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Well, this is sort of the "island of Misfit Toys" of my little furrotica website.  So, here you are then.  Enjoy yourselves with the stories that, really, don't fit into anywhere else.  Yet. 

Quick Table of Contents :
Circe Funhouse
(Patches Stories)
Dalmy's Brother
(Lusty Werewolf based story)
Breeding Program
"A Gathering of Tribes"
The Consensual TF
Returning Home
(Xanadu based)
(Xanadu based)
(Xanadu based)

Circe's Funhouse 

(Mirrored from the main site at

I was reading Comus's site, and the stories there have alwasy been ones I've enjoyed.  I've liked the art too, but then again TF themes are always something I enjoy.  So one day I thought of adding to the archive, and I guess I struck a chord with Comus and the gang there.  The result is "Patches", who's home over there is in the "As seen by others" pavilion.  As with the rest of the Circe site, it's a "no sex" story, but the TF's are REALLY nice!

My stories are centered on Circe, and "Patches", who's origin is explained in the first story.  Sooner or later, I will be comissioning a picture of Patches from someone to put here next to this, because it will look cool. :)

Chapter 1
"Circe's Housecat
or : Software Patches"

Anthro-Cat TF, magics

Justin has been questing to find Circe for years.  Now that he found her, he's being thrown out?

Chapter 2
"Patches Diary"

A slice of life, Patches enters in his diary what his new life is like.

Chapter 3

Young girl TF

Patches is doing his job, fixing up things in the park.  Things were going pretty well, until he found Kimmy.

Chapter 4
"Rocky Mountain High"

full cougar TF, rips and shreads, whole lotta cat refrences.

Sometimes, your heart is in one place, and your destiny is in another.At least Dan finds this out.

Chapter 5
"Patches Pal"

TF, bad pun...

"Someone has been sleeping in my bed!"  Well, not quite.  Patches comes home from a day in the park to find that he has unexpected company.  The company didn't expect it either, it seems.

(More soon!)

Dalmy's Brother
m/m, fursuiting, removal and dressing, some scat, unprotected sex

I read a story by Lusty Werewolf that, well, got to me.  If you go to his web page at and scroll down a bit, you'll find a downloadable story called "Wolves are the Best" (Or just click on that link and get it immediately, I guess...) But I read the aggressive version first, and it REALLY bothered me.  Before you read MY chapter, you need to read it for ANY of it to make sense.  It's Lusty's universe, I'm just playing in it.

I felt compelled to write it, to show a more compassionate dog pack.  Sure, there's a more "passive" version too, but I needed to add my two cents in.  Thanks to Lusty Werewolf for letting me walk into his universe.  It's appreciated.

"A Gathering of Tribes"
A Cancer survial story

Sal deals with the passing of his mother with the help of friends, and some who are more than friends.

Call it a catharsis, if you want to.  This is a story I wrote for me.  Based on what really did happen to me when my Mom passed away to pancreatic cancer.  They say that if you let it all out, it helps.  Well, I did.  If it touches you, see the authors notes for some information. 

Oh, one more thing, the link at the bottom of the story leads to a disclaimer page, becasue I'm FULLY expecting search engines to pick it up as something it's not.  It's mostly for the straights who don't know anyhting about furry.  Best hit the "back" button if you want to come back to my site normally.

"Returning Home"
Canine TF

Tom relates his story, and what's happened to him since he visited "Kubla Con".

I don't remember who introduced me to the "Xanadu" universe, but this story came out of my head.  It's based on the writings of Bryan Derksen, and his "Xanadu" story theme.  The basis of the story is a costume convention has a magical event happen, and everyone in the hotel transforms into whatever costume they're wearing.

Many other writers have tackled it, and this is my take on the theme.  I fast forwarded the clock to almost a year after the "Kubla Con", and thought "What would it be like to carry on your life if that really happened?"  If you were transformed into whatever costume you were wearing, what would your life be like?  This is how I see it, anyhow.

T-Bone is based on a drawing by Rog Minotaur, who was nice enough to let me do it.  If you want to see him, click here.  But you'll need to know that it is an EXTREMELY adult drawing, so if you're under 18 don't look.  Ok, there.  I said it.  I'm no longer accountable if you are offended.  Nyah.  So there.

A quick thank you to both Rog Minotaur and Bryan Derksen for letting me use their imaginations to fuel mine.

Part 1 & Part 2
m/m, TF into dogs, implied sex and some real stuff too  Enjoy!

Sam and Bill enter a costume competition at "Kubla Con" as firedog brothers.  Greg Washburn enters it with his friends too, as a team performance act.  And when it all hits the fan, their lives change.

Another dive into the Xanadu universe.  This time it's with the help of Karwood, who's properly warped me and my puppy ways.  The idea is fun, and kind of a return to some of my other themes.  No really explicit sex, sorry about that.  I'll write some really spoogy stuff soon.

PCD, a Xanadu story
m/m, TF into dog, implied sex, fetish stuff, pipe pleasures

Carl attends the convention with hopes of winning first place in novice division.  What he discovers is worth more than the money offered.

This is a story broken into several chapters. Each described below.

Chapter 1

m tf to dog anthro, and other tf implied
Chapter 2

m/m, m/f, m/m/f...  Do I really need to go on?
Chapter 3

no sex, but story
Chapter 4

m/m overtones
Chapter 5

m/m overtones, outing, and storytelling
Chapter 6

m/m implied, fetish


m/m implied, and description of parts

"Breeding Program"
bondage, fursuit, penetration, and "milking"!  YIPPIE!!!

In the intrest of research, a "Bondicus Tiger" is brought to a lab for genetic study.

I wrote this for GrowlTiger, because I think he liked it.  (Mrowr!)  I like it, actually.  I wouldn' tmind actually doing this, in real life.  :)

nutity, dog t/f

Scamp feels his true self, with the help of self-hypnosis.  Based on a true story.

Toccata is itallian for "To touch", which makes sense for this story.  Before anyone askes, I've gone this.  It DOES work.   Not as effectively as I'd like, but hey, it's the closest I've gotten to it.  This was originally written for "Choose Your Change", but I'll put it here too.  The 3rd ending is comming soon.

The Consensual TF
m/f, no sex, but a fun TF for a fox and raccoon!

Sam talks with his girlfriend about TF stories, and gets more involved than he realizes.

This is more a story for me.  I donated it to CYOC, but I put it here too.  I had fun with this, actually.  I'd like to write more shorts like this one.

DISCLAIMER : All stories included in this archive are Copyright 1994 - 2003 Socks Furrotica Press. Distribution is permitted in electronic format, as long as 1) the entire text (including this disclaimer) remains intact and 2) My e-mail address remains on the work ( Permission is also given to print this text out for personal use. If you wish to include this story in a web site or for publication, e-mail myself ( and we'll talk it over...
These stories are (unfortunately) all works of fiction. They depict sex. Lots of quite graphic sex between several genders and arguably a few species. Af any of this offends you, or anything vaguely pornographic bothers you, don't read this, and don't send me your nasty e-mail (I may enjoy it, you know...)

If this is either illegal, offends you, or you have no intrest in this, don't read it. You have a brain, don't fear it. Go here instead.

there. I said it. I feel better.

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