"The Lab Experiment"
Chapter 4

Written by : Socks the Catt (under another nickname)

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Sir told me to move all my belongings out the next day, and into his house.  That night he took me out of my dog skin, I whimpered the whole time like a puppy.  Sir kept telling me I would be ok, and that soon I wouldn't  have to go through it every night.  He then stroked me behind the ears, and told me to follow his instructions.

I spent that night packing my things into a few suitcases and boxes, and got my stuff together for the move.  Doctor Hathers told me that I could live with him while I was being trained, and soon I would meet my Master.   I thought I'd have a hard time sleeping, but I slept deep and slept sound .

That day I followed all the instructions Sir gave me.  I gave my two weeks notice to my work, Sir said that I would need to learn to be loyal to my commitments and I couldn't just quit.  I came back to my apartment, threw all my belongings into my car, and drove to Sir's house.  He left a garage door opener in my car to use to let myself in.

Sir met me in the garage, and gave me a tour of his house.  "This is your home now Aspen." he said to me.  "We will do most of your training here."  I was excited and happy to be there.  Sir helped me get my belongings, and took me to my room.

- -

Doctors Notes :

I asked Aspen  into my home to keep closer tabs on his training.  I wanted him to learn loyalty with his old job, so his training was low intensity for the first two weeks.  I also asked Aspen to make a daily log entry himself, to simply put down his feelings and thoughts.  I used this to keep tabs on how well he was taking the training.  I have saved all his entries, and have archived them.

I would like to release in this entry some of his changes that showed me he is now ready for phase four.  I will place a date over the actual day.  I asked him to start the log every day with what day it was, but I refused him access to the previous log for reference.  I wanted to see how long it would take for him to lose track.


Aspen Log : Day 14

Day 14 : It was my last day of work today.  My boss wasn't happy to see me leave, because he said I had become a loyal employee in my last month of there.  But I knew I had my true calling.  I'm excited now because Sir says my training will become more intense now.

Tonight Sir has put me into my new dog skin.  After wearing it for a few hours I think I can call it my "utility skin"  I am now wearing a pair of light brown, almost a tan brown leather chaps with padded knees, and my feet are encased in what feel like brown moccasins.   I am also wearing a tan "straight jacket", for lack of a better word for my upper body covering, with detachable paws that are zipped on.  Laced onto the collar of the jacket is an open faced leather  hood with a buckle-on muzzle.  Sir has told me that this will be my new skin now, and I'll be allowed to take it off for bathing only.  The chaps also leave my ass open, and access to my balls for his examination.

I was also introduced to my new tail.  it's like the one I wore in my nicer dog skin, but this one has a flap to attach it to the leather chaps.  In the last few weeks I've learned how to wag the inserted tail pretty well, much to Sir's amusement.  He pats me on the rear when I wag my tail, it always gives me goose bumps.  I like when he touches me like that.

Sir also gave me a new collar.  My old collar was beaten up, so Sir gave me a black leather collar, brand new, that he said will be mine until my Master comes to claim me.  Doctor Hathers also had me take my bed out of my room, and replaced it with a big dog bed pillow.  It smelled fresh and new, and it's really comfortable to lay on.

Tomorrow Sir will begin what he called "phase two" training.  I'm a little scared, but I trust Doctor Hathers  and I know that he knows what is best for me.

- -

Doctors Notes :

I placed Aspen into a daily routine while conditioning his mind further into the canine mentality.  I do admit that I wanted to see if he would serve me as a part of his conditioning.  Aspen's routine consisted of waking up with me.  I would remove his paws and plug tail so he could use the bathroom and clean himself up.  He then has breakfast with me, where we would discuss the day.  While I am at work, Aspen stays at home and cleans the house as a generic slave boy.  When he's done with the chores, Aspen is allowed to put his paws back on and watch the phase two tape.  This tape is also modified from the regular style.  Traditionally, this tape would begin to break down his mind into the canine mind, but in this case I have removed all of the messages and imagery to break down his human knowledge and some abilities.  The messages of serving a Master are very present, but I am leaving his capability to make complex decisions.

I was also letting him shower  at random intervals, so he wouldn't know a weekly routine.  Predictably, he didn't like to remove what he calls his "Dog Skin", but he seems to be happy  when he's clean and can put it back on.  I'll post the next important log entry, when I inadvertently took his virginity.  I hadn't realized until I ready his diary that he had honestly never had any other homosexual contact.


Aspen Log : Day 34

Day 27.  Sir let me outside today to explore some of his yard and his woods.  It felt good to go outside, even if Sir told me to walk on two feet and not my paws.  Sir put the leash on my collar today and took me to a place out in the woods.   Sir then told me to get on all fours and he took my tail out.  Sir ordered me to stay, and lock.  My body obeyed him before my mind could.  I felt him put something into my tail hole, it felt cool and filling.  Sir never told me what he was doing, I trust my vet.  Sir knows what is best for me.  He mounted me, and fucked me hard.  Every thrust felt electric, his hands on my side, my collar feeling tight on my throat, He told me I could howl, and I howled loud with every thrust!  He held me by the leash, and kept telling me I am a good dog.  I am a good dog.  I am a very good dog.

Sir came in me, then reached under me and stroked me by my knot.  I could still feel him in me, still hard, and I came in his hands, still howling and whining, straining at my collar.  Sir told me to sniff my scent, and then his scent.  Sir then told me to stand up, and he buckled my gag on the hood, giving me my muzzle back.  He patted me on the head and told me I am a good dog.  I know I'm a good dog, Sir wouldn't lie to me.  Sir told me to bend over, and he put my tail back into me before we went home.

It was great to have Sir mount me in the woods!  it was my first time ever, and I want to do it again!  Sir said in good time.  we came home, and Sir let me help him make dinner.  tomorrow I hope we do that again.  Sir gave me the choice if I wanted to eat with him at the table, or on the floor in my new dish.  I chose the dish, a dog shouldn't eat at the table.  it's disrespectful to his Owner or his keeper.  Sir gave me a milk bone as a reward for being a good dog.  I like being a good dog.

- -

Doctors notes :

Before I go on, I do have to admit that Aspen has a very nice howl.  I took him out every few days for a good howl like that, to get him used to serving a Master.  One of the main lessons from phase 2 had taken hold, so I knew that  Aspen's training to this point was going along smoothly.  I put him into phase 3 shortly there after.  I ran phase three as normal, as there were no messages to retard thought.  The messages of servitude, loyalty, and sexually pleasing  dominants in the club have all taken hold.  The other messages of canine mentality also became embraced, as you can see in this entry.

I decided to test Aspen with another dogboy owner to see what he would do.  I was not disappointed.


Day 58

Day…  day…  what day is it?  I don't know.  It doesn't matter.  Sir has put this microphone thing onto the computer so I can leave my paws on now.  Sir has given me so much.  I am grateful to Sir for all he has given me.

Sir had to remind me today that I needed to walk on two legs when I make breakfast.  I felt bad for forgetting, but Sir said it was ok.  Sir also gave me a complete physical today, told me that a checkup would be needed.  I felt good, showing myself to Sir.  Sir rewarded me with a dog biscuit and letting me sniff his groin.  I like his smell.

Sir had to go to work, and I did my chores, then watched the tape.  Sir came home before the sun came down and I wagged my tail and barked as he came in.  Sir took me into my room and told me that I needed to put on my nice dog skin.  He helped me to get into the same leather suit as I wore the night before I moved in, and leashed me.  I followed him into his car, and laid down in the back seat.  Sir drove me for a while, and I fell asleep.  I woke up and Sir told me to heel.  I followed him into a house.

Once there I was introduced to another man named Chris.  Chris petted me on the head, and I barked to him.  Sir told me to sit, and then said something like "No speak".  For some reason all the words I know just vanished, but I could still understand Sir and Chris.  I yipped and barked as Sir took me around the house.  He told me to sit next to him in this chair, so I did.

Chris went into another room and brought another dog on a leash.  This one was black with some white markings on him.  I looked to Sir, who only said "Sit."  I didn't move.  the other dog sniffed at me, and growled.  Chris swatted him on the rear and the dog whimpered.  Chris gave him a command, and the other dog put his head on the ground, and lifted his tail.

Sir pulled on my leash "Come."  I followed him to the other dog.  "Sniff."  I did, and learned this dog's scent.  The other dog growled some more, but Chris swatted him again.  Sir rubbed my sheath, and I became erect very fast.  He rubbed something over it, and made sure I was nice and hard.  "Ok Aspen." he said.  "Mount!"

I got up on my hindpaws and drove myself into the other dog all the way to the knot.  I heard the other dog yelp then whimper, and I was growling lost in the moment.  Sir just said to me "Cum boy.  Cum!"  and I did.  snarling and spitting, I came hard in the other dog.  I then held myself up on the dog, tied with him.  Chris stroked me behind my ears, telling me I was a very good boy.  After a while, I dismounted from the other dog, and sat at Sir's side.

Sir and Chris talked a while, and Sir commanded me "Submit."  I put my front paws down, head down, and my tail high in the air.  Chris petted me under my tail and said I was a well trained boy.  Sir told me to heel, and I did.  Sir and Chris talked a while longer, and we came home.

Sir said I did such a good job that I could sleep in the better suit tonight!  I am happy that Sir is happy with me!  I look forward to tomorrow, Sir said we can go into the woods tomorrow for a nature walk.  I can't wait!

- -

Doctors Notes :

The next day I did take him out into the woods, to see if he remembered what he learned in college.  He didn't forget anything.  He told me all the trees, the rules of logging them, the hunting laws of our area, and what he could tell was living in our woods.  He recognized a tree scrape, dropping from a few animals, and even could make some basic tracking of some of the smaller animals on my property.  I am satisfied that my experiment is a success.  In another few weeks I will send Aspen to California where he can undergo the physical transformation.

Master Chris also agrees with my assessment, as he says Aspen is well tempered and ready for a home.  I have a few possible takers for Aspen, but I think he will be most suited to a Master who also hunts or is at least an outdoorsman.  By the time he returns from his physical transformation I will have a home lined up for him.

Aspen is sleeping right now, with his paws curled up under his chin.  For all intents and purposes I do believe he sees himself as a true dog now.  I will begin to angle his training to make these changes permanent, for preparation of his trip to California.

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