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Silver straddled the yardarm of the ship as the sun was setting over the horizon.  They had been out to sea for a week.  In that time, the pirates had been brought into the crew with some success.  One dog, another horse, a fox, some kind of a mouse, and one crew member became a rat naturally.  There were still plenty of unchanged men left, one vowing to be taken over months.  And it was anyone's guess what the other few would become.  Silver took in a breath, smelling the salty sea and feeling it fill him.  His eyes wandered across the waves, looking nowhere in particular.  He caught a scent, and smiled.

"I knew I'd find you here." Sharpeye said as he leaned over the railing.  "You always come here when you think."

"I like the fresh air." Silver said.  "I get first whiff of anything here, before it goes through everyone else."

Sharpeye crawled over the railing, and shimmied up the yardarm gently to sit behind Silver.  Sharpeye put his muzzle onto Silver's shoulder, and took in a sniff.  "I understand your meaning!" Sharpeye said.  He nuzzled his mate gently from behind.  "Why don't you come to bed with me?"

"There's a lot still bothering me." Silver said.  "I talked to Robert a little.  About what he sees.  He said that came from Maria."

"So he says." Sharpeye replied quietly.

"And the ship, I can't map her.  She shifts and changes at a whim it seems." Silver said.  He placed his paws on the netting under the yardarm and pushed back slightly.  "And now we're going to get to go around in and just of the ship on certain occasions?"

"So she said." Sharpeye replied.

"So I don't understand it." Silver said.  "Is the ship alive?  Is it her body?  Is it magic or something we can't comprehend?  Are we her pets, or do we give her something in return?  Is the fur I wear real, or is this all some kind of wonderful dream?  Did she make me love you?  Did I always lean towards loving men and never know it?  Where does the line of who I was and who I've become stand?"

Sharpeye let the moment linger, and finally he hugged his mate in his arms.  "Would it matter if you knew all the answers?"

Silver thought a moment.  "I guess not." he finally said.  "It's just on my mind."

Sharpeye nodded, and rubbed his muzzle into Silver's cheek fur.  "I still love you, either way."  Silver churred happily, and leaned back into his mate gently.  The two of them sat on the yadarm, Silver's tail wrapped around Sharpeye's belly.  "Come on Sisyphus.  Let's go to bed.  We can debate all the intricacies of the universe later.  We've got a long time."

Silver nodded.  "You know best."  As they got off the yardarm, he perked up.  "And what's a Sisyphus?"

Sharpeye shook his head with a laugh.  "Someone else who had a task he could never quite finish.  We'll talk later."  He reached around his mate, and the two kissed passionately as the sun set over the horizon.

Scott sat in a pub in England.  It had been a month since his narrow escape, and he was on his way home.  The gold in the box had bought his way this far, and he still had enough to probably buy the bar outright, as well as most of the block it sat on.  But he bided his time.  He would be with his family by week's end.  He sat drinking his ale quietly, thinking of his friends who were now either animals or dead.

"SCOTT!"  He looked up to see a man approach him.  "I didn't see the Jezzibelle dock!"  Scott looked down, not wanting to look at the man's eyes.  "Oh come now!  Where's Langley?  Is he chasing some whore around?"

"Dead." Scott said.


"Dead." Scott said.  "The whole crew, but me.  Dead."

The man sat down, not quite believing it.  "All but you?"  Scott nodded.  "If that's true, where's the Jezzibelle?"  Scott shook his head, not saying anything.  "How did you manage to escape death?  It must be quite a story!"

Scott took a long, slow drink.  He hoped this one would be the swallow to make him forget.  But it wasn't.  He put the drink down.  "It is.  I'm not sure if I believe it still.  I'll tell you, but you won't believe me."

"Oh I've heard stories!" the man said.  "And if it concerns my ship, then I want to know where she is."

Scott picked up his glass, and looked at it.  "I may need another two of these.  You may need a few yourself.  It all started a month before Christmas."

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