Lucky & Spike
First on Fours

Saturday night we just hung out and talked a lot. Lucky asked me if I wanted to stay the weekend. He figured I may as well, as it was already Saturday. Since I didn't have to work, I said sure. Sunday night I had more dreams, more places and events. But they were clearer now. And I got a feeling that a lot of this was personal history. I haven't really shared all of the dreams with Lucky, not yet anyhow.

Sunday morning I woke up before Lucky, he had an erection that poked against my tailbone that actually felt nice. Feeling whimsical, I rolled over a little and took his erection in my muzzle and began to lick it. I heard and felt him let out a slight whimper and groan, but nothing else. I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I just continued to give him a blow job, which was the first I'd ever given. I just closed my eyes, concentrating on my personal task. I don't know how long I did this, but eventually I felt his paw stroking me behind the ears.

"Are you always this good to mentors?" He said, still a little groggy.

I took him out of my mouth long enough to say "I don't know, you're the first one I've ever had. If it bothers you I could..."

Lucky put his paw on the back of my head. "Not at all Spike... I didn't mean to interrupt..." I took his erection back into my maw and kept suckling him while he just tipped his head back a little. The warmth of his dog penis was a wonderful sensation in me, and it was a joy to bring pleasure to my packmate.

We changed position very quickly, him on his knees sitting up and me down on my paws and knees. While going up and down Lucky held me still at the tip of his shaft and held my face up to see him. "I'm close little pup... If you don't want to finish me I'll understand..."

"Like hell I don't want to." I said softly, and I attacked his penis like it was my first bone. His paw met the side of my head and he held me there. My tail was wagging, his tail was wagging, and I felt his knot coming out. I put my teeth just over the knot, locked down my lips and sucked hard on the top of his shaft. I felt him start to spasm, then I heard him growling. I growled too, and I felt his penis bone poke out more. With my tongue I went around his knot, and with both paws he held my head in place.

Lucky thrusted into my maw hard and fast, howling as he came in me. I looked up to see Lucky, his black lab head thrown back, his fur glistening in the morning light, his paws on my head, and his collar gleaming from the sun. His howl of excitement and release was enough to make my penis bone start to push out! He spurted into my muzzle over and over, pumping with his hips and swishing his tail hard! I tried to swallow it all, but I knew I was dribbling. After a good ten or so spurts his howl slowly died down, as did his insistent thrusting.

When I got my muzzle open enough I licked his penis clean, as well as his fur. I was licking my chops with Lucky's doggy spunk when he pulled on my collar gently. He hugged me with sincerity, which I returned. "Good morning to you too, pup!" he said. When my penis bone poked him in the belly he looked down and said "Oh, how rude of me. Not to return the favor!"

Without warning he went down on me and lapped at my penis unmercifully. I was on all fours, and just moaning with every lap of his tongue. I didn't stand a chance, Lucky is a master of oral pleasures. In no time I had started to buck with my hips into his face. I closed my eyes and started howling softly.

Lucky stopped under me briefly. "Wanna go on all fours Spike?"

He asked it so quickly, and I was so sexually charged, I didn't even register it. "Yeah! YES!"

"Good boy!" Lucky then rolled onto his back, and encouraged me to get onto all fours in a "69". "On your paws boy! On your paws!" I did everything he told me, and I felt him grip my collar. "Cum hard Spike! Cum hard!" He then took me back into his mouth, and sucked on me hard. My tail was wagging hard, and I knew I was humping his face as hard as he did mine. It suddenly became a lot easier to stand up on the balls of my feet and the tips of my paws, but I didn't really care because of the ecstasy I was in. I raised my head up and let out a howl of absolute bliss. I remember hearing my collar jingle as I sprayed Lucky's maw with my own spunk, my tail curving inward and my hips bent over. I howled long and hard, and I too finally felt spent as I relaxed enough to stand down.

When my brain was finally unfogged a little Lucky was licking my penis clean, as well as my legs and sheath. Something felt odd, however. He was licking in a rounded pattern which felt alien, it didn't feel normal. I looked down, and I saw my favorite black lab there, but my legs were spindly, thinner than they should have been. And so were my forelegs. Forelegs? "Lucky?" I asked aloud.

"Just cleaning up here Spike." He then looked at me, which must have been an amusing thing. A Dalmatian looking at you from between all four legs. "I took you down to all fours, like you said would be OK."

I remember not panicking, not even being worried. It more felt weird, like my body had changed and not bothered to tell the brain what was going on. I just stood there a moment, until he stopped cleaning my fur. I then turned around. It was awkward, but I managed it. "I'm a dog? I mean four legged dog?"

Lucky nodded. "Actually, you're a beautiful specimen of a Dalmatian if I've ever seen one." He petted all my new muscles, and features. Everything was tight, I felt like the canine equivalent of being absolutely ripped with muscles. And it felt good! I felt alive!

I cocked my head to one side. "I always thought it would hurt! I mean, every story I read about transformation really details pain in some way."

"What fun is it if it hurts?" Lucky asked. He had a good point. "I can make it hurt, but I didn't think that's your thing."

"No! I'm quite happy!" I said, looking at my new form. The world was a little black and white, but nothing bad. It was easier to smell stuff too, as well as one more thing. "I do look good, don't I?"

"Yeah, you do!" Lucky petted me.

"Wait, I'm speaking English." I said.

"Yes you are." He held my muzzle shut with two fingers. "I let you." He saw I had questions, and just decided to answer them. "When you go down onto all fours it has to be done by another pack member or someone with intent to make you a dog. We figured it's because you can't take off your own collar to return to human if you're alone. It's always been this way.

"When a someone puts you on all fours they can decide how much of a dog you will be. I decided you can still speak English. Many times you won't be able to. You can bark, howl, and whimper. The pack will understand you, but nobody else will. And any member of the pack can bring you back up to the two-leg form. I'll teach you how to do it later. But, right now, I want you to learn how to be a dog. I mean a real one."

I was about to ask how hard that could be when I really thought about it. And, actually, there's a lot to learn. Like walking, running, dog behavior, all that. A lot of it was coming naturally, something inside me was regulating a lot of things, but acting the part would be different. "I see what you mean." I said.

Lucky and I spent that and a lot of the afternoon covering the basics of walking, running, jogging, and how to heel on the leash. Oh, sure, you think it's easy until you have to keep up. We also hit the major commands like sit, stay, and so on. Lucky explained that it only looks stupid, but it's something that needs to be done for public appearance.

Going into the evening Lucky took off his collar. And, like I was expecting, I watched his fur vanish into his skin leaving him only wearing the rubber costume I remembered from Friday night. "I hate taking this off." he said, as he removed the rubber suit and paws. "But, I want to take you outside." I got all wide eyed, and I remembered what Lucky told me before about if this was real.

Jason showered while I was eating a small meal he left for me, some meat scraps left over from some Mongolian beef. I never realized how spicy that stuff is until I was tasting it as a dog. The whole time I was wagging my tail, my penis was just raging out of my sheath as I was chowing down on the bowl of food. The whole experience made me just so horny! Before Jason could get out of the shower, I had to do something.

You know that joke, why does a dog lick itself? "Because he can." isn't the whole answer. Dammit, it's fun! I mean, total instant feedback, you know where you like to be licked, you know where you can lick to make it feel good, and when you've got to release, it's always fast. And it was very fast!

I wasn't aware that Jason had gotten out of the shower and was watching me lick myself off. When I was done, I saw him there looking at me with understanding eyes. "We all do it. Was it good?" I nodded. "Good boy." Jason put some clothing on, and grabbed a red leash that matched my collar. He latched it on and told me to sit. I did, and he put his hand on the collar again. "Tell me your name."

"Spike." I said.

A moment later, he said "again."

"Shhhh... Shruf..." I couldn't somehow wrap my lips around the "P". Jason smiled.

"I took away your ability to speak English. But I want you to tell me your name again."

"SPIKE!" I barked

"Good pup. I can understand you now. Come on, we're going for a quick walk."

"Jason?" I barked quietly. "I'm scared."

"Don't be scared." he said. "You're just another beautiful Dalmatian out on a walk." He petted me on the flanks for reassurance. "You'll love it. Come on." Jason opened the door, the front door, and we walked out.

Walking around outside on all fours was a mind blowing experience. I could smell the dirt, the richness of earth. I could smell the guy barbecuing down the block. He burned the steak. Everything seemed larger, but when it's literally in your face it is. I could also smell the "turf marks" of other dogs in the neighborhood when we walked past them. I was totally blown away by it all.

It was a fast trip, just around the block. Jason waved to a few neighbors, and he also let me interact with a real dog. His name was "Harley", and he was a mix. We sniffed each other, acted dog like I guess, and became what I would consider friends of sorts. As good of friends as you can get with a dog on the other side of a fence in a few minutes. Since we didn't really want to kill each other, I'm taking it as a friendship.

But when we got back I felt invigorated. It felt really good to move around like that and not feel winded. "Jason?" I said, well, kinda barked. "Thanks!"

"No problem, pup! You liked that?" I wagged my tail and panted a little. "I guess you did! Cool!" He petted me more on the sides, and so on. "But, it's time I brought you back to being a human again. It's getting late."

I whimpered. Just when it felt good and I got the hang of it it's time to go. Jason sympathized. "Hey, don't worry. There'll be more times. And there's more to explore, but later." He patted his shoulders. "Ok Spike, up." I caught on in a moment, and stood on my hindlegs with my forepaws on his shoulders. "Ready?" I nodded reluctantly. "Ok, bite down gently." I did.

Jason removed my collar, and I felt the change happen. Again, no pain but it was an odd experience. I felt my feet change first, from just my paws on the ground I felt my heel touching the ground on both sides. Then my legs got thicker, muscles being replaced by mass from somewhere. My paws shortened, and my dew claws pushed inwards to be my thumbs. My arms grew forward, and also thickened.

My chest flattened, my hips widened, and my frame bulked out more. I felt my head also elongate, and my muzzle vanished. In my mouth I felt the gag of the muzzle piece that I had bitten down on. My fur felt like it was receding into my body like liquid being reabsorbed. And the last thing I felt was my tail, which curved back under my body and rejoined the spine.

Then I felt the emptiness, like I had lost something. Jason looked into my eyes, and I realized how much color there was all around me when he did. "Are you OK?" I nodded. "Slack your jaw a little." I did, and the costume muzzle gently fell out of my mouth.

I stood back on my heels for the first time all weekend. It was odd, but nothing serious. I looked at the rubber paws, and then the rubber suit. In it's sheath was my penis, as well as my testicles. "I know what you mean now." I said. "I hate it too." Jason just nodded.

He helped me get out of the rubber suit, as well as tell me how to care for it. He asked me if I wanted to take it home, but I declined. It was his costume, after all, I couldn't ask him for it. He understood. In the shower I suddenly felt very naked, furless. I was very cautious when I toweled off because I felt like I was going to chafe myself.

Jason and I went out for a real dinner and talked about what was upcoming in our plans. He asked me what I wanted to do, as Spike. I thought a moment or two, and just threw ideas at him. Stuff like catch Frisbees, do some of that rescue work he talked about, go hiking, play with other members of the pack, and so on. He had some ideas of his own, like dog shows or vacations.

"Something else to consider." Jason said to me. "Several members of the pack are of a few breeds. I was a Dalmatian before a black lab, and occasionally I'm a German Shepherd too. Some of us got together and did the Iddarod one year just to see if we could. That was cold. But just remember that if you can get a suit that you can be almost any breed."

"Almost?" I asked. "Well, I guess that the Chihuahua is out, isn't it?"

"Yes. As are toy poodles, most terriers, and anything else in the lap dog range. Medium sized dogs are about the limit. So if you wanted to be a regular poodle, you could." I snickered. "Don't laugh! It's kinda fun." I looked at Jason strangely. "So I've been told." he said quickly.

We talked schedules at dinner as well, a few of the pack meetings and some get-togethers that were planned. I could make some, and not others, but that's to be expected. I picked up dinner, it was the least I could do, and went back to Jason's place.

Jason and I said our good-byes for the weekend, and we hugged. It was like having a brother I never knew about, but it felt like more. It was a primal connection that we had, I can't quite explain it.

I drove home with the window open and the heat cranked up in my car. At one point I stopped at a red light with my window open and listened. I heard a dog howling, staking out it's turf. Then up the road another howl, "No, this is mine, that is yours." Then another one. "My turf is here." It made sense now.

When I got home there were a few messages. Landlady threatening me again. Work asking me to get there early for some pre-production. A friend of mine wanting to go bowling. Bowling. The thought struck me as funny somehow. I called him back.

"Dan!" he said. "Where you been?"

I snickered a little. "Out." I wanted to say 'on all fours, having the time of my life' but I couldn't do it. Besides, who'd believe me?

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