"K-9 Unit 1"
Chapter 6

Written by : Socks the Catt (under another nickname)

©2002 Socks Furrotica Press, All rights reserved

"We're all set here." a technician said.  "Roy's memory has been loaded into the main system, and ready to run."

"Good!" Jim said.  He looked to K9, who he had plugged into the computer with the universal jack behind his jaw.  "Ready?"

"Affirmative." K9 said.

"You're only the second unit to do this, so we can't really give you any help." Jim said.  "Roy might be confused and disoriented.  Be gentle with him."

"I will Master." K9 said.

Jim patted the cyber dog on the head gently.  Quietly Jim  hoped that it would all go well.  "We're going to drop you into a VR environment where you can talk to Roy's consciousness.  We don't know what it will be like for you, you're our test subject.  We'd like to backup your memory as a precaution."  K9 nodded.  "We also know that time will compress for you, because you'll be speaking computer to computer.  So hours to you will be minutes or seconds to us.  You will power down while you're interfacing with Roy, and we don't have a way to monitor your progress.  You're going in alone K9.  You will know how to get back into your system, there isn't any way you can get lost unless I pull the plug.  And I won't let that happen."  K9 just looked at Master Jim, and understanding his instructions.

From behind a main console the technician spoke up.  "We're go for K9's backup."

Jim nodded.  "Ready boy?"

"Yes Master."

"Just one more thing." Jim said.

"Yes Master?"

"I love you boy."

K9 looked at his Master in a strange way.  Master Jim has said this to him several times before, but it was a concept he never quite understood.  But he knew that Master Jim maintained him, cared for his needs, and appreciated his presence in the home.  K9 fell back onto Protocol 2, and licked his Master's nose with his latex tongue.  Jim laughed, knowing what the gesture meant.

Jim held his cyber dog as he turned to the tech behind the console.  "Ok, do it."

K9 opened the access to the mainframe and uploaded his memory to it.  It only took moments.  "Upload complete Master Jim." K9 said.  "Ready for interface with the Roy consciousness."  Jim nodded slowly.  He prayed that he wasn't about to kill Roy, or K9.  He never let go of his robot companion until the visor's familiar glow faded, and the servos and pistons made the robot dog go limp.



"Anyone here?"

Not even an echo.  Nor a light.  Nor in fact anything.

"Is anyone here?"

Suddenly the lights turned on.  Roy squinted hard and held his hand up.  His eyes adjusted to the light quickly, and he looked around.  He was sitting in a room, black with a yellow grid work on it.  He could easily see the four walls, a ceiling, and obviously the floor.  He laughed out loud.  "Great, I'm on the fucking Enterprise."

He was about to pull himself up when something began to materialize in front of him.  At first it was a ghostly image, but it's form became more real.  In moments it fully materialized, it was a K-9 unit that he had been working on for the last two weeks.  He looked intently at it, not exactly knowing what to make of it at first.

K9 looked at the image in front of him.  A naked man on the floor, fairly good build, short hair, he'd seen his picture before on the wall near Master Jim's bedroom.  K9 never asked him about it, it never was important unless the photo was moved somehow.  "Are you Roy?" he asked.

"y…  yes…  who are you?" Roy stammered out.

"I am unit K-9-01.  Designated K9." the dog said.  "I am owned by Master Jim, and serve and protect his home."

Roy looked at the robot dog in front of him.  "Am I dreaming?"

"No." K9 said.  "This is a virtual simulation.  Master Jim made you aware so that I may get to know you."  K9 walked over to Roy, and sat next to him.  "Master Jim also asked me to, as he put it, be gentle.  My experience tells me this means to explain things slowly."

"Master…  You mean you're real?  The process worked?"  Roy sat up and used his hand to swing his useless legs around to be more comfortable.

"Affirmative." K9 said.

"So Jim saved my memory and made me into you?"  Roy's mind went into overdrive.  "It would explain why I'm naked here on the holodeck…"  Roy looked at the cyber dog in front of him.  "My god you're beautiful.  Show me how you walk.  Show me how you wag your tail.  I never thought I'd see life in you but now…  you are so gorgeous!"

K9 did as requested.  He walked around Roy, showed him things like his tail wag, how his sheath worked, how his teeth extended and claws regenerate.  Roy was in awe the entire time.  Suddenly, Roy's eyes grew very wide with a realization.  "How long?  How long has it been since I was saved like this?"

"Thirty one years, four months, twenty two days…  Shall I continue Roy?" K9 rattled off.

Roy didn't notice anything after the years.  "Thirty years?"

K9 stopped.  "Affirmative, rounded down."

"So much has changed…  Wait.  Jim said that he would save my memory if there was a chance that I could be…"  He let the thought trail off.

"Be what?" K9 asked, cocking his head to the side.

"You're here to get me, aren't you?"

"get you?" K9 asked.

"Retrieve me.  Put my brain back into that wonderful body of yours." Roy said.

"Master Jim told me that it could be done." K9 said.

Roy frowned.  "You don't want to do it, do you?"

"Master Jim told me to be gentle." K9 said coldly.

"No, be rude."

"I do not enjoy the thought of being deleted." K9 said.  "I have been programmed for self preservation as well as protection.  Stepping aside and allowing my programming to be deleted is against my standard programming."

Roy smiled.  "Then we did a good job.  I programmed that into you last week.  Security is not…"

"…blind self sacrifice." K9 finished.  K9 stopped, stood up, and walked until his muzzle was in Roy's face.  K9 studied this man intensely.  "We are one.  you are what was, I am what is.  We complete each other."

Roy laughed.  "I never thought a computer would be capable of saying something that abstract!"

K9 sniffed at Roy, then sat back down next to him.  "I want you to tell me about you.  You know a lot about me.  Who are you?"

Roy offered a hand to K9, who pushed his head into Roy's hand.  Roy pet K9 idly while telling his life story.  How his parents died when he was in high school, how he had an interest in programming from a young age, how he met Jim at a leather shop and shared interests…  And then about how he became what K9 is.

When Roy was done he leaned back.  "I never did get my legs back before the procedure, but I see that hasn't slowed you down, has it?"  K9 shook his head.  "Did it do any good?  I mean in thirty years did anything good come of my transformation?"

It was K9's turn to talk now.  He told Roy about the fateful night that someone broke in.  How the police took to having cyber dogs created, how he watched the creation of K-9-02, and how thanks to the program several major cities have at least one, and sometimes up to ten, cyber dogs on the K-9 squad.  K9 also told Roy about the several new K-9 units and SU units that have been created.

Roy now sat back and took it all in.  "We've done well, haven't we?"

"Yes." K9 said, feeling more at ease now.

"I want to come back."

K9 ran the request in his processors.  After a long process time, he finally said "I can do that."

"I don't want you to die, K9.  Don't kill yourself for me." Roy said.

"I won't die." K9 said.  "You won't either.  I think that this will be a little confusing for a while, but you will like the results.  I have two ways we can do this.  One is basic, the other is intimate.  Which would you prefer?"

Roy smiled, and lowered himself onto his back.  "Intimate, but I can't be on top if I wanted to."  K9 slid his chrome shaft out of his sheath, prelubricated and ready, and straddled Roy's body.  Roy reached with his hand, and helped K9 aim himself.  K9 made a slow, single thrust, penetrating into Roy.  Roy moaned, his second violation in only a few hours.  K9 penetrated deeper into Roy, until his knot seated just behind the muscles of Roy's sphincter.

"Initiating upload sequence" K9 said, humping into Roy hard.

Roy put his arms around K9's neck, and kissed him on the nose.  He could feel a sort of pulling and pushing sensation, but not from the pounding from K9, but from within.  He wasn't scared, K9 was a part of him, and he was a part of K9.  Whatever happened from now on didn't matter, as K9 was whole.

Jim cradled K9 in his arms.  It had only been three minutes, but he was worried.  He knew the time compression would have made it hours inside this interface of just K9 and Roy.  He didn't know what he could do, if anything, to help either of them.  He had missed Roy in all this time, and only now was hoping that K9 would be able to bring him back.

Suddenly K9's visor sputtered to life.  The reboot characters were scrolling across the visor rapidly.  Jim sat up a little, and looked at K9 intently.  After an excruciating minute of robot, K9 looked up at Jim.  K9 rotated his ears, tilted his head slightly, and stared.  "Jim?"

"Yes K9?" Jim said, without thinking.

"It's Roy.  It's me.  It worked." the dog said.  Jim's eyes lit up and he hugged his dog tight around the neck.

"I can't believe it worked!" He smothered the cyber dog in kisses, then pulled back.  "Wait.  Tell me something that Roy would know."

"He's not dead yet bitch." the dog said.  "I'm in here.  K9 is too."

Jim's eyes welled up in tears.  "I can't believe it!"

"I…  we…  I mean we…  dammit this is confusing.  K9 is still configuring it, and I might lose a lot of this in a minute because I'm making some sacrifices to come back, but in a little while K9 and Roy will be one.  We've decided to just be known as K9 or Astro.  Roy will be happier not being human anymore."  the dog said, his servos kicking back into gears.

Jim hugged K9 around the neck again.  "It's ok.  I want Roy to be happy.  I'm happy to have you back!"

"It's good to be back Master!  Once K9 has integrated us fully you won't need to fill me in on what happened in the last lot of years, but I'd like to talk anyway!"

"And I love you too boy." Jim said, stroking his dog on the head.  He turned to the tech working the board, wiping away a tear.  "It worked on K9.  Get the board together, we have a lot of work to do."  He turned back to his cyber dog, and jut held him in his arms.  K9's processors were integrating Roy's emotions and memories into his own.  K9's two minds, that of the human "Roy" and the cyber dog "K9" were slowly fused into one.  K9 felt new subroutines flow into his neural network, the concept of love, hate, lust, excitement…  emotions of what Master Jim meant when he said "I love you".

Roy gave up some of the memories of his past, particularly bad thoughts, useless emotional baggage, and his fears were not integrated and left behind.  K9 gave up a few things as well, but stored them onto the main hard drive with the memories of Roy.  After an hour of processing, compiling and reconfiguration, K9 looked up to his Master.  "Integration of Roy and K9 complete.  Unit K9 is ready for disconnection from the main CPU."  Jim reached for the plug.  K9 spoke before he pulled the plug.  "Master?"

"Yes K9?" Jim asked.

"I love you too, Master."  K9 said, the inflections of his voice were definite.

Jim felt the lump in his throat and his eyes well up again, and he hugged K9 for a long time.  Jim took K9 home that night and spent the night with his long lost friend.  They talked, they caught up on what happened, they had wonderful sex together.  Roy was fascinated that a picture of him was still on Master Jim's wall.

"It reminds me that you were human once." Jim said.  "And it's what drove me to bring you back."

"Thank you Master." K9 said.  Roy and K9 became one at the lab, but the longer they interacted with Jim the more they became integrated.  Jim woke up next to his cyber dog.  Before he could say anything, K9 looked to him and said "I took the night off Master.  Don’t worry, nothing happened."  Jim laughed and held K9 until he had to take a shower.

At the meeting that day K9 was brought along to explain what happened.  There was the long explanation of how he integrated the human and neural thought patterns, effectively bringing "Roy" back to life in the body that became K9.  "I believe I will need a higher capacity memory storage unit to effectively store all the new information and keep it available." K9 reported.  "Other than that, I am complete.  I can remember the human's life all the way back almost to his birth.  That information is incomplete, but I can access it."

"We'll get you more memory K9" Tom said.  Tom pushed his glasses up on his face, not quite used to them still.  "The process works.  We may need to program the Submissive Units in how to bring their old human selves into the process gently, as well as the Security and Pleasure robots as well."

"What if some of the units don't want to be brought back to human consciousness?" asked Bill, one of the newest board members.  "My K-9 unit specifically asked before transformation not to be brought back fully."

"Good point." Jim said.  "We can put them into the interface and simply give them the option to come back a little, or all the way.  K9?  If I ordered you to accept Roy's memories over your own, would you have?"

"Yes Master." K9 said.  "But Roy would have never forgiven himself."

"Are you sure there's two of them in there Jim?" Tom asked.

"Pretty sure." Jim said.  "I think they need some more settle time before the separation is seamless."  K9 thought better than to correct him, but noted it for later.  Discussions lasted for hours, figuring out what they would do.

It was eventually decided to give each unit the option, if possible, to integrate personalities.  In the next few months some units did, some units didn't.  Most that did only took a percentage, the percentage that wanted the life of being a robot with enough consciousness to enjoy it.  K9 was reunited with K-9-48, who was with another Master now, as his old personality was integrated on a 75% K-9 and 25% human split.

"Howler", as he was now being called, played with K9 in the yard outside Jim's house as their owners talked.  Both were in full use of "Program 2", fully engrossed in the dog mind they shared in common.  The new owner was a young man, in his 20's, by the name of Zach.  "I inherited Howler from my uncle." he told Jim.  "I kinda knew about him as the weird uncle and all, but after I read your letter I got more of a feeling about Uncle Paul."

Jim nodded into his coffee.  "What happened to Paul anyway?  I haven't seen him since we created 48 out there."

Zach shrugged.  "Remember that bank robbery a year or so ago?  He was there and got shot by one of the bank robbers when he fought with him for the gun.  .38 through the chest, he didn't have a chance."

"I'm sorry to hear about that." Jim said.

"Yeah, we all were.  I don't think he was ready to go either.  It was just random luck we found his will in his house.  He left me the dog and all the stuff to maintain him because he knew I was into robotics in high school.  He left a lot of his, umm…  toys I guess they're called.  Anyhow, left a lot of those to people he knew, but only left the house to the family.  We're still fighting over it."

Jim nodded slowly.  "But you'll care for K-9-48?"

"Oh yeah." Zach said, taking another sip.  "I don't use a lot of his programming but number 2.  And since he has some of his human mind back he'll make a great companion now.  I'm kinda looking forward to having him for a while.  His next owner might use the sex programming more, but I think he deserves a break."

Jim nodded slowly and looked out the window.  K9 and K-9-48 were romping around, barking and yipping, playing chew-tug with a rope toy.  Somewhere in his mind he knew that he would have to make plans soon for K9.  He already had a few in the works for years, but now, they would have to talk heart to heart.  The future wasn't about to take care of itself much longer.

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