By : Socks
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The firedog, held his axe up, sheltering his brother behind him.  They both were drained, but ready for a fight.  "Get the stun gun." the Animal control man said.  "They're both nuisances!"

*I can make it to the door.* the dog thought to his brother.  *But I won't leave you*

"I'm ready to run." the firedog said quietly, growling slightly.  "Wait 'till they get closer, and we'll dodge them."

*I'm ready* the dog said, looking around for his opening.

The animal control man was standing, ready with his taser.  "Bad dog." he said.  "You're going with me."  The firedog gripped his axe, grinding his claws into the handle, waiting for his opening.

"WHAT are you doing?"  All of them looked at where the voice came from.  "Why are you threatening my men?"

The animal control man turned to look, and saw a fireman there in full gear, His jacket had "Captain Washburn" on it, and his helmet shared the crest and number on the dog's helmets, 19.  "These are dangerous animals!" he said tersely.  "That one bit me!" he said, pointing to the one with the axe.

"I'd bite you too if you threatened me with that!" the man said, motioning to the taser.  "And you're an idiot if you think that will work on turnout.  Rubber boots and insulation in the jackets, ya moron.  You boys ok?"

"Yes sir!" the firedog said.  "Just resting before we go back."

"Good." he said, then he turned his attention to the Animal Control officer.  "You threaten my men again, and I will make sure you're stuck behind a desk until your pension runs out.  Is that understood?"  The officer nodded.  "Now get going before you really make me mad."

The dogs got out of their stance as the Animal control officer sneered, then walked away.  They both let out a sigh of relief.  "Thank you sir." the firedog said.

Greg knelt next to the two.  "So who are you two?  I saw you inside before, and I thought you were one of my boys."

*Aren't we?* the dog thought, looking to his brother.  *We're wearing the same number, he has to be our captain!*

"I know." the firedog said, looking at his brother.  "I'm a little confused too."  He looked to the Captain, who looked confused too.  "Can't you hear him?  I can."

"I'm afraid not." Greg said.  "I don't usually understand dogs."

The firedog looked to his brother.  "That would explain it all." he said.

*I guess you're the only one who I can talk to, and other dogs.* the dog said, with a sad expression.  *not that I mind it.*

The firedog patted his brother on the helmet.  "I'm sorry too."  He then looked to the man.  "This is my brother." he said.

"Do you have names?" Greg asked.

The firedog looked confused.  "Umm…  I don't think so.  There's no name on our collars, so I don't think we have them."

Greg looked over the dogs with some interest.  They both had on helmets identical to his company's, down to the emblems and lettering style.  The one on two legs had on turnout that was eerily the same as his company, down to the reflector placement and color schemes.  How his tail came out the back was extremely cute too.  The four legged dog had "Station 19" colors too, but his gear was all first aid and pack oriented.  There was obviously a space for some kind of a pry bar or something, but it was empty now.  If they weren't with his company, they could have fooled him.

"Were you in the hotel?"  They both nodded.  "Ok, do you remember the room number?  We can look for clues there."

"Yes sir." the firedog said.  They went back into the hotel, together.  "I think the elevators are back online, but the stairs are probably safer.  We lost our pry bar on the third floor.  I dropped it while rescuing some people from the car trapped there."

"Were they all ok?" Greg asked.  The dog nodded.  "Good.  What floor were you on?"

"Third." the firedog said.  "I remembered to grab the room key before leaving."

"I think the stairs will work ok." Greg said.  They went up to the room, and the firedog led them to their room.

"It's kinda a mess in here." he warned.

*the whole hotel is a mess!* the dog thought.  The firedog kissed his brother on the muzzle playfully, and opened the door.  The dog padded in, followed by his brother.  *I hope we still have something to drink in here.  I'm thirsty.*

"I'll get it." the firedog said.  He walked into the bathroom, and filled the sink with water for his brother.  "At least the water still runs, huh?"  The dog stood on his hindlegs, and drank from the sink basin as Greg looked around the room.  "I'm sorry sir, I keep forgetting you can't hear him."

"It's ok." Greg said, spotting two wallets on the nightstand.  He picked them up, and looked inside for drivers licenses.  Sam Kitcuni and William Smith.  They lived in the same town in Illinois, quite a trip.  "Hey, which one of you is William?" he asked.

The firedog, took his coat off, and placed it on the bed.  Greg couldn't help but notice how well defined his abs were under his fur, and how strong his arms looked, even for his size.  Not to mention how you cold barely see his nipples under the fur, and next to his suspenders.  Greg felt a little flushed in the face, but tried to keep his own reaction cool.  "Who's William?" the firedog asked.  Greg showed him the drivers licenses.  The firedog  shook his head.  "No, doesn't ring any bells."

*Let me look.*  the dog licked his chops as he padded into the main room.  Greg saw him coming, and knelt to show him the licenses.  *They're cute, but no.  Did they leave something here?  If they come back I'd do 'em.* he looked to his brother and panted a little but  *I'd love to do the Captain, he's a hottie!  Smells good too!*

"This is serious." the firedog said to his brother with a slight stern sound to his voice.  "You'll have to excuse us, Sir.  See, we're gay, and I think they're both cute too.  My brother would love to do you, as would I and all.  And I love my brother and all, but I think sometimes we get sex on the brain too much."

Greg felt a shiver run cold through his body when the firedog said it.  It resonated deep into his soul.  The word gay.  That was it.  That's what was different.  Everyone had changed around him, and he realized that he had changed too.  Greg figured out very quickly that everyone changed into what they were dressed as, but he was already dressed as a fire fighter.  So his change wasn't in body.  But he was ready to play up the campy "Village People" angle to the show, so his change was within.

It was all so simple now.  He knew he was gay.  He knew this morning he wasn't, but right now, that seemed right.  It explained why he was looking at men like he was, even in the worst of the disaster.  Something in his mind told him it was wrong, to be gay, but he knew, without a doubt, he was gay.  And in a room with two gay firedogs that looked incredibly hot, and respected him for his authority.  They'd probably do anything he asked, including….

He then realized how homophobic his own station was.  If he came to work, and looked remotely gay, he knew the problems he would have.  They didn't gay bash, but when you lived with these guys for days at a time…  Greg knew the possible problems in admitting his new feelings to men.  He closed his eyes, and shook his head slightly.  He looked to both dogs, very serious, kneeling down to see them eye to eye.  "Boys, listen to me." he said.  "I'm gay too.  But we have to keep it a secret.  Our little secret.  Ok?"

Both dogs looked at each other, then to the Captain, and nodded slowly, a little confused.  "We can do that." the firedog said.  "Pup's honor."

"Good." Greg said.  "But more immediate than that, we need to find you a place to stay."

"Don't we live at the station?" the firedog asked innocently.

Greg half closed his eyes, feeling something in his heart break.  He didn't have the heart to tell these kids that they weren't dogs, nor did they work at the station.  He looked at the phone on the desk of the room.  "Let me make a phone call, ok?"  Both dog nodded.

Greg picked up the phone, and it still worked.  So far, so good.  He dialed 9, and he got a dial tone.  Even better.  He dialed the umber, and listened to it rang once, twice, third, and picked up.  "Hello?"

"It's Greg." he said.  "I need to talk to you."

"Greg!" the man said on the other side.  "Where are you?  Were you near that hotel?"

"Yeah, inside." Greg said. "In my turnout.  So I didn't change." Greg lied.  "Listen, I've got two kids here, they need a place to stay."

"What you do is your own problem." the man said.  "Try child services."

"No, you don't understand." Greg said.  "This is a little longer term than that, and they need our help.  Can I meet you, with them, tonight, at the station?"

"Sure." the man said.  "They're letting people leave the scene?"

"Most are staying on their own free will." Greg said.  "But I want you to meet these two."

"Ok." he said.  "You can brief me on the situation as well.  I want to hear what you have to say."

"Yes sir." Greg said.  "See you in a few hours?"

"See you then."

Greg looked at the two dogs, who were nuzzling each other.  They looked more nervous now that the worst was over, as if the reality was falling in on them.  "I need to talk to you about a few things.  But first, you two need names." he said.  "At least in the short term."  The dogs nodded together, in agreement.

Outside, the fire fighters were packing their gear up as Greg walked up with his the dogs.  "Captain!" one yelled out.  "You ok?"

"I'm good." Greg said.  "I want you to meet two friends of mine." he said.  "This is Blaze." he said, pointing to the two legged dog in full gear.  "And this is Smoke." he said, pointing to the four legged dog in the harness and helmet.

"Hi!" Blaze said, offering a gloved paw with a smile on his muzzle.  The fireman took it, and they shook hands.  Blaze took off his helmet, and held it in his off paw.

"Hey there!" the man said with a smile.  "Nice outfit!"

"Well yeah!" Blaze said.  "Thank you!  I guess.  I mean it's one of ours, isn't it?"  The man grinned, patting Blaze on the head.

"I'd like to give them a place to stay, at the station." Greg said.  "They have nowhere to go right now, and I think they'd be a real help around the station."

"I don't have a problem with it." another fireman said, patting Smoke behind the ears, who just panted happily.  "We could use a dog around the place."

"They're housetrained, right?" another joked.  They all laughed.

"I hope so!" Greg said to his men.  "You know how I run the station, you all get a vote.  I'm asking the chief if we can let them stay or not for the long term, but I want your go ahead first."

"Ho-Jo might be allergic." one said.  "But if he's good with it, I don't care."

"Ho-Jo!" someone yelled out.  A man appeared behind the fire truck.  "Come here!"  The man came over, and looked at the dog.  There was a tense moment, then they looked at the dogs.  "He's not sneezing or anything."

"That's weird." Ho-Jo said.  "Usually I'm hacking a lung by now.  So who's your friends, Captain?"

A few weeks later, two people knocked on Captain Washburn's door.  He looked up, and saw the couple there, and waived them in.  "Are you William's parents?"

"Yes." the man said.  "Where is he?"

"I'm not sure which one he is." Captain Washburn said.  "I'm sorry you had to hear about this in this way but you needed to know about his whereabouts."

"At least he's safe." Mrs. Smith said.  "Can we talk to him?"

The captain sighed.  "In a moment.  You need to know some things first.  I know I told you on the phone, but I want to remind you.  They've already seen the psychiatrists, the legal people from the city, and even child services wanted to talk to them.  He doesn't remember anything before the incident in the hotel.  He's convinced he's a dog, and that he's always worked at the station here.  They are both happy working here, and living here.  I want to try to prepare you for this, but whichever one William is, I don't know if he will remember you."

"We needed to see him for ourselves." Mr. Smith said.  "If he remembers us, can we take him home?"

"This isn't a prison." Captain Washburn said.  "He's free to do what he wishes."

Outside the main bay, Blaze was washing the side of the main engine, listening to the radio, smiling happily.  He was wearing the fire company t-shirt, his collar with his ID tag and shots information, a pair of tinted sunglasses to protect his eyes from the sun and a pair of shorts probie Buckman gave him for hanging around the station in.  Smoke was sleeping in the corner, on his pet bed.  The Captain came out with the couple.  "Blaze?"

"Yes Sir?"  He put down his brush and walked towards him.

"I'd like you to meet some people." Captain Washburn said.  "This is Mr. and Mrs Smith.  They came to meet you and Smoke."

Blaze wiped his paw on his shirt, and took his sunglasses off.  He offered his paw "A pleasure to meet you!  Sorry it's a little wet, I'm washing the engine today."

Mr. Smith offered his hand hesitantly.  "Do you know who we are?"

Blaze looked at them both in a strange way.  They didn't smell familiar.  "I'm sorry, should I?  I've met a lot of people in the last couple of weeks or so, I apologize if I've forgotten."

"That's all right." the man said.  The woman started to cry.

Blaze looked over.  "I'm sorry!  Are you ok?"  She turned away, and ran back into the Captain's office.  Captain Washburn turned and went after her.  "Is she ok?" Blaze asked, looking sad.

"I'll go check on her too.  We'll be right back."  Blaze nodded, not sure if he did something wrong.

A few hours later, Blaze was finishing the tour of the station with the couple.  "And that's home!" he said.

"And you clean up here?" The woman asked.

"Well, me and Smoke." he said.  "And we're going to be doing a tour of the schools in the area, teaching the kids fire safety and about firefighting.  We're gonna start that in a few weeks, once we have the go ahead.  We go out on some calls too, they won't let us do the real work until we get our training and certification, but we help where we can."

Mr. Smith nodded.  "And you're both happy here?"

*DUH!* Smoke thought to Blaze.  The tags on his collar jingled loud as he rolled his eyes and nodded.  *You've only told them that a dozen times!  They're worse than the shrinks!*

Blaze chuckled, looking to Smoke.  "Smoke said yes.  And I am too."

The couple nodded.  "We'd like to talk to your captain again."

"Sure thing!" Blaze said.  "It was a pleasure meeting you both!"

Captain Washburn was finishing up some paperwork when the Smith's knocked on his door.  "We need to go." the man said.  "If Bill is one of those two, he seems happy here."

"I like to think they are." Captain Washburn said.  "I'm sorry I couldn't tell you which was which."

"It doesn't matter." Mrs. Smith said.  "Just do us one favor.  Take care of them for us."

"We certainly will." the captain said.  "Like I said before, this isn't a prison.  They've become family to us all."

Mrs Smith nodded.  "And if I send them a Christmas card?"

"I'll make sure they get it.  I promise."

"So this holiday season, be fire aware." Blaze said to the camera.  "Not that we don't like your cooking, but we'd rather not make a visit to your home this holiday season."

"AWROOOFF!!!  Roowwwwrr ROWWWRR!" Smoke barked.

"Well, we never say no to table scraps." Blaze grinned, hugging his brother around the neck with a grin, and running his paws through his neck fur.

"AND CUT!"  The director walked over to Blaze.  "That wasn't in the script."

"But it's funny!" he said, throwing his body down to emphasize it.

The director shook his head.  "Ok, ok, it was funny.  Can we do it our way once?"

*critic.* Smoke thought.  Blaze laughed aloud.  The director looked at them funny, but Blaze pointed to his brother.  The director shook his head, and walked away.  *sometimes I'm thankful I can't talk.  I'd tell him what I really think.*

"Like too much cologne." Blaze whispered.  Smoke nodded.

*Like he's going to impress us?* Smoke thought.  *Geez.  I cold sniff him out in the worst inferno.  But I'm ready for another take.  This is kinda fun!*  Blaze smiled, and kissed his brother on the muzzle quickly.

Captain Washburn looked on from the wings.  How Blaze looked in his turnout was gorgeous, and Smoke looked good in his helmet and collar.  Nice reflector work on the helmet, and the cameras were very kind to them both.  He grinned, he had a surprise for them tonight.

"Thanks for setting that up for us Captain!" Blaze said.  Smoke had his head out the window as they drove back to home.  "That was fun!"

"The fun doesn't have to stop, you know." Greg said, with a smile.  Smoke looked interested, and smelled a sharp, pleasant musk in the air.  He knew what it meant, The Captain was excited, and he hoped it meant they might have sex again..  "If you want, we can go back to my apartment before I take you home."

Blaze almost jumped out of his chair, but stayed put.  "You mean it?  More playtime?"  Greg nodded.  "Yes please!"  Greg smiled, and took a left to go back to his place.

Pete was sitting on the couch when Greg opened the door.  "Greg?  That you?"

"Yep!" Greg said  "With company.  I hope you're decent!"

"UNCLE PETE!!!"  Blaze hopped up to the couch and gave the Police chief a hug.  Pete returned it warmly.  "Captain didn't tell us you'd be here!"

"Our secret." Pete said, tapping next to his eye with a smile.  Blaze did the same.

Smoke followed Greg into the kitchen, and rubbed against his leg warmly.  Greg laughed, and knelt next to him.  "I wish I could understand you sometimes."  Smoke nodded, and raised his shoulders up and down.  "But we'll have some dinner, then some playtime."  Smoke licked Greg once, who laughed.

After dinner, Pete, Smoke and Blaze were watching some television on the living room couch when Greg walked in and sat down next to them.  Blaze was already naked, but his collar, and Pete was only in his boxer shorts.  Blaze was stroking Pete's belly, letting his paws occasionally wander under the waistband.  "I'd like to know if you all would like to go to the cabin in three weeks." Greg said.  "Larry said he could be there too."

Smoke drooled a little.  Larry was his favorite of all Greg's friends, he knew how to treat a dog.  *YES!!!!* he thought excitedly.  *Tell him yes!!!!!*  Smoke wagged his tail briskly.

Blaze smiled.  "If I say no Smoke will bite me."

*Still might!* Smoke looked to his brother with a sleek grin.  Blaze smiled back, and looked over his shoulder to Pete.  He could feel the officer's excitement poke him gently in the tail.

"I'll have to check my calendar." Pete said.  "But I'll say yes."  He kissed Blaze on the head gently, then put his hand on Greg's shoulder.  "If the boys here can come, then I'll cancel my old plans."

Blaze turned over on the couch, and used his hind paw to help Pete get comfortably naked.  "Make it worth your while if you do."  He began to lick Pete's nipple, and Smoke leaned up and did the same to his other nipple.

Pete leaned his head back and groaned in ecstasy.  Greg stroked Blaze on the base of his tail, and both dogs wagged their tails happily.  "Not all of us get double the pleasure, boys?"

"Sorry Captain." Blaze said.  He looked up to Pete with a happy smile.  "Will Smoke be ok for the night?"

*OK!?!?* Smoke thought, trying to sound hurt to his brother.  *You can sleep in your own bed tonight, mister!*

"I'm kidding!" Blaze said with a laugh.  Greg and Pete looked at each other with a confused look.  But in minutes, they both had more than a handful in their laps.

"Are you sure it's a good idea?" one asked.  "Blaze is an asset to us as a PR tool."

"It was his idea." Greg said.  "And I think that it's a progressive step if he really is certified."

"And the dog?  Smoke?" the Fire Marshal asked.  "Are you sure his training held?"

"We'll see." Greg said, hoping privately it would.

Blaze ran the hose from the hydrant, taking a few sniffs as he did.  No dogs.  Strange.  But the building as still burning, he concentrated on his work.  Smoke stood next to the truck, looking around.  Blaze slammed on the wrench, and the hose inflated with water.  "GO ON FLOW!"

The crew put out the fire quickly, the small house fire was very minimal, very controlled burn.  Blaze helped with the hoses, as well as the water.  Smoke eyed the crowd that was gathering to watch.  Experience told him this was normal.  But as he scanned, he saw something odd.  Then he caught the scent.  It had only been drilled into his head a dozen or more times.

*Brother?*  Blaze was walking back with the hoses on his shoulder, and saw Smoke eying the crowd.  *Walk with me?*  Blaze nodded, and they walked to the crowd.  Some distance away, Greg bit his lip, watching.

The two walked to the crowd, and Smoke sniffed around.  Several of the children recognized Blaze, and started talking to him.  This was their plan.  As the crowd's attention was on Blaze, Smoke sniffed around, and eventually felt the scent of gasoline sting in his nostrils.  He looked up to see a man in front of him, near the back of the crowd.  He made no signal, and kept walking around.  *I think I found him.* Smoke thought out loud.  *Get a policeman here, this guy reeks of gasoline.*

Blaze never broke stride.  "Hey, I gotta go back to the truck.  I'll grab something for you all there!"  The kids cheered a little, and Blaze padded back to the main engine.  It was something he learned with Captain Washburn, to keep coloring books in the cab to keep the crowd at bay.  He poked his head into the main compartment.  "Radio the police.  My brother thinks he found someone who reeks of gasoline.  And that burned like a gas fire."

"How do you know?" The fireman asked.

"I could smell it in there.  Total gasoline fire" Blaze said.  "Smoke is keeping an eye on the guy, just radio for a policeman, ok?"  The fireman nodded, and picked up the radio as Blaze picked up a small stack of comic books he hid under the seat.

"We have a request for a police officer." the radio crackled to life.  "A suspect in this fire has been spotted in the crowd.  Plain clothes officer requested."  Greg nodded, and looked over to th Fire Marshal.

The Fire Marshal nodded.  "Tell them I'll let them graduate if they can do it on their own merits."  He looked to Greg  "And tell them congratulations on solving this one too.  I'll go let them off the hook."

Smoke eyed the man as Blaze was still the center of attention.  *Here it comes.* Smoke thought to Blaze, who tried not to look up.  Smoke watched as the Fire Marshal walked over to the man, then over to Smoke.  The man looked a little surprised, then laughed as he shook the Marshal's hand.  The fire Marshal waved over to Smoke, who walked over cautiously.

"Good dog!" The Marshal said, patting Smoke on the head.  "This was the guy who set the fire.  We didn't think you'd find him!"  Smoke looked suspiciously at the man, then the Fire Marshal.  "I liked how you worked that with Blaze!  You're both good dogs!"

Smoke let himself pant a little, and looked over to Blaze.  *You didn't tell me this was a simulation!*  Blaze looked up from the kids, and looked confused.  He shrugged to Smoke, and went back to handing out books.

That night Blaze and Smoke laid together on their pet bed in the corner of the main engine room.  "Think we'll make it?" Blaze asked.

*I think so.* Smoke thought, shuffling his back to give his brother room to get comfortable.  *Today's little test went well.*

"I didn't know they'd do that to us." Blaze said quietly.  "It was weird the hydrant had no dog smell.  That should have tipped me.  But, Whatever.  If we gotta prove it again, we will.  We've done it before.  We're unstoppable, together."  Blaze put his head into Smoke's belly, and curled around his brother.  "I just hope we get to stay here at home.  I can't imagine going to a different company."

Smoke nodded.  *Get some sleep if you can.  Tomorrow's coming sooner than you think.*  Blaze nodded, and they both rested quietly together.  Greg turned out the light in his office, and saw the two together, where they always slept.  He smiled to himself, they looked so innocent when they slept.  The paperwork to request them to say at station 19 would be filed in the morning, as well as his own sheet, requesting his stay as Captain.  He nodded to the pups, and turned out the main light in the bay, to let his boys sleep.

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