By: Socks Catt
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Chapter 2

Hours later, he finally found his friends.  The blue rabbit, calling herself "Meera" now, was surprisingly relaxed for her situation and her state of almost undress.  She snuggled in with "Sinbad", her Arabian brown rabbit lover in the parking lot as the Police tired to figure things out.

"So when can we go back to the room?" Meera asked

"Soon, my love." Sinbad said gently.  "Very soon.  At least I hope soon."  He ran his paw along her head and neck as she leaned into him sensuously.

"Do you two need some time when we get there?" Winchester asked.  "I'm not bothered, but I don't want to make you uncomfortable."

Meera smiled, and put her paw on Winchesters.  "Only if you wish to go.  You're welcome to be with us as we consummate our mateship."  Winchester looked to the brown rabbit, who also smiled and nodded.  "I know you're not of our species, but I for one would be honored if you joined us.  A virginity like yours is not to be wasted, it would be an honor to deflower such a beautiful creature as you."

"If you are willing." Sinbad said, cuddling with his blue rabbit.

"You're sure?  It's all still so new." Winchester said.  "I'm still adjusting to the new tail here.  Umm, can I see later?"

"As you wish." Sinbad said.  "Just know that the invitation is open as our friend."

Winchester shared his pipe with Meera and Sinbad as they watched the authorities question everyone they could find.  The three of them also all made statements to the officers, but they got the feeling that they weren't telling them anything the officers didn't already know.  Bright light.  Big change.  Mass panic.  Outside and out of the way.

When people finally filtered back into the hotel, the three of them went up into their room.  Meera and Sinbad produced a large hookah from the closet.  Winchester didn't see how, but it took a few moments to do so.  The three of them relaxed together smoking it.  They opened a window to allow fresh air to flow into the room, and enjoyed the feeling of the breeze on their fur.

It wasn't long until the three of them were only in their fur and other base accoutrements, and paws explored each other's bodies.  Meera and Sinbad kissed, and Winchester watched while smoking the hookah.  The two of them held each other, and locked muzzles together.  Winchester smiled, watching them roll onto each other.  They made love with each other, Winchester inhaled the scents of the smoke and the sex, and knew that they weren't just mating.  Their orgasms were not just the end of sexual desire, it was a promise to the other.  Winchester smiled to himself, quite excited from the display.

They snuggled with each other as Sinbad looked over to Winchester.  Winchester only smiled, and nodded, taking another long draw from the hookah.  Both rabbits crawled over to him, and began to explore his fur.  Winchester wagged his tail back and forth as he felt the two fondle him.  "She is my mate." Sinbad said.  "But you are our friend.  If you are wanting, we can be more than friends.  I would be honored to be allowed the pleasure of your first."

Winchester ran his paw along the fine brown fur of Sinbad.  "In how many ways?"

"All." Sinbad said.  "I believe I'm up for the challenge."

Winchester turned, and looked at Meera.  "I'm still gay, luv."

"I know." She said.  "Do not worry, he's got more than enough in him for us both."

Winchester smiled, and kissed Meera's paw.  "I think I could learn to love you both."

Sinbad rolled to be behind Winchester back to belly, and ran his paw along Winchester's chest.  Meera leaned back and touched herself while watching her mate with the dog.  In minutes, they both were laying with their heads at the other's sheath, and sucking each other with their muzzles.  Winchester and Sinbad both learned the other's pleasure points, and their sucking became more intense.

They both kept moving their paws, feeling and exploring the other.  Winchester's nostrils opened up and caught Sinbad's scent, and realized he was making a similar one.  They weren't just having sex, this was a ritual of bonding.  He knew it wasn't like being mated, but it was more than just a casual suck.  On a primal level, they were making a bond beyond friendship.

Without warning, Sinbad grabbed Winchester's tail and pulled the dog deep onto his shaft.  Winchester felt Sinbad's shaft pulsate as he came.  When he was almost down from his orgasm, Winchester came as well, groaning into Sinbad's sheath. They both let each other go slowly, and turned to face and hug each other.  They then kissed, rolling their tongues together, tasting each other's seed and mixing them together.

They slowly broke off the kiss, and nuzzled each other gently.  "I like your taste." Winchester said.

"As I do yours, my friend." Sinbad said.  Meera came up behind Winchester and held him tight.  "Will you honor me by being the first under my tail?"  Winchester smiled, and nodded

As the night progressed, all three explored each other.  Winchester lay back as Sinbad deflowered his tail hole and Meera sucked on Winchester's shaft.  Meera on the all fours under her similar positioned Mate and took him while Winchester deflowered Sinbad.  They both licked and sucked on Meera until she squealed in orgasm.  With each session, the three formed a more powerful bond of friendhip.  They tried several combinations, forming their bonds before they let the hookah go out and succumbed to sleep.

Later that night, there was a light knock on the door.  Winchester woke up, and quietly made his way to answer it.   He didn't bother with his clothing as he stumbled to look out the peephole.  It was John.  He quietly slid the lock open, and opened the door slightly.  "Hi!" he whispered excitedly.  He tail thrashed left to right, betraying his silence.

"Is it safe to come in?" John asked.  Winchester looked over his shoulder, and then back to John shaking his head, the tags on his collar jingling softly.  "Is it safe for you to come out?"

"Should I put something on first?"  John smiled warmly and nodded, and Winchester closed the door to emerge a moment later in his overalls, with his pipe supplies and room key still in the pocket.  He closed the door quietly behind him.  "What'r ya doing here?"  His tail wagged back and forth happily

"I wanted to make sure you were safe." John said.  "And to find this Jenny person if you weren't."

"She's inside." Winchester said.  "She's sleeping with her mate."  John smiled.  "Sorry, I kinda reek of smoke.  They have this hookah in there and we were..."

"In a non-smoking room?" John asked.

"The whole place is trashed." Winchester said.  "I don't think the hotel is going to care about one room getting smoked out.  We kinda smoked ourselves into a stupor."

John nodded with a wry grin.  "And nothing else?"

"Well I got whelped, but that's another story." Winchester said with a goofy grin.  He turned to his side to show the dark blue bandanna in his back right pocket.

"You changed your bandana." John said.

"It changed after my whelping.  I got some practical experience now." Winchester said.  He took in a deep breath, enjoying the suddenly spicy and musky odor he was inhaling.  He felt his knot twinge inside his body.  "So that costume is still not hiding anything.  I've already heard rumors that some people can't take their costumes off.  Is that the case?"

"We can find out."  John smiled, and led the dog back to his room.

Once inside Winchester barely got a look at the room.  John held Winchester by the collar and kissed him, mouth to muzzle.  Winchester reached his paw around John's back, and down the inside of John's beltline.  He quickly learned where all the good places to touch were.

They both fumbled with each other's clothing until John was only wearing his green superhero mask and his ring and Winchester was only wearing his collar.  The feeling of fur made John's shaft drip with pre.  Winchester could feel muscles between his legs start to tighten, forcing his shaft out of his sheath.  He whined softly at the sensations as John pulled Winchester into the room by the collar.

With a flick of his hand, John had the room lit softly in a green hue.  Winchester's eyes accustomed themselves quickly as John led him to his bed.  They both lay down, and explored each other's bodies.  Winchester teased John's rock hard chest and abs with his claws, licking his neck and ear seductively.  In moments, John was almost painfully erect.  Winchester looked down between John's legs, and licked his chops in anticipation.  It was much longer than he had hoped for, but he knew he could take it.

John found himself groaning as Winchester's tongue danced around his erect shaft.  He used his ring to create a leash for Winchester's collar, letting it attach with a loud "CLICK".  Winchester responded with a groan, and then rotating his head to get a better feel and taste of John.  "That's it boy." John whispered.  "Take it all.  Good dog!"  Winchester felt his throat relax as his muzzle was filled by length and width by John.  John put his hands on Winchester's head, and guided him to specific areas.

The dog was enjoying every moment, his second cock ever, and only his first human one, his first leashing...  He cupped John's sac in his paw, and used the other paw to rub John's hip.  John's reaction was swift.  "I'm gonna cum." John whispered.  Winchester only nodded, putting both of his paws on John's hips to hold on.  John tightened his thighs and climaxed hard with a muffled groan.  Winchester opened his eyes to look up at John as he felt his throat coated in liquid heat.  John retracted the ring leash and pulled Winchester into his shaft.  Winchester relaxed his throat and took it all, swallowing and lapping up John's offering.

John was breathing hard, and fell into his pillows.  Winchester pulled himself gently off of John's still hard shaft, and lay down next to him while trying not to pull on the leash.  He then ran his paw along John's body, making John moan softly.  After a few minutes, John relaxed the leash and put his hand on the dog's shoulder.  "You may have just made me a bestiality fan." John said.

"You may have just made me a comic book fan." Winchester said, snuggling into John's muscular body.  "That was great!"

John ran his hand along Winchester's muzzle.  "But you haven't cum yet!"

"But it still feels so good."  Winchester rested his head on John's chest taking in long, slow sniffs of John's masculinity.  "I can feel you in me.  It feels so good."  He kissed John's chest.  "Thank you."
John ran his hand along Winchester's neck, and down his collar.  He looked at the tags reflecting the glow of his ring made leash.  "I'd like to get you a nicer set of tags." He said gently, brushing Winchester's tags with a finger.  "Something you can actually read.  If you're gonna wear this tag, wear it with real pride."  He fingered the smaller tag for emphasis.

Winchester closed his eyes.  "I wish I had been that brave before today." He said.  "Before this convention I never told anyone but some online friends I was gay."

"Closeted?" John ran his finger down the dog's chest.

"Not any more." Winchester said, opening his eyes.  "I'm not afraid to be myself anymore."

John smiled.  "In all the chaos, something wonderful happened, didn't it?"

"For us both." Winchester said.  "You got your wish too."

"Not yet." John said.  "There's one more wish I want to fill."  Winchester's ears perked a little.  "I'm going to need a sidekick.  Want to take up the role?"

Winchester perked his ears in excitement and panted, then slowed down and his ears drooped a little.  "I can't."  He wanted to look away, but didn't.

"Why not?" John asked with a sad expression.  "I can make you a ring like mine, we can fight crime together.  It'll be great."

"It's not what I need to do." Winchester said.  "I can't explain it, I just don't feel the city thing or the superhero thing."

John smiled, and ran his hand along Winchester's head behind the ears.  "I understand.  I have my own path too."  He kissed the dog on the muzzle.  Winchester murred softly.  "It'd be fun to have a dog sidekick though."  He then shifted in the bed a little.  "In that case, I'll go with plan 'b' then."  Winchester looked up to John, who was smiling.  "You can't come with me, but I want to have a little of you in me."

Winchester smiled.  "How little?"  John simply smiled, and got onto his hands and knees.  He pulled the glowing leash taught, and helped Winchester up onto all fours.  Winchester followed the lead, and got between John's legs.  He was so excited that his pre was very slick along his dark red shaft as it pushed out of his sheath.  "you're lucky I'm naturally lubed." He said, panting a little harder

John arched his back and pulled on the leash.  Winchester pushed into John.  John grunted, but relaxed himself to accept the dog.  Winchester was panting hard, and letting out soft barking noises as he probed into John's hole.  John tried to spread his ass as wide as he could, and Winchester pushed in all the way.  John groaned as Winchester pulled backwards slowly.  They slowly both found their rhythm, and Winchester was in heaven with his second mounting ever.  He rode on John, closing his eyes and losing himself in the moment.

"I'm close." Winchester said in almost a whisper.  John grunted an affirmative.  Winchester thrusted harder and faster, and found himself barking a little louder.  John then clenched the bed, and Winchester found glowing bands around his head holding his mouth shut.  He realized he had been muzzled!  Just like a dog!  He was being treated like a real honest....

Moments later, he spasmed into John, eyes wide open, holding John's hips in his paws and putting his chest on John's back to bury himself in as deep as he could.  He wanted to bark, or howl, but the bands held his muzzle shut.  His tail thrashed behind him, sending vibrations into John who grunted louder than before.  Winchester didn't hear it, lost in his own pleasure.  He sprayed his seed inside John for all he had, slowly coming down off his orgasm.  As he panted, he felt John's force bands disappear.  He could smell John's strong scent on the bed sheets.  He wagged his tail gently, sending ripples of pleasure through them both with every motion.

Winchester motioned to pull out, but felt himself stuck.  He pulled a few more times gently, then giggled.  "What?" John asked weakly.

"Umm, I don't know how to tell you this." Winchester said, leaning down to hug John from the top.  "...I think I inherited one of the more fun qualities of doggie dicks that I didn't realize earlier.  Umm...  We're kinda tied."

"Tied?" John asked, somewhat amused.

"Yeah." Winchester said.  "I have a dog knot, it's like this thing at the base of my cock that swells up when I cum and I'm kinda swollen inside you.  It'll come down in a few minutes I hope."

"No rush from here." John said.  "It feels really good, you like that.  Nice and warm on..."  Winchester moved his hips, and John gasped.  "Oh God!  Do that again!"  Winchester smiled, and did over and over.  John forgot to breathe, eyes losing focus and a feeling overwhelming him.  His body spasmed, and he tightened down on Winchester's shaft.  The massaging made Winchester gasped as he released into John.  John's came at the same moment.

The two of them stayed there, tied and panting hard.  "That was intense." John said breathlessly.

"Very." Winchester agreed, still panting.  "Can I pull out before we do that again?  I know you're strong and all but I'm about to lose my knees" John barely had the strength to nod.  Winchester licked John's ear playfully as he waited for his knot to go down, and eventually he pulled out.  The two of them cuddled together to a peaceful sleep.

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