By: Socks Catt
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Chapter 3

The next day, Winchester made his was back to his room.  As he opened the door, his cell phone rang.  The phone simply said 'home'.  "Hello?"

"Oh thank GOD you're ok!"  The woman on the line said.  "The news has been horrible!  Are you ok?"

"I'm ok." Winchester said.  "Things changed but I'm ok Mom."

"You didn't become some hideous monster, did you Carl?" her voice cracked.

"No Mom." Carl said.  "But I did change.  But I'm ok, I still remember everything and when they let me I'm coming home."

"Oh thank God." she said.  "We can talk all about it when you get home."

"I'll be home as soon as I can."  They talked a few moments longer and finally hung up.  Winchester looked around the room, and could smell Meera's and Sinbad's fresh scents just under the smell of the hookah.  Apparently they had "consummated" a few more times, Winchester thought to himself.  He took off his overalls and collar, and looked at his naked body in the mirror for the first time.

Looking back at him was a beautiful sample of a Labrador Retriever with red-fox colorations.  His nose was dark pink, not black like he expected.  His paw pads were also dark pink, which matched his fur better than the black he had made for the original costume.  He laughed to himself.  "It got better when it became real." He said to nobody in particular. 

Winchester inspected his tail, his ears, and even his sheath.  Everything was covered in a fox-red fur to varying degrees.  He was almost a golden lab, but darker and deeper into the red.  He spread his fingers apart, and laughed to himself that there was webbing between them.  He noticed his eyes were deep brown now, not like his old human green.  He almost bumped his nose into the mirror looking at the coloration of his muzzle, feeling his body tingle when he brushed his fingers past his fine muzzle whiskers.

Shaking his head, he opened the closet and looked at his suitcase.  He picked it up effortlessly and put it on his bed, and opened it up.  Inside he found his other pipe and smoking supplies had been raided.  He shook his head with a grin and took out the clothing of his human self.  He held up a pair of Gap jeans, and looked at it.  "This isn't gonna work." He said.  He tried on his jeans, and they were too snug in the wrong places.  He tried on his normal t-shirts, and they didn't feel right.  Too small, too much fabric softener smell, too tight, too something or other.  The clothing meant to be worn with the costume were fine, but not anything else.  He was going to try on his underwear when the door opened.

"Winchester!" Sinbad came in with Meera behind him.  He gave the dog a big hug.  "You weren't here in the morning!  Did we offend?"

"No! Hardly!" Winchester said.  "A friend came by, and I spent the night in his room."

Sinbad sniffed, and smiled.  "Perhaps you can introduce me to your friend?  He smells VERY masculine!"

"I'll make sure I do before he leaves!" Winchester said.  "Hey, I gotta ask you, are you having trouble with your clothing?  My shirts don't fit anymore."

Meera looked confused.  "Your clothing will not fit?  We haven't had that problem."  Winchester looked confused, but Meera reached into a drawer and pulled out one of her human t-shirts.  In moments, the fabric transformed into a sheer top that would support her breasts perfectly and barely cover her nipples.  "My mate's old clothing does similar.  I'm surprised yours doesn't?"

Winchester rolled his eyes.  "Figures.  I'd be the one who has to get all new stuff."

"You can try to trade with others?  I've heard there are already some trying to sell or trade their old clothing.  Sinbad is an excellent trader and he would be able to help." Meera said.  "Things are settling downstairs, and they're trying to assess the damage to the building to see if we can remain here."

Winchester nodded.  "Is there still food around?  I'm starving."  Sinbad smiled and ran his paw seductively over his leather belt, and Winchester licked his chops.  "Probably not right now, it's filling but not quite breakfast."

Sinbad laughed.  "Let me show the way, my friend."

As the days passed, Winchester learned his new body and talked with a lot of the other changed people.  He learned how to swim and play with the other furs.  He also spoke to a lot of the people the state brought in to try to "ease the pain" of the changed ones.  Winchester finally convinced them that he was not only "ok" with his changes, but he was better off than most of the people there.

He also marveled at how many offers for sex he got, he didn't take many up on the offers, but he was enjoying the attention.  Perhaps it was the fur, or the collar, or the pipe, or the camouflage hunter look or whatever.  He was enjoying the moment and loathing his return home.

A week went by, and many of the changed con-attendees who could were starting to leave.  Winchester was placing a zip tie on his luggage zipper.  It was dramatically lighter than before, he had already donated a lot of his clothing to people who had changed sizes and traded for others clothing.  He had what was on his back and some apparel that would fit him, albeit not very well.   But at least he could wear clothing, he figured.  The rabbits were lounging on the bed watching him pack.  "You don't have to leave." Meera said.

"I have to go some time.  Can't live here all my life." Winchester said sadly.  "But don't you dare think I'm going to never talk to you both again."

"I'm counting that you will." Meera said seductively.  "We're planning on going home to San Francisco in a few more days.  You're welcome any time you want to come."

"Or cum." Sinbad said with a smile.  "It's been a pleasure to break new grounds and open new doors for us both.  It was a bonding I will treasure forever."

Winchester smiled, and crawled on the bed to hug and kiss Sinbad and Meera.  "I don't know where I'm going, but I'll always be in touch.  If not one way, then another.  We're inseperable now."

"We shared something special." Meera said.  "That bond will never be broken."

"Never ever." Winchester let the moment linger, laying with his rabbit friends.  Sadly, he shuffled off the bed.  He adjusted the belt line of his woodland camouflage pants, and smiled to them both.  "And I'm gonna hold you both to that.  Hell or high water, I'm getting to San Fran.  And if that doesn't work, wherever I am, you have a home there.  I will always make sure of that."  They all smiled as they made their final goodbyes.

As he rolled his suitcase through the lobby, he smelled a powerful musk just behind him.  Winchester smiled, stopped and dropped his suitcase.  He turned around to hug John, who returned one just as tight.  John spoke softly to his friend.  "You're leaving?"

"Can't stay here.  And I don't wanna close the bar if you know what I mean." The dog said.  "I gotta go back and start what I need to do."

John nodded.  "I'm doing the same thing.  But I wanted to find you first.  I'm going off too."

Winchester nodded.  "You found someone to run the business?"

"I own it still, but my brother John be doing the day to day while I'm gone." John said.  "I only wish you'd come with me."

"I did, remember?" Winchester said with a grin.  John smiled too.  "But you know.  Gotta do my own thing."  He held John's hands in his paws.  "Just like you're doing yours."  He rubbed the bandanna in his back pocket with a smile.  "Besides, I've got a little of you in me too.  Where I go, you go, and you go I go."

John scratched Winchester under his muzzle, and the dog sighed appreciatively.  "I still can't believe it's all real.  It's like the ultimate fanfic but I'm in it." John said with an infections smile.  "When I get back, I'll come find you and catch up."

"You be safe." Winchester said, putting his paw on John's cheek.  "I don't know what kind of training they do, but don't get so hurt you can't get back."

"I won't." John said.  "And to prove I'm coming back, I want to give you something."  John reached up to Winchester's collar, and took it off.  Winchester cocked his head to the side as John removed the tags expertly.  "I told you I could do better.  So while I was home I did."

John clipped new tags back on the collar, and showed them to Winchester.  The front tag was a metallic green bone-shaped tag with crossed shotguns laser engraved on each side.  In the center was engraved "Winchester", and under that "Hunting Guide".  Winchester moved it aside to see the tag behind it.  It was another tag, a small round black metallic one that simply said "Gay Dog" in clear, easy to read letters.

Winchester smiled, and hugged John.  "I love it!  Thank you!"

"No, thank you." John said.  "If nothing else, you've helped me to be fearless in what I'm going to do."  John wrapped the collar around Winchester's throat, and buckled it gently with a hand scratch to his fur for good measure.  "And these will help me find you again when I return.  Now you can actually read the tags."  He held onto the old tags with a grin.  "No shame, no fear, no more closets."
Winchester smiled.  "I won't forget this, or you."  The two of them hugged in the lobby and walked out the front door together.  They shared a kiss outside.  John then leaned back as a green energy force surrounded him.  They blew kisses to each other and John floated up, and out of the protective car park and flew up into and through the blue sky.  Winchester wiped a tear from his eye, took in a deep breath, and waived to the taxi for his ride to the airport.

He expected the grief at the airport, but was amused to see how many kids loved to see the "puppy" on the plane with them.  He played "Peek-A-Boo" with one child, until his mother forced the child back into his seat with some nasty words.  Winchester sighed to himself, and leaned back into the seat to try and sleep.  He had a feeling it would be a long night.


"Hi Mom."  Winchester drooped his ears as his mother tried to get her knees back under her.  "I told you I changed."

"You didn't tell me it was like this!" she said.  She nervously put her hand on Winchester's face, and reeled back horrified.  "Is there a way to make it go away?"

"I don't even know how it happened." Winchester said.  "Look, can we go home and talk there?  I'm getting a little nervous about all these people staring at us."  His mother nodded, and the drive home was filled with discussion.  Did it hurt?  Did he remember home?  Did he know how to reverse it somehow?  Can she help?  "I still love you, like I always have."  She said to him before pulling into the driveway of the house.  Winchester only nodded. Winchester could smell her apprehension, but wasn't sure if it was because of what she said or where they just parked. 

"And what the hell is this?" Father pointed at Winchester with an accusing finger.  "I told you that convention was a bad idea and now look at you.  You're a freak!  You're a disgusting freak!"

"Dear, I don't think that..."

"YOU shut up!"  Father raised a hand and Mother cowered.  Winchester felt his fur stand, and was about to take a step forward when Father turned to face him.  "YOU are not my son!"

"I couldn't agree more." Winchester said.  "The only disgusting thing about me is half my DNA came from you."

"WHAT did you say boy?" Father stepped towards Winchester, but the lab didn't move.  He stood his ground, never breaking eye contact with the man.

"Should I repeat it?" Winchester's eyes never wavered.

Father stared at the dog, then at the collar around his neck.  "What the hell is that?"

"My collar.  You know for someone who says they're smart you ask a lot of dumb questions today."  Winchester spoke tight through his muzzle.

"GAY DOG?"  Father stared at the black metal tag with two simple words engraved on it.  "GAY...  DOG?"

"Yes." Winchester said with some pride.  "I'm gay.  I'm a gay dog.  What of it?"

"You go to this convention, you wear a collar, and when this...   FUCKED UP transformation happens you're suddenly homosexual?"  Father turned away and raised his hands up.  "What kind of costume were you wearing anyway?"

"It's not the costume that made me gay." Winchester said calmly.  "I've been gay.  I was gay before high school.  I knew I was gay when I hit puberty.  You know why I didn't go to prom?"

"You said you didn't have a date." Father turned away to storm around the room.

"I didn't WANT a date." Winchester returned.  "I didn't want to disappoint some girl because I wouldn't have sex with her after the night was over.  I knew I was gay a long time ago but never told you."

"Why the hell NOT?" father turned to face Winchester with an accusing finger.  "I'da set you straight boy!"

"No, you wouldn't have." Winchester said bluntly.  "You'd beaten me until I said I was straight and then made me miserable and reminded me how straight I was every day.  But you know what?  I really don't care what you think anymore.  I'm gay.  I like being gay.  I've always liked being gay when I wasn't around you and I could be with my friends who were ok with it.  And now that I'm experienced in it I like gay sex.  I like sucking cock, and I like fucking guys and being fucked by guys.  So guess what?  I'm a big, GAY fucking dog and damned if..."

Father threw a punch.  Winchester caught it in his right paw, and clamped his claws around the fist.  Father let out a stifled groan as Winchester tightened his grip.  He could hear small pops as he clenched.  With each crack, the man groaned a little more, losing his ability to stand through the pain.

Winchester looked directly into the man's eyes and spoke with a slow intensity, making each word sink in to the man.  "So yes...  Dad.  I'm gay.  I'm queer.  I'm a limp-wristed pillow biter.  I'm bent.  A fudge packer.  A faggot.  A sodomy seeker.  A homosexual.  A Greek..."

"You're hurting him!" Mother yelled out.

"Not as much as he hurt us." Winchester said coldly, never turning away from the man.  The man was on his knees, grinding his teeth trying not to scream out in pain.  "And I want him to know full well what I am and what I've been.  The costume only changed my body, not me."  He kept his stare for a few moments longer, and threw the fist away. 

The man's body rotated with the throw, and he held his damaged hand in his good one.  "Get out of my house."

"Not without my belongings." Winchester said.  The man opened his mouth "What, you'll call the cops?  Go ahead!  You threw a punch at me, you were about to hit your wife and I stopped you, they'll side with me and her.  You know it, I know it.  Should I get the phone for you?  I am a retriever you know."

The man scowled.  "You have 24 hours to get out of my life."

"More time than I'll need."

In three hours Winchester had all his worth-while human belongings in the trunk of his car.  Father had left long ago, Mother was crying as she helplessly watched the dog pack.  Finally, Winchester looked at the empty room.  All that was left was furniture he wouldn't need anymore.  Everything else was crammed in every corner of his vehicle.  He shook his head, turned around and walked to the driveway.

As he got to the garage, Mother was there.  Her eyes were red and swollen.  "Will you ever come home again?"

"Probably not." Winchester said bluntly.  Tears ran down her cheek.  "I'm through lying, Mom.  As long as he's the way he is, it's dangerous for me and him for me to be in the same place.  For both of us.  We both know he has a gun."  She only nodded through the tears.  "I have my phone, I have my laptop.  I'm not leaving town for a few days.  If he lays a finger on you, if he does ANYTHING, call me and I will come back and deal with him."

"Don't say things like that Carl." Mother said.  "Don't say those things."

Winchester held her tight to him, crying a little himself.  "It's the truth Mom."  They embraced as long as they could.  Without another word, Winchester let her go, got in his car, and drove away.

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