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"The Maria"

Pic of "Silver" by Bandit
(('Coon Scritches!!!!!))

 I'm grateful for all the fans I have, both of you.  I love you guys!  But one in particular really loved one of my stories, and we got into a really, REALLY long e-mail conversation that's still going on, actually.  And one of the results of our chats is this story, "The Maria".  (Thanks Bandit!)

The setting is pretty simple.  Back in the days of wooden ships and iron men, legends and stories were common place.  And, on occasion, you'd find a story that's so strange, it may just be true.  This is one of those stories.  The story of the Maria, and her crew.

For the squeamish, this is a gay male furry sex themed story.  Lots of good yiffy juicy bits for those of you looking for a quickie.  You've been warned, the usual disclaimers apply.

If you'd like a roster, One is available now!  Thanks to Wolfy for the help!!!

Quick Links to the tales of "The Maria" :
Book 1
Book 2
Pre-Book 1 Short Stories
Short Stories books 1-2
Short Stories, Books 2-3

Short Stories, Before Book 1
"Exerpts from the Journal of Ishii Tzo"

By : Wolfy

m/m, TF themes and sequences

Ths back-story of Tzo, his origins and history

Socks note :

Wolfy wrote this when he read Chapter 4 of book 2, and decided that Tzo was to fun not to talk about.  So, he did.  I really like this story, written in a "Journal entry" style.  Explains a bit about Tzo.
Belfry's Story

By : Socks

m/m, tf sequence and themes

A man is found clinging to life aboard a ship, Tzo takes him un and cares for him.

This takes place before book 1, and obviously after Wolfy's story.
Book 1
"Songs of Redemption"
Chapter 1 :
Making the Swing

m/m, TF themes, fox yiff, and a whole lot of setup

When a group of pirates finds a ship bearing no flag on the horizon, they see it as easy pickings. That is, until they get there, and see the crew.  Now they're forced with a choice that will change them, more than they may realize.

Chapter 2 :
The Rev

m/m, bondage, TF themes, canine yiff in the beginning for anyone in a hurry...

Silver is still learning the ropes in his new position when word comes across that one of the jackrats won't live up to his reputation.  Further investigation shows that there is an unexpected guest aboard the Maria.

Chapter 3 :
The Tale of HMS Anne

m/m, forced rape, TF sequence, feral violence

Rev tries to do what you're supposed to do on a ship, announce your presence to the Captain.  He gets more than he bargained for, but Captain Yars gets a little more himself.

Chapter 4 :
"Maria : for String and Woodwind"

m/m, feline TF, m/m coon/cat yiff, and a musical number

James is called out of the brig to see if he's got what it takes to play music for the crew.  Too bad his best friend, and long time playing partner, Jason isn't there to help.  Or, is he?

Before anyone asks, Yes, I wrote the song too.  I just wish I could write music...

 Chapter 5 :

religious themes including a sermon, lots of character stuff, m/m with bondage themes, and a TF

Posted on Dec 16, 2002

I wrote this as a Christmas present for Bandit, who inspired me to write this series.  Merry Christmas, to all raccoons and to everyone else.

Rev prepares his Christmas Eve sermon for the crew.  But Maria is full of surprises.  At least her crew is.

Chapter 6
The Calm

fight scene, implied m/m

Robert's visions, Silver's position, the Howlers getting ready for a real party, and a new Jackrat intent on a fight.  Well, at least the high seas aren't boring.

This is a "no sex" story, you've been warned.

 Chapter 7
The Storm

no sex, but a good chapter!

Picking up where Chapter 6 left off, the crew braces for a storm at sea.  Vermin has his plans too.

 Chapter 8

m/m, more than a little 'squick' too, not for the faint at heart.  You've been warned.

The "Morning After".  Can the crew save Maria?  Can they make landfall?  And was Vermin really serious about Chirs?  Speaking of Vermin, he broke a few bones, it seems....

Chapter 9
Land Ho

m/m, more m/m, nudity, t/f sequence, some more m/m...  see a trend here yet?

Over the horizon, land is seen.  The ship makes it's way there, but what's going to happen with the pirates?  The crew?  Is Maria really going to let them all leave?  So many questions!

Chapter 10

m/m, t/f sequence, and some nudity

Chris makes a decision about the crew, and wants to talk to Mutt about it.  Meanwhile, the pirates send over a messenger to talk to Yars before they're marrooned on this island paradise.

Chapter 11
Return to Sea

m/m implied, carressing, tender moments.  Really.

The crew of the Maria returns to their ship to find it's been somewhat altered.


 Silver and Sharpeye talk a litttle about the last few weeks, and about Maria.

Short Stories, Book 1 - 2
Between "Books" there will be several "short stories" that have no real connection to each other, and have no ongoing "Theme" to them.  However, since they're written, It's only fair to publish them here.  Enjoy!

Wolfy's Short Story

By : Wolfy

m/m, TF themes and sequences, a whole LOT of yiff!  FAN FICTION!  I didn't write this!  But it's REALLY good stuff!

Captain Lanaham's ship, the Rena, weathered the same storm as the Maria.  But Rena isn't faring as well, lucky for her crew, the Maria finds her.

Socks note :

To say that I'm blown away that someone wrote fan fiction for "Maria" would be an understatement.  It's just...  wow...

Tempis Fugit
Act 1

By : Canem

no yiff, but a nice setup to the story

What starts as a pleasure cruise for three friends ends up a disaster.  And the Maria inherits more from the sea than they bargan for.

Socks Note :

This story takes place between books 1 and 2, a little after Wolfy's "Rena"

Canem wrote this, and I would be a fool not to post it.  I really like how everyone is portrayed here, not to meniton the scope of the story!  WOW!  I will warn you, it IS a long one.  It's also written in more of a "Screenplay" style than the other stories here.  But, trust me.  It's WELL WORTH the time to read!

Tempis Fugit
Act 2

By : Canem

m/m implied and threatened, violence, and so on

Part two of this story.  When they get a guided tour of the Maria, they also get some unexpected company.

Tempis Fugit
Act 3

By : Canem

m/m, canine TF, MORE m/m, m/m/m implied...  a whole lotta yiffery!!!!

Having accepted their place, the three friends decide to undertake the change, but on thier own terms.

Book 2
Chapter 1
The Morning After

m/m, more m/m...

Our story picks up after a howl, and Maria recovers from the ordeal...  and so does Kindle.

Chapter 2
Falling Down

m/m, forced sex, all the stuff you love about Jackrat sex

Hell hath no fury like Mutt.  And the Jackrats hae a new voice.

Chapter 3

m/m, implied bondage, and a TF sequence!

Duke talks about his past, but only after the ship is locked down tight as a drum.

Chapter 4
Morning Shift

m/m, more stuff

The crew gears up for the first day shift without the Howlers or the Jackrats.  At least some of them try to have some fun.

Chapter 5
The Fire

implied m/m, nudiy, bondage

Vermin goes on trial for his deeds, Yars opens the floor to anyone to testify

Chapter 6

implied m/m, fight sequence not for the easily squeamish

Having found the Maria, Roger sails to her, and has a slight surprise for Yars.

Chapter 7
Licking of Wounds

implied m/m

The raiders repelled, the crew of the Maria deals with the aftermath of the latest fight, and probably the most bloody in their memories.

Chapter 8

implied m/m, mostly storytelling and romance

Maria offers her help to the now stranded merchant ship that brought all the trouble.  Plus a few more members of the crew?

Chapter 9
Begin the Begin

m/m, more m/m, and yet more m/m  enjoy the yiffery

Once of the newest members of the crew settles into the crew.  But will the crew settle in?

Chapter 10

m/m, tf srquences, implied m/m, and some mized species yiff!  YAY!

The crew returns to normal, and some wounds are healed between long lost friends, and friends that just meet.


t/f, and lead-ins

Short Stories Book 2
Fang's Story

m/m, Wolf / Wolf, and a fun story

Fang tries to come to terms with his new life, with the help of Tzo.

Of Shadow and Doubt
by : R^ft

m/m, t/f sequence

Robert has a vision, and hopes it doesn't come true.  Meanwhile Michael prepares for a journey he doesn't want to take.  But you know what they say about the end being a new beginning.

A fanfic sent in by R^ft, and it's really good.  I like the new take on the characters, as well as the ship itself.  If nothing else, it's a prod to the tail for me to get book 3 going.


Book 3


Storyline, but a nice setup

Rev has a late night visitor, and he has a message.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

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This is (unfortunately) a work of fiction. It depicts sex. Lots of quite graphic sex between several genders and arguably a few species. Af any of this offends you, or anything vaguely pornographic bothers you, don't read this, and don't send me your nasty e-mail (I may enjoy it, you know...)

Being a work of fiction, none of the characters herein are based on a real person And similarity to any person alive, dead, undead or unalive is coincidental, totally. However, if you see yourself or someone you know in a character be honored. You've been immortalised.

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