Lucky & Spike
The New Puppy

When I graduated from college last year I headed straight for Chicago chasing a job that I had gotten before I graduated. And it's an OK job, I still have it. The money is good. Not the best, but it's good. It's enough to get my own apartment, pay the bills, and keep my 'net connection running. I got a real connection when I moved here, but I still kept my AOL account from college. My parents pay for it, and it's just a spare screenname.

I was online on a weekend under a screenname I was going to dump that night, "Spike101". I was just having fun with it, popping into the "people connection" and just hanging out. I didn't know a lot of people in town yet, and I didn't want to go clubbing or drinking or anything else. But after annoying enough rooms I figured I'd just go web surfing. I parked in my own chat room called "Chicago YIFF". I've been a closet furry fanatic since I got into the 'net in college, so I figured that if someone knew what it meant that at least we'd have that in common.

Now parked, I opened a browser and started hitting up sites, ESPN, CNN, and so on. And after half an hour I totally forgot about it, and someone sent me an IM. It was from "Lucky7" saying "Are you even in your own room?" I did a double-take, and then realized that Lucky7 was in Chicago Yiff with me. I jumped back in.

"YES! I'm here! Sorry, I forgot I parked here" "Don't worry. Where you at?" said Lucky7.

We chatted online for a few hours in "character". Mine was an anthropomorphic Dalmatian, and his a black lab. We talked about anthro stuff, upcoming cons, what there was to do in Chicago, how stupid the others were who came into the room saying "IM ME 4 CYBER!" And before he left, he said "Are you going to be on tomorrow night?" I was going to toss this account, but I figured why not and said "Sure." He asked if he could add me to his IM list, and I did the same.

We did this for a few weeks when we had time. Either an e-mail or chatting in open forum in character. A few furry types would stop in occasionally, and we'd all poke fun at the wanna-be cyber guys, but Lucky and me got along just fine. And over time we even talked about our sexuality. I didn't feel threatened by it, I'm bi. At least I'm bi in mind, I've never been with another man in a sexual sense.

It was really refreshing to talk sex without an immediate demand for cybersex. I found out Lucky was into bondage, but only what he called "pet bondage". Collars, harnesses, "muzzles" that were ball gags, so on. I hadn't ever tried anything like that, but his descriptions were really explicit and I was getting an erection just from some of the things he told me about.

About a month after we met online I said to him "I'd really like to try that stuff too." And without a pause he asked "Would you like to meet for lunch or something?" And my heart raced. I had already considered Lucky a friend, a friend I never met, but a good friend and trusted confidant. We made an arrangement, and we decided to meet at a pizza place that night, as it was still early. He said he'd get there as soon as possible, and I said I'd save us a table in my denim jacket and red shirt.

I got offline and I was shaking. I mean really shaking. I was nervous, twitchy, and barely able to get enough control to get my stuff and get into my car. I had a few friends through work, but I didn't really know anyone else on a personal level like I knew Lucky. I drove to the pizza place, it's an out of the way spot that I found when I was wandering my neighborhood. They're open late, and they make a great thin crust. I sat down, ordered a coke and a medium cheese and waited. The whole time I felt sick to my stomach, second guessing what I had gotten myself into, and what I was doing. I was on my third coke when a man approached my table.

"Spike?" He was a nice looking guy, about 6 foot or so with short brown hair. His bomber jacket looked worn and soft, as did all his clothing. I was half-expecting someone wearing leather bondage gear or something odd like that, but he looked very normal.

"Lucky?" I stammered out.

He smiled "Jason." He held out his hand.

"Dan. how are ya?" We shook hands, and he sat down. "I ordered cheese, that ok?"

"Yeah! Yeah." And there was an uneasy silence between us. I didn't know how to open up, and neither did he. "So how did you come to Chicago?" he finally asked me.

So I told him my story, what of it there is. Grew up in Southern Illinois, went to college at the U of I, graduated and went to a summer at Columbia College, and got a job in Chicago. "Nothing really special, just kinda, umm... lucky...." Jason smiled when I said that, like it was an inside joke. "So how about yourself?"

He then told me a really interesting story of his life, and the thing is I believe it's all true. At least now. At the time I wasn't sure. Jason told me he was born in California, went to UCLA and met some guys who were into leather and bondage. He moved in with them, and graduated a few years later. It amazed me how frank and honest Jason was with me without being explicit.

"So when I moved out we said our good-byes. I still talk to them every week or so, we're close. I came out here to be with my family, we had a really bad time when my parents passed away, and I just never left. But, got a job out here, making a living now." Jason took another sip of his soda. "Have you ever been with another man?"

"No, not in... I mean I haven't..." I was glancing around nervously. The place wasn't packed and we were in our own space.

"Don't worry, your mom isn't in the next booth." I just put my hand on my head and realized how stupid I must have looked. "It's natural. If you weren't nervous I'd worry about you." He let that sit for a moment, and said "How did you get into furrydom?"

"In college, I was in the computer lab and kinda stumbled into it." I said. "And it just hit something in me, I'm not sure what. The freedom, the fantasy, something. But I got into the mucks, downloaded drawings onto my laptop, fell in lust with some of those artists. I wanted to make it to a con but I had to finish school. But now I'm just, I don't know, nervous to do the stuff I dreamed about in college."

He then looked at me and said "I want you to tell me, like you did in the chat room, what would you like to do? What's your fantasies?"

I had one more look around, mostly to clear up my own doubts that my mom was really not in the next table over. And I talked to him. And, I think it was more about letting go of everything. I told him I wanted to be my character on the muck, the Dalmatian he met online. I told him I dreamed about being collared, leashed, and having sex. I told him I wanted to get out of my apartment, but I didn't want to be like an idiot and go to bars trying to pick up chicks. I wanted to dance, I wanted to play, I wanted to experience things. I wanted to stop being so nervous, so timid. And I felt better after I said all that, but I also felt like I had just exposed my underbelly to a wolf.

He never smiled, he never frowned, he sat and listened to everything I had said. And when I was done he looked at me with his fingers on his upper lip, holding up his chin with his hands. Finally, he nodded a little. "I can help you out, but you will have to trust me." I nodded slowly, not really understanding what he meant. "Are you doing anything tomorrow night?"

"No." It was going to be Friday night, and just as before I didn't have anything to do. I didn't have to work that weekend either.

"Good. Would you like to come to my place tomorrow night?" I nodded again. He smiled. "I need to talk to someone first, but I want you to come over anyway after you're done working. Here's my phone number." He took out a business card, and quickly drew a small map on it showing me how to get there. "I promise you that I won't do anything to hurt you. I'd like to consider you a friend. May I?"

"Only if I can consider you my friend." I said, trying to be funny. He did smile.

"See you tomorrow night, my friend." He got up, "Oh, and I got this one." He picked up the bill. I got up very quickly and offered to at least pay half and the tip, we ended up splitting the bill.

I barely slept that night in excitement. Work went by like a breeze, and I was out the door and on the first Metra leaving the city. I didn't think I touched pavement at all when I drove to Jason's place. His "place" is a two story house, high fences and not many neighbors. And my first thought was "I hope to god this isn't Ted Bundy's old place." But I pulled into the driveway, locked the car and went to the front door.

My stomach tied in knots I knocked on the door. Jason opened the door for me wearing a t-shirt and shorts. "Come on in!" He said, when I did he gave me a gentle hug. I was kinda taken back by this, but I returned it to him. "I want you to meet a few people." He saw how I looked a bit scared. "Videophone. they're really not here." I breathed a little easier, and we went into another room.

"Guys! I want you to meet Spike!" I felt the blood drain from my face when he said that, but he sounded very natural. On the screen I saw two guys, one with long hair and wearing a white shirt, the other with a shaved head and wearing a leather collar. "I want you to meet Blitz and Hootch." he said to me.

"Umm... Hi..."

Blitz, the one with the long hair, said "You don't have to be nervous Spike! Greetings from SoCal! Lucky was talking about you, but we wanted to say hi ourselves. So tell me about yourself!"

I looked to Jason, who just nodded. So I did, I told "Blitz" and Hootch what I told Jason the previous night. Everything. I figured it couldn't hurt, I trusted Lucky. When I was done I didn't feel as vulnerable as I did the night before, I felt more like I was among friends.

After some silence "Hootch" asked me "So are you a virgin?"

I bit my lip and my face turned beet red "Umm, kinda yeah."

Hootch smiled "Good 'nuff for me. You have my blessings Lucky."

"Mine too." Blitz said. "We gotta go, Lucky. But call us back soon!"

"Seeya later guys, and thanks!" Jason said, and they said the same and hung up the phone. "Those are my old roomies in California. They're great guys."

"Their blessings?" I asked.

"It's a long story, it's easier to show you than it is to explain it. Oh, do you want to put your car in the garage?" I said yes, and we went out to move my car. He then brought me inside again and said "I'm sorry, I'm not being a good host. Let me show you my home."

It wasn't bad as far as houses went. There was a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, a rec room, and upstairs was room for 4 bedrooms including the master bedroom. One bedroom was decked out fully with bondage equipment, and I became rock hard when he showed it to me. One was a spare bedroom, one had a lot of dog supplies in it, and the master bedroom had a futon, a TV, everything you'd expect to see in a regular room.

"Is the basement a huge dungeon or something?" I asked quietly. I was expecting him to say yes, and show me a basement full of boys locked up in states of sexual arousal.

"Not really, it's finished but I don't really use it for much of anything. We have parties down there but it's not a permanent dungeon." I exhaled a bit louder than I thought I did. "Scared of that, huh?"

"Well, kinda... I mean... that one room..."

"No problem. No we do parties, and some temporary stuff, and this area hasn't been built up all that much so we get left alone for the most part. But I really don't want something like a dungeon down there. It'd get too wet."

He took me into the master bedroom, and on the bed I saw two jumpsuits laid out. They looked more like short wetsuits with tails and ears on the hooded part. Next to the hoods were small pieces with straps on them, I couldn't tell what they did. There were also laid out for each one a set of gloves and a set of booties. My jaw hit the floor, because one of them was white with black splotches on it, just like a Dalmatian.

Jason looked at my reaction to the suits. "Pretty nice, huh?"

"Where... where did you get those?"

"Blitz and Hootch. This is why it's easier to show than to explain. We have a supplier who makes these rubber costumes for us." He picked up the black one, and showed me under the crotch. It was anatomically correct.

"We have a small club, people who are furry fetishists. But in order to get in, you need to be sponsored by an existing member. We don't like talking about it to other people, and we don't want to tell everyone of our existence. If we did that, then we'd be flooded with people. We're all a family, and we take that seriously. There's one other reason we can't tell anyone about us, but it's easier to show you why."

He leaned over to the other suit, and picked it up. "Would you like to try this on?"

Now my penis was rock hard. "Y...Yeah... Yes I would!" I'd never dreamed I'd see anything like this, let alone be allowed to put one on. Jason very casually removed his clothing. He's in good shape, and he shows it. When he took off his pants, he also had an erection like mine. I took off my clothing too, and piled it on the floor next to me.

He smiled at me. "Ok, do what I do." He used some talc powder on himself, and when he showed me how I did the same. And together we put on our respective suits. "First you unzip the back like this. Then you step in with your legs. Now put your balls into the sac, and kinda carefully stretch the suit so you can put your penis into the sheath. Great! Now pull your arms through the arm holes like that. Ok, hold the hood and put your head into it, your chin should be through the bottom and the ears should be about right. Ok, reach behind you and zip it up carefully. The hood should flap just under the zipper so no flesh should show... Great!"

Jason then helped me adjust the tail so it was resting against the tailbone. Then he helped me move the ears so they were centered as well. He then handed me the booties, and helped me get them on. The black and white rubber booties went to about mid calf, and gripped tightly. By now every touch was electric. "Now your front paws." He held up what I thought were gloves, but when I looked at them they were more paw like than hand like. He helped me get them on, and they went half-way up my forearm.

Every time I looked at him, I felt my penis throb in the rubber sheath. He looked beautiful, a black body, black on his hands and feet, and his pink penis poking out of the sheath. The sheath was attached to his body, so it was rigidly sticking up and poking him in the stomach when he bent over.

"Spike?" He said to get my attention off his rigidity. "I want to put a collar on you. Would you be ok with that?"

I felt my lip quiver slightly, my mouth went dry, and I stopped breathing for a moment. I just nodded. He walked over to me, and gave me a hug again. "SSShhhhhhh...... relax Spike.... it's ok...." I returned the hug a little tighter, almost like I couldn't believe this was real and I wanted to make sure it really was real. "Do you want me to slow down a bit here?"

"No no!" I said quickly. I then realized what that sounded like. I took in a deep breath, and tried again. "I'm... I'm ok... just a bit overwhelmed...." We let go of each other, and I felt a coldness on my penis. I had dribbled pre-cum on his suit.

Lucky smiled at me. I distinctly remember thinking of him as "Lucky" and not "Jason" at this point. Lucky just wiped it off with his paw. "And excited too, I see..." He went to a dresser at the other end of the room, and opened the drawer. Inside was my collar. It's a red leather collar with a few shiny stones in it for contrast and a red bone-shaped tag hanging on the D-ring that reads "SPIKE". "Do you like it?" he asked.

"It's beautiful!" I almost whispered it. He reached around my neck, and I felt chills run down my spine and through my toes when he put it around my neck and worked the buckle shut. All I could say was "Thank you Lucky..."

"You're welcome Spike." He reached in and took out his own collar, a black leather one with studs on the back which read "LUCKY" Beautiful workmanship. It was well curved, and a little beaten in already. A well worn, well loved collar. "Now, Spike, I need you to watch this carefully." I nodded, and he continued. "Once I show you this, I need you to make a decision. You'll know what it is once I show you."

Lucky walked to the bed again and picked up the black rubber piece there. And when he held it towards me I realized what it was. It looked like a dog's nose and mouth. It was a muzzle. He opened his mouth, and put the muzzle on over his face. Around the back and over the top he buckled it on his head. After a few moments to show me what he had done he put his hand on the collar, and squeezed it. Lucky closed his eyes, and I watched.

I watched as the whole costume he was wearing gave off a slight glow, a black glow. I wasn't scared as much as I was fascinated. He unclenched his hands and I watched one of his main fingers vanish giving him paw like hands with small claws on them. The gloves and booties melted into his skin and began to run upwards to the main body of the suit. The main suit also melted back into his skin, and I watched as the blackness ran up the muzzle and over his eyes. The buckles on the external muzzle fell to the ground, and the retaining straps got lost in his fur.

When one of his ears twitched I was taken back somewhat, but I held my composure. Very quickly Lucky leaned forward onto the balls of his feet, and I watched his hind legs contort so he was now on his paws on digigrade legs. His tail swished one way then the other, and I saw his fur grow in over the rest of his body. His penis grew an inch, but thinned out. It also went from pink to a deep ebony black, but it glistened with fluids. Then I saw him rear his head back and let out a howl. Not in pain, but in pure ecstasy. His body slowly ended it's contortions as he opened his eyes.

He was now a little shorter than I stood. His whiskers had just finished growing out, and his mouth was open with his tongue hanging out. Lucky was panting hard now, but slowing down. My jaw was on the floor myself. Lucky looked at me with a look of understanding. "Now...." He said between pants... "Now you know... why it's easier... to show you..." He was talking, his muzzle was moving, clear, plain english. I could see his teeth, canines of a dog moving around his tongue.

"Wow.... How did.... what just...." I was full of questions, but Lucky held up a paw as if to say 'hang on.'. He went into the bathroom, turned on the sink faucet and lapped up a lot of water. After a moment of this, he came back out to see me. A little more composed now.

"Spike... I can do this, and you're most of the way to doing it yourself." I know my eyes grew wide when he said that. "Don't worry, it's reversible when I remove the collar. If you want to, I can take you to your change. If you don't want to, I understand."

"Don't... want to?" I repeated. "No... I want to... do what you did..." I looked Lucky in the eyes, pleading. "Take me there, Lucky? Please?"

Lucky put his paw on the side of my head, and caressed me gently. "Spike, I would be honored." He opened the drawer again, and pulled out a dog dish. "Let me fill this with some water first." He did, and then went to the bed to get the other muzzle.

"Last chance Spike. Are you sure?"

"Lucky... I want to do it." I meant it. After witnessing him changing over he had just filled something in my life that I was missing. It was real, I really could be what I wanted to be in my fantasy. "Make me what I am. Make me what I want to be. Make me Spike."

"Good boy, Spike." He then held the muzzle to where I could see the inside. I could see a small object on the inside of the muzzle. "You need to open your mouth and bite down on that mouthpiece." I opened my mouth, and he put the piece on my face. I adjusted it to the right spot, and bit down. He then took the top strap, and put it over my head. Then the side straps he attached together with the top strap holding the muzzle up.

I was quivering, shaking visibly I expected the change to happen any second. It was then I felt him behind me. "Spike..." I looked over my shoulder, and I barely saw his muzzle behind my head. "Since you're a puppy still, you can't change with only the collar. Your change will be intensely pleasurable being your puppy change."

"I want to share in that moment, Spike... I want to mount you during your change and feel you from the inside. Will you let me do that Spike?" I nodded yes. I would have let him castrate me if it meant I get that pleasure I watched him have. Lucky reached into the open drawer and pulled out a leash. He snapped it onto my collar. "Heel." He lead me to a closet door, which he opened to show me a mirror that went from the top of the door to the floor. Gently he pulled me onto all fours with the leash. "Let's do this right, Spike."

Lucky put the bowl of water near me, but far enough away that I could just reach it with my paws. He then came back around behind me, and I felt his touch under my tail. It was gentle, making me shiver. I bit down on the mouthpiece as he swirled his finger around my virgin hole. "Are you ready?" I nodded. "Do you want Lucky's bone?" I nodded harder.

His paws held me by my hips. "Good Boy, Spike." I felt his penis against my hole, my bare ass. I thought I had a layer over that, but his penis sank into my ass in one fluid motion. I bit down hard on my mouthpiece in the muzzle, and clenched my eyes shut. I stuck my ass higher in the air to give Lucky some purchase, and my paws dug hard into the carpet. And after a few thrusts I re-opened my eyes. In the mirror I saw Lucky over me, his tail wagging wildly. And I saw me, I could see between the muzzle and the hood that I was growing fur onto my face, a black splash over my right eye, and white over my left.

then something in my body took over, and I pushed backwards against Lucky to meet his thrusts. Lucky was growling a little bit now, and his paws sank to trap my hips to his body. I felt a growl escape my throat as well. "On your toes Spike..." Lucky blurted out fast pulling my leash hard. "Get on your toes...." I did, and I felt my legs contort very fast to an elongated heel and a thicker calf muscle.

Suddenly my ears felt like they were burning! And as I looked in the mirror I saw my costume ears get fuller, more rounded, and twitched to my own muscles. They had become my own ears! I opened my mouth in disbelief, and saw that the Dalmatian in the mirror did the same. My eyes got wider, and I felt Lucky over me reaching over with his paw.

"Now you're ready Spike.... Here it comes pup! Here it comes!" He chanted it like a mantra as his paw stroked my penis. My tail whipped around as his paw stroked me, my whole nervous system was connected to my penis and he controlled me from behind. Then I felt a hard object against my ass. "TAKE IT SPIKE! TAKE IT PUPPY!" And his hips slammed the bulge all the way in my ass, and our hips connected and locked hard!

"NOW BOY! NOW!" And I felt a whole release of my body! Wave after wave of pleasure by Lucky's paw rode over me as my hips bucked the air super hard! From deep within my chest a feral howl erupted from my maw, and Lucky was on top of my body howling with me! I saw it all in the mirror, two dogs fucking hard and fast, and out orgasms were entwined.

And I started to collapse on my arms. I felt totally drained of everything. Lucky was still twitching in my ass, our hips still joined. I looked in the mirror at him, and he opened his eyes to look at me. And when our eyes met, I felt a connection to him somehow on a primal level. Not like lovers, or friends, but something else. Lucky just panted out "Welcome to the pack, Spike." And I realized what it was.

I then felt his huge penis in my ass, and it felt plugged in there. "Are we tied?" I blurted out between breaths.

"Yeah." he said. "Will be for a few minutes yet. Hang on pup... Han.... Hang....." I felt him twitching some more, and whatever he was doing was making my penis bone grow out of my sheath. And he put his paws on my back and thrusted into my ass again, and this time I felt his penis spurt. His first real thrust hit something in my ass, and I started to cum again. Eyes closed tight, my penis throbbing in the air and my balls emptying their entire load up my chest.

Now I did collapse. Lucky and I were still tied together, and he fell on top of me. "You OK Spike?" I nodded. "That's going to happen a few more times. It's your pup change, your body is going to purge like that until it's done. And we're tied until it's over, I'm here for you Spike." He rubbed his paw on my cheek, and it felt really good. I was sweating, panting, and exhausted. I then felt him moving over me, straining his knot on my hole. "here, drink something before the next round happens. I think you have a minute or two."

Lucky pushed the water bowl front of me, and I lapped at it. I drank half the bowl before I felt a growth again, my collar felt like it was slowly burning, and whatever it was burning shot down into my crotch and caused my penis bone to twitch, then shoot out of my sheath. And I was humping the air again, spraying my cum again. And I howled again, a long howl of rejoice with every thrust. And over me I felt Lucky doing the same, his front paws on my hips, then my back, then my hips again, then I felt him holding me up so I wouldn't be dry-humping the carpet. With a last thrust, the waves subsided and I was back on the floor again.

Lucky was still tied to me. His eyes were wide open, and he was still looking skyward. "Spike..." he finally softly said... "I only hope that sometime you can do this too... God you're beautiful!" He hugged me around my chest. His finger claws touching my nipples.

"Thank you Lucky..." I said, amazed I could speak. "this.... this is incredible...." Then I felt something hit my senses, and my collar felt like it was on fire again! My body felt electrified, and I went back onto all fours without any effort. As exhausted as I was, I felt the energy to go once more. "LUCKYYYYYY.... IT'S..... I'M....."

I looked in the mirror again and saw him holding onto my hips. Then I could smell his scent! I can't exactly describe it, but it's Lucky's scent. Then my scent, then the carpet, the closet, the doors.... My hearing got better, my sight stayed the same but I was experiencing things again that I never imagined! Then I felt the surge, and I was having another orgasm. My balls felt heavy as they bounced between my legs, my penis bone poking against my body. And the wave of an intense orgasm brought me to all four paws.

From the depths of my soul came one more howl. This one a howl of proclamation. A long, soulful howl that defined who I am, who I will always be. A howl defining myself in the pack as an equal, as a pup but not as a lesser being.

And from over me I heard a howl of welcoming. Lucky's howl telling me I was part of the pack, part of a brotherhood and sisterhood. A welcome to my family. A welcome home. It hit a part of my brain that was hollow before, now it was filled. And I felt him cumming into me again as I sprayed my seed all over the floor. And with a final thrust, I was drained.

That's when I lost consciousness.

I came too a while later. I didn't feel Lucky's knot in me, but I sensed he wasn't far away. I opened my eyes to see Lucky over me with a bottle of water and a bag of something. It smelled like food, but the bag was still closed.

"Spike?" I saw concern in his eyes. I tried to get up, and he helped me to a seated position. he held up his paw and extended digits. "How many?"

"Two." I said, groggy. "Or a really screwed up one."

"Good. Here, you need to drink." Now that I was upright I then felt the moisture on my stomach, and I realized I was laying in a pool of my own semen. I took a sip and snickered a little to myself. "What's so funny?"

I smiled at Lucky. "Don't spill the seed on your mom's carpet. She'll will be pissed." He looked a little concerned, like I had gone religious on him, but he thought it was funny too. "I'm sorry about the carpet."

"Don't worry, that's what Rug Doctors are for. Besides, it smells good on you!" He opened the plastic baggy. "Here, eat this. It'll give you some protein back."

I ate it, it tasted like honey. I then looked into the mirror again and saw Spike, the Dalmatian. White and black splotches of fur, one ear white the other black. My paws alternating fur colors, my sheath in white fur with my black balls, my muzzle opening... I ran one of my paw hands over the teeth, and they felt real in my own maw. "Lucky? Is this real? I mean really real?"

He nodded. "I asked that myself when I had my puppy change. Hard to believe, isn't it?" He ran his paw over my head, and stroked me behind the ears. "I asked a lot of times too, Hooch told me that if it was a fantasy, if it wasn't real, then I should enjoy the illusion. But it is real, I know because I've gone the next level and walked around publicly."

I looked at him. "Next level?"

"Full dog. On all fours, everything. Out in California I went all fours and then they took me out for a walk. Nobody said anything odd, I got petted by some children, they took my picture and showed it to me. It's real, Spike." He kinda looked mysty-eyed when he told me about it.

I was totally blown away. I touched my ears, I touched my tail, the collar, everything felt real. But Lucky was right, if it was a fantasy then what the hell enjoy it. "Lucky? How did you change without the... umm...?"

He nodded, like he knew what I was asking. "After a while the collar remembers you, your pattern, your DNA. So you can will the change to happen. But until you get to that level you have to have an enormous expenditure of energy and emotion. That's how it happened today. Next time you may just need to have an orgasm. After a few times you'll pick up the technique." He fingered his collar. "But you can't remove the collar, or the effect wears off. If that happens, then you have to go through the change again."

"Can you do it without the collar?"

"Yes, but it's risky. It becomes permanent if the first orgasm is intense." Lucky said, fingering his own collar. "This is kind of a lock, a focus, for the effect. It holds your humanity. Without it, your humanity runs the risk of being lost, and the canine within takes over. If not in mind, then in body. I know a few who chose to never come back. They're ferals. I know of a German Shepherd who's working as a crime dog for the LA police now. He was an accountant before the change, now he's incredibly happy."

I chewed on more of the treats as we talked. It was probably all in my head, but I did feel better. "So, is it a change? I mean..."

"Your body has changed while you're wearing the collar." Lucky said, finishing my question. "But some things are residual. You're going to be super-resistant to diseases now like hepatitis or AIDS. You're going to be a little more sensitive to certain sounds like brakes squealing. But other than that you're going to be human.

"As you are now, your body is radically different." He reached into my crotch and gently held my scrotum. "Right now these are making dog sperm. No matter how hard we try, we can't make a human pregnant in this form, or in all fours. It's just not genetically possible. Our females also can't be made pregnant by a normal human. We can fuck them, and make them pregnant, but they can absorb pregnancies if they don't want them, and whatever litter they have will be canine, not human."

"Can they become human?" I asked, the thought of dogs becoming people was too weird.

"No. Genetically speaking, you're a Dalmatian, and I'm a Black Lab. We just speak english, walk upright, and know a good Frisbee from a chewed one. When you're ready, I'll take you to all fours and we'll play catch in the park." Lucky scritched me behind the ears again. "Drink some more water, it'll make you feel better."

Later in the evening we had cleaned up the mess in front of the closet with a rug doctor. I could make out the distinct odor of my own semen and the human semen before I made the change. Somehow, being in this form was more right to me. I was more ME than the human me. Lucky had called Blitz and Hooch again on the web-phone, and presented me to them. They were still human, but they howled to me the same. It was a welcoming howl, to which I howled back.

When it was done, I looked at astonishment at Lucky. "How do I know these howls? You haven't taught me anything like this."

"Ancestral memory." Blitz said. "On your change you tapped into an ancestral memory of dogs, and we all speak the language in and out of change."

I looked back to Blitz. "Is it magic?"

He looked at Hooch, and said "Something like that. If you ever get out here we'll try to tell you about it."

I must of looked worried, because Hooch said "No, you didn't just sign a pact with a demon." I breathes a sigh of relief, more noticeably than I wanted to.

Lucky talked to them about a den meeting in a few months, and made some arrangements before hanging up. He then looked at me and asked "Are you doing anything this weekend?"

"No... nothing at all really. Why?"

"Because I would like you to stay here for the weekend, Spike. I'd like to tell you about the pack. And I'd like to spend the time with a pup to bring him up right." He came up to me and gave me a hug. "When Blitz brought me into the pack he told me that it was his responsibility to make sure I was brought up right." He looked me in the eyes, his beautiful brown eyes. "You're my pup, Spike. I want you to be brought up right. Will you stay?"

What else could I say? "Yes. I'll stay."

He licked my muzzle. "Good boy, Spike."

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