"Discovering Puppy"

Written by : Socks the Catt (under another nickname)

©2002 Socks Furrotica Press, All rights reserved

Ken sat in the hotel lobby looking over everyone nervously.  He had been to conventions before, the Hypnocon was a little different but nothing too unusual.  Nervously, he ran his thumb across the choke chain he had worn for months at his Master's request.  He didn't really know what Master looked like, but Ken decided to make himself easy to find.  His t-shirt with the dalmatian on it was the best hint the could think of to use.

He sat there for quite some time, not knowing what to do or look for.  He and his Master talked online for months, and both decided to meet at this event.  Ken had met him through a hypnosis chat room, and they talked online, then eventually on the phone for a few hypnosis sessions.  They talked together about ideas, fantasies, things they would like to do, but they wanted to both wait to really go until they met person to person to make sure it all still felt right.

As Ken sat there, fidgeting, a man watched him from the other side of the lobby.  He looked over he boy with knowing eyes.  He knew that his pup was there, but wanted to see what he'd do if anything.  Peter smiled to himself, his pup wore the shirt he said he would, and the choke chain on the outside as well.  He was a loyal dog, Peter thought to himself.  It was time to go introduce himself.

Ken looked around, and saw a man walking over to him.  He was an older man, in his 50's, thin, dressed well in his sport coat and pants.  He walked deliberately to him, and sat down next to Ken.

"Having a good time?" he asked Ken.  Ken nodded.  "Ahh, that's good.  I've been to a lot of these cons and I always like seeing a new face.  I'm Peter." he said, offering his hand.  Ken's eyes lit up and a smile appeared on his face.   "I'm looking for a dog named Spot.  Have you seen him?"

Ken could help but laugh nervously.  "I think I have, Master." he said.  "How was your trip?"

"Good!" Peter said.  "Very nice trip.  Yours?"

"Same thing Master." Ken said, trying to hide his nervousness.  "I couldn't wait to get here!"

"Good boy." Peter said.  "I have a panel I have to help with in a little while.  Would you like to attend it?"

Ken's eyes lit up again.  "Yes Master!"

"Good boy." Peter said.  "Come on, we can head that way now."  Ken nodded, picking up his backpack and followed his Master.  They talked about traveling, what the panel was about, and a few other things as well.  The panel went well, but Ken's mind wasn't there.  He was enamored with the man he was there to meet.  He didn't say much as Peter talked about the use of hypnosis in a sports medicine capacity.  Peter looked at Ken once in a while, smiling but never giving away his importance.  Ken melted inside every time Peter looked at him, completely happy.

After the panel Peter stayed around to answer a few more questions, but nodded to Ken after a while.  Ken got the hint and followed Peter out.  They walked silently to an elevator where Peter pushed the up button.  Quietly they waited together, and eventually got in alone.

"What did you think?" Peter asked.

"It seemed really informative Master!" Ken said.  "It sounded good!"

Peter scratched Ken behind the ear.  "Thank you Spot!" he said.  He looked over the shoulder of Ken  "What's in the backpack?"

"My costume." Ken said.  "I thought you'd like to see it."  Peter nodded.  "I_  I hoped it would help Master."  Ken felt his throat go dry suddenly.

Peter hugged Ken.  "We'll see pup." he said as the elevator stopped.  "Let's go back to the room for a while, ok?"  Ken nodded like a bobble head doll, and followed Peter.  They walked to a room, Peter swiped the key and they went in.  It was a normal hotel room.  Ken almost expected things like bondage equipment or hypnotized boys bound to the bed, but there was none.

"Why don't you have a seat?" Peter said to Ken.  Ken nodded again, and sat down, his foot and ankle bouncing nervously.  "I won't bite you, you know." Peter said, looking at Ken's leg.

Ken looked at his leg, and put his hand down onto his knee hard.  "I'm sorry Master." he said.  "I'm just nervous."

Peter sat down next to him and hugged him again.  Ken closed his eyes and soaked in the moment.  "There's no need to be nervous my puppy." Peter said.  "No need at all.  You can relax with me, can't you?"  Ken nodded.  "That's good.  Here, just lay back on the bed for a while and relax with me, ok?"

"I'd like that." Ken said, pushing himself up on the bed and laying back.

"Good dog." Peter said.  Ken opened his eyes as Peter got off the bed to dim the lights in the room.  "I want you to feel as comfortable as possible.  Just lay back, and take in a deep breath."  Ken did.  "And release."  Ken did.  "Good dog.  You're my good dog." Peter said.

"Yes Master." Ken said, he felt euphoric.  The deep breathing was helping him to lower his heart rate, and just listening to his Master's voice helped him to feel more relaxed.  Any butterflies left in his stomach were disappearing as he let himself get lost in his Master's voice.

"I want you to take a look at the ceiling boy." Peter said. He reached into his suitcase and took out a small laser device that put a red dot on the ceiling.  "Watch the red dot my pup.  Just look up at the red dot there.  focus everything on that one point in space."  Ken did, knowing he was about to be put under.  He felt his body relax, knowing that he was going to finally be submitting to his Master in the purest way.  He embraced the chance, and let his mind absorb every word.

"Listen to my voice" Peter said soothingly.  Peter started into a patter that he knew very well.  He enjoyed watching people relax to his voice, as his newest was doing now.  But this one wanted something different, he came to him online looking to become a dog.  Peter talked with him for hours on hours, and found out that Ken had not only dog fantasies, but was also bi, and looking for a Master to completely own him.  At first it was a challenge, but later he found himself enjoying the dog-boy's company online.

As Peter began to gently sway the laser pointer across the ceiling he watched Ken's eyes start to swing to follow it.  "Focus in on the point." he said softly.  "And focus on my voice.  My voice.  The voice of your Master.  It feels good to listen to my voice.  To just relax, and let go of all your troubles and listen to my voice."

Ken watched the glowing red point, and followed it with his eyes.  He felt himself pull his hands up onto his chest, like a begging dog.  And he felt his body get heavy, so very heavy.  "Your eyes are heavy too." Peter said.  "you can find yourself closing your eyes, gently closing your eyes."  Ken's eyes fluttered shut.  Somewhere in his mind he knew he was enjoying this, and he surrendered himself to his Master.

Peter looked down to the man on his bed.  Somehow his hands were folded in a position that wasn't the usual, but it seemed to work.  And it did look cute, in a way.  Peter turned off his laser pointer and kept conditioning Ken, to bring him fully under.  They counted down from 20, Ken's words slurring as they got lower down.  Finally, Peter was satisfied that Ken was fully under.

"I want to ask you some things.  I want you to answer me truthfully, and honestly.  It feels good to answer me with only the truth.  It will help you fall deeper into my voice, and deeper into your relaxation." Peter said.  "Nod if you understand me."  Ken nodded.  "Who am I?"

"My Master." Ken said slowly.  Peter hadn't expected this, but it wasn't an unpleasant surprise.  Apparently, he was in the belief of what he'd been saying all along.

"Good boy." Peter said.  "Now who are you?"

Ken's eyes closed a bit tighter, and hesitated.  "Spot." he finally said.  "Master named me Spot."

Peter smiled again to himself.  "What are you?"

"Your slave dog." Ken said.

"Good boy.  Very good boy!" Peter praised.  "Every time I tell you that you're a good boy, or a good dog, I want you to feel special.  You will feel relaxed, and happy knowing you have pleased me.  Do you understand Spot?"

"Yes Master." Ken, now Spot, said.

"Good boy."  Spot felt a good tingle run down his back with his Master's praise.  Peter nodded to himself.  Now it made some sense why he relaxed in this position, begging, paws up.  "Why do you want to be a dog, boy?"

"To serve Master." Ken said.  "I've always been to serve.  and I've always known I was a dog in my heart, trapped in a boy's body.  My pleasure is to give others pleasure, and dogs can do that for Masters."

Peter nodded.  "Now, my dog, it's time for some training."

Ken woke up some time later on Peter's bed.  He wasn't exactly sure how long he had been out, but that didn't seem to matter.  He opened his eyes to see his Master.  He smiled.  "Thank you Master!"

"My pleasure boy."  Ken felt a wave of pleasure roll over him with his Master's voice.  "I'd like you to take off your choke chain." he said.  "I have a gift for you!"

Ken looked confused, but did as his Master requested.  The chain he had been wearing for months came off easily, and he carefully laid it on the nightstand next to the bed with respect.  Ken looked a little hurt, like he was taking off a little of himself with the chain.  Peter stroked his boy on the head once, and Ken let out a contented murring noise.

Peter went into his suitcase and showed Ken a leather collar, in black.  On the d-ring was a small tag that simply read "Spot".  Ken could feel his groin fill as he saw it, and realized what it was.  "For me Master?"

"Yes my boy." Peter said.  "Sit up on all fours boy, I want to put it on you correctly."  Ken scrambled to his hands an knees, and sat back on his haunches.  Peter ran his hand along side Kens head, and with a sense of purpose buckled the collar onto his boy's neck.  "There you go boy.  You're my slave dog now, aren't you?"

"Yes Master!" Spot said.  In his mind he wasn't Ken anymore, but he was truly "Spot".  He then felt like his flesh was burning.  He could feel himself sweating, but Master didn't look distressed at all.  "I'm hot, Master.  Burning up hot!" he said.

"Could it be because dogs don't wear clothing?" Peter suggested.

Spot looked at his Master and thought a moment.  Master always did know best, so he removed his shirt.  He still felt hot, so he removed his shoes, socks and pants too.  He looked to his Master, as if for permission.  Master just nodded, and Spot removed his underwear exposing himself for the first time to his Master.

Peter looked at his boy, now naked.  An average build, a bit of body hair on his whole body, but his cock stood straight out like a flag pole.  He looked over the boy, who was starting to settle back down.  He did take to post-hypnotic suggestions well.  "Do you think your puppy costume would be more comfortable Spot?" Peter suggested again.

Spot tilted his head a little, and realized that Master was once again right.  He reached into his backpack and took out the spandex bodysuit and slid into it with ease.  Peter helped to zip up the back, and helped his new puppy slip into the built-in sheath and sac for his bulging maleness.  As much as he wanted to molest him there, Peter held himself back for the moment.

Spot pulled up the hood of the suit under the collar and felt a tingle go up his back when Master zipped the suit shut.  "Thank you Master!" he said, genuinely meaning it.  He then looked at his hands, and watched as the suit melted into his flesh becoming his new_  fur?  He looked up to his Master with his jaw wide open.  "M_  Master?"

"Enjoy it Spot." Peter said.  "My gift to you, boy.  Enjoy becoming my dog."  Peter looked on as his boy stood, watching his hands.  He cold almost see the confusion turn to ecstasy on the boy's face as his mind filled in the gaps.

Spot watched his hands transform into half-paws.  He could feel the tail from the costume fusing to his backbone, and becoming a part of him.  Spot rested his hands on the dresser as he felt his body alter, the costume becoming his new fur.  His feet altering, bending, his sheath forming between his legs, his hind legs.  He looked up into a mirror to see a half dog, half man looking back at him.

Finally he felt his face push forward, his muzzle forming from his nose and jaw.  His jaw quivered as he felt the sheer delight of his canine whiskers growing from his new cold nose.  His eyes sunk back, and changed from blue to brown as the white fur appeared with a few black splotches across his new face.  Spot panted, seeing his Master's collar around his canine throat.

Peter looked at his boy.  Spot was fascinated with the dogboy in the mirror, standing on two legs, a human-like dogboy looking back at him.  Peter came up behind him.  "I have given you this as my gift, Spot." he said softly.  "I have the ability to give it and take it away, I can also take you further."  Spot's eyes opened up wide as his Master spoke to him.  "As long as you serve me, as long as you are my puppy slave, I can keep you in this form."

Peter showed him another tag, this one read "Spot", then "Slave Dog to Master Pete"  Spot read it carefully, his shaft standing erect and dribbling pre as he looked at the tag, knowing what it meant.

"If I put this tag on that collar, it becomes permanent and there's no turning back." Peter said.  "If not, you will have an experience tonight and it may never happen again.  Think before you commit yourself to me, my puppy."

Spot didn't have to think long.  "Yes Master.  I will."  Peter opened his mouth, but Spot stopped him.  "Master_  I've wanted this all my life.  I can't just walk away.  I have a Master, I'm a dog and someone to serve.  This is everything I've ever wanted.  Let me serve you Master.  Please?"  Spot wrinkled his eyes, and gave his saddest puppy-eyes look to his Master he could muster.

Peter laughed.  His dog was good at that look, he'd obviously practiced it.  He reached to Spot's collar and removed the old tag.  "Last chance!" he said.

"I want to be your dog!  Please?"  Spot begged

Peter clipped on the new tag, and Spot could feel from deep inside him something filled in his heart, his love for his Master.  He felt whole, everything filled in from his life at that moment.  He also felt his connection to he canine soul become complete, embraced into his being.

As he did this, Peter stroked his new dog on the head.  "Good boy." he said.  "You're my good dog.  Chocolate Milkbones."  Upon hearing the trigger phrase,  Spot relaxed into Peter's waiting arms.  "Rest for now Spot." he said.  "We have a busy night ahead of us."  Peter helped to get his new boy out of the costume, as he had a plan.  He put Ken on the bed again, and began his new set of instructions for his new dog slave.

Spot woke up on the bed again, still naked but his fur and his Master's collar.  Peter stroked his puppy on the forehead.  He knew the session was intense, and it was time to see if it stuck. "How do you feel boy?"

"I feel good Master!" Spot said.

"Good!" Peter said.  "Heel."  Spot quickly got to his hands and knees and sat at his Master's left side, eyes straight ahead.  "Present."  Spot threw his hind legs back and arched his back, offering himself  for sex.  "Sit."  Spot brought his hind legs back up and sat at his Master's side, eyes forward.  "Good boy!" Peter said, patting Spot on the head.  Spot beamed with pride, having pleased his Master.  "OK boy!  Put your clothing back on now, we should go out."

Spot looked confused.  "Clothing, Master?"

"It's ok boy." Peter said.  "You have permission.  We can sneak into restaurants that won't allow dogs if you're disguised as a human, right?"  Spot thought a moment, but as usual Master was making sense.  Spot nodded, and Peter smiled. "Good boy!  Now let's go for dinner."

Spot and Peter went out to a restaurant, it never seemed odd to Spot that nobody looked at him twice as a dog in human clothing.  Master Pete had given him an excellent disguise.  He had to choke back a laugh about having a doggie bag to take home.  Peter watched his hypnotized slave intently as they ate dinner.  He kept on looking to make sure the suggestions maintained a hold, and at no time did it falter.

They returned to the hotel that night to sleep.  "I have some things to do tomorrow my pup." Peter said.  "And I know you have to return home tomorrow afternoon."  Spot frowned, and looked hurt.  "Don't worry boy, this won't be the last time.  Sleep with your Master tonight, the future will take care of itself."

"Yes Master." Spot said, settling in for a night's rest.

Seven months later Ken was driving his car towards the east coast.  He had already sold almost everything he owned, and given away some more.  All he had left was a suitcase of clothing, his laptop, and a few pet items that Master asked him to get.  As he looked out the window he saw the reflection of the tag on his collar.  He smiled, knowing very well that soon he would be able to wear nothing but the tag on Master's collar.

Very soon.

He stopped at his parents home to tell them his decision, so they would know where to find him.  Master didn't want his dog to abandon his family.  Master told Spot that loyalty to family was as important as loyalty to him.  Ken told his family everything, leaving out Master and his new position as Master's dog.  There was no fighting, no yelling, no family problems.  Some concern if there was work where Ken was going, but otherwise they supported his decision.  Ken left the next morning for his Master's home, and never turned back.

Days later and Spot was laying  stomach down on his Master's couch, in his Master's house.  Spot was staring into a spinning disc on the end table as his Master spoke to him in soft words, loving words, kind words.  As his eyes began to feel heavy he faded into a blissful state, knowing that his Master would love him forever.

Peter stroked his slave dog on the head.  "Know that I love you boy." he said.  Spot nodded his head, completely under his Master's control.  "And know that you are forever my dog.  In time you will take on more dog characteristics until the line between the human form and your dog mind will not exist.  Do you want that boy?"

"Yes Master." Spot said.

"Good boy." Peter said quietly.  "Good dog.  Good loyal dog."

Four months later Ken came home from work.  He walked into his Master's home and checked the answering machine, no messages.  "I won't need my fingers tonight" he said to himself.  Ken quickly took off his human clothing and stepped into one of his spandex dalmatian costumes from "his" bedroom.  Master said that wearing a costume would make his transformations less painful, and would make it easier to become more doglike.  Ken held Master's collar in his hands, and with a contented sigh he put it on.

He felt his transformation start from the buckle of his collar and wash over his whole body.  His hands becoming paws, his tail fusing to his tailbone, his sheath filling in between his legs and his muzzle pushing forward from his face.  He placed a paw on his ear, shivering to himself as he felt it's fur.  Spot shook his head, feeling his ears flop forward.  He smiled to himself.  Master would be pleased today if he cleaned up the living room before his Master got home.  Spot set to work immediately.

Master returned home a few hours later, and Spot greeted him at the door with a hug.  "I cleaned the living room Master!"

"Good boy!" Peter said.  "Very good boy!"  Spot beamed with pride, wagging his tail.  "You deserve a reward!"  Peter tapped his thigh twice, and Spot followed him into the living room as he had been taught.  Peter looked around, satisfied his slave dog did a nice job cleaning up.  Peter opened one of the drawers and took out a pair of leather bondage mittens.  "You can be a full dog for the night!"

"Thank you Master!" Spot said excitedly.  He got onto all fours, sat back on his haunches, and offered his Master his paws.  Peter slipped the mitts over his slave dog and fastened the buckle.  Peter then watched as his dog slid his mitted hands onto the floor, and let out a few soft growls and moans.  Peter could only imagine the pleasure his dog slave enjoyed, transforming into a four legged dog in his mind.  The suit Ken wore helped Peter know when he was being a dog slave, and just a normal slave boy, and it looked good on him since he was now exercising regularly.  It was a slight pain to get several dalmatian suits made up, but in the end Spot seemed happiest in them, even without the dog mask on.

Spot looked up to his Master, and felt the canine mind finally wash over his human mind.  His thoughts became simpler and more feral.  Yes, no.  Obey Master good.  Master is my Alpha.  Protect Alpha Master.  Spot's vision slipped away from colors, and became a black and white world  He could feel his body making the final alterations, until he was totally a dog.  He looked into the eyes of his Master and wagged his tail excitedly.  Master said something to him, but he didn't really understand it.  Spot something, something good boy Spot.

Peter went through his normal evening routine, Spot with him on occasion.  He sat down for dinner, and he poured his dog a can of Alpo in Spot's dish.  Spot ate it happily.  They watched some television on the floor together for a while until Peter went into his bedroom to go online.  Spot followed him in, and laid down on the foot of the bed with his Master.

Spot dozed off while his Master was chatting with another boy online.  Spot perked his head up after the computer chimed three times in a row.  He saw his Master in his chair.  Spot felt good, seeing his Master there.  Peter turned around and scratched Spot behind the ears.  Spot let out a contented sound, his Master's touch strengthening the bond between dog and Master.

"You can sleep Spot, go ahead.  I'll be in bed in a while boy."  Peter said, with a smile and a final scratch to his dog's jowls.  Spot understood the key words, and circled the bed twice , laying down on the side of the bed, his head on a pillow.

Peter watched his dog slave lay down to sleep.  Ken had to be up early for work, after all.  Peter turned back to the screen, and clicked on the chat message he had gotten.  He typed in "Yes, I'm going to Hypnocon this year with my dog boy.  We could meet up there if you'd like."

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