Lucky & Spike
Spike's Landlady

I hadn't seen Jason in person for almost a week or so. The station got busy, and I was slammed with work. But, eventually, I got back online and found him on AOL. We talked a while about what was going on, and he asked if he could come over to the apartment. I said yes, and he was on his way.

Jason was there fairly soon, with some carry-out chinese food in one hand and a small pack in the other. I knew what was inside. The apartment was quiet that night. While watching a baseball game on TV we had nuzzled on the couch together eating MuShu beef and fried rice.

At one point he leaned back. "Wanna be Spike a while?" he whispered in my ear.

"Sure!" I said quietly. He just smiled and opened his pack. There was only one suit in there. As I opened my mouth to ask about Lucky, he slightly pulled open his shirt to show me he already had it on. I shook my head.

"I want you to take me down to all fours." he said. "Just for a change of pace." I helped him pull the hood up onto his head, and as he affixed his paws and his muzzle I helped him put his collar on. With a hand on his collar, I eased him onto all four paws. I allowed him to speak english, just because it's easier to understand.

From all fours he licked my face, and I petted him back. "Who's a good boy, Lucky? Who's a good boy!"

"Me! Me!" He joked back. He paced around the apartment, lapping up some of the leftover mushu on a plate while I put on the rubber suit. I pulled the ears up, and put my paws and collar on. Before I put the muzzle on, Lucky pounced on me knocking me onto the couch.

"Hey! Stop it!" I said as he was licking my face. "Come on! I'll stroke you off in a minute! At least put this on before I..."

"BEFORE WHAT?!?!?" I heard this voice behind me, it was familiar. And I felt a lot like a child caught with a Playboy by Mom. I looked over the edge of the couch and saw my Landlady.

"Mrs. Rose?" Lucky started to growl, I put a hand on his collar figuring I could talk my way out of this. "How long have you been there?"

"Long enough to know that dogs aren't allowed in the apartment! My god! What were you going to do to this creature?"

Lucky was growling more now. "Umm, I was going to just pet him... He's a freind's dog, I'm holding on to him for the night!"

"And that... costume of yours is part of caring for the dog?"

I was losing my grip on the situation. Lucky was growling more now, and I didn't like where this was going. "Umm... yeah. It's just a part of..."

Mrs. Rose interupted me fast. "I could call the ASPCA on you for bestiality. I have friends there."

"But I'm not doing..."

Mrs. Rose was looking amused to herself. "Or I could call your job, and tell them you masterbate dogs as a hobby. Oh what fun!"

"You wouldn't even..."

"OR...." Mrs Rose was now play acting, she had a finger on her face, looking like a teacher scolding a child. "or you could follow my instructions and I won't tell a soul about what you're doing with your furry friend there." I was in shock as she talked, I couldn't even speak. "I haven't had a slave boy in years since that one tennant couldn't make his rent. I could use another one..."

She let that sink in for effect. Lucky had stopped growling, thankfully. "Meet me in the basement, tonight, at midnight. Wear your little pooch suit you have on, it's cute. And bring your friend, I want to watch you play with it." She didn't break her stare. "IF you don't show up, I'll make the appropriate phone calls." With that, she turned around and left.

Lucky and I listened for her to go downstairs, and we heard the front door open and close. "You should have let me rip her throat out." Lucky whispered.

"I can't let you do that!" I whispered back. "Blood in my apartment is a bad thing. Jeesus, how did she get in here without us hearing her?"

"The L-train, a truck stopping, anything could have distrated us. This is bad. I don't know if she saw me transform. If she did, it's a violation of the pack rules and she has to die."

"Die?!?" Now I felt what little blood in my brain drain. "No, no death. Not today. 'Sides, she only called you a dog, she didn't ask about how you changed. So you're probably another black lab to her."

Lucky nodded. "Ok, I can see that. But she can't know what the suit does to you." Before I could ask, Lucky laid out a scenario that I could see. "She ties you to a wall as a fuck buddy, whips off your collar, and when she mounts you you're going to be stuck as a Dalmation for life. You and I violate the code, and that's not good either. She has to be dealt with."

I nodded in silence. Finally, I asked the obvious.. "So... what can we do?"

Lucky paced around the apartment a while, before finally poking his head up and saying "Get the phone and call a number for me, then let me talk."

I did, and held the phone for Lucky. It rang a few times, and a gruff voice picked up. "Dog Days kennels"

"Is Duke in?"


"Duke, this is Lucky in Chicago. This is a pack call."

"Let me get into my office." A few moments passed, and the phone picked up again. "Secure line in place. What's the problem?" Lucky laid out the entire scene, what happened, what was seen, and so on. Duke asked for me, and asked me some questions about Mrs. Rose. "Has she walked in on you before?" She had, but usually while I was doing dishes. "Family?" Husband, children in college, she's getting on in age. "Is she always this aggressive?" Yes, her husband is a coward when she's around, and she's the dominant type. "What's your opinion on all of this?"

"I'm not sure." I said. "I don't know if she's serious or not, and I don't know if she's just looking for a kinky person to control. I don't want to do it."

A few moments of silence, and Duke finally spoke again. "It's obvious that this could be a violation of pack rules, but since it wasn't flagrant, and you're still a pup, you will not be punished or demerrited. However, she must be silenced. If she does know someone in the ASPCA we can keep her quiet. If she goes public otherwise, it will be an embarrassment to Dan." Another pause. "Lucky, do you have something that can be used in this sutuation?"

"In my car somewhere."

"Find it. I will tell the elders of what will happen. Lucky, you've done this before, I'm sorry it has to happen again."

"I am too, Duke." Lucky did look genuinely sad. "I am too."

"It is settled then." Duke said. "I wish you luck."

"Thank you Duke." Lucky said, and he hung up. "Ok, put somethin on quickly and go into my car. The keys are in my pants pocket. Go into the trunk on the spare, you'll find an envelope that looks padded. Bring that up here and we'll get to work."

"What are we doing?" I asked.

"We're doing what's nessary to protect the pack."

I spent the next few hours coming to terms with what were were about to do. In the end, Lucky told me that it would be more harmful than helpful if we didn't. "Besides," Lucky argued, "Do you really want to fuck her for the next year until your lease is up?" The thought repulsed me. I didn't like our plan, but I could understand why it was nessary.

11:45 PM, I loosened up Lucky's collar as we planned to the nearly last notch. I put on a sweatsuit over the rubber dalmation costume and headed to the basement with Lucky on leash. I went down to the office, and was there a little early. My heart was in my throat the whole time down the staircase. The basement is typical of older buildings. Stone and brick construction, musty and damp. With the backpack in one hand, I knocked on the office door.

It opened up, and Mrs. Rose was inside. She was wearing an outfit, it was what I would consider a school teacher's outfit from a reform school. "You're early." Her hair was pulled into a bun, and she was holding a wooden paddle. "I like promptness in my boys. Give me the leash." I did, and she grabbed my collar with her other hand and led us both behind the office to another door marked supplies. "Open it."

I did, and inside was a small bondage dungeon. I wanted to laugh, because the thought of Mrs. Rose as a domina struck me as funny. She wrenched my collar and pushed me twords what looked like a vaulting horse with restraints placed onto it. "Let me take care of your dog first." She tied off Lucky's leash to a small cage, leaving him there. She threw my backpack near Lucky on top of a cage.

"What... What are you going to do to me?" I asked, more than a little scared.

"You are going to be my little slave." she said, slapping the paddle on her hand. "Remove your sweats boy." I did slowly, and she continued. "Once a week, you're going to come down here in your little rubber suit. And you will serve me as a slave. You will worship me with your tongue, you will serve me with your excuse for a penis. You will do what my husband can't do for me anymore. And, in exchange, I won't tell anyone about your little pooch. If you're really good, I'll even let you keep him in your apartment." She looked around me for effect. "Don't bother yelling because nobody will hear you through a few feet of stone."

By this time I was only wearing the rubber dalmation suit and my red collar. She walked around me, like you would survey a statue. "Very nice." she said. "If you serve me more often, I can cut you a deal on your rent if you're good." She held up my tail, and examined it. "You know, it's been a while since I've had a slave boy down here. The last one I kept for years, and I still make him do things for me. His girlfriend never found out, and the pictures I keep of him are enough for me to control him for a long time to come."

"Will I..."

SLAP! Mrs. Rose slapped me across the cheek hard. "Do not speak unless given permission!" I was about to say sorry, but thought diffrently. "Good. You learn better than most slaves. Now, speak your question."

"Will I ever be free?"

She get a very sadistic smile on her face. "Oh, I don't know... That depends on how well you serve me. You and your doggie there can really..." She turned around to point to Lucky, but instead was reeled back with the force of an uppercut to her jaw. She kinda spun on her heels and looked like she was going to fall over.

"Catch her!" I did, Mrs. Rose was stone cold. I looked up at Jason, who was standing there with his hood behind his head and rubbing his hand. As we planned, he had slipped his head out of the collar and changed back to his human form. "For an old crow she's got a hard jaw."

"Asses always have a strong jaw." I said. "How long do you think we have?"

"Long enough." he said. "But let's hurry."

I tried to imagine what this would be like. You wake up tied down to a vaulting horse, all four limbs bound tightly. You're wearing a skin-tight costume, your hands are in mittens, and you have a hood on your head. You're mouth is also gagged with a dildo. Oh yeah, we woke her up with smelling salts too, so it wans't a polite affair. Lucky and myself had also taken our hybrid forms, so we could speak to her.

"Mrs. Rose? Mrs Rose?" Lucky was speaking. He held her head up to talk to her. "I believe we already met. I'm lucky, and you know my associate Spike."

Have you ever read those stories where someone becomes undrunk very fast? I never believed it until I saw her sober up. She spit out the dildo in her mouth. "Your.... You're a dog!"

"Yes I am." Lucky said casually. "You know, I've been outside this apartment for years watching. You're not a nice lady, Mrs. Rose. I always heard the noise, but never knew you liked all of this." He held up a paddle, one of the heart shaped ones we found in a closet. "The leather bondage hoods were kinky too."

"YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO..." Lucky slapped her hard across the face.

"You know the rules, Mrs. Rose. No speaking unless you're allowed to."


"Spike! Catch." He threw me the paddle, and I let her have it. I wailed on her backside hard and fast The whole time she was yelping, trying to fight for freedom, but her own devices held her firmly. When she stopped squirming, somewhere around 50 paddles or so, she started crying.

"Appologise." Lucky said. She just cried. "Appologise, and we might let you go."

"I'm.... I'm... I'm sorry..." she let out slowly. It was mechanical, she didn't mean it.

"Good girl." he patted her head. "I said might. If you're extra good, we'll let you go. But, first, there's one thing we need to do."

That was my cue. The spandex bodysuit we put on Mrs. Rose had a crotch zipper on it. I unzipped it slowly. I could see her body tense up when she realised what was going on. Her breathing got harder, I could smell her fear. For some reason, it made me more excited.

Lucky went behind me as I was doing this. "Spike. She's your landlady, she's your responsibility. Do you want to do her?"

I had just finished unzipping her and placing her costume tail out of the way. We now had unrestricted access to her sex. "Yeah. I'll do it."

Very quickly I felt Lucky put something under my nose. "Inhale it hard Spike." he said. I did, and I felt my brain explode. There was no transition time, I was on all fours before I exhaled and I recognised the scent. Bitch in heat. I took in a few more whiffs while Lucky held my collar. He then took the rag and wiped it between her legs. He then whipped a chair for me to stand on and said "Sick 'er."

I buried my muzzle into her sex and began lapping. I heard her groan out of surprise, then she began to hump into my maw. I explored the vagina, clitorus, the inside of her vulva, and every surface of her sex I could get my dalmation tongue into. In moments I felt her clamp down on my muzzle and let out a loud wail as her first orgasim washed over her.

My penis bone was pushing far out of my sheath by now, and it demanded this bitch. Without a break I climbed the chair and mounted her And in a few thrusts I was all the way into my bitch. She grunted a little more as I got into a fast fucking motion, wagging my tail. I felt the knot on my penisbone want to come out, and with an extra hard push I buried it all the way into my bitch.

Under me I remembered vaguely cries, a few painful but mostly "WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? NOOO!!! STOP IT!!!" and I remember nipping her neck to make the bitch shut up. Her yelling eventually became a wailful howl, the howl of a pup being brought into the pack.

I never responed with a welcoming howl, Lucky didn't either. Instead I growled and thrusted harder as my first spasm released into her vagina. My knot was buried far into her, and I knew instinctually that we'd be tied long enough for more to get in. I felt her collapse under me onto the bondage horse. I made a slight drop onto her back, completely tied to her.

Lucky stroked my ears as I rested. "Good boy Spike. Good boy..." I was panting too hard to care, but it felt really good. My bitch... Mine. Somewhere in the afterglow of the first cum that was on my mind. I then felt her vagina spasiming under me, and Lucky backed away slightly. "Ride her, boy! Ride her!"

I felt her orgasmic wave rush over her, her puppy chage. My penis got clamped down on hard, and I felt it ripple like a vibrator. I opened my maw and howled loud, a howling of mating, of claiming. I heard her howl too, a mournful howling begging for acceptance into the pack. It was an instinctual howl, it was scared of what was happening.

Behind me I felt Lucky's paw on my testicles, holding them up more. I don't know how many times I came in the bitch, I only know that every orgasim was extacy. My dog cock in my bitch's pussy. When my canine instincts were satiated, I don't know how long I was tied to her but it felt like hours of extacy, I pulled out of her and immediately laid on the floor licking myself clean. I had her juices down the insides of both my legs, the understide of my tail, and a lot of other places too.

While I was doing this, Lucky had mounted her in his hybrid form and was pumping her hard too. He began a howl of mating while she wailed a howl of acceptance. He never answered her in kind. When I looked up at Lucky, his black fur was in contast to his pink tongue which was hanging out of his mouth.

I finished cleaning off my fur as Lucky was planted firmly in her sex. "So what are the puppys going to be bitch? Do you want black labs or dalmations? Or will they by muts, just like you're a mutt! A filthy mutt who isn't a part of anything. Yeah! OH SHIT YEAH! HAVE MORE LAB CUM BITCH!" and he slammed his cock into her and shook violently into her.

I finally got a good look at what was Mrs. Rose. She was now a medium-large brown dog, looked like a little bit of german sheppard, a little bit of lab, a little golden retriver. She was a mutt now. I looked around her neck, and I saw a bright glow. It was yellow, blue, and a little black in it. Lucky stopped rocking and was now tied to her.

"Lucky?" I said, amazed I could speak. "The glow."

He opened his eyes slowly. He looked down to see what I was looking at. Between pants he said "That's what's left of her humanity. The black is what is in her heart." I looked into the bitch's eyes, and she was tearing up. "In a few moments that light will disintegrate. When it does, she'll be a bitch forever. She already was a bitch, now she'll wear it well on the outside."

I watched the glow sparkle away, and then totally fade out of site. And she howled again, this one mournful and begging for acceptance. Lucky looked down at her and shook his head. "You know you brought this on yourself, don't you? If you hadn't threatened Spike you wouldn't be here now."

Lucky pulled out of her and reached over to my collar. With a touch, he helped me back onto my hind paws. We dind't say anything, becasue we knew what needed to happen now. I went back to the backpack and got out the dog muzzle. Lucky grabbed a shock collar and a leash. When we had it all attached to her, and I tightened down her muzzle so we wouldn't get bit, we let her loose.

She didn't fight, she dind't run or cry out, she just sat there, not sure what to do. She looked at us with wide eyes, begging eyes, we didn't say a word. We just removed our collars, and returned to our human selves. Her eyes got very wide, but she still didn't move. She looked alone, helpless, somewhat pitiful.

We took off the suits and put on street clothing. I finally broke the silence. "So, what? Do we dump her in the street now?"

He looked at her. "No. She wouldn't survive. I'd take her in myself but I don't have the room. I know of a no-kill shelter, we can drop her there."

I just nodded. I felt emotionally drained and numb. We grabbed a cage and put her into it with some difficulty, she wasn't used to her new limbs yet. We put the cage into my car and drove to the shelter. We told them we found this dog outside our apartment and were concerned for it's safety. The woman there, who was very nice, told us that we shuld have called animal control instead of bringing it in, but we did the right thing.

We drove back to my apartment in silence. Finally at a red light I looked at Jason and said "There was no other way, right?"

"Yeah." he nodded. "I know how you feel. I had to do it once too."

I knew better than to ask, and the light turned green. "We were out in the woods in California, in a state park." Jason said, out of nowhere. "We were playing, Blitz and myself. He put me down on all fours in front of a man who was hiking. When we noticed him he was lowering his camera. He took half a roll of me going from human to lab.

"We chased him down, and beat him to his car because I was faster on paws than he was on feet. And right there, in the park, we did him. He made him a rottweiler because that's what Blitz had in his car. I argued and fought to not do it to him, but Blitz knew the pack rules just like I did. We reported it later to the pack, and they understood.

"We all get a mistake. Spike just had his. I had two as Lucky." He laughed a little. "I'm lucky we haven't been caught yet, huh?" I smiled and laught a little. "Anyhow, let's go home."

The aftermath was intresting to say the least. Mrs. Rose was reported missing, and the police knocked on my door. I told them the truth. She walked in on me and a friend eating dinner and watching TV. She asked me to see her in the office in the basement about a Black Lab I was keeping. I met her down there with the dog, she said nasty things to me, and I left. I didn't see Mrs. Rose leave the office. None of that a lie. They found trace evidence of hair in her office, but they found everyone's hair in her office. It was publicly entertaining when her 'dungeon' came to light too, "Domina Momma" one news station called her. My co-workers at the station gave me a hard time for it, which I took in stride. The case was deemed as "missing persons", and from last I heard it was put in the cold case files.

Mr. Rose did come to see me, and asked what I did with her. I told him I dind't do anything, which he didn't believe. He then informed me that I would not be renting from him when my lease was up. Something in me snapped, and I went off on him in the hallway. I called him a dickless mouse, and told him the only reason he was mad was becasue when his wife went missing his penis went missing too. It didn't help my case any, but the honest truth never does. He swore up and down that I had murdered his wife and hid the body in Lake Michigan or something and swore that I'd "pay".

My lease was up at the end of the month, and I had nowhere to really go. The idea of being a stray dog struck me as funny, but not really workable. I knew my security deposit was gone, I'd neve get that back. So with no starter money I was aartment hunting. One night I was frantically looking up places, and trying to find somewhere I could live when Jason called. "What are you up to tonight?"

"Can't talk." I said. "I need to find a place to live. Rose is throwing me out."

A moment of silence, and then Jason said "You can come here if you want."

"I couldn't ask you to do..."

"You dind't ask." Jason said. "Besides, I want to keep an eye on my pup. You're my responsibility. And it's not like I don't have the room and you don't have the money to pay for a place right now."

And I couldn't argue that logic. I moved into Jason's house that weekend. We got a few friends to help us move in, and I bought dinner. MuShu pork and fried rice.

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