"The Pack"
"Lucky and Spike, Chapter 7"
"The Rave"

By : Socks the Catt
©2002 Socks Furrotica Press, All rights reserved

We got back from New York in a collective state of shock.  My first day back to work was bad.  We all went back to work on the same day and it wasn't easy.  We had a lot of silent cues from friends, from some packmates who couldn't be there, by people not in the pack who wanted to show they understood.

One guy I work with, his name is Eric, he's one of the ad guys.  He cold calls companies to get them to buy ad space on the local news channel as well as the web service.  Eric came up behind me while I was in a dead spot in the programming.  "Got a minute?"

"Yeah." I said, putting down my coffee.  "What's up?"

"Just wanted to ask you, how it went and all."  Eric is a bigger guy, wears glasses, has short hair…  I'd call him a geek but he's not that geek like.  "How are you holding up?"

"I'm ok." I said.  "Just feel a little numb."

"I've noticed that from everyone that went." Eric said.  "How's your dog taking it?"

It's no secret that a lot of us are into K-9 Rescue, we just don't tell people we also are the canines.  "I think he's ok.  He had to smell it all close up, and he's been kinda bummed too.  He'll be ok, he's got his friends to play with to get his mind off of things."  I was mostly talking about myself.  I knew that I'd be ok, just not this minute.

"Hey, umm…  If you want, I know of a party this weekend, if you're free?  Get your mind offa things" Eric said.

"Party?  I'm not sure I'm up for it man." I said.

"Just something I thought I'd throw out there for ya.  It's not until Friday night.  It's a rave going on in one of the suburbs in this warehouse.  The DJ is really good, and I know the guys putting it on.  I'll buy the ticket for ya, if you want to."  I looked up at him with a quizzical expression.  "Consider it my thanks for doing what you did."  I nodded as he left the control room.

That night I was talking to Jason about it.  "It can't hurt, ya know." he said.  "Besides, no harm in going.  Gonna go in full rave style?"

"What's a 'full rave style'?" I asked.  I genuinely didn't know.

"Oh, umm, not like I'd know, ya know."  I nodded as Jason explained with a grin.  "But a lot of ravers wear these wild things.  You could probably wear the rubber dal suit and be the hit of the event."

I put down my coke and looked at him.  "How about just going as Spike?"

Jason thought about that for a minute.  "Well, sure, I guess.  If you wear clothing, it will look like an elaborate costume and you might get away with it.  If you're really worried talk to April, but I don't think it'll be a problem.  Just don't do anything stupid."

"I need to buy clothing for Spike's hybrid form then." I said.

"Well?  Go put it on!" Jason teased me.  He helped me take measurements, and I found out that as "Spike" I can wear the same clothing and look baggier, or wear a size smaller and buy new threads.  I figured I'd go with old clothing, modified to let my tail swing in the open.  Jason also insisted I put the emergency pouch on my collar for supplies like emergency cash and the dog ID.  I didn't have a problem with it, actually.

The next day I told Eric that I'd like to go.  "Great!" he said.  "You'll love it.  We can catch a Metra down to the place.  Ever been to one of these?"

"No." I said.  "But I've got a good heads up on what to expect."

"Oh, cool.  Ok, so you won't freak out if I'm wearing something kinda out there, right?" Eric said.

"No!  not at all!" I said.  "Actually, I may be too."

Friday at work Eric brought with him a backpack, as did I.  We did our thing that day, and I saw Jason before the day ended.  "Eric wants to leave from work, so I won't be getting home 'till late or something."

Jason looked both ways, and kissed me on the cheek.  "You be careful, ok?"  I nodded.  "If you need me, call the cell, I'll have it on, ok?"  I nodded again, and kissed his cheek too.

"Love ya." I said quietly.

"Go on!" he whispered.  "Have fun tonight, cut loose, enjoy."

I turned to walk away, then stopped.  "Hey, can you take my wallet and work stuff home for me?  I don't want to take anything valuable."  He nodded as I went back to the control room.

At the stroke of four I was relieved from my spot, and met Eric on the way to the bathroom.  "Oh hey!  I was gonna put on the clothing here, you don't mind?"

"No!  I had the same idea." I said, going in with him.  We took different bathroom stalls and 'changed'.  I stuffed $50 into the 'pet pocket' on my collar, and made sure my house key was on the ring with my dog registration ID in the pouch.  I quietly took off all my clothing, and put on the rubber suit.  I could hear Eric struggling a little bit with something as well, and I used that to bite on the muzzle piece as I buckled the collar.  It took a little finagling to hold the buckles so they wouldn't fall to the ground, but I got it.  The change from human to hybrid was fast, and I stood on my paws for a moment, making sure I wasn't seen.

Nobody did, so I went into the backpack and got my clothing for the night.  "Baggy" old cut-off jeans, with my tail through a hole in the seat, a baggy open sleeveless flannel shirt, a pair of mirrored sunglasses I could wear like this, and my collar.  No shoes, no nothing else.  I hoped that Eric wouldn't notice the height differences.

He opened the door to his stall, and checked the mirror.  I waited a few moments, took in a deep breath, and regretted doing it in the bathroom with my heightened sense of smell, and opened the door.  Eric was wearing his hair slicked down, with the whole thing going from left to right.  He wasn't putting on makeup, much to my relief, but he was wearing these pants with zippers all over them.  He also had on this white mesh shirt, and a black t-shirt under it that read something like "carpe noctum", and had on a leather 'bondage' collar with a three oversized "O" rings on it.   He had his nails painted black as well when he turned to look at me, and his jaw dropped.

"What do you think?" I asked, doing a spin in place.

"WOAH!" He said.  "Did Steve make that suit?  It's like the one he wears every Halloween!"

"Yeah." I said.  "Steve did it, yeah." I was relieved inside, Eric gave me the out I needed.  "You like it?"

"Yeah!  REALLY nice!  They'll love you there!  I left my mickey gloves in the car, but we can get them when we go."  I nodded, and we both left the bathroom.  Jason was there waiting.  I quietly handed him my backpack, and nodded.  I think he heard enough of the conversation to put his mind at ease.  We left through the back door without anyone seeing us.

We got into his little Geo and got to his place.  Eric lives near the office, and his place is near the train station.  We both walked down the street to the station.  I didn't feel very awkward being "Spike" in public like this.  I think people accepted it because I was with another freak and I was in human clothing.  Eric and I talked all the way to the stop we had to get to, easily half an hour out into the suburbs.

"Oh, one more thing." he said to me, just before we got to the right stop.  "If it gets busted, try to meet up with me again.  I've been to a couple of these that went bad, and it's kinda hard to meet back up, but I want to know you're not in jail or something."  I nodded, figuring it was just paranoia or he was trying to scare me a little.

We got off the train and looked around the station.  Eric spotted someone right away, and motioned for me to follow.  "Bones!" he yelled out.  The guy he was talking to was not who I had expected to be attached to such a nickname.  Overweight, stocky, not a skeletal person at all.  That was until I saw that he was wearing a "Star Trek" shirt, like the first series had.  "Heya  This is a friend of mine.  Bones, this is…"

"Spike." I said, offering my paw.  I didn't want Eric to put my name to my dalmatian persona.  Eric looked a little surprised, but took it in stride.  "Bones" shook my paw firmly.

"This is probably your best friend if you get hurt or dehydrated or anything." Eric said.  "He's an EMT in real life."  I nodded.

"This guy would need a vet tho, huh?" Bones said with a laugh.  "That's an INCREDIBLE suit!"

"Thanks!" I said.  "I'm kinda attached to it."

"We should get moving, we have an hour's drive yet, and we're probably going to have to walk a bit to get there." Bones said.  "I got  a couple of other people in the truck already.  Someone will have to ride in the back."  And both of them looked at me.

I rolled my eyes.  "Ok, ok, so the dog rides in the back.  So what else is new?"  We all laughed as I jumped into the back bed of the truck, next to a cooler full of water.  I laid down and relaxed as we drove.  I could hear the four guys in the cab talking and laughing, and once in a while I'd stick my muzzle into the sliding window and put in my few cents.

We got to this industrial park that was backed up into a forest preserve, and the parking lot in front of one warehouse was packed.  "Hang on, we're gonna park somewhere else." Bones said as he took a back road.  We found a side street about ten blocks down and parked with a few other cars.  Bones insisted that we take as many bottles of water as we could carry before he locked up the strong boxes.  The experienced guys had multi-pocket pants to do this, including Eric.  And we all walked to the warehouse.

I leaned into Eric and asked "This isn't exactly a legal use of the warehouse, huh?"

"No." he said.  "That's half the fun is almost getting caught."  When we got to the parking lot, Eric explained that we parked away from here just in case the cops did show up.  Everyone in the lot was locked in, but we could get away.  We made an arrangement to meet back up at the truck, and went in.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised at the noise level, the thumping base was explosive.  I'm not savvy enough to know what they were playing, but I knew it was continuous.  Eric was true to his word, he paid to get me in.  I got a wristband, and we were in.  "I gotta go see my buds!" Eric shouted in my head, where my human ear should have been.  "I'll catch up later!"   I nodded, and looked around.

Lights, sounds, smells, the feel of the base, It was more than a little overwhelming at first.  I put on my sunglasses to cut down on one stimulation, which helped at the first shock.  I took in the whole scene at first, and realized with the colors, the clothing, the lighting, and the overpowering  odor of alcohol I was getting, I could be in a pink rabbit costume and fit in.  I think I actually saw someone like that, to be honest.  So I wandered into the main dance area and just cut loose.

I lost the shirt in the first ten minutes, it was old and I didn't care about it.  I was dancing, and having a blast.  Dancing with guys, dancing with gals, it didn't matter.  Someone grabbed my tail at one point and I turned around to lick them.  He was a little shocked at first, but went with it.  I lost total track of time, but it was sometime after my second bottle of water when I was dancing with this one gal who was really enjoying me.

Looking back, I must have been one hell of a sight.  A dancing dalmatian, only wearing a collar and cutoff jeans, looking incredibly ripped for a dog, and being extremely playful with everyone.  This gal I was dancing with for easily ten minutes was only wearing a pair of glitter pants and a striped t-shirt, but she was really enjoying being with me.  She put her hands on me, and I put my paws on her, we both yielded to each other and danced closer.  I kissed her neck, she kissed my muzzle, we kissed deeper and longer, tongues touching and wrestling in the music.  We put our hips together and she could feel my excitement growing.  Without words, she hooked my collar with her hand and led me off the main dance floor.

We walked silently out a back door which was open for air circulation, past a door guard, and towards the wooded area.  We went into the wood line about ten feet, and she got this silly grin on her face.  "Sit!"  I snickered and got onto the ground.  "You're Spike, huh?"

"Yeah, collar kinda gives it huh?" She nodded slowly, laying next to me.  "What's your name?"

"Cathy.  Some of my friends call me Rainbow.  But you can call me Cathy." she said.  Now that we were alone I could fully enjoy her scent.  He had a radiance to her that seemed to glow, but a slightly strange aftertaste in her scent.  Later I'd find out that this was the signature of  "Ecstasy", but at the time I thought nothing of it.

"Sounds good." I said.  "Why don't you join me?"

"I might." she said.  "I should make you beg for it tho."  I shrugged, and got onto my knees.  I brought my forepaws up to my chin, cocked my head at an angle, let my ears fall in a cute way, and gave her a puppy eye look that would melt anyone's heart.  She laughed as I whimpered loud.  "That's not FAIR!" she said  "Now I can't say no!"

"That's the idea!" I said, letting out another whimper.  She knelt down next to me, held my paws in her hands, and kissed me deeply.  She bent my arms around her and rested my paws under the beltline of her pants.  She then brought her hands to the front of mine, and undid the button to my cut-off shorts.

While we kissed I could feel her hands groping under my pants line, like she was feeling for underwear.  I played from her cues, and let my paws explore her waistline too.  When her hands touched my sheath, we were still kissing.  I felt her body fill up, and tense a little as she felt me.  I whimpered again as she stroked the fur of my sheath.  Her scent radically changed, and I could smell her strong musk intoxicate me.

Cathy broke away from the kiss slowly, me licking her lips as she did.  "I've always wanted to fuck a dog" she said in a whisper.  "Good doggie gonna fuck me?  Huh?"  She undid my pants totally, and helped me to remove them.  The cool air on my now naked body gave me a shiver as I used my paws to lift her shirt.

"Even better." I said, removing her shirt.  "I'm gonna show you how a good doggie can make you come when you call him."  I worked down her body to her breasts, and licked each nipple one at a time.  She moaned in pleasure as I used my paw to caress one breast while I nibbled on the other nipple.  She let me help her take her shirt off, as I took my time.  She ran her hands all around my head, playing with my ears, rubbing my neck and collar happily.

"Can I take this off?" She asked, holding my collar.

"No." I said, looking up.  She had that grin again.  "I take it that you don't mind?"

"Good doggies wear a collar." She said, dreamily.  I kissed her nipple, and snaked my way down her body, kissing and licking.  She moaned, and groaned, and wriggled a little as I put my nose under the line of her pants.  I took in a sniff, and felt overwhelmed with her scent.  A part of me knew she was in heat, the dog part of me wanted to mount her hard right there and then, but I was holding that off, I wanted her to really enjoy the moment just like I decided I was going to.

As I dug my muzzle under her pants line, I saw she was not wearing underwear either, and she was a totally shaven as well.  I sighed in appreciation as I lowered her pants with my muzzle.  She pulled them down gently and pushed her hips right into my muzzle.  I didn't back down, I licked and lapped all around her swollen lips, tasting her as she began to flow.

Cathy was moaning louder now, and she just kept on saying "GOOD boy!  GOOD doggie!  Oh GOD yes!" as I licked and lapped all around her.  I let my dog tongue snake into her deeper, probably deeper than any man had ever done for her before.  I wasn't looking, but I heard her hold her breath, and finally let out a cry of pure pleasure as I muzzle-fucked her.  She shook, holding my head into her crotch, bathing my face in her orgasm.

I slowly leaned up, and helped her to remove her pants.  "Oh my god…." she whispered as I laid down with her.  "No man has ever done that for me that deep!"  I could see in her eyes that sort of dreamy look, and I didn't want to take advantage of that.

"It's part of being a good dog." I said playfully, licking her neck.  She moaned again, and I kept on doing it.  She put her hand on my hips, and helped me position myself so I was between her legs.

"Come on doggie." she said.  "Fuck me hard now, fuck me like a dog." she said, panting out the words herself.  Her scent, the taste on her skin and tongue, everything about the moment was bringing out the canine side fully, and I didn't hold back.  I was already out of my sheath, and my knot was almost exposed.

Without any doubt, I put my paws under her arms and thrust into her.  Cathy let out a wail of pleasure as my slick, hot dog shaft pushed into her folds.  "YESSSSS!!!" She cried out.  She brought up her knees so she could straddle my body and held my collar with both hands.  "GOOD boy!  GOOD DOG!" She screamed as I humped into her harder and harder.

I could feel my knot pressing against her, and she was so moist I thrust it right into her.  She let out a loud gasp "MY GOD YES!" she screamed.  "GOOD DOG!  DEEPER!!  YESSS!!!"  I could feel her trying to clamp down with her cunny as my knot swelled inside her, and I was so close to exploding that it just massaged my shaft when she did that.

I opened my eyes to see her eyes looking intently into mine.  I could feel her sense of longing, of desire and need.  I got onto my toes and my paw pads to push  with my knot all along the inside of her.  I also felt my legs shift, my arms shift, and before I knew it my chest had pushed down into the all fours form of a true dog.  But I never broke eye contact with her.  She still had that dreamy quality to her, but it was mixed with lust and passion.

She held my collar in a death grip as her legs pushed against my tail, trying to push me deeper into her.  I craned my neck and let out a loud howl as I came, filling her with dog semen.  She felt it, because on my first wave she dug her fingers into my fur and her whole body shook as she also came, my knot riding up against her spot, massaging it.  I held my position, head craned in my howl of orgasm as she was also screaming herself, her own human orgasmic wail.  We held this for a what felt like forever before I started to feel my legs give out as I collapsed on top of her.

I tried to pull out gently, but I could feel my knot had swollen up inside her, we were tied now, and probably would be for a while.  That's when I realized I was in a full dog form, and nearly panicked.  Cathy let got of my collar with her left hand and began to pet my head gently, which calmed me down.  "Shhhhh…." she whispered.  "I want to enjoy my doggie fuck."

She petted me gently for a long while, and I hugged her with all four legs, hoping that she wouldn't notice that I had gone from a human in a dog suit to a full dog impaled inside her.  "I had a dog a long time ago." she said, tracing the black spots on my muzzle and eyes with her finger.  "I never got the courage to fuck it, but when I saw him in the yard fucking the neighbor's dog, I wanted to be that dog so much."

"You did?" I whispered, realizing my throat wasn't clamped to words.

"Yeah." she said dreamily.  "That was the first time I'd seen sex, and I've wanted it ever since.  Even if you're not really a dog, you're perfect."  She then kissed me on the nose.  "Thank you Spike, or whatever your name is."

"Spike." I said quietly.  I licked her face gently, little puppy kisses.  She smiled, and held me close.  Every time, I could feel my knot in her, locking the two of us together.  "Want some more doggie loving?" I asked.

"Mmmm Hmm!" she said, caressing my ears and kissing my muzzle.

I began to thrust, still tied to her.  She let out a loud groan as I let my dog instincts take over, humping her hard.  I came very quickly, but kept on pumping through that orgasm.  Under me, I could smell her scent changing, becoming sweeter and more inviting.  She had a massive orgasm under me clenching my head to her neck begging me to lick her neck while she came.  She did, explosively.

I don't know how many times we had sex, or I tied to her, she was convinced that my dog form was her own delusion.  She really enjoyed holding my collar while I fucked her hard.  The last thing I did with her was use my dog snout to really give her oral sex.  I'd never seen female ejaculation before, but she did, all over my face and muzzle, soaking my fur in her orgasmic fluid.  It was an incredible orgasm, and when she was done she damn near passed out.  I did have a chance to nuzzle next to her.  She was kinda groggy for a while.  I took the last water bottle from my discarded pants and dropped it into her hand before laying down next to her.

Cathy took it, and dank some water.  "Thank you Spike, good boy." she said weakly.  As she drank, I used my tongue to clean her up, she was covered in sweat, my cum, her cum, leaves, dirt, just a lot of stuff.  She moaned while I did this, but didn't stop me.  When I was done, She leaned up a little.  "Help me get my stuff back on?"  I nodded, and using my teeth I gently pulled her pants back up her body.  She dressed herself, and knelt with me.  "Want to go back in?"

"You go ahead." I said, trying to stand on my hindpaws and balance.  "I need to get dressed myself.  I'll meet you at the door, ok?"

"Ok, I'll see you inside doggie!" I tried to hold my two-legged dance as she staggered to the door.  She tried to get back inside, but near the back door she sat down, put her back to the wall, and passed out fully.  I watched her do the whole thing.  The security guy at the back door was next to her, talking into a radio.  In a minute another guy came out, with Bones of all people, and they were trying to help this girl.  I couldn't hear them, but I knew she was in good hands.

This left me in my predicament.  I'm on all fours, in the wood line, next to a pair of denim shorts.  I'm covered in dirt and mud, and I'm a full dog.  The wristband had fallen off as well, leaving me only in my collar.  It wasn't the being naked that bothered me, more of the question of how I ended up on all fours!  I thought that only pack could do that, and Cathy was definitely NOT pack!  I was trying to go over options in my head when some movement far away caught my eye.  A glint of chrome.  And, instantly, I knew something was up.

A police car was pulling up to the scene, and probably surveying the situation.  I looked at the back door, and Bones was there still, attending to the girl.  I didn't know what to do, so I did what I could.  I barked as loud as I could "LOOK LEFT!"  I was hoping that someone was pack, but no luck.  One guard did look my way, but nothing else.

So I was caught in a problem, and I needed a solution.  I had none, so I tried barking again.  Bones looked up, obviously annoyed at the barking dog.  When we made eye contact, I looked right at the police cruiser, then back at him.  He didn't get it the first three times, until he looked at what I saw as well.  Even from that distance, I could see him mouth "Oh Shit."  I knew Cathy would be perfectly fine now, but I wanted Eric to get out as well.  But now it was a matter of time.

I went back for my shorts in the woods.  There was nothing in the pockets, so I picked it up in my muzzle and ran for a dumpster.  I ditched the shorts there, and sprinted as hard as I could back to the truck.  I haven't run like this in a long time, and it felt good to stretch the old dalmatian legs again.  Once to the truck I was going to sit and wait for the others to arrive.

Then I had a thought.  "Dummy, you're a dog."  And I felt like smacking myself.  They would be looking for the bipedal version of me, not a four legged version.  Now I'm really in a pickle, what do I do now?  I paced a bit, then looked in the back of the truck bed for an idea.  There was a bunch of junk in the back, all the valuable stuff was locked up in the strong box.  I scrounged for anything I could find, and I saw a plastic pen buried under a cardboard box.

Writing with paws is not easy, but I didn't need to write "War and Peace" either.  "E- I M OK C U @ WRK -D"  I only needed one person to understand it.  The box had a small opening on it, so put the box on the truck antenna as an obvious way to show that it was intentionally a note.  I got off the truck and saw three cruisers drive by, and thought to myself that someone needed to help the kids back at the warehouse.

I sprinted back there, and the police were starting to walk up.  There were only a few cars there, and nobody had pulled weapons yet.  At the time I thought it was going to get ugly, so I hung around.  Some of the police went back to their vehicles, and others stayed at the door.  The music stopped, they made an announcement that the party was being shut down, and that everyone should leave.  The cops did bust a few people for drug possession, but for the most part people left without a hassle.

I saw Eric leaving with a woman wearing his mesh shirt, I shadowed the two of them back to the truck, and caught that sharp scent on both of them that I smelled on Cathy.  He saw the cardboard box, and read it.  "I guess my friend left early.  Did you see the dog guy in there?"

"Yeah!" the woman he was with said.  "He was cool!"

"You can meet him next time." Eric said.  "Great guy." they sat down next to the truck and began to kiss.  I know how this story goes, so I decided to leave to figure out where I was, exactly.  So, I went back to the cop cars.  The party was packing up when I looked at the police vehicles.  They said "Zion", and I knew what that meant.  I was more than an hour's drive from Chicago, and on all fours it was going to be a long walk.

"Spike!" I heard a gruff bark.  I looked around and saw that one of the cars was a K-9 Unit.  "Spike!"  I looked inside, and saw a German Shepard inside.

"Ricochet?" I asked quietly, trying not to sound too loud.

"Commere!" he barked  I did.  He went inside to talk to his handler, and the window lowered so he could talk to me.  "What are you doing here?" he asked.  He sniffed the air around me and added "And why do you smell like pussy?"

"I was in there for a while." I said, looking guilty.  "And I'm not sure how I got down to fours either."

"Not sure?" he asked.  "Didn't Lucky do that?"

"No." I said.  "Can I come in there to talk?  I feel stupid out here."  Ricochet backed up and I jumped through the window and sat down on the back bench.  I explained what happened, and why I was there, and what led up to me being on all fours.  The guy in the front seat is another packmate, Ron, who calls himself Ron as a dog too.  Ron leaned around to look at me.

"I think we should keep this quiet for right now." he said.  "Just between us.  I know what the pack politics are like right now with the New York thing, and they won't cut you any slack." he looked right at me.  "We're going off shift in a few hours, if you want you can come to our house to rest up before we call Lucky.  Can I assume you have nothing to wear?"  I shook my head.  "I'll tell him to bring a carrier then.  Just lay low in the back there, don't let the other guys see you.  I don't think I can explain having two dogs in the back of a one dog unit."

"Thanks Ron." I said, laying down on the seat.

Ricochet sniffed me for a while, shook his head, and kept on watching the crowd leave the warehouse.  I collapsed a little while later in the car, until Ron and Jack helped carry me into the house.  Jack is Ricochet's human form name.  I only barely remember that happening, because I slept right through it.  I slept hard, and was woken up with a gentle nudge to the head.  I looked up weakly to see Jason standing over me.

"I heard you had a good time?" he said sarcastically.

"Jason, I need to talk to you about this." I said, lifting my paw trying to stand.  "I didn't do this."

"We'll talk."  Jason let me talk to Ron and Jack for a while, and they gave me a crash course in drug sniffing.  Jack said I reeked of marijuana and ecstasy, but it was residual.  It was obvious I wasn't taking it actively, but the smell was on me.  Jason drove me home while I was still in the dog form, and brought me into the house.

We talked for hours, Spike to Lucky, about what happened.  We figured that when I kissed Cathy, I had gotten some of the drugs she was on at the time into my system, which weakened my defenses.  And her desire was so strong to have a dog fuck her that when she grabbed my collar it somehow had the energy to change me.  Something that used to be called "Hedge Magic", he said.  The flaw was that since I can't change back on my own, and she couldn't do it for me, I was stuck.  It was random luck that Ron and Jack were there, and not another K-9 unit.

Lucky managed to help me back into my hybrid form, and from there I could go back to human on my own.  But before he'd let me, he held my collar in his paws and said "So show me exactly, and I mean down to the detail, what you did with this Cathy person, hmm?"

I grinned "If you insist."  And the rest of that night is between me and Lucky, thank you very much.

Eric asked me where I went when we saw each other at work on Monday.  I told him that the music was a bit too loud for me, so I walked to a fast food place and called a cab to the Metra station, and caught a train home.  He bought it, thankfully.  I did thank him for the wristband, however, but told him it wasn't my scene.  He understood.

A few weeks later it was my turn to be the "dog at the park", a kinda exhibitionist game Jason and I play where one of us can be naked in public.  Jason was throwing the Frisbee around while we were in downtown Chicago, and I was having a good time playing chase.  Jason gave it a wild throw, and the wind caught it.  I chased it down as it rolled into a small collection of sun worshipers.  I hopped over the first pair, and was about to grab the disk in my jaws when I caught a familiar scent.

I picked up the disk, and followed my nose until I saw a woman there in a two piece bikini.  She was laying on her back.  She looked to be a thin woman, early 20's in age, brown hair in a pony tail, a good looking woman.  I could also see above the bikini line was a tattoo that looked fresh of a kinda cute dalmatian.  Then I placed the scent, and dropped the disk to the ground with a dull thud in shock.

Cathy rolled over and looked at me.  "Hey!  Watch where you…."  She stopped and stared at me for a long moment.  She sat up and took her sunglasses off.  With one hand, she reached forward, and traced the black spots along my face like an old familiar friend.  I could catch her scent change sharply, and she looked into my eyes deeply.

"Spike!" Jason yelled while walking, finally walking over to me.  "Spike!  There you are!  Hey, I'm sorry if he's bothering you." she said to Cathy.

"Umm, no." she said.  "No, he's not bothering me at all."  She put her fingers under my chin, and looked at my collar with some intent.  "Is this your dog?"

"Yeah.  Had him a while." Jason said, turning on some charm.  "He's on heck of a dog, arentcha boy?"  He roughly rubbed my ears, which I've always loved.  I let my jaw slack and my tongue loll out a little bit in pleasure.

Cathy looked at me with some intensity, and leaned forward to kiss me on the nose.  "You're right, he's a great dog."  She then leaned into my ear and whispered "Will you be at the next one?"  She pulled back, and I nodded very slightly.  She kissed me on the nose again.  "Here's your Frisbee, doggie!" she said, offering it to me gently.  I took it in my teeth.

"Ok Spike.  Heel, come on."  I looked back to Cathy, then wagged my tail as I followed Jason back into the open area of the park.  Once there, he knelt down next to me.  "Was that her?"

"Yah." I said

"She's cute." he said.  "A few more throws and it's a day?"  I wagged my tail happily as he gave another hard throw.  I dug my claws in, and took off after it.  I love running on a nice summer day, always good to cut loose like that.

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