"K-9 Unit 1"
Chapter 3

Written by : Socks the Catt (under another nickname)

©2002 Socks Furrotica Press, All rights reserved

K9 was put into a routine very quickly.  Jim had programmed him with a basic house schematic, but left K9's programming to make decisions.  Jim wanted to test many of the new features of the dog's CPU and processors, including the logic sensors and K9's ability to problem solve.

Jim bent over the cyber dog and looked it in the visor.  "K9.  Program Home Security.  Master's house.  Learn.  Execute."

"Understood Master Jim." K9 said, and turned to walk around the home.  In a matter of minutes K9 had walked the entire house, learning it.  K9 padded back to Jim.  "Program executed and stored." he said.

"Good dog." Jim said.  "Resume default programming."

K9 resumed his 'happy dog' program.  Jim had one more test for his newest creation.  Jim invited a colleague over to his home to review the day's work.  Jim had his hand on the kill switch around when he knew his friend would show up.  If K9 went berserk, at least he could shut him down.

"HALT!" Jim heard from the front door.  "STATE YOUR NAME AND PURPOSE!"  Jim couldn't hear the response, but he did hear the speaker in the room crackle.  "Master Jim.  A Tom Ruddiak is here to see you."

"On my way K9.  Friend."

"I apologize for being forward, Mr. Ruddiak." K9 said as he hopped up onto his hindlegs to open the door.  "I am still learning Master Jim's friends.  Please come in and make yourself comfortable."

Tom walked in and marveled at the cyber dog in front of him.  "Umm, thank you." he said hesitantly.

Jim walked into the front room.  "K9, we need to work on your greeting protocol, you don't need to be so gruff."

"I'm sorry Master Jim." K9 said, after a few seconds, he looked up to his Master.  "Program amended."

"Good boy.  Resume default." Jim looked up to Tom as K9 panted at his Master's side.  "Well?  What do you think?"

"He's scary as fuck!" Tom laughed.  "So this is the new breakthrough?"

"Yeah." Jim said, patting K9 on the head.  K9 tilted his head to let his Master pet him easier.  "He's only a few hours old now, but his programming seems to be holding."  The two men walked into the living room, and Jim sat.  K9 sat next to him.

"May I?"  Tom asked.  Jim motioned.  Tom hesitantly offered a hand.

"I don't bite, Mr. Ruddiak." K9 said.  "Unless Master Tom orders it."  Tom was taken back

"He has his human brain?"

"No." Jim said.  "He was programmed with some standard ice breaking jokes, as well as how to act more like a real dog.  Roy figured that it would be easier for people to accept the unit if it had a personal touch like a sense of humor or some way to make an introduction."

Tom stroked K9's head.  K9 pushed his head gently into Tom's hand, enjoying the attention.  "So this was Roy?"  Jim nodded.  "I hope that I get to meet him someday."

Jim sighed.  "I do too.  Roy's design may need some tweaking, but I think he nailed the cyber dog unit down for home and private security."

Tom patted K9's flank and sat back in his chair.  "So what's his name now?"

"Just K9." Jim said.  "If he needs a pet name someday he is programmed to change.  But for now I'm just using his default K9 designation."

Tom nodded to himself.  "So when do I get to see the design parameters?"  Jim got up and took Tom into the basement while ordering K9 into his guard duty program.

Over several weeks K9's programming was refined.  His professional demeanor became softer, more empathetic to guests.  His 'happy dog' program started to develop some dog-like quirks that amused Jim and the other programmers.  K9's hind-leg ear scratching subroutine always seemed to get a small laugh from Jim's guests.

K9 learned each of Jim's friends by name, and learned how to show himself off to them for their professional review.  Jim gained a lot of input for design improvements, and implemented them into K9 as he could.  Jim also began to use K9 for sexual pleasure as well, the robot dog and the human both enjoying the experience equally.

K9 slipped into a routine that changed only occasionally.  Master Jim would leave for work and be helped by the SU's.  K9 would patrol the grounds of Master's home while the SU's would go about their daily business.  Master would return home and sometimes ask for a progress report, sometimes not.  Master would then entertain guests, friends, or boys that enjoyed Master's dominance.  On the latter nights the SU's and K9 would remain in their power up stations so as to keep their presence unknown.

Many years had passed.  One night K9 was patrolling the main floor when he noticed an anomaly in a window.  It was slightly open.  K9 slipped into stealth mode and turned on his IR sensors.  He saw, and followed, the trail of warm footprints on the hardwood.  He padded quietly into the computer room, where he saw a man with a flashlight in his hand rifling through a plastic case of CD's.

K9 used his image enhancers to take a photograph of the perp in action.  He then also placed an emergency call to the police, notifying them of a break in at the house.  He then sat back and watched, knowing that the police would arrive in a matter of minutes.

The man was so absorbed in his pilfering he never noticed the dog.  He grabbed one of the CD's from the file.  "Gotcha." he said.  He turned to leave, and the flashlight beam focused straight on K9.  "Fuck.  Good…  doggie?"

K9 began to growl.  He sent a radio signal to the house to alert his Master, and allowed his carboglass teeth to drop forward.

The thief stared at the metallic dog in front of him, and seeing the translucent needles he had for teeth grow in, the thief did the only thing he could.  He wet himself and ran for the opposing door, dropping the CD in the process.  K9 gave chase, herding the thief away from Master's room.

Jim woke up to the loud buzzer of a speaker.  It was too early for his alarm, he thought.  Then the realization of the alarm woke him up fully.  He rolled to the side of his bed and pushed the button on the speaker on his nightstand.  "K9 Report!"

"Male suspect, Five foot nine inches in height and over 175 pounds in weight is in the home." K9 said.  "In pursuit, police called ETA one point two minutes.  I am keeping the thief away from the basement and your quarters.  Recommend you stay in your room Master.  Unknown if suspect is armed."

Jim rolled out of bed and started to put on clothing.  "Keep me informed K9!"

K9 never broke stride, following the man down a hall and into the kitchen.  The thief stopped in the kitchen, and held the flashlight over his head like a club.  "Don't move doggie!  Don't fucking move!"  K9 ran his sensors over the thief.  No cold spots denoting weapons,  heart rate elevated, breathing shallow, a full color display of terror and fear.  The thief tried to scare whatever this thing was away "I'll beat you with…"

A small panel opened up on K9's back.  The thief stopped what he was saying and watched dumbfounded.  K9 quickly deployed the muzzle, and lowered his front paws to aim.  The would-be thief started to drop his flashlight.  "What the fuck?" he slurred out.  K9 didn't take any chances.  An explosion of gunpowder flashed, and the thief collapsed, bent over at the waist.

"Intruder is down and unconscious." K9 transmitted to his Master's speaker.  The sound of an engine roaring to life and squealing tires came from off the driveway.  It was followed by the sound of sirens and a sound of collision.  Some of the sirens sped away, in obvious pursuit.  Another set of flashing lights came to the front door.  "Master.  The police are here.  Danger level is low, but I still recommend waiting in your quarters until they feel it is safe.  Awaiting instructions."

Jim suddenly felt himself in a jam.  On one hand he didn't want the police finding K9, as he would have to do a lot of explaining.  On the other hand, he didn't want to get shot and mistaken for the burglar.  Jim sighed to himself, and made a fateful decision.  "K9.  Stay with the intruder until the police find you.  Once they have found you call for me and I will explain everything to them about your presence.  Disarm and guard."

"Understood Master." K9 said over the link.  He then walked behind the thief, who let out a low moan.  K9 stood on the thief's back with his front paws, and waited.

"Police!" a voice said at the front door.

"I have unlocked the door.  The suspect is in the kitchen and is incapacitated."  The voice the officers heard spoke in a monotone with only minor inflections of voice.  Officer Valley looked at his partner with a shrug, they opened the door and walked in guns drawn.  "The kitchen is to your left, across the living room.  Turn right, and look for the light source on the floor." they heard.

"Don't fuck with us!" Officer Valley said loud enough for the world to hear.  "We are coming in!"  He and Officer Ramirez slowly walked through the house, and saw the source of light on the floor.  "Place your hands where we can see them and come out slowly!"

"I'm afraid he can't, Officer." the voice came from the kitchen now, same minor inflections.  Officer Valley rounded the doorway with his gun pointed towards the voice.  He shown his flashlight directly at K9.

"What the fuck are you?" Officer Valley asked.

"K9, security." K9 said.  "The owner of this home is in his room, shall I send for him?"

Officer Valley looked at the metallic dog.  He never lowered his gun, not quite sure what to do with this situation.  "Yes.  He better not be armed."

"Understood Officer." K9 said.  He sent a radio signal to Jim's room.  "Master.  The officers are here.  Awaiting orders."

"Tell them I am coming." Jim said.  "And stand down.  I will explain everything."

K9 got off the man on the floor.  "He is coming."

"Do NOT come any closer!" Officer Valley said with authority.  K9's programming checked the parameters, and protocol said to obey the police in this matter.  K9 sat on the floor, next to the semi-conscious man.

Jim did come downstairs, and brought ID with him to show he owned the house.  "K9, heel."  Officer Ramirez brought his gun level to the cyber dog.  "It's ok Officer.  This is my prototype security dog."  He looked down.  "Report."

"Suspect spotted in the home at 2:43:23 AM in the computer room.  Police called to the scene.  Suspect then attempted to leave with property.  I stopped him from leaving, he ran down the hall.  In the kitchen suspect attempted to use flashlight as a weapon.  I used a beanbag charge to incapacitate the suspect, hitting him in the hip and knocking him down.  I have pictures and video evidence for the officers."

"Good boy." Jim said.

Officer Valley approached the would-be thief on the ground slowly, still eyeing the thing that just gave a report.  The thief was moaning louder.  "Hurts like a son of a bitch huh?  What were you doing in this house?"  The suspect said nothing.  He looked at the metallic thing.  "You can back up your story?"

"affirmative" K9 said.  "I can interface with your squad computer and upload video evidence."

"Good enough for me.  You're under arrest for breaking and entering."  Officer Valley read him his rights and handcuffed him.  As he rolled over the man screamed out in pain.  "I think you broke his hip!"  He then radioed to dispatch that an ambulance would be needed.

"Could have been worse." Jim said.  "I know K9's programming if he pulled a gun."

Officer Ramirez knelt next to the dog and looked it over.  "You made this?"

"In a way, yes." Jim said.  "K9 is a prototype."  Jim was trying to only tell just enough, but not everything about his creation.

"Can I see one of these beanbag charges?" Ramirez asked.

Jim nodded.  "K9.  Eject an unused beanbag charge."  K9 did, and the cartridge fell to the floor.

Ramirez picked it up, and looked at it.  "It's legal." he said.  "Standard home use, but usually not at close range."  He handed it back to Jim.  "We'd like to get a statement.  And if you can produce that evidence now that would be good."

Jim and K9 cooperated with the police fully.  The police brought an evidence team to get some fingerprints and process the scene.  K9 uploaded his video to a laptop and showed the still of the man holding a CD in his hands.  While Jim was giving his statement a police officer came in to tell him that the car that attempted to drive away wrecked and exploded.  "There was no reason for that." the officer said.  "He hit a phone pole and as we attempted to get them out of the vehicle it exploded.  We have fire and arson in the scene." he said.

Jim nodded slowly.  "K9.  Did you get anything on that car?"

"No sir." K9 said.  His audio protocol changing with the officers present.

"Damn." Jim said.  "You did well K9.  Good boy."

After getting statements, one of the detectives took Jim aside.  "That's one hell of a machine you have there Mr. Wallword."

"Thank you." Jim said.

"How easily can you make these?" the detective asked.

Jim sighed.  He feared this moment but at the same time knew it was going to happen.  "I've never tried to make another one.  K9 took me years to make." Jim lied.

"Would you mind if I brought one of the senior officers over to see him?  He took down that man efficiently, and we could use something like him on the streets."

Jim looked at K9, who sat attentively by the table where he was still plugged into the laptop from his download.  Quickly he weighed the options.  "Let me think about that.  I'm not sure if K9 is ready for anything like that.  He's just a house security system, he's not armored heavily.  But give me your name and a place to call you."  The officer agreed.  "Oh, and can you do me a favor?"


"Don't tell anyone about K9 here.  I'm not ready to debut him to the public yet, he still has bugs to work out.  Like how close to shoot a beanbag round."

The detective handed Jim a card.  "I can try.  but the boys at the station, they'll probably talk about this one.  It's not every day that a dog stops a crime and gives us a neatly packaged slimeball."

Finally, the officers all left, leaving K9 and Jim in the home.  Jim locked the doors and windows.  "K9?  Do you still have that image of the CD the thief had?"

"Yes Master."

"Show me.  Enhance the image to show the label of the CD."  K9, still plugged into the computer, did just that.  And in moments he had a clear shot of the CD.  Written on it in Jim's handwriting was "Nano Stage 2 change bkp".

Jim pursed his lips together.  "K9.  E-mail all on my work list.  subject, emergency meeting.  message.  I had a break in last night.  K9 stopped the thieves, but they knew what they were looking for.  Meeting tonight, 8 PM, my home.  We need to discuss our future plans, and possibly move up the schedule.  Jim.  End message."

K9's mono-visor lit up with the green text, and flashed to clear.  "Sent, Master Jim.  You should get some sleep if you can."  Jim smiled, the empathy programming was working.  Jim unplugged K9 from the computer, and headed back up to his room to sleep.  K9 performed an auto run sequence and began his evening security program to patrol the grounds.

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