By: Socks Catt
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Chapter 5

The Sheriff's officer walked into the truck stop cafe and talked to the waitress behind the counter.  She pointed at a form in a booth near the back of the diner part of the truck stop hunched over a laptop computer and a newspaper.  The officer walked over to the form.  "Excuse me sir, is that your Chevrolet out there?"

"Yes sir?"  Winchester looked up to the officer.  The officer stood up a little straighter, shocked a little by the dog's appearance.  "I'm sorry officer, if it's parked in the wrong place I'll move it without a problem."

"No, no.  That's not the problem." The officer took a piece of paper and a notepad out of his pocket while trying not to look shocked.  "Would you mind telling me how you came into ownership of that vehicle?"

"It's mine?" Winchester licked his muzzle nervously and cocked his ears back.  "Been mine for years."

"Do you have any idea why it was reported as stolen?" the officer asked.

Winchester half closed his eyes, and then fully closed them.  He brought his furred elbow onto the table and put his head in his paw.  "They would do that."

"I'm sorry?  Who would they be?"

"Officer, I can produce the title to the vehicle outside, as well as identification of who I used to look like before two weeks ago and change.  I'm also willing to bet that I can tell you who reported the car stolen and why." Winchester looked up to the Officer, who motioned with his hand to do so.  Winchester opened up his laptop backpack, and produced the title to the car.  While the officer was looking at it, Winchester brought his driver's license and passport out and showed it to the officer.

The Sheriff looked over the IDs, and the title.  "Am I to believe that you used to be Carl Robinson?"  The dog nodded slowly.  "And you're not putting me on with this?"  The dog shook his head.  "So why on Earth is that car reported as stolen?"

"Was it reported stolen by a man named Parker Robinson at the address on my license?" Winchester asked.

"It was."

"He used to be my father."

An hour later Winchester was finishing his coffee while the Sheriff closed his notebook.  "That's one hell of a story son."

"For what it's worth I'm not sure I'm believing it all myself, Sir." Winchester said with some respect.  "I keep expecting to wake up back in the hotel and think this is all some kind of bad dream."

"If you don't mind I'd like to check out the rest of the story before I let you go on your way."  Winchester nodded.  "Tell me, what are you doing up here?"

The dog paused, and sipped on his coffee to buy himself time to think.  "I don't know." Winchester finally said.  "It felt like home.  I pointed the car north and this is where I've stopped for now.  I hoped I could find something in the paper or on the net in terms of employment."

"So you want to move up here son?"

"If I can find a place to work, yes sir.  If not I'll be on my way until I find somewhere I can."

The officer nodded, leaning in closer.  "So what can you do?"

"Expert hunting guide." Winchester said, almost mechanically.  "I know all the laws for deer, duck, pheasant, geese, bear, fish and turkey and more.  I can clean and maintain most hunting rifles and shotguns as well as most other firearms.  I can train hunting dogs and even do basic retrieval myself if I have to.  I can track, and given some time I can learn the migration patterns of any game animal in the state on any land.  And I know how to properly set up blinds, tree stands ice houses or anything else needed for people."

The sheriff whistled appreciatively.  "And you learned all that from where?"

Winchester furled his eyebrows and tipped his ears back a little.  "Honestly, I don't know.  But I know what I know, and I'm hoping that I can find a job somewhere that I can use my skills."

The sheriff nodded.  "Think you can stay in the area for a day or so?  I may be able to help you out."

Winchester smiled.  "I would appreciate that greatly, Sir."  He wagged his tail in appreciation.

The officer leaned forward a little more.  "If you need a place to stay, I can probably put you up for a day or two.  My wife probably won't mind and she might like the company."

Winchester smiled.  "That would be great Sir!"  He then looked at the officer, and noticed his eyes were sparkling a little.  "Umm, Sir?  Could you watch my stuff a moment?  I need to use the washroom."  The officer nodded, almost in a dream state.  Winchester scurried to the bathroom, and looked in his back pocket.  Medium blue bandana, right side.

He cupped his paws under a faucet, and drenched his face in cold water a few times.  "no, no, no, no...." he muttered to himself, shaking his head violently.  He came back to the table a few minutes later to find the officer still there.  "I'm sorry about that Sir." Winchester said.

"It happens." The officer said very casually.  Winchester saw his eyes were normal now.  "So would you be able to stay in town a while?  I'll call Bill tonight and see if he's in a place he can help you out."

Winchester nodded.  "I can do that Sir.  I'll get a motel room or something."  The officer started to speak.  "No, I insist.  I don't want to put you out or anything.  But thank you."  Winchester sighed in relief to himself when the officer let it go.

"You're perfect for what I'm looking for.  But it's your lack of references that worry me." Bill said.  "I run a small business and I can't afford to just take anyone off the highway for a publicity stunt."

"I understand that Sir.  All I ask for is a chance to prove myself." Winchester sat up straight in the chair, fighting every urge to wag his tail or twitch his muzzle or anything else.

"Your circumstances are...  well they're not average I'll tell you that."  The man said.  "And having someone like you on the staff would be a real advantage..."  He leaned back in his chair and thought a moment.  "I'll tell you what.  Tomorrow at first light I'd like you to take the ATV and find all the deer stands.  I'll give you one of the customer maps and you go look at 'em.  Tell me your honest opinion of them all.  Don't bullshit me.  I want to know what you think of them all.  And we'll take it from there."

"Thank you Sir.  I appreciate the opportunity." Winchester let his tail tip wag a little.

"Please, call me Bill."  Winchester nodded.  "Nobody else is here right now, so you can stay in one of the guest cabins tonight."
Late into next evening, Bill heard the ATV engine on its way back to his cabins.  He looked over and saw that it was working fine with no out-of-round ends on the bumpers, and that the dog guy on it wasn't looking bruised or beaten.  So he probably didn't flip the thing.  He walked over to where the Lab parked it as he was shutting the vehicle down.  "So!  What do you think of the stands?"

"Most of them are good." Winchester said as he finished turning the vehicle off.  He reached in his bib pocket for the map of the grounds to point out locations.  Bill saw the pencil marks on the map put there by the dog.  "Considering this is private land and the stands don't see a lot of action they're in pretty good shape.  I was kinda surprised nobody's out there right now but I guess the hunters only want the weekends, huh?"  Winchester looked up to Bill, who didn't give any read for his opinion. 

Winchester looked back down and pointed at the map. "But for starters, stand 'G' here?  You need to get rid of that one.  There's no scrapes or signs of deer anywhere near there, and the stand itself is not in the best of shape.  If you wanted to keep it I can see what I'd need to do to fix it to hold a person safely with full gear, but I think it's better to reclaim it and move it to here."  He pointed to another section of map with a penciled in circle and some notes.

"But I like the other stands.  Stand 'F' is in excellent shape, 'A' is looking good but for a few of the floorboards that should be reinforced to hold three big guys in there.  I can do that in the off season if you'd like to keep noise down.  And it looks like 'B' here is the one where hunters would see the most action if it's baited right.  And I know we can bait in this county."  Winchester pointed at the map at several "x" marks he made.  "The reason it took so long is I parked the ATV here, and walked it all.  Don't worry, I didn't leave a scent trail all over the place.  I saw a few nice takers out there too.  Oh, and I like this wetland on the edge of the property, it looks like an excellent place for duck in season and I can see some great places to set up a blind.  Possibly get some winter ice fishing in if it gets cold enough.  Overall, a good location except this stand."

Bill smiled.  "Stand 'G' we call the 'Bachelor Stand'." He said.  "We put a bachelor up in there as a joke, and come back here to drink beers while he freezes his ass off."  Winchester smiled and snickered himself.  "So what are you asking for again?"

"A place to work, a chance to earn my keep and some more to put away, and somewhere I can eat and sleep."

"You're hired."

That night Winchester was on his phone.  "Yeah!  Found a place to stay, found a place to work, and hopefully this turns out good."

"You can't be in the middle of nowhere." Steve said. "Your cell phone works."

"Yeah, it's off the beaten path but not that far from the cell towers.  I mean we're by the freakin' Dells!" Winchester paced while wagging his tail.  "But I'm lovin' the place, and the job.  I'm taking Bill out tomorrow on a mock hunt to show him what I can do, it'll be fun!"

"Cool!" Steve said.  "So I've got your new number now.  So when can I come up and visit you?"

"I'd wait until summer, between seasons." Winchester said.  "Bill said that's the slow time.  But I'm gonna see if we can fill the cabins then too.  I mean we're by the dells, how hard can this be?  Tourism is a big thing here."

"Just keep that damned thing out of your pocket." Steve said.  Winchester looked at his jeans pocket out of reflex and saw the orange bandana in his back pocket.  "Jeezus that thing is freaky."

"Yeah." Winchester said.  "Did I mention that he smokes too?  Pipe and cigars?"

"Lord help him." Steve said.  Winchester laughed.

"Woah!" the man said.  "What's that?"

"He's Winchester." Bill said.  "He's going to be your guide in the morning."

"We got a dog as our guide?" the man laughed with his friend.  "Oh dear lord!  Well is he any good?"

"He's better than I am." Bill said.  "Just give him a chance, he'll surprise you."

"Well, I guess it can't hurt." The other man said.  "If nothing else we've got a story for home!"

That night Winchester gave a briefing to the men of what to expect, where they'd be going, and what time they were going.  With some apprehension, the two men decided to go along with the dog's plans.  The next night, Bill served dinner to the two men and Winchester at the main cabin.  The stories that came out of the hunters made Bill smile.  He made a good hire.

"WINCH!  Where are ya dog?"  Bill stepped out of his truck with some other men, snow gently falling around him.

"Yes Sir?" Winchester held his pipe in his muzzle as he walked over from the main cabin into the winter chill.  He wagged his covered tail seeing the other guys on a Friday night.  It would be a full place for the night with lots of cigars going.  He always liked these nights, even if he didn't stay in the same room with them all.  He didn't know how well he would be received by these men, so he avoided these nights usually.

"Why don't ya play some cards with us tonight instead of hiding?  The rest of the boys are coming over for some action and it's about time ya met them." Bill said as he opened the back of the truck.

"Thank you Sir, but I probably shouldn't." Winchester went to the back of the truck and started to unload the groceries and drinks from the bins.

"Aww why not?" one of his friends asked.  "You know all those dogs playing poker were good, right?"

"Between these perking ears and this wagging tail do you really think I have a good poker face?" Winchester grinned around his pipe, and the others laughed, as he wanted them to.  "I'll lose all my money for sure and I gotta save for some good winter boots."

"Well why not just hang out with us and share some beers?" Bill asked. "At least you can meet the guys."
"I'd like that very much Sir!"  Winchester brought the food into the kitchen and put it away.  He also took some care to put his bandana away in his room, and made sure it didn't pop back into his pocket mysteriously.  He felt empty for the night, but he knew it was much safer this way.

Durring the night, Winchester went out to the kitchen to bring beers in for the guys.  "So ya hired a dog huh?" One asked.

"Yeah." Bill said.  "He's a good worker too.  He's been busy every day doing this or that.  Fixing stuff, great handyman."

"But he's a dog." Another said.  "Raise twenty."

"You don't have dogs on your property?" Bill asked.

"Not ones that talk or fix cabins or stands." He said with a smile.  "Seems like a good joe tho.  He was at that hotel down south, huh?"  Bill nodded.  "Poor guy.  At least he doesn't let it slow him down."

"He's a damned good guide." Bill said.  "He wasn't here a week and he took out a few customers at the end of the season.  They bagged an 8 and a 10 pointer out there in an afternoon."  He looked at his hand.  "Fold.  But once the hunters get past the fact that he's a dog, he's a very good guide."

"A ten pointer, huh?" one asked.  "Got pictures?"  Bill nodded again.  "Damn.  I may be wrong.  I thought you hired him as a stunt"

"He's already got the spots for the special no antler hunt the DNR has going next week too.  He's eager to prove himself" Bill said.

"Damn." The first man said.  "So I guess he's not so bad then huh?"  Bill shook his head.  "Another ten."

The next morning, Winchester knocked on the office door gently.  "You busy Sir?"

"Not yet." Bill put down the book he had.  "What's on your mind?"

"Sir?  Can I ask you a somewhat personal question?"  Winchester adjusted the belt on his jeans nervously.

"How personal?"

"Sir?  Are you gay?"  Bill sat up in his chair.  "If you are, that's fine because I am.  I just wanted to make sure what I sensed was right."  Winchester's tail tapped side to side and he looked a little nervous himself.

"What exactly did you... sense?"  Bill asked nervously.

"Well last night I noticed a few things.  If I wasn't a dog I never would have but, ya know.  Like when you all talked about women last night, the others had some major scent changes.  They talked a little higher pitched, and they got a little more flush in the face, they had a spike of testosterone.  You didn't but you covered it good.  Then when one of them talked about his farm hand, you had some changes in your scent but you hid your voice really good.  And a few other things, but that was the main part."  Winchester leaned against the desk, waiting nervously.  "So I just wanted to know."

Bill sat back in his chair, looking almost beaten.  He closed his eyes a moment, and then looked Winchester square in the eyes.  "So what do you want from me?"

"Nothing more than I ever asked for." Winchester said.  "This isn't extortion.  I just want to know if I can trust my instincts."  Winchester looked into Will's eyes, and saw they were normal.  He had the bandana in check.

Bill took in a deep breath through his nose.  "Well, you can." He said with some finality.  He let that sit a moment.  "Don't go making this a public thing."

"Don't worry sir." Winchester said.  "I told you, I'm gay too.  I know the value of being discreet about it." Winchester tapped the smaller tag on his neck. "I know it's not everyone's business.  I just wanted to know."  Bill just nodded.  "And I don't think it will ever come up unless they know what the bandana in my back pocket means."

Bill looked over at Winchester's back pocket.  "So that means something to you?"

Winchester grinned.  "It means a lot more than I'm right pawed."  Both he and Bill smiled to each other, like Bill had a weight lifted off his shoulders.  "Oh, and thank you for sticking up for me last night."

Bill shrugged.  "I mean it, you're a good worker."

Winchester nodded happily, and let his tail wag a little more.  "That reminds me.  I'd like to talk to you about summer stuff."

Some weeks later, a car pulled into the driveway and Winchester hopped out of his car and out of the cold.  He walked to his room in the main cabin and began to put things away.  "Got everything set up Winch?" Bill asked as he stepped in the doorframe.

"Yes Sir." Winchester said.  "Drivers license, banking information, phone set up, passport, everything is set.  You're stuck with me now.  I'm a permanent resident."

Bill grinned.  "You say that like its bad."

Winchester grinned himself.  "So I take it you're ok with having a gay dog as your main guide?"

"As long as we don't have it as an advertised feature, yes I am." Bill said.  "Considering I personally checked you out fully."  They both smiled to each other, Winchester wagging his tail happily.  "You know, one of these days you should learn to care for the horses and the dogs out back.  They seem to like you."

Winchester nodded.  "Well I did assert myself as Alpha a while ago.  They respect that and they don't mess with me.  Oh, and one of the bitches is about ready to go into heat."

"How do...  Oh right." Bill said shaking his head.  "I thought you said you were gay?"

"I am.  I can smell it, I'm just not gonna do anything about it." Winchester grinned.

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