By: Socks Catt
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Chapter 1

"I'd like a small bag of the apple blend, please?"

The shop keeper smiled, pulling a small bag of tobacco from a shelf behind him. "It may be less expensive in the long run if you bought larger amounts."

"It's hard to travel with the big tub."  Carl said.  "And for the weekend I don't think I'll go through half that bag.  I don't smoke a lot."

"Big weekend plans, huh?"  The shopkeeper rang up the purchase.  "You only buy Apple on these weekends of yours."

"Apple fits the costume more." Carl said.  "OH!  That reminds me, I need another corncob too."

The shopkeeper nodded.  "Is this that dog costume you wore on Halloween?"  Carl nodded.  "When I get that roll developed I want you to sign that picture.  It's priceless!"

Carl snickered.  "I was a little hard on the pipe, I didn't think it'd break when I tapped it like that!"

"You have to be careful, these aren't made like the good pipes."  The shopkeeper put the corn-cob pipe in front of Carl.  "$10.67" Carl paid for his supplies, and went home, quickly making his way up to his room to drop his treasure off before dinner.

"I don't understand why you're doing this."  Carl rolled his eyes as his father started in with him again.  "You just had a Halloween party last weekend with your friends, why do you need to travel across the country to wear that stupid costume again?"

"I can think of a few thousand reasons, Dad."  Carl said calmly.  "Since I qualify for novice division I can win a few thousand dollars if I do well.  And that opens doors Dad.  I can use that win to build a resume and get into working for production companies.  There's a lot of money in that."

"If you're queer."  Carl remained unfazed, but inside he smoldered.  "No son of mine is going to be a limp-wristed fashion consultant for a musical.  What about that degree we agreed on?"

"Honey, Tommy Hilfiger makes millions on clothing."  Carl's mother said, trying to calm her husband.  "It may not be law but if he's good at it let him do what he's best at."

"Bullshit.  He didn't spend all that time in the debate club for nothing.  He's got a brain for law and I will not let him waste it."  He looked at his son "You better come home from this ready to get to work boy.  Academic probation my ass, you're slacking.  You're better than that and I know it.  You're registered for next semester and by God you're going to go or there's hell to pay.  Understand?"

"Yes sir." Carl looked at his plate and ate his food without looking up.

"You can do this costume thing on your spare time.  As long as you're in my house and my graces, you live by my rules."  Carl's father nodded to himself, cutting his steak.  "You should be grateful to your Mother that she's driving you to the airport."  Carl only nodded, knowing that saying more would only make it worse.

Carl stood in front of his bed again, staring at his suitcase intently.  He bit his lip gently and tried to burn a hole in the bag with his eyes.  He ran through the checklist again and again in his mind, making sure he had everything.  Finally, when he figured there was nothing more to put in the bag, he put the cable tie on the zipper pull to seal his bag.

Using a small nail clipper, Carl cut the tie on his bag and unzipped it on the bed.  "You're gonna love this!" he said, full of excitement.  "Not only can I talk and eat, I can wear this costume for hours without overheating!"

"Cool!"  Jenny peered over his shoulder at the large suitcase, and saw the pipes and tobacco pouches sitting on the top.  "You know we're in a non-smoking room."

"I know." Carl said.  "I won't smoke in here.  Just in suit and just in the lobby area and outside where I can.  It's not like I'm gonna do stupid stuff."

Jenny nodded.  "And you don't mind about my boyfriend?"

"Why would I?" Carl asked casually as he unfolded his costume supplies.  "He knows I won't hit on you, or him.  He's gonna be interested in you all weekend so that frees me up to go find someone I can sleep with on my own while keeping all my costume stuff here.  Where's the problem?"

Jenny hugged Carl from behind.  "Are all the gay guys as cool as you?"

"I don't know." Carl said, holding her arms and rocking a little with her.  "I'm not exactly a gay social butterfly.  I mean this is like my first real out event.  I'm still a virgin to all this."

Jenny tapped his hips as she let him go.  "So want some pointers when you suck your first cock?"

"Go slow and watch out for the gag reflex?" Carl grinned looking at Jenny, and saw she was grinning too.  "I don't really think I'm getting any this con, but I'm leaving myself open for it, ya know?"  He finished unpacking and registered for the convention that night.  He, Jenny, and her boyfriend Lars went out for a nice dinner that night, talking costuming, furry, music, and everything else.

Carl was enjoying the convention all day Friday, attending panels and losing himself in the experience of his first real con.  He'd see online friends here and there, socialize with everyone he could, and generally tried to forget about Monday all he could.  Before sunset, he got back to his hotel room and started with his costume.

He was applying the mask when the door opened.   Jenny and Lars walked in, talking about the costumes they saw when they looked at Carl.  "WOW!" Lars said.  "Now that's cool!"

"Thank ya!" Carl said proudly, giving a half bow.  "You have no idea how much that means to me coming from you."

"I'll be honest, I can see where it needs improvement." Lars said.  "But for your first suit, that is incredible!"  Carl smiled, and his foam latex mask contorted into a goofy grin.  He popped out the fake tongue and panted with his hands under his chin.  Lars stopped in his steps, and tried not to drop his jaw.  "I take it back.  There's only a couple of improvements now."

Carl laughed and pulled the tongue back into the muzzle with his real one.  "That's the effect that took ages to do.  It's the one thing I know I can do that will floor the judges if everything else fails me."

Jenny stroked the fur of Carl's suit with her hands.  "And you made it look very realistic!  I can't find the seams."

"And you shouldn't be able to." Carl said happily.  "Hey, I took what you two showed me and put this together.  So I should be thanking you both for that."

"You can thank us by helping us get into costume!" Lars said.

"Sure!  Just let me finish getting in mine?"  Lars nodded as Carl buttoned the strap on his camouflage overalls.  He then got up to help his friends change.

Carl checked his bib pocket for his room key, and patted it to be sure.  He looked at himself in the mirror.  "Perfect."  He said, modeling for himself.  The tail swayed naturally from his body, and not the camouflage overalls.  The muzzle and head piece were smooth, and the likeness was striking.  He took out his corn-cob pipe, put it in his muzzle and bit down gently.  The camouflage bandana around his throat complimented the camouflage visor and the blaze orange collar he wore.  And the light blue bandana in his back pocket was bent perfectly, just like he wanted it.

He smiled to himself.  First place was as good as his.  As long as Jenny tripped on her dance routine.

"One suit problem." Jenny said.  Carl looked over to her.  "You should try to hide that."  She pointed at his crotch, and Carl knew what his 'problem' was.

"I can think of a way, but it's very rude." He said with a smile.

Lars leaned in behind Jenny "Nothing personal, but no help from me or the lady.  I don't want to mess the makeup."  All three laughed as Carl tried to adjust himself to hide his excitement.

Soon a fox-red Labrador in full hunting regalia, a silver werewolf in post transformation shreds and a light blue Arabian dancer bunny walked down the hallway to the presentation hall.  They each watched the other's stage performances, cheering for each other.  "Winchester the Labrador" was well received, and his "gun-safety" routine got the reaction he wanted, Carl was elated when the judging staff asked him to bring the suit back in the morning for the final round of judging.

That night Carl was almost bouncing off the walls with excitement.  "We're in round two!" he said after carefully getting the muzzle off.  "We have a shot!"

"After her dance, the judges would have to be blind to not want her back!" Lars said, water pouring down his face from a soaked sweatband as he got the mask off.  "Tomorrow I'll put on the good suit for the journeyman comp.  But you two did really good!"

Jenny took off her fake ears and hugged Lars.  "Thank you hun!"  They hugged as Carl quietly took his costume off, too excited to even notice the lovers embrace.  All he could think about was the morning.

The next morning, Carl got into his costume minutes after eating breakfast.  He ordered as much of a farm-dog breakfast as he could in Florida.  Eggs, bacon, milk and corn flakes.  He was in the mood to be in character long before judging.  He helped Jenny get into her own suit as Lars put on his "Desert Rabbit Sheik" costume to accompany his girlfriend.

Carl's "Winchester" routine was well received, his comedy speech about "Why AK-47's are good deer hunting weapons" went very well.  He and Jenny were both asked to stay in costume until 1 PM when the novice awards would be given out.  It was a few hours, and Carl tried to keep his excitement in check.  Jenny went with Lars to go see the dealers room, and Carl went out the back door to smoke his pipe to calm himself down a little.

He walked outside to see a lot of people in various costumes smoking, talking, hanging around.  Carl smiled to himself, and pulled the corn-cob pipe out of his bib pocket.

As he was loading the pipe, a man in a skintight superhero outfit was also smoking with many others.  Carl turned away from the wind for a moment to light his pipe.  The superhero-dressed man watched, and smiled to himself.  He casually walked over to the dog as he tamped his pipe.  The man in the superhero outfit pointed to the dog's back pocket.  "You do know what that means, don't you?"

Carl turned his head to look, and smiled.  "It certainly doesn't mean I'm right pawed."  They both smiled.  The man in the green superhero costume was a little overweight, but not unpleasing to Carl.  The costume he wore was skin tight, and Carl enjoyed the view.  "Winchester."  He offered his free hand.
"Is that your real name?"  The dog shook his head.  "I'm John, Green Lantern Society."  John said with a flourish.  They shook hands briefly.  "So Winchester?  As in royalty or the MASH character?"

"As in the rifle actually." Carl said.  "Huntin' dawg.  Deer, Duck, Damn near everythin'.  If it's in season, I'll git it!"  Carl brought his paws up and panted.  John grinned as Carl brought his paws down.  "I do like your suit tho.  Do it yourself?"

"No, I had it made.  I've always loved the series and wanted something like this for years.  And before the con I had it done up for me.  It's a dream come true to wear it out in public.  I may be a little old for this but I still like to play superhero in my costumes." John said.  "But I did make the ring myself.  I run a jewelry store in Boston."

"Oh?" Carl cocked his head to the side, knowing that one of the ears would flop over and look cute.  He inspected the ring, noting it had the right insignia and shapes.  He nodded approvingly.  "So do you, ya know, hide yourself in there?  I mean I had to do some tucking to not...  ya know..."  He was thankful for the mask, he felt his face get flush.

"I don't." the man said with a smile.  "It's all me, nothing enhanced or taken away.  But it doesn't hide anything, does it?  May not have the physique, but I really do like to wear it.  Probably like how you like yours?"  Carl smiled.  Perhaps this guy had a thing for furry or camo?  Didn't matter, he was enjoying the attention.  The man was looking at his collar while Carl acted shy about his reactions.  "Did you get those from a machine or something?  The engraving isn't bad but you can get better."

"Yeah, this one came from a machine." Carl said, pointing out the chrome bone-shaped tag.  "The one behind it I bought at..."

A blinding white light flashed out from the hotel and out the open back doors blowing them open with some force.  The noise and flash of light startled the smoking crowd.  Everyone looked over into the hotel to see what happened.  There was barely enough time to start asking questions when a scream was heard, a man was thrown across the hall.

Without hesitation a green beam flew into the hotel, forming a large baseball glove to catch the man.  Winchester looked to his left, and saw John motioning with his arm as a beam was retracting into his ring.  He was almost as dumbfounded as Winchester was, but there was no time to think.  Panic began to rise in the crowd.

Winchester felt his gut tighten and he balled his hands into fists.  It wasn't pain as much as it was a feeling, something inside him wanted to come out.  It wasn't asking, it was giving a warning.  Winchester staggered into a railing, clenching his pipe in his teeth.

"You ok?"  He looked up to Green Lantern, who looked much more muscular than before.  John wasn't the slightly pudgy man he stood with a moment ago.  He was chiseled with a fabulous superhero physique with the right equipment to match.  Winchester almost began to drool in hopeful anticipation when the feeling punched him in the gut.  He tried to stay standing and was failing.
"Yeah, I'm..." he panted a few times, the pipe falling from his muzzle to the ground.   "AARROOOOOOOOOOOO!"  Winchester craned his head back and howled with all his might.  It began as a human imitation, by mid howl his face had radically elongated to replace his costume muzzle and caused his howl to take richer and fuller tones.  He could feel his teeth vibrate with the deep base his throat created.

Winchester brought his head down and looked past his muzzle.  The world shifted in front of him, going from full color to black and white, then back to color.  He clenched his teeth tight, growling.   He knew this wasn't going to be the last of it.  John watched in amazement.  "Your eyes, they're brown." He said.  "You're changing to something?"

"I get a feeling that's not all that's going to change." Winchester said.  He dropped to his hands and knees, looking at the ground.  "Just DO IT and get it over with!"  He yelled at the sidewalk.  He dug his claws into the cement, leaving gouges in the pavement.  He felt the beast within, and he knew he couldn't stop it.  He felt his pipe under his paw, he clenched it out of reflex and held it tight.

He felt his dog costume disappear.  Out the back of his overalls he felt a thick stub grow out from the back of his spine with a loud crack.  He bent forward and grimaced as his tail formed fully within seconds, grinding and popping as it grew to its full length.  He relaxed his jaw and let his tongue roll out of his muzzle, over his enlarging teeth.  He knew he was drooling, dog spit rolling through his muzzle and lubricating the ridges inside it.  Instinct made him lick his nose, and he felt it was flat, broad and getting colder with each lick.

"Are you hurt?"  John knelt next to Winchester, putting his arms around the dog's shoulders.  "Can I help?"

"I don't know." Winchester said.  "It feels like...  Oh fuck!"  He felt his body shift inside the overalls.  Each sensation was unique, even if they all felt like they were happening at the same time.  His somewhat erect shaft fused to his belly, and he felt a penis bone form inside his hips just inside and under his heavier sac.  He felt his chest and arm muscles ripple and bulk up.  He felt his leg muscles get tighter, and larger.  His neck got thicker as all his excess body fat burned off. 

The feeling of something coming out got stronger.  "Not a full dog!" he yelled.  "Not a full dog!"  He closed his eyes, fearing what he'd see.

His hands convulsed, forming paw pads on the underside.  He shifted his paw to hold his pipe, not wanting to let it go.  He could feel the same happening in his boots.  He then felt every pore in his body open up, and fur poured out from his flesh.  He opened his eyes and looked at John.  "If I turn into a dog, my room number is 433.  Tell Jenny I'm fine.  Please?  Do that for me if I can't talk?"  John only nodded, watching in amazement.

Then he felt his ears, human ears, elongate from the top.  They got longer and wider, eventually folding over to the outside and falling to the sides of his head.  Then he felt the pull of his flesh as his new ears relocated themselves to the top of his skull.  He then felt his skull alter, becoming flatter and rounder.  His muzzle got a little longer, his wet nose centered on his face.

When his tongue began to thicken, he looked as far up as he could.  John could see the pleading in the dog's eyes, like he knew what would happen.  When Winchester felt his canine teeth solidify, he only hoped that the pain would stop when he was on all fours.  He hoped he wouldn't remember anything, he hoped that he wouldn't be a human mind trapped as a dog.  He hoped....

Suddenly, the physical transformation stopped.  The world was still blurry, out of focus.  He felt completely drained.  Winchester hung his head, and looked at the ground panting hard.  He was shaking violently just before his arms and legs gave out.  He collapsed into a heap on the ground.  "Can you move?"  Winchester only nodded weakly, feeling like a newborn puppy.  He barely knew who was talking, or who they were talking to.  "I need to get you out of the way."

John picked Winchester up effortlessly, and moved him to the grass next to the building.  The change took only a matter of seconds, and his body was completely altered.  The flow of people leaving through the doors got heavier and thicker as Winchester was gently placed down.  "Can you speak?"

"bark." Winchester said weakly.  "English...  still person..."

John nodded.  "They need me inside.  Do you think you'll be ok here?"  Winchester nodded weakly, barely understanding.  "I'll come back to check on you.  I promise."  Green Lantern then flew up into the sky, leaving Winchester on the grass.

Winchester looked at the blue sky weakly.  The noise from panicking con-goers was loud but he never heard it.  He held his pipe in one paw, outstretched on the ground.  He moved it in his fingers like it held his humanity intact.  "What's happening?" he asked weakly.  "Why are you doing this?"  He looked to the sky, unable to move himself. 

His eyes went from brown to pitch black as he felt another jolt of energy slam through him.  He tried to cry out, but nothing escaped his black lips.  In moments his eyes went from wide panic to open understanding.  It made sense.  Knowledge replaced fear, and his life came into focus.  It was over before anyone could notice.

Blue sky replaced the blackness, and Winchester felt tears roll down his fur.  "Thank you." He whispered.  He just lay in the grass for a long time, looking up at the sky with comprehension.  He lay there until he felt strong enough, and then began to move to find what he could.

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