By: Socks Catt
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Chapter 6

The winter fell over the cabins, and business moved slowly and surely.  One night in the winter Bill knocked on Winchester's door.  "It's over."

"I know." Winchester said quietly.  "I could smell him go."

Bill nodded.  "He was a good dog."

"Yeah." Winchester said.  "At least it was painless this way."

"Painless." Bill said, sitting next to Winchester.  "I still hate doing it."

Winchester gave Bill a hug.  "You know it was the right thing to do.  You know he was suffering and you helped him move past it."

Bill nodded, and leaned into Winchester's shoulder.  "You know I'd never do that to you."

Winchester shrugged.  "I trust you to do the right thing if I couldn't help it.  Just like Bullet did."

Bill leaned into Winchester, and they both lay back on Winchester's bed.  Bill started to cry softly, and Winchester just held him tenderly, running his paw along Will's head and shoulder.  They spent the night cuddled in with each other, grieving their loss.

In early spring, a man finished writing out the check and handed it to Will.  "About your guide, he's a little unorthodox but he's an excellent guide."

"I should hope so." Bill said.  "I think he's the best in the state."

"Better than that." The man said with a smile.  "Tell me, is he a good shot?  Bow or shotgun?"

"Ask him yourself if ya want." Bill said.  "Why?"

"Do you think he'd be willing to do some outside work?"  The man asked.

"Depends on the work."  Winchester walked in the door carrying the man's rifle case.  "And if the boss lets me.  What's on your mind?"

"It isn't every guide that tells me my camouflage is too reflective." The man said.  "I can admire that honesty."

The dog shrugged.  "You probably just need to use a different detergent.  The stuff you had was too UV reflective and animals will see that.  I just wanted you to have a good hunt, that's all.  Other than that, your camo was perfect for season.  Why?"

"I work for the company." The man said, producing a business card.  "Would you be interested in being a consultant for us or possibly more?"

Winchester looked at Will, who looked at the check he'd just been handed.  "Can I talk it over with the boss?  I have some commitments here I can't just walk from."

"Sure." The man said, offering his hand.  "I'll be in touch."  Winchester shook with him.

As the man got in his car and drove off, Bill looked over at Winchester.  "Damn."

"Yeah.  Damn." Winchester said.  "So what do you think?"

"If he's legit, I say go for it." Bill said.  "It's a little more income for you, it'll keep you floating between seasons and keep you out of trouble.  There's only so many times you can fix stuff here."

"It could cut down on tail time." Winchester said with a grin.

"Yeah, you're right." Bill said.  "Forget it."  They both grinned, and then laughed together.

As the summer season got under way, Winchester was kneeling next to a young man.  "Ok, pull back like this, and don't hold the bow back too long."  The boy did so.  "Now take a slow breath in, hold it, and just let the string go."  The boy held the position, then let go.  The arrow hit the target circle and barely stuck into it.  "Ok, umm, you can breathe again."  And the boy let out a long breath.  Winchester laughed, as did the boy.

"I got it Mom!" he yelled, looking behind him.  "I hit the target!"

"Good shooting dear!" the mother yelled back.

"A regular Robin Hood here!" Winchester said.  "Ok, let's keep going, you're doing really good!"

"He's good with kids." The mother said to Bill.

Bill nodded.  "He likes to teach for the kids.  He's like a real lab, really good with kids."

The woman watched her son hit the target again and high-five with the dog.  "He'll be asking for a bow and arrow for Christmas at this rate." She said.

"You know how kids are." Bill said.  "He'll probably want a new video game by then."  She nodded with an affirmative sound.  "Are you enjoying your stay so far?"

"It's very peaceful out here." She said.  "It's not like the places in town.  You can actually hear yourself think here."  Bill nodded and smiled.  Winchester's thought of summer tourism was genius, and it was some income through the slower hunting seasons.

As the summer went on, Winchester got more used to the local celebrity status he had, but never made a big deal about it.  He refused the media interviews, and generally went about his life.  Between the land maintenance, the weekends and his "side job", he kept himself busy.

"Check it out Winch!" Bill came into the living room one evening holding a magazine open.  "You got a full page!"

"Do I?"  Winchester clenched his "good" pipe in his muzzle and looked at the page.  "I wonder how many people will think that's some kind of computer generated gimmick?"

"Does it matter?" Bill asked.  "Have I told you how sexy you look with an over and under and your overalls?"

"Not as sexy as you look in your waders.  Rowr!" Winchester said with a grin.  "So when do we get so busy that we get no time off to enjoy your boots and my gun?"

"No idea." Bill said with a grin.  "Are you in a hurry?"

"Nope." Winchester said, reclining back and taking a draw from his pipe.  "Not at all."  Bill sat next to him with a cigar, and the two smoked together quietly.  A hand wandered, a paw wandered, and they let themselves get caught up in each other.

That night Winchester lay in bed with Bill, smiling to himself.  He could still feel his seed deep under his tail, and he knew he was stretching Bill out a little more with his knot buried inside the man.  He put his paw around Bill's chest, and held him as he drifted off to sleep, more relaxed than ever before.

As the summer went on, Winchester was looking over the books and saw that a few weekends were blacked out in the book.  "Hey, Bill?  What's with the blackouts?"

"Oh." Bill said, looking at them.  "A few outings I want to go to, I needed the weekends off so I didn't take bookings."

"Outings?" Winchester asked, perking his ears

"Well, this one is a bear weekend by Green Bay.  And this one is a leather run near the 'Cities that..."

"Wait, you're into bears?" Winchester asked.

"Winch...  I've had sex with you.  I think you'd know I'm into furry guys." Bill said.  Winchester smiled and put his paw up to his head, shaking it slowly while trying not to laugh.  "But I only go to a few of these a year.  And a few times a year a few boys try to come by to play and..."

"I'm hurt!" Winchester said in mock disgust.  "You didn't invite me!"

"I didn't think you were that open." Bill said.  "Aren't dogs usually loyal to one guy?"

"Well yeah, but I'm not blind." Winchester said with a smile.  "And I'm perfectly ok with playing with other guys.  It's not like we're married or you're like my Master or anything.  We have sex and it's really good sex, but I didn't consider us a couple or anything."

"I wasn't going to bring it up." Bill said.  "I didn't want to make you jealous."

Winchester shrugged.  "In the first day of being a dog I knew I liked gay sex, ok?  It's natural, it's beautiful, and it's damned fun when you get a bunch of sweaty guys together in a room groping and sucking and fucking."  He put his paw on Bill's shoulder.  "I love you, you know that.  And you love me, I know that.  I also know I'm a freakin' dog, and I know you probably need a more human feel over a canine one once in a while.  I'm ok with that, I like variety too."

"As long as you're ok with it." Bill said.

"Hey, at least let me drool over the other hot leather guys with you?"  He wagged his tail lazily as he gave Bill the biggest "puppy eyes" he could muster.  "I'll let you leash, muzzle and harness me?"  He offered in a sing-song way.  "Just for the occasion?"

"Ok, well the calendar is cleared, if you're caught up with stuff we can both go."  Bill grinned.

Winchester licked his chops and smiled.  "Now tell me more about these 'boys' that visit?"  He smiled a wicked grin.  "Sounds like fun!"

Steve walked with Winchester through the cabins area, and around the bonfire ring.  "So this is how the country looks, huh?" Steve asked.

"This part of it, yeah." Winchester said with his paws in his pockets.  "It's home."

"Didn't think I'd hear you say that again." Steve said, looking around.  "So what do you do?"

"A lot." Winchester said.  "Fix stuff, help Bill with the cabins and keeping people in them, do a lot of work out on the land to keep the deer happy.  I keep busy, but I like it.  I get to hunt out here too, which I really like."

"Get anything good?" Steve asked.

"Tirty-point buck." Winchester said with a grin, running his paws over his bare furred chest.  Steve looked at him confused.  "Oh, right, umm...  Yeah.  I think we've still got venison from my hunting if you want to try it."

Steve looked at Winchester with a contorted look.  "You eat deer?"

"It's really good!  Before we go to the water park tomorrow, you can try some for dinner.  You'll like it.  Bill is a REALLY good cook."

Steve shook his head.  "Ok, I'll try it."  Steve looked into Winchester's shorts pocket.  "You know I expected it to be something weird like deer print or something for how you talked me into it."

"No, I've got that under control." Winchester said.  "It seems to stay orange unless I'm really horny, then it goes off.  I'm finding that it's showing what I want more than it's controlling others now.  I think it's finally chilled."  Steve just nodded.  "Or I have."

Into late summer, Winchester knelt with a man in the barn.  "They sure are cute." The man said, looking at the puppies.  "Purebreeds?"

Winchester nodded, thumbing his overall straps.  "Yessir.  But we don't keep paperwork to prove it.  We don't raise show dogs, all these pups are gonna be good huntin' dogs.  Providin' you teach them well, that is."

"Oh don't worry about that." The man said, watching the puppies play.  "I think I'll take this one."

Winchester smiled.  "She's a strong one.  They're old enough to be separated, so if you want to take her home she's ready to go.  Come on back to the office and we'll take care of the forms and all that."  Winchester's tail wagged as he stood up and dusted his knees off.

The man looked at the puppy in his hands, and at the dog he was talking to.  He chuckled to himself.  "I see the family resemblance."

Winchester looked confused, and then put on his best show face.  "That's just coincidental." He said.  "I tend to look like most of the other dogs around here after a while."  The man laughed as he went back to the office.

Later that night Bill found Winchester on the porch with his pipe, and sat down next to him holding an unlit cigar.  The dog was looking into the sky blankly, smoking on automatic.  "You're ok with the puppy sales?"

"It's income for us." Winchester said.  "I'm not really the father of them, so there's no emotional attachment.  I just helped provide some sperm."  He took a pull from his pipe, letting his head lower to look into the woods in the distance.  He exhaled slowly, letting the apple scented smoke dance through his muzzle.

Bill put his arm around the Lab's shoulders.  "I just know you've told me a little about your family, it sounded like it may be hard."

The dog took a long draw from the pipe, and blew the smoke out gently.  "You know, the more I live here, the more that my life settles here, the less it bothers me about my previous life.  Unless I really think about it, I can't remember what my name used to be.  I can't even remember my old address, or phone number, or anything else.  It feels like ancient history and I'm happy to forget it.  I mean I'm not living what my dad wanted, but fuck him.  My definition of family is so fucked up because of the dog thing and the con thing and the thrown out thing..." 

He looked at Bill, and brushed the back of his paw against Will's chest.  "My life is here.  My home is here.  And a man I love is here."  He patted Bill's chest gently.  "This is home.  Honestly, a dog is a dog.  Puppies don't grow up and go to college.  They become gun dogs like me.  If they go out in the world and do me well, I'm more than fine with that."  He laughed gently.  "Make me a proud daddy if we get known as a good place for gun dogs.  Just as long as I don't have to fuck the bitch, that's too far.  But I'll get over selling my pups when I know they're gonna grow up doing what they're bred for.  They'll be happier under a good owner."

Winchester took another pull from his pipe, and looked to the ground.  "Meanwhile, I'll try to convince myself of that.  I'll be ok."

Bill leaned in and kissed Winchester on the forehead.  "I just wanted to hear you say it."  The dog nodded, and put his head on Will's shoulder.  Will stroked Winchester behind the ears and on the back of his head as the sounds of the woods drifted around them.  Bill smiled, and looked into the sky.  "But the next time she goes into heat, I'll be more than happy to collect samples again."

"Oh you'll do more than that." Winchester said, nosing into Will's chest and shoulder with a laugh.  "You'll do a LOT more than just collect those samples."  They both laughed together as Bill lit his cigar.

On a December afternoon, Meera paced nervously on her paws, it had been so long since she'd seen her friend and she hated the noise here.  "BUNNY!"  She turned to the booming voice in the airport to see a fox-red Labrador in working jeans, leather collar, t-shirt and a brown camouflage visor walking towards her.  He spread his arms wide open as he approached.  "Get some clothes on girl!"

She jumped into his arms and they spun around a few times in a hug.  "You look fantastic!" she said happily.  He put her down gently.  "The flight went well?"

"A little rough and they wouldn't let me bring my pipe onboard." Winchester said with a grin.  "Where's Sinbad?"

"Minding the store." Meera said.  "But I wanted to personally greet you to San Francisco!"

"Much obliged!" He crooked his arm, which she took with a giggle.  "Just gotta get my bags and we can go!"

"You're not hunting here, are you?" Meera asked.

"Naw." Winchester said.  "There's no deer out here!"  He laughed to himself.  "It's a shooting demo for bow hunters, and I brought my compound for the event."  He tipped his visor.  "The company brought me on as a full rider sponsored shooter, guide and consultant for them, so they fly me all over the place to demo the camo and the gear.  We did a deer video at home, and we're planning on a few in Colorado and Wyoming for bigger game.  So this weekend is just demo shooting, showing off product, signing stuff and like that."

"So you're a straight shooter now?" Meera asked.  Winchester winked to her, and she giggled again.  "We have so much to catch up on!"

"The show isn't for another two days, so we've got time." The dog nodded and smiled.  "And they won't start looking for me until at least then, so you've got me for a night or two."

Meera looked behind the dog, and smiled.  "Gold?"  He grinned.  "I'll be sure to tell my Mate when we get home.  I think we have a full night ahead, don't we?"  Winchester smiled, and with a spring in his step he walked with Meera to baggage claim.

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