"The Maria"
Book 2
Chapter 8

Begin the Begin

By : Socks the Catt
©2003 Socks Furrotica Press
"The insurgency began and you missed it.
I looked for it and I found it
Miles Standish proud, congratulate me."
"Begin the Begin"

Ron walked the deck of the Maria, looking aft.  He could see the lights of the ship he had been on for two months gliding into the darkness as the Maria sailed to the sun.  He hung his head, leaning on the railing.

"Are you going to be alright?"  Ron looked over to a black and white cat behind him.

Ron nodded, to numb to be surprised.  "I'm sorry."

"Sorry?" Treble asked.  "For what?"

"A few days ago I tried to kill your crewmates.  Now it looks like I'm one of them." Ron shook his head.  "And all I can think about is how it all makes sense.  I killed at least three of your men, and now I'm replacing them."

"Do you feel guilty?" Treble asked.

"More than a little." Ron said.  "And I'm looking over my shoulder for the rat to drive a sword through me, or the dog who will snap my neck."

"I can understand it, but don't worry." Treble said, "We accept everyone on this ship eventually.  From what I've heard you and the other mercenaries were hired without knowing what you were getting into."

Ron nodded.  "Scott told us of the curse, I figured it was just a tale to frighten us away."  Ron pushed into the air, and pushed off an invisible wall.  "But now I know it's all too real."  Ron looked at the cat.  "I suppose I'll become one of you soon, half animal, half man."

Treble nodded.  "That's another thing about this ship.  It changes men more than physically."

Ron nodded.  "I guess that's why Yars let us out of the brig, eh?"  Treble nodded.  "We're all prisoners anyway, why make the jail so small?"

Treble put his paw on Ron's shoulder.  "If you need to talk to someone, I'll listen.  Rev is a good listener too."  Ron nodded.  "Oh, and dinner is going to be served in a few minutes downstairs.  If you want to join Smoke and myself, we'll sit with you."

Ron nodded to himself mostly.

Joel sat in the Howler's communal area with Mutt and Kindle, staring at everyone there.  It had been a fascinating day of walking around the Maria, including a fabulous dinner.  He had eaten himself until he felt like he would burst.  And now, he was surrounded by dogs of all kinds in their quarters.  "Wow." he said.

"What did you expect?" Kindle said with a smile.

"A lot less nudity" Joel said.  "I hope I become a dog.  I would love to live here with you guys."  Mutt and Kindle smiled together, and both licked Joel on opposite arms.  Joel shivered as he felt two paws reach under his shirt, and remove it from him.  "You mean here?  Right here?  In front of everyone?"

"Why not?" Mutt asked playfully.  "It's not anything they've never seen before."  Joel shivered again and surrendered.  Soon his shirt came off, then his pants, and soon he was naked with Mutt.  Joel reached up to Mutt, and removed his pants for him.  Mutt's excitement began to grow before his pants were off.  Soon, Mutt was laying with Joel, and Joel could only stare at Mutt's sheath.  Mutt chuckled.  "What were you expectin?"

"I…"  Joel stammered.  "I didn't know…"  He looked to Kindle.  "Are you the same way?"  Kindle nodded, and held Joel's hand under his belt line.  Joel felt the tip of Kindle's sheath, and his eyes became wide.  "Oh my…." he said breathlessly.  Joel reached up to Kindle's belt, and untied his pants from him.  Kindle shifted his weight and let Joel slide his pants off his legs.  The three laid together on the floor without a shred of clothing on them.  "I have a confession." Joel said.

"Now's a good time." Kindle said with a smirk.

"I've never been…  I mean I've never actually had…  I mean not with women or men but…"  Joel's erection was undeniable, and painfully sticking out from his body as he looked from Mutt to Kindle apologetically.  "I'm still a virgin."  Several Howlers in earshot spun their heads, and perked their ears.  Mutt looked shocked, as did Kindle.  "Is that bad?"

"No!" Mutt said.  "Just an added surprise."  A few of the Howlers came over to Mutt's small area, and Mutt looked up.  "Hey!  He's with us!" he said half jokingly.

Joel looked around, his cheeks getting red.  "They're not going to watch us, are they?"

Kindle looked around as a few of the other howlers snickered.  "Only if you want them to, Joel." he said, reassuringly.  "If we'da known it was your first time we'd have gone slower."

"No, no…" Joel said.  "Just never done it before, so just a little nervous."

"I can make sure the playroom is empty if you'd like?" Red offered from his hammock.  "I haven't done much for a day or two, It's the least I can do."

"I think we can leave that up to Joel." Kindle said.  "We don't see many virgins on board here.  It's a special change for us all.  So we'll do what's comfortable for you."

Joel nodded, shaking uncontrollably.  "Can I just lay here, with you two?  For a while?  Get used to it?"

Mutt smiled, and laid on his side.  "Yeah, we can do that."  He looked around.  "G'wan!" he said playfully to the small crowd, waving them away.  "And don't be spreading the word on the ship about this!"

"Oh, that will stop them." Red said sarcastically with a smile.  Joel didn't care, he cuddled into Mutt, and brought Kindle's arm over his own body and snuggled with the two of them.  Kindle and Mutt looked at each other, shrugged, and nuzzled with Joel happily.

Sharpeye and Silver waived Smoke over to their table.  The mess hall was a little more lively than it had been for the last few days.  Smoke sat down and kissed Sharpeye playfully on the head.  "So where are we going?"

"South America." Shapreye said.  "I'm letting Silver navigate this course on his own, to see where his skills are."

Smoke leaned into Silver and hugged his side.  "Congratulations!  So when do you think you'll let your mate retire?"

Silver's ears felt hot.  "Well, when he thinks I'm ready, I'll take the helm."

Sharpeye nuzzled his mate.  "You'll have plenty of time to learn, my love."  Silver smiled.

"Room for two?" Treble asked, standing next to a human.  Smoke stood up and hugged him.  "This is Ron, everyone.  Ron, Sharpeye, Silver, and Smoke."

Ron shuffled in place, holding his wooden bowl and fork nervously.  "Please!  Sit!" Sharpeye said.  "Even the horses on board don't eat standing up!"  Ron sat down nervously.  "See?  We don't bite."

"I find that hard to believe." Ron said.  "After the last few days, I'm still waiting for someone to notice me and try to kill me."

Silver looked to Sharpeye, who looked to Silver and shook his head.  Smoke leaned to Treble  "Didn't you tell him the rules?"

"I thought someone else did." Treble said.  "I mean he was in the brig for a few days, I thought someone would have said something."

"Well I guess they didn't." Smoke said.  He looked at the human.  "You know the rules, right?"

Ron looked at Smoke, puzzled.  "Something about the half hour trap, something about changing over time or under he sheets, or like that?"

Smoke put his paw on his forehead.  "We've got a lot to cover."

Joel was holding Mutt into his shoulder.  Mutt was drifting off into sleep when he felt a hand scratching his belly.  He looked over Joel's head to Kindle, who looked to Mutt with the same expression.  They both looked down to Joel, and saw that both of his hands were busy stroking each of them.  Mutt smiled, and Kindle did too.  Kindle kissed Joel's neck gently

Joel moaned softly as his hands ventured down to both sheaths.  Both hands explored the dog's at the same time.  Mutt groaned softly and began to lick Joel's shoulder and neck sensuously.  Joel's body shook as his erection began to grow to life again.  As both Kindle and Mutt licked and caressed him, Joel could feel his erection grow harder and harder, until it felt solid.  Even harder than it ever been before.  Joel stopped his stroking and looked down between his legs, and saw a knot forming a the base of his own shaft.

"Ahh…."  Joel said with some surprise, looking at himself.  Both Kindle and Mutt looked as well.

"Well that's encouraging." Kindle said.  "Usually dogs have those."

Joel looked at Kindle, his eyes bright and happy.  "You mean I'm going to be a dog?"

"Or a wolf." Mutt said.  "Or something like that.  Or something none of us have seen before.  That's happened to us."

"You mean I could have become something else?" Joel asked.  "I thought if I was with a dog, I'd become a dog."

"Not always." Mutt said, using the back of his paw to stroke Joel's arm.  "I brought a skunk into the crew once."  Mutt snickered.  "I love Remmy like a brother but when he changed he sprayed me hard.  It took weeks for that to get out of my fur."

Joel laughed nervously.  "So you think I'll be a Howler?  If I am can I stay here?"

Kindle nodded, caressing Joe's arm gently.  "Tell you what.  No matter what you become, you can stay here for a while at least, until you feel comfortable.  That sound good?"  Joel nodded.  "So I guess the question is…   When would you want to be brought into the crew?"

Joel looked around, and saw most of the Howlers weren't looking at them.  "I think I'm ready." he said softly. "I think I want you both to do it."

Kindle nibbled on Joel's neck gently as Joel moaned softly.  "I want this to be special for you." he said.  "How would you like your first time to be?"

Joel thought a moment, then  looked to Mutt.  "I want you to take me first."  Then he looked to Kindle. "Then you."  He reached up to Kindle's muzzle, and stroked it gently.  "If I could have you both at the same time, I would.  You're both being so good to me."

Mutt smiled widely.  "I can think of a way."  Joel looked confused, and Mutt rolled onto his back, bringing Joel with him until they were laying belly to belly.  He then offered a paw to Kindle, and helped him up onto his knees.   He then places his fingers on Joel's shaft, and stroked at it gently.  "You in me." he said.  "And Kindle in you.  you get us both, at the same time."

Joel was shaking, looking down at Mutt.  "I'll try not to call you Whisper." he said, trying to force a joke.

Kindle leaned into Joel's back.  Joel could feel Kindle's sheath getting thicker as he pushed into his leg.  "If it hurts, tell me and I'll stop."  Joel nodded, placing his hand on Kindle's sheath, rubbing it back and forth.  Kindle let a contented murr escape his lips as Joel eagerly massaged his sheath.

Mutt used his claws to gently stimulate Joel's shaft.  He watched it as it's once human form was  completely lost, the tip becoming longer and thinner, and the body of it becoming a deep pink.  Joel's breathing became faster until it was obviously a hard panting.  "I…  I'm ready." Joel said.  Mutt spread his legs apart, and brought his tail between Joel's legs.  He used his fingers to guide Joel's slick shaft to his tail hole.

The feeling of warmth caused Joel to take in a sharp breath, and push slightly with his hips.  Mutt groaned a little, but the pressure cause his own sheath to swell.  When he had the tip in, Joel pushed Kindle into his body.  Kindle sat up on his knees, and held Joel by the hips.  As Kindle pushed in, Joel let out a loud moan, and pushed into Mutt's hole.  Joel's moan became labored as he penetrated into Mutt, and Kindle penetrated into him.

At first only the close Howlers began to take notice, but as the scent made it way through the den, all of the howlers stopped what they were doing.  Many looked over to Mutt's corner of the den and saw what was happening, many didn't.  As the scent of a deflowering washed across the den, all became aroused, dripping from their own sheaths and feeling the call.

Joel pressed his belly into Mutt's fully penetrating him.  Mutt felt his shaft being massaged between him and Joel, and he could feel Joel's shaft throb every time Kindle pushed into him.  Joel looked into Mutt's eyes, and Mutt could see the sparkle in them grow stronger.  Joel felt inside him his heart pound harder.  Without warning, he realized he had a  tail, and Kindle was holding it.  He couldn't hold himself back any longer.  Joel craned his neck back, and howled from the core of his being

In the mess hall, the crew heard a loud howl, followed by a chorus of howls that ran the length of the ship.  Ron looked over to Smoke, who shook his head.  "Don't mind them." Smoke said.  "The dogs are fucking someone into the crew."

The second howl that followed caused several Howlers in the mess hall to sit up straight.  They then stopped eating, broke from their tables and headed out the door.  Ron watched the Howlers leave, then looked to Sharpeye who was smiling to himself.  "I've only seen them do that once before." he said with a smile on his muzzle.  "I guess they're putting on an impromptu howl for their latest recruit."  The others at the table looked at Sharpeye with a confused look.  "I would guess they found a virgin, it's the only thing that makes them all get up like that."  The others at the table looked at Sharpeye.  "Oh, don't worry, you'll smell it soon enough if they did."  He tapped Silver's paw gently.  "Finish your dinner love.  We're in for a fun night."

From the den Joel was in heaven.  He felt nothing but pure pleasure as Mutt held his head while it changed.  Joel could feel his ears forming into a point, and shifting along his skull to stand on top of his head upright on a wider stance.  His face had changed, a long thin muzzle with a black nose forming along the white and yellow-blonde fur.  Joel's tongue rolled out of his mouth as he panted in pure ecstasy.  He dug his hind-claws into the wooden floor as his body shifted slightly to accommodate his new tail length better.

Kindle was lost in the euphoria of the scents around him.  Joel's hole was reforming while he was inside it, massaging him beyond belief.  Mutt's shaft was being massaged by Joel's virgin belly fur.  He could see the white underbelly and haunches forming around the golden fur of his flanks, arms and legs.  Joel's body seemed to get stronger, leaner, as he pushed into Mutt.

Suddenly, Joel leaned forward and started to lick and suckle on Mutt's shaft.  Mutt arched his back out of reflex and let our a growl.  Kindle adjusted his balance to let Joel enjoy himself.  Joel's paws held Mutt's hips as his neck craned to lick Mutt's shaft.  What he lacked in experience he more than made up for in enthusiasm.  Mutt's toes curled as he let out a howl.  He climaxed into Joel's virgin muzzle.

Kindle's shaft  felt like a jolt off electricity flew through him.  He clenched Joel's tail in his paw while holding his hops with the other.  Kindle howled as well, climaxing into Joel.  Joel then leaned back, and howled to the ceiling as he climaxed into Mutt.  The howlers that could returned the howl in kind.  Joel felt his connection to the pack.

The powerful musk had penetrated through the Howler's den, and no dog was unaffected.  Red and Dice were sucking each other.  Duke, Red and Bullseye were all in the throes of pleasure as they mounted each other.  The growling, the snarling, he howling all grew louder by the minute.

Ironbar had been talking to Yars when the howls crossed the ship.  When he heard the second one, he looked up to Yars with an almost glazed look in his eyes.  "You want to come down to the Howler's den tonight."  It wasn't a question, it was a demand.

"I'm sorry?" Yars asked.  He finally looked up to see Ironbar's crotch pushing tight against his pants.  "Wasn't there just a howl a week or two ago?"

"New reason." Ironbar said desperately.  "Leave your jacket here and come with me."

Yars blinked once, then got a wicked grin across his face.  "I should figure out how to bottle that."  He removed his jacket and followed Ironbar.

Robert was kissing Abacus passionately.  They broke the kiss, and the raccoon looked dazed.  "Where did that come from?  I'm not complaining, but…"

"Can't you smell that?" Robert asked breathlessly.  "Can't you feel it?"

Abacus sat up, and took a few sniffs of the air.  "A little muskier than usual…"  He sniffed again, and at the edge of his consciousness he caught a sharper, cleaner scent.  He took in another sniff, and felt it growing on him.  "Oh…"  he said, taking in one more.  "OH!"  He looked over to Robert, who's erection was straining out of his sheath.  "I can barely… but…."  Abacus let it drop, seeing the desperate look on Robert's face.  "I love you."

"Kiss me?" Robert asked.  Abacus smiled, and leaned into his mate, kissing him fully.  Robert's paws ravaged Abacus until he was only in his fur.  Robert's tail wrapped around Abacus's, and they laid together in their bed, kissing, nipping, and holding.  Abacus held Robert's shaft in his paws, and guided him under his tail.  "I love you too." Robert said, looking at Abacus.  Abacus smiled as Robert pushed gently into his mate.  Abacus licked Robert's whiskers as they made love.  Robert shivered at the stimulation, and closed his eyes.  The two of them rocking together, lost in their passion and love.

Yars woke up the next morning in the Howler's den.  He could feel Ironbar still tied in him, and he smiled to himself.  He held Ironbar's paw in his own, and rubbed his muzzle into it.  He heard Ironbar behind him groan softly in pleasure.  Yars looked around, and took in the room in the morning's light.  It was like the Howl from a few weeks ago, but less organized.  The few others awake were still getting their bearings, coming down from the night's events.

Duke got up onto all fours, and shook his head to clear out his thoughts.  He looked to his left.   "Morning Captain." he said nonchalantly.  "Sleep well?"

Yars nodded.  "I'm not entirely certain." he said with a smile.  "Yourself?"

"It's been worse." Duke said with a grin.  "Can I get you some breakfast?"  Duke looked around, found a pair of pants that might have been his, and put them on.

Yars nodded.  "If you would be so kind.  I think I'm going to be here for another hour at least."  Duke looked at Yars, and Ironbar behind him.  Duke snickered to himself.  "Can you get something for Ironbar as well?  He might need some water."

"For my Captain, I can do that." Duke said.  "You should come down here more often.  He's always happier when you sleep with him."  Yars nodded as Duke got up to go down to the mess hall.

Joel woke up feeling an arm around his chest.  Without even opening his eyes, he kissed the paw attached to it.  "Good morning to you too!" Kindle said.  Joel rolled over gingerly, and looked at Kindle  "Mutt went down to get some food and water.  He should be back in a minute or two."

Joel rolled onto his back, and groaned slightly, putting his arm over his eyes.  "I feel sore." he said.

"I can't say I blame you." Kindle said.  "A lot of us feel the same way.  Remember it all?"

Joel nodded weakly.  "Did I really take all of Mutt in me?"  Kindle nodded.  "And what's the dalmatian's name?"

"Duke?" Kindle asked.

"Yeah." Joel said.  "He wasn't as big but his felt good too.  Yours felt perfect in me."  Joel moved his arm and looked at Kindle.  "Am I a Howler now?"

"If you want to be." Kindle said tenderly.  "I'd like you to be."

Joel nodded.  "Then I'm a Howler." he said.

Kindle smiled, and licked Joel's muzzle.  "You do know that we will pick a name for you, your pack name."

Joel nodded.  "It's ok.  Anythign in mind?"

"Well find one for you." Kindle said.  "They gave me mine because I knew hot to cook a fish."

Joel snickered and with his paw caressed Kindle's muzzle.  "So what am I now?"

Kindle crinkled his muzzle a little.  "I don't know." he said.  "You don't look like a retriever, but the fur is right."

"I think he's a blond doberman."  They looked up to see Mutt there, kneeling with some food in a dish and some water in a cup.  "But the tail is too long.  How ya doing kid?"

"Sore." he said, trying to sit up.  "I think I may be walking funny for a week."

Mutt smiled, and helped Joel sit up.  "You'll be fine."

Silver opened his eyes to feel Sharpeye still curled up inside his body.  Silver half closed his eyes in the morning light and licked Sharpeye's ear gently.  Sharpeye stirred slightly  "I'm not as young as I used to be, love." he said groggily.

"I know." Silver said softly.  "But I still love you."

Sharpeye rolled his tail under his body, then shifted his weight to face his mate.  "As I love you.  And good morning my love!"  They kissed, together.  "We really should get up."

"Do you want to?" Silver asked.   Sharpeye put a finger to his muzzle, and looked mockingly serious.  He crinkled his muzzle, and shook his head.   "I think we can spare a few minutes, don't you?"

"I do." Sharpeye said with a smile.  "I most certainly do."  He brought his paw around to Silver's head, and held him in close.  The two snuggled into the morning.

The morning got started slowly.  Most of the Howlers taking more time than usual to get going.  That evening, Joel sat with some of the others at dinner.  "You don't do this every night, right?"

Mutt laughed.  "Naw, just special nights.  Like Tuesdays."  The others at the table laughed.

"So what next?" Joes asked, when everyone settled down.

"Well, not sure." Mutt said.  "We kinda take things one at a time.  But I'd like to figure out what you are."

"I'm not sure myself." Joel said, looking at his paw carefully.  "Never quite seen a dog like this.  Could I be a mixed breed?"

"Possibly." Kindle said.  "But what?"

Several howlers along the table threw in their opinions.  Retriever.  Sheppard.  Collie.  After several minuted they all seemed more confused than before.   "What in the world could he be?" Ironbar asked to nobody in particular.

"Dingo."  They turned around to look at Robert, who twitched his whiskers nervously.  "He's a dingo."

"A ding-go?" Joel asked.  "What's a dingo?"

"Australian dog." Robert said, looking up the table.  "I've seen them before at…  ummm…  zoos and…  the like?"  He looked to Joel, and patted him between his perked ears.  "You're cuter than the one I saw at the zoo.  Welcome aboard."  Robert hurriedly walked away to sit by Abacus.

Joel looked at the Howlers along the table.  "So I'm a dingo?"  Several howlers shrugged, smiled, or otherwise nodded in approval.  "So I can stay in the den?  with the pack?"

"If you want." Kindle said.  "Happy to have you there!"

"Definitely!" Joel said.

After dinner, Mutt walked up to Kindle before going back up to the deck.  "Can I ask 'ya somethin?"

"Sure." Kindle said.

"Last night, with Joel, you were being so patient, but I could smell the drive in ya." Mutt said.  "How'd you do it?  I mean not jump on him."

Kindle bit his lower lip, and hung his head slightly.  "If I tell you, promise me not to tell anyone else."  Mutt nodded.  "When I got on this ship, I was new to the world.  I was still a virgin myself.  I was herded into Vermin's nest and…"  Kindle took in a deep breath.  "He wasn't as kind to me.  You kinda remember that."

Mutt put his arm around Kindle.  "I'm sorry." he said.

"It happened." Kindle said sadly.  "So when he told us he was a virgin, I wanted to give him what I never got." Kindle nodded to himself.  "A good start on board, and a very happy memory of his first time."

Mutt rubbed his muzzle into Kindle's cheek.  "You've got a good heart.  I knew ya had one in ya."

Kindle ruffled Mutt's fur along his ears.  "Stop it before I get all misty eyed."  The two shared a tender moment before going back to the deck.

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