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Written under another identity

Well, what do I say?  I'm outing myself here, mainly because some of these stories are available outside of furry on fetish specific sites.  All of these stories are written under another nickname, but I did write them all.  One of the people I've been e-mailingback and forth with under that nickname made the connection, and I figured I may as well fess up to these stories.  I'll explain below.

Oh, and if you're one of the people that finds the other stories on other sites?  I keep that screen-name 'hidden' out of furry.  Like I said, I get a ton of spam as it is under SocksCatt.  Just smile, nod, and have a good time with it.

So why did I switch screen names for these stories?  Well, most of them are of a dog / canine nature.  And with a nickname of "Socks Catt", most of the places wouldn't give me the time of day.  So, I invented a dog specific nickname to send them dog and dogboy stories, and they loved it!  Who knew?  So, there you are.  To be honest, with all the "puppy" play and dog searching I've been doing lately, I'm not really surprised that I'm writing these.

m/m, watersports, dog training, leaher, bondage, sucking, MURRRR!!!!!
I wrote this for a dogboy site, but they haven't run it.  It seems to me they're taking htier site a diffrent direction than stories and the like, so I wanted to put it somewhere.  So it goes here.

Fido and Rover decide to spend the night playing doggie games.  Rover's Master is not amused, and Fido needs to make a very fast decision.
Jake's Rig
m/m, hypnosis, straight to gay story, "Bear" trucker themes
This one seems to be popular.  I wrote it for a Hypnosis fetish website.  One of the things I've always hated about fetish websites is the willingness of the characters to do anything against their nature.  I suppose this is my answer to it.  A fetish story that actually makes sense to me, as it were, with only a marginal suspension of disbelief.

Jake is out on a haul when he finds another man down on his luck.  Lucky thing for Cody, who could really use a friend right now.
Discovering Puppy
m/m, hypnosis, dogboy training
Written and submitted to the same site as above.  Yet another hypnosis story, the sex isn't there, but is implied.  I'm thinking of an extension of this story, and if I write it I'll mirror it here.

Ken meets his online Master at a convention, and agrees to go under to become his dog.
The Lab Experiment

Chapter 1
m/m, hypnosis, leather fetish, collared and costumed

Chapter 2
m/m, dog tendencies, shaving scene, hypnosis, stroking

Chapter 3
m/m, oral sex, dog training, leather dogsuit, hypnosis

Chapter 4
m/m, dog training, penetration, dogboy mounting and mental alteration

Chapter 5
m/m, dog training, dog T/F, hypnosis and personality alteration, oral sex

I did do much enjoy writing this.  It is TRULY a fantasy of mine, and if given the chance I'd really think I'd do it.  I do.

This story was written for a dogboy site, specifically for "leatherdogs and their Masters."  It's really a long one, even for my standards.  And when it was posted, they "corrected" a few things they thought were errors.  But, who am I really to complain?  I'm a pup, ya know.  You may also notice the hypnosis bend to these stories, that's intentional.  It's been a theme I've been working with.

The story is based around a dogboy nicknamed "Aspen".  Aspen is a dogboy at heart, and Dr. Hathers helps him to flesh that out, then helps him fill his greatest dream.
K-9 Unit 1

Chapter 1
m/m, hospital scene, opens with a bondage scene, and has an introduction to a robot

Chapter 2
m/m, detailed human to canine robot t/f, oral and stroke scene

Chapter 3
m/m implied, robot protection and police scene

Chapter 4
Human to K-9 robot T/F

Chapter 5
m/m, k-9 mounting and TF

Chapter 6
m/m, K-9 mounting in cyberspace

Chapter 7
the 'real' ending of the story

Chapter 7, Alternate Ending
m/m, human to robot d/l, mounting, lots of mounting

When I started writing for the mind-control fetish site, I noticed that there were a lot of guys writing stories about "robots".  That's fair enough, being transformed into a robot is almost the ultimate in mind control.  But the robot stories were written with only a few variations on a theme.  And, for the most part, none were gay, none of the robots were male, and none of the transformations were anything alternative to the "Metropolis" robots.

So, seeing as I'm a furry at heart, and I love to play with other things, I wrote the "K-9" series.  On a personal note, I wrote this story when I was going through a very emotional time in my life, and this story was my outlet.  So it's not surprising that it's pretty powerful stuff.  I got more than one e-mail on the "alternative account" I wrote this under was from people saying that they were crying as they read the last chapter.  Yes, it's really that powerful.

The universe is an "Open" one, meaning if you want to play in my little world I encourage you to do so.  Just don't mess with the main characters unless you absolutely have to use them.

K-9 is a story based in the near future.  Roy's dogboy fantasy is turned to reality by Master Jim.  But, like everything in life, there are catches, and no guarantees.  The story covers over 50 years of time from beginning to end. 

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there. I said it. I feel better.

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