Dalmy's Brother

By : Socks the Catt
© 2002 PFP, all right reserved

This is a story based on "Wolves are the Best" written by Lusty Werewolf and is posted here with his permission.  All characters, except for "Domino" are copyright to HIM, and used with permission.  You can find that story, and others, at  http://wolfserv.lycanthrope.net/~lustywerewolf/


Paul was going through his e-mail in the evening.  He could hear the excited yipps and growls from the other room and the occasional whine of pain and pleasure.  He shook his head and just kept on reading.  One piece of e-mail caught his attention, it was from someone he had been prospecting for some time.  He read it three times to make sure it made sense to him.  He scratched his muzzle chin while contemplating it.  Finally, he called out.  "Dalmy!  Come!"

A thin dalmatian fursuited man came to his doorway with a dishrag still in his muzzle.  He knelt down next to the Sheppard.  Paul patted the dalmatian on the head.  "Dalmy, I want you to accompany me tomorrow night to a meeting.  Out of suit."  The dalmatian whimpered.  "You can bring it along, but no wearing it.  It's a public meeting place.  I have someone you may want to meet."  The Sheppard petted his friend on the head.  "Go back to your fun, puppy."  Dalmy yipped, and padded back into the room where he came from.

Paul tapped a reply on the keyboard.  The meeting was set for the next night at a pancake house up the street from Paul's new home at 7 PM sharp.

The next night Paul sat with Dalmy in the pancake shop.  "Why me?" he asked Paul.

"Because I want you to meet this person." Paul said.  "And if he's too much of a pussy to show up, I figured I could buy you dinner."  Dalmy nodded.

At exactly 7 PM a man walked in the door with a backpack around his shoulder.  He walked over to the cashier, and asked "Can you tell me where Mr. Sheppard is seated?"

"Certainly sir." She said, and led him to the table where Paul and Dalmy were seated.  She let him walk over on his own, leaving the three alone.

Paul got up and  offered a hand.  "You would be Roger?"

"Yes!  You're Paul?" The man shook his hand.  Calling him a man wouldn't do justice, as he was barely a man.  Just over 21, short and thin, he was very well toned, but rail thin.  His blue eyes seemed to glint with excitement at this meeting.

"That's me!  I want you to meet Dalmy.  Dalmy, Roger."

"Pleasure!" Dalmy said, offering his hand.  They all exchanged handshakes and sat down.

Paul never skipped a beat.  "So you like dog fursuits?"

"Yeah!" Roger said.  "I've been interested in their construction, how to build them, and wearing them too!"

"What kind of dog?" Paul asked, grinning to himself.

"Dalmatians." Roger said.  Dalmy perked up when he said that, but still stayed quiet.  "I've always loved dals."

"Oh?" Paul asked.  "Tell me about dalmatians then!"  And Roger let off a quick speech about the history of the breed, what to look for in a good dog, what the breed was originally brought up for.  Dalmy was in heaven, just listening to him talk.  In the meanwhile, they ordered some food and sent the waitress away.

"Ok, that's about enough."  Paul said with a grin.  "I believe you.  So what have you made so far?"

Roger reached into the backpack "Not much.  Just this."  He held up a swatch of material.  It was regular cotton cloth in white with black splotches on it.  He looked at Dalmy "You've been kinda quiet.  Would you like to see it?"

"Yeah!" Dalmy said with excitement in his voice.  Paul pressed on his foot under the table, and Dalmy tried to calm himself down.

Roger never noticed, as he took the components of the costume from the backpack.  "His name is Domino." Roger said.  "He's my personal project."  Roger showed them the bodysuit, a simple pattern suit made of cloth.  The hood was separate, and had vaguely dalmatian shaped ears and an open face.  He showed them the dog face he made as well from Styrofoam, that he painted.  He also took out the collar and the body harness.

The collar was a nylon collar with a stainless steel tag on it.  The tag said nothing, but was a rectangular shape with 3 holes punched out of one end, and four punched out the other like a domino.  The body harness had stainless plates punched into it, all the way around.  Dalmy reached up to touch it, and was surprised at how it felt, still soft and flexible even with the plates.

"Why in steel like this?" Dalmy asked in a daze.

"It's more like the harness that Hopps wore." Roger said.

"Who's Hopps?" Paul asked.

"The Budweiser dog." Dalmy and Roger said, in unison.  They looked at each other, almost looking bewildered.  Their silence was broken when the waitress came with their food.  Roger quickly stowed his costume back into the bag as they all ate dinner.  They talked about nothing in particular, but mostly about dogs, and how dog packs work.  Roger had a working knowledge of dogs that impressed Paul.

When they finally were done, the bill made it's way to the table.  Roger reached for his wallet.  Paul stopped him.  "My treat." he said, then he patted his hip.  "I left the wallet in the van.  Roger?  Can you do me a favor?"

"Sure!" Roger said.

Paul handed him the keys.  "Can you go in the blue van and get my wallet?  It's in the glove box.  Licence plate is Sheprd 1"  Roger nodded and headed out the door.  Paul looked at Dalmy.  "Well?  What do you think of him?"

"He's cute!" Dalmy said.  Paul grinned and scratched Dalmy's cheekbone.  "He's wonderful!  His suit needs work, but…  Can I give him one of mine?  I know he'd take care of it!"

Paul looked at Dalmy "You'd trust him with it?"

"Well, he built this one!  I think he can appreciate a nicer suit!  And I think he's about my size." Dalmy said.  he looked up to see Roger coming back in, and quieted down.

"Thank you Dalmy." Paul said.  "That's all I needed to hear my puppy."  He turned to see Roger coming in, and took back his wallet and keys "Thank you!  You fetch very well!"  Roger blushed.  "Would you like to see our suits?"

Roger nodded "Yes!  Yes I would!"  Paul paid the bill and led Dalmy and Roger to the van.  He opened the back door, and got in.  Roger couldn't see it before, but in the back was a mattress on the floor, and some shelves bolted into the interior near the top.  Also hanging from a hook in the van was a dalmatian fursuit and a mask.

Dalmy got in, and sat down on the floor.  Roger followed as Paul closed the door behind him.  Roger reached up with his hand to touch the suit gently.  "Would you like to see it?" Dalmy said.  "This one is mine."

"Yes!" Roger said as Dalmy took down the suit from the hook, and handed it to Roger.  Roger ran his fingers all around the fur.  He traced down the zipper, feeling it's size.  Dalmy offered him the mask as well, and Roger was about to try it on.

"No." Paul said.  "Don't."   Roger stopped, and only nodded at the command.  He did look at it thoroughly, taking a lot of time to admire the work on it.

"This is beautiful!" Roger said.

"Dalmy?  Why don't you put it on for him?  And Roger?  Why don't you put yours on for Dalmy?" Paul recommended as he pulled out of the lot.  Both of them looked at each other, and together shrugged and  started stripping clothing.  Roger was amazed as Dalmy stripped down to nothing, and sat naked for a moment.  Roger had never been particularly shy about his appearance, so he also stripped naked.

Paul drove the van around in circles for at least half an hour, all the while his puppy changed back into his fur.  Roger stepped into his bodysuit, and placed his paws on after that.  He watched Dalmy put on his suit as well, amazed when he slipped his cock and balls into a sheath and sac.  His jaw was open wide as Dalmy slipped the mask onto his head, and buckled it tight.

"Need some help?" Dalmy asked.  Roger nodded, his ears flopping as he did.  Dalmy helped him with the Styrofoam mask, as well as his collar.  "Feel ok Roger?"

"Domino." he said.  "Please call me Domino?"

Dalmy nodded.  Paul looked in his rear view mirror to see two puppies in the back seat.  He smiled, and took another turn to confuse his newest pup.

Dalmy then leaned into Domino, and stroked his chest.  "Paul has a club for dogs like us." he said.  "I want to know.  Would you join it?"

"Yeah!" Domino said.  "That would be great!  How do I join?"  Dalmy rubbed the chest of his new friend, who rolled his head back slightly.  "I've never done anything like this before." he said.

"Never with a male?" Dalmy asked.

"Never with anyone!" Domino said.  "I've fooled around with women, but never did anything that turned me on like this!"  Domino began to stroke Dalmy's fur as well.  The two of them petted each other as Paul drove into his driveway, and into the garage.

Paul got out and opened up the back.  "Ok pups!  All out!"  They both got out, Dalmy's excitement was obvious as he was dripping out of his sheath.  Domino's crotch seam was moist as they walked into the house.  Dalmy stopped Domino in the entry hallway and stroked his fabric covered chest, letting Paul past them both but keeping their new arrival in place.  Paul took an immediate turn into his study, and grabbed his German Sheppard bodysuit and got into it.  He slid the mask over his face, and adjusted it slightly.  "AWWROOOO!!  WROOF WROOFFF!!!" he barked out.

Domino watched as a rottweiler, a great dane and a beautiful husky  came into the room.  Domino felt weak in the knees.  "Puppies!  This is Domino, and I would like to bring him into the pack!"  The other dogs yipped and barked their approval.  They then all approached the new arrival, and hugged him generously.  Domino hugged then each back.  "I would like all of your help to do it.  I'd like to give him a tour of our home.  Dalmy?  Meet the others in the living room and help them prepare it."

Dalmy nodded, and followed out the other dogs.  The German Sheppard took a leash and clipped it onto Domino's collar.  "Heel!"  Domino did, and Paul took him on a tour of the house.  He showed him the bedrooms upstairs,  the lining quarters, and then took him to the basement.  Once there, Domino saw another suited man.  He was in a brown dog costume, a heavy black leather collar, and not much else.  There as a large padlock on he collar, and Domino could see that it was actually holding the zipper shut, but it was looped around the collar.  This man was in a large dog cage, and he reeked of sweat and cum.

"This is mutt." Paul said.  "We're still breaking him in, he doesn't like being a dog, do ya boy?"  Paul banged on the cage, and the mutt whined.  "Once you're in the pack, you can mark him too."

The mutt whined louder, and started to act agitated.  "I think the mutt has something to say?"  He reached into the cage, and under the mask to loosen the gag.

"DAMMIT!" the mutt screamed.  "I was here longer!  I am due for it!  Not him!  ME!"

Paul grabbed the mutt by the collar.  "First of all, you came to us as a wolf, remember?  We defeated you fair and square boy.  Second, he came to us as a dog, not a wolf.  You have a lot to learn about being a dog before we'll let you graduate."  The mutt tried to resist, but the Paul forced the gag back into his mouth.  He then closed the cage, and spread his legs.

The mutt knew what was coming, and bowed his head in defeat.  The Sheppard started to urinate through his sheath all over the mutt, soaking his shaggy, unkept fur.  Domino watched in amazement as the Sheppard raised his head back in a howl, finishing his marking of the mutt.  The mutt looked up, almost in defiance, but he could not hide his erection from his sheath.

Paul pulled on the leash.  "Heel Domino."  He slapped his thigh.  "Come!"  They went back upstairs and into the living room.  The couch was moved to the side, and the floor was clear.  Paul led Domino into the center.   "Sit."  He did.

"I heard you say you are a virgin." Paul said.  Domino nodded.  "Ever considered yourself a gay doggie?"  Domino looked confused.  "Not sure?"  Domino nodded.  "I would like to bring you into the pack not as a mutt, but as an equal.  You will differ to me as the pack leader.  You will be my puppy, and answer to me always.  And you will submit to me as I wish.  Will you do that?"

Domino nodded.  "Yes."  He would have agreed to anything just to be surrounded by these wonderful dog costumes on a regular basis!  "Will I need to be here weekly?  Monthly?"

"Don't worry about that Domino." Paul said.  "Right now, you need a nicer suit.  Don't you think puppies?"

The husky nodded, and reached behind the couch.  He came up with a box, and opened it,  He presented the open box to the Sheppard.  Paul then lifted up a dalmatian costume, just like Dalmy's.  The marking were different, but one would have a hard time telling.  It was only a bodysuit, no paws on it.  Domino stared at it in sheer amazement, he could feel his erection pressing against the cloth suit he was wearing, and he started to shake in excitement.

Without a word, The rotty and the dane both descended on the recruit.  They started to lick him with their specially designed doggie tongues.  Their paws reached up and effortlessly removed his Styrofoam mask.  Domino was in heaven as he felt paws roaming all around his body.  He felt Dalmy's paws easing his old costume mits off, then his costume booties.  The husky' reached to his zipper, and undid it the full way down.  They removed his old collar as well, and laid it to the side.  His old cloth hood removed, the dogs pulled his old sleeves away from him and lifted him gently to remove his legs from their cloth casings.

Now naked, Roger returned.  He felt all the dogs licking him all over, their tongues making him more horny.  "I think…" Roger panted out  "I think I'm a gay puppy dog…  This feels too good not to be right." he said with his eyes closed.   The dogs pulled away, except for Dalmy.  Dalmy held the new suit in his paws.  Roger looked at him with a contented grin, and he only nodded.  That's all he needed to do.

 Dalmy helped Roger onto his back.  "Can I still call you Domino?"

"Always." he said.  "If I can call you Dalmy?"

Dalmy nodded fast.  "You can call me that."  Dalmy helped Domino into the legs of the new suit.  Domino could feel the warm, slick latex material as his leg was coaxed into it.  His foot came out the other side gently, as did his other foot.  Immediately he could feel the suit warm up with his body heat, and become more flexible.  Dalmy then grasped Domino's erection in his paw, and stroked him roughly.  Domino moaned louder, and rocked his whole body in sheer pleasure.  Dalmy stopped, looking at the Sheppard.

The German Sheppard just shook his head.  "Not yet Dalmy.  He's still a virgin."  The other dogs sat up in surprise.  They were in for a real treat tonight!  A new pack member AND a deflowering of both puppy and man!  Paul reached into the box, and pulled out a latex extension.  "And he needs his doggie bone."  The Sheppard roughly handled Domino's shaft, unrolling the latex tip onto him.  Domino moaned in pure pleasure feeling the paws play around on him.  The Sheppard pulled away.  "Continue, Dalmy."

Dalmy whimpered, wanting to finish his new friends orgasm, but went back to his business.  Domino looked up in time to see Dalmy push his shaft through the dog sheath, fully erect.  He could then see that the coloration was different, more gray and dog like.  And then he saw his knot, fully swollen and extremely visible just past his sheath.  He also saw his black doggie balls now rolling between his legs.

He held his arms up, and Dalmy helped him put his arms into their sleeves too.  Dalmy pulled the hood up over Domino's head, leaving his full face open.  The suit was then pulled tight behind him, and zipped up with it's industrial zipper.  Domino gasped, feeling how tight it first felt.  Dalmy smoothed the material over the zipper, making it vanish under the folds and giving a seamless appearance.  After a few moments, however, it felt like it had loosed up.  Domino wouldn't get the time to adjust, as Dalmy and the rotty both began to lick him again, all over his chest and stomach.

Paul reached into the box again, and handed Dalmy four paw gloves.  Dalmy held Domino's hand, and slipped on the first paw.  Domino looked at it in wonderment, his black dewclaws shined in the lights.  His paw pads were soft.  And it was snow white.  "I'm pedigreed?" he asked.  The others laughed and howled as Dalmy helped Domino put on his other forepaw.  Domino wiggled his fingers, his excitement growing with each finger he moved.  Together they smoothed the material up his wrist, making the seam invisible.

Dalmy then slipped the feet onto Domino.  Domino wiggled his toes into the individual sections, and he could feel his claws at the end of his toes.  Dalmy tucked the paws into the bodysuit, and started licking Domino again.  He concentrated around his nipples, and Domino wrapped his paws around Dalmy's head, moaning in sheer pleasure and stroking his costume ears..

"You wouldn't be a complete doggie without your muzzle." Paul said.  "On all fours puppy."  Domino scrambled onto all fours.  Paul held up the headpiece for Domino to see.  It was very similar to Dalmy's headpiece, with one ear almost totally black.  Paul spilled the headpiece over Domino's head.  "Take the mouthpiece." he instructed.  Domino did, and found that he now had a dog tongue like Dalmy!  Paul snapped the buckle in place.  With the hood in place, no human flesh could be seen under Domino's new dog fur!

"Now puppy…  you need to show your pack leader you'll give him anything." he said.  Domino rolled under, and exposed his belly to the Sheppard.  He brought his  paws up into a beg position, and he clenched his butt and bought his tail between his legs.  "You learn fast!" Paul said.  "Back on all fours now puppy."

Domino was more than happy to comply.  He then felt Paul's hands around his hips, and raising his tail.  "Dalmy…  lay down and service our newest pack member, won' t you?"

Dalmy barked, and laid on his back, his muzzle between Domino's legs.  "And, Domino, Dalmy has been such a good boy, I know you're inexperienced, but return his favor."  Domino barked as best he could, and placed his paws around Dalmy's hips.  "Now, I introduce you to my pack, Domino."

Paul put his shaft, glistening with gobs of lube, against the virgin hole of Domino.  Domino moaned out when he felt the touch.  He tried to relax, but the excitement of the moment made it hard.  Dalmy opened his muzzle and took Domino to the knot in a gulp.  Domino gasped, and that was all the relaxation that Paul needed.

The German Shepard drove his Alpha shaft all the way into Domino's hole.  Domino let out a howl, then a whimper as the feeling of being ripped apart for the first time consumed him.  Paul used the knot on his penis sleeve as a stopping point, and he began to slowly thrust in and out.  After a few moments getting used to the huge shaft under his tail, he dove into Dalmy's sheath with a vengeance.  What he lacked in experience he made up for in enthusiasm as he slobbered all over Dalmy's warm shaft.

The three of them seemed to work together in a gyrating pile of fur.  Domino then let out a moan.  "Not yet pup!" Paul barked.  The rotty, husky and dane allmade their way to their newest pack member, stroking his body, pulling his tail a little, holding his head onto Dalmy's sheath.  Domino sucked on Dalmy's shaft harder to try to relieve the pressure building, but he felt Dalmy's shaft throb.  Paul's German Sheppard cock continued to ram into the virgin hole of Domino.  Suddenly, the sheppard  let out a howl "NOW!"

Paul dug his claws into Domino's ass as he pushed all the way into him, sealing his doggie knot into his ass.  Domino growled, and dug his own claws into Dalmy's  leg as his shaft began to erupt gobs of cum.  Dalmy never had a chance, he bucked his hips into Domino and came hard into the virgin mouth of the newest dog of the pack.

Domino's sphincter clamped around the knot of his pack leader, and milked him of his seed.  He tasted Dalmy's seed in his muzzle, and he began to swallow all he could out of reflex.  Dalmy also drank, never releasing Domino from his muzzle's grip.  The other three howled, welcoming Domino into their pack as an equal, all eagerly eyeing the tail of their newest pup!

Paul started to come down from his orgasm, but he could feel his knot locking him to Domino's hole.  He held his newest puppy in his paws, and bent over next to his ear.  "Your virginity is mine, Domino." he said. "You drank of Dalmy's seed, as he drank yours.  You are brothers now.  Separate, but equals in the pack."  He patted Domino on the side of he belly.  "Welcome pup."

Domino panted hard, feeling the tie from his pack leader inside him.  He let out a weak barking noise, still smacking his lips from Dalmy's cum.  Dalmy licked Domino's spotted sheath clean , sending Domino into a wild groaning fit.  Dalmy then pulled away, and looked up at his new pack mate.  Domino felt spent, totally.  He mustered out a weak "thank you" and collapsed.

Paul felt his newest puppy's body go limp.  "Is he ok?" he growled.

"Yeah." Dalmy said, looking over his brother in breed. "I think he passed out."

Domino woke up on a large pillow.  He felt warm all over, and his back felt especially warm.  He opened up his eyes and realized he wasn't in his own bedroom.  He was sleeping on a large dog bed, with another's arm around him.  He could also feel something poking him from under his tail.  He looked around, and found a dalmatian next to him.

"Dalmy?" he whispered.

"Hmm?"  Dalmy opened one eye.  "You're up?"

"Yeah."  He placed his paw on Dalmy's paw.  "It wasn't a dream?"

"No." Dalmy said.  "You're one of us now."

"We're brothers?  In the pack?"

"Yep!" Dalmy said  "We're also sharing the room.  Alpha is getting your stuff from your apartment and bringing it in here with Rotty and the Husky."

"Do I want to know how…"

"No." Dalmy said, with a wink.  "You're in the pack now.  You live here as long as you're in the pack.  And if you'll stay with me…."  Dalmy let it drift.

"If I'll stay with you?"  Domino looked around, and saw that the dalmatian motif continued everywhere.  He was sleeping on a large spotted dog bed, the sheets on the real bed were black and white, there were pictures and posters on the walls of dals.  "And how would you keep me out?"

Dalmy smiled behind his mask.  "I know how I can keep you in!"  He rolled Domino onto his back, and straddled his body.  He then reached with his paw and began to stroke Domino.  With his other paw he reached for a bottle of lube.  As he slicked up Domino's shaft, he stroked him to full erection.  Domino whimpered in delight.

Dalmy suddenly let go, and grabbed Domino by his wrists, pinning him to the floor with his paws over his head.  He then straddled his packmate's hips, raised his tail, and lowered himself onto Domino's glistening dog shaft.  Leaning hard on Domino's wrists, Dalmy cocked his head back and howled as his pack brother impaled him.  Domino howled as well, feeling his rock hard shaft slide into the beautiful dalmatian on top of him.

They both pumped each other, then Domino had a fun idea.  He twisted his wrist, and came out of his costume paw!  Quickly, he grabbed Dalmy's shaft and began to stroke it in time.  Dalmy shot straight up, his back straightening out as he felt the bare flesh on his shaft.  "NOT FAIR!" he said  "You're not supposed to take it off!"

"All's fair…  Whennn…  whennnn….  AAAAAAAWWWWWWWRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"  Domino howled as he came into Dalmy, his hips bucking hard off the pet bed.  Domino finally collapsed on his back, panting hard, his doggie tongue lolling out.  Dalmy helped him put his paw back on while Domino recovered.

"That's fantastic!" Domino finally said.  "Thank you."

Dalmy licked him in he muzzle.  "Anything for my brother."  And he laid down, pulling himself off of Domino's shaft.  Domino could feel that he was still lubed up from Paul, and he could see that Dalmy was well out of his sheath still.

"Did the others take me?  After Alpha, I mean?"  Domino asked

"No." Dalmy said.  "Once you woke up we were going to let you truly take it from the rest of us.  Alpha said I could with you.  But since they left we'll have to wait until they get back."  Domino grinned wide under his mask, making his puppy tongue roll out with a wry grin.  "Whatcha thinking?"

Domino took a deep breath, rolled himself onto his knees, straddling Dalmy's waist.  He then grabbed Dalmy's wrists, as he had done to Domino moment before.  "All's fair brother!" he said, lowering himself onto Dalmy's shaft.  Dalmy's eyes opened wide, surprised at the turn, but his look of surprise gave way quickly to a moan of pleasure, feeling Domino's tight hole engulf his shaft.

They both  got back into their rhythm from before.  Dalmy laid back in total submission as he felt the insistent tightness of his new packmate.  He didn't hold out much longer than Domino could, and his hips bucked into Domino.  Dalmy howled again in sheer delight as he sprayed his seed deep into Domino, Domino finally slammed his hole onto Dalmy, panting hard, feeling his heat deep into him.

Slowly, the two separated, panting hard and spent.  Domino laid on his back next to Dalmy, and between breaths said "I'm not going anywhere.  Mind if I sleep here with you?"

Dalmy nodded slowly.  "I was asked to somehow mark you so the others could tell us apart." he said, getting up slowly.  "Paul saw how you liked your collar, and I'd like to give you a new collar.  If that's ok?"  Domino nodded.  Dalmy smiled, and reached just onto the floor next to the pet bed.  He held up a green leather collar.  Domino's old tag was already placed on it, along with another tag that simply read "Member of the AKC"

Dalmy placed it gently around Domino's neck, and buckled it shut.  He hugged his packmate tight, and Domino returned the hug ten fold.  Dalmy rubbed his muzzle on Domino's muzzle, and with a lump in his throat said to his brother "Welcome home."

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