"K-9 Unit 1"
Chapter 5

Written by : Socks the Catt (under another nickname)

©2002 Socks Furrotica Press, All rights reserved

As the years passed several police units from big cities made inquiries to create these K-9 cyber dog units.  A sort of system was developed that was kept under wraps, and was conveniently covered up by local city and state governments.

A man on death row was offered the opportunity to commute his death penalty.  In exchange for his cooperation he was told that he would not die, but instead would be serving with the police.  They were not told that their mind would be wiped, and they would become a fresh slate for programming.

The process was making money, and security had to become tighter for the scientists.  They formed a company called "Wallford Labs", creating a fictional head of the company.  Security for this company almost became a problem, until the scientists stumbled upon something interesting.  They found that many robot fetishists were exploring the corporate web site on a daily basis and sending feedback asking questions.

Over time they decided to try to reach out to these people.  Several took them up on the opportunity to tour the facility.  Highlights included a meet and greet with K9, still popularly known as "Astro".  K9's programming had evolved, his voice software had better vocal inflections making his a smoother conversationalist.  His body also became more streamlined, better alloys, replaced parts, but he kept the same color scheme and appearance through the years.

Wallford Labs also included a behind-glass tour of the lab, then the real show stopper.  It was a risk showing these robot fans the process of creating a K-9 unit, but the small crowd was treated to the creation of what would become unit K-9-32 for the LAPD.  Soon after that show, Wallford Labs suddenly found themselves with several willing applicants not only for security K-9 units, but also for a new model of "Corporate Security" units as well as questions of creating a "Pleasure Robot" in male and female.

Several years after the first tour, a member of the media got wind of the story.  A member of a small market television station ran a story how several prisoners on death row had empty graves, or empty ash canisters instead of remains.  With some extremely thorough digging, they found the truth.  There was the predictable scandal, several exposés, and at least three groups trying to "free Astro".  K9 almost bit one of his so-called saviors.  A federal inquiry was held, and Jim, K9, and several of the scientists were put under questioning by senators.

After six weeks of being grilled, the senators had no choice but to admit that there was nothing wrong legally with what they were doing.  However, they also agreed that the process would have to undergo some supervision.  The truth was that in order to admit that it was illegal, the US senators would need to bring in city officials from ten of the largest cities in the United States and grill them too.  The political disaster which that would create would rock the country too hard.  Negotiations for this finding were intense, and in the end it was decided to create a bureau of "human cybernetics and ethics."

There were repercussions.  The ethics of be project were questioned, but in the end it was eventually decided that the process was filling the social need of a death penalty.  And the K-9 cyber dogs also allowed a prisoner to serve the community he once harmed.  It became a humane method to, in a way, execute prisoners.

Another repercussion that the scientists never imagined was the private market.   It started when Jim took K9 to a leather bondage party after the scandal.  K9 was wearing a leather harness and a leather collar to match his Master.  At one point, another man walked over to Jim and talked about K9.

"I have a boy who loves dog play." he said.  "Think I could introduce him to your dog?"

"I don't see why not." Jim said.  They walked over to a cage where a naked boy was crouched over.

"Ok boy.  Out and present!"  the leatherman opened the cage, and silently the boy crawled out, turned around, and stuck his ass in the air.  "This is pud, my dogboy.  He told me he wants to be a dog like Astro.  Isn't that right boy?"  The boy nodded, eyes never leaving the floor.

Master Jim knelt to look over the boy.  Thin, in good health, shaven to the flesh, and a highly submissive nature.  Jim stood up and looked at the other man.  "I can work with him.  But I'd like to talk about it with both of you later."

"Fair enough.  I'm Paul."  Paul offered his hand to Jim who shook it.  He then looked down to K9.  "I heard that your dog is a good fuck too."

Jim smiled.  "He is fully functional and self cleaning."  Paul motioned to Jim, and Jim got the idea.  "K9.  Protocol 17.  Prepare and mount."

K9 snapped to attention, his smooth silver shaft gliding out from the metallic sheath, slick with lubricant.  K9 dug his nose into the dogboy's ass, and began to lick it roughly with his well lubricated latex tongue.  The dogboy groaned in pleasure, feeling the cold metal and smooth latex tongue violate him.  K9 licked and explored the boy's hole with his tongue, feeling the boy's hole relax and start to spread for him.  K9 pulled back, his readout told him that the boy could now take his shaft.

Quickly K9 put his front paws onto the boy's hips, and raised himself up.  The dog boy was in heaven, being fucked by something he had never dared to dream about before.  When he felt K9's tip touch his whole body shivered.  K9 sank his chrome shaft deep into the hole of the boy.  In two good thrusts K9's hips were touching the hips of the boy.

Both masters watched the cyber dog take the boy.  Paul took interest in it.  "I thought he would be a lot bigger than that." he said.  "the boy can take a pop bottle in his ass, and he's barely groaning."

"Just wait." Jim said.  "There's one more surprise in the programming."

K9 mercilessly pounded into the hole given to him.  K9's tail wagged in pleasure, his programming taking over and granting his conciousness a base pleasure feeling.  After five minutes of solid pounding Jim leaned over and said "K9.  Master override, cum."

K9 clamped down with both forepaws, holding the boy prisoner under his powerful robot body.  The boy began to moan louder.  His eyes opened wider, and suddenly began to wail in pleasure and some pain.  K9's knot articulated and swelled, tying him into the boy's hole.

"Can I CUM MASTER!?!?  PLEASE MASTER!" the boy wailed under the dog.  Paul knelt down and jerked the boy's rigid cock.  The dogboy howled, K9 howled, and they both shared an orgasm.  K9 sprayed the boy's insides with a saline solution cum that Jim had prepared in his testicles.  The warm fluid took the boy by surprise and he clamped down onto the knot of K9.

The boy began to collapse, but K9 planted a front paw down and held the boy up under him with the other paw.  K9's program completed, he let his default programming take over.  The nanomachines in his body set to cleaning the latex tongue, as well as allowing the last line of code from protocol 17 to remain active, keeping the boy tied under him with his fully expanded knot.

Paul took a moment to fondle the latex ball sac under K9, and marveled at how they looked, as well as their weight.  He stood up and looked at Jim.  "He's a good dog!" he said.

Jim nodded.  "Like I said, we'll talk, but not right now.  I need to get consent from your boy first, and talk about designs."

Months Paul pushed the trigger down on the dog on the table.  His visor, and body, twitched to life.  "Unit…  K dash Nine dash Forty Eight… online  Who is my Master?"

"Me.  You may call me Master Paul."

"Master Paul." K-9-48 looked at him.  "Thank you for claiming me Master Paul."

Jim smiled from the control table.  The new programming was perfect.  SU-7 was storing the semen and memories of the boy once known as "David" in the vault.  K-9-48's body was another German Sheppard, with some modifications from K9.  The balls were soft instead of encased.  His shaft was designed for heavy use, with a well formed shrinkable knot.  And the pain and pleasure receptors were kept, this cyber dog was built for bondage play.

Paul slipped a leather collar on his gunmetal grey cyber dog.  "I will give you a proper dog name later, boy.  First we will run some tests."  After Paul ran K-9-48 through his paces, he was satisfied.

"I have one other test for your dog, if you'd like." Jim said.

"Oh?  What's that?" Paul asked.

"K9.  Heel."  K9 padded into the room silently.  "Protocol 18."  K9 lifted his tail, and opened the access panel to his pleasuring hole.  K9 also arched his back.  "It's only fair, K9 had a good lay before the change.  K-9-48 needs to have his sex organs checked."

Paul rubbed his chin, and smiled.  "K-9-48.  Protocol 17.  Mount."

K-9-48 snapped to action.  His shaft extended from his metallic sheath, and he put both his paws on K9's sides.  K9 let escape a low growling groan sound as K-9-48 mounted him.  K-9-48 mechanically got into a rhythm with K9.  In his neural net, K-9-48 was in ecstasy.  The two cyber dogs could have been coupled like this for hours, but Paul had decided it was enough.  "Master override.  cum."  K-9-48 howled out as he shot warm saline fluid into K9's hole.  K9's sensors had registered the knot of K-9-48 swell deep inside his casing.  K9 howled with his cybernetic brother, his canine programming meshed with Protocol 18.

Paul looked down to his robot dog.  "I think I'm gonna name you Wolf if you can howl like that when I do that to you boy."

K-9-48, now finished running Protocol 17, only replied "Yes Master Paul.  Unit will respond to Wolf."

Time passed on, and as word spread quietly through the bondage community Wallford labs quietly got business from Masters and dogboys, as well as dominant Mistresses and people who wished to become pleasure robots.  The price was reduced for these people, under what came to be called the "friends and family" discount.

Several years went by.  K9's systems received occasional upgrades and polishing.  K9 received a few awards in the times he was asked to assist the police in search and rescue as well as the times he was in the 'right place, right time' with Master Jim.  Including stopping a mugger in downtown Chicago.

Jim also became good friends with many members of the Chicago police K-9 department because of his involvement from the beginning of the "Robo-dog" involvement.  Jim was often invited to social events with K9.  K9 also became aquatinted with many other real dogs, as well as handlers, their children, and many other people in the department.

One day Jim came home and summoned K9.  Jim's face had become more aged over the years, his body less powerful than it once was, his hair a little more grey than it used to be, but he was still K9's Master.  K9 was pleased to see his Master home again.  "I have news!  We think we can put your old personality back into you!"

K9 was confused.  "Old…  personality?  You mean the memories you download from the humans that become K-9 units Master?"

Jim knelt down next to his faithful companion.  "Yes K9.  You don't remember your old self, but Roy was a good man.  He chose to become you, he helped me build you.  A part of him is in all of you.  I want to give Roy back to you, give you to Roy."

"Master…  If you wish I will…"

"Think about it K9." Jim said.  "This is one of those times that I need you to make a decision.  You have permission to make your own decision."  He pet the metallic head of his robot.  "I loved Roy.  And I've loved you.  Any decision you make will please me."

"I will Master Jim."

K9 spent that night  in his standard security routine, but there was a subroutine running to tackle this problem.  He knew no fear, but at the same time was not pleased at the thought of his mental termination.  The next morning, he greeted his Master in the living room.  He awaited patiently at Master's side as SU-5 served him breakfast.

"Speak K9."

"Master.  I have thought about the situation."

"Yes boy?"

"Roy.  He is a part of me, Master?"


"And you loved him as you love me?"


K9 paused a moment, as if to contemplate.  His AI was sophisticated enough to work within the parameters of this, but he still wanted to run the scenario through his processors a few times to make sure there was no error in judgment.  "I would like to access Roy's thoughts if I may, Master.  If I can get to know him, I would like to."

"Are you sure K9?  I can arrange that if you want, but we will have to do it at the laboratory."

"Yes Master.  I only need to recharge, and I know we can do that at the lab."

"Ok K9.  I'll make the arrangements."  Jim finished his breakfast, and made the call he had wanted to make for over thirty years.

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