Author's Notes on Chapter 6

Lucky and Spike is almost autobiographical.  Almost.  Any writer who tells you that what they write is never based in what they've experienced is a liar, or at least a bad writer.  It's kinda important to explain that in order for this to make sense.

Last year, 8-01, I had the next chapter of this written in my head.  I'll do that, instead of writing on paper I'll write a whole story in my head.  It's something to do when you're driving, right?  So I had this whole story written.  Lucky and Spike would be trained in being rescue dogs, and they would be called to perform rescue duties in an earthquake zone.  I started to put it on virtual paper too.

Then September 11th came.

At the time I felt really creepy about it, because it's not the first time I've done that kind of thing.  I'm not one to believe in things like ESP or what not, but I was creeped out.  REALLY creeped out.  I tabled the story indefinitely, and let it sit on the back burner.

As the anniversary came up, I kept on returning to it, the theme I mean.  And the more I came back to It, the more I wanted to actually go there, write the story, get it out of my head.  So I finished it, and it's out there now.  It's pretty raw, but then again that's how I think it needs to be.

This is based on a somewhat true story.  At the time I was employed at a TV Station, and the "Voice of God" announced what happened on 9-11 to someone else who had the morning shot.  I wasn't on duty, but the gal who was, well, she was visibly shaken when I came in that night.  The owner of the TV station called us up and said that at 4 PM we were to go back to regular programming.  So a little after 4 PM Central another building collapsed.  Meanwhile, we're showing "7th Heaven".  That's right, The worst tragedy in this generation and we're showing "7th Heaven".  What a fucknut.

Anyhow, I ask in advance for everyone to suspend a little disbelief here.  It's a tribute story, not meant for 100% accuracy.  And if things really weren't that way, relax, it's just fiction.  Dedicated to true heroes everywhere.  It's the little thing I can do in my corner of the world.

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