"Breeding Program"

by Socks
© 2003 Socks Furrotica Press

"Please!  Come in!"  The man puts down his clipboard and walks to the front door.  There, a woman has a tiger on a leash.  The tiger looks around hesitantly at the new surroundings.  "It's good to see you again!"

"Likewise!" the keeper says.  She firmly pulls on the leash once and the tiger stops wandering his head around.  "I was surprised when you called."

"Well, I hear you had a rare specimen." the man says, looking at the tiger.  "Panthera Tigris Bondicus is a rare breed indeed!  I've only heard rumors of them."

The tiger looks around the room from his position on all fours.  His eyes gaze at the things that are familiar, something that looks like his cage, the one he came to this place in.  Another that looks like a table.  In the corner is a bright yellow plastic ball, possibly a play-toy?  He considers the room, and what is in here for him to have fun with.  Then a glint of metal catches his eyes.  Near the table, he looks intently as something very familiar and comforting to him.

"Growl!" the keeper says, pulling the leash once.  The tiger snaps his attention back to her.  "I'm sorry, he does wander his attention away when he's in a new place."

"Actually, that's not a bad thing." the man says.  He takes a pen out of his lab coat pocket and picks up the clipboard.  "Can you take him to the bench?  One of my assistants will help strap him in."

The tiger perks up, hearing that phrase.  He chuffs and rumbles his throat in appreciation of the thought.  The keeper takes him to the padded bench.  Once there, the tiger gets a good look at what caught his attention.  He rubs his muzzle against the table a few times, marking it at his.  He then inspects the buckles, locks, chains, and other things attached to the bench.  His heart skips a few beats, knowing what these objects are used for.  His keeper uses them often.

"Ok big guy!" a new voice says. "Up ya go!"  The new woman uses her hands under the tiger's hind legs to help hoist him onto the table.  His keeper pulls the leash at the same time.  She smiles, looking at the tiger on the bench, stroking him behind the ears a few times.  The tiger chuffs again as he watches his keeper reach under his collar.  With a gratifying snap, she tugs his collar down and onto the bench.  "He's not a scratcher, is he?" the voice asks.

"He can be." the keeper says.  "But he knows not to.  Not that it helps sometimes."  She laughs as she guides on of his front paws into a leather restraint.  After securing the buckle, she snaps the cord into the restraint, and pulls his paw down.  As she repeats this on his other forepaw, the assistant places a restraint around a hind paw, and repeats the process.  The tiger curls his paws in pleasure, surrendering himself to the feeling of tight leather and restraints.

The assistant then takes her time in securing the bands around the upper portions of his hind legs, and locking them into the bench.  "Are you sure he needs to be this heavily restrained?  He seems pretty secured now."

"The doctor wants him bound fully." the keeper says.  She secures the strap around his chest, buckling it in.  "But leave the head cage off." she says as an afterthought.

"Why?" the assistant asks, placing a leather restraint around the tiger's tail.

"I like to hear him enjoy himself." she says, patting her tiger on the flank.  "He's not named "Growl" for nothing." they laugh as they finish immobilizing the tiger on the padded bench.  In moments, the tiger's legs, chest, tail, and hips are restrained fully.  He squirms against the leather straps, testing their strength.  They don't give much, if at all.  And soon he finds himself only able to move his head left and right, at a slight angle each way.  Quietly, he pants in enjoyment of his situation.

He's bound on the table on all fours, on his chest.  His paws barely touch the ground, and his hind legs are bent slightly to maintain a feral standing position.  His tail is held over his legs, supported to the ceiling by a cable and a restraint.  His legs are supported, but his entire groin region is exposed over the end of the bench.  His chin rests on the bench, held so he can only look straight forward.  His hind legs are restrained in two places each, two straps straddle his hind legs by his hips, three straps along his torso and belly, and two straps holding his front legs in place.

The Doctor returns with his clipboard, making some notations.  He pats the tiger's head idly.  "I'm ready to proceed if you are."

The keeper steps around behind the tiger, and removes the plastic chastity device in place around his testicles and sheath.  "Steady there." she says reassuringly.  The tiger begins to throb slightly, the smell of leather thick in his nostrils.  He rumbles out a low gutteral groaning sound as the ring is removed fully.  The keeper hefts his testicles in her hand, and strokes the tiger's sheath gently.  "There's a good boy." she says.  The tiger beams with pride.

The doctor, meanwhile, had placed on a pair of rubber gloves, and wheeled over a tray of instruments.  The tiger looks at the tray, but can't see over the top of it.  The doctor then places on a surgical mask, and goes around behind the tiger.  "As I said before." the doctor says, "This is a rare specimen.  Since we don't see them much in the wild, we'll need to do some studies of them in captivity.  And we need to get accurate counts.  You've kept him inactive?"

"For three weeks." the keeper says, standing next to her tiger.

"Very good." the doctor says.  "Then we'll get a good count.  Does he respond well to prostate stimulation?"

The tiger perks his head up, and the keeper answers.  "Somewhat.  He's not very well versed in it yet."  The doctor makes some affirmative noises, and continues his inspection.

With a free hand the doctor tests the strength of the bonds.  Satisfied that his subject is fully immobilized, he reaches under his tail and strokes the tiger's growing shaft.  The tiger's eyes open wide, and deep from his throat escapes a pleasurable growl.  "Very good." the doctor says.  "I believe we'll get a good sample."

With a hand that has done this hundreds of times before, the doctor uses some lubricant on the shaft of the tiger, then slides a tube-like device onto it.  The tiger half closes his eyes and tries to pump his hips into the table, but the restraints hold him still.  The keeper pats him on the backside once, reminding him not to push.  The tiger breathes in deeper, trying to relax himself.  The doctor then turns on the device.

Instantly, the tiger's body tenses up.  He feels his shaft being massaged expertly, insistently milking him.  He lets out a loud snarling noise, trying desperately to fight a battle that he knows he cannot win, he curls his paws into the bench legs, trying to buck his hips to remove the device or drive it onto his shaft deeper.  He tries to thrash his head violently to one side, to look at his keeper.

She kneels down next to his ear.  She can see his muzzle is contorted into a snarl, his eyes plead to her.  "Go ahead." she said calmly.  "That's what we're here for."

Without any further hesitation the tiger  takes in a sharp breath, and lets out a deep, gutteral snarling sound.  He shows all his teeth as his body wracks in the first orgasm in nearly a month.  His body shakes in the restraints, the sound of creaking leather and metal clanking mixes with the scents of leather, his keeper, the room, and the tiger's mind fogs over in the pure pleasure of orgasm.

The doctor turns off the machine as the tiger tries to pump into it more.  Soon, the tiger relaxes, and rests himself on the bench he is bound to.  The doctor removes the tube from his sheath, and taps the sides.  "VERY nice!" he says, looking at the collection tube.  "This should be enough to start with.  I'll start the sperm count first.  He'll need to stay there for ten minutes or so."

"I don't think that's a problem." the keeper says with a smile.  As the doctor leaves into another room, she knees down next to her tiger. "Good job!  VERY good!"  She strokes his ribs as he pants, trying to regain his strength.  "If your count is high we'll go to the next phase.  And I think you'll enjoy it Growl!"

The tiger half opens an eye, looking to his keeper.  Unable to move much, he licks his muzzle once and tries to relax.  She and the assistant stroke the tiger gently, helping him relax and regain his strength.  The assistant offers him some water, which the tiger drinks sparingly.

Some time later, the doctor comes back smiling.  "You'll be happy to know that his count is above average for the regular tiger breed!" he says.  "If he's ready for it, I would like to begin phase two."  The keeper nods, and the tiger tries to re-adjust his position on the bench.  The restraints hold, however, and he remains in his original position, all fours.

The doctor puts on fresh rubber gloves, and lubricates the tiger's slowly swelling shaft.  "We need to know about the volume that the bondage tiger can produce." he says clinically.  "To that end, we'll need to super stimulate him to get as much as we can out of him.  We'll also use this as our sample to save for future breeding if we find a female bondicus."

As he speaks, he clinically replaces the plastic tube over the tiger's growing shaft.  He then places a device onto the tiger's testicles, and runs the wire to a control device.  "You may have to calm him slightly. " the doctor says.  "We've had some animals complain about this part."  Under his tail, the tiger feels something poke and slowly penetrate his hole.

The tiger lets out a slight wail of initial pain.  The assistant, holds his head in her arms and strokes him gently along the ears.  "It's ok…" she coos.  "He'll get it all into you soon….  shhhhhhh…." the tiger pants heavily in discomfort, but finds that after the first few moments it's not so bad.  He find himself trying to enjoy the feeling.  Soon, the doctor stops his pushing, and uses some straps to hold the probe in place.  "There there…" the assistant says gently.  "That wasn’t' so bad…"

She's replaced by the tigers keeper, she pats him gently on the head.  "You have unrestricted permission to orgasm." she says softly.  "At least tonight."  The tiger nods, a slight look of apprehension in his eyes.  "Ok doctor, he's all yours."

"Sounds good." he says.  "I'll bring him up slower this time, to prolong the ejaculate time."  As he speaks, the tiger feels a tingle under his tail as the probe vibrates against his prostate slowly, at first.  Then he feels a tingling on his testicles, as something vibrates against them.  Then the tube around his feline shaft begins to pulsate slowly, a liquid massaging his growing erection.

Slowly, the tiger curls his toes in the enjoyment.  He pulls against the restraints, feeling their strength holding him onto the bench.  His chuffings become slower apart, and are replaced with a deep guttural rumble, almost a purr.  "Now we'll bring up the intensity." the Doctor says.  in moments, the tiger's body begins to tingle all over, from inside and outside.  The tiger opens his maw, and begins to pant heavily.

"Hmm…" the doctor says.  As the keeper leans over, he points to the gauges.  "He seems to have a higher tolerance for stimulation as well." he says.  "Most animals would have ejaculated by now."

"That's part training." the keeper says.  "And part natural ability."  The doctor nods.  "And I think he enjoys this part, the buildup."

The tiger tries to grind his hips into the tube, but is held steady by the leather straps.  He rolls his head left and right, trying to roll his body in the restraints.  The leather creaks, but does not give.  His eyes roll into his head, as the stimulation is turned up again.  Between the vibration, the massaging, and the tingling, his body loses its resistance, and the floodgates open.  The tiger closes his eyes, hard.

With a thunderous cry, the tiger's body tenses up against the padded bench and the restraints.  He tries to crane his neck, move his legs, but nothing gives.  What little motion he has is directed to thrusting his hips into the table.  He holds his breath as the stimuli in his hole and on his testicles  feels even stronger as he sprays his seed into the collection tube over, and over, and over, and over…  His body spasms for what feels like forever as his body concentrates the pure ecstasy into the collection tube between his hind legs.

The tiger collapses into the bench, feeling spent.  "Wow!" the doctor says.  "Over ten spurts!"  The tiger feels someone pat him on his back over his tail, but is too exhausted to know or care who it is.  "He is a rare species, isn't he?"

"Yep!" the keeper says.  "I thought for sure he'd only have five or six.  You surprised me Growl!"  The tiger weakly tries to nod, but finds it easier to lay down in his restrained position.

"We'll let him rest a while." the doctor says.  "Then we'll try it again."

Three hours later, the tiger lays on the bench completely spent.  After the fifth attempt he was having dry orgasms, and the pain was apparent on his face.  He tried to drink the water the assistant is offering him, and he's barely able to take it.  His keeper is patting him by his shoulder blades.  "You did a great job!" she says.  The tiger can barely move, but nods his head once and tries to make a sound.  "You rest now, big fellah." she says.  "I'll go get the cage, and we'll go home."

As the doctor removes the probe, the tiger barely lets out a groan.  The keeper helped remove the stimulator from the tiger's testicles, and with care removed his tube.  The tiger snarled weakly as the tube was jiggled out of place.  "He'll be sensitive for at least tonight." the doctor said.  "He may be unresponsive to sexual stimulus for a week or less, anything longer than that and I'd like you to bring him back to me."  She nodded.  "We've got a large sample to work from now.  If we find females of his species we can try an artificial insemination."

The keeper nodded.  "I think he might be up for a true breeding too." she said.  "I'll keep an eye on him at the ranch."

As they drove home, the tiger fell asleep in the cage on the truck.  He never noticed that the chastity device was already back on, or even the time.  And in his mind, he wondered how often they would need to get samples.

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