By : Socks Catt
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He turned out the light next to his bed, and was plunged into darkness.  He smiled to himself, it was time.  He'd been looking forward to this all week, and now he could finally immerse himself.  Finally, friday night, and now it's time to enjoy himself.

He removed his glasses, and put them on his night stand.  In the same motion he grabbed his collar.  The purple nylon collar with the plastic tag on it.  It only read "Scamp".  He loved this collar, more for what it represented than the item itself.  He sighed to himself happily when he put it on.

Shuffling slightly, he laid back in bed, and propped his head back slightly on the pillow.  he then closed his eyes, and took in a deep breath.  He brought his hands up on his chest, over the sheets.  As he laid there, he thought about what he was going to do.  The man he met a while ago showed him how to do it.  And he had a few times, but tonight, he was going full out.

"Hmm!"  He said aloud, and he reached between his legs, and using the sheets he propped his penis against his belly, like it was a fleshy sheath.  He'd done this before, with the Master.  Every small detail counted.  He bent his knees slightly, brought his hands back up to his chest, and relaxed his head into the pillow.  He took in a deep breath, and let it go slowly.

"And relax…."  He heard his Master's voice in his head.  The relaxing voice he got to know so well over the last few months.  His wife was very nice to him too, but Master was the one who eased him into his fantasies first.  "Good pup.  Think of yourself as Scamp, a good mutt pup."

He nodded to himself.  He let his body feel heavy, his muscles go limp, and he let himself relax.  10.  Feet.  9 Up to his knees, feeling heavy.  8.  Knees to hips.  7.  Hips to chest.  All so heavy, all so relaxing.  6.  Through his shoulders.  5.  Hands, on his chest, losing their grip.  4.  Through his forearms, all relaxing.  3.  Up his arm to his shoulder, through to his neck.  2.  Neck, through the back of his head.  1.  The feeling of surrender washes over his face, his mouth, his nose.

"Good pup." he hears in his mind.  Somewhere in his mind he feels content.  "You'll become a full pup tonight."  In his mind, he repeated the phrases his Master taught him.  Good pup.  Good pup's obey their owners.  Good pups are rewarded.  Over and over.

He then began another count down, his Master showed him how.  When wasn't important, time isn't important to a good dog.  And Scamp knew he was a good pup, he'd make a good dog.  He listened as his Master's voice guided him down.

20.  He could feel a few things happen, slowly.  His throat got heavier, vocal chords getting thicker.

19.  His tongue felt different, Scamp knew that human words would soon be impossible to form.  And his throat felt thicker as well.  Breathing was not a problem, but he knew that he would not be able to speak.  And that thrilled him.

18.  Scamp felt his shaft stir, slightly.  It happened with his Master too, and his Master told him it was natural.  Pressed into his belly, he felt it fill, and get harder.  He rolled his head back slightly, feeling at ease with the changes.

17.  His hind legs…  yes, hind legs.  That's what they were.  He felt them shrink slightly.  The voice telling him it was ok, natural.  All pups had four legs.  "Relax" the voice said.  "accept."  Scamp did.

16.  Slightly tingling, he felt his hind paw shift a little, toes feeling strange, under the sheet.  His foot flattened as his toes curled up.  Then the other one.  Legs getting more muscular, changing.

15.  Now his front paws shifted.  His thumbs pulling upward into his forearm, the palm of his hand flattening out and getting pads on them.  Scamp felt his fingers shrink into his hand, claws forming on the tips of his fingers.  "Accept your place.  Don't be scared."  Scamp's breathing began to get heavier, but his awareness was heightened.

14.  His hips buckled inward, and his hind legs shifted to accommodate the new form.  Scamp felt no pain, no discomfort, but the feeling if his hips folding in caused him to breathe in heavily.  "Good pup.  Good dog.  Relax, enjoy."

13.  His forelegs began to grow slightly, the muscles in them rebuilding into those of a dog.  Hs could feel the bones in his limbs shifting, the creeping feeling of his body changing.

12.  Scamp took in a deep breath as his lungs filled a changing rib cage.  With each deep breath he could feel his chest pushing forward.  As the body shifted, he could feel his forelegs pulling back on his shoulder blades, then forcing them forward to fold on his now distended rib cage.  Scamp heard his sternum pop, and he took in a sharper breath.  He started to breathe even harder.  "Shhhhh…." the voice reassured him.  "You want to be a dog.  You want to be a good puppy for your owners.  It's ok to be frightened."  The voice reassured him.  Scamp relaxed his muscles, and let his paws fold onto his chest.  "Good boy."

11.  His erect shaft became harder.  Scamp could feel it solidify, as if it were made of bone.  It began to feel slick against the sheets as his belly extended to swallow his shaft, forming a sheath over it.  Scamp's jaw quivered as he felt his shaft extend from the sheath the first time, it's tip feeling sensitive against the sheets.  Scamp whimpered to himself, raising his head.

10.  Scamps' neck bone reformed, and soon he found that laying his head in line with his body was more comfortable, more correct now, more dog.  His voice box fitted perfectly in it's new spot, and his tongue sneaked past his mouth.  Scamp began to pant, feeling very good.  A good dog.  A good pup.

9.  He felt his nose get colder, wetter.  His face began it's push.  Scamp could feel his jowls get heavier, skin pulling down over his re-formed teeth and jaw.  His muzzle pushed forward, bone forming from his skull.  Scamp's tongue changed radically, and he let it roll out of his mouth lazily as he panted in pleasure.  He rolled his head to the side as he felt his ears form tips, and expand.  They reached a crest on the sides of his head, then folded over as large triangles.  They flopped onto the pillow as he rolled his head slightly from side to side, feeling them rub the pillow gently.

8.  "tail." the voice said.  "A nice, thin tail for a happy mutt pup."  He could feel it form as his coccyx uncurled, and grew.  His body tensed as it pushed, but soon found his long tail as it swished on the bed sheets.

7.  "Now further, happy puppy." the voice told him.  Scamp nodded.  "Further than before.  Fur."  Scamp's body began to tingle, as his bare skin began to alter.  In what felt like moments Scamp could feel his legs, all four, coated in a nice covering of fur.  The feeling spread across his back, and belly.  His sheath to his tail, then across his muzzle and floppy ears.

6.  His muzzle tingled, and light whiskers sprouted from his muzzle fur.  He opened his jaw, panting hard.  He licked the roots with his tongue as they extended.  He perked his ears, and felt his shaft rubbing the sheets.  His hips bucked into it on reflex, more than thought, the feeling of pleasure a good one.

5.  "Now, Scamp." the voice said.  "The final steps.  Concentrate on my voice."  Scamp did.  It was good to obey his owner.  "Feel your humanity slipping into my hands."  Scamp felt scared as his mind began to funnel away from him.  "I will hold it, keep it safe.  Relax, and feel your human mind sift away."  Scamp's paws flexed as he felt his mind siphon away from him.  His breathing became labored.  "It's ok pup.  Let go, trust your Master and Mistress.  We will always care for you.  Become a good pup."

4.  "Feel your mind being filled with the spirit of dog."  Scamp's breathing became relaxed as he felt a new presence in his mind.  "Simple thoughts, dog thoughts.  Yes.  No.  Good.  Bad.  Obedience.  Love.  Let your canine senses override your old human ones."  Scamp could feel his humanity drain away, but it was being replaced with the feeling of a dog.  His eyes closed, he could sense it fill him, his heart pumped harder as he felt it change.  He felt a weight between his hind legs, in his testicles.  They became heavier, more dog, then all dog.  The sac now encased in a leathery pouch surrounded by fur.

3.  His heart beat harder, then he realized that it was no longer human either, but canine.  "Become our pup." the voice said soothingly.  "you want to.  Release.  Let go of the person within, and become our pup."  Scamp's body relaxed fully as his resistance washed away.  Soon his soul felt flooded with canine essence.  It claimed him, and he felt at one with it, and at peace with it.

2.  Soon his thought became less in words, and more in emotions.  He felt love for his owners, he knew they would care for him.  He could still hear the voice, but it wasn't the words he understood as much as the meaning.  Good boy.  Good pup.  Good dog.  Scamp knew he was a good dog, well loved, and loving of his owners.

1.  Scamp's body felt warm.  Scamp whimpered and used his paws to kick the sheets off of him.  Hot, felt hot.  But when the sheets were gone, he felt better.  The collar on his throat felt good, he knew it meant he was loved, belonged to the ones that loved him.  The concept was there, if the words weren't.

Scamp craned his neck around, feeling the fur rub against his sleep spot.  But something was wrong.  He threw his head back and let his paws roll over to the right.  That was it.  Hard to balance on his back, but on his side he felt more comfortable.  He nuzzled into the soft thing under his head.  It smelled like him, it must be his.  With a soft murring sound, he stretched out his paws and relaxed.  That voice wasn't there anymore, Master must have gone to his sleep place too.

Scamp felt good, comfortable.  And he fell asleep.

(Real Ending)

He woke up the next morning when the sunlight poured through his window.  He opened his eyes slowly, brushed away the towel he used as a shade, and looked outside.  Another summer day.  He smiled to himself.

He removed his collar slowly, almost feeling pained to do it.  He placed it on his nightstand, and picked up his glasses.  He looked at the collar, and smiled.  He knew it was going to be a good weekend, and looked forward to the day ahead.

(Alt. ending 1)

Scamp rolled out of bed, and stumbled to the bathroom.  It was an odd thing to do, he would probably be better going to a tree or a hydrant, but something in him knew he had to do a few things to pretend to be a human.  He stopped in front of the mirror, and looked at himself.  The black nose on his muzzle was framed in his white and brown dappled face, and he smiled.  His tongue rolled out of his mouth as he looked at the mutt in the mirror.

He shook his head a few times, feeling the ears on the sides of his head flapping against his head.  He let out a dry laughing noise at the sensation.  He wagged his tail as he walked to the bathroom, and opened the door with his paw-like hand.  He had to get his human disguise on so he could go out again.  He knew he had to visit Master and Mistress soon, just to say hello again.  He did adore them so.

(Alt ending 3, coming soon…)

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