Mauzer's Diary

My name is Mauzer, and I am the legal property of Mistress Sarah.  There's a 
certain comfort in saying this.  I guess I kinda like the idea more over 
time.  But, this week, there wasn't that comfort.  Let me explain.

See, I caught a cold.  I know, I know...  It's stupid.  I've got so many 
nanites flowing through my system I could get the "'bot-brigade" inside me 
to rebuild the mega-sky-scrapers from the ground up in a week.  I'm 
practically immune from all known STD's, polio, typhoid, even chicken pox.  
But one stupid cold virus, and it slips through every crack and hits me 

Even when I was a person I was pretty resilient.  But when a cold hit me, I 
was down for a week or two.  Totally miserable, chills, shakes, the whole 
works.  Give me time, some soy-chicken soup and a tri-vid and I was all 
right.  In a week or so, I was all better.  No problems.

M'Lady didn't know that, apparently.  See, she heard me sneeze a few too 
many times.  She came into my room, and saw me under the blankets shivering.  
With a natural fur coat, I guess it was an unsettling sight.  "Mauzer?  Are 
you ok?"

"No, M'Lady."  I said.  It was weakly said.  And I knew what was coming up 
now.  M'Lady came over to me and put a hand to my forehead.  I snickered.  
"It's all fur, M'Lady.  I'm just sick."

"No kidding." She said.  "I don't understand how..."  Her thoughts seemed to 
be elsewhere.

I droned the speech I had mentally prepared in a single breath.  "M'Lady, 
it's just a cold.  I felt it coming on a few days ago, and I tried to stop 
it, it didn't help.  I'll be all right in a week.  Don't worry about it."  I 
inhaled deeply.

"Mauz...  You shouldn't be sick with something as small as a cold.  I'm 
calling the hospital."

"M'Lady...  Don't?  Please?"  It was too little too late.  She had already 
walked off, probably to her bedroom for some privacy.  "Great..." I mumbled 
to myself.  "That's not what I need right now..."  I was feeling terrible to 
begin with, now she was making an issue out of it.  I draped the blanket 
over my shoulders and ambled into her room.  I was playing bipedal pinball 
the entire way, got a free game bouncing off the walls and all.  I know that 
she meant well and all, but I know my body.  Even if it's been altered with 
fur and cyber it's still my body.

I took my time getting there.  When I did I heard her say "I understand....  
Yes...  Could you please?  Good, thank you."  I rounded the corner as she 
hung up.  It was a slow hangup.  She looked up at me, somewhat sheepishly.  
"Umm...  Mauz?  I've got some good and bad news."

"Bad."  I deadpanned.

"The hospital can't treat you."

I nodded.  "Good."

"They set up an appointment for you at a...  umm...  clinic..."  She was 
searching for words...  Being ill, I wasn't in the mood.

"M'Lady?  What clinic?" I deadpanned

"Umm...  You know that clinic off 42?" She said slowly.

"THE VET?"  I screamed.  "They want to send me to THE VET?"

"Mauzer, calm down.  I can explain all this."  She sat firm.

"I bet.  But I want to hear the quacks at the hospital say it."  Anger has 
one hell of a way to make me feel better in a damned hurry.  I picked up the 
phone and hit redial.

"Mauzer!  Sit!"  I was shocked enough with the command that I did.  She 
looked down at me, reserved that I was going to talk to the doctors myself.  
"Good boy.  Don't explode at them, ok?

"I'll try not to." I said.  I was still pissed.

"Helbit Memorial, may I help you?"  It was a good synthesized voice, but I 
picked up on it immediately.  They use computers as secretaries more and 
more these days.  And today it is probably a good move.

"Appointments.  Doctor Finn." I said, gritting my canines.  I've dealt with 
too many of these things, I know how to maneuver through them fast.

"One moment."  Then the hold music.  I hate hold music.  You'd think they'd 
improve it, but no.  It's always the same damned thing a it always was.  At 
least they could use a radio station or something.  What's sad is the day I 
heard Muzak of "9mm Dreams".  They were one of the best hyperthrash bands 
when they first came out.  I cried.

I finally got a real secretary, and said I wanted to make an appointment.  
She asked my name, I said 'Mauzer'.  I hear her type a few things.  I knew 
what she was doing too.  I've been on the Mednet firsthand.  It's boring as 
far as cyberspace goes, but it's all bare-boned and vital information.  It's 
got all sorts of stuff from medical history to daily routines.  It's also 
got all the medical records you could ever want to look up.  That's why it's 
got the heavy-duty security.

She asked me my address, phone ID, insurance ID, and so on.  Finally she 
said "I'm sorry, but we can't schedule an appointment for your pet."

"But I AM Mauzer!"  I protested.

"It says here on Mednet that 'Mauzer' is registered as a pet cat of Sar..."

I cut her off  "I AM HER PET!" I screamed.  "I'm her legal pet cat, YOUR 
hospital did the surgery!  Look it up!"

She stopped, then said in a state of shock "Let me put you on hold." I tried 
to protest but she switched me over to the muzak.  M'Lady was looking at me, 
as if to tell me something or to sympathize.

After a few minutes more the phone was picked up again.  "This is Charles 
Stephens, I'm the legal consultant to the hospital.  What seems to be the 

"The problem is that my owner has informed me that your hospital refuses to 
offer me health care.  And I want to know why." I said.  I was holding onto 
all the calm I had left.

"Let me see, your name is Mauzer, correct?" he was professional, the voice 
smooth as silk.

"Mauzer.  Yes."  I heard clicking on the other end, and a beep.  I figured 
he was recording this, but I didn't make an issue of it.  If he tried, it 
wouldn't be admissible in court anyhow.  Besides, I was recording it too.

"Mr. Mauzer, according to my screen here you are listed as having an 
occupation as 'pet', this is correct?"


"And I've also pulled up your medical records as well.  According to this, 
your physiology has been altered by this hospital within the last six 
months.  You are biosculpted into a..." his voice changed to a 'reading' 
voice.  " 'grey tabbycat biomorph with additional cybersystems.'  This is 
also true?"


He didn't skip a beat.  "Mr. Mauzer, I regret to inform you that there are 
several circumstances that disallow you from being admitted to this 
hospital.  The first being that you are legally a pet, and it is not the 
position of this hospital to take a 'pet' in as a patient.  Legally speaking 
this sets precedents that we are not willing to follow through on.  Also of 
concern is if a patient were to catch something that was passed from your 
feline physiology to them, the hospital would be responsible.

"Also, Mr. Mauzer, according to your medical record here your physiology has 
been changed to approximately 15 to 45 percent feline, including but not 
exclusive to your genetic, physical, and psychological structure.  This 
hospital's policy states that this hospital can not accept you as a patient 
on the grounds of your new animal structuring."

My jaw was on the floor.  "What?  So you're saying that your hospital can do 
the surgery but after that they won't touch me?"

"Mr. Mauzer, you will recall that your work was done officially at a branch 
office of the main hospital that has been specifically developed for use in 
reconstructive surgeries.  Replacing natural limbs with cybernetic implants 
and so on.  The branch only performs such reconstructive surgeries, 
including your biosculpt.  They are not equipped for handling illness, which 
is what the main hospital is for.

"Regardless, before your previous admittance you were 100 percent human, and 
thus you could be admitted and kept.  Once discharged from the branch office 
your record was changed to show what had been performed both physically and 
legally.  Under our current policy we can not re-admit you on the grounds 
that there are other facilities that better suit the needs and specific 
physiology of animals and biosculpted beings."

I took in a deep breath.  "For example?"

He thought a moment, picking his words slowly and carefully.  "There are 
clinics specifically for biosculpt patients.  The closest to here is, 
unfortunately, a few states away.  But I understand there's one opening 
sometime in the next year or so."

"My owner has told me that your hospital has arranged an appointment at a 
vet." I was speaking through a clenched maw.

"Yes, that's the other option available to you right now.  They may not be 
perfect, but they will be able to assist you in whatever your needs you 
would have." he said, very rushed.

"So I'm being discriminated against?"

"No!  Not by any means.  It's the policy of this hospital that clients such 
as yourself would be much better off at a facility specifically tailored to 
the needs of your kind."  He said.

"My kind?"  I clenched a paw into a fist, M'Lady held it in her hand.  I 
looked up to see her shaking her head.  "You're position won't change, will 

"Our position stands firm as of right now.  If you'd like I can forward your 
call to someone who can recommend a local clinic?"

"No, thank you.  Have a nice day."  I hung up the phone.  I looked up to 
M'Lady, who looked concerned.  "My kind?  MY kind?  What am I?  Cursed with 
Bioplague-7?  Am I some kind of leper?"

"Mauzer?"  She held my muzzle so I couldn't turn away.  "They don't know you 
like I do.  They look at a screen and consider that file to be you.  I care 
about you very much, which is why I told them to go ahead and make you an 
appointment at the clinic."

I sighed.  "M'Lady?  I don't think...  I mean it's..."

"I'll get it late in the day, so we won't have to wait long."  She said.

I was pissed, angry, hurt, and very cranky from the cold.  I closed my eyes 
and shook my head.  "Fine.  I give."  She scratched me behind the ears 
again.  "It's not fair tho.  They're treating me like...  like..."

"An animal?" she said.

"No!  Dirt!"  I snapped.  "They don't have that right!  I may be your 
property, but that doesn't give them the right to treat me like...  GRRRR!"  
I growled as I tried to stand up.  Got dizzy and leaned on the wall to 
support.  I didn't stop growling tho...  I was losing it, and we both knew.

"Mauzer?"  M'Lady spoke softly.  "Mauz?  Go back to your room and sleep.  
I'll bring you dinner a bit later.  Ok?  Get some rest.  You're gonna need 
it."  She helped me to my room where I collapsed on the bed to sleep.

I woke up occasionally, looking through my skylight.  The two stars that I 
could see twinkled in the smog, I knew there were more but I couldn't see 
them in the smog.  I always thought of asking M'Lady if she'd like to go up 
to "INSS Sovereign" someday so we could watch the stars from space.  I've 
never seen more than three stars at a time from anywhere on the Earth.  
'Cept for south of Mexico...  but I hate thinking about that. brings the nightmares...

All my thoughts were like that.  When I get sick I think of all the stupid, 
mundane things that I don't think about on a regular basis.  Thoughts 
wandered into a kind of lucid consciousness.  I get the best ideas like 
this, but I have to sort through a few dozen ideas to find the gem.  And 
even then I don't know if I'll remember it all.  Or even the good stuff.

But, anyhow...  M'Lady opened my door with some food.  All liquid stuff, 
chicken broth and the like.  I could taste the vitamins inside it, it 
scratched my throat.  "They called me while you were sleeping.  I told them 
about the situation, and they said they can schedule you in tomorrow night, 
just before they close.  There shouldn't be anyone there."

I wasn't even aware that I had been sleeping.  "Honestly, I don't care about 
that, M'Lady..."  I stammered out.  "It's just that I hate being told 'your 
kind' isn't wanted here.  I thought that went out with 'blackie' water 
fountains and the 'kinder gentler' crap..."

M'Lady just hugged me.  It was what I needed most.

The next day was like the previous, I was still sick.  I still wanted to 
stay home.  But M'Lady insisted that I go.  They closed at 7:00 PM, and our 
appointment was at 6:55 PM.  I stumbled into the car with her around 6:30, 
and she drove.  I felt too miserable to concentrate on what she was saying 
to me, but I did catch something about dropping me off.  When I asked about 
it, she said it was only a possibility.  I was too sick to think about it.

We got to the place a few minutes early.  M'Lady and I got out, and walked 
to the front door.  There was a sign on it saying "All pets must be under 
control of their owners."  I looked to M'Lady.

"No.  Please?"  I pleaded quietly.

"Rules are rules, Mauz."  Her voice was understanding, but firm.  She took 
the leash from her purse and attached it to my collar.  I wasn't 
embarrassed, really.  I just thought it was silly.  She led me in.  "Sit."  
She pointed to a chair, I took it.  She wandered to the counter to check me 
in, attaching the leash to the chair itself.

"This is stupid." I grumbled to myself.  One elbow on the chair, holding up 
my head.  Then I heard the door open.  I looked over from the corner of my 
eye.  A woman, she looked 70 years old, entered.  Pink knitted sweater, long 
skirt, grey hair, the works.  "Oh man...."  I rocked my head in my paw as I 

"Mrs. Claxton!  He's just about ready for you!  Have a seat and we'll bring 
him right out!"  The person behind the counter was about as sadistic as I've 
seen M'Lady get.  At least that's my opinion.  And naturally, this lady sat 
down next to me.

"Waiting for a friend?" She asked me.  This lady didn't waste time.

"Hmm?"  I looked up and sniffled.

"Are ya waiting for a friend of yours?  A fuzzy companion?"  She was 
friendly.  Annoying, but friendly.  Under other circumstances, I would have 
been friendly back.  Or at least more friendly.

"Umm...  no."

"Oh.  So who are ya waiting for?"  The headache was growing.

"The doctor."

"A friend of yours?"  I heard yipping from behind the doorway.

"No, I'm a patient."

She looked at me, in the same kind of way I would imagine the guys who hand 
out pamphlets at the airport get looked at.  "Oh!" she said finally.  "I 
hope you feel better then..."  She genuinely meant that too.  Just then the 
door burst open, and a purple toy poodle shot from the vet's helper to this 
lady.  And her voice became this sing-song drone of musical joy.

The poodle, for the most part, was wagging his tail (swinging his body with 
every wag) and looking none the worse for being dyed purple.  "Bernard" was 
his name, I gathered.  At least it was what she was constantly calling him 
other than 'my precious'.  And I guess he was happy too, yipping all the way 
out the door.  The lady saying several thank you's on the way out.

M'Lady pulled the leash gently.  "Come on Mauz.  You're next."  She handed 
the leash to the assistant.  "I'll see you in the morning, Mauz!"

"What?" I protested again.  More exhausted than anything else.

"We've looked over the case.  We'd like to hold you overnight for 
observation." the assistant said.

I looked to M'Lady.  She just shrugged.  "Sorry Mauz...  They're the 

"What?" It's all I could breathe before I felt the tug again.  M'Lady gave 
me a signal to follow.  I took a deep breath, waved good-bye to her and 
followed.  The assistant led me to a room, wood paneling and all.  She 
patted the top of the table.

"Up!"  I just stared at her.  "Umm, sorry...  Could you sit on here?"

I did, reluctantly.  "Not exactly a normal patient, am I?"

"No, not really." She said.  She removed my leash.  "I'll assume you won't 
try to bite me or run away?"  She was holding back a smile.

I nodded.  "And I won't even try to pee on the table either."  Without 
warning she started to examine me.  She held my jaw open while she shined 
the light down it, examined my teeth, and all that.  After a the third test 
I finally broke.  "Not even a question of how I feel here?"

She looked a bit surprised.  Then a moment of realization.  "Oh yeah.  I'm 
sorry Mauzer.  I'm not used to the patients talking back.  The owners yes, 
not the patients.  My name is Tracy.  It's been a really long day here."  
She offered her hand.

I smiled and shook it.  "Charmed.  But why do all this for a stupid cold?"  
I lifted my upper lip with my fingers like she had done to me.

She turned her clipboard over.  "We need to get a basic profile of your 
medical history.  We've checked on the Mednet, and you have no record as 
Mauzer outside of the surgical notes and follow-up treatment.  We even tried 
to follow your history back to before the surgery, and that was even more 
sketchy.  So we need to get a solid base to work from.  Build a new file on 
you now."  She showed me the board, nice piece of hardware, really.  LCD 
screens, handwriting recognition, the works.  But at the time I didn't care.

"I don't believe this."  I said.

"Sorry..." she said.  "It's standard for us.  Usually the animal doesn't 
mind.  I have only a few more here to go.  But I'll explain as I go on."  
She did explain about checking the ears and so on.  We talked for a while, 
between my sneezes and sniffles.

"Ok, the doctor will be here shortly.  Umm...  Would you mind terribly...  
Umm..."  She was pointing to my sweat pants.

"Undressing?  I was wondering when you'd get to that."  Without thinking I 
took my sweatshirt and sweat pants off.  "I know, your patients don't 
normally come clothed.  I know, I know..."

She stared at me for a while, a little more red now.  "Umm, yeah.  Yeah.  
Umm...  I'll...  go...  get...  him..."  She didn't break eye contact with 
me till she backed out the door.

The room was warm, thankfully.  But the metal table was cold.  I think it 
was heated, but it wasn't on if it was.  At least my fur was helping a 
little, I was still shivering however (mostly from being sick).  I didn't 
have too long to wait, thankfully.

He walked in quietly, like it had already been a long day.  But at least his 
smile was genuine.  I think that's why I didn't mind this doctor, he looked 
like he enjoyed his work.  He was wearing a light-blue lab coat, with his 
name-plate on it saying his name was Dr. Mathew Goldston and so on.  He was 
wearing scrub-type pants as well as a pullover t-shirt, all in blue.  At 
least he could dress well (a bit drabby, but well.)

"Hi Mauzer.  I'm Doctor Goldston."  We shook hands.  "Your owner told me you 
have a cold."  I nodded.  "Well, I've looked at what we could find, and you 
shouldn't have this cold.  What I know of the cybernetics in your system, it 
shouldn't have gotten a foothold."

"It's a cold.  How many million cold germs are in the known universe?"

"A good point.  But it's still something I don't understand.  It's why I 
wanted to hold you overnight."  He showed me the clipboard, and I looked up 
the chart for the nanotech I had already, and he had a valid enough point.  
"If it's serious, we can get you to a real clinic in hours.  If it's just a 
cold, we'll release you to your owner in the morning before we open up...  
to keep it all low key."

I looked away, shaking my head.  "It's stupid.  Too damn stupid."

"Yeah, I know."  Doctor Goldston put the clipboard down.  "Your the third 
'morph sent to me by that hospital since they've started doing them."  I 
winced when he said that.  I still do.  It's not that bad a term, really...  
but it still bugs me.  It sounds all to technical, too medical.  It's what 
the street punks call us.  "I'm sorry.  That's what our profession calls 
human who have been altered."

I snorted.  "The term leaked.  It's not that good, ya know."

He raised up the clipboard to check a few things.  "It's habitual.  I 

"No need."  I said.  "I've been called worse behind my back, even before the 

He nodded a few times, making check marks on the 'board.  "I'm not qualified 
to do everything that needs to be done, but I know enough to do the job."

I rolled my eyes.  "That's not reassuring."

"It's the truth." He went to the sink to wash his hands.  "There's not a 
large proportion of 'morphs in this city yet, at least that I know of.  And 
the few I've treated haven't been better off than you.  They don't like 
coming here, but they have.  It's why I'll stay late, to do what I can."

I huffed.  "That's why you slated me for after hours?"

"I didn't know if you'd be more comfortable this way or not."  He was 
finished drying his hands and was putting on rubber gloves.  "It's not 
right, but I won't turn away a patient who needs medical help.  I'd like to 
look down your throat and get a culture to check on."

Between pokes we talked about what was going on.  The other two furries he 
had worked with were also mammalian, a fox and a mouse.  The mouse had a bad 
reaction to the fur treatment and was going to have cancer therapy at that 
place in Denver.  That's the best facility in the States.  The fox wasn't so 
lucky.  He was attacked by a street gang in some back alley, cut up pretty 
bad, and left for dead.  The hospital refused treatment on the poor guy, and 
he was shipped to the clinic.

"I spent a good portion of the night sewing him up.  One of his ears was 
lacerated badly, the tail had severe nerve damage, fur missing all over.  
Tracy stayed with him to make sure he was going to pull through." Dr. 
Goldston told me.  "But that shouldn't have been my job.  The only hospital 
doing this type of alteration surgery is turning their own patients away!"

"Isn't that discrimination?" I asked.

"Well, technically no."  He was checking my breathing as he talked.  "They 
can point to heath codes...  inhale?"  He paused as I inhaled, "...and slow 
exhale...good.  ...and claim that they're acting in the interest of their 
normal patients and that there's health risks and so on.  There's no law 
against it yet, the technology is just too new.  Animal biosculpts can be 
technically referred to as pets or animals, and no pets or animals are 
allowed in the hospital.  Except for seeing eye dogs."  He pulled away.  
"Sounds clogged, but you knew that."  He scratched away on the board.

"So what can I do?" I said.

"Well, for starters register your complaint with the ACLU." he said.  
"Sherwood has done this already, and I'm not sure about Jerry."

"Jerry?"  I asked.

"The mouse." he said.  "I've registered a complaint also, Nothing personal, 
but this isn't my idea of how I should run a veterinary clinic."  He was 
checking my ears at the time, and he tapped the tip a few times.

"None taken." I said.  "I agree with you.  I'd rather not be here either.  
It's just a cold."

"I'm afraid not." he said.  "What I think it is, it's probably a hybrid of a 
human cold and something that's affecting your 'cat' physiology too.  I'm 
not sure what, or even if that's what it is.  Regardless, I felt it better 
to hold you overnight to make sure it's nothing too serious.  Also I'd like 
to give you a booster shot as well.  Wouldn't hurt."

"How generous." My voice cracked.  "So do I get a cage with a view?"

He shook his head.  "Not really.  I have a couch in the other office, you 
can sleep on that.  It's not really a bed but it's better than an outside 
cage."  While he was talking he was preparing the injection.  He wandered 
back over with the needle in his hand.  "Ok Mauzer.  This one is quick."

I started shaking.  See, I have this... thing...  about needles.  I don't 
know why, I just do.  I've always had one, and I always will.  Blades I can 
handle.  Claws are all right too.  But those hypos, I dunno...  They always 
bug me.  I can't handle them.  I mean I get the shakes bad.  And I was 

The Doc looked at me.  "What?"  I didn't need to point.  Terror is visible 
even in cyberoptics.  "This?"  He shook the needle, I nodded.  "Umm...  
Ok...  I can do this differently."  He went back to the cabinet, did a few 
things that I couldn't see, and came back with a cylinder.  I knew what it 

While I was doing my service we called these things "Bonz-Macies" or just 
"BM's".  They're air-powered injectors which work about the same as a 
hypodermic needle, without the needle.  This didn't bug me as much, but I 
was still shaking.  "I don't usually use this one... but I'll make an 
exception today."  He held my right ear, and in one motion placed the thing 
on my ear and hit the button.  And a short bit of pain and it was over.

I was still shaking, my paw wouldn't hold still.  "That's all then?  Can I 
just go to sleep now?"  I was being very serious.

He shrugged.  "Not yet Mauzer.  Your owner also decided to have a few more 
things done here than just checking your health."

I was sitting on the table, now I was lying on it holding my head.  "What 

"I'll let Tracy tell you about that.  She's volunteered to stay the night 
again and watch you.  I live nearby, so if there's problems I'm no more than 
a few minutes away.  She'll be in soon."  He removed the gloves, tossed them 
into the waste can, and turned to leave.

"Hey, Doc?  Should I put my pants back on or something?"

He looked back.  "I wouldn't recommend not.  Your owner had opted to get you 
a grooming among other things, so I would think that wet clothing isn't 
worth it."  He walked to the door.  "Barring complications, I'll see you in 
the morning.  Sleep well!"  And he left.

I consoled myself that at least my time here wouldn't be boring, to say the 
least.  Tracy came in a few minutes later, still wearing the 'scrubs.  "Ok 
Mauzer.  Up and at em."  I reluctantly stood up.  "Aww, cheer up!  We're 
gonna have fun!"

"Why does that scare me?" I deadpanned.  Tracy just laughed.  She just put  
a simple chain leash onto my collar and half-heartedly led me to another 
room.  Obviously a grooming place.  Various instruments of shearing adorned 
the walls.  There was a steel tub, it was filling with water.  She turned it 

"Ok kitty.  In ya go."  She led the leash over to the tub, and I looked at 
it very thoroughly.  It didn't look large enough for me to lay in with any 

So I asked the simple question. "How?"

"Hands and knees, Silly!"  she pulled the leash once for emphasis.  I 
shrugged slightly and decided that this woman was way too happy for this 
time of night for my mindset.  And I also figured if I didn't do as she 
wanted she was going to get downright mean with her kindness.  So I got in.

The water was nice, about a perfect warm.  And she did plan for me, the 
bottom of the tub had a pad on it, my paws and knees were protected.  And it 
wasn't half bad, really.  Wasn't half good either, but I'll give it some 

"Now if I hurt you let me know, all right?"  I nodded.  The warm water was 
helping my muzzle drain, any warm vapor would have done it.  I heard her do 
a couple things, the first was to tie the leash down outside the tub, but so 
I couldn't get up and leave so quickly.  Then some rattling, and a few other 

She poured the water over my backside.  "Now, whatever you do, please don't 
shake?"  She was being honest.

I nearly lost my grip on the pad and drowned while laughing.  I finally 
choked out a promise I wouldn't.

"Good boy." She said.  Then she began brushing.  Out of everything that I 
never thought of, her simple act of using a simple brush on my fur was so...  
wonderful...  I can't think of a word to describe it.  How do you describe 
Nirvana?  Absolute pleasure?  You can't...  You have to experience it 
yourself to know it...

She was using some kind of a glove with a comb-like thing on it underside.  
She stroked my fur in just that right way...  Purrrrr....  I still get 
blissful thinking about it...

She wasn't only giving me a bath, but a full fur cleaning too.  The shampoo 
had an overpowering smell, until I readjusted my olfactory boosters.  Just 
the feel of the brushes in my fur, and the sounds of the gentle scraping was 
enough to get me extremely horny.  When she brushed my tail I thought I 
really was going to drown.  I almost did when she scrubbed under my muzzle 
and behind the ears.

She noticeably slowed down when she got to my underside, specifically around 
my sheath.  "Mauzer?  I don't wish to offend you or anything..."

"Hmm?"  I was in too much pleasure to notice.

"I mean...  I don't want to touch you there if you...  I mean it's not a 
good thing to just..."

I tried to turn my head, but the leash held me back.  "No, that's all 
right." I said slowly.  I closed my eyes again.  Something mentally tugged, 
I ignored it.

"If you're sure..."  I nodded.  "Ok then..."  And I felt her hands brush 
around the sheath, the sac, everything.  And I knew I was erect, she knew it 
too.  She brushed all along under the tail too.  "I may help you with that a 
bit later, if you're a good boy."  It didn't sink into me what she said 
'till that 'bit later.'

She rinsed me off with a brush-like thing that poured clean water through 
it.  When I was mostly rinsed off she fingered the buckle on my collar.  I 
shot up.  "No?"  It was more a question.


"Don't remove it?  Please?"

She was kinda dumbfounded.  "Why not?"

"It is M'Lady's first gift to me.  She decides if it comes off or not."  I 
was being deathly serious.  And I think that got to Tracy.

"Oh."  She slowed her speech.  "Ok....  Can I... loosen it then?"  I nodded.  
"Ok.  I've gotta get the soap out from under it, so it doesn't dry there and 
give your fur any problems later.  I could slop it around with the shampoo 
there, but the fresh water usually says 'Remove collars to clean'."  She 
loosened the collar as she spoke, but never removed it.  And she worked 
around the thing to rinse off the shampoo.  She rinsed my facial fur, and 
again I thought I was going to die of pleasure.

She cleaned the collar thoroughly too before retightening it to the proper 
peg.  She gave a few extra scratches to me when she did that.  "Ok, now the 
next part." she said.  "Your owner must like you, she's giving a full 
grooming session too."

Instantly my mind went back to the poodle.  And the instant terror of 
thinking I'd end up like that.  I couldn't envision it.  M'Lady wouldn't be 
that mean...

I was right, thankfully.

Tracy took a lot of time grooming my fur.  Stroking it the right way, and 
clipping off too much excess under the muzzle, the throat, and everywhere 
else.  She also did something I didn't think about before, she trimmed the 
fur around my sheath and sac, and almost went down the flesh on the sac too.  
It did feel nice, I'll admit.  A bit lighter and all.  But not exactly what 
I'd call normal grooming.  At least I don't think so.

The other thing too about grooming there, it was a test of my nerves and 
trust.  Having electric clippers anywhere near my privates makes me shiver 
nervously.  And the fact she was shaving my fur all the way to where the sac 
formed wasn't helping.  It did feel kinda neat, but it wasn't easy to sit 
still for.  It made me think of an old audio I found on the 'net about 
someone talking about "Not genitals, your gentles.  You have to be very 
gentle around there..."

Her hand stroked the inner part of my leg once or twice, then she pulled 
away.  "I shouldn't." she said.  "You're incredibly attractive and I'm doing 
something that I fantasize about doing without asking you first."  She 
turned off the clippers.  "I'm sorry Mauzer...  It won't happen again.  I 

"Tracy?"  I reached a paw to her weakly.  I managed to place it on her 
shoulder.  "It's all right..."  She turned to face me.  "I'm actually 
surprised you didn't take total advantage of me.  You're the one with the 
leash, ya know."

I felt that mental tug again.  I knew it well.  I knew it too well from my 
military days.  It wasn't that strong, I mean as strong as the ones I used 
to have in my head.  But I knew what to feel for.  I let the pull ride.  I 
wasn't in danger.  "Riding the Leash" we called it.  The 'leash' is a chip 
in your head that led you around, like some pre-programmed remote control.  
In the military it made me do things that gave me nightmares.

Now...  it still brings those memories back.  But they're not so bad 
anymore.  Still makes me shake.

She looked away.  "I know...  But I'm not like that."

"I understand...  I do..."  I took my paw from her shoulder and sat up as 
well as I could.  "I'll be honest, I'd rather not be at a veterinary clinic 
as much as I'd prefer to be home.  But I think hat you're making it worth my 
while to be here."  She turned back.  "I do!"

"But I shouldn't be making sexual advances on you.  You're not feeling well, 
and your owner wouldn't be too pleased to find me with her pet doing things 
that...  Oh, you know!" she said.  Her voice sounded a bit depressed.

I shrugged.  "What if I said they weren't unwanted?"  The Leash was 
stronger, I rode it through.  She looked at me with wider eyes.  "I wouldn't 
mind, actually I'm flattered you would want to!"  There was a moment of 
silence while her jaw almost fell open.  "But I would think you'd like to 
get to know me first, yes?"

She smiled.  "You're sure?"  I nodded.  "What about your owner?"

"She'd understand." I said.  "Show me a cat who isn't a hedonist."

She smiled again, and kissed me gently on the forehead.  "Thank you 
Mauzer..."  She took a brush from the desktop.  "I think I'll finish 
grooming you now."

Tracy took her leash, and guided me so I was lying on my backside.  She used 
the clippers to shave the fur by my tail down to a short length.  She used 
the brush and the clippers to bring out my striping to fullest potential.  
She was being very artistic.  Cutting along the stripes, slightly shortening 
the black fur to bring out the gray.  She rolled me over to highlight my 
backside fur, scritching me when she did it.

She spent the better part of 30 minutes doing this.  And all this time she 
would cut a little, stroke my fur a lot, and let me just bliss out on the 

"All done!"  Her voice cracked a little.  She took my leash and stood me up.  
She led me to a mirror.  "What do you think?"  I got a good look at my fur, 
the effect was very striking.  I had never noticed before, but my actual 
flesh tone was darker, almost a pure black under my fur.  The pads under my 
paws are black, and so is my ballsac I knew.  But I didn't know it went 
further than that.

"Very beautiful!"  I said.  She was stroking my chest at the time from 
behind.  "Thank you..."

"You're welcome, Mauzer." she said.  She stroked my chest from behind for a 
few moments 'till I started to purr.  "Good boy!"  She pulled on the leash, 
and I followed.  I'd like to get a few more specimens before you turn in for 
the night.  Ok?"  I nodded, my eyes mostly closed.

We went into a backroom.  It was heated, I noticed that right away.  She 
removed the leash, and pointed to the couch.  I sat down, and she gently 
pushed me to lie on it.  I was on my stomach, eyes closed.  Tracy started to 
massage my shoulders.  I purred for her as she used her fingers wonderfully.

"I used to me a masseuse you know."  She said.  I think I purred a bit 
louder rather than say anything.  "You have wonderful muscle tone for a pet.  
Very athletic build."

"Um-Hum..." I muttered, I don't think she heard it over my purring.

"Can I tell you something Mauzer?"

I perked my ears a little and opened an eye half way.  "Shurrrrrrrrrrrr...."

She slowed her kneading to a crawl.  "I dream of someday being like you."  
Her voice cracked in whispers.  "Being a furry.  It's silly and all but it 
really appeals to me."

"It's not silly." I slurred.  "It's just expensive."

I swear I heard her smile.  "No, I mean that it's...  well...  I mean 
that..."  She was searching for something mentally.  "I mean it's not really 
what the normal aspiration for life is.  Not everyone grows up wanting to 
become an animal.  And, well, when I see a furry walking around I fell this 
sensation of...  freedom?"  She stopped.

I rolled over.  "I think I understand that." I said.  "It's liberating, in a 
way.  But there's drawbacks too.  I mean some of the things I get called 
aren't what polite people say.  And it's tough to do a few things until you 
relearn how to do them.  Some job opportunities are lost, there's a bit of 
prejudice.  But I think that the sacrifices are worth it."

She just nodded.  "I also get extremely horny when I see them too." she said 
very softly.  "Something about you...  I don't know..."

"Is that why you became a vet's assistant?" I asked.  It was a very innocent 

She laughed.  "No!  No no no...  I had an opportunity to make more money 
doing this that being a masseuse.  And it does pay more.  But It's so hard 
to make ends meet anyhow that I sometimes think I'll never get it done."

"There are alternatives, ya know." I said.  She looked interested to hear 
them.  "Well, I have some connections with...  umm...  I don't know how 
kinky I can talk with you...  Can I be blunt?"

She smiled ear to ear.  "I think I'd prefer it that way Mauzer..."  I hadn't 
noticed it but I was poking from my sheath in a rather obvious way.  And she 
was stroking the short fur around the base.  She leaned over and gave me a 
kiss on the muzzle.

I pulled away.  "I have a cold!"

"Doesn't matter to me.  So I take a few sick days.  No problem."  She leaned 
over and kissed me again, this time deeper.  I raised a paw and gently 
massaged the back of her head.  Her hand kept fondling the sheath, stroking 
the fur enough to feel so very nice.

She pulled away.  "Mauzer?  You're sure it's all right?"  I felt the Leash 
yank even harder, and surrendered to it.  I nodded.  Tracy smiled.  "Then 
I'd like to make another confession too."  She got up, and took off her lab 
coat.  She walked over to her purse on the table.  She reached into it and 
removed a somewhat thin collar.  She walked back.

"This collar is mine." she said as she handed it to me.  The started to 
remove her clothing and continued to speak.  "I had myself registered as a 
cat, kinda.  Actually I got a form from the office and registered a pet cat 
that I owned.  They sent me this tag on it."

I read the tag.  It read the name "Patches".  On the back was Tracy's name 
and address.  "Officially, I'm a calico cat with an identifying heart 
pattern in my hind right flank."  She patted her rear for emphasis.  I 
looked up to see her totally naked.  "I don't have one yet, but if I can 
ever afford to get it I will."

As I looked at the collar I was taken by it's simple beauty.  It's a click 
collar, kinda thin.  The lock mechanism is a yin/yang symbol that interlocks 
with a click to secure the collar down.  It has a nice plaid-type pattern on 
it, pink green and black woven material.  Very beautiful.

Offset by her beauty as well.  She's athletic well, mostly in her legs which 
led me to think she was into jogging.  I always have a hard time describing 
people physically in this journal.  They just aren't important to me, the 
looks I mean.  It all sounds hokey and fake.  Besides, as long as I remember 
them who cares what future generations think?  They can make up a fantasy 
woman any time they wish, and probably more detailed than I can describe in 
mere words.

I held up the collar.  "May I?" I asked.

She nodded.  "I was hoping you would."  She knelt before me.

"No, no...  Come on up here."  I pulled her on the couch.  She yelped as I 
did it, not expecting it.  "We're both equal here you know.  Cat to cat.  No 
need to kneel or what not."  I then wrapped my paws around her throat, and 
gently clicked the collar together.  "There ya go Patches."  I scritched her 
head and grinned.

She was quivering now.  "I've never worn this collar for anyone else 
Mauzer...  You're the first."

I smiled and nodded.  And we kissed.  She pressed into my maw even harder, 
gently stroking my whiskers.  We finally released.  She sat on the floor and 
gently pulled me to join her.  I did.  She fingered my penis, slicking her 
fingers on it's length.  I was purring again, closing my eyes, losing myself 
in her touch.

She then pulled me on top of her, on my paws and knees.  She held my penis 
inside her cunny, just by the tip.  She used me along her outer lips to get 
her moist.  I purred quietly, trying to control myself.  She used my 
hardness for some time, pleasing herself and I.  She then placed my tip 
deeper inside herself, and pulled onto my collar.  I followed her pull.

She paced me so that I slowly filled her.  I went down to my sheath and 
stopped.  Tracy had her head thrown back, and she was yowling quietly...  I 
nipped at her neck once, and she gasped!  I pulled back, and went in again.  
She mewed once, and I licked her face.  She pulled her knees back, and 
placed her hands onto my fur.  I plunged in and held there.

She then yowled with all she had and pushed my head into her shoulder.  I 
rode the Leash and bit her shoulder.  Her legs snapped shut, holding me 
inside her.  Her hands held my head in place, and she pushed me harder into 
her shoulder.  I held the bite, trying not to cut her.  She pulsed under me, 
yowling and screaming, rocking her body under mine.

She took a few deep breaths, and let me up.  I checked her shoulder...  a 
definite bite mark but no open wounds thankfully.  Without speaking, she got 
onto all fours, and invited me up.  I had held back, I was still hard.

I mounded her from behind very quickly.  My forepaws around her hips, I 
thrusted into her wildly.  It was my turn to yowl now, and I did.  She 
squirmed under me, arching her back.  She was screaming "YES!  YES!  YES!"  
as loud as she could as I felt the surge.

My legs strained, my balls twinged and my body began to thrust.  All my 
energy went into the motion, and the wave began to wash over me.  My claws 
dug in, and I snarled.  Fur on Flesh...  Our scents, our emotion running at 
it's highest...  I released...  The Leash intensified my feelings, my 
emotions, and just as I felt like I was going to collapse in my orgasim it 
faded slowly.

When I finally came down I realized I had the scruff of her neck in my 
muzzle, and my claws in her flesh.  I relaxed my jaw slowly, and tasted 
blood.  "Feh!" I licked her neck clean, or as clean as I could.  She was 
purring underneath me.  The bleeding wasn't that bad, and I figured I could 
let it go a while.  I dismounted.

She was panting hard.  I kissed her on the lips.  "Patches?  You're gonna 
need some bactine and some clean bandages."

She smiled at me.  "I'll get them in a minute.  You're so wonderful kitty 
cat..."  She hugged me again.  "Let me just lie here with you a minute..."

"Hang on."  I said.  I got up, and walked to where I remembered seeing some.  
I returned a moment later, she was still on the floor.  I joined her.  
"Patches?  It's just that I don't want you getting sick and all..."  Then I 
realized I licked the wound.  I smacked my head with my open paw.  "Stupid 

"No...  not stupid..." She said.  "Just following your instincts.  I don't 
mind it, Mauzer...  I liked it.  But, here...  let me."  She took the stuff 
and cleaned her own wounds.  She kept on wincing at each dab.  I kissed each 
time she winced.  She got through it all right.

After some time, she got up, and pulled my collar to get me up as well.  
"Time for beddy-bye, Mauzer."  She led me into a pen, indoors.  "You have to 
sleep here, but I won't close the door."  I nodded, I was kinda feeling more 
tired now.  She placed me onto a makeshift mattress.

"Umm, Mauzer?"  I perked my ears.  "May I sleep with you tonight?"  I didn't 
answer.  Instead, I scootched over and made room for her.  She laid down 
next to me, still in collar.  We cuddled, and fell asleep together.  I 
dreamed that night.  Some horrible things that I did because of my last 
Leash.  Feeling the pull again brought it on.  I'm not proud of it, but it's 
my past to live with.

I woke up with the sunrise, Patches was gone.  But Tracy was there.  She 
played with me in my morning haze.  You know, things like 'paw patts' where 
she tap a paw, and I'd fail to catch her hands.  No reflexes in the morning 
at all.  Tracy was way too awake for the morning.  Eventually, I woke up 
enough to be coherent.  And something bothered me.

"Tracy?  I don't want to get you...  umm..."

"Pregnant?" she said.  "Don't worry.  I've got an implant for that.  Still 
good for another five months."  She scratched me behind the ears again.  
"Now, because of last night, you need a bath kitty cat."

She didn't make me sit on all fours this time, instead I was sitting down.  
It was an interesting bath, all told.  She was naked, I was naked, and we 
were playing like a couple of cubs.  Actually, it was kinda nice to do that.  
M'Lady has her playful side, but not like Tracy.  Tracy is more innocent, I 
guess.  I still like being playful with M'Lady, mind you.  But I think 
M'Lady has seen more of the world and doesn't like it all that much.  I'm 
too polite to ask.

Tracy scrubbed me well, it was a bit rougher than the previous night, but it 
still felt good enough to purr to.  After Tracy dried me off, she said I 
could sleep a while longer on the couch.  Being one of my favorite hobbies, 
I decided to.  But not before I got dressed in my sweats again.

I woke up to some gentle shaking.  I looked up to find Tracy over me.  "Wake 
up sleepyhead!  Dr. Goldston is here for ya.  Come on, look alive!"  She 
picked me up, kinda.  And we walked to one of the examining rooms.  I hadn't 
noticed 'till now my muzzle wasn't stuffed up as badly.  Tracy took me to 
the examining room again, and I sat down.  We talked about a lot of things, 
including what it was like to get 'sculpted.  She was really interested in 
what it was like to go through rehab.

Dr. Goldston came back in early, like he promised.  "'Morning Mauzer!" he 
said.  Another morning person.  I hate morning people.  "Had a good night 
sleep?"  I nodded.  "Good!  Was Tracy good company?"

I held back my grin.  "Umm, yeah!  Best I could have asked for."  I could 
almost hear Tracy turning red.

"All right then!" he said.  "Lemme check you over real quick."  And it was 
really quick too.  Just a literal simple looking over, really.  "Looks like 
the worst is over then.  But I'm going to put you on some light medication 
for a few days.  A pill a day and you'll be all right."

He filled out the prescription for me, and handed it over.  "Be sure to take 
it.  It'll get you on your feet sooner than if you don't.  Got it?"

I nodded.  "Yeah.  Question for ya.  Would you mind if I use your name when 
I file my complaint with the ACLU?"

"Not at all.  I'll encourage you to, as a matter of fact..." he looked up, 
like he was searching for something in his head.  "Matter of fact, let me 
find my file number for my complaint so you can cross reference it.  Mind if 
I mail it to ya?"

I didn't mind.  I gave him my e-mail address, and we exchanged somewhat 
pleasant conversation (never been much for morning conversation).  He then 
said he had things to do before the office opened officially, and something 
about how M'Lady was coming by in ten minutes.  Leaving me alone with Tracy 

She walked over to me, we hugged.  It wasn't overly passionate, it was the 
kind of hug you give a new friend.  We didn't have to say anything, it had 
already been said and done.  It just felt good to know I had another friend, 
and I think she felt the same way.

M'Lady came by, right on time, to pick me up.  Her and Tracy talked a while 
about how I was.  "Was he a good boy?" M'Lady asked playfully.  Tracy smiled 
and agreed.  I saw her blush at the same time too...

We walked to the van together, and I got it.  It was bright enough for my 
sunglasses (I really don't need them, the optics will compensate but that 
seems like too much work).  M'Lady started the van.  "Mauzer?" I looked 
over.  "What did you and her do last night?"  She was smiling, she knew the 
answer as well as I did.  We talked about the whole night on the ride home.  
M'Lady wasn't angry with me, but she did think it was interesting that I ran 
into a furry-type at the vet.

That was earlier in the week.  Since then I got better, the meds helped.  I 
usually hate taking drugs, but I made an exception this time.  The day I was 
feeling better I walked into the office of the ACLU and registered a formal 
complaint against the hospital.  I'm also trying to locate Sherwood and 
Jerry to see what happened to them.  It's a personal interest, really.  We 
gotta stick together for now, at least 'till there's more of us roaming 
about.  Then we can be accepted.

Tracy sent me e-mail, and we've made a date for next week, after she gets 
over her cold.

And there's one other thing too.  I'm planning on having a talk with M'Lady.  
The events of the other week has brought back some ugly memories from my 
past that I need to talk with her about.  She doesn't know a lot of my past, 
so I can't hold her responsible for the nightmares the Leash brought on.  
But it's about time.  I need to know about the chip she installed.  I need 
to see my Mednet records, now.  I need to see what the corporation erased 
and placed in for me.  And M'Lady has to be made aware of why.

Because now, like it or not, she needs to know.

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