"The Maria"
Chapter 10


By : Socks the Catt
©2003 Socks Furrotica Press
"In this never-ending world
everything keeps on reincarnating
in this shapeless world
something flashes through your head when
you close your eyes."
-Steve Vai
"Asian Sky"

Mike felt very good when he woke up, better than he had for weeks.  As he opened his eyes, he looked around to see that he was sleeping in the water.  A few hundred feet from shore, and tied with a rope to the ship that had been his prison for a few weeks.  But instead of dread, he felt comfort looking a her.  Yes, a her he thought.  He stretched out, floating lazily, playfully splashing the water around him.  He felt a joy he couldn't quite explain, but was not about to argue about it.

"Ahoy there!"  Mike looked around, then up to see a human-like bat on board the Maria.  "Are you Mike?"

"Yeah." Mike said. rolling in the water slowly to untie himself from the rope.  "Who are you?  And why are you on the ship?"

"It's my home!  And I'm Belfry." the bat said.  "I heard someone was changed accidentally, and I didn't think we had any marine animals on board!"

"I'm not on board yet." Mike yelled up, floating lazily on his back in the waves.  "But if the captain will have me I'm thinking of staying on.  I don't think I can go home like this."

"I understand." Belfry said.  "It would explain a few things I've been sensing on board here."

"Sensing?" Mike asked.

"It's a long story." Belfry said.  "Why don't you come up?"

Mike smiled.  "I think I will!"  He paddled over to the boat.  "While I'm down here, would you like something to eat?  I think I can catch something real quick!"  Belfry snickered as Mike effortlessly climbed up the anchor chain.

Around mid-day Yars walked onto the ship with Rev beside him.  "I'm still not sure this is a good idea."

"Are you afraid?" Rev asked.

"No." Yars said.  "More hesitant to hear what she has to say."  Yars sighed to himself.  "Conversations are easier when they're only one way."

"She does want to talk to you." Rev said, leading the way down below.  "And now is a good time to do it."

"Why now?" Yars asked.

"New years resolution." Rev said, opening a door.  "Or have you lost count of the days?"

Yars walked and counted on his fingers, muttering to himself.  "You're right." He said.  "In all the chaos I completely forgot."

"Understandable." Rev said.  "You've had a lot on your mind, not to mention someone tried to kill you.  I'm surprised that Vermin hasn't tried yet."

"I think he's trying to get himself into as many of his men as he can.  You saw what happened to a few of his jackrats when he stopped."

"I did." Rev said.  "I thought it was interesting to see.  Speaking of which, what will you do with them?"

"The jackrats or the men?"  Yars asked.  Rev shrugged.  "Either or, if they wish to stay, I won't force them on board.  If not, we'll work something out."

"Wise choice." Rev said.  They walked to a door, and Yars took in a deep breath.  They walked in.  Lights magically illuminated the room, and Yars looked to the glowing box.  "Place your hand on her, I'll leave the two of you alone, if you'd like.

Yars nodded, looking at the box.  Rev quietly left, leaving the tiger alone.  "I hope this isn't a mistake." he said.  He placed a paw onto the form.  Instantly the room shifted perspective, and rushed away from him.  The lights around him became pure white, and the floor seemed to sink away from him.  Yars felt a floating sensation as the lights bent and twisted before his eyes.  A form emerged from the lights, taking on more human-like shape.  She formed in a smoky haze, long gray hair flowing over her feline pointed ears as if she were weightless.  Yars felt weightless himself, as he looked over the form before him.  Features were hazy, but he could see her smile.  The tiger felt warmth from her, and took in a deep breath.  "Hello Maria."

"Ok, hold this still." Robert said.  Silver tried to as Robert took the clipping from the plant.  "There you go!"

Silver held the stem as Robert placed it in a glass bottle.  "So now what?"

"Well, we can get this little guy into some water, then some dirt, and hopefully, we'll have a plant we can grow!" Robert aid happily.  "I heard a rumor that Maria may have a botanical area now."

Silver brushed dirt from his paws.  "You know, I've been meaning to ask someone about that.  Is it just me or did anyone else notice she's larger on the inside than the outside?"

Robert blinked a few times and looked perplexed.  "What do you mean?"

"Have you ever measured her?" Silver asked.  Robert shook his head.  "I tried to map her out once, it gave me headaches.  As I measured her, down below should be longer than the top deck, and there are rooms that should be out in the water but aren't!"

Robert scratched his head.  "Perhaps your off?"

"No, can't be." Silver said.  "I've tried it five times at least, and it's impossible to do it!"

Robert looked to the clipping he had with him.  "I never really noticed.  I've just taken it as part of what makes the Maria unique."

"Excuse me?"  Robert and Silver jumped a little, turning to look at the man.  It was a human.  Silver recognized him from the Jezzibelle.  "I didn't have a white flag, I come to ask your captain a question on our behalf."

A while later the man was sitting between two dog guards, both armed with large knives.  He sat nervously as he waited for the tiger.  Captain Yars walked up the beach from the Maria with Ironbar.  "He says he wants to talk to you." Ironbar said.  "He has no weapons, we checked."

Yars half closed his eyes and gave Ironba a sideways glance.  "And I'm guessing your men enjoyed that, did they?"

"Strictly professional." Ironbar said.  "But I'll frisk you later if you want?"

"You might be busy." Yars said swiftly.  "It is new year's eve tonight."  Ironbar raised an eyebrow and twitched the opposing ear.  "I know, I forgot too.  I'll talk to the pirate, you make the arrangements.  We'll talk later about what Maria said."  Ironbar smiled, and licked Yars on the muzzle before going to the Howler's area.  Yars sighed happily, the put back on the mask of Captain.

Yars sat down in the sand next to the man.  "My name is Scott." the man said, offering a hand.  Yars shook with him.  "I'm here to ask about your plans.  Are you planning on leaving soon?"

"We are." Yars said.  "Three days from now."

"I'll tell Captain Langley then." the man said.  "I have a few more things I need to ask you.  Some of the men from the Jezzibelle want to leave with your ship.  Are they allowed?"

"Yes." Yars said.  "I think I know the ones you refer to, they've been with some of my men for a few days now.  If they wish to leave with us, they may.  They should know it's a one way journey, there's no going back once they're on board."

Scott nodded.  "Were you serious about the payment and the boat?"  Yars nodded again.  Scott nodded himself.  "Then I will go report back to my Captain.  Now, off the record, I would like to know something from you and your crew.  I've heard a lot of your men talk of their families back home.  If you would like, I can make sure that messages can reach families once we return to a port."

Yars raised an eyebrow.  "And why would you do that for us?"

"I am not without compassion for a fellow man of the sea." Scott said.  "I have my own family to return to myself.  I am eager to go back, but I also know that your crew can not.  Consider it a favor from me for sparing my life."

Yars scratched his chin once.  "Let me talk to my crew, we may.  Tell me, can you read a map?"

"Yes.  Why?" Scott asked.

"I just wanted to know.  Return here before we leave, I will have an answer then."  Scott nodded, and got up to leave.  "Robert?  Will you escort Scott to his own camp?"

Robert, who up to this time was standing with Silver on the side, stammered.  "Me?  Wouldn't it be better if one of the guards or someone who could…"

"Nonsense!" Yars said with a flourish.  "I think you and Scott have things to talk about while you walk him back with his men."  Robert's lip quivered, but he nodded.  Robert and Scott left up the beach.

Duke and Mutt were playing in the water together, throwing a stick around and laughing as it splashed.  Duke looked up, and stopped.  Mutt looked to Duke, then over his own shoulder to see what Duke was looking at.  At the water's edge stood a man, Christopher.  "I don't want to talk to you." Mutt said.

"David?  Please?"  Chris said.  Mutt stopped in his turn, and snapped his head back around.  Nobody ever used his real name unless it was important.

"Oh, gosh, look at the time." Duke said, wading to the water's edge.  "I need to go clean a fish.  I'll see you later tonight Mutt!"  The dalmatian got out of the water, shook himself off, grabbed his clothing and headed back to the beach.  Mutt stared at him the whole way, not believing that he'd be abandoned like that.

Chris sat on a dry rock, and looked at Mutt.  Mutt, feeling defeated, waded to Chris and sat next to him.  "Well, I guess you've got my attention."

"Does the offer still stand?" Chris asked.  Mutt cocked his head to the side, and looked at him.  "At Rev's sermon, you offered to be my family."  Chris closed his eyes, and slumped forward slightly.  "I've been so stupid, so blind.  Selfish.  I've been selfish.  Ever since I got on board the Maria I've only been thinking of getting off of there.  I never even looked to see where I was, only what I thought was there.  Vermin had a lot to do with that.  I never realized what friends I had right there in front of my nose."

Mutt sat, and thought as Chris talked.  "I'm sorry for snapping at you all those years.  I think I was just mad.  And I'm sorry for snubbing you every Christmas.  And I'm sorry for hurting you over the last few days.  I want to ask you to do me a favor, and I don't want anyone else to do it but you."

"What?" Mutt asked, feeling dejected.

"Bring me back into the crew." Chris said.

"You know I don't like to do that." Mutt said in a gruff manner, looking at the water.

"I know." Chris replied softly.  "I wouldn't ask if it didn't mean something to me to ask you."  They sat in silence.  Chris finally took in a long breath.  "You offered to be my family.  I want to take you up on your offer."

"What about your real family?" Mutt asked sullenly.  "I thought you wanted to go back to them?"

"What would I say to them?" Chris asked, pantomiming the scene.  "Hello!  I know I haven't been home in five or so years.  I've been on a boat with men who are animals and I've been getting fucked by a rat named Vermin all this time."  Chris laughed to himself nervously.  "I thought about that this morning.  If I go home, what do I tell them?  What can I tell them?  Would they believe me?  Would I get locked away?  Would I miss you?"

Mutt spun his head around when he heard that.  "You'd miss me?"

"You're the only one who's been nice to me when I was a jackrat." Chris said.  "It wasn't until I had time to myself that I even considered that.  Vermin used me as a walking fuck hole.  The other crew members sneered at me after I sneered at them.  You're the only one who was there, and I never saw that until this morning."

Mutt sat, stunned.  He had never even thought twice about it.  Chris got off his dry rock, and laid down in the shallow water with Mutt, and wrapped an arm around him.  Mutt returned the hug.  "You're getting your clothing wet." he said.

Chris snickered.  "See?  You're even nice to me now!"  Mutt laughed a little too.  "I'm asking you for a favor.  I don't trust anyone else to bring me over into the crew.  Only you."

Mutt hugged Chris gently.  "You know why I don't do it, right?"

"Once the fur grows in, nobody will see the bite marks." Chris said.

"You have been thinking of this, haven't you?" Mutt said, Chris nodded.  "Thought of what you're gonna be?"

"Yeah." Chris said.  "I'm hoping a dog so I can stay with you guys."

"No matter what, you can always sleep on my little section of floor."  Mutt said.  Chris smiled, and kissed Mutt's muzzle.  The two of them caressed and cuddled together in the water.  Finally, Mutt pulled away slightly.   "When?"

"When you're comfortable." Chris said.

Mutt grinned, and let his tongue roll out of his mouth slightly.  "How about now?"

Chris sighed.  "I was hoping."  Mutt helped Chris out of his shirt, and pants, and the two of them lay together in the water naked.  They touched each other, gently,  Chris's erection poking Mutt in the leg.

Mutt's own erection was sliding out of his sheath.  "You're sure?" Mutt asked.

"I wouldn't have asked if I weren't." Chris said.  Chris placed his hand on Mutt's shaft, and helped to guide him.  Chris spread his legs wide, as Mutt's excitement began to show.  Mutt drooled a little as he helped Chris lay on his back.  Chris placed Mutt's tip against his hole.  Mutt looked down one more time, and Chris nodded.

Chris took in a sharp breath as Mutt penetrated him.  Mutt stopped, and pulled back slightly. "I'm ok!" Chris said quickly.  "I'm ok!  You're just bigger than Vermin."

Mutt's eyes got wide, and then got a twinkle in his eye.  He licked Chris's face as he pushed into him.  Chris panted a little, getting used to the shaft inside him.  Mutt pulled back, then pushed in further, then pulled back, then pushed in further.  Mutt gently brought himself into Chris fully.  Chris moaned in pleasure, looking up at Mutt's face.  He watched as Mutt unclenched his jaw, and pulled back.  As his motions became more focused, Chris's breathing began to get deeper.

Mutt looked down on Chris, and felt his jaw quiver.  Rapidly, he could feel the fever take over his mind.  "Chirs…  I'm…  losing it…."

Chris held Mutt's short muzzle in his hands, noticing his fingernails had become black.  "Go ahead." Chris said.  "Then let go."

Mutt looked down at Chris, and saw that his mouth had begun to shift.  He felt sad, he never could keep his mind while in a good mounting, which is why he never brought anyone into the crew.  As he watched, he felt his hips increase the pace.  His tail wagging, Mutt's body began to move on it's own.  Chris looked up to Mutt, never leaving eye contact with him.  He could feel his ear tip get longer, and longer.  Mutt began to drool more onto Chris, and he panted harder.

Chris's face began to push forward as his nose turned black as night.  He held Mutt's shoulders in his hands.  He saw his nails had become black claws.  He opened his mouth and let a loud guttural groan escape.  The sound fueled Mutt, as his body pushed into Chris.  Mutt's hips met with the flesh of Chris, and pushed further.  They both could feel Mutt's knot swelling, and escaping his sheath.

Mutt opened his eyes, and saw Chris's face.  It had pushed forward into a long muzzle, Chris's hair brindled, and became a black and brown pattern with a black widows peak of short black fur over his tan  eye fur.  His body was shifting, accommodating Mutt's shaft easier.  Chris's ears were growing longer, but they were drooping down, growing long and floppy.  Mutt's panting grew deeper, and he began to growl softly.

With one paw, Chris held Mutt's tail.  He placed a claw under Mutt's tailbone, and massaged a spot.  Mutt's body shook, and he snarled in bliss.  Chris began to pant as well, his long pink tongue rolling out of his brown brindled muzzle.  Chris brought his other paw to Mutt's head, and stroked his floppy ears.  Chris brought Mutt's head down, knowing what Mutt  liked.

Mutt's howl ended, and his mouth opened to taste Chris's shoulder.  Chris pushed his head down, and Mutt's jaws sank into Chris's fur.  Chris wagged his elongating tail and growled himself.  He pushed his claw under Mutt's tail a little harder.  Mutt closed his eyes, and bit down harder onto Chris's shoulder.  The scent of Mutt's saliva, the pressure on his shoulder, and the feeling of Mutt's knot swelling inside him drove Chris to the brink.  He craned his neck back , and let out a loud howl of his own,

In his mind, something primal fed Mutt, and brought his climax to the front of his mind.  He pumped as hard as he could, digging his hind claws into the ground and slamming his hips into Chris's body.  Chris held Mutt's head in one paw, and tail in the other.  Chris's tail wagged, feeling filled in a way that Vermin could never do.  He wrapped his white and brown furred legs across Mutt's body, and rode him out.  Chris howled with his eyes shut, enjoying the moment.

Finally, Mutt collapsed onto Chris, is jaws still locked on his shoulder.  Chris relaxed, his tailhole filled with Mutt's cum and his knot, and panted happily.  After a few moments, he began to stroke Mutt behind the ears.  Mutt came down from his euphoria, feeling the warmth of the tie.  Both he and Chris let out small contented groans of pleasure.  After holding this position, Mutt unclenched his jaws, and licked Chris's fur.

Mutt looked over Chris's body.  Obviously not a pure breed dog, he looked to have some dachshund in him, as well as some dane, possibly something else.  White and black hairs mixed with Chris's brown fur, giving the mottled look of a mixed breed.  He looked to have a natural back fur 'collar' around his neck, and his paws were the same dark brown of his muzzle.

"You didn't cum?" Mutt panted out.

Chris shook his head.  "No." he panted out himself with a happy smile.  "I didn't need to."  He reached up and hugged Mutt, who returned it.  "Thank you, my friend." Chris said, licking Mutt's fur.  "Thank you!"

Mutt  held Chris, and enjoyed the feeling on his knot.  "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"I didn't mind." Chris said.  "You waited until the fur came in."

"I know." Mutt said.  "That's the first time I remember doing it."  Mutt looked up and  down Chris.  "Looks like you're a dog, just not sure what kind.  You look a bit like me.  Another mutt."

Chris  smiled in a way that felt unfamiliar, his tongue rolling out slightly.  "No regrets." he said, recovering himself.  "Just means I've got the best of many."

Mutt hugged Chris gently.  "You'll be needing a pack name now." he said.  "And you'll be needing to do one more thing."

"What's that?" Chris asked.

"You're not leaving this pool until you cum." Mutt said.  "And I won't let you do that in anyone else but me!  I get your first one!"  Chris laughed with Mutt, and the two of them cuddled while Mutt's knot shrank.

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