"K-9 Unit 1"
Chapter 2

Written by : Socks the Catt (under another nickname)

©2002 Socks Furrotica Press, All rights reserved

Over the next few weeks Roy and Jim worked on the design of the K-9 cyber dog.  It was eventually decided on a blue shade on a metallic body with a chromed "visor" optical suite.  Roy used all his knowledge of security to design for low-light, infrared sensors, thermal imaging, enhanced audio, radio communications, integration and compatability for other security systems, a "less than lethal" weapon mounted in a retractable back housing, olfactory senses to become a tracker / sniffer…  Jim was amazed at all the variables Roy could think of.

Jim also placed into the design a modular system so that the unit could be upgraded easily to new technologies.  Jim also argued, and eventually convinced Roy, that the dog should still keep it's male appearance.  "For playtime." he said, Roy agreed hesitantly, but knew why Jim wanted the companionship.  A liquid heated shaft was agreed upon with an adjustable "knot" for a more canine look and appearance.  It was also decided on a set of "soft" testicles encased in a rubber sac.  They could be used to hold the liquid, and it was also decided that the cyber dog would be able to 'ejaculate' whatever was loaded into the unit's holding receptacle.  They also decided to add a sliding panel to access a small hole under it's tail which would be wired to the pleasure giving circuits of the unit.  It bordered on bestiality but they both decided it couldn't hurt, and didn't take up much space in the body.

Then came other design considerations.  If it was to be for security, the unit would need both speed and the ability to sneak.  Myomar cords for muscles that would provide explosive power would be fitted into the cyber dog, with soft silicone pads on it's feet to provide a softer gait.  Heat sinks were designed for optimal air flow and cooling capabilities.  No stone was left unturned on creating the ultimate security watch dog.  They added a stealth mode, command subroutines, handler routines, a working knowledge of laws on a federal and state level…  Small features, big features, it didn't matter.  It took time to design everything, and the simulations on the computer worked flawlessly.

One night Roy was studying the screen.  Jim walked up behind him and scratched him behind the ears.  Roy looked up to his Master.  "I can't believe that's really going to be me."

"Does it scare you?"

"No." Roy answered.  SU-8 happed to walk by at that moment.  SU-8 bent at the waist, picked up a small piece of thread on the carpet, stood up and walked on.  "More amazed that SU-8 used to be human."

"He was." Jim said.  "Eric.  He was a robot fetishist for a long time like Patrick.  His partner referred him to me.  Once his training is compete I'll be sending him back to his rightful Master."

Roy thought a moment, and looked at the monitor.  "This isn't just you, is it?"

Jim shook his head slowly.  "My work…  well I can tell you because in a few days you won't be telling anyone.  I work in a lab that was originally trying to perfect artificial intelligence.  We created a limited AI program in the nanomachines that understood more fuzzy logic.  Yes, no, sometimes, that kind of thing."

Jim sat down nest to Roy's wheelchair.  "Our lab discovered that we could use the nanomachines to heal, but they would dehumanize the patient.  Too much and they become mostly machine, uncaring for human life.  The military got wind of our project, and wanted to create robot soldiers.  We held a meeting between all of us, and decided that we would rather scrap the project than let it fall into the wrong hands.

"So before they could get any more information on the project we staged a fire in the lab and destroyed a lot of documents, but we didn't destroy he originals."  Jim pointed to the laptop.  "This is one of the original lab machines.  I have a lot of them in the basement as well.  It was just easier to move them into here when I moved in, we could disguise a lot of the equipment as furniture and the like."

Roy nodded.  "So what are you up to now?"

"Same project for the military." Jim said.  "But this time we're trying to figure out how to keep a subject's humanity intact."  He looked at the monitor.  "Your transformation into the K-9 unit will be recorded, as I'm going to try one of the techniques to keep you from slipping too far into the canine mindset.  For starters, you're going to be able to talk."

Roy laughed, his voice monotone still.  "A talking dog?" he asked.  Jim nodded.  "I suppose it makes your job easier to ask for a report on the security status."

"Nothing has ever replaced the speed of a verbal response." Jim said.  "And as my head of security you'll need to be able to radio in reports, call the police or fire department, or otherwise talk to people."  Roy nodded.  Jim was right.  They went on to design the unit while SU-8 continued to clean the house.

Eventually, the day came.  Roy and Jim were both happy with the computer rendering, and it was time to make K-9 real.  Roy shaved his head that morning so the sensors could interface with his brain easier.  Jim watched him intently as he took his last shower, his last meal as a human…  Lie he was trying to burn that image into his mind forever.

Roy was carried down the stairs by SU-7 and laid upon a padded table.  The "creation table" that SU-5 had told him about weeks previous.  SU-7 stripped Roy of all his clothing, and placed his hands and ankles into metal restraints.  Roy laid there naked, with a smile on his face and an erection sticking straight out from his hips.

"Last chance." Jim said, holding a net with many electrodes and sensors on it.

"No way you're talking me out of it now, Master Jim." Roy said.

"Then one last gift for my dogboy."  Before Roy could say anything, Jim bent over and sucked hard on Roy's erection.  Roy, on instructions, had abstained from any sexual contact for a few days, and neither of them wanted to hold anything back.  Roy arched his back and groaned loud as Jim nibbled on his tip, then used his tongue to caress all along the underside.  Roy felt the buildup, and Jim wasn't letting up when he felt Roy's shaft get harder, warmer, and thicker.  Jim sensed Roy's orgasm coming, and pulled his mouth away at the last moment, placing a collection tube over Roy's penis as he humped into Jim's hand.    Roy let out a howl as he exploded, spraying semen like a fountain into the collection bag.  Jim milked Roy's shaft expertly, bringing out as much as he could from Roy.  Finally, Roy fell back onto the padded table, panting hard and sweating.

"thank you… Master Jim!" he said between breaths.

Jim was taking the semen sample and preparing it.  "You're welcome my boy."  He turned to the robot next to him.  "SU-5, take this sample, label it K-9-01 and place it in the storage bank."

"Yes Master Jim." SU-5 said.  As SU-5 turned to prepare the sample, Jim unlocked the restraints from the sides, and attached them to some poles which he rigged over the "creation table".  He placed Roy's arms and legs into a more 'canine' position, and rested his head so he was looking straight back.  He then wired up the electronic net to Roy's head, and attached the leads to the main CPU.

"You might like this part." Jim said as he lubed up the rectal stimulator.  He inserted the tip in, and pushed it slowly up Roy's hole.  Roy moaned in a bit of pain, as he hadn't been taken that way in his life.  Jim then placed a tube on the tip of Roy's now flaccid penis, and positioned it in place from above.

Jim then retrieved the syringe.  "Any last words?"

"Thank you." Roy said.

"Good boy."  Jim used an antiseptic on a small spot on Roy's arm and injected him with the nanites.  "You'll start to feel the effect in a few minutes.  I'm about to attempt to download your brain first, then switch on the nanomachines.  If all the programming goes according to plan, it won't hurt, and you'll become the first ever cyber dog."

Roy nodded, and moved his head backwards to it's position.  Jim stepped behind the main console, and flipped a few switches.  Roy could feel the net on his head constrict slightly, and a pleasant buzzing feeling came over him.  The CPU was analyzing his brain patterns, and began the process of downloading all the memories, thoughts, emotions, and all the things that made Roy who he was.

"Try to relax boy." Jim said.  "This will take a while."

Roy laid back in his 'paws up' position, and let the feeling wash over him.  The CPU methodically scanned, and transferred everything in a matter of hours.  Roy laid back the whole time silently, enjoying the feeling.  It felt like the time was just flying by for Roy.  Jim wasn't so lucky, he was watching the monitors, making sure the nanomachine took and began their process of internal modifications.  All the while Jim was sweating bullets, hoping nothing would go wrong.

A small light glowed on the main console, the CPU was done uploading and all that was "Roy" up to that moment.  It had saved these patterns onto several hard disks.  Jim ordered SU-5 to store Roy's memories the same area as his semen sample.  Jim turned off the machine, and the net loosened up on Roy's head.  Jim walked over to Roy and removed it.

"Roy?"  He nodded weakly.  "It's time."  He nodded again.  Jim took Roy's nipple and tweaked it hard, no response from Roy.  Jim smiled, the pain receptors were gone.  The nanomachines had begun to dismantle the human nerves during the download.  This wouldn't hurt him now Jim thought.  Jim took a blood sample as well, for DNA matching if it became necessary.  He ordered SU-5 to store it as well.  Jim took in a deep breath, and looked over the form of Roy for the last time this close up.  He closed his eyes, patting Roy on the chest.  "You're a god boy, forever my dog." he said.  Roy smiled weakly, but still said nothing else.

Jim walked back over to the console, and put on a pair of protective glasses.  Roy felt a small twinge as Jim threw the switch.  Roy's body, however, reacted violently.  His hands clenched, his toes curled violently, all his muscles tensed up as the nanomachines all fired in unison.

Roy felt the surge run through his mind almost immediately, what was his organic brain now incorporated in the neural net of the cybernetics being built inside his body.  His old consciousness felt distant, alien to him now.  He never put up a fight.  In it's place came programming of another kind.  Coding on how to be a dog.  How to walk on all fours.  How to bark, when to bark, and how to communicate as a dog.  How to obey your owner and Master, commands all dogs should know.  How to guard, patrol, secure an area.  How to communicate with your Master and other humans…  Roy's eyes began to glaze over, all human thought being erased to make room for canine and security training.

Another light popped to life on the console.  The nanites were ready for the infusion material to make the old organic systems into machines.  Jim flipped the switch over the light, and watched as the first injection went into the body on the table.  Liquids poured into the body through needles in his veins, but they were soon absorbed into a one-way valve to allow free flow of raw chemicals and materials.  Very quickly the boy's head snapped back, locking into position it would need to be in so he could be more dog-like in appearance.  Muscles warped under flesh becoming pneumatic systems and artificial muscle fibers.

The boy's face pushed outward, his teeth disintegrating along with most of his bone structure replaced with retractable carbon glass for piercing Kevlar.  Some of the soft tissue, like the tongue muscles and cheek lining were replaced with a black rubber compound to allow for articulation and long wear.  Salivation glands were replaced with lubrication pumps and reservoirs, and the rubber tongue filled with silicone to give it a life-like feel and appearance.  As the muzzle pushed outwards, the midnight blue metal could be seen for the first time as it formed out of the oral cavity.  From the eyes the old green eyes a metallic sheen formed, and the mono-visor began to push the now useless skin away from the more streamlined body.

What was left of his flesh began to break down and become absorbed into the metal framework of the cyber dog.  Inside the nanomachines were using these chemicals and raw materials and using them to make a more efficient cybernetic body.  His legs shrank, arms grew, and paws formed at the end of all limbs with carboglass claws.  The paw pads formed and filled with silicone, inflating like small balloons on the bottoms of his metal paws.

The unit's chest pushed outwards, forming a more canine barrel chest.  A smooth, gunmetal blue outer bodyplate became visible as the last of Roy's organic flesh became absorbed into the unit.  Jim marveled at how smooth the dog body looked, more streamlined than the human robots he had made to that point.  Finally, the tail formed a small bud on the end of the body.   Over a period of an hour the articulated tail was built from materials being pumped into the unit, and the plating was forming on the outside.  With that, a green light on the console lit up.  The cyber dog body was complete.

At the same time, in the unit's memory banks, the upload was almost done.  Legal regulations and laws concerning home safety were uploaded, and completing the data bank information for cross referencing.  On the main console, a final green light flipped on.  The transformation was over.  It took most of the day, but it was over.  All that was left was to activate him.  Jim shut down all the systems and picked up the triggering mechanism.  One small shock of electricity would be all that was needed to shock the computer into booting.

Jim walked over to the table, and removed the restraints from the robot dog.  He gently laid the dog unit on it's side, and looked over his creation.  Gunmetal blue smooth body that projected a feeling of power offset with a chromed mono-visor.  His ears were perked on their swivel mounts, ready to receive commands.  He could see the sharp claws in their retractable sheaths, as well as the sheath that held the cyber dog's new penis and balls.  He unplugged the tubing from the one-way valves, freeing his creation from the main CPU and restraints.

Jim took in the power of his newest creation, then reached under it's chin with the activation trigger.  "Lord forgive me if this didn't work."  He pulled the trigger.

The robot dog's body jerked once like a heart attack patient given the paddles as it's mono-visor glowed to life with an audible hum.  In a minute the unit then swiveled it's head to look into Jim's face.  "Unit K dash nine dash zero one reporting for duty.  Who is my Master?" it said, it's jaw articulating with each word.

"I am." Jim said holding back tears.  "I am your Master.  Master Jim."

"Yes Master." K-9-01 said in his monotone.  He saved data of his Master, and began to write his new memory files while operating the "Master behavior" program.  K-9-01 also began his initial boot-up system checks.  Jim could see on the visor small green lettering scrolling across rapidly.  "Diagnostic check…  OK.  System Check…  OK.  Weapons…  OK and disarmed.  K-9-01 ready for active duty Master Jim."

Jim ran his hand over the smooth metallic head of his newest creation.  "Good boy."  He thought a moment.   "Protocol.  Name.  You will answer to the name K9, and call yourself K9 as well as responding to usual dog affectations.  You are the first, and do not need a designation number.  Do you understand?"

"Yes Master Jim." K9 said.  "Unit will now answer and refer to self as K9."

"Good boy." Jim said.  "Can you move yet?"

"Yes Master Jim" K9 said.  Jim motioned to heel, and K9 jumped off the creation table and sat at his Master's side, his head forward.  Jim swept his hand forward, and walked.  K9 walked to his side, never wavering from a perfect "heel".  Jim walked silently around the room, K9 never breaking stride.

"Stay."  K9 stopped, and sat on his metallic haunches.  Jim walked away from K9, who watched him intently.  "SU-7.  Clean off the creation table and make it ready for it's next use." Jim said.

"Yes Master Jim." SU-7 replied.  as SU-7 got out the cleaning supplies, K9 sat motionless.  at one point SU-7 made a loud bang with one of the rods.  K9 rotated an ear, but otherwise didn't move, his eyes on his Master intently.

Jim watched the display with interest.  He knew the bang was coming, but wanted to see how strong the programming was in K9.  He was pleased that the cyber dog didn't turn to look, his training program was perfect.  "Ok, come K9."  K9 sprang up and padded over to his Master.  "Run program 2."

K9 instantly relaxed, his silicone filled latex tongue rolled out of his mouth and he began to pant like a real dog.  His ears rotated into a more relaxed position, and his body took on a relaxed posture of a more organic dog.  "Good boy!" Jim said.  "This will be your default program."

"Yes Master Jim." K9 said.  The green symbols flashed on his visor then vanished.

Jim smiled to himself.  "I hope you're at peace in there Roy." he said quietly.  K9 said nothing.  As with all the others, Roy wanted this.  And, someday, he knew he would reunite Roy's mind with his new body.  "SU-7.  Once you are done at the table resume normal parameters."  SU-7 nodded, and finished his task.

Jim looked at his latest creation.  "Ok K9.  heel and follow."  K9 snapped to his Master's side and followed him upstairs.

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