Jake's Rig

Written by : Socks the Catt (under another nickname)

©2002 Socks Furrotica Press, All rights reserved

Jake turned off the rig, and jumped out of the cab.  It had been a long afternoon, and he had a longer run ahead of him to deal with.  He was walking up to the rest stop when he saw a man laying on the curb.  Jake walked over to him, and gave him a good once over.  Not a typical bum, he thought.  Brown leather jacket, his jeans looked new except the dirt on the seat and the knees, and his hair looked like it was recently cut.  Jake knelt down to look at this guy.

"Hey, buddy?" he said.  The man looked up, and Jake cold tell he hadn't eaten.  His face was sunk in, skin was pale, and he was looking more worse for wear.  "You ok bud?"

"Yeah." the man said, looking like a hurt puppy.  "I'll be ok."  Jake could now see that this man was barely a man, probably early 20's or so.  A good looking kid, pretty thin, could use some meat back on his bones Jake thought.  The man's blue eyes looked defeated.  Every breath he took was a chore.

Jake asked the obvious.  "You hungry?"

"'I'll be fine." the man said.

"Be stubborn if you want." Jake said.  "But if you want, I'll buy ya dinner.  You just have to go in there, and sit down with me.  Don't even have to talk if you don't want to."  And Jake walked into the truck stop. He ordered what he usually got for his break meal, cup of coffee, a burger, nothing too involved.

A few minutes later the man walked back in, and sat down next to Jake.  Jake smiled to himself, and didn't say anything.  He wanted to see if his friend would start things.

"I'm sorry for being rude to you." he said.  "I've just been having a bad week.  My name is Cody."

"Jake.  We all have bad ones." he offered a hand, and Cody shook it.  "So what you in the mood for?"

"I don’t really care." Cody said.  "It all smells really good."

Jake's burger arrived, and he slid it over to Cody.  "Here.  I'll be good for a few minutes."  He ordered another burger while Cody looked at the plate in front of him.  "Go on!" Jake said.  "It won't bite back.  I promise."

Cody did manage to eat the burger,  but it wasn't easy.  His stomach felt like it would break like a balloon the whole time.  Jake encouraged him to go it slow, he would manage to get it all down soon enough.  "Your stomach shrunk." Jake said.  "Problem I should have, huh?"

Jake patted his large belly with a laugh.  Cody smiled for the first time in a few days.  Jake was by no means a small man, but at least he kept a sense of humor about it.  And his facial hair could help Jake pass for Santa Claus, as a younger version anyhow.

They were nearly done by now, and Jake swallowed his last gulp of coffee.  "So where you going?"

"Nowhere." Cody said, staring into his water.  "Not anymore."

"Need a lift?" Jake asked.  Cody just nodded.

Some time later Cody pulled himself into the cab of Jakes truck.  Jake offered a pair of headphones to Cody.  "Helps ya stay alert if you're not used to the engine noise." he said.  "It does this counter noise thing and you don't hear the engine at all.  Wanna borrow it?"

Cody thanked him and took the headphones.  He put them on as Jake started the truck and pulled back onto the highway.  Cody was surprised at how well the headphones did work, he could barely hear the engine, even though he knew it was rumbling just in front of him.  Jake smiled, and reached over to the dashboard and flicked the switch.  Cody never noticed.

He sat in the passenger chair quietly, and looked out the window.  And as he did, he felt himself relax more.  Somehow, he knew that everything was now going to be good, and that he was safe.  He closed his eyes for a long blink, and slowly re-opened them with a slight glaze to them.  He suddenly felt like he could open up to Jake, because this man is a good friend.  Almost a fatherly figure for him.

A few minutes after getting on the road Jake looked over to Cody, who was still staring out the window, into open space.  Jake smiled even wider.  The subliminal hypnosis program was working, and Cody was slowly succumbing to it.  He had all night, and Jake just kept smiling.  At the worst he'd have someone to talk to for a while.

Cody's mind was letting go of his own pressures to bottle his feelings up.  He sat there for an hour, watching the would go by at 65 miles an hour.  His mind telling him that he needed to talk about his problems, or they would never get solved.  And Jake could be trusted.  Then, out of nowhere, he looked at Jake.  "I hate that bitch."

This took Jake back a bit, as he wasn't expecting conversation to be so sudden.  "Who would that be, Cody?" he asked.

"My ex wife." Cody said.  Jake looked over to his passenger, his eyes were now closed, and his head rocked back into the seat.  He looked completely relaxed with the headphones still on his ears.  Jake also knew he had gotten Cody into a state of hypnotic suggestion.  He'd seen it before.

"Tell me about her, Cody." Jake said. "And I want you to feel as if your right wrist is being slowly suspended in the air.  Slowly, effortlessly suspended.  Tell me Cody."  Jake needed to make sure.

Cody's right hand slowly started to rise as he spoke.  "She divorced me.  She was sleeping with the lawyer defending her and got his legal services for free.  The bitch said I abused her, and her lawyer sold it.  I couldn't afford a lawyer, and she got everyting but what I'm wearing." Cody said.  "I hate her."

"Let your hand slowly fall back to your lap Cody." Jake said.  "Are you paying alimony, or anything else Cody?"


Jake nodded and smiled.  "How old are you boy?"

"21." Cody said.

"Cody…"  Jake let it linger.  "I want you to listen to me carefully now.  Can you hear me Cody?"

"yesss…" Cody slurred.  Jake turned off the switch.

"I want you to feel totally at ease Cody.  I want you to totally relax, accept my words." he said.  "I want you to be in a relaxed state.  Put aside all your hate, all your anger, and just listen to my voice.  Do you understand me Cody?"


"Good…" Jake thought a moment.  Cody was a good looking boy, and Jake needed a little help on the roadway, if not the company.  "I want you to answer my truthfully now, Cody. Tell me your job skills.  What can you do?"

Cody started to rattle off some basic things, Jake noted that Cody was fluent in many computer programs, even a few that Jake used occasionally.  When Cody was finished, Jake was close to another stop.  He looked at the clock, and knew he could probably pull over and still make his time.

He pulled into a lot, and turned off all the lights for the night.  He looked at Cody, softly breathing and relaxed.  "Cody, listen to my voice.  When I ask you for "Turn Signal Fluid" you will return to this state of relaxation and reception to my voice, and only my voice.  Do you understand me Cody?"


"Good."  Jake smiled.  "Now let's talk about your ex wife.  Are you heterosexual, Cody?"


"I want you to think about your ex-wife." Jake said.  "Women made you lose everything.  Women can't be trusted with your love, or your sexuality, or your cock."  Jake knew he was going fast, but Cody was looking receptive to it all, and he kept pressing.  "From this moment on, you will not be sexually attracted to women because of your ex-wife."

Cody made  strange face.  Jake looked to his young friend, a little worried.  Cody slowly nodded.  "Ex wife…"

"Your ex wife never deserved to get your cock, Cody." Jake said.

Cody nodded. "She didn't deserve it."

"You will see men in a new way from this point forward." Jake went on.  "Men understand you.  Men know what you like to have done.  You will not be a flaming homo, Cody  But you will know sometime tonight that in your heart you should be gay."

Cody nodded slowly, his breathing getting deeper.  "Be gay."

"That's right boy." Jake said.  "You will also want me to be the man to take your virginity."

Cody nodded slowly.  "virginity…"

"And you will also call me Sir or Master from this point further.  You will look up to me always.  Do you understand?"

"Yesss Sir…" Cody said slowly.

"Good boy." Jake said.  "I will count to five, and you will become awake, but tired and wanting to sleep.  You won't want to sleep with me tonight, but the thought will be on your mind.  When you feel comfortable, you will tell me you're ready for me.  1...2...3...4...5."

Cody blinked twice, and looked out the window.  "Did I fall asleep?"

"Yeah." Jake said.  "Happens to a lot of people who ride a truck the first time."

Cody yawned, looking at the clock.  "Hey, Jake, thank's for the lift."

"No problem.  It doesn't have to end if you don't want it to?  I can drive you to where I gotta drop the load, if you want."

Cody looked out the window, then at Jake.  He noticed how Jake was a good looking man, how his beard was trimmed nicely.  And he had nowhere else to go.  "I'd like that Sir." he said, feeling at ease with it.  "If you'll have me."

- -

A week had passed by.  Cody was starting to put on some weight finally, he was eating very well with Jake.  He slept in the sleeper while Jake slept in the seat.  They made their drop off, and Cody stayed on with Jake for the return trip.  Cody kept on using the headphones to drown out the engine noise.

Jake had changed the subliminal CD.  Cody was becoming very receptive to it's words.  His facial hair was growing out.  Cody was wearing Jake's flannel shirts as well.  They pulled into a rest stop one night.  Jake was filling out some paperwork for the day as Cody pulled himself into the back sleeper.  Jake had turned out the inside lights and got ready for sleep when Cody poked his head out.

"Sir?"  Cody was feeling more and more comfortable with calling Jake Sir now.  Every time he said it his mind told him it was right, and reinforced the idea.

"Yes Cody my boy?" Jake said.

"Would you like to sleep in the bed tonight?" Cody asked

"And you sleep up front?" Jake said.

"No Sir." Cody said quietly.  "Me with you Sir."

Jake smiled, and locked his driver door.  "If it's what you want boy."  Cody nodded.

- -

Jake fell back into the pillow of his bed.  The orgasm that was so powerful a moment ago was slowly beginning to fade.  The weeks of no orgasm finally exploded with the virgin blowjob from his hithchiker friend.  He looked down into the face of his boy.

Kodiak's eyes were closed, some of Jake's cum was still coming out of his mouth.  Cody insisted that his name be more bear like, and Jake obliged.  Kodiak opened his eyes slowly, enjoying the first taste of cum from his Master.  He drew in a breath through his nose, enjoying Jake's musk.  Kodiak slowly pulled his mouth off of Jake's cock.

Jake stroked Kodiak's head gently, and brushed his finger along his developing beard.  "Thank you boy." he said.

"Thank you Master!" Kodiak said.  "I can't figure out why I never wanted to do that before!"

Jake laid back, stroking his other hand along his hairy chest.  "So what do you think boy?  Think you're gay now?"

Kodiak nodded slowly.  "When I got married, I thought I was so straight.  But now…"  he also rubbed his Master's hairy chest, and let his hand run down to Jake's legs, and cock.  "now I know I want this.  And only this."

Jake smiled.  "That's my boy."  He hugged Kodiak into his massive body.  He thought that his boy would put on a few more pounds easily.  "You can be my little cub."  Jake stroked his boy's cock gently, feeling it's firmness and size.  Kodiak groaned softly as Jake rolled him on top of his body, and slid a condom onto Kodiak's cock.  He also grabbed a leather collar from the nightstand.

Kodiak looked at his Master with some surprise.  Jake just nodded, and helped aim his boy's cock for his ass.  "Fuck me hard enough boy and you'll be a queer boy forever. And I'll give you a nice surprise too."  He looked into Kodiak's eyes.  "Turn signal fluid."

Cody fell into his Master slightly.  Jake smiled.  It always worked.  "Cody.  Your next orgasm will make all the things I've said to you true.  You will forever be homosexual.  You will forever like leather.  And you will forever want large men, leather bears.  You will want to become a bear like me when you get older.  And you will someday repay my kindness by doing for another what I have done for you.  I will teach you how someday.  Do you understand boy?"

"Yes Master." Cody said.

"Later tonight you will beg me to take your virgin ass.  You will beg to be placed in leather.  The thought of leather on your body makes you feel like you're having a mild orgasm.  Wearing leather is what a good bear cub does to show his Master his dedication.  Are you dedicated to your Master, boy?"

"yes Master!"

"Good boy.  When you awaken, your cock will be rock hard, and you're going to fuck my ass.  When you cum, you will forever be queer, and you will feel the transformation in your mind.  3...2...1...awaken."

Kodiak blinked, and his cock grew harder as he looked into his Master's eyes.  Jake just looked up to him.  "Do it boy."

Kodiak pushed hard into Jake's ass with a loud groan.  Jake spread wide for his boy, panting harder as he felt Jake's cock grow firmer.  "You're queer now, aren't you boy?"

"Yes Sir!" Kodiak said between thrusts.  Jake's cock also stirred to life, watching his boy fuck him with such lust.  Kodiak grunted and moaned, so close to the brink of orgasm.  Jake quickly reached up around his boy's throat and buckled the collar to it.

Feeling the leather on his throat Kodi came hard, with a loud moan, pushing himself into the man under him, feeling his Master's cock press into his belly.  In Kodiak's mind, he felt something give, and thoughts of his heterosexual life vanished.  His orgasm the exclamation point in his mind, Kodiak knew deep in his soul that he was forever changed.

Kodiak collapsed onto his Master, panting hard.  Jake ran his hand over the sweat soaked back of his boy.  He let the moment linger, and kissed his boy on he ear.  "Now boy." he said.  "Now you're my queer boy."

"Thank you Master." Kodiak said softly

- -

Kodiak opened up his shirt and tapped the keys on the laptop.  "I should be done with these in a few minutes Poppa Bear." he said.  "We're looking good today."

Jake smiled.  Kodiak started calling him that on his own, without any hypnotic suggestions.  He looked over to his boy.  The leather collar around his neck looked very good under his trimmed beard.  Under his white shirt Jake could see the leather harness he was wearing as well.  Kodiak was gaining some weight, Jake thought.  And it was better than the rail he picked up a few months ago.

"You don't have to wear the headphones anymore Kodi."  Jake said.  "I think you're used to the engine."

"It helps me to feel relaxed Sir." Kodiak said.  Jake smiled, and flipped the switch.  Kodi never waned from his work, but Jake could see him adjust his denim jeans a few times.

Kodi finished with the work and closed the laptop.  "Can I wear the leather hood tonight Poppa Bear?"  Jake nodded.  It was going to be a good haul this trip.  And at the end he'd introduce Kodiak to a few other men he knew in Chicago.  It would be a very productive weekend.

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