"The consensual TF"

By Socks
© 2003 Socks Furrotica

Sam sat on the couch with his laptop, the lights on his wireless DSL blinking as he looked at the screen.  He wheeled the mouse to read the story before him, tapping his nails on the mouse impatiently.

Jenny leaned over the couch to look at him.  "What are you doing?" she asked.

"Reading" Sam said, adjusting the glasses on his nose.  "Just looking over the latest crop of stories."

"Anything good?" Jenny asked, looking over his shoulder.

"Not really." Sam said, in disgust.  "I mean, look."  He read from the text file dramatically.  "Billy ran from the room screaming "NO NO NO!" as he ran in terror from the disembodied plush covered head of the cow.  The head was too fast for him, and covered his face in bovine blackness."  Sam shook his head.  "The story goes on about Billy being terrified about locked into a fursuit cow, and how he fights and kicks the whole time while a supernatural force overpowers him and forces him into lactating servitude."

"Sounds typical." Jenny said, glancing over the story along with Sam.  "Not your kind of thing?"

"No!" Sam said.  "Look, it's an old idea that's been overdone."  He mocked the story in a whiny voice.  "NO!!!  Don't make me a furry cow!  I don't want to make milk for whatever!"  Sam put his laptop down on the coffee table and looked into his girlfriend's blue eyes.  "Why is it every story you read is a forced transformation?  I love TF stories, I really do.  But why can't there be one where it's…"

"Enjoyable?" Jenny asked, curling her lip whimsically.

"YES!" Sam quickly said, pointing to Jenny.  "I'm not even meaning sex, I mean just a story that everyone involved enjoys it."

Jenny walked around and laid down next to her boyfriend on the couch.  She ran her hand along his arm, through the hair on it and to his fingers.  "So what do you want?"

"Oh, you know I can't write." Sam said.  "But I just want a story where everyone likes it.  Or at least they all want the TF to happen."

Jenny smiled, she leaned to kiss Sam on the lips, and licked the tip of his nose playfully.  "Like what?  I want to know."

Sam sighed, and ran his fingers through his hair once, then Jenny's  brown hair a few times.  "Well I guess the first thing is the trigger."  Sam smiled.  "You know I like sex as a trigger."

Jenny shook her head.  "Oh, I know."  She laughed a little.  "I still remember that night you read about…"

"I said I was sorry." Sam put his hand on his face and shook his head in embarrassment..

Jenny patted Sam's arm.  "I said you were forgiven, my happy little raccoon."  She dug a finger into his side playfully.  "But I had fun with the body paints, just like you did."

Sam cooed to himself.  "You make a sexy fox." Sam said, leaning forward to kiss her on the head gently.  "We can do it again sometime?"  Jenny nodded.  Sam smiled to himself, and relaxed.  "But I guess there needs to be a good trigger to start it.  Like a costume, or a jewelry thing, or a spell book, but something that the people know they're putting on to make them change."

Jenny rolled over to her side.  "Like our body painting fun?"

"Or like some necklaces." Sam said with a nod.  "But it would be like a ceremony to put them on, or something."  Jenny nodded, settling into Sam's lap.  "But then you'd need a metamorphosis."

Jenny opened her green eyes.  "You mean like Kafka's?"

Sam rolled his golden yellow eyes into his head.  "Oh, not this again."

"Well it was a transformation story." Jenny said, holding Sam's hand in hers, letting her long black nails gently drag along the back of his hands and forearms.

"But he woke up as a cockroach!" Sam said, sighing to himself.  "And I thought it was more a metaphor than a TF."

"It was a transformation." Jenny said, nodding.  Sam ran his hand through her red-brown hair.  "Besides?  What is a transformation other than a physical change?  And I thought you like a good transformation."

Sam ran his foot along Jenny's leg, along the grain of her short red hairs.  "If you look at it that way, sure." He said, keeping his claws away from her leg.  "But it’s not just changing of the body, a good TF has an impact on the person being changed.  I like to think of it as…"  He grasped for the term.

"Sexy?" Jenny said, feeling his fuzzy foot against her leg.

"Sexy." Sam said with a reserved sigh, shaking his head and letting his shoulders and ears droop slightly.  "I said I was sorry!"

Jen laughed.  "Stop apologizing!  I know what you like."  She kissed his hand, and licked it a few times along the grain if the light fur.  "But then what?  You don't want it to hurt, do you?"

"No" Sam said softly, shifting his body so he could lay under Jenny.  "I guess having things happen like that would hurt, but I don't like to read about it."

Jenny played with the coarse hair on the back of Sam's hand with her black claws.  "Adding mass to a body isn't' going to be easy, I think that's why it hurts in the stories."

Sam nodded nuzzling against Jenny's eartips.  "But I hate reading it over and over." He said, adjusting his glasses on his muzzle.  "Besides, it's like reading "no no no" over and over.  Gets old."

Jenny shifted her body and laid against Sam's soft belly.  "I suppose so." She said, placing her snout along his soft fur.  With her free hand she traced the white boots of fur on Sam's arm, and gently traced where it changed color.  "But someone has to like it, or it wouldn't get written."

Sam ran his left paw along Jen's head, gently feeling the points of her ears as he brushed them to the side as he stroked her lovingly.  "I guess so." Sam said, shifting himself over so his tail wouldn't fall asleep.  "But it's it kinda like people that watch slasher films?  I don't like those either."

Jen nodded, cooing softly.  She rolled her tail around Sam's leg, who shifted slightly to let her have free movement.  "I'm not a fan of those either." She said.  She looked up to look at Sam's muzzle, and black markings around his eyes, and smiled.  "So I it just about the change?  Or more than that?"

"The change." Sam said, nuzzling at the vixen laying with him.  "What happens after isn't really that important to me."  He slid down the couch, and wrapped his raccoon arms around his love, and hopeful mate.  He cuddled her gently in his furry arms.  "Does it matter to you?"

"I'd like a happy ending." Jen said, kissing Sam's paw.  She licked his paw-pad, causing him to shiver.  She always loved making him shiver like that.

"Yeah, me too." Sam said, nuzzling gently with Jen and biting his lip slightly.  Her scent was nice and soothing when she relaxed like this.  "It's be nice if there was a story like that."

Jen nodded, taking Sam's scent in fully, with a smile creeping across her muzzle.  She just nodded, reaching back to take Sam's glasses off his muzzle and place them on his laptop.  "You talk too much." she said with a playful gleam in her eye.

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