"K-9 Unit 1"
Chapter 7
Alternate Ending

Written by : Socks the Catt (under another nickname)

©2002 Socks Furrotica Press, All rights reserved

Author's notes :

This is actually the "Happy Fetish" ending of the K9 series.  In my soul, I like happy endings.  This one just came out of me, even though I knew that the other ending is what needed to be done.  The robot fetishists among you will hopefully enjoy this ending."

"You wanted to see me Master Jim?" K9 asked politely.

"Yes boy." Jim said.  "Come."  K9 padded to his Master's bedside.  "Up.  I can't see you down there."  K9 jumped into bed with his Master.  His face had shown the lifetime of wear, Master lay there in the bed that K9 remembered being tied up in as a human, and being enjoyed in as Master's cyber dog.

Master Jim reached a hand to stroke K9 on the head and neck.  "The end is coming soon my boy." Jim said slowly, softly.  "You have been in my service for a long time K9.  You're the reason I could keep this house.  And I can't thank you enough for everything you've ever done for me, my pet."

"It has always been my pleasure Master Jim." K9 said.

Jim started to tear up.  "I'm dying boy.  I don't know how much longer I have left, but I wanted to say goodbye to everyone first."  He rested his hand on K9's muzzle.  "And to tell you I still love you."

K9 looked at his Master intensely.  "Master?  Can't we make you a K9 unit like me?  You could live forever with me!"

"I thought of that K9." Jim said.  "It was too late for me twenty years ago when my body started to age beyond the point the nanomachines could fix it."

K9 thought a moment.  "Master?  If it were possible, would you do it?"

Jim looked at his dog lovingly.  "What do you have in mind boy?  I'm not afraid of death, but I'll listen."

"I know there's a stockpile of K-9 units at the lab Master.  I even know that several are anatomically equipped as I am.  We can interface your brain directly into one of those units and transfer it over.  I've run the simulations, I know I can do it Master!" K9 pleaded.  His vocal inflection range had gotten very good.

Jim took it all in.  "K9, I can't leave this bed, I've grown too weak.  How will I get to the lab?"

"Master?  You've been preparing for death for the last two years and four months.  I've been preparing to let you live."

Jim smiled weakly to his cyber dog.  "How did you know?"

"I'm still your security dog, Master, don't think that seventy years of practice made me not notice the subtle changes.  Your multiple accounts, the fact that you arranged for me to be placed in another home, the fact that you finalized your will two months and seven days ago, I did notice, Master, and I'm scared to lose you." K9 pleaded.

"K9, my pet…" Jim said softly  "Death is a part of life.  Roy knew he might die when we created you."

"Yes Master." K9 said.  "I remember.  I was scared of losing you then too.  I don't want to exist without you Master."

Jim patted K9 again.  "K9...  Roy…  I know you are both the same, but listen to me.  Through you I will live, no matter what happens."  K9 looked down, ashamed at his outburst, but then looked up.  "If you feel that way then as your Master, and as the one who loves you, I would be selfish to make you live forever alone."

"You'll try it Master?" K9 asked.

"You've put a lot of effort into it boy.  My end is near, if you think your process will work I will put my life in your hands, as you once did in mine."

K9 nodded.  "If it doesn't work, Master, I will have killed you."

"I'm already dying.  The only thing you can do is make it painless for me."  Jim said.

K9 nodded slowly.  "There is a neural cap under your second mattress Master.  It's wired to the cyber link into the house.  If you put it on, I can access the lab from here and transfer your memory over the intranet link we have to the lab.  I can have the K-9 unit prepared and altered to your specifications in a few minutes, I've already chosen a form."

Jim smiled.  "You thought of everything, didn't you boy?"

"Yes Master.  Once you're loaded in, your memories should take place over the base dog programming.  It will be like when Roy and K9 joined, but I think that you will dominate over the dog program Master." K9 explained.

Jim took it all in.  "Fetch the cap, K9.  I need to make two more calls."  K9 did as Jim instructed as Jim mentally operated his implanted phone.    The first was to a friend on the force.  Officer McGowan's  grandson who adored "Astro" from the beginning.  Steve McGowan agreed to take K9 in, and after a little talking agreed to take in another cyber dog.

"What's his name?" Steve asked.

"Probably Jim.  It's going to be me." Jim said.

Long silence on the phone.  Finally Steve said "You're really going to do it?"

"K9 said he can guide me." Jim said.  "I may come up with another name for myself for legal reasons but in the meanwhile  I know I'll need a caretaker.  Everything will apply as before, you'll still have the home to live in with your family, you'll just need to share it with one more."

Steve was silent again.  "Hey, how could I say no?" he finally said.  "If this works, I'll make sure everything is ok.  You've been my godfather for years.  I'll make sure you get a vacation."

"Thank you Steve." Jim said.  Steve became his family when the McGowans let him in to theirs.  It was nice to know that he would still have family.

He then called his lawyer to have some re-writes in his will.  His lawyer thought he was crazy, but he had heard worse.  A deathbed will change was normally frowned upon, but on the bright side this meant that he may not be losing a client.  Jim, pending his mind was intact, would maintain some control in the company, as well as property, as well as other things.  Steven was still to gain a percentage in the home, as was his family, but other than that, nothing else changed.

"Good luck Jim.  If this works, I'll come and see your new you." the lawyer said.

"I'm trusting K9." Jim said.  "If I don't speak to you again, thank you for everything you've done for me."  They said their goodbyes, and Jim hung up.  K9 was holding the cap in his jaws, looking to his Master.

"I'm ready if you are.  I only need you to plug me into the cap with you." K9 said.  Jim nodded, and ran the universal plug to K9's jack, and he put the cap over his head.  "Master?  When we are done, we can add any programming you would like, if you would like to do security with me someday?"

"We'll see boy." Jim said.  "SU-5.  SU-7.  Come."  The two Submissive units walked into the room after a few moments.  "K9 is about to try to transfer me into a cyber dog like him.  This may work, this may not work.  Either way, you may both now execute program 411."

Both SU units froze in place, and their rigid bodies relaxed.  SU-5 and SU-7  both walked over to Ken and hugged him silently.  "Thank you Master Jim.  We will await our new Masters in our power regenerators.  We both thank you for your kindness, and your generosity."

"You're both welcome." Ken said.  "Now go before I change my mind."

"Yes Master." they both said.  They turned around and went to the regeneration room.

Jim looked down to K9.  "They have new homes K9.  If this doesn't work, you will get this home.  Steve McGowan agreed to care for you, he will have a percentage of the home in compensation of caring for you.  If this works he'll care for both of us.  But you'll be free of your programming for a Master, unless you give it freely.  Do you understand this, K9?"

"yes Master Jim."

Jim nodded, and strapped the buckle onto his head.  He laid back on the bed, and patted the side.  K9 laid down next to his Master's human form for the last time.  K9 could feel the intranet's connection, a direct high-speed link to the lab.  He also had the channels open, and everything ready on the other end.  Jim wrapped his arm around K9, and kissed him on the nose.  "Goodbye K9."

"Goodbye Master.  See you in the lab."  K9 flipped the switch.  Jim felt a very fast sensation of the world  being pulled away from him.  K9 was in his own element, and he guided the data stream into the lab directly.  The inactive cyber dog form was powered up to accept the upload, and the memory units accepted the monstrous upload with ease.  Jim  couldn't feel it, but somewhere he knew that he was being changed.  He felt the presence of a canine, but he knew that he was in total control over it.

Jim suddenly felt the power of being an Alpha, a Master among dogs.  His body, he felt his body slowly forming around him, it felt young, strong and potent.  He felt sensations of his form altering to fit into a dog's form.  He couldn't quite figure out the species, or the style, but he knew it was powerful.

K9 guided Jim into the K-9 unit through the link.  When the upload was complete K9 then suppressed the dog programming until Jim was used to it, and then eased him into it.  K9 sensed that Jim's personality was grafting onto the dog programming, and he sensed with pride that Jim was indeed becoming an Alpha unit.  K9 felt proud to have succeeded in creating his Alpha.  K9 shut down the link as soon as he was uploaded, and patched into the technician's station.

"How is he?"

"Vitals are good.  WE have 100% operational status.  Should we activate him now?"

"Negative." K9 said.  "I will be there to activate him.  Keep him comfortable.  I'll be there shortly.  K9 out."

K9 then dropped the uplink from the house.  He blinked back to normal space, and looked at his Master's body.  With his mind gone, Jim's human body took a last breath, and exhaled it slowly.  K9 watched his body die, and bowed his head.  "Now it's my turn to pray Master." he said softly.  "I pray you will forgive me for what I have done to you."

K9 used his teeth and tongue to remove the cap from his Master, and then stepped on the datalink to pull the plug from himself.  He tossed it off the bed, and  pushed Master's limp arms to a dignified position.  K9 stood on the bed, and looked at his Master for the last time.  "Goodbye Master." he said softly, backing off the bed and down.  He never turned back as he made his way to the front door.

SU-2 was waiting for him at the front door.  He was dressed in his chauffer uniform.  "I must be taken to the lab." he said.  SU-2 nodded, and opened the door.  They drove to the lab where K9 was allowed into the transformation room.  He sprinted into the tech room, and looked onto the panels.  "Is Jim still ok?"

"He's good K9." the tech said.  "I hope you're right."

"I do too." K9 said.  He snatched the trigger device in his teeth, and padded over to his Master.  He was placed on the floor so K9 could activate him.  K9 positioned the trigger device in his jaw, and using his tongue kicked the switch.

The black cyber dog form twitched.  His blue-chrome visor humming to life.  "Unit…  ALPHA K-9-01 online.  Diagnostic check…  All systems operational."  He looked into K9's face.  "K9?"  His vocal inflection betrayed the programming normal to K-9 cyber units.

"Yes Alpha." K9 said.

"It worked!  Unit self designates itself Alpha Jim.  For now."  His black metallic sheath pushed a chrome shaft out from it.  "This is incredible K9!"

"I'm glad you approve Alpha Jim!" K9 said.  K9 looked over to the technicians, who all quietly left and turned off the recording equipment.  "Unit K9 is ready to submit to his Alpha."

Alpha Jim stood up slowly, testing his new paws and legs.  "I love you K9."

"I love you too Alpha." K9 said softly.  They licked muzzles, and tongues, and soon K9 was raising his tail for his Alpha.  Alpha mounted his mate, and thrust into him hard.  The two of them stayed in their mount for what seemed like hours, until Alpha and K9 both felt the electrical charges of a dual orgasm between the two of them.  The waves of ecstasy caused them both to howl a digital code of lust, and the forming of the pack.

They both stood, Alpha tied to K9, with a look of some bewilderment.  Alpha finally broke the silence.  "Did I just imagine that K9?"

"No Alpha." K9 said.  "We are the beginning of a pack.  I didn't realize that our programming would have that in it."

Alpha pulled out of his mate, and stood next to him.  "There will be more in the pack."  K9 nodded.  The two licked each other's muzzles in a robotic dog kiss.

"Alpha" was taken in by Steve in the old house.  Both K9 and Alpha attended the funeral of Jim's body.  Both dogs bowed their heads, but Alpha thought it was amusing to listen to friends eulogize him.  He never really knew so many people cared.

Steve did keep Alpha's secret, and gave him a well deserved vacation.  K9 kept his guard duties around the grounds, and kept Steve McGowan and his family, and eventually his children, and their family safe.  Alpha had his body plating reinforced, and joined the K-9 Police force with Steve's daughter.  K9 also joined full time at the same time, and served along with Alpha.  "Astro" and "Alpha" became a force in the K-9 unit that could either track down, chase down, or otherwise stop criminals.

The "Terrible Twosome" as they were called in the force performed duties for more than thirty years before they both took an "extended leave" from the force.  K9 never quit the first, or second time, because he liked the feeling of doing good.  Alpha liked it too, but he had other ambitions to attain, like the pack he formed with K9 on the first day of his awakening.

Their pack did slowly grow.  Alpha still retained his contacts in "Wallford Labs" with K9.  They met several more boys on the growing internet with an interest in becoming dogboys.  Several of those online encounters developed into meetings.  The McGowans didn't use all of the estate, and Alpha with K9 developed a small haven for cyber dogs on an unused section.  They eventually purchased SU-5 and SU-7, leaving SU-2 free to serve the McGowan family.

A meeting would be of the human dogboy coming to the estate to meet with Alpha.  Alpha would talk with the boy with K9, and see how willing he was to go all the way.  If the boy was willing, Alpha would move to step two.  He would then force the human dogboy to submit on his hands and knees.  Alpha would then mount him, and have hard sex with the sub.  Alpha would have SU-5 pre-load his sac with the first level of nanomachines, to prepare the boy for the future to come.

If the human was still willing, he'd be driven down to the back entrance to the lab with Alpha and K9.  K9 would then mount him, and inject him with the second nanomachines that he would have in his testicle sac.  Once that took, the boy was placed on the awakening table, had his mind scanned and saved, and underwent the transformation into a cyber dog.  Alpha would trigger the bootup sequence, and imprint on each unit that he was their Alpha dog.

After awakening, his old memories were offered to the new unit.  After reintegration of memories, the unit was offered the opportunity to give itself a nickname or unofficial designation.  K-9-103 was the first new member into the pack, making himself into a husky-like robot dog meant for all terrain movement.  He named himself "Tundra", and was welcomed into the pack.  Over time, Alpha's small paradise became a haven for many cyber dogs.  Some given when Masters passed on, some "strays", but most were submissive humans who embraced the chance to become dogs.  Some even were adopted out to leather or fetish Masters.

One evening Alpha laid on his side and looked over his pack.  His pack had grown to a good 58 cyber dogs now, and laying next to him was a naked human sleeping with K9's knot tied up inside him.  K9 had pumped the human with phase one nanomachines, and tied into him for the night.  The boy was a good prospect, and already said he wants to be named "Laser".  He was also only wearing a leather dog collar that he brought himself, which he loved to wear.  Alpha knew he'd have another pack mate by the week's end.

Alpha even had female cyber dogs, something he never thought he'd ever see.  Alpha nuzzled the rottweiler based Dozer unit and began his power down sequence for the night.  He had a busy day tomorrow, negotiating for a new location for his newest lab, as well as tackling the problem of creating androids for the new space program of the "High Orbit" station.  They wanted not only humans, but cyber dogs to fill the role of companion and worker.  Alpha drifted into an electronic sleep, shutting down non-vital programs as he rested.

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