By: Socks Catt
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Epilogue :

Winchester sat outside in the spring air.   His first full season was good, and he smiled to himself while smoking his pipe.  It was nice to relax a while, and the new boy was a good addition to the business.  The fact he liked cock was a bonus, and he liked Winchester and Bill inside him at the same time.  Hopefully, Bill would relax a little and be more comfortable with his homosexuality.  The dog smiled, he knew he had a project for this year.

As he smoked his pipe gently he saw a green star in the sky, and it got brighter.  Winchester smiled to himself, and put his fingers on the tags on his throat and flashed the face of the tags in the direction of the light.  In moments the green light got larger and brighter.   The dog got up, watching the light as it got larger.  Winchester smiled as John gently touched down near the porch.

The two of hugged each other without saying a word.  Hey held each other for a long time, and eventually let go.  "You weren't kidding when you said you wanted out of the city, huh?"

"Nope." Winchester said with a big smile.  "Looks like you passed, or they let you keep the ring if ya didn't."

"No, I passed!" John said with a grin.  "I'm a full-fledged Green Lantern Corps member!  See?  The insignia is different.  The comic book has the logo wrong, but it was basically the right idea."  Winchester did look, and saw that the costume was still skin tight in all the right places, but a few details changed.  But he still looked powerful, and his scent hadn't changed.  "It's not a lantern, but the lantern is as close an object as we have to what it really is."

"Wow." Winchester said. "And all this time I thought comic books were fiction."

"I guess not." John said.  "But I've been assigned to protect this planet, and now that it's awakened they're looking for more recruits.  You're sure you don't...?"

"Naw." Winchester said running his paw along John's side.  "I'm more than happy here as a mere mortal dog.  So what was it like?  Flying in space and seeing aliens?"

John smiled.  "You know I can't tell you that." He said, putting his hand on Winchester's head to scratch his ears.  "But there's one thing I missed."  He brought his hand down the side of Winchester's overalls, and the dog pulled his stomach in so John could get his hand inside and under the beltline.  John's hand found a sheath nestled inside the denim, and he ran his fingers along it gently as his face changed to pure pleasure.  Winchester could smell a powerful musk as John's fingers ran through the fur of his sheath and fondled his ballsac gently. The gentle touch made the muscles between his legs twinge.  "Ahh, yes....  You know they don't let us have sex during training.  You have no idea how hard that's been.  I've wanted this cock tied in me again since I left."

Winchester smiled, and looked back to the main cabin.  "I think I can help you out." He said with a smile.  "If you're free for the night, I think I can really take care of that, possibly introduce you to a few others very nice guys too."  John smiled, and walked with the dog back to the main cabin.

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