"K-9 Unit 1"
Chapter 7

Written by : Socks the Catt (under another nickname)

©2002 Socks Furrotica Press, All rights reserved

Author's note : This is the "real" ending of the story, the "alternate happy fetish ending" can be found by clicking the link.  However, this ending is intended to be the real one.

"You wanted to see me Master Jim?" K9 asked politely.

"Yes boy." Jim said.  "Come."  K9 padded to his Master's bedside.  "Up.  I can't see you down there."  K9 jumped into bed with his Master.  His face had shown the lifetime of wear, Master lay there in the bed that K9 remembered being tied up in as a human, and being enjoyed in as Master's cyber dog.

Master Jim was wearing his formal leathers, chaps, club jacket, and cap.  Even at his age, the leather still looked good on him.  K9's subroutines fell back into place, to respect his Master's leathers.  Master Jim reached a hand to stroke K9 on the head and neck.  "The end is coming soon my boy." Jim said slowly, softly.  "You have been in my service for a long time K9.  You're the reason I could keep this house.  And I can't thank you enough for everything you've ever done for me, my pet."

"It has always been my pleasure Master Jim." K9 said.

Jim started to tear up.  "I'm dying boy.  I don't know how much longer I have left, but I wanted to say goodbye to everyone first."  He rested his hand on K9's muzzle.  "And to tell you I still love you."

K9 looked at his Master intensely.  "Master?  Can't we make you a K9 unit like me?  You could live forever with me!"

"I thought of that K9." Jim said.  "It was too late for me twenty years ago when my body started to age beyond the point the nanomachines could fix it."

K9 thought a moment.  "Master?  If it were possible, would you do it?"

Jim looked at his dog lovingly.  "What do you have in mind boy?  I'm not afraid of death, but I'll listen."

"I know there's a stockpile of K-9 units at the lab Master.  I even know that several are anatomically equipped as I am.  We can interface your brain directly into one of those units and transfer it over.  I've run the simulations, I know I can do it Master!" K9 pleaded.  His vocal inflection range had gotten very good.

Jim stroked K9's blue-metal body.  "I know you could too boy.  But I know that it's not my way.  K9.  I’m going to die, but I'm not afraid.  I want you to be strong with me boy.  I'm not meant to live forever."

"I'm scared, Master." K9 said quietly.

"It's the ultimate adventure K9." Jim said, with a cough.  "My final acts are for my servants.  Call for SU-5 and SU-7, will you?"  K9 nodded and send out the radio command.  SU-5 and SU-7 arrived shortly.  "I want to thank you both for serving me all these years.  I have arranged for you both to have new Masters to serve if you wish.  I have disengaged one of your protocols.  You may choose to be shut down and dismantled so you may pass on from this life.  You may do this upon your free will.  Your new Masters know of this, and if you choose to serve them you will be given that option again when they pass on."

"Yes Master Jim" both SU-5 and SU-7 said.

"Now you're dismissed." Jim said.  "And again, thank you."  SU-5 and SU-7 turned out and went to their charging room to prepare for their new existences.  Jim then leaned over to K9.  "Will you stay with me?"

"I don't think I can protect you from death, Master." K9 said.

"You don't have to boy." Jim said.  "I want to spend my last moments here.  With you."

K9 nodded, and laid his head on his Master' chest.  Jim looked at his cyber dog and smiled, petting him.  Jim looked down to K9.  "When I do pass on, there will be some latent programming that will come on line.  Don't be afraid of it, it's a final gift to you K9."

K9 nodded, and enjoyed the silence of the moment.  He then looked up, realizing something.  "Master?  You said you weren't meant to live forever.  But you will live forever.  Through me, you will always live."

Jim closed his eyes and a tear rolled down his cheek.  K9 leaned forward and licked it from his face with his latex tongue.  "I love you K9."

"I love you Master Jim."

"Good boy." Jim said.  "Give me kisses?"  K9 leaned forward, and met with Jim's mouth and they kissed a final time.  Jim sighed contentedly as K9 hugged his Master gently.  Jim looked at his loyal dog, and smiled a weak smile.  It was time.  Jim coughed a few more times.  He looked at K9 for the final time, closed his eyes, and his body went limp.  K9 could hear his Master's heart beat for the last time, and could feel the blood stop flowing, and his Master's body expire from life.

K9 rubbed his muzzle on his Master's body for a few minutes.  He didn't know if he wanted to howl in mourning, or deal with it later and do what he knew must be done.  He used his onboard cellphone to call the hospital that Jim had expired and to bring a stretcher for his remains.  K9 took in the moment, the smell of his Master, the feeling of his Master under him.  Every single detail of the room, all memorized.  K9 didn't cry, he couldn't if he tried, but he did finally howl.  A deep, mournful howl for his Master.

Jim's funeral was well attended.  K9 answered the same questions over and over.  "Yes, I'm fine."  "Jim has left me in the care of Steve McGowan."  "If I need a place to stay or someone to talk to, I'll let you know.  Thank you."  "It's good to see you again, thank you for coming."

It was asked if K9 wanted to say anything.  "What can I say?" K9 asked.  "I loved him, and I know he loved everyone in this room.  I'm happy to see many of his robotic children here, it's good to see you all again.  Thank you all.  There is one thing that Jim did put into my programming.  I'm under orders to do this, and as we all know that leaves me little choice."  Everyone laughed nervously.  "Jim doesn't want anyone to really mourn his loss, but to celebrate his life.  On his birthday in a few months I'm under orders to throw him a birthday party at the estate.  You're all invited, and so are the cyber dogs and human units he helped to create."

K9 looked around.  "You're all family.  Thanks for coming tonight."

Three days later Steve McGowan walked up to K9 in the cemetery.  He hadn't moved since the dirt was placed over his plot.  Steve knelt down next to the metallic blue form, and looked down with K9.

"I miss him." K9 said.

"We all do." Steve said.  "Sitting here can't bring him back Astro."

"I was created to protect him." K9 said.  "To serve him.  My programming has been set to do that for so long, it's hard to believe he's gone."

Steve put his arm around K9.  "I know I'm not him.  But he's placed you in my care.  Let me take you home.  I'll bring you back whenever you want."

"I can't leave." K9 said.

"Why not?"

"My batteries are almost drained and I don't have the power to move."  K9 said.  Steve tried to stifle his laughter, but couldn't.  K9 laughed a little too.  Steve mustered all his strength to pick up K9, and carry him into the car.

K9 spent a day recharging, and slipped into his previous programming, patrolling the estate grounds.  It wasn't until he patrolled past Jim's old room that he stopped in his tracks.  He looked in, and nothing had changed.  K9 broke from his patrol pattern to jump into Master Jim's bed.  He laid down, on his side of Master's bed, and laid there for hours.  Steve walked past Jim's old room and saw K9 there "sleeping", he left him alone.

As K9 slept, he dreamed.  In his dream Master Jim came to him, a younger man than he had buried.  Jim knelt next to him.  "I want you to have something boy." he said.  "Please, take it.  You don't have to use it if you don't want.  It's all I can give."

He felt a power overwhelm him.  He felt confused, but calm.  Master Jim told him this gft was coming.  Suddenly he knew all sorts of information, and he felt himself become a little more…  human?  He felt a touch of dominance from his Master, and then he felt a little streak touch him, enjoying a few of the things Master Jim always had.  When the flow of data slowed down, K9 looked up to his Master again.

Master Jim reached out with his hands, and helped K9 stand on his hindpaws.  He was the same height as Master Jim.  He heard music, and Master Jim danced with K9.  "This is my final gift, my pet." Jim said between steps.  "You have the power to turn it off, but I wanted you to have a little more of Roy back.  He loved leather like I did you know.  I also wanted to give you the one thing we never programmed."

"Yes Master?" K9 asked, stepping in time to the dance.

"You're an Alpha now." Master Jim said.  "You no longer need a Master, you are an Alpha dog now.  You can make your own life.  Above everything else, this is the gift I can give you now.  That and my love."  The silently finished the dance, and Master Jim kissed his pet.  K9, in the dream, slowly went back down to all fours, Master Jim petting him.  "Always our love, my pet."

"Always our love, my Master."  K9 choked out.  He woke up soon after that.  He felt sad, but he knew that his Master gave him a wonderful gift.

Some days later K9 walked up to Steve as he was settling into the house.  Steve saw K9 there, and said nothing.  K9 waited.  Steve finally stopped what he was doing.  "You don't need permission to talk to me."

"I'll remember that, Master Steve." K9 said.

"You don't need to call me that either."

"You are the owner of this home, correct?" K9 asked.

"A part owner, with you, yes." Steve said patiently.

"That makes you the Master of the house.  Therefore my calling you Master Steve is appropriate.  My programming dictates I must call you as a designation as my caretaker.  Would Officer Steve be more appropriate?" K9 asked.

Steve shook his head with a look of resignation.  "No, no.  If you have to call me something call me the Master, but I am not your Master."

"Understood Master Steve." K9 said.  "What are your plans for the main bedroom?"

"Umm…  I was going to leave it alone for you Astro.  I know that was Jim's room and all, and I didn't want to…"

"You can use it." K9 interrupted.  "It's the largest room in the house, and I'm assuming you'll have a family someday.  And it is the MASTER bedroom."

Steve's expression changed from disbelief to a smirk.  "Why do you want me to have it?"

"Because it's time to move on." K9 said.  "But there's only one request."

"Name it." Steve said.

"Take Master Jim's bed and place it in my quarters so I may rest on it.  And the things in his closet should go to Howler's current handler.  I will find him for you.  Unless you're into the things Master Jim was, in which case I would like to seriously talk to you about our future."

Steve laughed again.  "No, not like that.  I've seen what's in that closet, that's not my style."

"Understood Master Steve."

As time went on, K9 adopted to the K-9 unit name given to him of "Astro" thanks to Steve.  Steve McGowan  talked Astro into taking on a Police job, mostly on a meet and greet "Officer Friendly" program.  "Astro" was instrumental in several escaped prisoner finds, as well as several street take-downs where his beanbag shotgun came in handy.

McGowan's kids loved to play with Astro, and Astro showed infinite patience with them.  Astro became part babysitter, part confidant, part troublemaker, part guardian for them.  He had many long chats with Rachel and James over the years.  Astro asked for, and got, an extended leave of absence from the force.  He never quit, just worked out deals where he was on "extended on call" for emergencies.

Financially, K9 was set.  Master Jim had provided a fund for his basic maintenance which grew from a nest egg to a growing fund to a small fortune in it's own right.  K9 set up a section of the estate as a cyber dog sanctuary with the McGowan's permission.  K9 found out that over time, many cyber dogs were in neglect, or storage, or otherwise not in use.  Since he was responsible for the project, he felt a responsibility to all the cyber dogs that he helped to create.  His and Master Jim's children.

His first resident was "Howler", who he purchased from an owner who had him in storage, not quite knowing what he had.  K9 also inherited some of Master Jim's old leather gear, which he gave away to other people who would appreciate it.  Howler was eventually adopted back out to another Master, who used him for his intended purpose of slave and sex dog.

K9 tried to track down the SU's that had served in the house.  SU-7 decided to end his service, and was dismantled.  SU-5, however, was happy to rejoin K9 on his old home site.  SU-5 joined SU-957 as the caretakers of the new sanctuary, making sure the cyber dogs were well maintained and cared for, as well as doing odd repairs.

In a few years K9's sanctuary grew to include dog-boys and dog-girls who wanted to be transformed into cyber dogs like them.  K9 had a financial and controlling presence in "Wallford Labs", and retained his ability to access the lab.  K9 personally oversaw the transformation of the first female, Unit K-9-114.  She nicknamed herself "Snoop", and joined the sanctuary.  She was soon adopted out as well.  K9 made sure the sanctuary only had a few dogs in it at a time, and that they all would go to good homes like he had for years.  He referred to these units as his 'pack', as he couldn't describe them in any other way.

K9 kept up many of his contacts through a few generations as well.  He still talked to many people in the bondage community, and enjoyed being at leather parties.  He toyed with being owned by another Master, but memories of Master Jim always held out.  K9 decided that play was good, but he would need to find someone special to replace Master Jim.

As time went on, "Astro" took on a new body form.  Over time he became sleeker, faster, and a lot more adapt to his body form.  Plasteel and alloys replaced the older style of straight metals, giving K9 a more efficient line.  His sheath also became streamlined, and he had his shaft replaced with a more canine style.  He enjoyed using it with some of he submissives that came to him.  K9 still reverted to his old programming, however.  He patrolled his Sanctuary, and the estate.  One night, while on his rounds, Steve flagged him down on the porch.

"Astro.  James is coming home from college next week.  He wanted me to tell you that he's bringing a friend of his that wants to talk to you about the history of cyber dogs."

"Yes Master Steve."

"How many times have I told you…"

"Seven thousand two hundred…"

"Don't…  Just don't…." Steve laughed.  "For a robot you're a smartass."

"It's my programming." K9 said.

"But I also need to talk about the future.  I want to give Rachel or James the house.  It's part yours still.  Is that ok with you?" Steve asked.

"Affirmative." K9 said.  "More than happy to share with my family."

Steve smiled, and patted K9 on the head.  "Thanks Astro."  K9 felt good inside, this truly was his family now, his human family.  His small pack was his other family  He was relived of guard duty by "Midnight", K-9-154, and K9 went to sleep on Master's old bed.  He took in a long sniff, it was hard to find Master Jim's scent in the mattress anymore, but it was still there.  Someday, he would let go.  But not this day.  He shut down his optics for the night, and dreamed of his Master.

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