"The Maria"
Book 2
Chapter 4

Day Shift

By : Socks the Catt
©2003 Socks Furrotica Press
"I get this feeling I'm in motion 
A sudden sense of liberty 
The chances are we've gone too far"
 -New Order
"True Faith"

Diver and Riverfoot rolled together underwater.  Their muzzles locked into each other, sharing the breath they had taken ten minutes previous.  Riverfoot was pumping into Diver's body, and diver was massaging just under his tailbone with a clawed finger.  Riverfoot climaxed, again, into Diver's hole eyes shut tight.    Diver rolled onto the surface, exhaling the whole way, and took in a deep breath before swimming back down to Riverfoot, and planting his muzzle into Riverfoot's.  Riverfoot spread his hindlegs, and used his tail to scoop Diver into his body.  Diver sunk his shaft home as Riverfoot held onto his chest and back fur, kneading through Diver's fur with his claws.

Smoke tried to interject as he saw one surface, but by he time he said anything the form was back under he water, at the bottom of the pool.  He could see the two of them intertwined into a furry knot, pumping and thrusting.  They'd switch, and do it again, and again, and again.  After watching in some fascination for a while, he knew he had to get their attention.  He looked around the room, and found what he was looking for.  A hammer, a chisel, and a pail.  He put the chisel into the pail, dipped it under the water, and hit the top of the chisel as hard as he could with the hammer.

Diver and Riverfoot both winced in pain a the high-pitched clanking hit them, amplified beyond belief under the water.  They looked a the surface, and saw a rippled form causing it.  Diver motioned up, Riverfoot nodded.  They detached from each other, and pushed with their webbed hands up to the surface.  Smoke stopped once he saw them begin to come up.  They surfaced at the same time.

"Do you mind?" Diver asked with a sly grin.  "We're fucking."

"I'd let you keep going too." Smoke said.  "If it weren't important I wouldn't have been so loud."

"Sokay." Riverfoot said.  "I need a break."  Diver looked over to his friend.  "You got the last breath!"  Diver splashed Riverfoot playfully, and Riverfoot winked.

"Captain Yars is putting everyone on a day shift." Smoke said.  "I know you two do the hull work, but think you can help us with ropes?"

"Certainly!" Diver said.  "I used to do that all the time!"

"That's good." Smoke said.  "We need the help.  I'm supposed to tell you both to put some clothing on and come up to the deck in ten minutes."

"Will do!" Riverfoot said.  They watched the cat walk out their door, and Riverfoot looked at Diver.  "Ten minutes?  That's three more."

Diver placed a paw onto Riverfoot's sheath, massaging him to a full erection quickly.  "Four if we're fast."  Riverfoot embraced Diver and pushed into his body as they began to sink under the surface.

On the surface, many members of the crew were organizing things to make sailing go as smoothly as they can.  Many had never worked together before, and looked on the day with a some hesitation.  Remmy stretched out a bit, looking up the ropes , testing their tie downs.   "Hey there stinker!"  Remmy turned around to look at a bay horse.  "Ready to get up there?"

"Ready for it, yes." Remmy said.  "But without the Jackrats or the Howlers?  This won't be an easy day."  He tapped the horse in the chest.  "Mark my words.  You'll be sore before the sun sets!"

"I welcome that." Claude said.  "It's been a while since I could really use my strength here.  Ropes good?"

Remmy swished his tail.  "They look fine.  But if they go bad I could always give you a hard and climb my way up."

The Clydesdale looked at Remmy with a grin.  "Still trying to get me, huh?"

"Can you blame me for trying?" Remmy asked.  Claude shook his head.   "And I've heard you give good rides too."

"If you could keep from spraying when you climax, I'd give you one!"  Claude said with a laugh.  Remmy hung his head, knowing his curse of being a skunk.  "If you really want a ride, we can work it out sometime."

"You mean it?" Remmy asked, his eyes lighting up.  Calude nodded, and Remmy gave him a quick hug.

Riverfoot walked onto the deck with Diver, and they looked around.  "It's weird seeing no dogs or rats up here." Diver said.

"Weirder to see the rest of the crew up here." Riverfoot said.  "We'll pick it up after our shift?"

"Yep." Diver said.  "You nail me next."  The two grinned to each other, and separated to pick up slack where they were needed.

The day passed slowly, without the regular day shift on the ship's movement was erratic.  But they did manage to sail through.

Down below, Vermin walked over to Sam.  "Can you read, boy?"

"Yes Sir." Sam said.

Vermin dropped a book in front of Sam.  "If you're gonna lead these worthless fuck holes you'll need to know the history."  Vermin walked away, leaving Sam with the book.  The cover was leather bound, in red and black.  It simple read "Journal"  He picked it up, and read.

Personal Journal : Thomas Darvis

From all appearances, I am now trapped aboard this ship.  My ship mates and I seem to be held here by some kind of sorcery.  We found her adrift, and upon investigation we found the crew down below.  Once they saw us, they screamed at us to leave, we had to go.  But by the time we could get to the top of the ship, it was too late.  We were trapped.

The members of the crew are all misshapen creatures, half beast, half man.  I fear that I will become one of these creatures as well.  I have sworn to keep this journal, as a means of keeping my sanity.

The ship is called the Mah-rhee-ya, it seems.  Whatever magics keep her afloat, I do not know.

Sam skimmed over the journal, most of it he already knew.  It had been explained to him when he came on board.  He'd go over it in detail later.  But he stopped, and backtracked when he found an interesting entry, a month later.

My worst fears are being realized.  I have begun my change into one of these animal men.  What's worse is I can feel my mind changing with it.  My fingers have gotten longer, with definite claws on the end of them.  My crew share the same features I do as well, we all are beginning to form thin tails to some degree.  One of my men came back to us with a long nose, more of an animal than man.  He reported to us that sex accelerates the change from man to animal.  Seeing as there are no women on board, this means one thing.

The thought still repulses me, no nearly as much as the thought of what I am becoming, an abomination to nature.  I have decided to remain celibate, as long as I can resist the temptation.  If I can hold off, perhaps the change will go slower, or reach a point and never continue.

We are also still trying to find a way off this boat, over the side is not an option, as we all know.  We are thinking of sinking her, to save other men from the torture of this place.

On top deck, Tzo was eating lunch at the table as he always did, not minding anyone else, but listening.  He casually ate some more greens as he listened to the others.

"I'm telling you!  We should just lock the Jackrats up and get it over with!" the horse said.

"Yeah, do that and we lose the best high ropes crew we've got!" Remmy said between bites.  "They're not so bad once you get to know them!  It's Vermin that's the bad apple."

"Oh please!" the horse said.  "The so-called leader of the Jackrats?  He's the one who makes them do it, they can just not do what they tell him."

"It's not always that easy." Tzo rumbled out.  The table stopped arguing, and looked to the large black and white bear at the end of the table, who never even turned his head.  "Leadership is a hard thing to disobey, especially when obedience is all you know."  Tzo continued eating.

The horse shook his head.  "And I suppose you have a solution to this Howler and Jackrat fighting?"  The panda nodded slowly.  "Well?  Out with it!"

Tzo looked at the horse slowly, with purpose.  He took in a deep breath.  "The path to inner peace begins in the soul.  One soul can enlighten many.  Once you achieve inner peace, you can achieve peace with all around you.  Myself, I achieve some inner peace through conflict avoidance."

The table sat stunned as Tzo continued to eat.  Remmy cleared his throat, and twitched the tip of his tail.  "What… does that mean?" he asked.

"If you do not argue or fight, you can avoid conflict." Tzo explained calmly.  "If you avoid conflict, you can achieve peace.  Peace leads to enlightenment.  When you achieve enlightenment, you can teach instead of fight, share instead of horde, and understand, not fear, your adversaries.  I choose to avoid conflict as I am able."

Everyone at the table sat in silence, until finally the horse leaned to Tzo.  "So you're saying that if you don't disagree with anyone you can solve the ship's problems?" the horse asked angrily.

"Essentially, yes." Tzo said stoically.

"THAT has to be the most stupid thing I've ever heard!" the horse spouted off.  "That is NOT the way to solve all problems!"  The horse slapped his hands on the table to drive his point home.

Tzo looked over to the dappled horse, raised one eyebrow, and let his ears fall back.  "All right." he said.  "It isn't."

The horse stood up, raised a finger in the air, opened his mouth to say something, but couldn't.  He looked to the panda with a finger still in the air.  Tzo looked to the horse, and the moment hung in the air.  Finally, the horse clopped off in a huff out of the mess hall.  Tzo shook his head, and returned to his food.  The others at the table tried to stifle laughter, but in the end fell all over themselves.

Sam placed the candle on the table, and continued reading his book.

Tonight, a few of the my crew had decided to experiment in an unholy union.  They both became what I can best call rat men.  It was obvious to some of us that we would become rats, my tail is long, thin, and segmented like the rats aboard the last ship.  Why are we becoming rats?  What have we done?

Of the two rats that exist now, their bodies have changed completely.  There is barely a single remnant of humanity left on them.  What's worse is that they seem to enjoy their new form almost as much as they enjoy repeated couplings.

I have talked with the captain, a raccoon named Roger, and he has agreed to let us stay together as a crew in a place of our choosing.  If we continue this decent into debauchery I will take the hold under the waterline, because that is where we can be left alone to not infect the rest of the crew with these unions.

Sam put the book down slightly to think about it.  He looked into the other room, and saw Vermin there with his hands around some underling's head while forcing him to suck his cock.  He looked at the book, and saw the bookmark in the place Vermin had obviously put it.  Had Vermin intended him to read the first part of this journal?

We have all moved in under the waterline hold, Roger was not sure this was wise but we feel comfortable here.  We may move up later, but now this feels more like home.

This ship has been having an effect on my crew.  More and more, the men are abandoning their morals and coupling to complete their changes.  I am still holding strong, however, in the hope that I do not lose what's left of my humanity.  It seems that we are all destined to become rat men.  Roger told me that there are no guarantees of who becomes what, but it seems that we will all become rats.  For some reason, this seems to be the way things will be.

Half of my crew are now rat men, the other half are talking about completing the change.  I can hear one man now being mounted.  The cries he makes are or enjoyment as I watch his body change.  The coarse fur, the tail, the large ears, all show what we knew would happen.

"ONE-TWO HO!" the cry came.  The largest crew members were pulling the ropes to make the ship sail.  Yars was helping on the ropes.  He looked up, and saw Ironbar standing near the command cabin.  Yars dropped his rope work and went up to join him.

"Getting in some work?" Ironbar said with a grin.

"Never killed anyone to put in an honest day's work." Yars said.  "Why are you up here?"

"I wanted to check on Kindle." Ironbar said.  "We all wanted to see how he was.  And we took a vote to see who would check."

"You won?" Yars asked.

"Lost." Ironbar said.  "I hoped you wouldn't lash me fifty times too hard."

Yars grinned.  "Only if you'd enjoy it."

"Oooo!" Ironbar teased.  "Threats!"

Yars shook his head with a smile.  "I'll belay that punishment.  We can check on Kindle instead."  Ironbar nodded, and the both made their way down to Doc's room.

I admit that, today, I lost my will.  I had partnered up with one of my men, and became a rat with my men.  He was very nice about it, he allowed me to stay unpenetrated and simply sexually gratified me.  What began with a simple massage became licking, then suckling, and when it was all said and done, I had climaxed into his mouth, becoming a fellow rat.

Looking back in this journal, I'm not sure what bothered me more.  The fact I liked it, or the fact I want to do it again.  I'm finding that the thoughts of my wife as a sexual partner are waning, and thoughts of my fellow crew as partners seems more and more enjoyable.

Our small group has decided to call ourselves Jackrats, a combination of us being rats, and a majority of us being jackstay high ropes men.  Another species group, the Howlers, are all dogs.  We have heard of smaller, more informal groups than ours on the ship as well, but have not met them.

Doc welcomed the Captain and Ironbar into the room.  "Kindle is doing better." he said.  "If you'd like, he can return to the Howler's communal quarters today."

Ironbar nodded, and looked to the Captain.  Yars nodded as well.  "I can take him back, then." Ironbar said.

"Good." Doc nodded.  "I only ask that nobody do anything with him sexually for a day or two more.  He's still tender under his tail."  Ironbar half closed an eye and looked at Doc questioningly.  "He's complaining when he sits up." Doc explained.  "But if you want, you can ask him for self.  Bernie is almost done with him."

"Bernie?" Ironbar asked.  "What's he doing?"

"Asking Kindle questions." Doc said.

"Done asking questions." Bernie siad, coming out of Doc's back room.  "Captain, I'm ready to make my report."

"Very good." Yars said.  "Twenty minutes in the office?"  Bernie nodded.  "Frank?  You'll be ok to take Kindle back?"

"I can handle that." Ironbar said with a grin.

I have made an attempt at friendship with the small group of "howlers".  For the most part, they seem friendly, if not a little wary of us.  I would be too, all things considered.  I'm not sure that we are not carriers of disease of some kind, like the rats we have become.  It seems that they and we have a good natured spirit together.  It's healthy to have a competitive nature on a ship, I will be cautious to make sure it does not get out of hand.  We have been holding informal races to the tops of the masts, ropes races, and other things to keep our minds off of one simple fact.  We are trapped here, still, and we may never leave.

Roger has appreciated my involvement in command decisions, as much as I've enjoyed being involved in them.  I am not the captain, but it's enjoyable to be in the command area again.  Since we have no real means or port of call, we sail to follow the good weather, and avoid the storms.  Roger's tenure as Captain is long, and he is trying to get a replacement soon.

We sail for Bimany tomorrow, hopefully we can find a way off this boat there.

Sam looked at the book mark between that page and another.  The next page  was of different hand writing, larger letters, but in the same ink.

"RULES OF THE JACKRATS" it said along the top.

"You kill the leader, you replace the leader." was the first.  Sam looked up to Vermin, who was choking the rat now using his large erection.  Sam kept reading
"Leader gets choice of fuck holes
Leader makes the rules
Leader will be obeyed, always.
Leader can raise or lower ranks of jackrats."

As Sam read, he kept looking at Vermin, then the pages, then Vermin.  Sam turned the page.

My name is Tyler.  I'm a jackrat by choice, not like some of the recruits.  I am writing this because Vermin believes I'm writing his history.  I prey that whoever reads this next fares better than the last one.

I came aboard this ship to raid it, and found out too late that we are all trapped here.  Some of the crew began to change, and instead of becoming lord only knows what I gave myself to the Jackrats.  Vermin himself bent me over and marked me as a Jackrat, my rank is six rings.  I decided to take the sure thing rather than the unknown.

I read the last entries to this journal and did some looking into it.  Vermin was on another raiding party a few years ago.  He saw the treasure room, and wanted to sail the ship to port.  The old leader of the Jackrats tried to throw him off.  Vermin subdued him before the half hour was over, raped him, then killed the Jackrat leader by clawing his throat.  He then declared himself he leader, made the rules which I wrote down a few pages ago, and decided the Jackrats could run this ship.

As I'm writing this he is planning on a takeover of the ship.  He still believes if he got to port they he could walk right off the gangplank, taking the gold in store room five with him.  I have not seen anything to prove this, but he's the leader.

I will add entries as I can.  Vermin can not read, as of this moment.  If he learns, I'm as good as dead anyway, so I'll use this as my journal.  Hopefully, he will remain ignorant.  I believe I can convince him that I can do all his writing for him, and get away with it.

Sam read through the other entries before it too ended abruptly.  He closed the book, and walked to Vermin's side.  "Ahh!  There's my second!" Vermin said.  "Took a while to read that.  I got sucked twice waiting for you."

"I wanted to remember it." Sam said cautiously.  "Have you read it?"

"Why?" Vermin said, removing Sam's pants.  "I know what's in it.  Now that you know the rules, you think you can handle enforcing them?"  Sam nodded.  "There's a good boy." Vermin said, holding Sam's hip, swinging Sam's leg around his lap.  "Because I get what I want.  Always."

Remmy  rubbed his back as he wandered off the deck, leaning on the railing.  "Sore?"  He looked up to the Clydesdale at his side.  "Me too."

"It's not a bad sore." Remmy said.  Claude nodded an agreement.  "I think I'll take a pass on that ride, for now."

Claude whinnied softly.  "I was going to ask you the same thing." he said.  "Let's wait until this gets settled out first."  The skunk nodded.

Yars nodded a few times, thinking.  "I will need you to say that again, in front of a few people." Yars said.  "Think you're up to it?"

"I haven't for a while." Bernie said.  "But I'll try."

Yars nodded, and got up.  he opened the door to the bridge.  "Kyle?"  The squirrel turned his attention.  "I need you to assemble the senior staff in three hours, my office."

"Aye Cat'tain!" Kyle said.

"And get me Leoghann." Yars said.  Kyle and Bernie stood straighter hearing that.  "Did I mispronounce something?"

"No sir!" Kyle said.  "On my way now Cat'tain!"  Kyle made his exit out the side door, and Yars back to his office.

"My captain?" Bernie asked.

"Leoghann is respected." Yars said.  "And it's about time we got him up to speed.  I can't have a Lieutenant who doesn't' know the ropes."

Bernie smiled.  "I think he's going to be happy to know you won't make him a shipsman."

"From all your crew has told me, he's a good captain." Yars said.  "I could use someone like that on the command staff."  Bernie nodded, and Yars sat back in his chair.  "Rest if you can.  The real sparks will fly in a few hours.  Meanwhile, I have one thing I must do before the meeting."

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