"The Maria"
Book 2
Chapter 10


By : Socks the Catt
©2003 Socks Furrotica Press
"All my life's a circle.  But I can't tell you why."
 -Harry Chapin

Day 93

We have arrived back in port.  I am keeping this log for my own records, I couldn't think of parting with it at this point.  Reading the last entries form Captain Wallworth has shown me what kind of man I do not want to be.  I realize Captain Yars told me not to keep the book, I am compelled to not listen for that one reason alone.

Jenny is eager to return home, as we all are.  She still will not show me the book Captain Yars gave her.  It's probably for the best.   She is an amazing woman, with more strength than many of the men on board this ship.  I respect her for that.

As for myself, once this is over I need to find a buyer for this crate.  We have divided the money from the Maria among the crew, and it was agreed that the senior staff will split the money from the sale of this ship.  I do not intend on going to sea again unless it's to go to Amercia.  I am through being a mariner.  As such, this will be the last time, hopefully, that I sign any log book in this way.

Captain Scott Allen

Leoghann patted Claude on the shoulder, and walked to the bow.  He had been given a command position after the chaos of the last raid, and he was happy to be walking the deck again with purpose.  Things had stabilized in the last few weeks, and it was getting better for all involved.  He walked over to Red.  "Any news?"

"Clear sailing." Red said, looking through his telescope.  "Clear weather, clear waters, what more could I want?"

"I think he's over there." Leoghann said with a wicked grin, pointing to Dice.  "But that can wait until next shift."

"Only barely." Red said with a sly grin.  "I'm feeling a lot better now, and I will be merciless at the next howl."  Leoghann smiled, and moved to get reports from the others on the shift.

Remmy walked through the door to the storage areas, and sidestepped into the shadows.  A moment later, Ron walked in cautiously.  Remmy suddenly slammed the door behind him, pulled a dagger from his belt, and stood in the way of the door.  "WHAT?"  Ron looked at the skunk stunned at the forceful question.  "You've been following me for three days now and as much as I like the attention you're making me really nervous.  So what do you want?"  Remmy stood in a defensive posture, ready to parry.

Ron shook his head, trying to get a grip on what was happening.  he held his hands away from his hips, and opened them to show the skunk he was unarmed.  "I've just been curious." he said.  "I wanted to see what the crew was like, and how they treated you?"

"And why is that?" Remmy asked angrily.

"You misunderstand my intention." Ron said.  He slowly reached to his shirt.  Remmy gripped the dagger tight, and Ron slowed down.  He raised his shirt, and turned his back to Remmy.  Remmy could see that Ron's back hair was light in color.

"So what?" Remmy asked.

"It used to be black." Ron said.  Ron slowly turned, and showed Remmy the darker hairs on the sides of his body.  "And you're the only one on this ship that looks like this.  I wanted to see what it was like to be a skunk before I really became one."

Remmy's jaw hung open.  "Merde."

"Are you sure this is safe?" Sam asked, looking at the needles.

"Hai." Tzo said softly.  "It's a method we used to relax back home."  Sam had already disrobed and got onto the table, and Tzo was only in his kimono.  "The chi points should be the same as on a regular person, but I've never had a chance to truly study it."

"You've never done this before?" Sam asked, a slight panic in his voice.

"I have." Tzo said, running his massive paw along Sam's back, and the base of his tail.  "I can't try it on myself, as my fur is too thick.  But I do know a way to try it with rats."  Tzo stopped, and smiled to himself.  "I've had experience."

Sam nodded, and rested his head into his hands and closing his eyes.  "What was he like?  Mr. Darvis?  I'm assuming you're the panda he talked about in his diary."

Tzo smiled to himself as he tapped the first needle into Sam's shoulder.  Sam flinched slightly, but not severely.  "Thomas was a good soul." Tzo said.  "He had too many troubles for a man his age.  At first he was resentful for his stature as a rat man, but as time went on I helped him, as he helped me."

Sam winced as Tzo tapped the needles into him, but didn't complain.  "How did he die?"

Tzo stopped, and placed his paw onto the base of Sam's tail, running his paw along it's length gently.  "The truth be known is that the truth may never be known." Tzo said as he tapped another needle in.  "I have heard three stories.  The first is that he died defending someone on the crew caught in the cross of combat.  The second is Vermin executed him by using him as a living shield in that same fight.  The third is that he had a violent sickness and died before the fight."

"Can that happen?" Sam asked.

"Remember that you are part rat." Tzo said.  "You can choose to inherit the best, or the worst of it.  Tell me, have you felt seasick since you've been on board?"  Sam shook his head.  "Even when you first tasted another man's climax, did you feel sick?"  Sam shook his head again.  "That's because rats can not vomit."

Sam nodded.  "That explains why we stay together so much too."

Tzo nodded.  "Thomas knew of rats only as dirty, disease ridden creatures." he said slowly, remembering old times.  "I helped to show him that rats are noble animals."  Tzo looked to the wall, at the hand painted calendar on it.  "You know you have a whole year dedicated to you?"  Sam looked over to the painting, and looked at the other animals on the wall.  Tiger.  Horse.  Dog…  "It's what drew me to him on the ship.  I was hoping to become one of the Jackrats."

Sam nodded, his tail rolling slightly.  "Is that where you learned this?  With Mr. Darvis?"

Tzo nodded.  "He was kind enough to let me try a few things with him, yes." Tzo said.  "I was hoping I could interest you in trying a few of them yourself?"

Sam opened his eyes and looked over to Tzo, and saw his robe had been removed.  His eyes were drawn to the snow white sheath, which looked immense to Sam.  "Do I do that for you?" he asked, eying Tzo warily.

"It actually gets larger." Tzo said with a slight smile, as Sam's eyes got wide.  "But that wasn't all I meant by that."  Tzo sat down next to the table, looking to Sam.  "I will admit I still have a physical attraction to the Jackrats, but more importantly I would like to resume my role as a teacher.  It has been a long time since I've had a student.  Sexual gratification is a healthy and wonderful thing, but mental gratification is not only more rewarding, but it lasts longer."

Sam looked to Tzo, relaxing a little more.  "You would like me to learn from you?"

"If you would like." Tzo said.  "If you are to become the Jackrat leader you should learn from the errors of the past."

"But I'm not the leader." Sam said.  "I only speak for them."

"It begins that way." Tzo said.  "Soon they will ask you for help.  Soon after they will ask you to make a decision, and speak that decision.  And soon after you will find yourself as the leader of men."  Sam laid with his head in his hands, thinking.  "I see it in how you carry yourself, and how you handle yourself."

Sam closed his eyes.  "Do you really think I'll become the leader?"

"Hai." Tzo said softly.  "And I've talked to Leoghann, who said you were bright, intelligent, and in need of some polishing.  You do know he had you named as a second if he were to perish on the Rena?"  Sam opened his eyes wide, and looked at Tzo intently.  "You have the ability to become greater than you are now.  I would be honored if you would allow me to help guide your path.  I will never tell you what to do, only offer advice and council."

Sam nodded slightly.  "Can I think about it?"

"As long as you need." Tzo said.  "But I must tell you one more thing."  Sam looked up.  "I would also like to show you a few things I have learned on this ship.  Another tiger on board once showed me the pleasure of what he called 'tantric sex'.  It's quite involved, but highly pleasurable for everyone involved."  Tzo's sheath tingled, and stirred slightly.  Sam could smell Tzo's scent change, part nerves, part desire.

Sam got a glint in his eye, and a slight smile.  "Does it involve those needles?  They're starting to feel good."

Tzo's ears flicked once, and he looked at Sam's back with a smile.  "Ahh!  Then I've found one of the points I was looking for!"  He made a few notes on the paper next to the diagram of a jackrat, then put his study tools away for a while.

Diver and Riverfoot sat at the table with Smoke and Treble over dinner.  They talked non-stop about ship gossip, and what was going on in all corners.  The Panda seen with a Jackrat, the remaining prisoners were released, and a few had thrown themselves at a crew member already.  They were in full swing when Diver looked over Treble's shoulder and saw Ron walk in with Remmy.  He patted Riverfoot on the shoulder, and pointed.  When Smoke and Treble looked over, they saw the two sit down together.

"What do you think that means?" Diver asked.

"Probably Remmy's getting lucky tonight!" Riverfoot said, drinking a little more water.  "I hope he does, he's so sweet!"

"I mean you think he's gonna be a skunk?" Diver asked.

"I'll betcha he don't!" Riverfoot said.  "I'll betcha a night of sex he doesn't."

"I'll betcha a night of sex he does!" Diver said.  Riverfoot spit into his paw and offered it, and Diver spit into his and they shook.

"Don't you two have a night of sex most every night anyway?" Smoke asked.

"Yep!" Diver said.  "So whatever way we both win!"  Riverfoot poked Diver in the ribs, and both of them laughed together.

"We should bet like that." Treble said to Smoke with a smile.

"So you always sit alone?" Ron asked.

"Yeah." Remmy said.  "It's the curse of being a skunk.  If I get surprised or excited I spray.  And if I sit alone it doesn't bother anyone."

"It sounds lonely." Ron said.

Remmy nodded.  "It is, a little.  But I can't help it."

Ron thought a little while they ate.  "I remember a man, outside of Wales, he had a pet skunk." Ron said.  "He told me they can have the gland removed."

Remmy looked at Ron almost dumbfounded.  "You mean it can come out?"  Ron nodded.  "I should ask Doc if he can do it!"

"Or what about Maria?" Ron asked.  "I thought she could do a lot of things."

Remmy stopped, and looked at Ron.  "You know, I never thought of that."

The young Jackrat arched his back and wailed as he climaxed.  The fourth time that night.  Tzo was bent over, nibbling Sam's ears as his massive bear shaft was buried deep under Sam's tail.  Sam's body spasmed into Tzo's bed as Tzo tightened his legs together, pushing his own climax from deep within himself.  Sam was coming down as Tzo held Sam's waist to him and shook violently, grunting quietly as he filled the Jackrat with his own seed.  The feeling of Tzo's climax caused Sam to shudder at the experience of truly being filled.  Tzo pulled out of the Jackrat gently, his own flow trickled from Sam's hole.

Sam collapsed into Tzo's bed, exhausted and spent physically and emotionall, but feeling better than he had since he came on board the ship.  No high, no pleasure had felt this great before in his life.  Sam had bent himself into positions he never knew he could, but the absolute pleasure gained from them was so incredible…  the soreness he knew he'd be feeling would be worth every moment of each orgasmic pleasure.  Sam panted hard as Tzo used his massive paw to brush Sam's fur along the grain.  Sam was too tired to even groan his pleasure.  "Thank you." Tzo whispered gently.

"Mmmm…" Sam managed to let spill from his muzzle.  "See… peeee..."  Sam's eyes closed of their own will.

"Would you like me to take you back to your den?" Tzo asked.  Ron nodded weakly.  "You'd be happiest if you woke up with your men." Tzo said.  "But sleep for now.  I will take you there later."  Tzo kissed Sam on the forehead gently.  "I promise you that.  You're in my care for now."  Sam nodded weakly, and drifted into sleep.  Tzo looked at Sam.  Such a young spirit.  For a moment, he felt pity upon him.  Trapped on the Maria as he was, there was no way to know what Sam could have accomplished as a grown man.  But the winds play fickle tricks, Tzo contemplated.  He looked down to Sam and smiled.

Tzo took in a deep breath through his nose, and took in Sam's scent as well as his own.  It felt good to feel Jackrat seed deep inside him again, letting him touch that feeling of caring that he hadn't for so many years.  He gently petted Sam's head and chest as the young Jackrat slept in the panda's arms.  Tzo allowed himself to nuzzle against Sam, and feel his own happiness and love as he had with Thomas so long ago.

Remmy walked out of Maria's quarters with a dazed expression.  Ron got up off the floor.  "Well?"

"She said…" Remmy stammered out.  "She said what will be will be and what needs to be will be."

"What did that mean?" Ron asked.

"I don't know." Remmy said.  "But I'm tingling all over and if I don't jump on someone in the next few minutes I'm going to explode."

Ron reached to Remmy's paw, and held it in his hand.  "Do you want to jump me?"

Remmy looked to Ron with almost a begging expression.  "Please?"

"We should take this someplace private then." Ron said.  He looked at Remmy, who's excitement was painfully obvious.   He thought a moment about all the circumstances that bought him here, and how a month ago he would never had considered that proposition.  But now, for some reason, it wasn't so bad.  He felt his heart skip a beat or two as Remmy led him back to his quarters.

Tzo cradled Sam in his arms as he carried him back to the new Jackrat quarters.  He closed the lantern to only let the one small pinhole of light show the way as he walked.  He had carefully dressed Sam in his clothing, and Tzo work his silk kimono.  When he approached the door, he tapped on it gently.

"What?" he heard.

"I have a late visitor." Tzo said.

The door opened and a jackrat poked his head out.  He looked at Tzo, and at Sam.  "Where's he been?"

"With me." Tzo said.  "He's been safe.  May I bring him in old friend?"

"For you, sure."  The Jackrat opened the door for Tzo to come inside.  "You haven't been down here in many years."

"I apologize for that." Tzo said.  "I was under the impression I wasn't invited."

"Not my decision."  The jackrat closed the door behind him.  "Sam sleeps over there."  He took in a deep sniff, and smiled as he looked at Tzo.  "You rascal!"

Tzo nodded his head.  "I admit it.  He seemed to tense I wanted to show him that not all sex had to be forced or painful."

"You just wanted a little tail." the jackrat said with a smile.  "Before you leave I'd like to talk a while, it's been a long time."

"That it has." Tzo said.  "But I'm not leaving.  I promised Sam he was in my care for the night.  I do not break my promises."

The jackrat patted Tzo on the shoulder.  "You don't change, old man."

"Even mountains and rivers change over time." Tzo said.  "Man never sees the small things that have altered the shape of them."

Remmy opened the door to his quarters.  "Lights, Maria?"  Several lanterns flickered and the room illuminated.  Ron looked into the Spartan living arrangement.  A bed, several windows, and a chest that was closed.

"A little bare, isn't it?" Ron asked.

"I haven't really wanted much." Remmy said, closing the door behind Ron.  "I could ask Maria for a mirror, but I don't want to be reminded."

"Reminded?" Ron asked.

"Nobody will touch me because of this." Remmy said, pointing at himself.  "It's worse then leprosy."  Remmy looked at the floor, removing his boots.

Ron stepped to Remmy, and kissed him fully on the muzzle.  Remmy startled for a moment, but then returned the kiss as fully as Ron was giving it.  They never broke the kiss as their hands wandered all over each other, removing clothing and leaving them in a pile on the floor.  Soon both were naked, and kissing passionately.  Remmy's paws caressed Ron's head as Ron used his hands to reach under Remmy's tail.  Remmy's bright pink shaft was poking painfully away from his shaft as Ron helped lift him from the ground.

As Remmy's feet left he ground, Ron held Remmy's body into his.  Ron's shaft was hard, and dripping with pre.  Remmy held onto Ron, still kissing him as Ron carried Remmy against the wall.  Once there, Remmy's back pressed the wall as he curled his tail between Ron's legs and straddled the man's hips.  Ron could smell Remmy's excitement, a scent that brought his passion into over drive.  The two broke the kiss long enough to look each other in the eye.

"I think I love you." Ron said.

"I think I do too." Remmy said.

"Am I going too fast?" Ron asked, panting.

"Not fast enough." Remmy said, his paw on Ron's head and shoulders.  "Take me."

Ron pushed into Remmy's fur.  Remmy let out a whimper of initial pain, followed by sharp breath.`  Ron placed his hands under Remmy's ass as he penetrated the skunk.  He groaned in pleasure as Remmy put his head onto Ron's shoulder, and wrapped his legs around the man.  Ron thrusted his whole body into Remmy, who moaned with every motion.

Remmy ran his claws along Ron's back, who groaned louder and pushed into Remmy as far as he could get.  Remmy's paws reached between Ron's legs from the back, and he felt the beginnings of a tail forming.  "You're changing." Remmy said breathlessly.

"I know." Ron said.  Remmy placed his paw under the forming tail, supporting it as it formed under him.  Ron could feel the coarse fur rub against Remmy's belly patch of white.  The stimulation of the full body rubbing, and the feeling of fur on fur contact caused Ron to lose it early.  He put a paw against Remmy's head and held him tightly as he came.  Ron's pushed into the skunk hard, driving his body into Remmy's shaft with each thrust.  Remmy held on for dear life as Ron's virgin belly fur rubbed his exposed shaft.  In moments Remmy's claws dug into Ron's shoulders, and he released, biting his lip and grunting with each full body orgasmic thrust.

Ron held Remmy against the wall for a long moment as he came down from his climax.  Remmy was panting so hard, he nearly hyperventilated as Ron backed away from the wall.  Ron still supported Remmy and held him off the ground.  Ron walked with Remmy to his bed, and laid down still inside the skunk.  Remmy kissed Ron, holding him as close as he could.  The two cuddled together.

Remmy felt himself freed of Ron's shaft, and he rolled over to his side.  "Maria?  We need a bigger bed." he said breathlessly.  As the bed got larger, Remmy laid on his back looking to the ceiling.  "Wow." he said.

"You're telling me!" Ron said.  "I thought you said you sprayed when you…  you know?"

Remmy thought a moment.  "I didn't spray?"  Ron shook his head.  "I'm cured?"

"I don't think I would have minded." Ron said.  He ran a blacked furred paw across Remmy's body.  "That was incredible."

"It's not done yet." Remmy aid, looking over at Ron.  "You're not fully changed yet."

"I'm not?"  Ron asked.  Remmy ran his fingers across Ron's face, tracing lines of some kind.  "Am I a skunk?"

"Something tells me no." Remmy said.  "You've got black and white fur, but it's not like mine.  Yours runs all the way from here…" Remmy placed his finger on Ron's nose.  "…all the way back to here." and he traced the line back over Ron's head.  "But it doesn't do down your back. like mine.  And your tail isn't long enough.  But you have a beautiful underbelly of white."  Remmy ran his paw along Ron's haunches, as Ron shivered at the feeling of his fur being stroked the first time.

"My tail might grow a little more if you did that to me." Ron said.

"I need a quick rest first." Remmy said.  "It's been a while since I've had anything more than self inflicted orgasms."

"I'm not going anywhere." Ron said.  "Not going anywhere at all."

Sam work up in the morning and opened his eyes slowly. His whole body felt sore, but strangely relaxed.  As he rolled to his right he saw Tzo sitting on the floor, next to his bed.  He sat with his feet together, knees out, and both hands on his knees palms up.  He looked like he might be sleeping, or something.  "Tzo?"

The panda opened an eye slightly, then looked to Sam.  "Good morning." he said, a hint of pleasure in his voice.

Sam reached over with his hand and touched Tzo's shoulder.  "I never got to thank you last night."  Tzo nodded.  "Why did you come down here?"

"I promised you were in my care." Tzo said.  "And I wanted to see some old friends."  Sam laid on his side and weakly smiled.

Remmy woke up with the sunlight.  He stretched his arms and legs, and realized he wasn't alone in his bed.  Then he remembered that last night wasn't just a dream.  He looked next to him in bed and saw Ron there.  Ron's form had finalized somewhere around the third or fourth sexual interlude.  Remmy looked up to see the mirror over the bed that Ron asked Maria to put there, so he could see his transformation while Remmy mounted him.  And Remmy looked up to see himself with this hunk of a badger next to him.

Ron's fur was mostly gray, with a thin white stripe down his spine.  He had a cream chest to belly  patch and haunches that framed his shaft and balls beautifully.  His black furry hands and feet framed the rest of his muscular body in a way Remmy envied.  The way Ron's ears flared from the sides of his head, how his black nose glistened in the morning light, how his long muzzle displayed the strength in his neck.  Even Ron's tail, as short as it was compared to his own, was beautifully trimmed with a black tuft on the gray fur.  Remmy studied the lines on Ron's face, how it was like the badgers he had seen on his family's farm so long ago.

Remmy looked up to the mirror, and saw himself with this absolute hunk.  It looked like his own chest to belly haunches became a little gray too, at least in his imagination he figured.  He looked at Ron, then himself, and saw that his own physique wasn't as strong as Ron's, but it wasn't so bad.  His quarters didn't smell like skunk this morning, like it had the last time he had an orgasm like last night.  He rolled slightly to his side, and rolled his tail around Ron.  He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, inhaling Ron's scent as deep as he could, hoping it wouldn't be the last time he could do that.

Remmy smiled to himself when he felt a strong paw caress his head gently.  "It wasn't as bad as you made it sound like it would be." Ron said.

"I thought I'd spray you all night." Remmy said.  "You're so gorgeous."

Ron looked up to the mirror over the bed, and drank in his new body.  "No, I think it's missing something."  Remmy was about to ask when when Ron rolled over and kissed him.  Their tongues wrestled , and paws explored each other as the held the embrace.  Slowly, they broke their kiss.  Ron then looked into the mirror.  "That's what I thought.  This body doesn’t look right without you near it."

Remmy's throat went try, and a lump formed in his throat.  "You…  mean that?"

Ron nodded, trying not to break down himself.  "Yes I do.  Can I stay with you?  I don't have anything other than what I came on board with but…"  Remmy rolled on top of Ron and kissed him deeply.  Ron held Remmy to him, and spread his legs so Remmy could lay between his legs.  Remmy's shaft poked Ron's hole, and Ron brought his hips up to meet it.

"I love you." Remmy said breathlessly.

"I love you!" Ron said, bringing his hand back to Remmy's tail.  Remmy thrust into Ron, who closed his eyes in the pleasure.  For several minutes, Remmy and Ron rocked with each other, Remmy lost in the haze of the moment.  They looked into each other's eyes as Remmy's body quivered, and he exploded into orgasm.  Ron leaned up and bit gently on Remmy's nipple, which caused his head to soar in pleasure.  Ron could feel Remmy throbbing inside him.  Remmy's body gave out, and he fell into Ron's arms.  They both cuddled well into the sunrise.

At breakfast that morning Treble was eating eggs with Smoke when someone sat next to him.  "Is this seat taken?"

"Umm, no." the cat said, looking over.  He saw a large, muscular badger standing there, holding some food.  "Do I know…."  He took a few sniffs, and opened his mouth to taste the air.  "Ron?"  the badger grinned.  "You did it?  Who with?"

Ron put his bowl down, and looked behind him.  He motioned with his head, and Remmy walked cautiously to the table.  "Remmy.  We're mates now."

Treble stood up and hugged Remmy.  Remmy almost fell over with the shock.  "I'm so happy for you both!"

"Thank…  you?" Remmy stammered out.  Ron took Remmy's food and put it at the table while Treble hugged him.

"But You don't smell like skunk!" Smoke said to Ron.  "I thought that Remmy always…"

"I used to." Remmy said.  "I talked with Maria, she helped me."

"That is so sweet of her!"  Treble said.  Remmy sat down with Ron and the two cats.  "So you're really mates?"

"Can't you smell it?" Smoke asked.  Treble leaned into Ron, and sniffed.  "It's so great you two found each other!"

"I thought I was becoming a skunk." Ron said.  "So I talked to Remmy."  He held Remmy's paw under the table.  "And I found someone who's perfect."

"See what I mean about not only changing the outside Ron?" Treble said with a grin.  "So are you going the next step too?"

"I talked with Remmy about it." Ron said.  "And I think I am."  The cats leaned in, to listen.  "With these claws, I think I'll call myself Digs or Digger.  Not like I'll get much of a chance to do that, but it makes sense.  At least until we can think of something better.  It's not like we need to do it right…"

"HA!"  They all turned to look at the end of the table.  Riverfoot was looking at Diver.  "You owe me a night!"

"No I don't!" Diver said.  "You owe ME a night!"

"We shook on it!" Riverfoot said.  "You lost!"

"I said he wouldn't be a skunk!"

"No you didn't!"

"I did!"

"Did not!"

Remmy leaned into Smoke.  "Are they always like that?"  Smoke nodded slowly.

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