"K-9 Unit 1"
Chapter 1

Written by : Socks the Catt (under another nickname)

©2002 Socks Furrotica Press, All rights reserved


Master stroked his boy on the head gently.  They both just finished with a rather intense session, and the poor boy had collapsed onto the floor of Master's living room.  Master Jim always loved this part, just when the ecstasy was ending and the submissive's mind was coming back into the real world, that in-between moment was always enjoyable.

Roy's mind was coming back into focus slowly.  His nipples felt like they were in fire and his balls ached from the clothespins that were just removed, but the orgasm that Master Jim let him have was worth every pain he knew he'd feel for the next week.  He tried to speak, but he couldn't.  Just that feeling of being in his Master's arms, Master's powerful arms, being stroked like the dogboy he knew he was.

Roy rubbed his head against Master Jim's chest, smelling the sweat and leather from his Master.  Roy wore a leather collar, a show of his own submission.  Jim ran his leather bracers across Roy's chest, rubbing his nipples roughly.  Roy took in a sharp breath, the shooting pain taking him by surprise.

They shared this moment together, until Roy finally managed to whisper out "Thank you Master."

"You're welcome, my boy!" Jim said.  "You may call me Jim for now."  Roy nodded.  "You really like the dog play, don't you?"

Roy kept on nodding, holding up his hands to show the leather mitts around them.  "Yeah.  I always feel more like myself when you call me your dog."

"Why?" Jim asked.

"I like to serve." Roy said, relaxing into his Master.  "A dog's place is his Master's side, serving him and being loyal to him."

"Then why not be my slave?" Jim asked.  "A slave's place is to serve, isn't it?"

Roy thought a moment.  "A slave wouldn't die for you unless you ordered him to, and even then they'd hesitate, a dog puts his Master before himself always.  Dogs are loyal like that."

Jim just smiled.  "If you could, would you become my dog?  Always?"  Roy nodded slowly, still feeling euphoric from his orgasm.  "I can make it happen boy." Jim said, running his hand along Roy's chest.

Roy shivered and smiled.  He had heard this promise before many times from other so-called "masters".  It was always just pillow talk of leathermen and rubber fetishists who don't know how serious he was about it.  He still liked it, but it was always just talk.  The two men laid naked on the floor, touching and cuddling for a long time.

- -

Roy was driving home from work some months later.  Working the afternoon shift on a Friday night was never fun.  But, with classic rock on the stereo and a clear night he was ready to head over to his favorite bar for a beer or two before calling it a night.  He looked over to the city skyline and took in the Chicago scene.  He'd be there soon, unwind a little, and…

He never finished the thought.  A drunk driver slammed into him from a side street.  The other driver died instantly, Roy wasn't so lucky.  By the time the fire department extracted him from the car he had lost a lot of blood.  They braced him, put him on the board, and had him off to the hospital in the hour.  Roy didn't regain consciousness that night.

Jim ran into the hospital to see Roy the next day.  He didn't know much, but he heard it was a bad car crash.  He rushed to visit his favorite dogboy.  Jim found the room, and walked in.  There was Roy, his body taped and bandaged, one arm in a foam cast being held straight up, his leg being held straight in front of him in traction, and a tube taped to his mouth assisting his breathing.  Roy was unconscious, his left hand clutching the morphine button tight.

Jim shook his head and sat down looking over Roy.  In his mind, Jim was weighing the options.  He was tempted to go ahead with his plan, but on the other hand, he didn't want Roy to hate him forever.  As he was looking at Roy a nurse walked in and started to take his vitals.

"Is he going to be ok?" Jim asked.

"Are you a family member?" the nurse asked coldly.

"Umm…  yeah.  I'm his brother." Jim said.

The nurse looked Jim over.  Not a single feature looked like Roy.  Roy had black hair, Jim had blonde.  Roy was on the short and thin side, Jim was almost 6foot 5 inches tall and muscular.  "He must be a good friend to you to lie, isn't he?"

"You got me." Jim resigned to her.  "And he is.  I've known him for years.  He's kinda special to me."  Jim looked over the monitors, knowing full well what he was looking at.  But he had never seen the readings this low.  O2 down, BP down, he knew it wasn't good.  But he didn't want to hear that.  "Just tell me he isn't going to die."

The nurse took in a deep breath, and let it out slowly.  "The doctors said he could be taken out of ICU last night, but he's still touch and go.  We estimate he will be like this for at least a month if he ever recovers."  The nurse wrote something onto a clipboard.  "Do you know how to contact his family?  We didn't find any records in his insurance file."

"He has none." Jim said.  "Both parents died some years ago, and he's the only child.  That's why he's special to me, we're like brothers.  But he has no relatives."

"I'm sorry to hear that." the nurse said mechanically.  "If he starts acting up call for one of us and we'll help keep him comfortable."  She turned to leave, and on her way out said "I'm sorry about your friend."

Jim watched her leave.  "He's not dead yet bitch." he said softly.  He looked out the door, and saw nobody was coming.  He fumbled in his pocket and took out the syringe, and removed the safety cap.  He looked at the metallic fluid in it, and back at Roy.  "Roy, I pray you forgive me someday for what I'm about to do."  He put the needle into his IV line, and pushed the plunger down.

Roy made a miraculous recovery, two weeks later he was cleared to leave the hospital.  The doctors were baffled at how his leg healed as well as it did, and how he was able to overcome much of the brain damage they thought he would have.  He did have a few side-effects.  Even though his leg healed, the doctors said he would probably never be able to walk or run again because of the damage done to his spinal cord.  Also, his voice became more monotone, missing a lot of vocal inflection that normal speech has, but a miracle is still a miracle.

Jim was there to pick him up from the hospital.  He hugged Roy, and helped him into the car.  They drove off with some fanfare from the staff, but found themselves on the road.  "Your place or mine?" Jim asked.

Roy laughed in his singular note.  "Yours!" he said.  "I don't want to think what mine smells like!"  Jim laughed, and drove back to his place.

Jim talked to Roy the whole way back.  "I had your place taken care of.  It’s not that bad."

"How did you get in?" Roy asked

"The landlord let my helpers in after I gave him a little incentive."

"Incentive?" Roy asked, tilting his head a little to the side.

Jim looked at Roy, and noticed how canine that look really was.  He would have to tell him now or never.  "Roy, I haven't told you everything yet.  I will when we get home.  But your recovery wasn't a miracle."

"What was it?" Roy asked.

"Me."  They drove in silence to Jim's house.  Jim had a fairly big home in the suburbs, much bigger than a man needs by himself.  He pulled into the driveway, and helped Roy get into his wheelchair.  He wheeled him into the kitchen where Jim gave Roy a bottle of soda.  "Let me get my laptop, I need to show you something."  Roy nodded, and took a sip of his soda.

Jim returned moments later, and sat down.  He unpacked the laptop and took out something that looked like a vibrator to Roy.  "I'm going to ask you to forgive me, my friend." Jim said.  Roy looked confused, so Jim continued.  "Your recovery isn't a miracle.  Look."  Jim turned the screen so Roy could see.

Roy looked at a computer generated image of a small squid-like robot swimming in space.  "Nice graphic." Roy said.  "What is it?"

"It's a nanomachine." Jim said.  "It's my own design.  Look, my real job isn't as a Master, I work as a scientist working on nanotechnology, small machines that can be inserted into the bloodstream to do tasks inside the human body.  When I heard you were in the hospital I assumed the worst and grabbed one of the vials.  They told me you were going to die."  Jim seemed on the verge of tears.

Roy sat back in his wheelchair, and looked at Jim in a new way.  "What did you do to me?"

Jim bit his lip and looked at Roy with apologetic eyes.  "I gave you a dose of nanomachines that I knew would heal your body by fusing machine to living tissue.  I made you a cyborg Roy."  He took the "vibrator" and ran it over Roy's chest and belly.  The laptop screen scrolled up with the motions, showing a color representation of Roy's insides.  His organs were part one color, part another.  "The machines I put into you transformed the damaged systems and replaced them.  Your voice is more robotic, haven't you noticed?"

Roy hadn't thought of it, but his voice was sounding less human.  He ran a hand over his chest, and into his belly, and he could feel something unnatural there.  His eyes grew wide.

Jim put down the wand.  "If you hate me I understand.  But you're still my friend.  I didn't want you to die.  I had the means to heal you and I didn't want to wait until it was too late.  The machines can do miracles but not if you wait too long."  Roy looked at the screen intently.  "I'll take care of you if I have to.  I'll do anything you want me to do, just don't hate me."

Roy looked up to Jim.  "Anything?"  Jim nodded.  Roy looked at the monitor, and ran his hand over his sternum again.  He looked up to Jim with begging eyes.  "Make me your dog."

Jim sat back, like he was hit in the head with a steel pipe.  "dog?"

"You saved my life." Roy said.  "Don't think I never heard the nurses saying I should have died.  I owe you my life.  I told you I live to serve, now my life is in your debt."  Jim looked at Roy, almost in disbelief.  "Look at me Jim.  Nothing in my life can go back to what it was.  I have nothing to go home to, I can't do my old job, there's not much else I can do now.  And I don't want to think what I'll have left after I pay off the hospital.  I have nothing but a clean slate and nothing to fill it.  Make me your dog, if not in body at least in spirit.  Do you think you can do it?"

Jim sat forward in his chair, and looked at his laptop again.  "There is a way."  Jim turned the computer to himself and started typing furiously.  "And it's the second thing I needed to tell you.  What I gave you was the first step in creating bio-mechanical beings.  Just enough to fix your body, probably too much.  But if I can give you the rest of the treatment…"  Jim hit the enter button, and turned the monitor to Roy.  "I might be able to do this."

Roy looked at the screen, and in virtual space stood a chromed dog.  He, it was obviously a he, was modeled on a German Sheppard.  Instead of eyes he had a chromed "Visor" that looked like a cross between goggles and a fighter-pilot shield.  The dog's body was articulated to look like a dog, ears perched high on his head.  His tail mounted between powerful limbs, this cyber dog looked every inch a predator.  Roy had to remind himself to breathe as he watched this chromed dog rotate in space.

"Let's do it."  Jim started to speak, but Roy cut him off.  "No, we do it.  If you can really do this, let me serve you like this."

"At least talk to SU-5?" Jim said.

"What is SU-5?"

"I'll go get him."  Jim left for the basement, and Roy studied the computer image before him.  Jim came back upstairs followed by someone else.  "Roy, meet Submissive Unit Five."

Roy's jaw hit the floor.  Behind Jim was a robot.  Fully chromed body, smooth chrome head, blank expression in his chromed eyes, and a noticeably smooth features between his legs.  SU-5 stood there, unmoving and unwavering.  Roy stammered out all he could.  "H…hi?"

"Good afternoon Roy." the machine said, his jaw articulating with the voice.  "Master Jim informed me you wish to ask questions."  The voice was tinny, mechanical, but spoke with no discernable accent.

"He was a man once?" Roy asked Jim.  Jim nodded, and pointed to the machine.  "You were a man?"

"Yes." it said.

"How…  did you get to that?" Roy asked.

"SU-5 came into awareness on the creation table in Master Jim's lab on premises." SU-5 said.

"I mean before that?"

"This unit has no data on a time before awareness." SU-5 said.

Jim sat down next to Roy.  "That's just it.  As a part of the process your old self will become lost to the machine.  SU-5 used to be Patrick, but now he's just SU-5.  We saved his base consciousness into memory, but I don't know if it worked or not.  Patrick may be dead, we won't know until we reinstall it."

"So why can't you reinstall his memory?" Roy asked.

"It's not that easy." Jim said.  "SU-5's memory was easy to upload with existing technology, but the human brain is not just a binary computer, it's a complex machine.  The process of making SU-5 here involved integrating organic circuitry to his human brain, and uploading information to that circuitry.  When that happened, we lost Patrick's mind except for the backup we made."

Jim walked over to SU-5, and ran his hand along the robot's shoulder.  "When we made SU-1 we didn't know what was going to happen.  We lost a volunteer when his memory was erased in the process.  It took years of research, but we managed to make a working backup of someone's life memories.  You don't want to know how much computing piwer it took that first time. We decided to make a backup after that of the subject's brain.  So when we tried it again, we got SU-2.  We tried to reinstall SU-2's memory and we lost it.  For all it's worth, we killed him too."

Roy soaked it in.  "So what about SU-5 here?"

"We saved his, and it's in storage." Jim said.  "We're still trying to get the technology worked out, we're hoping we can put his memories back into him someday."

Roy looked at the robot.  "SU-5?  Are you happy?"

"Happy, Roy?"  SU-5 sounded confused.  "Cross-referencing, please wait…"  After a five second pause.  "As humans define happiness, yes I am very happy.  My needs are well cared for."

"You confused him." Jim said.  "SU-11 has a faster processor, and he understands fuzzy concepts that aren't concrete."

"What about me?" Roy asked, the monotone of his voice giving no clue to his meaning.

"I think the processor now will help, but we may not be able to upload your mind back in.  I want you to know this may be a one way trip." Jim said.

Roy looked at SU-5 intently.  "I want to know something about Patrick.  How did he end up here?"

"He was like you." Jim said, sitting down.  "He came to me years ago as a sub, loved leather and rubber.  He came to me about doing some bondage play and a scene in which I tied him to a machine that did all sorts of things.  He built it himself, it had feedback loops and punishment devices, I still have it downstairs."  Jim pointed for emphasis.  Roy nodded.

Jim took in a breath, like he was collecting his thoughts.  "Then he made this elaborate costume one week, and brought it to me.  It was a 'rubber-bot' as he put it.  I helped him in it, and he role-played the part of a robot.  I shined his rubber skin, god he looked hot.  I made him do all sorts of things, just to test his limits.  As a robot, he had none.  This was around the time we created SU-1, so I had that on my mind too.

"Then as time went on, Patrick played the role of my rubber-bot to the hilt for weekends, then a week, then two weeks.  Eventually he was falling into the same boat as you.  Ran out of money, sold all his belongings to get by, and he begged me to help him.  I was thinking with my cock, I know I was, so I showed him the SU project.  He agreed to it without any second thoughts.  And that was my mistake."

Jim looked at SU-5.  "I did the process here, with a few other colleagues to help.  Patrick was in heaven the whole time.  He made his peace with the world, we had the best sex ever the morning before, and I strapped him down for the memory upload.  And I swear to you, he came bucket loads of cum when we began the transformation.  His last words to me as a human were 'Thank you Master.  Thank you Master.', then his body went limp with the last ejaculation as the transformation really began."

Jim sighed, and continued.  "I like to think that Patrick is still in there, having this life-long orgasm as a robot.  He wanted it to have no external sex organs, no hair, total robot appearance.  But I miss him sometimes.  I know he wanted it, but I still have nightmares sometimes that I killed a good boy."

Roy patted Jim on the shoulder.  "But he wanted this, right?"  Jim nodded.  "Can he still feel pleasure?"

"SU-5, protocol six nine, present for use."  Wordless, SU-5 turned around, and bent over at the waist.  A small sliding panel opened up, in the right place for anal penetration of a human.  Jim then pressed his finger into the robot, causing it to moan wildly.  Roy looked on in shock as Jim finger-fucked the robot's ass, and the unit moaned and pressed backwards against Jim's finger.  After a minute, Jim casually said "Cum."  SU-5 let out a wail, and bucked forward and back like he had a penis and was ejaculating.  The unit stayed put as Jim pulled his finger out, and showed it to Roy.  There was a slight coating of something slick on his finger.  "That wasn't a program, his panel here directly stimulates the old pleasure centers of his silicon brain.  His encasing has lubricant in it, which he uses to stimulate me when I fuck him.  He felt it.  SU-5, resume last program."

"Yes Master Jim."  SU-5 straightened up, and faced Roy and Jim.  "Thank you Master Jim for that wonderful experience!"

"That was a programmed response." Jim said.  "I like to be thanked.  A bit graphic, but you know now all about robot sex."  Jim grinned, looking at Roy's response.  "If you need to ask him anything else, this is a good time."

Roy looked at the computer screen, then at the chromed robot before him.  "SU-5?  What do you do here?"

"I clean house, wash clothing, fix and repair leather and rubber goods, prepare the house for parties, and submit to Master Jim's sexual desires." SU-5 responded.

"But you don't guard the house?" Roy asked.


Roy looked to Jim.  "You need a guard dog."

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