"The Lab Experiment"
Chapter 1

Written by : Socks the Catt (under another nickname)

©2002 Socks Furrotica Press, All rights reserved

I don't know what got into me, really.  I've been a closet dog boy for a long time now.  I have a lot of dog toys that I always used in my own place, but nothing really too serious.  I made a costume which I put together a long time ago.  Black spandex bodysuit and a pair of furry ears and a tail.  I like to fantasize about being a black Labrador, being owned by a true Master, and living as his dog.  I haven't ever found a real Master, so I live with my fantasies.

One night I was driving home from work.  I drove past the vet hospital I've driven past a hundred times before.  When I got home I started to cook my dinner and got to thinking about it.  I changed into my black spandex outfit and put my dinner into a dish to eat it on the floor.  While I was eating, I had a thought that my collar was missing tags.  The veterinarians would have rabies tags, or some  kind of license tags I could put on my collar.  Just the thought of that made me erect, and dribbling precum into my suit.   Just the thought of havn my own tags made me so horny I had to masturbate hard before I finished my dinner.

I decided that I would go into the vet the next day.  It would be easy, because I didn't have to work.  I finished dinner, cleaned up my dish, and went to my mattress on the floor and tried to sleep.  I could barely sleep, I was so excited.  I did manage to sleep, barely, and woke up the next morning still in my suit.  I took it off, showered, and tried to wait.  I didn't want to show up just as they opened the doors, that just seemed to be over eager to me.  So, I waited, pacing my apartment and trying to get my mind off of things.

Finally, I couldn't take anymore.  Just after lunchtime I jumped into my car and drove to the vet.  I pulled in with my heart in my throat.  I had been rehearsing all day what I was going to say.  Would they believe me?  Would they call a cop?  I had no idea!  But I kept myself under control when I opened the door.  The animal musk was obvious, and helped me to feel more comfortable.  There was a secretary behind a desk, opposite to her was a rack of leashes and collars hanging from the wall.  There were also other pet toys, dishes, and assorted items there as well.  There was nobody else in the reception room.  I would have probably chickened out if there were.

After looking over the collars a moment, I took in a deep mental breath and approached the secretary.  She looked up to me and said "Good afternoon!  How may I help you?"

"Hello!" I said, trying not to let my heart pound out of my chest.  "I would like to ask you for something that may sound very strange."

"Uh oh!" she said, laughing.  My attempt to sound humorous  was working.

"I am making a dog costume to wear at Mardi Gras this year, and I wanted to make it more authentic.  So I want to get a rabies tag or a dog license tag to put on it."  Inside I held my breath.

She looked at me with a smile.  "Well, we can't just give them away.  But we might have some of last year's tags that we can't give anymore.  If you give me a minute I can go look."  I nodded enthusiastically, my mind being set at ease, at least a little.  The secretary got up, and walked back to what was a storage area.  She talked to another person, a man, and she shared my story to him.  He said something I couldn't understand, and she came back to the front a short time later.  "Doctor Hathers can help you out.  If you just go back there, he's looking for the bin we keep them in now."  She pointed to the room she just came from.  I nodded, thanked her, and went back there.

I went back to the storage area, and was surrounded by dog food, cleaning supplies, and all sorts of other things.  I saw a man wearing a white long doctor's lab coat, who was bent over a shelf, rummaging around in a bin.  He stood up, and towered over me.  I only stand about 5 foot 7, he was easily 6 foot 5 or more.  He held out his hand and introduced himself as Dr. Hathers.  I shook his strong hand, and he looked me over once.

"So you're going to Mardi Gras?"  I nodded.  "What's your costume?"

"A black lab." I said.  I felt very practiced, I only rehearsed this in my head a few dozen times.

"I'd like to see that costume!" he said.  "So got a place to stay?"  we talked, and I laid out my story to him about staying outside of New Orleans, and how I was going to hit up Bourbon street, and enjoy the insanity of it all.  He kept on looking around, in boxes, in shelves and organizers while talking to me.  Finally, he turned to me and said "I don't think we have any left from last year."

I was ready for this too.  "Oh well." I said.  "Thank you for looking Doctor…"

"BUT we have new ones." the Doctor said.  "But we can't just give those out.  We also have the new rabies tags as well, but the same story."  I wasn't quite sure where he was going with this, so I just tried to keep looking interested.  But my shaking leg was betraying  my excitement.  "Tell you what.  Can you come by later tonight?  Say around Eight or so?  We can see what we can do about getting you some tags for Mardi Gras.  That sound good?"

My knees almost gave out on me.  I nodded immediately "Yeah." I said.  "I'd like to do that."

"Great!"  Doctor Hathers held out his hand, and I shook it again.  "And bring your costume too.  I'd really like to see what you're taking."  I agreed, and I left the vet's office.  I drove home with my head somewhere else.  I got home in a daze, and paced around my place not knowing what to do with myself.  I felt like an idiot, because I didn't really know anything about Mardi Gras, or the hotels, or anything else.  My hands were sweaty, I swear my voice cracked a dozen times or more.  But, he did tell me that I could come back, and he wanted to see the suit.  Well, nothing really out there, but I knew I had to go back.

I washed my suit in the sink to get the semen stains out of it, and hung it dry.  By the time I'd go back it would be dry.  I also gathered up the ears, and the black nylon collar and put them into a backpack.  Then I tried to wait some more.  I went online, I tried to eat something, time just couldn't go fast enough for me.  After what felt like an eternity the clock said it was 7:30 PM.  It would take about twenty minutes to drive there, so I got ready.  The lycra suit was dry, and I folded it into the backpack with the ears and collar.  I picked everything up, and went back.

The lights were out at the vet hospital when I got there, except the front office light.  I pulled into the lot, and went to the front door.  There was a sign there I didn't see before that had the vet's hours.  "10-7  M-F" the sigh said.  Did the Doctor blow me off?  Was I set up?  I was feeling very hurt and about ready to go home when I saw a door open and the Doctor walk out in his lab coat.

He unlocked the door and let me in.  "I was in the back finishing up paperwork." he said.  "Did you wait long?"

"no!" I said.  "I just got here."  I was trying to play it cool.

"So you brought the costume?" he asked.

"Yes." I said.  He made a motion to my backpack, and I opened it.  He held up the bodysuit a little bit.  The whole time my stomach was doing outside loops.  I thought he was going to laugh.

"Not too bad." he said.  "Have you had it on before?"  I nodded.  And in a very relaxing voice, he said "Well, why don't you put it on for me?  I can get  you a dog license if there's an actual dog to give it to, and I have to give that dog a physical."

My mind exploded.  I fantasized about wearing it for the doctor, but I didn't think he would go for it.  I tried to stay calm.  "I can put it on if you'd like."  He smiled a very pleasant smile, and led me back to an examination room.

"Why don't you change here?" he said.  "I'll leave for a moment and get a few of the things I'll need.  You can put your clothing on that chair if you like."  He left the room, and went down the hall.  I could hear his shoes clicking on the tile floor.  The musk of the other animals, the fact that I was actually here, and the chance to finally put on my costume for someone else was making me incredibly hard.  I got out of my shirt and pants like a flash and slipped into the lycra suit.  I lined up my tail, and zipped it up the back.  I took out my ears, and placed them onto my head.  I then put on my black nylon collar, and looked for a mirror.  There was none, even the window drapes were shut.  I put my clothing into the backpack, and tired to settle my nerves.  I eventually sat down on the examination table, and the cold of the metal shocked me into calming down.

A few minutes later I heard shoes walking on the tile floor, and the Doctor came around the corner.  He had with him what looked like an old style medical bag , and a few instruments that you expect to see on a doctor.  Stethoscope, a doctor's scrub cap, a clipboard and so on.  He smiled when he saw me.  "Well I guess I don't have to tell you to get on the exam table, do I?" he laughed.  I laughed too, trying to relieve tension.  "Well, get off the table, let me get a good look at the costume!"

I did, and turned around.  I was trying to hide my obvious erection from him, I felt embarrassed by it.  He had a finger on his chin, and he nodded appreciatively.  He wasn't staring at my erection like I thought he would, but instead was looking over the rest of the suit.  "That's not a bad costume you have there." he said.  "So you still want a dog license?"  I nodded, and he picked up the pen on his clipboard.  "That's good!  So, back up you go!"  He helped to hoist me by the hips and got me back onto the lab table.  His hands felt nice on my hips, strong and powerful.  He eased me onto all fours on the exam table, and I rested there while he walked around me.

"So do you have a name?" he asked

"Brad." I said.

"No, I mean a name for your dog costume." he said sternly.

I hadn't thought of one yet, of everything I had rehearsed in my mind, naming myself wasn't on that list.  "I…  I never gave myself one."

The Doctor nodded, and tapped his pen to his lower lip.  "How about….  Aspen?"  I nodded.  It was as good a name as any.  He scribbled on the sheet.  I started to shake some more at this point.  Lycra isn't as good at hiding things like this, and the Doctor noticed right away.  "Nervous?"

I nodded.  "Extremely."

He put down his clipboard, and put a hand under my chin.  He put his other hand on my head and started to stroke me gently, like you'd pet a scared puppy.  "Everything's going to be just fine Aspen." he said to me.  He knelt down so I could see his face, and I looked into his deep blue eyes.  "I won't hurt you, I would never do anything to hurt you."  He spoke to me smoothly, softly.  "We're going to both have a good time tonight Aspen." he said.  "Do you want to be a dog for tonight?"

I nodded slowly "yes." I said.

"Good boy." he said to me.  "Then let's take a little time first, get used to each other then.  I want you to just listen to my voice, feel my hand, and relax.  Nobody will bother us, nobody will hurt you, this is your time Aspen."  And I found myself closing my eyes, and just sinking into his voice and his hands under my chin.

After that I don't remember exactly what he said, but I felt relaxed.  He stroked my head more and he stroked down my body like you would a real dog as he spoke.  And he just kept on talking to me in a calm tone.  I do remember he said I was a good boy, and that everything would all end up for the better, and that he wouldn't hurt me.  I did stop shaking, and I felt a lot more at ease with the Doctor.

He stepped away after a while, and I found myself saying "Thank you Doctor."

"Good boy." he said.  "Would you like to look more like a dog for me?"  I nodded again.  "Good boy!  You're such a good boy!" he said.  And it felt good every time he did say it to me.  He picked up his medical bag, and pulled out a black leather hood.  It had a slight definition in the face that looked a little like a muzzle, and it had leather ears that poked up, and drooped over like a dog.  I felt my erection press against the suit again as he showed it to me.

"Would you like to wear this boy?"  I nodded again.  "Good boy.  Hold still for me boy."  The doctor used his fingers to brush my hair back.  The hood went over my head, and settled into my face.  I reached up to adjust the eye holes, and the Doctor slapped my hand away.  "Stay on all fours Aspen."

"I’m sorry Doctor." I said reflexively.

"It's ok for now boy." he said.  "Don't do it again."  He pulled the laces tight against my head, pulling the hood tight.  When he got to the last set of eyelets, he reached around my neck and took my collar off.  I whimpered aloud, catching myself by surprise.  "Don't worry boy.  Real dogs don't wear those.  They wear real collars, boy."  And he pulled the hood tight for the last time.  I gasped when I felt it pull against my head.

"Good dog." he said.  "Now I can give you a reward."  He reached back into his bag, and I heard a distinctive jingling sound of a buckle.  He showed me the leather collar with the nailhead studs in it.  The leather was very well worn, aged and cracked and yet soft from use.  "This is a real collar boy." he said.  "Would you like to wear it?"

"Yes." I said, ready to faint from pleasure.

"Yes what?" he asked sternly.

"Yes Sir." I said.  Somehow, it felt natural.  He smiled when I said that, and placed the leather collar around my neck.  I shivered in pleasure when he buckled it shut, and he patted me on my ass to reward me.

"Now Aspen…."  he said, picking his clipboard back up and putting on rubber gloves, "Let's get you that physical exam."  He checked my eyes with a light, he put his fingers into the muzzle of the hood and checked my teeth and gums.  The Doctor kept on telling me to look forward and not turn around.  He checked me for body fat, as well as how well my coat looked.  From behind me he lifted my tail and looked.  I turned around, and he swatted my behind hard with his open hand.

"I'm sorry Sir." I said again.

"Don't disobey me again Aspen." he said.  "Or I will be forced to put the shock collar on you."  I nodded, and tried to keep my eyes forward.  He pressed into the suit with a finger, and I head an unappreciative  breath.  I hear him fumble around in his bag, but I dared not turn around.  "This will feel cold Aspen, don't flinch boy."

I heard something that sounded like cutting, and then I felt my ass exposed to the air.  I felt his finger pressed into my ass like a probe.  I closed my eyes, and tried to relax.  The Doctor knew best, and it would be better to differ to his knowledge.  I felt him pull his finger out, and heard him remove the rubber glove.  "Good boy." he said.  "Most dogs try to fight me when I do that the first time.  You're a special dog."  And I felt a matter of pride when he said that to me.

I heard him put a glove back onto his hand, and I felt him pulling just in front of my raging erection.  I felt a cold scissors on my tip.  And then his hands roughly handling my erection.  I heard the doctor make a noise of appreciation.  "Looks like you're a leaker boy!" he said, fondling me.  I moaned quietly as he then reached back and held my balls in his hand.  "Obviously not fixed!  That's good!" he said.  He let go of my erection just as I began to hump into his hands.  I humped in the air as he picked up his clipboard and wrote some notes onto it.

"Are you ok boy?" he asked.

"Yes Sir." I said.

"Horny boy?" he asked

"Yes Sir!" I said louder.

"Good boy!" he said, drawing it out.  "That means your balls still work!  I don't like fixing dogs like you boy." he said.  He patted me on the head again, and I could feel the warmth of his hand even after he removed it.  He knelt down to look me in the eye again, the Doctor has beautiful eyes that  I could look into forever, and spoke to me again in his soothing tone.  The sound of his voice, and the tone of his voice, I felt at ease with him, it was ok that he was doing all this, and that I was a good dog to let him do it without biting him or growling.  I think he asked me questions, because I know I kept on telling him things.  But I don't know what.  But it was ok, because he would never hurt me, and a good dog is always is honest.

He eventually patted my back again, and said "Ok boy.  I jus need to give you your rabies shot, and you can have your license.  Would you like that boy?"  I barked.  It seemed natural.  "Human words boy."

"Yes Doctor!" I said.

I felt his hand do down to my butt again, and he rubbed something on the open part of the costume.  "Now relax boy." he said.  I felt something poke me, but it didn't hurt.  I felt something being injected in me, then the poke was pulled away.  "GOOD boy!!!" he said, rubbing where he poked me.  I stood up on all fours, feeling very good about myself.  I pleased Sir, and it made me feel very special to be able to do that.

Sir came around to my front, and he said "Sit."  I went down onto my tail, sitting up on my arms.  "You were a very god boy Aspen.  Because you were so good you can keep the collar you're wearing now.  Would you like that boy?"

"Yes sir!" I said, my erection poking out still.

He just smiled, and took out a round orange tag and some tools from his bag.  "This is your rabies tag, boy.  You earned  it."  He bent an s-hook with the tools and placed the tag on my collar.  He then held up a blue hydrant shaped tag and attached it on the d-ring in front of the rabies tag.  "And this is your license, boy.  You are now Aspen, a black  lab.  Your address is on file, boy, and you'll receive a  notification when you need to update it boy.  You like that, Aspen?"

"Yes sir!" I said, nodding my head.  I could hear the tags jingling under my chin.  "Thank you Doctor Sir!"

"It's my job, boy." he said.  He stroked my head again, then looked me in the eyes again.  "Tell me boy, you're not going to Mardi Gras, are you?"

I wanted to look down, because I knew it would be bad to lie to Sir.  But I couldn't.  I could only answer.  "No sir."

"You will, someday." he said.  He didn't yell like I expected, but he did sound disappointed.  I felt bad for lying to Sir, but at the time it seemed right to tell him the truth now.  "I think we're done for this appointment Aspen.  Let me get the hood off of you and you're free to go."

He unlaced the hood from my head slowly.  I whimpered as he took it off, and I could see that he wasn't happy with it either.  But, off it came.  I took in a breath without smell of leather in my nose, and looked to Sir.  "Don't worry about the fees, Aspen.  Because you were such a good dog, I'll cover them for you.  But you know where to come when you need a checkup or you need to see a vet, right boy?"

"Yes Sir." I said.  He handed me my backpack, and I got dressed over my now cut open costume.  the Doctor led me out the front door, and I drove home feeling happy and content.


Doctor Hather personal journal

A potential submissive came into the office today.  He looked for a dog tag supposedly for a costume.  His demeanor spoke otherwise, and I invited him to come back after hours for a session.  He agreed, and showed up promptly.

Subject, hereafter referred to as his dog name of "Aspen", was easy to place into hypnosis.  I gave him many suggestions, most of which he probably did not need to have but reinforced many traits he already had.  He submitted to the hood, as well as a collar.  Administered 20 cc's Saline disguised as rabies vaccination.  Aspen wore the collar home, and has a post-hypnotic suggestion that he will not be able to climax sexually unless he wears the collar for a week.

I also implanted a suggestion that if he wishes to go further to call my private line.  As per agreement in the club, this will be his choice and not by my hypnotic suggestion.  I have high hopes that Aspen will become a full dog within the year.  His enthusiasm for being a dog seems genuine.  I look forward to working him into the club.

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