"The Lab Experiment"
Chapter 3

Written by : Socks the Catt (under another nickname)

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Dr. Hathers asked to come to my apartment for a house call the next night.  I agreed, and went home.  I was tired, and went to sleep right away.  It was late, and my night had been a long one.  Sir had told me that I didn't need to clean up the apartment for him, but I wanted to.

I got out of work early, went back to my apartment and cleaned the place up a little.  I didn't need to do much to it, just pick up the place, clean the kitchen, nothing major.  It wasn't until I was cleaning the shower did I notice my collar was jingling.  I hadn't remembered putting it back on when I got home.  I smiled, touching the leather with my hand.  It was warm, it made me feel warm.

I finished cleaning up just in time for Dr. Hathers.  He came into the apartment, and I gave him the grand tour.  The living room, the kitchen / shower area, and the bedroom.  Not much to my apartment, but it was cheap.

"Tell me boy." he said to me.  "Is all this furniture yours?"

"No sir." I said.  "most of it came with the apartment.  All except my TV, VCR, that stand, and my computer desk, the rest is with my rent."

"So you really have nothing here boy?"

"No sir." I said.  "I really can't afford much."

"I see." he said.  He looked like he was looking over my apartment for something.  "Relax Aspen, and rest."


Doctor's notes, first entry :

I went to subject "Aspen's" apartment today.  I am pleased to report that he does not own much in furniture, or other belongings.  This will make him easy to move.  What belongings he does own are portable, and easy to assimilate into anyone's home.

I placed Aspen under soon after I had gotten to his apartment.  For the sake of brevity, I did record the interview, but I chose not to translate it.  Copies are available at the usual web source.  I started the opening suggestions to Aspen that his true name is now Aspen.  I brought forward his latent homosexual tendencies, as well as started to condition him into his dog mind.  My goal of an intelligent hunting dog has started well.  I brought him to semi awareness in order to teach him how to properly give a blowjob, and I'm happy to report that he does indeed have a soft mouth.  He will also now start to dress the part, as I will be loaning him one of the suits I have handy.


I daydreamed that I was a dog, somewhat.  I felt myself on all four paws, with Sir in front of me.  He told me to sit, clipped the leash onto my collar, and taught me to heel properly.  He then stroked my face, and told me that I was such a good dog that I could get his bone.  I remembered him removing his pants while he told me to sit and stay.  He then told me how to suck it, how to lick it.  I slobbered all over his hardness, whimpering and growling like a hungry dog.  I then felt him orgasm in my mouth, and he gave me the command to swallow.  He then stroked me, petted me, told me I was a good dog.

The next thing I knew, I woke up in my bed.  It was still dark outside, and Sir was there with me.  "You've been a good boy, Aspen." he said.  He pet me on the head.  "Go ahead and get ready for bed, puppy, and I'll make sure you get to sleep."

"Yes sir!" I said!  I quickly went to the bathroom and did my evening routine, and returned to the bedroom where Sir had opened a suitcase he had with him.  I didn't remember him bringing it up with him, but that's ok.  He showed me the brown leather bodysuit, and I got hard just looking at it's beauty.

Sir looked at my naked body.  "I see doggie likes!"  I nodded, unable to even speak coherently.  He helped me put on this wonderful suit.  The brown leather fit me just tight enough.  The knees were padded heavily.  When he got the suit to my hips, he prepared me for the next part.  "I need to insert your tail now boy." he said.  He didn't need to show me the plug, it felt like a telephone pole at first, but with some lube and patience, he pushed the plug into my hole.  I yelped when it was inserted all the way, but I could feel the tail wagging behind me, it felt good to be filled, it felt natural.

Then he roughly grabbed my erection.  Before I could fight him, he stuffed it into a leather tube attached to the underbelly of the suit, and pulled my balls into a hole under it.  I suddenly found myself with a leather doggie sheath!  The sight of my new maleness caused me to swell, and I felt like I would faint.  He helped to lace me into the suit to my arms, and then helped me to slide my arms into the leather sleeves.  They ended in a pair of paws that forced my hands into fists.  He then laced it up, into the neck line of the leather suit.

"Sit." he said to me.  I sat on my haunches as he removed the collar.  I felt a sense of emptiness as he did it, but he stroked my short hair on my head, and it all felt better.  "It'll go back on boy." he said.  He reached into the bag and pulled out another leather part.  He held it up to me, and I could see that this was a brown leather hood like the one I had tried on the first visit I had with him.  This one had  large, triangular ears that drooped down, and the eyes were open, so I could see out of it.  "Stay still boy." he said.  I remained motionless.

He placed the hood onto my head, and pulled the laces tight.  I could feel the leather face press against mine, and my new dog muzzle pushed out from the leather.  I could then feel him lace the hood to my new suit as well, making it one piece.  He backed away, and looked at me.  I could see him smile, and he picked up my collar.  "You're going to be a perfect dog, Aspen." he said, as he placed the collar back on me, outside the leather.  "Do you feel good, boy?"

"yes Sir!" I said, not hesitating to answer him.

"Good boy.  Relax Aspen, and rest."

I woke up the next morning, still trapped in my new dog skin.  I looked at the clock, and saw it was 9:30.  I was going to be late for work!  I tried to get up, but I couldn't!  The suit had me trapped on al fours, and there was no way I was going to get out of my paws!  I was about to truly panic when I heard a voice in my kitchen.

"No, he can't make it into work today." the voice said.  "He's looking really sick."  I was about to say something, but thought better of it.  "I'm sorry, hopefully he can come in tomorrow."  He then hung up.  My vet then came into my bedroom.  "How ya feeling boy?" he said.

"good Sir!" I said enthusiastically!  I wagged my tail, and almost started to pant.  He stroked my leather hood, and patted my side.

"Good boy.  If you need to go to the bathroom, I'd suggest peeing in the shower.  You're not ready to go outside yet boy."  It took some doing, but I managed to urinate into my shower floor, and walked on all fours back to Dr. Hathers.  "Good boy!  I have a video I want you to watch boy.  You are to watch it as many times as you can.  You can use your nose to push the rewind and play button.  Can you do that for me boy?"  I nodded.  "Ok, show me boy!" I looked at the VCR in a way I never had before, and I found that I could aim, and hit the play button with my leather nose.  He roughly scratched me behind my leather ears.  "GOOD boy!!!"

I beamed with pride as Sir spoke to me.  "I have to go to work myself.  There's a dish of  food by the fridge, and a bowl of water for you.  I'll come back for you tonight after work boy.  No barking, no howling, no getting the door, or the phone, or anything human, and no licking yourself Aspen.  Understand me boy?"

"Yes Sir." I said.

"Good boy.  Enjoy your day off!"  I sat down in front of the TV, and stared into the spinning wheel.


Doctors notes, part two

This is the second day of more intense training.  Aspen is in his suit, looking very comfortable.  I have left him locked in his home for the day, with the video.  He's going to watch it all day.  The phase one video I have him watching is modified.  The focus image is normal, but I am training him to respond to being called a dog.  The messages of pleasing his Master and submitting to members of the club are also present, but instead of  conditioning his mind to that of a canine I am choosing to graft the canine over what is there.  My reasons will be explained.

Last night I decided to angle Aspen into more of a Vizsla breed of dog rather than a Black Lab.  My reasons are that the black lab is a good hunting dog, but the Vizsla is superior in all around hunting in my opinion.  I believe that whoever will own Aspen will appreciate the versatility he will provide.

I would also like to take this opportunity to call for the formal acceptance.  If I receive an affirmative from the 75% required by charter rules by the time I leave work, I will bring Aspen back to my home and begin his real training.  His profile follows this.  Please respond either pro or nay as soon as possible.

Profile for subject "Aspen"

Aspen is 22 years of age, 5'7" tall and of slender build.  He has brown eyes, and now has very short hair that is naturally brown.  His real name is Bradley.  He attended college, and graduated earlier this year.  He majored in natural resources with an interest in being a forest ranger.

His dog background is deeply rooted in his family background, and took some time to get to.  His parents went through what he described as a "messy divorce" when he was five.  He was sent to his grandparent's home in Michigan  where he stayed for several years.  In that time, he befriended their dog, a Lab named "Chester".  He admitted under hypnosis that he never sexually played with the dog, but they were almost inseparable for years.

Chester died a few years after the subject returned to his father's home.  His father gained custody, and he has not seen his mother since.  The subject also expressed discomfort in talking about his father's role in his upbringing.  I asked him if his father ever abused him.  He said yes.  I asked if it was sexual, he said no.  He was very uncomfortable talking about it, and I let it drop.

On a side note, if Aspen is rejected as a candidate I would like permission from the board to help the subject in managing the stress this relationship and divorce caused to him.  He has a wonderful mind, and I believe it would be a disservice to him if he carried that burden his whole life.  Much like many other divorce children, he still blames himself partially for what happened.  With some work, I know I can help him.

The subject  also described himself as "bi-curious" to me in my initial interview, but under hypnosis he admitted that fantasies about men excited him more than women.  He expressed that his occasional acting out of fantasies included performing fellatio on bottles of beer.  He started to act out dog fantasies when he moved into his own apartment and could freely explore his emotions without having other people around.

He seems to crave acceptance and praise.  Even without suggestion he liked to hear he was performing well.  He also enjoys being touched and petted like a dog.

The subject is currently in a phase of his life where he is ready for change.  He graduated college with the idea of becoming a forest ranger or working with the DNR.  He has received rejection letters from several states, most of which tell him he is overqualified for the job.  He was about to send résumés to private hunting ranches when he came to me a week ago.

He is fluent in Spanish, has a working knowledge in outdoor survival, and also understands Morse code.  He has never had his IQ formally tested, but he did receive honors in his graduating class.  It is the opinion of this member that the only reason he is not working for the DNR is that he has no "inside help" from any agency.  His father worked in a warehouse for years in Illinois, his mother is unknown.

My plan for  Aspen is to follow the normal procedures, and create him into a loyal hunting dog.  However, I believe that it would be criminal to suppress his mind or completely eradicate it.  My proposal is to create Aspen as a hunting dog, bird retrieval, possibly a pointer as well, and a loyal companion dogboy for a prospective Master.  His knowledge of woods, and law concerning DNR policy on both a national and state level would make him ideal for the part.  I would like to retain his ability to speak, as well as his knowledge of the outdoors and laws pertaining to them.  He already enjoys deer hunting, and shows knowledge in scrapes, tracks, and seasonal patterns.  He would be an ideal guide for someone who also enjoys the outdoors.

I would now like to ask for a general canvas of the membership.  I would like to receive permission to bring Aspen into the club, and also permission to try my experiment with him.  Please send in responses separately for each.  Thank you for your time.


Time went by, but I never noticed it.  I kept watching the tape, rewinding it, and watching it again.  When I got hungry, I ate the food in my dish.  I got thirsty, I drank water from my bowl.  I felt relaxed, more relaxed than I had in a long time.  Totally absorbed in the tape on the TV, watching colors fade, hearing soothing music, knowing that obeying Sir was good.

As time passed I felt at ease, I knew that obeying my Master would be good.  I didn't' know who that was exactly, but I knew that once I did I should obey him.  The colors on the screen would sometimes make sense, things like loyalty, pictures of dogs being praised, small things like that, I just got flashes of them but I knew that should be me on that leash, in the collar, it felt right.  I felt good.

More time passed, I wasn't sure how much.  I heard a knock on my door, and almost panicked.  In the back of my mind I though it was my landlord or someone, and I was helpless to stop him from seeing me like this!  I heard a key lay the tumblers in the lock, and the door opened to the face of my vet!  I was so happy to see him!  I wagged my tail, stood up on all fours, and crawled over to him panting.  He told me I couldn't bark earlier, but I wanted to so badly!

He just knelt down to me, and patted me on the head.  "Good boy!" he said.  "You're a good boy!  Sit for me boy."  I did, never looking away.

"I sent a formal canvass to the club." he said.  I was confused, but Sir knows best.  "They have made a decision about your future training.  But before I tell you, Aspen, I need to know something from you."

"Yes Sir?" I asked.

"Are you willing to completely give up your life as you know it to pursue your dog  personality?  This isn't for play, boy.  This is a life long commitment." he said.  "If you're not willing to do it, you won't be able to back out easily.  So I need to know now.  If you say yes, your whole life will change."

"Will it be better Sir?"  I asked.

"Yes boy." he said.  "I think it will."

"Will you own me, Sir?" I asked.

He shook his head.  "In the short term, I will care for you.  But your Master will own you, heart, mind and soul."

I felt my heart jump, and sink.  "Who is my Master?" I found myself saying.  "Will he care for me?  Will he abuse me?"

Sir stroked my head.  "You will have to trust me on that, Aspen.  As your vet it would be irresponsible of me to place you in the care of someone who would abuse you."  His hands on m leather dog skin were soothing.  "The choice is yours, Aspen.  Think about it."

I did.  I thought of everything that lead up to this moment.  My family, my friends, my college life, even my career opportunities.  Was it worth throwing it all aside to be a dogboy?  Then I thought of how I felt about it.  It wasn't just a sexual turn on for me anymore.  For the last week, wearing my collar was like wearing a badge of honor.  That one piece of leather and two tags on it became more of who I was than any books or career or family I had ever known.  I closed my eyes, and took in a deep breath.  I raised my right paw, and rested it on his forearm.  I opened my eyes and looked directly into the eyes of the man who I knew could make me feel more whole.

"Yes Sir.  I am willing."

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