"The Lab Experiment"
Chapter 2

Written by : Socks the Catt (under another nickname)

©2002 Socks Furrotica Press, All rights reserved, All rights reserved


I got home that night in a haze.  I stepped into my apartment, locked the door behind me, threw my backpack and clothing onto the couch and got onto all fours.  Without any hesitation I rolled onto my back and grabbed my raging erection and stroked off.  I felt the collar press into my neck, the tags jingled as my body shook, and it didn't take long to explode in orgasm.  I craned my neck back, and howled silently to myself as wave after wave rolled over me, until I couldn't see straight.  I let my paws fall to the floor, and just laid there panting.

Eventually I opened my eyes, and mentally caught my breath.  I laid there, taking in what had happened.  I went to my vet.  My vet.  I was a dog, stray dog, ownerless, but a dog.  He checked me, gave me a rabies shot, and gave me a registration tag and a vaccination tag.  I looked down my suit, I then realized I drove home in my dog suit too.  He had cut it open to get at my hole, and at my cock and balls.  And down my chest I had cum all over my chest, doggie cum all over me.

Slowly, I got up to go into the kitchen.  I passed by the mirror and looked at myself.  I was wearing the Doctor's collar still, an inch tick of beaten up leather with round studs in three rows all the way around to the buckle.  And on the D-ring was an orange rabies tag, and a blue tag in the shape of a hydrant.  I looked at my tags in the mirror, playing with them in my fingers.  I saw also that I had also still been wearing my costume dog ears too.  I drove home in such a haze that I didn't realize I was wearing my dog costume, in full, in public.  Under my clothing, sure, but still.

I took my dish from the drying rack, and held it.  Somehow it seemed more mine now, more like it's how I should eat.  I usually ate from it before on occasion, but now, I felt more connected to it.  Master would like that.  No, he wasn't my Master.  He was my vet.  That seemed to be more right.  A lot of things changed for me.  I realized a dream, and found I liked it.  I looked for something I could eat, and settled on some dry cereal I poured into the bowl.  I put the bowl down on the floor, got onto all fours, and ate it as well as I could.  I felt tired after that, and went to bed.

That night I had a vivid dream.  I was outside, in a grassy field, seeing things from all fours.  I was running, free, freedom of speed on all fours.  Sprinting through grassland, splashing around in the water, playing.  Then I heard a call, I ran to it, and found a man, not the Doctor but another man, he petted me on the head, told me I was his good dog.

My alarm woke me up too early from my dream.  I was still in most of my costume, the ears had fallen off in my sleep, but I woke up, curled up over the sheets.  I had to go to work, and leave Aspen behind for a while.  It took me a while to get the collar off.  I couldn't bring myself to take it off right away.  But I knew I had to.  I did, and placed it on the kitchen table gently, with respect.  I slid out of the costume, and took a loot at it.  The whole bottom section was cut away.  It was ruined.  That didn't bother me, however.  I hung up the suit and took a shower.

Every day I repeated the same kind of pattern.  Went to work, worked in a haze, went home, take off my clothing, put on the collar, and either work myself into an orgasm or lay on the floor in front of my TV and watch TV.  Then go online, check my mail, eat dinner, and sleep.  After a few days of this I couldn't take any more of it.  I needed to go back to the vet.  I needed to see him again.  I got out his card, and called.

It rang a few times, and then Sir picked it up.  "Dr. Hathers." he said.

"Hello Sir." I said.  "It's Aspen."

"Hello!" he said his pleasure obvious.  "How have you been?"

"Good Sir." I said.  "I…  I'd like to come back Sir."

"Another appointment?" he asked.  I could hear him flipping a book open.

"Yes Sir."  I said.  "I want to see you again Sir."

"Is tomorrow night good for you boy?" he asked.

I knew nothing was happening.  "Yes sir!"

"Good boy.  Can you hang on a moment?"  Before I could answer he put me on hold.  He came back on after a minute.  "Can you sit down for me boy?"

"Yes Sir."  I sat on the floor, holding the phone to my ear.

"Comfortable, boy?"

"Yes Sir."

"Relax Aspen, and rest."  I felt my body relax into his voice, sinking myself into Sir's voice.  What he said really didn't matter, but he spoke, and it was good to hear his voice again.  He slowed down, and asked me a question about dinner.   I agreed that dinner would be good.  "Go eat then, boy.  And tomorrow be here around 7:30.  Bring the collar, boy, but don't put it on.  I will have a few surprises for you."

"Yes Sir.  Thank you Doctor!" I said.

"My pleasure boy.  See you tomorrow night!" and we hung up.

That night when I felt hungry I went out to the supermarket to get something to eat.  I got some meat, some potatoes, and when I wandered down the pet isle I grabbed a box of milk bones and a small box of dry dog food.  I paid for it without thinking too much and went back to my apartment.  The meat was good, the potatoes were good too, but I didn't get enough.  I was still hungry.  I rinsed out my dish and looked at the dog food.  Dry dog food.  At first I shook my head.  It wouldn't do.  But after a few minutes, the idea grew on me.  I stripped out of my clothing, and stood in my kitchen naked.  I put my collar on, poured myself a dish of dogfood, and put it on the floor.  I got a glass of water too, and put that next to it.

Slowly, I got on all fours, and stood in front of the bowl.   With no hesitation I dove in.  I could feel my erection growing as I ate more and more from the dish.  When I finished, I couldn't take it any more.  I knelt in front of my dog dish, pointed my erect cock into the dish, and stroked.  I literally howled as I came, my balls tightening as I shot cum into my food dish.  I opened my eyes slowly, and looked into my dish.  And all I could think was "Wow!"  it was probably the most intense orgasm I'd had in a long time.

Work flew by the next day, and I got ready to go see Sir.  I was excited.  But around 6 PM or so there was a knock on my door.  I put the tattered remnants of my dog costume away and opened the door.  It was my landlord.  "Can I come in?" he asked me.

"Umm, yeah." I said.  He walked in, and looked around.

"Have you been burning incense?" he asked.  I said no.  "Really musky in here then.  Look, I'll level with you.  You've been here a while, and you're mostly quiet.  But the neighbors have been telling me they've heard some barking and some howling in the evening.  You don't have a dog in here, do you?"

"No." I said.  "I can't afford to have a dog."

He looked over my shoulder.  "So why the milk bones?" he said, and walked towards the kitchen. He looked in my sink, and I know he saw the stainless steel dog dish in the drying rack.

I stood in front of him before he could find Sir's collar.  "I think you should leave now Mr. Stevenson.  I don't want you in my apartment anymore."

He stood back.  I never stood up to him like this before.  "Ok Brad." he said.  "But if I catch you with a dog in here, you're out of here.  Do you understand me?"

"There's no dog." I said, gritting my teeth.  He left with a sneer, but I was now mad.  I paced my apartment again, but this time in anger.  I left my home around 7 PM just to get out, and got to Sir's vet hospital early.  I took in many deep breaths before I got out and knocked on his door again.  He opened it with a smile, and motioned me in.

"Come with me Aspen." he said, taking me into his office.  "I need to finish a few things here."  I nodded, and sat down in a chair.  "You remembered the collar, boy?"  I nodded, and  pulled it out of my jacket pocket.  "Good boy.  Just let me finish this."  He filled out a little paperwork, and put his books away.  I sat quietly, watching him work.

Finally, he put the last few sheets away, and looked to me.  "Are you hungry, boy?"  I nodded.  "Let's go eat something.  I'll drive."

We went out for dinner at a restaurant, and spent a few hours talking.  We talked a lot about me.  I felt a little ashamed, I even told him I felt like I was bragging.  But he seemed very interested in me, wanting to learn what made me tick.  But what really caught me, especially since we were in public, was when he dropped one on me.

"So how long have you been a dog boy?"  I was in shock, and looked around.  Sir laughed.  "Don't worry boy.  Nobody can really hear us.  Go ahead and talk freely."  His words relaxed me, and I nodded.

"A few years now, Sir." I said between sips on my soda.  "It was the first few times I walked through the mall and past the pet store, and I could identify with a dog.  I thought I was weird, Sir.  I made a costume and pretended to be a dog on Halloween, and ever since I've really associated with them.  Then when I found sites on the web, I knew I wasn't alone."

Sir finished his hamburger, and reached into his pocket for something as he talked.  "Why a black lab, boy?"

I had to think.  I really hadn't put much thought into it.  "No reason, Sir.  I think because I could make an easy costume for a black lab.  Just a full black diving suit, a tail and ears."

He stopped fumbling in his coat pocket a moment.  "Is that the only reason, boy?"

"I think so Sir." I said.

Sir nodded, and  offered me a dog biscuit in his hand.  Without hesitation I took it with my mouth and chewed on it.  He smiled, and simply said "Good boy!"  I felt my heart pound when he said that to me.  In short order we were going back to the vet hospital, and he led me in.  He asked for the collar, and I gave it to him.  He took me into his office, and told me to strip.  I did, feeling perfectly comfortable being naked in front of my vet.

"Aspen, Heel."  I sat down at his side, and he put the collar around my neck.  He reached into a drawer and took out a leather leash, and snapped it to my collar.  He slapped his thigh, and walked down a hall.  I followed him, and he led me into the grooming parlor.  he patted the top of a large table, and I jumped on.  "Sit."  I got onto my haunches.  "Good boy."

As he petted me, I felt very good in pleasing him.  He walked to a cabinet and took out an apron.  "Aspen, I want you to think about what I'm going to ask you." he said, putting on the apron.  "I'd like to give you a grooming, boy."  He walked over to me, and ran his fingers through my hair.  "I'd like to give you a shorter haircut, and I'd like to shave your body clean of hair."

I nodded, but he put his hand on my chin.  "I don't want you to just agree boy." he said sternly.  "I don't want a mindless pooch.  I want one that can think for itself.  This is at last a 6 month commitment.  Some of your hair won't grow back as fast, and you're stuck until it does."

Sir let that sink in.  "Aspen.   It's your choice.  Do you want it?"

I thought about it seriously.  I like short hair, and I'd never shaven myself clean before.  6 months of  commitment wasn't that long, and hair does grow back.  "Yes Sir." I said.  "I want to please you."

He nodded.  "Good boy.  You will be rewarded well boy!" he said.  He then took me over to a tub and washed me first, made sure I was clean.  After drying me off, he sat be back on the table and ordered me to sit.  With a set of shears he cut the hair on my head almost totally off, leaving me with a crew cut.  All the while he told me I was being a good dog.

Using different shears, he had me get up on all fours and started to work on my arms and armpits.  He let me watch him as he shaved the hair from both arms, the little hair on my back, and then down my chest.  He used his fingers to pinch my nipples as he passed by them, and I whined like a puppy when he did.  I saw him smile when he did that, and he continued with the shears down my belly.

When he got to my crotch, he held my already erect cock in one hand, and used the shears to carefully shave my pubic hair clean.  He took a lot of time removing the hair from my balls as well, using is hands to warm them up so they would descend properly.  The vibrations of the shears excited me, but Sir told me I couldn't cum.  It was difficult not to, but I managed to keep myself in check.

Sir then shaved my legs,  ordering my onto the balls of my feed so he could shave  my calves totally.  He then put on a pair of rubber gloves, and got a bottle out of a cabinet.  "I just want to put some skin conditioner on you boy.  It may be a little cold, but it will warm up a little."  I just nodded as he squirted out some, and rubbed it into my arms.  It was cold, and it did warm up, and he rubbed it all over my body.  It felt a little sticky too, but that feeling went away quickly.

It took him a lot of time to rub it all in.  He also took some of the salve and rubbed it into my face and neck, which felt really good.  He took off the rubber gloves and stroked  my now short hair on my head "There's a good boy.  You're a good dog!" he said to me.  "You're so good!"  I found myself barking to him.  And he smiled, and scratched my head.  "Ok boy!  In the tub one more time!"  He washed me clean, helped me dry off, and then brought me back into an exam room.

He helped me onto the table again, and smiled to me.  He looked deep into my eyes, I felt like he was looking into my soul.  with one hand he pulled gently on my collar.  I moaned slightly, feeling it's weight.  Sir then spoke to me again.  He told me I was a good dog, a good, loyal dog.  He told me that I'd make a good working dog someday.  All the time he spoke to me softly, gently, I never broke eye contact with him.  I didn't want to, I knew my vet knew best.

Then with his free hand he stroked my back, and patted my side.  I got up on all fours and barked to him.  He whispered into my ear "Does doggie want his reward now?"  I barked loud for him.  "Good boy…" he said.  He stood next to me, and placed one hand under my chin.  No, it was my muzzle.  He was stroking my muzzle gently, holding my head up.  "There's a good dog." he said.  "Good, good boy…" he then touched my erection with his other hand, wrapping his arm around my body and reaching form the outside.

I gasped in hard as he wrapped his hand around my shaft.  "Can you feel your knot boy?" he asked.  I whined, humping into his hand.  "I can feel your knot in my hands boy!  Go ahead boy.  Finish in my hands boy!"  I humped into his hands, and I could feel my knot between his fingers swell up, and lock me into his fingertips!  He forcefully held my chin up, eyes forward.  I started to growl as I felt the orgasm build in me.  "Howl when you cum boy!  Howl loud!"

I pumped my hips into his hand and let out a howl.  "Louder boy!"  I howled more, and I tightened up my legs to push my cum out of my doggie dick as hard as I could.  I craned my neck, Sir's hand holding it up to tight, and howled to the sky as I exploded into my vet's hands.  "GOOD boy!!!" he said as I was pumping him, still howling with each spasm of my body.  "GOOD dog!  GOOD dog!" I panted, feeling my knot between his fingers, smelling my cum in the room.

Quickly he let go of my cock, and put his hand in front of my face.  "Clean me up boy.  Drink your doggie cum for me."  Without hesitation I licked his hand clean of my cum.  I'd never really tasted it before, but I found myself enjoying the clean smell and the thick texture of it.  He turned his hand to let me lick it all clean.  I looked up to him, and saw him smiling.  I had pleased Sir, and that made me feel very good.

He stroked my head with his clean hand, and spoke to me again.  I found myself laying down on the table, panting hard when he stopped petting me.  I looked up to him and only could manage to say "Thank you Sir!"

Sir smiled, and said  "Did you like that boy?"  I nodded weakly.  "Good!" he said.  "Would you like more of that, puppy?"  He put a finger on my lip.  "Don't answer yet.  Think boy.  Let me get your things, I think we're almost done for the night.  I need to wash my hand off too, I'll be right back Aspen."  He then left the room, leaving my taste and scent with me.  I sat on the table with my slowly drooping shaft pressing on the metal top, still reeling from the experience.  On one hand I couldn't believe it was all happening so fast.  On the other, it felt right.  It felt good.  It felt like I had found my place.  And this man was willing to take me under his wing, it was right.

He came back in, and stroked my head again.  "Do you have a decision boy?"

"Yes Sir." I said.  "I want more."

"Are you sure, boy?  I don't go half way, Aspen." he said.  "In all or no."

"In all Sir." I said.

He nodded, and patted my head.  "Good boy."


Doctor's Notes :

Subject Aspen came back to me in four days.  He expressed interest in continuing his training under his own free will.  I induced him under, and suggested to him that he should try dog food for the first time.

Aspen came to me by appointment and I gave him a thorough briefing under the guise of dinner.  We talked about his background, his interests, as well as his dog boy fantasies.  Subject has also never had a homosexual experience as well, but wanted to.  Aspen also told me that his choice of dog, a black lab, was not due to an affinity with black labs.  Instead, it seems he chose it for ease of costume.  I believe that subject can be steered into a breed more suiting of his personality.

Without suggestion, subject allowed me to shave his body and cut his hair, and apply a depilatory cream to keep him hairless through the first portion of his training.  Aspen also expressed interest in going all the way into becoming a dog.  Using some suggestions under the trigger phrase, Aspen seemed to feel a knot on his penis as well as losing all ability to speak in human terms.  He has a very nice howl as well, his vocal chords will be well suited for our purposes.

I have decided to offer Aspen a place in my home, and give him the first portion of training under my roof.  I plan on experimenting with Aspen, to see if my theory of a smart sporting dog can be achieved as I have talked about  in a previous essay.  If the experiment is not a success, we can always use the usual techniques to achieve the usual effect.

I would also like to take this opportunity to offer Aspen to a member of good standing as a hunting dog.  Aspen's human life had him interested in deer and waterfowl hunting, as well as outdoor activities.  He will make a good sporting dog in his new life, and will need training.  I will train him myself to have a soft mouth, and to be submissive to a Master.  I can not keep Aspen myself, although I would like to.

I have placed several post-hypnotic suggestions for Aspen.  He will no longer masturbate without my consent.  He will begin to wear the collar when he can.  Aspen  is very receptive to hypnotic suggestion, I have to be careful to not over-extend myself when giving him suggestions.  I look forward to working with him in a more intense day to day sessions.

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