Mauzer's Diary
Favors Untold

My name is Mauzer, and I am the legal property of M'Lady Sarah.  There's a 
level of enjoyment saying this, almost a defiance.  "I defy the world to 
separate us!" I think.  I dunno, I think after the last few weeks I've begun 
to enjoy being owned.  I'm finally letting go.

I should explain.  It's something good from something bad, again.  It always 
happens that way.  You have to hurt to enjoy the pleasure.  Not a physical 
hurt, I'm not really into pain.  It's the mental anguish that I have 

A few weeks ago I wrote about my discussion with M'Lady in my diary.  I 
scared her, hell I scared myself.  Pulling your soul from your body isn't a 
pretty thing to watch, no matter which side you're on.  But we've grown 
closer through it, and our trust and love has grown too.  Yes, it's love.  
I've decided that.  She legally owns me, but I wouldn't leave unless she 
sold me.  M'Lady never will, I like to think.

But, there's times when it gets a bit tried.  It began a week or so ago.  
She got a letter in the mail from this guy, I didn't know who at the time.  
It was snail-mail, which struck me as odd.  In the envelope was a yellow 
legal pad paper, and something was hand-scrawled on it.  The actual letter 
was something she didn't enjoy getting, and I noticed she got really 
withdrawn in a few days.  So, I approached her on it.

Understandably M'Lady was reluctant.  Looking back, so would I have been.  
Finally, I think she was either prepared to say it or exhausted from my 
badgering.  "Mauz...  My pet...  It's my turn to ask you to trust me."  she 
said, after a few hours of poking.

"I'll always trust you, M'Lady." I said.  I offered my paw, she took it.

"Mauzer...  A long time ago I was just starting out in the city.  Not as a 
Domina, but just getting started.  Just roosting.  I did something...  
something I shouldn't have done.  I asked a favor of a man who I should have 
never met.  Now, he's calling it in."  M'Lady never wavered her voice.  She 
was very straight forward with me.  I nodded, she continued.

"He heard about you.  He has a pet cat too, Mauz.  He's interested in...  
breeding."  That last word came out forced.  "So, he wants me to bring you 
to his cabin to...  breed...  with his cat."  The word 'breed' was forced, 
like she was finding it instead of remembering it.

"His cat?"  I asked.  "You mean a real cat?"

"No, my pet..." M'Lady shook her head slowly.  "She's like you.  She's been 
altered like you have.  She's a lot like you, at least that's what he says."  
She closed her eyes, and opened them slowly.  "Mauzer, I don't like him.  
He's just...  not good.  He's a 'Master' but not for playing.  For him it's 
all about power.  He got me going in this town, and I wish HE hadn't.  I 
don't want to make you do this, but he's holding some things over my head."

"Blackmail?"  I clenched my free paw.  "This asshole is blackmailing you?"

"Mauz?  Don't..."  She put her hand on my muzzle.  "This is my doing, and 
now you've gotten involved.  I can command you to go, but I won't.  I'll ask 
you, that's all.  After this, it's all over between him and I."

"What's he got on you?" I asked.

"Oh Mauz...  Mauz..."  She hugged me, and I hugged her back.  She was on the 
verge of tears.  Whatever this was, it was big.  I wasn't about to drop this 
one.  She didn't want to tell me, and I understand.  Everyone's gotta have 
secrets, and that's up to her.

A few days after that talk, we took her van out of town.  The whole way up 
we talked about this guy.  "Louis Terch" was his real name.  He's a 
professional 'Top', and he gets off on the control aspect.  Apparently, he 
makes a lot of money on each 'customer', he charges in the 4 digits.  The 
kind of guy I hate.  This 'evening' was to be on his terms.  Not anything I 
wanted nor enjoyed.  But, whatever he was holding over M'Lady's head was 
powerful enough to get her to go along with it.  I kept trying to get her to 
tell me what it was, she wouldn't.

We drove for a few hours.  The sun set slowly, as we drove.  I normally like 
sunsets, but this one was different.  No hues, no changes, it just dropped 
into blackness.  With about ten miles left to drive, she slowed down.  
"Mauz, you'll have to remove your clothing.  It's how he wants it.  This is 
his game.  I'm sorry."  I nodded and disrobed in the back.  I wasn't sure 
what to expect.

M'Lady pulled into a gravel driveway, and stopped well into it.  After 
killing the lights and the engine, she turned around.  "Stay.  I'll be back 
shortly.  No speak."  She got out, leaving me to myself.  I cranked up the 
cyber-audio to the maximum, but nothing came in.  The van was killing every 
sound, and my breathing was reverberating off the metallic sides.  Oh well, 
I brought it down to normal and waited it out in the darkness.

After a short while, the van door opened.  M'Lady put a leash on my collar 
and tugged gently.  I got out of the van, and my hindpaws met dirt.  My eyes 
instantly adjusted to the light, or lack therein.  I was in the middle of, 
seemingly, nowhere.  A log-cabin (It's not even real logs, it's a synthetic 
wood thing.  This I know!  Wood gives a different heat signature, synth-logs 
are fiberglass insulated.) was on one side, and the 'backyard' was cleared 
out for a ways back, about 5 acres of not much.  The driveway was long, far 
from the main road.  There was a few cars parked outside, and a rusted 
junker there as well.  And before me I saw this guy.  In his eyes, it 
reminded me of photos I've seen of guys named "Manson" and "Hitler".  And 
that chilled me to the bone.  "Mauzer, this is Master Louis."

"Master Louis" was taller than me, about 6 foot or so.  He was overweight, 
hairy, and what I'd call unattractive.  He had a pitted face, with only 
enough beard to look like he had mange.  I had to turn down my olfactory 
boosters before I wanted to puke.  He apparently didn't care, or mastered 
the art of looking dirty and scary.  He'd showered, but he sweated so badly 
that it wouldn't make a difference (traces of soap were in his scent, but it 
was only traces.)  He was wearing a black flannel shirt, camouflage pants, 
and work boots.  The first thing he did was reach over, and feel my 
testicles.  It wasn't a fondle, it was an examination.  Rough, squeezing 
them for 'consistency'.  "He'll do.  I'll take it to the cage."

With that, he yanked my leash from M'Lady's hands and pulled it hard.  I 
looked to M'Lady, and he yanked harder.  "You're not here to look at her, 
fuzball.  You're here to fuck my cat."  I followed him to an outdoor pen.  
It was, legally, up to code.  Cement ground in the right area and size, 
enclosed cage, an enclosed 'sleeping area', and so on.  He unlocked it, 
removed my leash and unceremoniously tossed me in.  And, quickly, closed the 
gate with a loud crash.  "You better do your job fuzball.  I'm not gonna be 
happy unless you fuck her right."  And he walked off, into the night.  His 
laugh...  I remember his laugh.  Hollow...  abusive...

Out of reflex I jacked my hearing up again.  I listened to him talking to 
M'Lady.  The details were fuzzy, but it consisted of them going 'inside' and 
'doing a slaveboy'.  M'Lady was, understandably, unenthusiastic.  Then, a 
sudden inhale got my ear, and I spun around.  Ears down, hearing lowered...

I saw a form come out from behind a shadow of the sleep area.  It was sleek, 
thin, and feline.  Then it lowered back, and sniffed.  I walked over towards 
it slowly.  I didn't want to frighten whatever it was or provoke it.  And I 
saw her.  A biosculpt, a black feline.  It was a beautiful biosculpt too!  
Her underbelly was a flat black, her highlights were a light grey, with a 
white fringe around her highlights.  Her breasts were somewhat oversized to 
her body, and it was apparent that her legs and hips were worked over as 
well, they didn't 'flow' right to how she looked.  Her fur was unkempt, her 
ear was missing a nick, a whisker was shortened by unnatural means...

She saw me, her feline eyes meeting mine.  They were wide, she was looking 
me over as well.  She got down onto all fours, her tail raised and hips 
tilted up.  Her head hung low.  Total submission.  

Now, I can play the game.  I know that when it's with M'Lady or her friends 
at a party or a customer it's a game.  You can call 'time-outs', you can 
call off the game.  You can do all that.  But what this feline did wasn't a 
game.  She had given up hope.

So, I sat down in front of her.  "Hey, hey...  Look up at me?"  I gently 
pulled up her muzzle, she fought it.  I didn't fight her.  "Ok, ok."  I 
thought a moment, and a revelation came over me.  She'd been altered 
heavily, it may have gone further than my 'scuplt.  

"Can you speak?"  She nodded slowly, after much thought.  That made me feel 
better.  "Are you allowed to speak?"  Slowly, she shook her head.  I thought 
some more.  "Are you forbidden from speaking with people?"  She nodded fast.  
"We're in the same boat, luv.  Look at me?  Please?"

She raised her head slowly.  Her eyes met mine.  I saw fear in her eyes, 
which was such a pitiful sight.  They were so beautiful.  I pulled her up to 
sitting, kinda.  I looked at the cabin, and saw nobody there.  The windows 
were blocked, so you couldn't see in or out and have no shadows.  This guy 
was into privacy.  "My name is Mauzer.  What's yours?"  She looked at the 
house nervously.  I scanned the cage with InfaRed from my cyber optics.  No 
heat sources, and I know I'd be able to find most listening bugs or what 
not.  I learned a lot of tricks from my days long ago, they come in handy.  
"They can't hear us.  And, besides, I'm not an owner.  I'm owned too.  See?"  
I held out my collar tag in my fingers.

She took it in her left paw gently, slowly.  She read it carefully.  "I'm...  
I'm 'shithead'." she spoke quietly, like she hadn't done it in a while.  She 
offered my her tags as well.  Rabies, and her nameplate.  It did read 
"shithead" and "IF I've escaped, use me, abuse me, fuck me hard and report 
me to my Master for discipline!"

I shook my head slowly.  "No, you're not.  He may call you that, but you're 
not a shithead."  I thought a few moments.  "May I call you "Rita"?"

"Rita?"  She was still quiet.

"Another cat.  She's beautiful, you know.  Just like you."

"No I'm not.  I'm a fuck slave to Master Louis."  She spoke it as if 
programmed.  "I am his to do with as he wishes.  He wishes to have me 
properly 'bred'.  So I submit to my chosen mate."  She started to put her 
head down again.  I held it up.

"Ok, fine.  But I like to talk to my mates then.  I don't believe in making 
someone pregnant leaving!"  She looked at me, and at the house, and back at 
me.  "They can't see us, and they can't hear us.  It's alright..."  I began 
to stroke her ears gently.  She fought me, but I wouldn't let her win this 
one.  She began to purr.  "See?  You can like these things."

"Mrowrrrrr...."  She rolled her head back, and I eased her into lying down.  
"You shouldn't do this...  Master Louis..."

"Hell with him for now.  For now, you're not his.  Just relax, enjoy..."  I 
scritched all around her head, under her muzzle, behind her ears...  She 
actually began to relax.  "There, Rita...  good kitten..."  She relaxed as I 
spoke to her quietly.  "Do you want to have cubs?"

"My Masterrrrr does..." she said.  "And I am his, so I want to have them to 
please him..."  Her words drifted into soft purring.  I didn't know what to 
make of it.

"Rita...  Do _you_ want to have them?"

She was purring louder...  I didn't know when the last time she'd been 
stroked was, but it had to be a long time.  I thought she was blissin', but 
she did answer my question.  "Yes."

"For who?"

She looked up at me.  Her eyes were wide, innocent.  And she softly spoke, 
like her words would shatter the air.  "me."  It upset her to say it, her 
eyes watered.

I nodded.  "Shhh...."  I held her closer to me, and stroked her gently.  We 
embraced gently, then she held me hard.

"i...  I never thought I'd admit that..."  she said softly.  Rita held onto 
me with all she had.  Strangers to confidant in 3 minutes flat...  She 
needed someone.  I didn't want to know what this 'master' of hers did to 
her.  I didn't want to know how she got into this mess.  I wanted to help 
her out of it.

"I've always wanted my own children..." she said, through the tears that 
were slowly rolling down her muzzle.  "I really did...  That's all I 
wanted..."  She looked at the cabin, her ears folding back.  "That's all!"  
She would have screamed, but I could see the fear.  I was beginning to see 
the picture.

"He promised you children?"  She nodded.  "From him?"  She nodded slowly.  
"Ick!"  She sputtered a smile, and had to hold her maw.  "He made you like 

"Master Louis wasn't always bad to me..." she said softly.  "At first he was 
sweet...  he called me his pet...  He talked me into the contract...  he 
said it would be better for me.  He'd take care of me!"  Her whiskers 
drooped, her ears fell slowly back.  "But he did this to me.  I'm his pet 
all right...  He took care of me..." She sounded bitter.

I sputtered "Can't you..."

"No."  Quick and quiet.  "I've tried everything...  The contract is binding.  
I can't stop it."

"How long?"

"Life.  Either mine or his, but I don't think I'll outlive him."

"Rita...  Rita...."  I hugged her again.  She returned the favor.  She let 
back a moment, then licked my muzzle gently.  It felt good...  I've never 
done anything sensual with another furry before, it felt good...  nice...  
hell, erotic as everything.  I returned the favor.

We were grooming each other without a thought.  And I felt it.  The Leash.  
It tugged at me again.  After all the crap from the last few weeks, I wasn't 
in the mood to deal with the Leash again.  Not now...  Please...  Not now...  
I batted it down hard, and the chip stopped.  It was a temporary fix, I 
knew.  I'd have to do this every few minutes...

We had cleaned each other's muzzles, ears, whiskers, everything...  She was 
getting to be 'in heat', I knew it.  "Do you like being a cat?" I asked.

"M Hmm..." she said, blissfully.  "I didn't mind this change...  I just hate 
being out here all the time.  Master Louis never..."

"You're not his cat now, Rita..." I said.  "You're not even mine.  You are 
your own cat right now...  What do you want?  This is your time."

She grinned at me.  Furries have a wonderful grin, once you learn it.  I've 
learned mine, and so has M'Lady.  Rita pulled me by the collar down towards 
her, and we both stretched out on the ground.

"You're sure?"  She nodded.  "I don't want to feel like a rapist, Rita."

"Would it make you feel better to know that I'd love to have your cubs?"  I 
was wide eyed...  "You're the only one I've met in the last two years that 
scratched me like that.  You're kind, gentle, and loving.  Why wouldn't I?"

I thought of at least ten reasons right away.  But, I was in a bad 
situation.  A contractual pet who didn't want to be there, my owner being 
'called in' for a favor she wouldn't tell me about, in the middle of nowhere 
locked in a cage playing the suitor in an unwilling role.  I reserved myself 
to the fact that I was going to be in this play no matter how badly I hated 
the script.  I sighed.

She nuzzled into me, licking my fur.  And I felt it again.  The tug of the 
Leash.  It was about time, granted.  And I fought it on reflex.  Rita's paw 
met up with my chest, and my paw met her free one.  And the tugging got 
insistant.  So I did something that I don't think this chip was ready for.

I greeted it.

Instead of resisting, I accepted it fully.  In my military days we learned 
how to do this as a coping mechanism.  You didn't have to be conscious as 
the chip did it's thing.  You could just ride it out like a dream.  We 
called it 'pushing', because it was taking the chip to the extreme of it's 
limits and letting it take over fully.  I did that with this chip.  Why not?  
If I'm gonna be the stud cat here, I may as well play the part.

The chip overwhelmed me at first, but I adjusted so I could keep my base 
control in but the chip would be dictating.  I didn't care anymore, I was 
exploring the chip, seeing what it could do.  And it was a nice thing too.  
For a civilian chip it was wonderfully complex, subroutines nothing, this 
had full motions and actions!

I regained consciousness through the chip to find myself in her crotch, 
licking away.  I'd been exploring the chip for about three minutes, and I 
guess we were past foreplay now.  I lapped at her cunny, my tongue making 
her yowl in pleasure.  Her forepaws were folded on her chest, and she was on 
her back.

Every lick was programmed, timed, and sensual.  This chip was made for furry 
sensuality, it adapted fluidly to a furry partner.  Without a thought I 
learned where she liked to be licked, deeper, closer...  around the cunny, 
then a deep plunge...  She laid there, head back, mewing, purring...  She 
was enjoying this as much as I was.  I drank of her juices, immersing my maw 
into them...  It was wonderful!

Without words I pulled back, and she went onto all fours.  I was already 
hard out of my sheath, fully extended.  And without hesitation, I mounted 
her from behind and slammed all the way home.  Three thrusts, and sensuality 
was gone.  Spitting and snarling, this wasn't sex, it was a rutting.  Raw 
sexual drive.  She arched for me, I bent for her.  We yowled together in 
something deeper than passion, this was instinct, this was pure animal lust!  
My personal orgasm shattered any rational sense in my mind.  My maw locked 
onto the scruff of her neck, and she yowled into the night as loud as any 
big cat.  Our combined thrustings washed over us, sending tingles down my 
body and into her through my penis.

We dismounted quickly with a snarl.  She retreated to a corner, and I just 
laid down.  The chip was still in full control, and I didn't bother to fight 
it anymore.  Partially because it was too much pleasure and I was on this 
overdrive of feelings, and partially because I wasn't sure if she had the 
same thing going on.

Circling, we approached each other again, nuzzling, licking, and mating.  
Each successive mating put me deeper into the haze of the chip.  I allowed 
myself to be lost in the chips effects, immersing myself into it's whimsies.  
It took a lot of trust, but I did it.

About the fifth mating Rita and I hit something together.  Not physically, 
but we hit something that we knew changed within us.  We were both the 
animals we were fleshed into being.  We no longer attempted to even talk, or 
walk on our hindpaws, or even do anything more.  She was in heat, I was in 
season, we were mates.  We belonged to each other, and we were becoming one.

Then we truly mated.  We were on fours still, and I was growling as I pumped 
her hard.  I felt the bone at it's end, my head up looking for anything 
which could give us trouble.  Her tail pushed to one side, and her head up, 
alert.  That one orgasm was the connection.  As I locked into her scruff she 
arched just right and began her clamping on my shaft.  I thrusted into her, 
snarling as she was.  It was a feeling that just coursed over my whole body, 
lighting my fur and whiskers on fire.  My claws dug into the earth, as did 
hers.  It was the most intense orgasm I'd ever had, it felt like it lasted 
an eternity.

We dismounted, and her scent changed.  She had ovulated, and would probably 
now bear our cubs.  And all I wanted to do was insure that she would.  She 
offered herself to me for hours, and every time she did I mated with her.  I 
don't know how many times, the haze was too thick.  I just knew that with 
each successive orgasm I was insuring the bloodline and making sure she 
would bear our cubs.

It was loud, yes.  It was a thrill, yes.  It was the scariest damn thing 
I've ever done for M'Lady, or even since I've been out of the service.  I 
was in the chip so deep that I had, basically, lost conscious movement of my 
body.  I lost my humanity all together.  I was, for all intents, a predatory 
cat.  Each successive mating got more violent, more feral.  Not just on my 
part, on hers as well.  We bit each other, we clawed, each orgasm was as 
much a show of animal lust as it was a show of animal habits.

One that sticks out in my mind.  Rita was on top of me, I was on my back.  
We were clawing and biting.  Just before she came, she took my throat in her 
maw, and I came violently within her.  Her hot breath on my throat hit 
everything animal within me.  My paws held onto her head, her muzzle to my 
throat as I came within her.

That scared me, I didn't know if she'd actually do it, crush my throat I 
mean.  Faith in the chip held me through.  Then again, looking back, I 
couldn't have backed out if I wanted to.  I was too far in.  Our collective 
haze, our scents, the biting and clawing and spitting...  every mating put 
us deeper into our feral selves.

We collapsed in the cage sometime at night, when the moon was high.  I don't 
know when.  We were both out of energy, and out of stamina.  We curled up in 
each other's paws, myself on the outside.  I was protecting my mate from the 
world, she had our cubs inside her...  Everything was very primitive to me, 
base instincts.  I was protecting my mate.  Had there been no cage I may 
have hunted.  It's hard to say.

I don't recall waking up, I've gone into the mnemonic enhancer to figure out 
what happened.  It's a bit of biotech that was installed when I was doing my 
time in the ops unit.  It allows me to recall things that happened with 
crisp details, usually.  It was put in so I could file reports from the 
field even when the chips were on full and I wasn't in control and lost in 
the fog.  At the time, I hated using it.  That's what caused most of my 
nightmares.  Anyhow, looking back with Rita, it was amusing to say the 

"Master Louis" rattled the cage to wake us up, apparently.  He opened the 
door and stepped inside.  Now, The chip had a firm grasp on us both.  Rita 
fell into her programming and cringed before her owner.  I suppose I was 
groggy, tired, and not ready to relieve the chip of active duty.  It's 
something you have to be fully aware of first, and I wasn't.  I pounced in 
front of Rita, protecting my mate.  Snarling, claws out, on my paws...

"Isn't that cute...  Move it dickwad." he approached my mate.  He smelled 
like an enemy, so I did what came naturally.  I bit him.  Hard.  I tasted 
the blood, and I liked it.  He jumped back cursing and flailing.  I snarled 
in an attack posture, ready to go for his throat.  "You SON OF A BITCH!  
He continued to swear, but that's the basics.

Ready to pounce again, I kept snarling and hissing.  I know my fur was 
spiked, I know I would have torn his throat out had he come back again.  The 
chip was keeping me on defense, a real cat would have pursued him.  It's a 
civilian chip, what else would I expect in retrospect.  He was saved by the 
bell.  Actually, M'Lady.  "MAUZER!  SIT!"  I looked over to her, 'friend', 
and I went into a 'sit' posture very slowly, returning my gaze at my enemy.  
"You should know better, Master Louis.  Wild animals can be dangerous when 
cornered and protecting their mates."  The sarcasm in her voice was very 

I started to become aware of the situation at this point, and took over the 
chip again.  I decided not to let this guy know it, so I didn't change 
posture any.  My fur matted back down slowly, but I never left his gaze.  He 
stared me down, but lost badly.  "I gotta clean this out.  Fucking cat..."  
He left the cage open.  Rita didn't move.

M'Lady looked back at me, and winked.  I did too.  I was relieved that it 
was over, for the most part.  when the 'master' was out of earshot, I went 
to Rita.  "Rita?" I whispered.  "Rita?"

She didn't look up, really.  "Mow...  Zer?"  Her haze was clearing now too, 
she wasn't used to it, it would take a while.

"Don't speak yet."  I whispered.  I didn't know how much time I had.  "Rita, 
listen to me.  I'm going to get you out of here.  Not today, but soon.  I 
promise you that."

"Hurrrrd it b-fore..." She was still slurring.  "Don't go..."

It hurt to say "I have to."  It really did.  Her head fell, hard.  "I'll get 
you out of this cage.  I promise.  I don't break my promises..."

"Mrowrrrrr....  I love you...." she slurred out.  I wasn't sure if it was 
the euphoria of the night before, or if she really did love me, or if her 
chip was still dictating her actions.  It's hard to tell.

I nuzzled her gently.  "I'll get you out.  I don't break my promises."  I 
whispered that a lot to her.  M'Lady tapped the cage three times.  I didn't 
need to be told twice.  "He's coming."  I put the chip into automatic, and 
nuzzled my mate for a while.

"Jeezus Fucking Christ!  What in the hell is in that thing's head?" he said, 
obviously referring to me.

"Cougar chip, level ten."  I could imagine his eyes widening.  From a clinic 
you could only buy a level 3 chip.  Level 5's were common on the street for 
posergangs who wanted to become someone else.  My military chips were level 
15.  Level 10 is hard core, I would have probably torn his throat out 
without a thought if I really had that in my skull.  "Mauzer's wild in the 
sack when I turn him up.  You can't imagine it."  I felt like laughing, but 
I didn't.  "Mauzer, come on boy.  time to go."

I nuzzled my goodbyes to Rita.  Our scents were enough for that.  She wasn't 
happy I was leaving, and I wasn't any happier.  I knew that the previous 
night I had mated with her, and I knew she'd have my cubs.  But it didn't 
feel right to me that I should just up and leave.  But, I didn't have any 
choice, and I didn't want to be around "the master" any more than I had to.

M'Lady gently pulled me up and put my leash on me.  "I think you've already 
said your goodbyes to Master Louis."  I looked at his arm.  I got a good 
hunk from his right arm, he was going to need stitches.  At least he wasn't 
going to beat on Rita for a while.  "So, I think we can go home now."

Master Louis held his tongue as I walked past him in a semi-crouch, never 
looking away until we were a ways away.  I jacked my hearing again to hear 
him cussing at Rita, demanding to know if she was preggers.  She didn't say 
anything, but he was saying something about how those cubs would be his and 
all that.

My blood boiled.  I was about to spin and finish the job right when M'Lady 
stopped me.  She tossed me into the van, and we started home.  "Not now, 
Mauzer.  Plenty of time later."

We drove in silence, mostly because I was cleaning off his blood from my maw 
and getting dressed.  I joined M'Lady in the front after ten minutes.  "What 
happened?" I asked.

She shrugged.  "We spent the night with a boy who would have had a better 
time at our house."  We drove in silence for a few moments  "Mauzer...  
would you like to own that cabin?"


"I asked if you'd like to own that cabin, 'darlin." she asked.


"Well, my pet, I think we could get a good price on that cabin at government 
auction.  It'd be a shame to let all that raw talent of yours go to waste!"

We talked all the way home about that.  "Master Louis" was making a lot of 
money as a pro-top.  However, he wasn't registered.  See, we crossed a state 
border to get to his cabin.  He had to register his business with the state, 
and had never done so.  He assumed that you didn't need to.  His place was 
up to code, but his practice wasn't.  Not to mention the money he owed to 
the IRS for taxes on an undeclared business making over $25,000 a year.

For a top I guess he liked to get screwed.

We've spent a week or so building a 'case file' to dump into the IRS's lap.  
A copy is going to the state authorities as well.  I even threw in a 
'cruelty to animals' clause for his treatment of "Rita".  We're suing him 
for $10,000,000 so that Rita can live comfortably, at the very least, and so 
he'll have to release her.  (She's legally his pet, and he has to conform to 
the anti-cruelty laws too.)

These packets are being sent in a few minutes, M'Lady is putting the 
finishing touches on it.  We're sending copies to all the people in the 
'scene' we know about.  I'm planning on seeding this information in the 
IRS's 'important cases' file, as well as the states office.

I'm thinking of arranging to get him a cell with someone very large, 
muscular, and dominating.  It's only fair, I mean...

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