A brief explanation :
If you stumbled upon this story, you may wonder what in the world you just found.  I'll try to explain briefly.

This story is science fiction, based on a true story.  The Main character is Sal Malkahlah, an alien from another planet.  He's what is known as a "Furry", an anthropomorphic animal.  Or, in English, an animal that walks on two legs, and looks human except for the fur and animal features.  Other characters are also "furries".  And still other characters are humans, pretty straight forward.

The story concerns cancer survival, from the perspective of those left behind.  I write furry stories, so that's why it's about furry characters.  The other stories on my website are NOT this tame, and I do not recommend going there unless you're ready for it.  My writing tends to have gay / homosexual themes as well.  You have been warned, it's not for everyone.

If I manage to touch you in some way, you can e-mail me at sockscatt@gmail.com.  If you wish to do something, you can donate money to the American Cancer Society, or to the "Cancer Wellness Center".  The CWC helped my mom and dad when she was fighting the good fight.  If you want to do it in someone's name, go ahead.  But, I'm not giving out my real name or hers.  (On a side note, I think it would be humorous if they got donations in the name of "Socks Mom")

Other than that, thank you for taking the time to read this, and hopefully it will put some kind of perspective on what I do.  That and it's a way you don't go traipsing into my main site without warning on what you'll find there.

Close this window once you're done reading it.  Thank you!