"The Maria"
Chapter 2:
The Rev
By : Socks the Catt
©2002 Socks Furrotica Press
"I think orgasms are as close to God as you can get.  Because when you cum, you're creating."
-Bobby Gaylor

"Ahh…" the great dane said, grinning.  He looked at the man in the sling in front of him with hungry eyes.  The man was shaking, wondering if he would be cooked, slaughtered, or just eaten raw.  "I've been looking forward to this!"

"Do your worst!" Pete said, trying to be defiant.  He was chained in this sling, legs spread apart, and was placed here by armed guards before his clothing was stripped off of him.  "I'm not scared of you!" he coughed out.

The Dane's ears perked up, and he laughed.  "Good.  Then you're not scared of this either."  He removed his pants, and the man in the sling gasped.  The Great Dane's shaft was fully exposed, and  dripping with a glistening coating of pre.  "Ready or not, here I come."

Pete tried to protest, but the dog had grabbed him by the hips and impaled himself onto the man.  Pete yelped in shock, but realized that he wasn't in as much pain as he thought he should have been.  Soon the dane was holding Pete's hips, and thrusting with all he had.  Pete found himself not only enjoying this, but howling a little himself in pleasure.  Pete's shaft had already shifted, and he skin melted into his stomach creating a sheath of his own with a bright red, moist shaft.  His face had also begun it's shift, his nose turning upward as his face pushed out into a perfect muzzle.

Soon Pete's paws were flexing in bliss, his claws trying to dig into the air.  The dane dug his claws into Pete's white fur and buried himself into the whelp all the way to his knot.  Pete's muzzle opened with a howl of pleasure, and his tongue hung out while he panted, screaming "MORE!  YES!  HARDER!".  The dane gripped Pete's shaft, and pawed him as fast as his big paws could.  Pete and the Dane came violently, howling in unison.  Both their bodies bucking into each other in orgasm.

Soon, both slowed down, and panted with each other.  The dane licked his paw clean, and bent at the waist to lick Pete's fur clean of his own terrier cum.  Pete hung in the sling, wagging his tail back and forth.  The dane looked down, tied with the pup in the sling.  He gently rubbed the Jack Russell terrier on the belly, feeling his short fur over his slowly shrinking nipples.  The dane ran his paws across the white fur, and then traced the dark circle of fur around the eye of the pup.  Pete shivered, his fur being stroked for the first time.

"My given name is Frank." The dane said with a tender look in his eye.  "My pack name is Ironbar.  Welcome aboard the Maria."

Pete hung in the sling feeling as weak as a newborn pup.  He raised his head slightly, feeling his ears fall over his head.  "Pete." he said, catching his breath, not sure what he could add.   He looked over himself once, and looked up to the dane between his legs, tied inside his hole.  He looked like he wanted to reach over to Frank and touch him, but the chains prevented that.  Frank looked so much bigger now, Pete thought to himself as he realized the chains were a lot tighter now.

"I'll explain the rules of the ship to you later." Frank said.  "Just right now, relax, enjoy the feeling."  Pete nodded, in his own afterglow of orgasm.

Ten minutes later, Frank and the new recruit left the room, both still naked but for their fur.  As the walked, Frank explained about the ship.  As they approached a door, Frank had finished with the basics.  "But I want to show you where we live."

"We?" Pete said.  "You mean there's more like us?"

"Oh yes." Frank said with a grin.  "I didn't get to the Howlers, did I?"  Frank opened the door, and inside the room were easily a dozen dogs like them.  All in various states of undress, activity, sexual positions, and bliss.  Frank walked in, and motioned for Pete to follow.  In a haze, Pete did, and closed the door behind him.  "Everyone!  This is Pete!  He's a new recruit!"

The room exploded in a howl, which was carried across the ship in a canine wave.  Pete soon found himself surrounded by other dogs like himself, petting, being petted, licking muzzles, sniffing under tails…  He finally looked up to Frank, slightly dazed.  "What do I do?" he asked.

"Be yourself." Frank said, stroking his ears once.  "Become a dog.  Become one of our pack."  Pete smiled, and let out a howl himself.  The other dogs in the room howled with him, welcoming him into the pack.  Frank considered that his pack name should be Bullseye for his facial markings, but figured that could come later.  He closed the door behind him as he greeted one of his packmates with a sniff.

Topside, a few other dog picked up the howl, and passed it along the ship.  Silver stopped in his steps, and looked at the dalmatian next to him.  "What did that mean?"

The dog tied off the rope in his paws and looked to  Silver with a smile.  "It means that I'll be finishing off as soon as I can to meet my new packmate."  He then looked over the gray fox once.  "That doesn't bother you, does it?"

"Not at all!" Silver said quickly.  "It's just I'm new here, I don't speak the language yet."

The dog scratched Silver on the head once.  "Good to hear it.  If you want to come down later, I'm sure the party will go most of the night.  You can be my guest if you want."

"I'll see if I can, I have to learn the navigation system." Silver said, his tail whipping a little bit in excitement.  "How will I know where it is?"

"Follow your nose." the dog said.  He took his bandanna off his head, and let the fox sniff it.  "Just follow onto my scent, you'll find me anywhere.  My pack name is Duke."

"Silver." the fox said, offering a paw.  They shook hands, and the dalmatian sniffed the fox's paw.

"I've got your scent too, if you can, come on down!  I'll find you there."  Silver nodded, and the two went back to their respective jobs.

Silver got into the navigation cabin, and saw Sharpeye there looking over a map.  He came up behind him and hugged him from behind.  Sharpeye let out a pleasant sigh, and put down his compass.  They turned to kiss each other gently.  "Whenever I hear them howl, I always feel envious." Sharpeye said in a contented coo.

"Why's that?" Silver asked.

"The Howlers are such a tight family." Sharpeye said.  "They're open to everyone on the ship, but I really can't appreciate it because I'm not a dog."

"So who are they?" Silver pulled up a seat, looking over the map himself.

Sharpeye rubbed his eyes, a little tired from the day's mapping.  "Oh, well, dogs are social animals, and when men become dogs they fall into that mentality.  Just as you and I fell into a fox mentality, just as…."

He was interrupted by someone opening the door.  A raccoon poked his head in.  "Have you seen Captain Yars?"

Sharpeye looked a little surprised, but wasn't shaken.  "No, what's wrong?"

"We're having problems with one of the new ship members." the raccoon said.  "Vermin won't touch him."

"This I have to see." Sharpeye said.  "Oh, Silver?  This is Abacus.  Abacus, Silver."

"Delighted." the 'coon said flatly.  "Follow me."

As they walked down below, Silver asked "So what's so special about…  Vermin?  Is that another group?"

"No." Abacus said.  "It's a he, and he's one of the older jackrats.  He loves being the one to make other rats, and it's usually kinda nasty."

"Nasty?" Silver asked, not knowing if he wanted the answer or not.

"Hot wax on virgin fur is never fun." Abacus said. "I think he's the problem with most of the jackrats.  But he won't touch this guy."

"Who won't he touch?" Sharpeye asked as they went down the last staircase.

"Someone from the ship we just absorbed." Abacus said.  "I don't know anything more, other than he was in their brig or something.  Here we are!"

The three came upon a scene of a large rat man, with a patch over one eye, ranting and raving to a wolf and something that looked like a skunk.  "Look, there's two things on the planet I do not want to mess with.  One is Captain Yars, the other is God.  And I think I could give Yars a run for his money on a good day, but I'm NOT taking chances with the other!"

Silver froze in place, suddenly putting the whole scene together in his mind.  "Rev."

Abacus rotated his ear to the young fox.  "What?"

"It's Rev, isn't it?" Silver asked, walking towards the door.  The others didn't have a chance to stop him as he walked up to the door and looked at Vermin nose to nose.  "That's Rev in there, isn't it?"  It wasn't as much a question as a demand.

"The preacher?" The rat spit out.  "Whatever his name is, I'm NOT going to do it!  If you want to, go ahead!  I'm not doing it!"  Vermin began to storm off, down the hall, leaving the others there to watch.  They all watched him leave, then looked at Silver in disbelief.

"Flare for the dramatic, isn't he?" the skunk asked with an amused tone to his voice.  The wolf nodded slowly.  They both looked at the fox.  "You've got a lot of guts to stand up at him like that kid."  Silver looked at the skunk, still looking for an answer.  "Well?  Are you going in or not?" the skunk asked.

Silver looked at Sharpeye, almost for permission.  Sharpeye shrugged, and motioned without intent.  "I'll talk to him." Silver said.  "I knew him."

"Suit yourself." The wolf said.  "Do what you need to do."  The wolf opened up the door, and Silver looked in.  And there was the Reverend Joseph Bailey as he remembered him.  Silver smiled to himself, it was good to see him alive, and he walked in.

The Reverend looked up from his bible, and Silver walked over as the door closed behind him.  He walked over to the table and grabbed a chair.  "May I sit down?"

"If you'd like." the man said.  "You're a bit friendlier that the last one in here."

Silver nodded.  "I think It's because I'm new here."  He sat down, and looked at the man, seeing his skin tones, how they looked in the light.  "I don't know if you can do this, but I'd like to as for forgiveness."

"You mean like a confessional?" the man asked.  Silver shook his head.  "Or personal forgiveness?"

"Personal." Silver said.  "I feel like it's partially my fault you're here."

"I'm not even entirely sure where I am." the man said, closing the book gently.  "I was on that pirate ship, I fell asleep, woke up in a nicer room and figured I was in a nicer prison."

"In a way, you're not far off." Silver said.  "You're aboard the Maria.  I don't quite understand all of this myself yet, but everyone on board is like myself and the other one who came in."

"Animals?"  The fox nodded, and the man held back a chuckle.  "At least the lord has a sense of humor.  If the arc can hold real animals, why not a ship to hold human ones?"

Silver smiled himself.  "But it is a nicer prison, we're all stuck.  We can't get off the ship."

The man lost his smile for a moment, considering the situation.  "So why are you here with me?"

"The same reason the rat was in here earlier." Silver said.  "It's the curse of the ship.  All the animals on board were once men.  A week ago I was a man too, aboard the Jezzibelle.  It was my suggestion to Captain Langley that spared your life.  And that's why I ask your forgiveness."  Silver hung his head.  "I didn't think you were on board this ship when we were all captured inside here.  I've condemned you to our hell."

"Joseph?" the man asked, in disbelief.  The fox nodded slowly.  Rev looked over the form of the fox in front of him.  "I can't really believe you're in there."

"I am." the fox said.  "Sharpeye is my mentor, well, more than that.  He brought me into the crew, and the more I'm with him, the more…."  Silver looked to the ground, and shook his head slightly, changing his mind of what he'd say.  "He explained it to me my first night.  Men will slowly transform on this ship, either over a series of months if left alone or very rapidly if they engage in…"  Silver stopped, feeling very dirty all the sudden.  Rev perked his eye and leaned in, encouraging him.  "if they have sex with each other." Silver finally spit out, embarrassed to admit it.

Rev put a finger on his chin, and thought.  "That would explain why the rat came in looking like he did."  He leaned back in his chair.  "He was going to try to rape me."  Silver shrugged, not knowing what had happened before he came in.  "At least he still has morals."

Silver nodded.  "That's why he left."

Rev sat back in his chair, looking over the fox.  "So are you here to rape me too?"  he asked in idle curiosity.

Silver shook his head.   "I didn't intend to, no.  I don't want to either."  He closed his eyes.  "I wanted to see if it was really you."  He suddenly felt very vulnerable, and leaned back in his chair.  "And it is.  And here we are.  I'm sorry to have condemned you Rev."  Silver looked to the floor, not wanting to see the man's face.

Rev leaned forward and put his hand on Silver's shoulder.  "I want to tell you something." he said.  "When you did what you did, you saved my life.  Life is a precious thing, a miracle from the All Mighty.  Did you ever hear the phrase that the Lord works in mysterious ways?"  Silver nodded.  "They're only mysterious if you lack a direction in your life.  If the Lord has deemed that I need to be here, then I need to bring His word here."

Silver looked up to Rev's eyes, seeing an understanding there.  "You're not mad?"

"How can I be?" he said with a smile.  "I'm alive, and that's more than some people get."

Silver smiled in relief and relaxed his body.  "In that case, I want to keep a promise I made to you."

"And which one is that?" The rev asked.

"I want to show you the ship, like I said I would." Silver said, offering his paw.  "I'm sorry it's not the Jezzibelle, but it's the ship."

Rev stood up, and offered his hand.  "You really are Joseph in there, and you truly are a man of your word."

Sharpeye was standing outside the door when he heard a knock.  He opened the door and saw Silver there with a human.  "Can I assume that this is Rev?" he asked.

Silver nodded.  "Yes.  Reverend, this is Sharpeye.  He's my mentor.  Sharpeye, this is Reverend Joseph Bailey, a friend of mine from the Jezzibelle."

They shook hands, and Reverend looked over the fox.  "Joseph told me a little about you."

The grey fox put his paw on the man's arm. "Please, call me Silver?  Joseph isn't me anymore."

The man nodded, and looked back to the red fox.  "A pleasure to meet you."  Sharpeye nodded.

"I'd like to show him the ship," Silver said to Sharpeye.  "Like you showed me before.  I want to introduce him to Maria."

Sharpeye nodded again.  "Not a bad idea.  I'll be back in navigation when you're ready."  Silver nodded, and motioned to Rev to follow him.  While on the tour, Silver told him everything  that had happened the last few days.  How the pirates were in the brig now, how he was brought into the crew that first night, how the ship is alive, everything he could think of.  The Reverend soaked it all in, along with the tour.

As Silver was taking him down the hall to the room Maria was in, Reverend Joseph finally spoke up.  "So there's a lot of intercourse going on here?"

Silver stopped in his tracks.  "I guess so." he said.  "I've only been with Sharpeye, but some of the others really get into it.  That's not evil, is it?"

Reverend Joseph shook his head.  "Some of my brothers in the Church would say it was.  I don't believe so.  I've heard from too many crews on too many ships too many stories.  Men have a need, and if that need is met and nobody is hurt, what's the harm?"

Silver nodded as he opened the door.   The room glowed to life as lighting appeared out of seemingly nowhere.  In the center of the room floated a black oval box.  Silver walked over to it, with the man behind him.  "This is Maria.  At least Sharpeye told me it was.  When I put my hand on her something… I'm not sure what happened, but something did." he said quietly.

Reverend Joseph looked at the box, and put his hand on it out of curiosity.  And after a few moments he began to speak.  "And hello to you too!"  Pause.  "Well, no, I wasn't really on that ship as a crew member."  Pause.  "It's all right.  I understand."  Pause.  "I think so too."  Pause.  "I don't see any problems, but I don't want to…"  Pause.  "I will agree to that."  Pause.  "Yes, and I look forward to that too!"  He then removed his hand.

"You…  talked…  to Maria?" Silver stammered out slowly.

"Well, yes, can't you?" the Reverend said with a smile.  "She said there is a way that doesn't involve sexual contact to make the change."

"Did she say why she does it?" Silver asked.

"No, but I'd encourage you to ask her yourself." Reverend said.  "She also said I had a room to myself if I wanted it.  But we should go up to the deck first.  I'd like to get to see the rest of the ship."  Silver agreed.

Silver took his friend on a tour of what he knew, then they got to Sharpeye and he took the both of them on a more complete tour.  They took a lot of time to get to knowing each other, talking about their lives to this point, the ship, and so on.

As they were on the top deck, they watched a few of the jackrats practicing swordplay.  Silver was more than a little intimidated at watching them perform fast disarms, and paid particular attention to Vermin as he spat out instructions like a captain of the guard.  After a few minutes of this, Silver leaned into Sharpeye.  "They could have slaughtered us."

"Hmm?"  Sharpeye asked, then realized it was more a question.  "Well, what do you think?"

Silver leaned onto the railing and watched as Vermin showed a strike that went from the groin through the chin, and didn't stop to do it.  The rat on the receiving end didn't bleed, but did shriek from the pain of being hit.  Silver bit his lip, and Rev looked on in amazement.  Silver nodded in shock.

"He'll be ok." Sharpeye said.  "He never gets his block up in time.  It's amazing he's survived as long as he has."  He leaned on the railing with Silver.  "He's doing this because he lost face, you know.  He wants to try to intimidate you to think he's more than he is, keep you in line under him."

Rev walked up behind the silver fox, and smirked.  "So people really don't change on board this ship, do they?"  Both foxes looked up at the man.  "Once a bully, they're always a bully."

"I'm afraid so." Sharpeye said with a sigh.  "Maria brings to the surface what someone is like on the inside.  Unfortunately, a lot of the ones with a sour distemper are rats by nature.  There's only a few dozen rats on board now.  I cringe to think what will happen if a whole crew becomes like that."

"Interesting that Silver is who he is then." Rev said.  "I never thought of him as being dishonest, or overly evasive."  Rev looked at Silver with a knowing smile.  "But then again, you are resourceful and clever.  It's possible that came to surface?"

"I like to hope so." Silver said, still watching the viciousness of the practice combat below.

Sharpeye then turned to face Silver directly.  "And to answer you, yes, we could have.  In some cases, we've had to prevent a bloodbath of all hands by defending at full strength.  The Howlers are almost as vicious as the jackrats if the cause is keeping the ship.  But when a ship comes along, and they choose to board, for half an hour some can get the escape they want."

"They wanted to die." Silver whispered out, feeling a little crushed at the realization.  Sharpeye nodded slowly, and said nothing more.  Rev thought of asking, but knew wiser.

The three of them spent the afternoon to evening together into dinner, Silver explaining his day to the Rev.  After talking about the ship's howl, Sharpeye smiled.  "One of the Howlers told me you were invited."  Silver blushed.  "It sounds like you had a complete day."

"How so?" Silver asked around his meat strips.  He didn't bother asking where it came from, just accepted it was there, edible, and tasted good.

"It seems you made an enemy today." Sharpeye said.  "Don't worry, he makes many of those by being himself.  It also seems that you made a friend too.  And on this ship, friends are more powerful than any enemy you can ever get."

Rev nodded in agreement, eating his food.  Silver looked to the two of them.  "So you know I was invited down to…"

"Yes." Sharpeye said.  "Don't worry, they'll be doing that until sunrise.  You won't miss anything."  Sharpeye brushed his tail past Silver's groin playfully under the table.

Silver blushed again.  "I didn't know I was being that obvious.  I didn't want to be rude, and Rev still needs to find his quarters."

The Reverend patted Silver on the head.  "Go on.  I'll be ok for the night."  Silver excused himself.  When he left, Rev looked at Sharpeye, and put down his water.  "He's young, but he has a big heart."

"I know." Sharpeye said.  "I hope the ship doesn't destroy his innocence."

Rev nodded in agreement.  "He also told me you two were intimate."  Sharpeye nodded with a hint of a smile.  "He does like you a lot.  I didn't think that was possible after what I saw on the Jezzibelle."

"Maria changes people." Sharpeye said, his ears dropping slightly.  "Some for the better, some for the worse.  Silver is a wonderful man, I'm looking forward to when he takes my place and I can do for him what he does for me."

Rev smiled, getting the answer he wanted.  "If you two want a ceremony, I'm available."

Sharpeye smiled now.  "We usually don't bother here.  We have some that are mates, and some that aren't, but if he wants to, I wouldn't complain about it.  Just don't invite the whole crew, I don't think either of us would want that."  Rev nodded in agreement.  Soon after, Sharpeye helped Rev find his living quarters, and went to find Silver in their quarters.

Both Silver and Sharpeye agreed to go down to the Howler's for the night.  They tried to howl with the dogs, which some of the dogs found amusing and some understood the meaning if not the message.  Reverend Joseph looked up to the sky with a wry grin.  "Well, Lord, at least I can't complain that you've assured me a boring life anymore."  He sat down on his bed, the first real bed he'd seen in a month.  "Well Maria, I'm ready."

The next morning Sharpeye woke up before his progeny did.  They managed to go back up to their room sometime in the night, and collapsed there belly to belly.  He snuggled into Silver and enjoyed the feeling of his companion waking up.  Silver opened his eyes slowly, and looked into Sharpeye with a smile.  "I think I could get used to waking up like this."

"Good thing." Sharpeye said.  "Because I think I can too."  The two of them nuzzled and snuggled for as long as they dared before getting out of bed for the day.

As they walked along a corridor, Silver stopped in front of a door.  "Give me a minute?  I'll meet you in the galley?"  Sharpeye nodded, and Silver knocked on the door.  When the door opened, his jaw hit the floor.

Standing in the doorway was a white rabbit.  His lop ears were neatly tucked behind his head, and his blue eyes sparkled.  "Hello Silver.  Would you like to come in?"  Silver blinked a few times, noticing that he was wearing his cross, collar and blacks still.  He nodded, and went inside.  "With the sense of humor that the Lord has been showing lately I expected a lamb or a lion, not this.  But I can't complain"  He rotated his arm around to get a look at his snow white fur.

"How did you do that?" Silver asked, astonished.

"Oh, Maria told me that the change can be brought on with extreme emotions.  She said that through religion others had changed in the past."  The rabbit picked up a black hat, and tried it on as he spoke.  "So last night, I prayed to the Lord, and asked him for guidance on this test of my faith."  He looked over his body one more time, and wiggled his short tail.  "Well, I got my answer."

Silver reached out his paw, like he was reaching out to glass.  The Reverend nodded slowly, and Silver ran his fingers over the soft snow-white fur.  The rabbit smiled, enjoying the touch.  "That's incredible." Silver said.  "Absolutely incredible."

"You should talk to Maria sometime." The rabbit said.  "She says she can hear everything, but so rarely do people talk to her."  He patted Silver on the shoulder.  "So I heard you had fun last night."

Silver blushed, his ears turning bright red.

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