Written by : Socks the Catt (under another nickname)

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John approached the door with some butterflies in his stomach.  He had met his friend in person last night at the Denny's, but the first meeting like this was still making him nervous.  He had his backpack with his dog toys inside and not much else.  The house didn't look too out of the ordinary, nice neighborhood, and it looked like everything was going to be fun.  His stomach doing flips, he rang the doorbell.

Phil opened the door.  "Hey Fido!" he said happily  "Come on in!"

"Thanks Rover!" John said.  They decided to only use the nicknames they had for their dog personalities for the weekend.  "Thanks for inviting me over!"

"No problem!  Here, let me show you around!" Phil took John on a quick tour.  John noticed a lot of dog pictures on the walls, a few leather toys, but otherwise a normal house.  Phil was very cautious how he guided the tour with John, leaving out a few very important doors saying they were closets.  They ended up in the living room, sprawled out on the floor.

"So how do you want to start Rover?" John asked.

"How about you put on your stuff, then you can help me into mine, and we'll take it from there?" Phil said.  "I've got a fun dog training video we can watch."

"Cool!"  John said, taking off his clothing with Phil.

David came home on his motorcycle.  As he pulled into the driveway, he saw a strange car parked there.  "My boy's having  a guest?" he said to himself.  After parking the bike in his garage, he reached into his pocket for a pen, and wrote down the license plate just in case something was wrong.  Carefully, he approached his house.  He listened carefully for sounds of violence or any sign of trouble.  Nothing.  Cautiously, he unlocked the side door, and went inside.

He heard some pleasurable groans and yipping sounds from his living room, one was definitely his slave, the other he didn't know.  He took a paddle from it's hiding place next to the side door, and locked the door behind him.  He walked into the living room, not sure what to expect.

What he saw stopped him in his tracks.  There was his slave, laying on the ground naked but a collar.  Next to him was another boy, who appeared to be a dog.  The other boy had a full leather body harness with a leather tail sewn on it over the small of his back, a leather hood with dog-like ears poking up like a German Shepard, and he had a foam-rubber mask over his face to make the illusion of a dog.  He also had on leather briefs with a removable cup, leather ankle cuffs, and his own thin black leather collar.  The two of them were laying on the ground, a box of milk bones already open and some of it's contents eaten, a dog dish, and not much else.

David decided he had enough of this.  "Are you boys good to go or would you like me to go get some Kibbles and Bits?" he asked aloud.

Both boys looked up.  John was not sure what was going on, but Phil's eyes snapped wide open.  Phil scrambled to his hands and knees, looking up.  "MASTER!  you're home?"

John looked at Phil with a look of shock.  "Master?  You have a Master?" he asked in disbelief.

"You, shut up and don't move." David said, pointing at John.  David then grabbed Phil by the collar "You come with me boy, we have a lot to talk about."  David started to drag Phil away, Phil struggling to keep up.   David then turned to face John "If you leave, I'll call the cops and have you arrested for trespassing.  I got your plate number.  Follow me slave boy, you weren't supposed to play while I was gone."

"I'm sorry Master!  It was harmless!  I haven't sucked him or anything!" Phil pleaded as they went into a room, leaving John alone in the living room.  John could hear what sounded like leather hitting flesh, and Phil wailing in pain.  This went on for more than a few minutes, which seemed like forever to John.  John was scared, didn't know what to do.  On one hand, something told him to get his stuff and run.   On the other hand, this man had his ID, and he didn't want to get arrested.  John listened as he heard Phil screaming in agony and continually saying he was sorry.  It was over as soon as it began.  John had not moved.  The silence was deafening as John felt the blood pounding in his ears.

"I'll deal with you later slave." David said, at the doorway.  "I'm gonna go see if your friend had the balls to stay here and explain himself."  John thought about what to do.  John figured that it was time to face up to what happened, and take his punishment for playing with someone else's property.  John got up onto all fours, his head down, and he'd take whatever came to him.  He deserved it for not asking the right questions, and in the back of his mind, he felt the thrill of the moment.  A strong leather man was obviously in control, and John was more than happy to surrender to him, but terrified to do it.  He heard the room door close, and a pair of motorcycle boots walk towards him.  "Well well…  at least the boy knows how to be respectful to a Master.  What's your name boy?"

"Dog name or real name Sir?" John stammered out, his voice cracking.

"Look up at me boy." David said.  John raised his head slowly.  He first looked at the Master's dusty leather boots.  His leather riding chaps were also covered with dust as well, just a little looser than the Master's tight blue jeans.  As he kept looking up, he saw the black t-shirt under the leather vest with several BDSM club patches on it.  A tight washboard stomach, strength seeming to flow from the man.  Finally, he saw the face of a Master, a mustache, a clean and short haircut, steel blue eyes, and a strong presence in the room.  In his hand was a leather paddle, well used.  "There you go boy.  You got a dog name, boy?"

"Yes sir.  Fido." John said, trying not to gulp.

"Fido, huh?" David said.  "You seem to know how to act around a Master, don't you?"  John looked down, guilty.  "Want to tell me what you were doing with my slave?"

"I didn't know he was owned, Sir." John said, nervous and stammering his words.  "We chat a lot on the internet, and last night we decided to meet each other.  That went ok, and he invited me here.  Rover told me that he lived here alone.  I had no idea.  I'm sorry Sir, I'll take whatever punishment you deem fit for my ignorance."  John hung his head in shame.

"I told you to look at me boy." David commanded.  John looked up at the command.  "From now on, you look at me when you're talking to me boy.  It's disrespectful to talk to the ground when you're talking to me.  Get it boy?"

"Yes Sir." John said.

"So my slave is Rover, huh?" David asked sarcastically.  John nodded, looking at David as he did.  "Where'd you get the costume, boy?"

"I made some of it, Sir." John  quietly said around the lump in his throat.  "I got most of the leather from shops, added the tail, got this dog mask from a place that makes movie quality props, and he hood was custom made with the leather dog ears, Sir."

"Quite a costume." David said.  "So do you have a Master to wear all this for?"

"No Sir." John said.

David smiled, and reached to a bookcase.  He pulled off of it a leather leash, and clipped it to John's collar.  "You do now, boy.  Fido, is it?"  John nodded.  "Then you will only answer to Fido, you're MY dog now, boy."

"Yes Master." John said almost choking, whatever happened, he would accept his punishment.  He also felt his cock swell, he had wanted to find a man to serve for a long time, but never found anyone to play with.  "Rover" was the best bet.  John never dreamed that he would fall into this leather Master.

"So what were you gonna do with my slave, Fido?" Master David asked, pulling the leash and leading his dog into the house.

"We were just going to play a little, dog to dog, Master." John said.

"Were you gonna fuck him?"  John shook his head no.  "Suck him?"  John shook his head again.  "Any sex?"

"I didn't think we were, Master.  We were just going to play things as they came, Master." John admitted.  "I've never been with any man before, and I didn't want to do any sex play until I knew it was the right one to show me the ropes."

Master David stopped, and John realized he was in the bathroom.  "I'll show you some ropes, dogboy." he said.  "But I'm going to mark my territory first.  Sit up boy."  John did as he was told, sitting on his haunches like a dog.  David undid his pants, and let his thick semi-erect cock fall out.  "You're going to learn to love this bone, Fido."

"Yes Master!" John said, eyeing his Master's cock hungrily.  It looked huge, and it was swelling up, his Master getting excited!

Master David looked at the man on his floor, with the mask his face almost looked like a dog, the leather hood was really good looking on him too.  David held his boy by the collar, and brought his costume nose into his cock.  "Smell it boy.  Smell your Master's cock."  John did, getting a nose full of thick musk.  "Open your mouth, boy.  Take it in your mouth, but don't suck."

John did as he was ordered, feeling the flesh of his Master's semi-hard cock with his tongue.  John's own cock was standing stiff, and pressed against his belly by the leather briefs.  John looked up to his Master's face, while closing his mouth around his Master's cock.  "Good dog.  Now drink your Master's piss, boy."

Before John could understand, he felt his mouth fill with warm, thick, salty fluid.  Master David held his collar, and held the dogboy's mouth onto his Master's cock.  He couldn't do anything, he had no choice but to swallow.  "Yeah, good fucking dog!" Master David said, holding the collar around his dog slave's throat.  "Good boy!  Drink your Master's piss."  John swallowed another mouthful, tasting the thick fluid, until Master David shook a little, his piss drained.  John swallowed the last mouthful of piss from his Master, and as he looked up he saw his Master look down on him.  "Now you're marked as MY puppy." David said.  John nodded.  "Lick it clean, clean your Master's cock.  Show me you deserve to wear that collar."

John lacked in experience, but as sexually charged as he was he made up for it in enthusiasm.  He licked all around the head, the shaft, and the base of Master David's growing cock.  John could still taste his Master's urine as he took in a deep breath, gasping for air.  David let go of his collar, and yanked on the leash once.  "That's enough for now, Fido." he said.  "I don't care what your name really is boy, you're now Fido.  Understand me boy?"

"Yes Master." John said.  "I am Fido.  Your dogboy."

"Damn straight." David said.  "If you can make me happier than the slave, I'll make you my Alpha dog here boy."

"Yes Master!"

"Get down on all fours and follow me."  David yanked on the leash hard, and John, now thinking of himself as Fido, followed on all fours.  David lead him into a spare bedroom, and motioned for him to sit on the floor.  David went into a dresser drawer, and took something out. "Give me your hands, boy."  Fido did as he was told, and David put padded bondage mitts onto his hands.  "Dogs don't have hands, boy."  Fido nodded as David buckled, and locked, the mitts onto the dogboy.

"Ok boy, stand up now on your hindlegs."  Fido did as he was told, and David removed his leather briefs.  "And dogs don't cover themselves like that.  You need a doggie cock now, don't you?"  Fido nodded.  David took a leather sheath out of the drawer, and grabbed his dogboy's balls hard.  Fido let out a whine as his balls were pulled painfully through an opening, and the leather wrapped all around his cock.  Once attached, his cock stood straight out like a dog in it's leather prison.  "Good boy.  Ever been fucked before, boy?"

"No Master." Fido said, his voice cracking again.

"I can fix that.  Put your paws on the bed there, spread you legs on the floor." David ordered.   Fido did as he was ordered, and he felt his Master holding the leash behind him.  "Scared, boy?"

"Yes Master." Fido said nervously.

"That's good, boy." David said, his erection growing as he took in this dog slave under him.  "But don't worry.  You'll learn to like it boy."  He raised the costume tail from his dog slave, exposing  the boy's ass.  "You're gonna be a tight puppy boy, aren't you?"

"Yes Master!" Fido closed his eyes, and braced for the worst.  He felt the tip of the Master's cock on his hole, and he make up his mind  not to whine too loud, no matter how much that it would hurt.

Master David looked onto the bed, and at the dog  slave there.  He had his arms and hands under his chest, looking like a dog.  His legs spread, tail draped over his back, shaking with anticipation.  And there was no fighting from him.  He sat there with his hard tip on the hole of the dogboy.   Then he leaned down to get close to his ears.  "You'd let me fuck you, won't you boy?"

Fido nodded.  "Yes Master."

"Why boy?" David asked.

"You're a Master, I'm a dog." Fido said.  "My place is to follow orders of a Master.  I need to be punished for using your property without your permission."  Fido stopped for a moment, then added "and I want to be your dog boy, Master."

David pulled himself back, and helped the dogboy stand up.  "You're a good boy." David said.  "I'm not going to punish you for my slave's lies.  But I am keeping you as my dog, because you're a good dog."  Fido nodded slowly, still trying to catch his breath.  "I want you to help me out of my clothing boy, then we're going to have a talk with my slave."

Fido helped Master David get out of his road leathers.  When he got down to his boots, Master David yanked on the leash "Kiss your Master's boots, Fido."  Fido did, tasting the dusty leather with every kiss.  "Yes, boy.  You know your place don't you?  Worshiping your Master's leather boots is what a dog should always do for his Master, isn't it boy?"  Fido let out a happy moan as he licked the rich leather boots.  When David pulled him up, Fido could see his Master's erection growing, and he knew that he had pleased him.

Now naked, Master David took Fido's collar off of his throat.  "My dog, you wear MY collar now." he said.  He took a two inch leather collar out of the closet, and wrapped it around the throat of his dogboy.  Once on, David snapped the leash on it.  "That looks better, boy.  Now you look like a leather Master owns you now."

"Thank you Master!" Fido said, sitting up at attention.

"Now let's go talk to my slave, see what he has to say for himself." Master David said, leading his dog slave out of the spare bedroom.

Months later, Fido had abandoned everything he had to be his Master's dog.  Master David told him to, as dogs don't keep anything they can't immediately use.  Master David shaved him, head to toe, and locked heavy-duty leather paws onto him.  Master David had a hood made for Fido, with a ears and a leather face piece that opened his mouth in a way that he can no longer speak, but can bark and whine like a real dog.  He also had been worked up to take a 'real' tail, a nice leather tail inserted as a plug in his ass.  He learned to wag it when his Master came home, as well as in pleasure when he sucked his Master.  most importantly, however, he now wore a chrome bone-shaped tag on his collar that he proudly wore that said that he was the property of Master David.  On this night, Master let him lay down next to the couch and rest for the night.

Master David sat on the couch as slave paul sucked his cock.  Slave learned from his mistake, and now had a playmate to keep him company when Master was away.  Both boys were in their restraints, Fido in his dog chains to keep him on all fours, Slave paul in his chains to keep him from walking fast.

"Oh yeah boy…" David said, patting his slave on the head.  "Suck that cock boy."   Slave phil bobbed his head up and down, sucking hard with all he had.  David held his slave onto his cock and sprayed cum into slave phil's mouth.  Phil swallowed, drinking his Master's cum.  "Yeah boy…  yeah…"

Fido looked up to see his Master in the afterglow of an orgasm.  "Don't worry dog, you'll have your fun later." David said.  "Tomorrow I'm taking you down to the tat parlor, you'll get a few more dog markings."  Fido had gotten enough ink to give him "Saddle" marking on his back and some coloration on his arms and legs, but Master David wanted to give him more tattoos on his shoulders and legs, to bring him more to looking like a dog.  "If you're really good, we'll get those paws inked on your feet."

Fido smiled behind his leather muzzle, feeling the pressure in his mouth that kept his tongue from working anymore, and barked appreciatively.  "Good boy."

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