  "And I thought 
cats were in pain when they had sex..."  She joked, we both laughed.  I 
withdrew from her, she tied off the condom and tossed it near to a garbage 
can.  She removed the leash from her throat, and led me back to the couch 
where we cuddled for much too short a time.  She did take her time about 
removing that bracelet.

M'Lady finally said it was time to go, and then something about how I was 
being a good boy for entertaining the hostesses.  I was grateful, and I 
honestly felt bad for the slave.  The aftermath told the whole story.  
M'Lady had me hold onto his leash for a while, and I could smell the semen 
in his mouth as he exhaled.  Some used condoms were on the floor, tied off 
so as not to spill.  Some KY one-use tubes lying about as well.  I could 
only imagine what went on, and I was thankful I didn't have to watch.  I 
just shook my head slowly, where the slave couldn't see.  M'Lady muzzled 
me, without incident.  We went home.

She put the slave down for the night, in the cell.  I must have looked 
obviously shaken.  M'Lady sat down next to me in my room.  "Talk."

"I don't know, M'Lady..." I started.  "I know I have a soft spot, and I 
didn't see what was happening all night.  But what I did see looked a bit, 
well...  extreme?"

M'Lady shook her head.  "I don't think so, Mauz." She said softly.  "He did 
use 'red' tonight at one point, so I know we were pushing him.  But I think 
he deserved every minute."  I didn't look convinced.  "Oh Mauzer...  
C'Mere."  She took me by the head and pulled me gently into her lap, 
scratching me behind my ears.  She stroked me as she spoke.

"I know you don't understand it all yet.  I don't expect you to my pet."  
she said.  "But believe me.  He does deserve all of what he got.  His life 
was spent trampling on everyone in his way to the top.  And now that he's 
there he feels guilty for everyone he's stepped on the way.  His letter to 
me was from several others because he wanted to be punished."

"And tonight, he was."  She let that sit a amount in the silence.  "Last 
night, when you were away, he confessed to me that he was looking for 
vindication from all the bad things.  I was going to punish him for all the 
bad things he'd done, and he's go home feeling better.  He was going to use 
me, Mauz.  I don't like being used.  You know that."

I nodded silently in her lap.  "So, instead of relieving him of guilt, I 
showed him, in a physical sense, what he'd done to all those other people 
in his life.  Fucked him, made him suffer, humiliated him, and made him 
serve me.  And if there's any justice here, he'll learn from it."

She stroked me a few more times between my ears.  "I'll let him go tomorrow 
evening, as agreed to.  Do you wish to say good-bye to him?"

I shook my head slowly.  "I don't know, M'Lady...  It's all too..."

"Harsh?"  She finished my sentence.  I nodded.  "He's had this coming to 
him for a long time, he's just abused his power over other people.  He 
tried to do that to me, to us Mauz.  And I don't take that from anybody.  
Especially someone who's looking for a cure to his own guilt."

"Christianity without the pain..."  I mumbled in a haze...

"Hmm?"  She stopped scratching.  And I was shot into reality like a bullet.

"Oh, sorry.  Just quoting an old book.  By someone named Huxley or 
something."  I said.  "But I don't think it was without pain."

M'Lady scratched me a few more times.  "Nope.  He'll remember us for a 
while, Mauz."  She patted me just under the tail.  She sat me up.  "Now get 
some sleep, hmm?"  She kissed me on the muzzle.  "Sleep in if you'd like.  
But You'll miss breakfast if you do."  

I did wake up in time for breakfast, barely.  Put on my sweat pants for it.  
I was surprised to see the slave there.  Naked except a collar, and ankle 
restraints holding him to the chair.  He was eating the breakfast as given 
to him.  M'Lady made some eggs, and served coffee.  I waved off the coffee.

She gave the slave permission to speak if he wanted too.  We ate in silence 
for the most part before the slave broke it when he was done.  "I wanted to 
thank you Mistress Sarah.  For everything this weekend."  It sounded 
forced, to an extent.  Like he was being social.

"Who say's it's over, slave?"  He stiffened up in his seat.  "And why just 
thank me?  Mauzer?  Take the slave into the other room and make him cum for 
me."  I stood him up, removed the restraints, and led him into the other 
room.  "And, slave, cum for the nice cat, would you?"

It was an easy time getting him aroused.  It was even easier to get him to 
cum.  I put him on the ground, and just brought him off with my paw.  The 
feeling of dry fur on his tip made him stay erect.  And in only minutes, he 
groaned very loud as he shot all over his chest.  M'Lady stood at the 

"Good boy.  Heel."  I walked to her side and sat down on the floor.  I 
cleaned my paw as she spoke.  "Now, slave.  You come here."  He did.  She 
removed his collar.  "Go downstairs and take a shower, you need one badly."

"Yes Mistress Sarah."  His voice stopped being mechanical.  At least he was 
broken of that.  He went into the basement and I could hear fumbling about 
for things.

M'Lady pulled on my collar, I followed her up.  "I wanted to let him, that 
once.  A reward for thanking me, even if it was forced.  I'll talk with him 
before he leaves.  Would you like to say anything to him?"

"No, M'Lady.  I think I've said enough."  She smiled and nodded.  "Besides, 
I have to go meet the guys downtown at four.  Going to the game, ya know."  
She smiled.

She let me go around 2:30.  Between the train and the busses to the 
ballpark, it takes forever to get downtown on a weekend.  I met my friends, 
hung around at our booth at the bar, and went the game.  Left field 
bleacher seats are so nice, especially when you get a paw on a home run 

...didn't get it tho...

I got home around 11:45 or so.  M'Lady was already asleep, so I stayed as 
quiet as I could when I went to bed.  When I got there I saw a piece of 
paper folded over on my pillow.  It wasn't in M'Lady's handwriting, so I 
assumed it was in the slave's.  And I still don't completely understand it.  
I may someday, but now I don't.  But, it was what the slave wanted to say 
to me before he left.

"Thank You"

Someday, I know I'll fully understand it.  But for now, I think that I'll 
sleep on it.  It's already 4:15 AM.  And I think that sleep is a good and 
positive thing.  Just like a cat, yes?  I'm working on that too.

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