"The Pack"
"Windtails Pack"
Whelping Jumper
By : Socks the Catt
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I'm not really certain where to begin, other than with my history.  I have always been fascinated with the whole idea of "Dogboys", but not in the leather scene variety.  I tried that, I found most of the leather guys I met were either generic assholes with bad facial hair who wanted you to worship them without hesitation or really nice guys who were already taken by another really nice guy.  And for some, I guess that would work.  The asshole part, I mean.  But not me.  I like the idea of actually getting to know someone, and if they're worth my time I'll agree to be subservient.  I mean, even a dog will ignore you if you're an asshole to it.

So when I became disgusted with the whole leather bar scene, I switched gears.  I started looking online, making very discreet inquiries where I could, but I really had no luck in hooking up with another person interested in the dog play scene.  Then again, how do you ask someone?  "Hello, I'd like you to put this collar on me, let me bark and howl a while, feed me from a dish and let me become a dog for you"?  It's kind of awkward, actually.  So, I was ready to let it go, and know I'd never find anyone.

That's when I met Windtails.  Well, that's not his real name, but on the internet I know more people by nickname than real name anyway.  It started with just talking online one night.  He messaged me, I messaged back.  I didn't think much of it at the time because I'd been promised so much before.  After the fifth promise from a "real master" its all just words anyway.  But he kept on finding me online, and we'd chat.  It felt comfortable after a while.  I think I liked the fact he wanted to know me, not just collar, leash and order me onto all fours.  And I really felt comfortable with him as well, as we got to really know each other.

One night, a Thursday night as I remember it, we were chatting.  He asked me if I had a free weekend.  I said yes.  "Why don't you come to my place?" he asked.  I felt my heart jump into my throat, and I had to re-read the text a few times before I answered.  I said yes.  I knew he lived in southern Wisconsin, and I live in Northern Illinois, so it really wasn't that far a drive.  And to meet him…  I was taking a chance that he wasn't a rampaging axe murderer.  I asked him if it was ok if I left a note telling my roommates where I went.  He encouraged me to.  And that made me feel better.  There was a slight pause, and then he came back to the chat.  He then told me to check my e-mail with my instructions.

When I did, I read the whole list carefully.  "You want me to call you when I get to the exit?"

"Yes." He said.  "That way I'll meet you at the edge of my property.  There's no lights out there, so it's easy to miss."

"How will I know who you are?" I typed in.

"Easy." He typed.  "I'll be the only one with a tail."

I blinked at the monitor a few times.  "You mean in suit?" I typed.  He told me about his suit, how much he liked it.  I didn't think he'd wear it casually like that.

"Yep!" he typed back.  "I want you to feel comfortable, and no humans are allowed on my property.  Just us dogs."

I laughed in my chair.  It only made sense.  "Ok.  I'll be there tomorrow night."

"Good dog."

The work day grinded extremely slow for me.  I got home from work early and got out my costume.  Well, I call it a costume, other people might call it a stitching disaster held together with love, faith, and more thread than fabric.  But, it's my brown dog costume.  It's no specific breed, but it's what I like to wear when I'm in a dog mood.  I grabbed my red leather collar, and shined the tag with my finger.  "Jumper" The name I chose for myself.  I haven't done anything since high school athletically, but I think it still fits me.  I still have a decent build, and I haven't let myself go by any means.

I picked up the sheet again, and read the instructions.  I waited until around nightfall to slide into the costume, and listened for my roommates.  I was lucky, they were still out.  I left a note on my door explaining where I was, and that I had my cell phone on me.  I trotted quickly to the garage, and got into my car as the sun was setting.  As I started it, I pulled the hood over my head and backed out of the driveway.  Just after nightfall I was on the highway, headed north.

The highway was not that crowded, which I was thankful for.  I'd never driven in my costume before, and I was extremely nervous as it was.  I didn't need to get pulled over by a cop and explain why I was in a dog suit.  I crossed the border, and drove for another half hour.  When I got to the exit, I hit the call button on my phone.  It rang an agonizingly long time before it got picked up.  "Hello?"

"Umm, hi!" I said nervously.  "I'm looking for Windtails?"

"Jumper!!!" I heard him say.  My heart felt like it would explode.  "I knew you wouldn't let me down!  You're on the road?"

"At the exit." I said.  "And about to turn left.  You're right it's dark."

"I warned you!" he said with a laugh.  I laughed too, trying to stop shaking.  "Ok!  You're about thirty minutes out.  I'll meet you at my mailbox.  Drive slow when you get there, I don't want to get blinded."

"Ok." I said, nodding as I did.  "See you very soon!"

"Good pup!" he said.  My hand was shaking violently when I ended the call.  It took everything I had to keep driving straight up the road.  Windtails was right, after the first mile there were no lights.  If it weren't for my high-beams, I couldn't see.  I drove it slower than normal until I saw the yellow sign on the instruction sheet.  "Caution, Dogs at Play."

It wasn't until then that I was really shaking hard.  All over full body shakes, not to mention in my stomach too.  I turned off my high beams and followed the road.  I could barely see the outline of a large man leaning against a mailbox.  And, as promised, I could see his tail quite clearly.  I stopped my car and waited, as he instructed.  He approached, and let himself in the passenger side of my car.  The light blinded me for a moment, but it was off very soon.  "Good drive, pup?"

"Yeah." I said, my voice cracking.  "A little nervous, but good drive."

"You're here now." Windtails said.  His voice was very soothing.  "I'll take care of you from here."  I just nodded, not knowing if he could see me.  My eyes were still a little hazy from the car light.  "Let's go back to the house.  You can pull into the garage."

I drove quietly to the house.  "Once we're inside I'll give you a proper greeting." He said.  "We're gonna head right into the basement, if that's ok?"

"Yeah, sure!" I said.  I didn't care if he locked me in a dog house all night, I was here and I just drove over an hour in my dog costume.  That was more than I thought I could do.  He said something about a good pup to me, but I kept driving.  We came to his house, which looked like a typical farmer's house with an attached garage.  Outside was parked an old pickup truck, it was so typical.  The garage was already open, and I pulled in.

Once there, I finally got a good look at Windtails.  My first thought was, and I quote myself, Holy shit, what a costume!  He had Great Dane fur all across his muzzled face, and I could see it went into his flannel shirt.  He wore denim pants, obviously well loved.  He also had a belt buckle that had the letters "AKC" on them.  He was barefoot, or should I say bare-pawed.  I could see his furry feet outside his pants.  I sat in my car, jaw on the floor looking at him.

He looked at me with what I could guess was a big grin.  "Shoes off, wallet in car, no human things in my home."  I just nodded like an idiot as I took my shoes off and dumped my things onto my spare clothing bag.  He just laughed.  "I told you pup!  Just us dogs!"

I was shaking visibly now, and I almost fell over as I tried to get up.  He helped me to my feet and gave me the most powerful hug I've ever been given.  "Welcome to my home Jumper!" he said with enthusiasm.  I tried to hug him back as hard as I could, but I just couldn't match him.

"Thank you!" I tried to cough out.  He let go, and he looked me over with an appreciative nod.  "It's not as good a suit as yours, but I've been trying to…"

"Don't worry pup." He said to me.  His voice was just so soothing, so relaxing.  He big, brown eyes were filled with compassion.  "You're fine."  He reached up to my neck, and unbuckled the collar.  I know I whimpered when he did that, and he snickered.  "Don't worry, you'll get a nicer one than that soon." I smiled, and in spite of myself I could feel an erection poke my pants.  He smiled, I couldn't tell if he noticed it too.  "Come on, we'll go downstairs right now."  I nodded and eagerly followed him.

There was a stairway going down into his basement from the garage, and we went straight down it.  Once there, he opened the door and turned on the light.  It was a furnished basement, carpeted and ceiling tiles all across it.  In one corner I could see some leather gear, and in another I could see what looked like large dog beds or something like it.  I knew my eyes were wide, and I could hear Windtails chuckle.  "I always love doing this to new pups."  I looked up to him and his costume muzzle was just enchanting to watch.  "Never sure what to look at first.  The leather or the dog stuff."

"It's all really nice!" I said.

"I see!" he said, looking at my crotch.  I felt my face get all flush.  "Don't worry pup.  But the end of the night I'm hoping to see more than that."  Now I felt my whole body get red hot as he chuckled again.  He waved me into the back of the room, to a padded bench.  "Now I'd like to ask you a couple things."  I nodded.  "Did you follow all my instructions?"

I nodded again.  "To the letter, and then some."

"Good." He said.  "So you have been in suit the whole time you drove here?"  I nodded.  "Good.  Spare clothing to drive home in your car?"  I nodded again.  "Very good.  And you haven't cum since last night?"

"No." I said.  "Actually haven't since last Wednesday."  He perked his eyes, and I saw his ears perk up as well.  "No chance to."

"That's perfectly fine, Jumper." He said, deliberately.  "I want to do something with you now, something that you won't believe unless we actually do it."  I looked confused, and he patted the bench with his hand.  I sat down as he talked.  "You came here hoping to be a dog for the weekend, correct?"  I nodded.  "I want to make you a dog for the weekend.  I think I'll make you a golden lab, something active." I nodded again, not knowing where he was going.  "I just want to know, do you trust me."

I took a moment to think.  "Yes." I said.  "I think I can."  

He nodded, and turned around to grab leather restraints from his workbench.  "I would like to put these on you, will you let me?"  I nodded slowly, and offered my wrists.  I was shaking as he put the restraints on my, buckling them tight.  "Now I'd like to tie you to this bench.  Will you let me?"

I looked at the bench, it was padded but it had a few added items, like the bottom portion looked like my legs could be spread if they were tied to it.  And the top portion had clips on the bottom of the posts, as well as a set of hand grips slightly offset.  "Yes.  I will." I said.

Windtails nodded, and gently placed me face down on the bench.  He locked my hands onto the pegs, which left my hands under my chin.  He then attached my feet to the legs of the machine.  Once I was locked in, he knelt in front of me so we were face to face.  "I need to know this too, pup.  Are you gay?"

I must have looked worried, because I could see it reflect in his body language.  "I'm gay." I said.  "Why?"

"I did this to a straight boy once." He said, running his hand over my head like you'd pet a dog.  "Fucked up his life really bad.  I'm still feeling guilty over that, so I need to know if my pups are gay before I start."

"Don't worry." I said, trying to force a joke.  "I'm queer as a three dollar bill."

He nodded.  "One final question." He said, and I could see his expression change, even through the furry face.  "Will you accept me as your Alpha?"

I looked deep in his eyes, and I saw his longing to know.  "Yes, I will." I said softly.  My throat felt dry as I said it.

"Good pup." He said.  "Good Jumper.  I promise to never abuse my position as your Alpha, you will always be safe in my home, my den."  I nodded.  He leaned over and kissed me on my forehead.  "Now we can begin."

He stood up, and reached back over to the work bench.  He returned with a pair of goggles that looked a little oversized.  He placed them on my head, and adjusted it so the cups were over my eyes.  "Can you see anything?"

"No, just black." I said.

"Good." He said.  "Relax, Jumper.  Just relax, and let the feelings flow through you."  I wasn't sure what he meant, then I saw a deep blue light come into view.  I felt his hand along my back, and I didn't realize until then I was still shaking.  "Relax my pup…  Just relax." He kept saying to me.  The light swirled in front of me, and I looked into it.  I felt relaxed, at ease.  "There's my Jumper." He said softly.

I felt him keep stroking my back, and I knew that he had removed at least the long-sleeved t-shirt from me.  I didn't care, because I knew he was right.  I wanted to come here, I wanted to do this, and I knew I wanted to have sex.  I wasn't expecting it so soon, but being undressed felt good.  I don't know when the pants and tail came off either, but his fur covered hand felt so good as he caressed me.  The light became a little brighter, and it felt even better when he would stroke my thighs.

"Good Jumper." He said to me, among a lot of other things.  I felt his hand slowly slide between my legs, to my achingly hard erection.  "Already knotted out!" he said.  I could feel him spread my legs apart, and lock the boards into place.  "You'll make such a good lab.  So nice, friendly…" the lights in my eyes were getting brighter, and I couldn't look away.  Behind me I heard a rumbling murr of appreciation.

He brought his hand along my spine, and when he got to my ass I felt his fingers move along something I never had before.  I knew it was a tail.  I never felt any pain, I never felt it grow, only the sensation of having it for the first time.  "Yessss…" he said, tracing his fingers along its length.  "I'm a sucker for nice tails.  And yours is so perfect!"

I was shivering now.  Was that tail real?  Is this hypnosis?  I never had the chance to answer myself, as I felt a large mass of fur between my thighs.  "This is why you have to be gay, pup." Windtails said to me.  "Because I get your first whelping."

Something pressed up into my sphincter, and I tried to relax.  My mind was reeling as I felt something push into me.  I let out a whimper, then a loud yowl as he penetrated me.  It came out of my throat so naturally.  "GOOD pup!" he said as he pressed further.  "First fuck always goes to your Alpha."  I could hear his tone get more feral, more menacing, and I welcomed it.  I growled in appreciation as I felt him push.

Windtails grabbed a paw full of fur on my hip as he began thrusting in and out of my hole.  I whined a little and yowled hard as I felt my fur press from my flesh, becoming my new covering.  The lights in my eyes became intense, piercing all the way into me until I couldn't see anything else but white.  On top of me I felt Windtail's hot breath on my shoulder, soon replaced by the feeling of fur being moved with every breath he took.

My hands grasped the bars, and I could feel the pads forming, giving me grip on the metal.  I could feel my claws rasping into the metal as well as I fought to grip harder.  Words were foreign to us both as we both growled and snarled to each other, speaking a language I knew inherently now.  I felt my shaft rub the bench, leaving a cold, wet touch behind.  I could also feel at the base of my shaft something had swollen up, making me feel harder and thicker than I ever felt before.  I could feel my own shaft nearly touching my belly as Windtails pounded into me.

Suddenly, I felt him press into my with all his weight, and I howled as I felt something thick enter under my furred tail.  He howled too, and I could feel his claws dig into the fur on my haunches.  He bucked into me, and I could feel my insides fill with his seed.  The light in my eyes was too intense, the sensations of feeling my furred chest against the bench, my paws pulling at the restraints, it overwhelmed me.

I howled as loud as I could, and I could feel my jaw and nose extend to accommodate the new noise.  It began as a human, but mid cry I knew I was canine.  I could feel my long ears flop against my head as my body tensed, and I shot my seed with everything I had.  Alpha howled with me, and I felt welcomed into his pack as I shot harder and harder.

That's when I think I blacked out.  The next thing I remembered was lying on my back, in the arms of a Great Dane.  His beautiful tan fur, I remember reaching up with a weak paw to trace along the white portion of his chest and neck.  He leaned down, and licked my nose.  "Welcome to my pack, Jumper."

"Th… thank you…" I said.  I traced a clawed paw along his brindled body, looking up at his eyes.  His beautiful, brown eyes.  "Is this real?"

He nodded.  "Yes.  I wouldn't tell you, because you would never have believed it." He said.  "And for all intents and purposes, you're a dog boy now.  A very nice, beautiful golden lab." He said with a smile.  "I hope you like swimming, it's going to come naturally now."  I tired to sit up, but rolled onto my tail.  I yelped in pain, and he laughed politely.  "In time pup.  In time."  I nodded.

"Your pack?" I asked, just beginning to get my bearings.

He nodded, reaching to the side of the futon.  "Yep.  That's why I live out here.  Nobody bothers me, and I can have my pups come and go without causing too much trouble.  And we can go outside and nobody bothers us."  He showed me something that looked like a long silver band, with a symbol on it.  "This is my pack mark, it shows everyone else that you're a member of my pack, and they won't fuck with you."  I must have looked confused.  "You'll meet others.  Trust me.  I'd like you to wear this."

"Sure!" I said, offering my paw.  He laughed, and with his own paw he reached between my legs.  I looked down to see a white furred sheath framed with golden brown fur.  He expertly rubbed just under where the sheath met my belly.  I moaned as I saw a bright red shaft slide out from my sheath.  He leaned over to me, and licked my nose and muzzle.

When my shaft reached full length, he took the band and placed it on my glistening shaft.  I moaned as he slid it down, all the way to my knot.  I watched him use his fingers to manipulate my knot, and the band slid past it, settling where my shaft and sheath met.  I could tell that he had placed it right along the base.  He looked up at me, and smiled.  "Now you're marked as my pack." He said.  "Now you're my responsibility, as you're my pack mate."

Windtails took my paw into his, and had me rub his sheath to full erection.  He let out contented sighs as I did so, but after a while I saw what he wanted me to see.  He had a band just like it on his own shaft, shiny silver with the engraving I would later learn was our pack symbol.  "We all have them" he said to me.  "It's how we know each other.  We stand together when we need each other.  You'll learn all you need to soon, my pup."  I just nodded, trying to take it all in. 

Windtails stood up, and picked me up effortlessly in his arms.  He carried me upstairs as he spoke to me.  "Tomorrow morning all the knowledge I crammed into your head will take effect.  You'll understand how the pack works, you'll know how to make your new body work.  Tonight, I just want you to rest, my pup.  When the weekend is over, you'll have the option to stay in my pack, or not."

"Can I come back if I don't?" I asked, still groggy.

"Of course." He said, kissing me on my muzzle.  "You just won't have as intense an experience as you could, and you won't truly know the pack.  But wait until Sunday night Jumper."  I nodded.  "Tonight, sleep.  Tomorrow, we'll start the day fresh."

Windtails had placed me in a bed, and was putting the sheets up to my chin.  He kissed me again on the forehead, and I licked his muzzle in appreciation.  He chuckled, and I felt more relaxed than I ever had in my life.  His ears perked up "Oh!  I almost forgot!"  He held up his paw, and showed me a bark brown leather collar.  It had a center ring, and a brass plate riveted to the side that said "Jumper" and "Windtail Pack" engraved on it.

I looked up at him, and smiled.  "Thank you." Was all I could say.  Nothing else came to me at all

"It's a proper hunting dog collar." He said with a smile.  "And it will last you a lifetime."  He slid it around my throat, and I could smell the oil on the leather.  The deep, rich smell of it caused me to poke out of my sheath again.  Windtails, looked down, and smiled.  "I'm glad you like it pup."

He leaned down and we licked muzzles for a moment.  No words needed to be said, we understood each other perfectly well.  He patted me on the chest, and turned out the light.  I fell asleep moments later, safe in my Alpha's den.

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