"The Lab Experiment"
Chapter 5

Written by : Socks the Catt (under another nickname)

©2002 Socks Furrotica Press, All rights reserved, All rights reserved

Sir came home from work.  I had stopped doing chores a week ago, because I can't get my paws around the broom or the vacuum cleaner nozzle.  Sir understood, and he's not mad at me.  He said that things were going along nicely, and that I was a good dog for telling him that I couldn't do chores anymore.  It felt good to be praised like that again.  I'm always happy to please Sir.

When he came home, Sir patted me on the head and gave me the signal to heel.  I did, and I followed him into the living room.  I bounded to follow him, happy to see him home.

"Sit." he said.  I did.  "You can understand me Aspen?"  I nodded, listening to my tags jingling from my collar.  "Good boy."  He put his palm on my forehead.  "Bradley Return."

Suddenly a lot of things returned to me in one great rush.  If I wasn't sitting on the floor I probably would have fallen over.  I steadied myself on my hands…  where did my hands come back from?  I felt awkward, like nothing was right.  The leather mitts on my hands felt good, and the hood, the leather dog suit, it was all ok, but I felt like a person.  It didn't feel right.  It took me a few moments to get myself back together as I looked at Doctor Hathers.

"I'm sorry to do that." He said.  "But you need to be the old you, at least for a this one decision.  I will return you to being Aspen, but there's something that we need to talk about first."  I nodded, still confused.

"I bought you a ticket to California.  We have a facility there to make you the dog that we both know you are in spirit.  But I must give you one more opportunity to back out.  The process is intense, and once you do it you will never be able to go back to your human form."  I opened my mouth, but he put a finger up to silence me.  "Wait.  We will also be killing a lot of the personality that is Bradley, and you will only be Aspen, or whatever name your Master gives you.  You won't ever be a human again."

He let that sink in, but continued.  "Can you remember the last nine months?"  I nodded.  I could remember everything.  Had it really been nine months?  "I will give you one last chance to back out.  I want you to sit here and think about it.  There is no ultimatum for an answer, but it's all in or all out at this point. "

Doctor Hathers petted me gently on my leather costume ears as he spoke.  "What I have accomplished with you has been a success.  I set out to make a smart dog, and you proved to me it could be done.  Either way you choose now, You are a success story for me.  I would like you to stay in the program, and become a full dog.  I believe I have a Master in mind for you.  But the decision is yours.  I'll be in the office when you make your decision."

With that, Doctor Hathers got up, and walked to his office leaving me with my thoughts.


Doctors Notes :

As per rules, I gave the subject Aspen the absolute last chance to back out.  I hate to do this, because his training has put him in such a beautiful dog mind I may have to work a little harder to bring him back to his previous level.  As I ordered him to, Aspen did think over his options for a few hours.  Eventually, he came into my office and said he was all in.


"I am a dog." I said to him.  "Even as Bradley I know I'm a dog.  I was before I came to you, I am now.  Nothing can change that Sir."  I knelt down next to his desk, and looked up to him.  I felt like I was going to cry, I felt so good and happy about this decision.  "Make me a dog forever, Sir?  Please?"

"Good boy. "  Doctor Hathers put his hand on my forehead like he did before.  "Aspen  Return."  And the whirlwind returned, but it felt like I was returning to a more natural state.  My hands returned to their paws, I felt the connection to my tail return, and I felt happy to see Sir behind the desk he liked to sit behind.


Doctors Notes :

Aspen and I both flew to the California facility.  I brought Aspen to enough of a human form to make sure he could function in the airports.  Once we got into the limousine in California I immediately put Aspen under and into a state of deep hypnosis to begin the work of purging parts of his humanity, and his human past.  I also placed his case number tag onto his collar, "429".  I was excited that this last step was being made, and I looked forward at this point to his further development.


"Yes Sir." I said.

"Good boy." Sir said.  "Tell me what you did."

"In the human box I put in the memories of Bradley." I said quietly.  "My family, my human faults, and a lot of the bad memories are in there."

"And what is in the space that was there before?" Sir asked.

"Dog." I said.  "I opened the dog box and let everything out of it.  That box vanished, leaving the dog memory of Aspen."

"Good boy." Sir said.  "I want you to hold onto that human box for a while Aspen."  I nodded.  "Tell me, what are you?"

"A dog, Sir." I said.

"Good boy.  Now here is what you need to do with that box, Aspen."


Doctors Notes :

I checked Aspen into the facility for his first series of tests and samples.  While I was there, they began the first genetic treatment.  I stayed with Aspen for a week as his reproductive organs were altered with the aggressive genetic therapy.  It took almost the whole week, but his testicle sac had finally changed color from human flesh to a nice leather-like canine brown, as well as his testicles changing in size somewhat.  When we were sure that he had only visla semen in his testicles, it was decided to destroy the human traits necessary to his development.  As his vet, it was my job to do it.


Sir opened the door to my quarters.  I was happy to see him, because he told me that after a week or so he would have to go home.  He hugged me tight, as if he was telling me something.  but I trust my vet, whatever he was going to do was the right thing.

"Sit." he said.  I did.  He knelt next to me, and began to stroke my doggie cock.  "I'm going to do something now that might scare you Aspen.  Don't be afraid."  I nodded as he gently helped my tail up into the air.  If he was going to stroke me, how could it be scary?  He stroked me to a full erection, and I could feel his fingers cradle my knot like he's done so many times before, and I closed my eyes and enjoyed it.

"No howling boy." he said, stroking me gently.  "But I want you to cum for me.  Can you do that boy?"  I nodded fast, already feeling it come to me.  "Cum for me Aspen!"  He stroked me faster, using his fingers as he only knew how.  Sir can get me to cum so fast!  I felt my hind legs tense up, and that feeling of my balls getting tight.  I humped into his hand harder and harder.

"May I Sir?" I begged between thrusts.

"Yes Aspen."  And I felt the first spray of cum escape me.  "Destroy the box Aspen."  And as I felt the next surge overtake me, something in my head shattered, my eyes were wide open as I felt something go.  The third ejaculation hit me and that feeling went away.  As I came down from the massive orgasm I felt a little lighter in spirit.  I rested back on my haunches, my front paws gripping the floor, panting hard.  I looked up to Sir's face, and he looked sad, but concerned.

"Thank you Sir!" I said.  It's good to thank Masters and Alphas for their kindness.

"Bradley?" Sir asked.  "Do you know who Bradley is?"

I was still panting, but I looked up to him, then looked around.  "No Sir." I said.  The name was totally foreign to me.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  "Who is Bradley?"

"Nobody, Aspen.  It's nobody." He said.


Doctor's notes :

It's always a bit heart wrenching to purge a human mind, at least Aspen will still have his knowledge.  I had to leave a few hours after that.  As much as I know he's in good hands, he still is my patient and responsibility.  I will now begin the process of finding him a Master in the club.

Over the next few months the chemical treatments will help to soften his bones enough to make them pliable to reshaping with the splints.  For example, as an outdoor dog, Aspen's paws will be large enough to run in the woods without his body falling over.  Since that process can be long, I will remain on call for the next few months while they work with Aspen.


I get to meet so many nice people here at the fa…  fasil…  place here!  The man I talk to all the time is named Franklin, he likes to be called Frank.  Frank cleans my kennel, pets me, feeds me, and talks to me.  He's so nice.  We talk about all kinds of things, he likes to hunt deer and pheasant.  I told him I do too, and we talk about it all the time.

Frank also walks me to the lab a lot.  He took my outer leather skin off of me once, and never put it back on.  And as time went on, he made adjustments.  One day he loosened up my collar a little.  Another day he tightened it a little bit.  Frank is someone I can trust, like my vet but not my vet.

Things happened with a sort of routine.  I get to go outside, but it's not like I go anywhere but in the kennels and out in the run.  What I'm guessing is every day or two Frank takes me into the lab where I get a shot.  Sometimes they wrap my paws in leather mittens, sometimes they stuff my paws into leather sleeves that constrict me so tight.  But they come off, and it's easier to follow Frank out into the run.

One day they wrapped my head in a tight leather hood.  I could see out the eyes, and I could move my jaw in the hole, but they laced it so tight I felt like it was pressing my face super hard.  The hood stayed on for a long, long time.  I found myself enjoying it when Frank tightened it.  I always want to thank him, and sometimes I get to lick his hand.  In a moment of weakness I begged Frank to let me suck his penis to thank him.  Frank smiled and petted me, telling me I was a good dog for offering but since he was working he couldn't let me.  He did give me a rubber dildo to suck on and play with as my own chew toy the next time I saw him, and it felt good.

Some days went by, I'm not sure how many, but it doesn't matter.  Frank came in and told me it was time to do the biggest surgery.  I walked down the hall with him, and eventually up onto a table on my belly.  He patted me on the side and told me good luck.  They hit me with this gas, and I fell asleep.

I woke up with my ass and my legs on fire, and a feeling in my insides.  I whimpered a lot, and Frank came in with another person and gave me something in my IV drip.  I felt better after that, Frank has been so good to me.


Doctor's notes :

After six months I flew out to the facility to check on Aspen myself.  He was recovering from the final surgery he would need, an was well enough to see me.  His chart hung form the door, listing him as only patient 429.  I looked him over through the two way glass.  His tail was grafted on, and was wagging weakly.  His legs and paws were fully formed, and in their final size for the Visla breed.  He looked in good health, but at this point the still had no hair or fur.  He was also still wearing the constriction hood to make his skull smaller and rounder, and to re-route his ears to the top of his head, and the final molds for his paws and all four legs.  He had the appearance of being a dog without fur and facial features.  That would be dealt with soon enough, but I wanted to see how Aspen was.


I was laying in my bed when the door opened.  I thought it would be Frank to offer me food again, but I caught the scent and popped my head over the side.

"SIR!" I yelped!  I felt my tail whap the side of the bed as Sir walked over and gave me a gentle hug.  I licked his face happily.  "It's so good to see you again Sir!"

"It's good to see you too Aspen!" my vet said.  "Feeling better?"

"Yes Sir!" I said  "I'll be out of this bed and ready to go soon!  Frank said that after my muzzle looks right I'll be ready to meet my Master!"

Sir smiled and stroked my head gently.  "Yes you will boy." he said.  As he petted me I felt a little horny, but I tried to hide it with my hind leg.  I don't think he saw it.  We talked about stuff for a while, he kept on asking me about this "Bradley" person, but I didn't really understand who that was.  None of the kennel people were named Bradley or Brad, I think he was just testing me to see if I was paying attention.  I get confused about things like that sometimes.

Sir and I talked about all sorts of things.  He told me that deer season was coming up soon.  I had lost track of time and the seasons, but it probably is.  I asked about the deer trails and scrapes we had looked at before I came here, and asked about the movement in his woods.  He just smiled and stroked my back gently as I talked.

"Do you think I'll be ready to help you Sir?  I'm raring to go for a hunting trip!"

"We'll see Aspen." Sir said.  "With a little luck, you might be able to get out for this season."  I felt so good thinking of that!  I tried to reach out to him with my paw, but I felt weak like a puppy should.  He just stroked me, told me I was a good boy, a good dog.  It felt good.

Sir left later that day, but I felt like I could get up and chase something.  I liked seeing Sir like that, and I know that it won't be long until I get to meet whoever my Master is.


Doctors Notes :

After visiting Aspen I knew that his progress was moving forward as planned.  I asked him lots of questions about the outdoors, and laws, he still remembered everything.  He also did not remember "Bradley" at all.  It all worked, as far as I could tell.

I spoke to Franklin while I was there, and got a good feel for Aspen's progress.  Franklin is a long time member of the club, but he can't adopt Aspen.  He told me he would like to, however, as they both have hunting in their blood.  Franklin also told me that he would like to go hunting with whoever does adopt Aspen, as he says it would be a treat to go hunting with a "super smart" dog like Aspen.  Frank also told me that it was awkward at first, talking to Aspen as man to dog, but as he got used to it Aspen seemed to provide good company.

I also got a good look at the artificial "penis bone" installed, and I must compliment the surgeons.  He has a wonderfully sized knot now, as well as a natural looking sheath.  Since I was in California I will keep an eye on Aspen for the weekend.


Frank has really become a wonderful help.  He's got me used to my new legs and paws, and he's got me playing fetch now.  I like the flavor of the branches he finds.  I'm wagging my tail a lot more now, and I'm really looking forward to finally being with my Master.  Frank doesn't know who it will be either.  "I'd take you myself Aspen!" he said to me out in the yard once  "But I can't afford to feed you." I understand, dogs are a responsibility.  And I know that I will be thankful to my Master for taking that responsibility, as is my duty.

It's been getting easier to eat from my dish recently, Frank says it's my muzzle, but I'm not sure.  I'm also itching all over, but Frank says it will go away in a few days.  He's never been wrong yet.  I'm really getting into the new food they're serving me now, really tasty, feels good to eat it all.


Caretakers notes, California Facility
Caregiver # 087, Franklin M. Burges

It's been almost two years since Aspen has come into the facility.  Tomorrow, pending testing, he will be sent home to Doctor Hathers care.  This will be my final report on the patient number 429, "Aspen".

Aspen's physical transformation is a success.  His physical body is now that of the European working breed "Visla".  He is covered in brown fur in a tight coat, has a well defined tail, a darker muzzle, and his ear cartilage has been built up to stand erect on his head.  His testicles are producing dog sperm and canine testosterone as well.  Without x-rays or invasive techniques, Aspen will pass for an average member of the breed, and may be used for stud if deemed appropriate.

His mental state is a lot easier to gauge than most other dog boys we process, as Aspen is the first we've had who is able to directly tell you how he feels.  As a word of caution to whoever adopts him, the first few times he talks to you it will be hard to accept that a dog can speak.  It does grow on you, and after a while it's no different than talking to a friend.

Aspen's temperament has developed very well.  His "phase two" and "phase three" reprogramming have taken hold in a strong way.  I find that he quotes passages to me about loyalty and servitude without thinking about it, and he genuinely means it.  He also offered to perform oral sex for me on several occasions, demonstrating that his sexual training has also taken hold.

Of more importance is Aspen's dedication to all, as he says it, "Alphas" in the club.  He has treated myself and the other kennel operators with nothing but respect and gratitude.  He seems to enjoy praise more than food rewards, and responds just as well to touch rewards like petting.  When allowed to cut loose, Aspen does like to play rough, but with one command he will back down.  In one session he  accidentally bit one of the other caretakers in a wrestling match.  He not only apologized profusely, but offered himself for punishment to the caretaker he had injured.  We didn't have the heart to do it, but he learned a few limits after that session.

Aspen's knowledge of hunting is incredible.  It's been a learning experience for me for the last two years to just talk to him about deer hunting or duck hunting.  As a treat for both of us I did some basic training of waterfowl dummies, and found he has a soft mouth and responds to fetch commands with a whistle and voice.  In some cases, he didn't need prompting to find the decoy.  He will make an excellent hunting and outdoor dog.

My only request is to be allowed to remain in contact with Aspen.  I consider him a friend, of all things, and I would like to go on a hunting trip with him and his owner.  I pity the DNR agent that tries to pull a fast one on Aspen's owner.  Aspen can run circles around anyone as far as his legal knowledge of hunting is concerned.

Pending Aspen's final exam tomorrow, I will look forward to sending another success story out into the world.  Attached with Aspen's file is a complete list of the commands Aspen will respond to.  Care should be used in the last dozen commands, as they are not common to most graduates.  "No Speak", for example, will reduce Aspen to barks, whimpers, and other canine specific noises.

I have been asked to make specific recommendations for Aspen's owner.  He should be an outdoor type, hunter or hiker or even an outdoor enthusiast who is knowledgeable of the outdoors.  Aspen has demonstrated that he is perfect as a companion for long woods trips once he is used to an owner.  Aspen's owner should be dominant, but not overbearing towards Aspen, as he responds to positive reinforcement better than negative.  Aspen will bend over backwards to please his Master, but will obey commands and limits.  I also personally recommend using lots of touching and praise, and using less food rewards for good behavior.  Aspen is a fast learner, and will make any Master in the club happy.

End report.


Frank came into my kennel to clean it out.  He brought with him a wire brush and a few other things too.  He told me to sit, and he groomed me in my kennel.  It felt so good to get my fur brushed.  He snapped my favorite leash onto the collar and led me out the hall, and into another room.  Once there I was asked to sit in the middle.  I looked around, and saw I was surrounded with a few people in lab coats.  One approached me and knelt down.

"Aspen, we need to put you through a few tests before we can release you.  Do you understand?"  I nodded, listening to my tag jingle.  "Good boy.  Ok, Frank, do it."  Frank put me thorough the command sequence like we'd done a lot before.  Sit, heel, stay, come, stop.  Then we went through "No speak" and "Speak now".  We also went through the walking courses a few times.  Frank patted me on the side every time I did it right.  It felt good to get praised, it felt good to do well.  The people in the lab coats seemed satisfied with what they were doing, and gave Frank the nod.

Frank led me outside, and told me to go as much as I could.  I emptied my bladder, and tried to force another but I couldn't.  Frank whistled, and I followed him back inside to another room, and he had me jump onto a table.  "This is where we say goodbye Aspen."

My eyes lit up, I knew what that meant.  "I can meet my Master now?"

"That's right boy!" Frank said roughly scratching me behind the ears.  I felt my tongue roll out as I panted in pleasure.  "We might not see each other again, boy.  So this might be goodbye."  I felt my heart sink.  "Hey, it's ok boy!  You're a cool dog."

I cocked my head to the side.  "No goodbye then." I said.  "I'll ask my Master if you can visit!  We never need to say goodbye!"  Frank laughed and rubbed me on the top of my head with a rough scratch under my muzzle as well.  I licked him, that's all we needed to be friends forever.

Frank reached under my throat and fiddled around on my collar.  He took off the tags that had been on there.  He laid them down, and I saw a silver tag that simply read "429" on it.  "You won't need these anymore.  When you get to your Master he'll put his tags on you then."  I felt my penis grow out of my furry sheath when he said that.  Frank helped me into my kennel crate, and showed me where everything was that I'd need.  He helped me turn around.  He held my head in his hands, and kissed the top of my head.  "You be a good boy Aspen.  Ok?"

I nodded, it was weird not hearing my tags like I had for so long.  "I will Frank.  I promise."

"Oh, Aspen?"  I cocked my head to the side, quizically.  "No speak."  I nodded, feeling my throat clamp down into dogspeak.  Frank closed the grate.  With a finger scratch on my muzzle, and a lick to his fingers, I was taken to somewhere else.  I was going back to see Sir, I was about to go see my Master.


Doctor's notes :

I was pleased to see Aspen again tonight.  His physical transformation is beautiful.  I picked him up from the airport, and brought him home.  He is still wearing the leather collar I gave him two or so years ago.  I put a flea and tick collar on him as well, because I intend on letting him out into the woods to acclimate him to the smells in the woods again.

I gave him a complete exam to make sure he was alright.  I brought him home with me for the night.  Tomorrow he would meet his new owner.


Sir brought me home, and I slept in what I remembered as my old room.  My bed was still on the floor, and it was nice to sleep on it.  The scent wasn't really mine, but I knew it was mine.  It didn't bother me, I just accepted it.

The next day Sir brought me some food, and let me run into the woods.  He didn't let me go deep, but enough to enjoy it.  And I did!  It took me a while to get used to all the smells, and the sensations, and the look, but I knew it all.  It was so wonderful!  The whole time Sir was around, watching me, making sure I didn't lose site or roll in something I shouldn't be.  He kept on making whistles, and I kept on returning.  It was a fun game to play.

Sir brought me into the house some time later.  I didn't want to, I wanted to go explore more of the woods!  But Sir promised me something.  Sir took my flea collar off of me.  Then he looked into my eyes, and only said "Relax Aspen, and rest."


Doctors notes :

I worked with Aspen for the last time before giving him to his new Master.  I knew his new Master would be arriving at the house that evening, and Aspen needed to be made ready for his collaring and ownership.  All his pent up emotions of love and lust were channeled into one act that his new Master would do.

I also took the opportunity to remove my last keys into Aspen's mind.  Attached to this report is a key code to access Aspen in the event of an emergency like an unexpected death.  That key is to remain sealed in the archives as long as Aspen lives.  Beyond that code, I will no longer be able to access Aspen in that  way.

Master Chris has arranged for Aspen's new Master.  He is new to the club, is a hiking and hunting enthusiast, and knows what he's about to receive.  He does know that this is a life-long commitment, and is more than willing to take it.  We have also agreed that Aspen will retain his name, as well as keeping me in his life as his vet.  I hate to see him go, but I know he will go to a good home with a Master who will enjoy him.


I woke up on the floor of Sir's home.  I looked up to him as he was petting me gently.  "Thank you Sir." I said.

"My pleasure Aspen." he said.  "We have some time, We should eat before he arrives."  I nodded, not really knowing who HE was.  Sir cooked a steak, and cut half of it into cubes for me to eat.  Whatever was going on, it must be special because the treat of real meat means something good.

After dinner Sir cleaned up things, and took me to a spare room.  He told me to stay, and I did.  Some time went by, and I heard what sounded like a car engine coming up to the house.  I heard some more noises, Sir and someone else talking.  Finally, he whistled for me.  I trotted into the room.

Once there Sir told me to sit.  "Eyes forward Aspen." he said.  I obeyed.  "Good boy."  Felt good, always good to obey.  He knelt down in front of me and took off the old leather collar, leaving me feeling more naked than I ever felt.  "You are released from my care, Aspen.  Your new Master has come for you."

I suddenly felt very nervous, my Master was here?  I was about to meet him!  So many emotions, so much happening so fast!  I dared not disobey the last order Sir gave me, and kept my gaze forward, to him.  He stood up, and motioned to someone behind me.  He then stepped around me, leaving me looking forward.  I heard a creaking of leather from behind me, and the sound of heavy boots walking around me.  I could smell the leather deep in my soul, and I started to get excited.

A hand touched my head.  And I heard a deep voice, a commanding voice, tell me "Look up boy."  I did, starting with his boots.  He wore blue jeans tucked neatly into a pair of shiny leather electricians boots.   He wore a tight white t-shirt under a leather jacket, and a leather biker's cap on top.  He stroked my head with his leather motorcycle gloves, and the scent of rich leather filled my nose making me feel light headed as my shaft poked out of my sheath.  He had an athletic build, and had the scent of the outdoors mixed with the leather.  His face was clean shaven, and his hair was kept short.  In his right hand he held a dyed red leather collar, with a tag on it.   I know my eyes were wide as I looked up him.  "Speak now Aspen."

I felt my throat relax.  "M…  Master?"

He smiled.  Such a wonderful smile!  "Yes Aspen.  I am your Master.  You may call me Master Roy, or just Master."  He knelt down next to me, and roughly scratched me behind my ears.  "We're gonna have a lot of fun together boy.  We're gonna go hiking, fishing, hunting, and we're gonna do a whole lot more together boy."  He stroked my neck a few times, and I felt him bring his hand up that held the collar.  "And this will make you my dog."

He buckled the dark red leather collar onto my throat.  When I felt the buckle close, I felt this combination of horny, a flood of loyalty, and total submission and dedication to my MASTER.  I looked into my Master's eyes, and felt an overwhelming love for him wash over me.  Everything in my life had led me to this point, and now my life was complete.  I am now an owned dog, a dog with a Master to serve!

And all I could think of to say was "Thank you Master!"  He smiled, and hugged me around my neck.  "I live to serve you, always." I said.

"Good dog."


Doctors Notes :

I let Master Roy talk to Aspen alone for an hour.  Roy was taking his new dog well, even as a talking one.  Roy is a leather daddy, as well as an outdoor enthusiast.  Roy told me that Aspen would soon be fitted for a custom leather dog harness, to match the slave boy he has at home.  Aspen's place will be under Roy, but over the slave.

I gave Roy all the papers to own Aspen, and sent them both home.  Aspens first checkup will be in 6 months, as a basic follow up.


Master led me into his home and showed me around.  He introduced me to slave tom, and told us both that I rank higher than slave tom does, but we both answer to Master Roy.  slave tom looked unhappy to see me, but said nothing about it.

Master then took me into the living room, where he clipped a leash on my collar.  "Time to see if you're a good gay dog." he said.  "No speak."  He patted his lap.  "Unbutton me with your mouth boy."

I jumped to straddle his lap and used my tongue and teeth to unbutton his denim jeans.  With a gentle pull I unzipped him.  Master's scent overwhelmed and intoxicated me.  "Good boy." Master said to me.  "Now suck it boy.  Suck your Master's bone."

I put my entire mouth over it and sucked hard, using my tongue to roll his stiffening cock in my mouth.  I felt him put his hands on the back of my head as I slobbered and sucked on him harder and harder.  In no time I could smell his musk, and feel his cock get harder in me.  His fingers gripped my fur roughly.  "Take it boy!  Suck all your Master's cum!  Swallow it all dog boy!"  I felt him surge into my mouth, and I locked my tongue against the roof of my mouth to seal all Master's cum in me.  I swallowed hungrily all that Master would give me as I felt his hand hold my collar and my head into him.

Slowly he came down from his intense orgasm, and I looked up to him while licking my chops of Master's cum.  "Good boy." he said, stroking my ears.


I bounded back into the vet's office.  Master said it was time for my checkup, and I really was excited to see my vet again.  I jumped up on the exam table and laid down on the metal surface of it.

I wagged my tail as I saw the vet come in.  I was really happy to see him.  "Hello Aspen!  Master Roy!" He said, petting me.  "How have things been?"

"Going extremely well!" Master said.  "Speak now."  I felt my throat loosen up as Master talked to the Vet.  "My slave decided to move on after Aspen moved in, but it ended up for the better.  Aspen is better company than the slave was, and a damn good suck too.  We've already made plans to go hiking up North, we're going in a month."

"Oh?" the vet said.  "What do you think about it boy?"

"I'm excited Sir!" I said  "Master says we'll go hiking along the deeper trails, we're going to take it easy on my first trip, but Master wants to work me up to longer trails.  We're going duck hunting this year too, and I want to be in top form!"  I was wagging my tail, happy to talk about this trip with my Vet.

"Which reminds me." Master said.  "Before we leave I'd like to fit Aspen for a harness for his pack.  I've already for the dishes and stuff, I just need to get the pack."

"We can do that." my vet said while checking my ears.  "I think he'll be ready for that trip."

"Can I get the red pack Master?" I asked  "To match your collar?"

Master laughed, rubbing my flank.  "He's a little vain sometimes." he said.  My vet laughed as he finished up my visit.  "And I wanted to tell you that he really does have a soft mouth."  I saw the vet look up to me, and smile as he rubbed my muzzle.  Master talked to my vet for a while about club stuff, and they fit me for my own hiking pack.  Master told me that we could go hiking if I carried my own dog food and water with me.  I would have to earn my own keep, he said.  Master always knows what's best for me.  I agreed in a heartbeat!  I begged Master to let me wear the harness home, which he let me do.  We talked all the way home about our upcoming trip.


Doctor's notes : Aspen followup

Master Roy has turned out to be a good influence on Aspen.  Roy told me that he hasn't mounted Aspen yet, but will on their upcoming trip into the North woods.  He said he was looking forward to hearing Aspen's howl.

Master Roy also will report back to me about how useful Aspen is on hunting trips.  All signs point to Aspen being a good hunting dog, as well as a repository of information for Roy's hunting group.  If that is the case, I would like to repeat the experiment later in time with the club's permission.

Aspen's spirits are also extremely high.  His training is serving him well, as he follows Roy's orders without hesitation.  I'm looking forward to keeping Aspen's records for many years, and passing them along.

On a related note, another likely candidate has approached me outside the club.  This boy, who's name is Daniel, is a submissive leather fetishist with dog like tendencies.  I invited him to the vet hospital after Aspen's visit and had an intense session with him.  He provided his own leather dog mask, and enjoyed sucking on me for an entire night while locked in a kennel.

I also allowed him to orgasm.  He will be returning to the office next weekend.  I will be inviting Master Roy, and Aspen, to come to help me train this dogboy.  If all works out well, Aspen may have another playmate in a few years.

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