Original Story Concept by Socks & Bandit
Fanfic written by Canem
Edited by Wolfy and Socks
Supported and Assisted by Wolfy, Liyoht and Socks

Act III/ Scene I:

A few minutes later, the trio along with Silver, Kindle, Ironbar and Rev are once again ushered into the captain’s quarters by Kyle. And this time they are greeted not only by the captain himself but by a cat and a raccoon that hadn’t seen before. Ironbar and the others go find seats of their own in the room.

Captain Yars: “Dave, Mike and Jeff, let me introduce you three to Abacus, my go-between with the Howler and Jackrat contingents aboard my ship, and Robert, my ship’s herbalist.” (he waves a hand in Robert’s direction) “Robert here along with Doc helped you three out after you were brought on board by us after the accident between our two ships.”

The trio looks at Robert with gratitude and some curiosity regarding his presence here.

Captain Yars: (noting their facial expressions) “You three are probably wondering why I have him here at this meeting.”

Mike: (looking at his friends and then at the captain) “Yes, my friends and I are kind of curious to know why he’s here. This is a meeting to get us to open up more about who we are and where we are from, isn’t it?”

Captain Yars: “Yes it is, Mike. And as for Robert being here, well it has to do with his gift.”

Dave: “Gift?”

Captain Yars: (saying without much aplomb) “I have Robert here because he has the ability to catch glimpses of our immediate future.”   (Robert cringes to himself)

Dave: (looking at Robert questioningly) “You’re a precog?” (he looks around to see the crew’s confused expressions) “Umm... where we come from, a precog or clairvoyant is someone capable of seeing the future before it happens.”

Robert: (looking nervous) “I... um.. am not really whatever you just called me there, Dave. This thing I have with being able to catch glimpses.. into the immediate future was a gift given to me by Maria for reasons only she knows of.”

Mike: “So... can you see how things are going to be for my friends and I on this ship? Do.. you.. know if everything will turn all right for us?”

Robert: (shakes his head) “I am.. afraid not, Mike. My “gift” doesn’t work that way. All I have been able to see of the future up till now are visions of immediate and life-threatening dangers to the ship and my fellow crewmates.”

Silver: “What Robert just told you is true, guys. And I know what he said is true because he foresaw an incident which almost claimed my life.” (he eyes the trio’s skeptical looks) “I am not kidding here guys. If it wasn’t for Robert here, I would have died after foolishly trying to furl the sails back into place while a storm was raging around me.”

Dave: “So you didn’t believe him initially when he told you about the vision regarding your death?”

Silver: “No, I didn’t and so didn’t a lot of my fellow crewmates back then, we didn’t know to what to make of what he was saying to us.

Robert: “I didn’t know what to make of his vision either when I envisioned it, if you three are curious enough to know. My visions.. are always vague and are not entirely accurate. They are never completely on target.”

Mike: “Okay, okay, now I know this little talk about your gift sounds interesting to my friends and I since you are the first precog we have ever come across in our lives. But it is obvious to my friends and I that this isn’t what we were brought up here to talk about with the captain.” (he looks at Captain Yars) “Am I right?”

Dave: “He’s right, captain.”

Jeff: “Yeah, if this meeting was just a show and tell about Robert’s gift, then this meeting could have been held anywhere on the ship. And it wouldn’t have be of any serious importance to you to hold this meeting here in your quarters.”

Captain Yars: (stoically) “You and your friends are absolutely right about this current discussion of ours. I didn’t really have you three brought up here to my quarters just so we could talk about Robert’s gift, at least not entirely anyway.”

Mike: “What do you mean by that, sir?”

Captain Yars: (gives Mike a serious look) “Do you three recall from just a few moments ago about what Robert said about his gift. He said that his visions up till now have always involved immediate and life-threatening dangers to the ship and crew.”

The captain looks at Robert and nods his head to allow him to take the lead in their discussion again.

Robert: (looking nervous again) “Ever since the captain had brought you three on board after the collision between our ships, I have been getting an entirely new set of visions.”

Dave: (looking puzzled) “Umm... what kind of visions?”

Robert: “In my visions, I have seen clocks of various designs, both familiar and alien like the ones you three wear on your wrists, running backwards from a time that is far away from what it is now. I have seen calendars being flipped backwards by months, then by years and finally by centuries by some unseen hand. And I have seen glimpses of you three going about your lives while doing things that I can’t even begin to comprehend. Things of an almost magical nature like riding inside some kind of iron horse on the ground or in an iron bird in the sky. I have seen you three conversing to someone on strange looking mirrors or looking through other mirrors at places that are far away. Those are the visions that I have been seeing lately since you were brought on board.”

After he finishes trying to tell them of what he saw in his visions, the trio looks at him and then at each other in surprise, concern and confusion.

Captain Yars: (frowning and looking impatient)  “So what do you three think about what he just told you now about his most recent and unusual bunch of visions?”

Mike: “I think his visions tell my friends and I that we... should put an end to your confusion and be more open to you... um.. despite the fact that you probably won’t believe one word we will say to you.”

Rev:  (smiling reassuringly at Mike) “It doesn’t hurt to try and tell us, Mike.”

Mike: “Okay. I guess the first thing we should tell you guys is that we aren’t from this time. We’re... from the.. future.”

Dave: “From the year 2003 A.D. in fact.”

Trying their best to ignore the crew’s wide range of emotions regarding what they had just said to them about when they are from, the trio talks about who they use to be in the future. And they try talking to them by couching what they say about themselves by using words that Yars and his men can understand them with.

Dave: “We three come from what you guys know now as the thirteen American colonies, but in our time it is a democratically run empire known as the United States of America, an empire of 51 states. I am from a state called Michigan and I am something of a servant to a large merchant guild that spans itself across several states of our empire.”

Mike: “I am from the state of Ohio and I have a job similar to Dave’s here except that I work with another large, merchant guild that can also be found in several states of the empire.

Jeff: “ And I am just a simple guard for a small time business in my home state of Florida.”

Dave, Mike and Jeff for the next half-hour talk to them about what their world of the future is like with regards to its technological innovations, its social customs, their homeland, its racial and gender relations and its political leaders. And through out their talk, they are briefly interrupted by the crew to explain some of the things that they talked about.

Silver: (looking really confused) “Huh, you weren’t kidding, Jeff, when you said how hard it would be for us  to understand who you guys are and where.... and when you guys came from.”

Jeff: (smiling sheepishly) “Well don’t say that we didn’t warn you about what we just revealed to you guys here.”

Captain Yars: (frowning) “So this is why you three were originally reluctant last night to tell us about who you guys are and where you came from? You really didn’t think we would believe your stories?”

Mike: “Well that and the fact that we were worried about messing up the time stream and changing history as we three know it by telling you guys about things you were not ready to know.”

Captain Yars: “And you three aren’t worried now about what you just told us?”

Dave: “No, we aren’t scared now of affecting the history of the world in the days, years and centuries to come. I mean, how can we when we are stuck on this ship with you guys?”

Rev: “That’s a very good point you have raised there for us, Dave. But let’s move along to a topic that has been nagging some of us ever since you three came on board our ship.”

Dave: “And what would that be, Rev?”

Rev: “A particular word that you three have been using from time to time to describe beings like myself and the rest of the crew.”

Ironbar: (smirking) “That word being the word anthro.”

Rev: “Yes, that word. Can you three tell us about that word and how it applies to us?”

Mike: (smiling sheepishly) “Well Rev... the word anthro in our time is used to describe any animal that has become more human-like through some means and can do anything a human can do.”

Dave: “Anything from talking and walking on two legs to sailing a ship like this one.” (he smiles) “And this word was originally derived from the word anthropomorphic, which in turn comes from the two Greek words...”

Rev: “Anthropos which means man and morphe which means form.”

His comment surprises his fellow crewmates.

Ironbar: (looking at Rev and then at the trio) “So why did you three called us anthros to begin with?”

Jeff: (grins sheepishly) “Well we called you guys by that word because we three come from a particular subset in our society that idolizes human to animal and human to anthropomorphic transformations through fictional stories and artwork.”

Silver: (looking bemused) “You’re kidding, right? You guys come from a particular subset of your future society that idolizes beings like us?”

Mike: (smiling nervously) “We’re not kidding, Silver. My friends and I are really into stories where the characters are changed physically and mentally into an animal or into anthropomorphic version of an animal.”

Ironbar: (puzzled) “So if you guys are really from such a society within your own empire, how come you three reacted so badly to us when you came to on our ship? What was with the nervous stares and fear we smelled from you three?”

Dave: “Sorry if we acted poorly until now, Ironbar. But we acted like that because up until we had awakened on this ship and met you guys, we had never met a real-life, flesh and blood anthro. We weren’t sure back then if you guys were real or just figments of our collective imaginations or hallucinations.”

Rev: “How else did you three and the rest of our society idolize about beings like us and transformations into something like us?”

Jeff: (chuckles softly) “Well our society idolized anthros and transformations by actively dreaming and desiring about becoming an animal or something like yourselves through various means.”

Ironbar: “And did you three share in these dreams and desires of your peers to become an animal or an anthro version of a particular animal?”

Jeff: (chuckles even more) “Yes we have. For most of our young lives, my friends and I have desired and dreamed about becoming real dogs and/ or anthro canines.”

His comment surprises the crew and for the next several minutes, the trio finds themselves in the middle of a major question and answer session about everything they had just talked about. But as the questions and answers start to touch upon things of a more personal and familial nature, Rev notices that Dave and Mike are begin to grow increasingly agitated regarding that topic. But before he can put an end to the discussion and ask the captain to give them a good night’s rest, Mike hurriedly gets back on his feet.

Mike: (on the verge about being really upset about something) “Umm.. excuse me but I really need to get a breath of fresh air. I really need.. to.. get out of here. Please?”

Mike doesn’t wait for the captain or anyone’s permission to leave the room.

Dave: (also looking upset and a little lost) “Mike, wait a minute...”

Mike abruptly leaves the room and Dave practically stumbles out of his chair to follow him.

Jeff: (shouting) “Mike! Dave!”

Captain Yars and his crew stand up from their chairs after Dave leaves the room after his friend. All of them looking really disturbed by what had just happened to those two.

Captain Yars: (frowning) “Damn, I hadn’t figured that getting these three to open to us about who they were and where... and when they were from would led to this.” (he growls before looking at his men) “We better go after them before something bad happens. Ironbar, stay and keep an eye on Jeff. I don’t want him to run off like his friends just did.”

He then leaves the room and is followed quickly by Rev, Abacus, Robert, Silver and Kindle.

Fade Out.
Fade In.

Act III/ Scene II:
Dave finds his friend, Mike, leaning against the ship’s railing at the stern of the ship. And he sees that his friend is shaking and shivering, trying very hard to keep his emotions from overwhelming him. Dave finds himself sharing in Mike’s sorrow, pain and loss. He moves closer to his friend. And at the sound of his own footfalls, Mike turns around and allows Dave to see that he has been crying softly.

Mike: (speaking strongly without any despair in his voice) “Sorry about running out on you, Jeff and the others. I just couldn’t take another moment of that damned question and answer session with the captain and his crew.”

Dave: (smiling meekly) “No need to apologize to me about that, Mike.”

Dave looks at his friend’s brief look of surprise.

Dave: “For if you hadn’t excused yourself from the room like you did, I would have been the one asking to be excused.”

Mike: “Really?”

Dave nods his head and smiles. Mike smiles with him and the two of them draw close to one another and the ship’s railing. They both turn to look outward at the ocean and for a few brief moments they do nothing and speak nothing to one another.

Dave: “I remember once reading about a saying that I found in one of my science fiction books that dealt with a way to overcome what we are feeling right now at this moment.

Mike looks at him curiously, but says nothing to his friend.

Dave: (speaking to himself) “Now how did that saying go? Oh yes, now I remember.” (speaking to Mike) “A person isn’t truly gone so long as there is a single soul to tell others about his or her life. And that if that single soul can get others to pass along that person’s life story to even more people, then that person would live forever. Only when all the voices speaking about that person’s life story have grown silent will that person be truly gone from the world.”

Mike: (smiles) “You actually found that saying in one of your science fiction books?”

Dave: (nods his head) “I found it in a book called Blood Sport by Lisa Smedmann. Kind of weird to find a little piece of wisdom in a book devoted to pure fantasy, wouldn’t you say?”

Mike: “Uh huh. So do you know of anyone who has actually followed this saying to the letter? And actually immortalized someone by telling others about that person’s life history?”

Dave: (smiles) “I don’t know anyone personally who knows this saying like I do and has used it to make themselves feel better in the face of such loss and sorrow. All I do know is that this saying is being unofficially and unknowingly being practiced all around the world in our time.” (playfully quizzes Mike) “For who in our time doesn’t know about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and their life histories?”

Mike smiles for a minute more before falling back into his own despair.

Dave: (mirroring Mike’s despair) “Its hard to believe, isn’t it? We are trapped not only on this cursed ship, but in time as well. Everyone who we knew back in our own time hasn’t been born yet. And every place that we have ever visited in our travels hasn’t even been built yet. We have become strangers in a strange land with no way home. Do you want to know what I was thinking about before you excused yourself from the room?”

Mike: (trying to smile) “What were you thinking about before I got up to get some fresh, salty air?”

Dave: “I was thinking about the last day I saw my family alive and well.”

Mike: “They aren’t dead, Dave. You said it yourself, they haven’t been born yet.”

Dave: “I know but they feel dead to me because they aren’t here now.” (he shakes himself out of his sorrow) “But anyway, I was remembering how my last day went with them before I left to see you and Jeff. My day started just like every other day in my life with my cat, Truman, demanding me to get up and serve him his morning milk.”

Mike chuckles.

Dave: (smiling) “So I got out of bed and walked downstairs to the kitchen where my other cat, Gaelyn, was waiting for me to give her some of my personal attention. I got Truman his milk and petted my other cat and then went to have my own breakfast of apple cinnamon waffles and syrup.” (he smirks) “My dad then came downstairs to have his breakfast and read the business section of the newspaper while I read the rest of it. Then my dog, Rushmore, came home with my mom. I finished up my breakfast, handed her the newspaper and then went upstairs to hurriedly pack my suitcase. By the time I was done doing that, I was full of nervous energy. So much so that I was practically bouncing off the walls in my home. I then said my good byes to my mom, my dad, my twin brother, the cats and the dog and drove myself down to the airport. And even then I was so full of nervous energy that I could barely stand myself.” (he looks at Mike) “What was the last day with your family like, Mike?”

Mike: “Well except for the fact that my family doesn’t have any pets, it went pretty much the same way for me as it did for you. I got up, had breakfast, read the newspaper, packed my bags and then said my good-byes to my family.”

For the next several minutes, Dave and Mike open up to one another and share their most happiest memories of their families with one another. They tell each other about how they felt on the plane ride down to Florida. And they briefly smile at each other’s tale about what it was like to greet each other at the airport terminal.

Dave: (smiling and sighing) “When I met you and Jeff for the first time in real life at the arrival gate, I felt like I was coming home to a family reunion. I...”

Dave stops talking as the mere mention of family makes Mike go back to being upset. Dave goes silent. He turns away from his friend before speaking up again.

Dave:  (hanging his head down low) “I am sorry I said that, Mike. Its.. just that ever since we found ourselves trapped back in the past, I have been ... feeling incomplete. I miss... my twin brother so much that I no longer feel whole. I...”

Mike: “Hey, come on, Dave, don’t even think like that. You are a whole person, never think you’re less of a person just because he isn’t here.” (he lifts up Dave’s head with his hand) “You are a whole person to me and ever since we became friends, you have meant a lot to me.”

Dave: (looking doubtful) “How so?”

Mike: “As a friend, you have done a lot for me without asking much from me in return. You encouraged me to go on with my story writings and artwork when I personally felt that I wasn’t good enough to do what I was doing. You spent, I don’t know how much time, helping me on that D &D campaign setting of mine by digging through your books for what I needed. You came into my life and became something more to me than a friend. You became something of a brother to me.”

Dave: (smiles meekly) “I became something like this to you?” (singsongs) “Into my heart you came and gave a whole new meaning to my life. Into my world you brought a light, I thought it never would go out.”

Mike: (smiling) “Yes, that’s exactly how I felt toward you as our friendship grew stronger over the last couple of months in our own time. What song did you get those lyrics from anyhow, they sound familiar to me somehow.”

Dave: “Its from a song called “The Congo”, one of the songs performed by the group Genesis.” (looks amused) “Another little piece of wisdom that I picked up from the most unusual of places. I heard this song and those particular lyrics long before you and Jeff emailed me about my stories. And back then those words really didn’t mean much to me. They were just words, pieces of poetry. But as I grew to know you and Jeff over the course of several emails, both the good and the bad, I really began to feel something for you guys.” (blushes) “I wasn’t sure what kind of emotion I was feeling for you guys because those feelings were something new to me.”

Mike: (looking interested) “Were they feelings that went beyond those you would have for a friend?”

Dave: (ponders a bit) “I am not sure but they made me feel that you two were more like brothers to me than friends. But when I began feel this way to you and Jeff, those words from that song began to ring true for me as they did for you just now.”

Dave and Mike both smile and then surprisingly hug one another before crying a bit more, not from sorrow but from the joy  that they just discovered about one another.

Dave: (wiping his tears away) “So now that we have managed to find some measure of solace from one another over our respective losses, what should we do now together with Jeff on this ship?”

Mike: (nods his head) “Yeah especially given what’s going to happen to us over the next couple of months...”

Dave: “I know, I am not too eager about watching you, Jeff or myself go anthro little by little every day.” (smirks) “And so far we haven’t Tfed because of the rather intense emotions we have been feeling over the last two days.”

Mike: (nods his head) “Well we could ask this Darel fellow to “sculpt” us into our anthro forms. That Tf method sounds interesting enough for us to try it out.”

Dave: (smiles and then chuckles) “Agreed. That Tf method certainly sounds more appealing to me than having sex with one of the crew. I can’t even think of doing it with any of them anyway.”

Mike: “Me neither. I am definitely not going to jump in someone’s bed any time soon and just do it for the Tf.”

Dave: (chuckles lightly) “And if you had to have sex with somebody in order to Tf, who would prefer having it with? Jeff or me or one of the crew?”

Mike: (smiling nervously) “Umm.. I would much.. prefer having sex with you if it meant that we.. could get this Tf over with.”

Dave: (looks surprised) “Did I just hear you say that you want to have sex with me? You’re kidding right? Right?”

Mike: (raises his hands defensively) “Whoa, wait a.. minute, Dave. Before you jump to the wrong conclusion about what I just said, let me explain please. Sorry about freaking you out there.”

Dave: (smiles sheepishly )“Its okay, Mike. You didn’t freak me out there, just surprised me that’s all. Now what were you about to tell me regarding sex?”

Mike: “Well you know as well as I do that having sex is not always about having intercourse with someone else.”

Dave: “Yeah sex can be done through sheer physical intimacy between two people without taking the next step and having actual intercourse.” ( he blushes) “But Mike are you... absolutely sure about wanting to have... sex with me?”

Mike: (smiles) “No I am not absolutely sure here. But.. what other choice do we have here anyway? We aren’t eager to watch ourselves TF slowly over the next couple of months. And mere emotions brought on by our experiences with this ship and this crew haven’t brought about our Tfs.”

Dave: (smiling) “But what about asking Darel to “sculpt” us into our anthro forms?”

Mike: “I am not sure about that Tf method anymore. Besides even if we went with that method, we don’t even know what this Darel character would ask in return for his services. He could ask us for sex.”

Dave: “Point taken.” (he sighs pleasantly) “Well if we truly are going to have sex together for the very first time in our lives, we better do it soon before we go all self-conscious on ourselves again.”

Mike: (nods his head) “So where should we have it? Our room down below or.. (he looks around the top deck of the ship).. or under the tarp of that longboat over there?”

Dave: “Hmmm... our room, I think. Doing it in the longboat sounds way too public for me.”

Both of them then smile and chuckle softly before leaving the ship’s stern to go below decks.

Fade Out.
Fade In.

Minutes later, both Mike and Dave reach their room and go inside.

Mike: “Umm.. Maria, could you.. lighten up the room a bit?”

They watch in awe and with some amusement as several candles around the room begin to glow a soft, yellow glow. And then as the room begins to brighten up a bit, they notice that Maria had separated their beds again. Mike looks at Dave and smiles.

Dave: (smiles back) “Maria, can you put our beds back together?”

The two of them watch as the trick that Silver and Kindle showed them at breakfast time gets reenacted before their very eyes.

Dave: (shakes his head bemusedly) “Weird, definitely weird, I don’t think any one of us is going to be that entirely used to seeing a room redecorate itself like that.”

Mike: (nodding his head) “Got that right, but at least it means we won’t have to worry about cleaning up after ourselves.” (looks at Dave) “So how should we start being intimate with one another for our Tfs to be triggered?”

Dave: “I don’t know, Mike. Maybe we should start it off by helping each other undress?” (smiles meekly) “Umm.. if that is okay by you, that is.”

Mike: “Normally I wouldn’t even allow anyone to undress me without my consent. And I am sure its the same for you as well. But oddly enough, your suggestion sounds strangely appealing to me right now. So let’s do it.”

Dave: (blushes) “Okay.”

With their faces red mostly from embarrassment and some rather sexual and unbecoming thoughts of theirs, Mike and Dave begin to undress one another by their bed. Mike starts things off for the two of them by pulling Dave’s shirt out of his blue jean shorts. Dave follows him as his shirt gets pulled higher and higher up his chest by unfastening and pulling Mike’s belt off his pants. Dave stops as his shirt is pulled up to his neck by Mike who stops and stares at the sight of Dave’s chest.

Dave: “Hey, why did you stop for?”

Mike: “Umm.. Dave, your chest is changing, really changing before my eyes.”

Dave pulls his shirt down and away from his face. He looks down at his chest and sees that his chest has lost its flab and gained a nice set of pecs and an equally nice six pack. Both of them notice that his chest hair has thicken and is beginning to change color from its usual shade of dark brown to a rich, light blonde color.

Dave: (looking astonished and oddly excited) “I.. I can’t believe it. I am actually changing. I am actually changing into something.” (he looks up from his chest at Mike) “And so you are.”

Mike lets go of Dave’s shirt and reaches up to touch his face. His breathing quickens as he feels that his face has grown leaner and more muscular. That his mustache has grown thicker along with his sideburns. He feels his nose.

Mike: “Hey, my nose feels cold to the touch!”

Dave playfully touches Mike on the nose and feels that it feels damp and cold. Mike touches him on the nose and sees that his friend’s face has also grown more muscular, leaner and oddly enough  closer in appearance to his own changing looks. He reaches up to touch one of Dave’s ears and sees that it has grown  leaner and pointy at its tip. He also notices that Dave’s hair and growing facial hair are the same color now as his chest hair. Dave in turn notices that Mike’s hair has changed from its dark shade of brown to a deep, rich black. Mike drops his hand away from Dave’s ear and in doing so caresses it. Dave sighs pleasurably at the touch.

Mike: “I can hardly... believe that we are doing this and liking it at the same time.”

He reaches back down and starts pulling Dave’s shirt up again.

Dave: (breathing quickly) “I know what you mean, Mike, but what are we becoming? Are we actually becoming dogs?”

Dave fully pulls out Mike’s pants from his belt and then begins to unzip his pants. His ears and darkening nose begin to twitch. He then pulls Mike’s pants and underpants down with one hand.

Dave: “Oh my goodness!”

They stop again in their undressing of one another to stare down together at Mike’s private parts. Both of them see that his cock is now pointed at the tip and red all over with a slick layer of juices covering and dripping off of it. They see that his cock and ball sac are now firmly covered over by a furry layer of skin.

Mike: (looks into Dave’s eyes) “My goodness is right, Dave. Looks we are becoming what we always wanted to be.”

Dave reaches out to touch Mike’s erect cock. He briefly stops at the sight of his hand and sees that it has grown thick paw pads and sharpened running claws. He sees fur the color of rich cream covering the palm of his hand now. He looks back up at Mike’s face to see that it has grown more wolf-like. Mike reaches out to him and touches him on the face. And with that single touch, Dave knows that his face has become just as wolf-like as Mike’s has become. He looks down at Mike’s erect cock and back up to his face again.

Mike: “Dave, are you okay? You look like you want to freak out.”

Dave: (twitching his pointy ears separately): “Yes, I am okay. Its just that what is happening to us looks so unreal and yet natural at the same time.”

Mike: (smiling nervously at him from a partially grown muzzle) “Yeah, I know what you mean. We are actually changing into... I think German Shepherd dogs. We should be freaking out, but... we are not.”

Dave: “I know, we should be freaking out. But what’s happening to us feels just right somehow.”

Dave and Mike eye each other and watch as more and more of their bodies take on a distinctive canine look. Their ears grow to the tops of their furry heads. Their necks begin to thicken and lengthen. And the two of them without really thinking about it have begun to pant and loll their tongues about a growing canine muzzle. Just then Dave winces a bit and nearly staggers into Mike.  Mike catches him.

Mike: (smelling Dave’s anxiety) “Dave’s what’s wrong now?”

Dave: (grimacing) “Umm.. help me over to the bed. I got to.. get my shoes off before my feet rip them apart.”

Mike starts to help him move closer to the bed when several ripping noises sound off in the closed confines of their room. They stagger a bit before managing to stand back up on their two feet. The two of them look down and then smile at the sight of their tails just emerging from above the hips. They look even further down and then look back up at each with toothy smiles.

Mike: “Umm.. looks like we won’t have to worry about our shoes ever again. Looks... like we grew a bit taller when our feet grew into these huge hind paws of ours.”

Dave: (smirks and looking more at ease) “You think so?”

Mike: (also looking more at ease with himself) “Yeah I think so. How about we finish up undressing ourselves so that we move onto the next step of being physically intimate.”

Dave smiles at him and then fondly kisses him on the muzzle. The two of them then begin to remove the last pieces of their clothing from their now furry, long-haired bodies. As the last piece of their human wardrobe falls to the ground around their canine feet, Dave looks up at Mike.

Dave: “So.. umm.. who’s going to start the next step of our... physical intimacy?”

Mike: “I don’t know. Perhaps we should flip a coin first to see who goes first.”

Dave: “Okay.”

Dave reaches down to where his clothing is resting on the wooden deck and fishes around in one of his pant pockets before removing his wallet. He opens up his wallet and briefly looks at his license picture. He stares at the face he used to have before opening up the interior coin pouch and extracting a single quarter. He turns back to Mike and sees that his friend has a concerned look on his muzzled face.

Dave: “I am okay, Mike. I am just saying good bye to the person I use to be, that’s all. Make the call.”

Mike: “Tails.”

Dave flips the coin into the air before catching it in one paw-like hand. He slaps the coin against the backside of his left hand. He lifts his hand up to show Mike that he got Tails in the coin toss. Mike then walks up to him and takes his friend’s wallet out of his hand and drops it to the floor. He then leads Dave over to the bed. They both sit down on its edge and look at each other. Dave sees that his friend does indeed resemble a black, long-haired German Shepherd dog and that there is very little of his former human self left evident in his canine face. Mike notes the same thing as he looks at Dave’s cream colored fur and German Shepherd body and smiles. And both of them can see and smell that the changes happening to them no longer seem to bother them as much.

Mike: “Umm.. do you think that we are up to having sex now, Dave? The idea no longer bothers you?”

Dave: “No, it doesn’t, oddly enough.”

Mike: “Not even the sight of our canine privates bothers you.”

Dave: (chuckles softly) “I used to bothered by the sight of my dog’s cock when he got aroused to the point where it emerged all red and sopping wet with juices. But not anymore, I have this crazy desire to have yours in me now where I can feel it.” (he looks up at Mike) “Isn’t that a weird thing for me to say?”

Mike: (smiles back) “Oddly enough it doesn’t anymore. It would have when we were still human, but now it just feels like the right thing to do. So how about we do it now and commit ourselves?”

Dave: “Okay.”

Dave moves away from Mike and crawls onto the middle of the bed and lies down on his back. Mike follows him and leans halfway over his friend’s head and chest. He looks down at Dave and smiles.

Dave: (thinking to himself) “He is going to actually kiss me, I just know it.”

But he is proven wrong when Mike decides to greet him like a wolf would upon meeting a pack mate, by nuzzling him on both cheeks and then breathing in his scent behind each pointy ear. Dave nuzzles and sniffs behind Mike’s ears in return before licking the underside of his friend’s muzzle like a submissive wolf greeting a dominant. Mike growls pleasurably and reaches down again to lick Dave’s neck in rhythmic strokes with his tongue. Dave gasps and then chuckles.

Dave: (panting heavily) “Oh man.. I have never in my 32 years of life have felt this... this level of pleasurable affection from... anyone or from doing something I really.. liked.”

Mike: (smiles in between pants) “Never?”

Dave licks his friend on the underside of his muzzle again.

Dave: “Never. Nothing I intimately felt before can compare with what I am intimately feeling right now with you besides me.”

Mike smiles again before pushing himself farther down the length of his friend’s furry body. He stops himself next to Dave’s chest and then looks at his friend face’s again.

Mike: (smiling and panting) “Well... there is one good thing.. about the breed of dog we are becoming.”

Dave: (panting) “What’s that?”

Mike: “Jeff won’t be able to tease you about your desire to be a large, shaggy sheepdog again.”

Dave chuckles at his friend’s little revelation and then gasps as Mike playfully nips and then sucks at the nipple on his left breast. From lower down Dave’s body, his newly ensheathed cock pushes itself out its new home once more. It swells with each nip and suck Mike performs on Dave’ furry pecs. Dave and Mike growl at each other as Mike then begins to massage his chest. Dave pants contentedly before raising himself off the bed a bit and reaching over with one hand to stroke his friend’s furry chest. Mike reaches over Dave’s chest and then turns his head away to nuzzle away at his friend’s six pack with his muzzle. Dave lifts himself a bit more off the bed in order to reach his friend and playfully scratch him behind one ear. He falls back onto the bed as Mike jerks back a bit from getting squirted in the face by his fully exposed cock. Mike looks back at Dave with his face dripping with wet, sticky cum. He licks away at the juices dripping down the side of his muzzle with his tongue and looks back and forth between Dave’s cock and his friend’s face.

Dave grins sheepishly with his tongue lolling out of one side of his muzzle. Mike smiles and then chuckles.

Dave and Mike grope and massage one another down each of their bodies as more juices dribble down not only out of Dave’s cock but Mike’s as well. Their juices dribble down onto their fur coats and onto the bed sheets around Dave.

Mike: (panting heavily and contentedly) “All warmed up for the next step?”

Dave reaches over and touches the back of his friend’s hand with one claw-tipped finger. Mike takes Dave’s hand in his own. They squeeze their hands together intimately. Mike lets go of his hand and then pushes himself farther down the length of Dave’s body before getting on top of him to straddle his hips. He pulls aside his friend’s tail and looks once more at Dave.

Mike: “Are you really ready for this, Dave?”

Dave smiles and nods his head. Mike then slowly inserts his own erect cock into Dave. Dave tenses up for a minute as he feels Mike penetrate him. But then he relaxes as a wave of pleasure flows into him from Mike. Mike begins pumping away on top of his friend. Both him and Dave growl as Mike’s supremely intimate act forces them at last into becoming anthro canines. Dave growls and reaches out to grab the bed sheets beside him. His claws dig into the fabric and begin to leave ragged tears in their wake. Mike still pumping and thrusting away lowers his upper body down to Dave’s six pack. He sniffs Dave’s six pack and then begins to lick at the soaked fur around Dave’s cock. Dave’s whole body shakes and arcs itself between the bed and his friend’s body. And his claws shred more of the bed sheets around him as the burst of pleasure given to him by his friend makes him feel like he is going to explode. He throws his head against the pillows of the bed and howls. Mike joins him in the howl. And they howl long and hard for a minute before their pleasurable experience reaches its climax. Dave’s body collapses against the bed as Mike falls on top of his chest. The two of them barely aware of the answering howls from the Howlers all over the ship. Dave and Mike look at each other across Dave’s chest while panting heavily from their last few moments of pleasurable exertion. The two of them smile. Mike and then Dave try to speak to one another about what had just happened between them. But they find themselves unable to as they continue to pant heavily and allow the experience dwindle down to a soft, pleasurable after glow for the two of them. After a minute Mike pushes himself off of Dave’s chest and looks down at the part of him that is still inside his friend’s body. Dave then reaches up to rub him fondly on the chest and then chuckles. Mike looks back at him.

Dave: (smiling) “Looks like the two of us are going to be joined at the hip for a little awhile longer.”

Mike: “You think so?”

Both of them chuckle.

Mike: “I wonder how Jeff is going to take to the news of us having sex together.”

Dave: “Yeah I am wondering about that too. But it isn’t just Jeff we have to wonder about, its the whole entire crew of this ship that we have to wonder about.”

Mike: (smiling) “You are right about that, Dave. Let’s just hope that none of them are of the voyeuristic type and decide to come a knocking on our door right now.”

Dave: “Yeah the last thing either one of us needs right now is an audience.”

Mike: (looking down at Dave and smiling) “Got that right as well. Now how about we return to doing a little more foreplay before you’re ready to do me?”

Fade Out.
Fade In.

Act III/ Scene III:
 As soon as the last of his crewmates leave him and Jeff alone in the captain’s quarters, Ironbar takes a long, hard look at Jeff and shakes his head in sad amusement. He tries to recall what Jeff and his friends had said to him and his crewmates about the world that they came from. And what he recalls about their tales makes him realize something more about himself and about them.

Ironbar: (thinking privately to himself) “My friends and I are stuck for the most part on this ship because of the ship’s curse. But what about Jeff and his friends? They are not only stuck on this ship, but in our time as well with no possible means to return to it. And even if Maria were kind enough to let them leave the ship, where could they go? They would still be trapped in a time where every place they had ever visited, frequented and live at wouldn’t even have been built yet. And what about their families, friends and loved ones? They wouldn’t even have been born yet.  So unlike us, they are in a worse position than we are.

Ironbar’s sadness for Jeff, Dave and Mike is then overshadowed by a bit of curiosity regarding them.

Ironbar: (thinking to himself while pricking his ears up) “Why do they have this desire to become something else? Why would anyone willingly want to become something else?”

Feeling his curiosity getting the better of him, Ironbar looks at Jeff and decides to ask him about these puzzling thoughts of his. He walks over to Jeff who standing and looking out of the window in the captain’s quarters.

Ironbar: “Care for some company?”

Jeff turns around to look at the Great Dane with a mix of sadness, and that same intent stare that Ironbar had seen him with every time he or one of his fellow Howlers were around. Jeff nods his head but doesn’t say anything. A minute passes by in silence while the two of them stand by the windows.

Ironbar: “Would you mind telling me about these transformation desires that you and your friends have?”

Jeff: “What would like to know about them?”

Ironbar: (looking thoughtful for a moment) “You and your friends really have a desire to be real dogs?”

Jeff: (looking a bit self-conscious) “Yes we really do have these desires to become real dogs.”

Ironbar: (pressing on) “Why do you guys have them? Why aren’t you three satisfied about being who you are now?” (drooping his ears a bit) “Sorry about pressing you on the issue, Jeff, but I am somewhat puzzled by these desires of yours and your friends.”

Jeff: “Its okay, Ironbar, really it is.” (he moves away from the Great Dane to pace the room) “What you just asked me to explain is something I have heard countless times by other people who don’t know what it is like to have these desires.”

Ironbar: (looking confused) “Can you tell me about these desires of yours and your friends?”

Jeff: “Well with Dave, his desires to be a real dog are due to having a troubled past and because he has seen the difference between how humans treat themselves, and how humans treat dogs.”

Ironbar: “What is this difference that he sees?”

Jeff: “Well... let me give you an example to work on. Suppose you came across a homeless man and a stray dog while walking down a street. You see them and see what condition that they are in. And you decide to help one of them. Which of the two would you be most likely to help, the homeless man or the dog?”

Ironbar: “Hmmm... I can’t really say who I would help.”

Jeff: “Well where and when I come from, most of the people I would pass by on the street would prefer helping out the dog rather than helping out another human being down on his luck.”

Ironbar: (looking somewhat surprised) “Why would they prefer taking care of the dog first before one of their own?”

Jeff: “They would take care of the dog first because they would feel sorry for it. And they would feel sorry for it because the dog wouldn’t be able to take care of itself. A homeless man on the other hand does have the ability to take care of himself and get a better life. If someone takes care of him and gives him what he wants, he is not entirely likely to go out and find that better life for himself. He is more likely to continue being homeless and live off of others than living independently of them. To most people, where and when I come from, that man is an embarrassment and an abject failure.”

Ironbar: “Okay, I think I see where you are going with this example. But what does it have to do with Dave’s desire to be a real dog?”

Jeff: “Like I said, my friend has lead a troubled life. A life where he really didn’t feel important or have anyone notice him enough. And he felt cheated because of those feelings of his and felt himself to be a kin of sorts to the homeless. As a dog, he felt that he would be able to get the love, affection and respect that he didn’t feel he had as a human being.”

Ironbar: (shakes his head bemusedly) “So Dave is looking for something that he feels was denied to him as a human being. Now what about your friend, Mike?”

Jeff: “Mike, like my friend, Dave, has also led a troubled life and seeks the same need as him. But he has had this desire to become a real dog for far longer than Dave has had his. Their need to find solace in being something else other than human is one of the many things that they share together and binds them together as close friends.”

Ironbar: (smiles) “Interesting, so why do you want to become a real dog?”

Jeff: “That’s simple, I want to be a dog’s equal.” (he grins sheepishly) “But don’t try to ask me to explain this desire of mine, I can’t. All I can tell you is that my desire to be a dog’s equal is what led me first to be interested in anthro canines first and then real canines afterwards.”

Ironbar: “Hmm.. I think I understand why you three have had these desires for sometime, but how come you and your friends didn’t tell us about your desires yesterday? I think we could have greatly satisfied you and your friends had you guys merely opened up and told  us about them.” (he smiles) “I know that I would certainly have helped you out.”

Jeff: (smiles and chuckles) “Need I remind you about the discussion my friends and I had with you and your fellow crewmates several hours ago? Before we woke to find ourselves on this ship and in your presence, we had only read and seen anthros in stories and in works of art. My friends and I were pretty much in a state of shock at finding ourselves on a ship crewed by the real thing.

Ironbar: (chuckles) “Yeah, I can still remember what you said to me when you and your friends woke up in your room. I was so tempted, doctor’s orders notwithstanding, to give you a licking for what you said to me. Good Doggy!” (he chuckles some more)

Jeff: (blushing from embarrassment) “Umm.. sorry I said that to you back then. I didn’t mean to...”

Ironbar smiles and playfully reaches over to slap Jeff on the shoulder.

Ironbar: “No to need to apologize for what you said to me back then. To a Howler that term is more of term of endearment more than anything else.”

Jeff blushes some more.

Ironbar: “Now how asking me another question for me?”

Feeling comfortable now in the Great Dane’s presence, Jeff stops his pacing and looks at him.

Jeff: “Sure I have no problem answering another of your questions. Go right ahead.”

Ironbar stands up straighter and looks him in the eye.

Ironbar: “Do you want to become a dog like myself right now with my help?”

A minute or two passes and then Jeff looks at Ironbar.

Jeff: (smiling meekly) “If your help helps me get one step closer to fulfilling my desires to be the real thing, then yes I very much to become just like you.”

Ironbar: (smiles) “Then how about we go to my quarters so that I can you help you with that desire to be a dog’s equal.”

Jeff smiles back at him and then the two of them leave the captain’s quarters.

Fade Out.
Fade In.

Several minutes later finds Jeff and Ironbar at the door to Ironbar’s quarters. And just as Ironbar is about to open the door to his quarters and allow Jeff inside, a howl of ecstacy erupts from another part of the ship and startles them. That first howl is soon followed by another howl from the same part of the ship, and then from all over the ship.  Ironbar cocks his head to the side and twitches his ears to follow the howling. After the howls die down, he looks at Jeff and smiles. He sees Jeff’s look of bemusement.

Jeff: “What.. what was with all of that howling a moment ago?”

Ironbar: (chuckles and smiles) “I don’t mean to freak out here, Jeff, but it sounds to me that your friends have just gone to the dogs - literally. And judging by that howl of theirs, I would say that they just became dogs by having some wonderful sex together.”

Jeff: (looking at Ironbar in disbelief) “No fricking way! There is no way that those two howls I heard were from my friends.”

Ironbar: (smiles) “I am not lying, Jeff. What you did indeed hear was the sound of your friends becoming a pair of dogs just like me through sex.”

Jeff: (still in disbelief) “But how do you know that it was my friends making that howling noise and not some of your fellow Howlers having a late night fun?”

Ironbar: “I know that those howls came from your friends because I can recognize my men by their distinctive howls. And the two howls we had just heard before that chorus of howls weren’t from any of my men. Those first two howls did indeed come from your two friends.”

Ironbar then watches as Jeff’s expression changes from confusion and disbelief to a look of wonder and sarcastic mirth.

Jeff: (speaking out loud to himself) “Talk about doing the unexpected.”

Ironbar: “And what’s wrong with doing the unexpected?”

Jeff: (shakes his head) “Nothing really, its just that I would never have expected them to do something like that.”

Ironbar: (smiles) “Well if they were anywhere else other than here, I would have to agree with you. But being aboard Maria has a way of making people do things that they normally wouldn’t even consider.”

He then opens the door to his quarters and gently ushers Jeff inside. Jeff moves past him to get into his quarters.

Ironbar: “Now I know that I have already asked you about it, but I’ll ask you again anyway. Do you want to become a dog with my help?”

Jeff turns around and nods his head.

Jeff: “Sure I want your help. Why the concern?”

Ironbar walks up to him and firmly places his hand on Jeff’s shoulders and looks him straight in the eye.

Ironbar: “I am asking because with the exception of Vermin, none of us can reliably transform a newcomer such as you into an animal of the same species as we. You might not end up as a dog if I have sex with you. You might end up being some other animal like a housecat.

Jeff: “You or one of your fellow Howlers had sex with someone and they became a cat instead?”

Ironbar: (smiles) “Yeah we had person go cat on us when what we really wanted was another dog. But we grew to like Smoke the cat and made him an honorary Howler anyway. So I am just letting you know here and now that you may not get what you want.

Jeff: (looks up and smiles) “Don’t worry I’ll become a dog just like you.”

Ironbar: “How can you be so sure of that?”

Jeff: “I know that I’ll become a dog just like you because I know it is a matter of knowing one’s true self. And in my case, I know that my true self is canine.”

Ironbar: (smiles and chuckles) “This subset of society that you come from in your time must be interesting, if its members are that self-assured as you are about who and what they are.”

Jeff smiles in return and then without saying another word, he reaches up and pulls Ironbar’s head down. He lifts his head up and kisses the Great Dane fully and passionately on the tip of his muzzle. Ironbar smiles and kisses him back before giving him a playful lick on the nose. He then nuzzles both of Jeff’s cheeks and breathes in his scent behind each of Jeff’s ears. He licks both of Jeff’s ears and watches them become pointy at the tips and curl up the sides of his head. When he pulls away from Jeff’s face, he sees Jeff’s nose has begun to darken and sprout whiskers along its sides. White fuzz begins to grow on his cheeks. In a blink of an eye, Jeff’s eyes change from human to canine as he lifts his head once again to nuzzle and sniff Ironbar in return. Slowly Ironbar lowers himself down a bit as they continue to stand close to one another. He nuzzles Jeff’s neck and then licks it to elicit a pleasurable growl from him.  He reaches over to Jeff and begins to pull his shirt up as Jeff in turn begins to take off his pants. They are both briefly interrupted by a sharp, ripping sound coming from Jeff’s pants and shoes. Ironbar and then Jeff stop fondling one another and look down and around his body. The two of them chuckle at the sight of a thick, white furred tail poking its way out of a tear in Jeff’s pants. A little further down they see that his canine feet have ripped themselves free from what used to be his shoes. They go back to looking at his tail as Jeff wags it and then chuckles some more. Ironbar parts what’s left of Jeff’s underwear with a clawed finger to take a peek at his new canine cock. He sees that it is swollen and red and dripping a load of cum onto Jeff’s pants and furry legs. Ironbar looks up from Jeff’s crotch to his face and smiles before going to back to undressing his newest recruit. Both Jeff and him pull off his T-shirt and Jeff smiles at the sight of his furry chest firming up before his eyes. He looks past his chest to note his cock and ball sac and chuckles again. He fully takes off his shirt and drops it on the floor. And just as he is about to remove his cum-soaked pants, Ironbar moves in again and begins to playfully lick and suck on his pecs. Jeff groans and growls with each lick and suck performed on him by the Great Dane. Ironbar while sucking and licking removes his cum-soaked pants and lets them drop to the floor around Jeff’s canine legs.  Jeff writhes as Ironbar then reaches down with one hand to squeeze his cock. More cum comes flying out onto the floor and onto Ironbar’s thick black fur.

Jeff: (growls and pants) “We.. we really should.. move to your bed now to continue this.”

Ironbar stops playing with him and looks briefly at Jeff. And just as Jeff assured him from a moment ago, he is indeed becoming a dog just like him.

Jeff: (chuckles) “I told you that I was going to become a dog.”

Ironbar smiles happily and impishly at him. And then before Jeff can do or say anything more, the Great Dane reaches out to him again with both hands and lifts him into the air. What’s left of Jeff’s clothing falls to the ground in a tattered heap. Ironbar gently lowers him butt first onto his own erect cock. Jeff gasps out with surprise and grabs a hold of Ironbar. His gasp becomes a pleasurable sigh as Ironbar walks the two of them over to his bed. He lowers himself down before the bed and uses his upper body strength to crawl onto it with Jeff still clinging to his chest. He reaches the center of his bed and gently lowers Jeff onto it. He gives Jeff some licks and nuzzles him across his fully developed muzzle and furry cheeks. Jeff nuzzles and licks him on the underside of his muzzle. Both of them can feel the sexual tension in the air and in themselves as it builds itself up around them. Ironbar is the first to let go of his sexual tension by letting himself explode inside of Jeff. He begins to pump away inside of Jeff and push him further and further into becoming a dog just like him. Both of them growl and groan with pleasure. And both of them continue to fondle one another with their hands.

Ironbar: (in between groans) “Hey, don’t you think its about time to let your friends know that you are about to join them as their fellow dog?”

Jeff: (smiles) “Why not?”

So both of them cock their heads back as far as they would go and howl together. They then stop and wait as their howl dies away. They look at each other and smile some more. And their smile becomes a chuckle as they hear a pair of howls erupt from another part of the ship. Their chuckling continues as that pair of howls turns into a chorus of howls coming every part of the ship.

Ironbar: (smiles) “You know I wondered why my men didn’t immediately howl away when your friends announced themselves to the crew as the newest pair of Howlers.”

Jeff: “Well maybe my friends just surprised them with their howling. After all no one but you, the captain, Rev, Kindle and Silver knew about our desire to become dogs.”

Ironbar: “You just might be right about that. But then again, we could have been just waiting for you guys to announce an end to your virginity.”

With a couple of more chuckles and smiles, Jeff and Ironbar then go back to having their little sexual romp in bed.

Fade Out.
Fade In.

An hour later, Ironbar and Jeff are walking to the room where Dave and Mike are. And Ironbar can’t help but watch as Jeff goes about admiring his new canine self.  He sees Jeff staring intently at the paw pads on his hands. Jeff looks up to see him staring at his hands.

Jeff: “Back in my own time when I was still human, I had something of a paw pad fetish.” (he smiles) “I would often daydream back then that I was becoming a real dog and just would spend hours looking at my paw pads.”

Ironbar gives Jeff a playful hug.

Ironbar: “Well you don’t have to daydream anymore about becoming a dog. You are one now.”

Jeff smiles and happily wags his tail. Their little pleasant revelry comes to an end as they come up to Jeff’s room and hear several voices having a conversation. Jeff’s ears prick up at the sound of his friend’s voices and he smiles.

Jeff: (looking at Ironbar) “Do you think that my friends will recognize me now as I am?”

Ironbar: “Probably. There aren’t that many wolf-like dogs on Maria and none of whom have your pelt color. But then again, you and your friends haven’t seen all of my men yet.” (he smiles) “So let’s find out if they can recognize you by sight, smell and sound.”

Ironbar walks through the door first and Jeff hears him get questioned by what sounds like the captain and Rev. He then hears Ironbar’s voice rise up an octave from being surprise about something. Jeff steps up closer to the door to get a better idea at what they are saying.

Ironbar: (chuckles) “Well I guess Jeff’s idea to surprise you two, isn’t going to work after all.”

Jeff hears the crew inside chuckle and let off some howls in response to Ironbar’s playful comment about his friends. Feeling very curious and eager for the surprise that surely awaits him inside, Jeff walks into the room. And once inside he sees the captain, Rev, Silver, Kindle and Sharpeye standing in the midst of Ironbar’s men. He steps up next to Ironbar as the crowd moves away from his friends.

Dave: “Oh my, look at what the Great Dane dragged in.” (he snickers)

Kindle: “Unbelievable.”

Jeff silently echoes Kindle’s comment as what he sees surprises him greatly. For he sees that both Dave and Mike have also become long-haired German Shepherd dogs just like him.  And with the exception of their pelt colors, he sees that they look exactly like him.

Dave: (smiling and chuckling) “Oh man, I knew that we three were close friends and all, but I didn’t know that our friendship had drawn us this close.”

Mike: (looking at Dave and smiling) “Looks like we are more than friends now, guys.”

Jeff: “Yeah we look brothers all whelped by the same bitch.”

More laughter, howling and chuckling sound throughout the room as Jeff pads his way over to his friends for a furry group hug.

Fade Out.
Fade In.

Act III/ Scene IV:
Jeff: (playfully teasing) “Well I must say, Dave, that you have turned out a whole better from what I expected you to be as a dog.”

Ironbar: (glances over at Dave) “What did your friend just mean by that, Dave? Was either of you expecting you to become a particular breed of dog?”

Dave: (looks around and smiles) “Yes, I was initially expecting myself to become something large and shaggy like a Briard or an Old English Sheepdog.”

Rev: “Why those particular dog breeds?”

Dave: “Well I just have a thing about large, shaggy sheepdogs.”

Jeff:  (smiling) “Yeah he’s had a thing for wanting to be a ‘Mop Dog’.”

Jeff playfully backs away from the bed as Dave tries to bolt off it and grab him by the hand. More laughter and chuckling break out throughout the room as Dave settles down on the bed again next to Mike.

Dave: (grinning sheepishly) “Well Jeff’s comment aside, I am not to put off by being a long-haired Alsatian dog as my fur coat is thick and long enough for me to think it as being shaggy.”

Rev: “Good for you, Dave. But tell me something guys, how did all three of you become the same breed of dog and become nearly identical in appearance?”

Dave: (playfully looks over at Mike) “Do you want to tell him or should I be the one to tell him?”

Mike: (smiling back at Dave) “I think I should answer his question first and let you play catch-up with anything I missed or couldn’t easily explain. What do you think?”

Dave: (smiling back) “Sounds good to me, lead on, Mike.”

Mike: (turning toward Rev) “Well like we told you, the captain (nods his head toward Yars), and your fellow crewmates several hours ago, my friends and I came from different parts of our homeland. But what we didn’t tell you was that we had a means to constantly keep in touch with each other no matter how far apart we were from one another.  And we had been keeping in touch with one another for the better part of two years until we first met each other in Jeff’s home state of Florida.

Dave: “And while we were keeping in touch with each other over those two years, we all discovered that we had the same kind of lifestyle, shared similar hobbies and shared similar opinions about life in general. In fact there were times, when we all felt more like brothers than actual friends. Like we had been separated at birth and had only now rediscovered the deep connections between us.”

Rev smiles at what Dave tells to him and his fellow crewmates. Jeff walks back over to the bed and allows Dave and Mike to pull him onto the bed between them.  Rev and Silver look at the three of them sitting together on the bed and smile.

Kindle: “Well explanations aside, its a good thing that you three have different pelt colors. Otherwise we wouldn’t be to tell you three apart.” (he smiles) “Imagine the problems that would create for us on the ship.”

Jeff: (looking at Kindle with mock disgust) “Well if that is how you see it, then I wish right now that Maria would change us a bit so that we would have the same pelt color. As I would love to see how you guys would react around us if we were of the same color.” (he looks at Dave and Mike) “What do you two think?”

Dave: (smiling) “Hmmm.. you know he does have a point there, Mike.”

Mike: “Oh yeah, I can just imagine it now...”

The trio’s comments toward Kindle spark off another round of laughter.

Captain Yars: (stoically and smiling lightly) “Well I know that your men want to stay with their new pack mates, Ironbar, and have some fun. But it is really late and we have another busy day ahead of us. Now would those of my crew who were supposed to be on the night watch and yet snuck in here, please go back to your posts. Everyone else go back to bed.”

He looks at the trio of Alsatian dogs sitting on the bed before him.

Captain Yars: “And as for you three, I expect to see you back in my quarters tomorrow morning. We have a lot of unfinished business to attend to it now that you are a part of my crew now. Everyone dismissed.”

Mike followed by Dave and Jeff nod their heads, shake hands with some of their new pack mates and say good night to the rest. The last crew members to leave the room are Ironbar, Rev and the captain. Ironbar and the captain leave before Rev and the trio can say good night to them.

Ironbar: (barely audible to Rev and the trio) “It maybe late, but how about we have some fun together before turning in for the night?”

Captain Yars: (barely audible) “Your place or mine?” (he yawns)

Ironbar: (barely audible as he chuckles) “Yours of course, I had already had some fun in mine.”

Rev smiles as both Ironbar and the captain step out of ear shot. He looks at the trio and smiles even more as Dave and Mike lightly tease their friend, Jeff, about the fun he had in Ironbar’s quarters.

Rev: (shakes his head in amusement) “Be it fate or your handiwork, my Lord, the universe certainly does work in strange and mysterious ways.”

Dave: (eavesdropping on Rev) “I wouldn’t give God credit or the responsibility of bringing my friends and I to this place and time. Nor I can say that he had a hand in making us what we are right now. Only Fate could have made things possible for all of us.”

Rev: (shrugs amicably at Dave’s comment) “Well whatever force is at work in our lives doesn’t matter to us now. What matters now is that you three seem to settling into your new lives quite well. If you need any advice to cope with these new lives of yours, my office is open at all hours of the day.”

Mike: “Thanks, Rev. We’ll take you up on your offer should we need it.”

Rev: (smiles) “Good. Then I wish you and your new pack brothers a good night’s rest then.”

The trio look away from Rev and look at each other before smiling. Dave playfully rubs Jeff behind the ears.

Mike: (looking back toward Rev) “Good night, Rev, see you tomorrow.”

Dave: “The same here, Rev.”

Jeff: “Ditto.”

Rev leaves the room.

Mike: “Maria, lights out please.”

For next few minutes, the only sounds that can be heard are the sound of the trio climbing onto the bed and underneath the covers with a little fuss. They then try to fall asleep.

Jeff: (breaking the silence) “Mike? Dave?”

Dave: “What is it, Jeff?”

Jeff: “Would you two mind answering a rather simple question for me before we go to sleep?”

Mike: “And what is this question?”

Dave: “And why can’t it wait until tomorrow morning, Jeff?” (he yawns) “Mike and me are rather beat at the moment to do anything more but sleep.”

Jeff: (chuckles) “Yeah I know you and Mike are tired. And I heard what you guys were doing that made you so tired. So did the rest of the ship by the way if the crowd in our room a moment ago was any indication.”

Dave and Mike groan.

Dave: (growls in annoyance) “Jeff, do me a favor and go to sleep.”

Jeff: “Not before you two tell me about what made you two decide to have sex together.” (he smiles) “After all, the Dave and Mike I knew from a couple of hours ago wouldn’t just jump into bed and go at it for the TF.”

Mike: (growls) “Anymore than the Jeff that we knew from a few hours ago would shack it up with a Great Dane?”

Jeff: “Okay, okay, no need for you guys to raise your hackles at me just for asking. I just wanted to know what made you two do it and how it felt to actually transform into a dog for real.”

Mike: (sighs) “Sorry for snapping at you, Jeff, but Dave and me are really tired and need some shut eye.”

Dave: “Same here, Jeff, besides we got plenty of time to talk to each other about what we all just did to make ourselves go literally to the dogs.”

Jeff: (smiling) “You are right you two, good night then.”

Dave: “Good night then, Jeff.”

Mike: “Sleep tight, Jeff.”

The room goes silent for a minute.

Jeff: (chuckling) “Bet you two didn’t have as much fun as I did with Ironbar with the foreplay and the sex.”

His single comment starts off a pillow fight and another round of laughter between him and his new pack brothers.

Fade Out.
Fade in.

The next morning Rev is taking his usual morning stroll through the ship when he runs into Ironbar outside the trio’s quarters.

Rev: “Well good morning, Ironbar, and what brings you back here to our guests’ quarters?”

Ironbar: “Morning, Rev.”

Rev: (noticing Ironbar’s annoyance and amusement) “Something the matter?”

Ironbar: (nods his head in the direction of the door) “Yeah, my newest recruits are late for their meeting with the captain and he isn’t too amused by their tardiness at the moment.”

Rev: (smiles) “Well given what your three new Howlers went through in the past couple of days, one would think that the captain would be more patient regarding their actions. After all they are new at being dogs and to their new lives aboard Maria.”

Ironbar: “You’ve got no problem with me on that, Rev. The captain and I didn’t get much sleep last night (he smiles) and he awoke a tad cranky. And Vermin’s actions from yesterday haven’t improved his mood much today.”

Rev: “Then I’ll have a chat with the captain after Morning Mass and see if I can’t help cheer him up.”

Ironbar nods his head and knocks on the door. They hear one of the trio utter a muffled invitation to come in. Ironbar smiles and opens the door. He and Rev walk in to see the trio groggily get out of bed together, their eyes glazed slightly over, their fur coats all mussed up and their bodies stiff and jerky.

Rev: (chuckling lightly) “Didn’t you three get any sleep after I left?”

Dave: (mutters) “Barely any.”

He looks at Jeff with amused annoyance.

Dave: “Jeff kept us up for a couple of more hours.” (he stretches himself)

Jeff: (grins sheepishly) “I merely wanted to ask them as to what made them decide to have a sexual fling together. So after a impromptu pillow fight, we talked about our transformation experiences and...”

Mike yawns and leans himself against Jeff to keep himself from falling asleep again.

Mike: (following up on Jeff) “And then we decided to do a little group sex with Jeff doing both of us. After that we just took (yawns) turns.”

Ironbar: (chuckles and looks at Rev) “I better see about going to the kitchen for some breakfast for these guys. Be back in a few.”

Rev: “Good idea, I’ll stay here with your Howlers and try to keep them awake.”

Ironbar leaves the room as Dave walks over to the dressers and cabinets and starts digging through them for some clothes.  Mike quickly joins them.

Dave: (muttering something to Mike) “I do hope we can find something to wear with these new bodies of ours.”

Rev walks over and joins Jeff as his friends go about their task. They watch the two Alsatians pull clothing out of the dressers and cabinets and make comments about them.

Rev: “So were you satisfied by what they told you of their intimate moment together?”

Jeff: “Pretty much so.” (he shakes his head) “But I still find it hard to imagine what made us do the things we did last night. It just felt so right to have fun with my friends. Now I just wish that I wasn’t so sore.” (he winces)

Rev: (smiles and chuckles) “Well that’s what you get when you have too much sex in a single night. But just wait until the rest of your pack brothers decide to ask you out in one of their Howls.”

Jeff: “Howls?”

Rev: (smiles) “The Howler’s group sex/ get-together that they hold every so often.”

Jeff: “Oh!”

Jeff leaves Rev and walks over to his friends. Rev watches them and smiles as Jeff tells them about the Howl. He then watches them as they get dressed into cutoff jeans, sleeveless T-shirts and fingerless gloves. Dave hands over a pair of brushes to Mike and Jeff, and then all three of them begin grooming one another with long, deliberately pleasant strokes. Ironbar then returns with Kindle and several trays of food.

Kindle: (smiles) “Well, looks you three didn’t get much sleep last night. Have your own little Howl?”

Dave playfully grabs Jeff to give him a playful nuggie.

Dave: “You could say that.”

Ironbar, Rev and Kindle chuckle at his remark while Jeff just grins sheepishly and pants as Dave starts to fondly rub him behind the ears. Kindle puts down the trays of food before turning back to them.

Kindle: “So have you guys come up with some new names for us to call you by?”

Dave: (looking confused) “New names?”

Rev: “What my friend, Kindle, is trying to ask you and your friends, Dave, is have you decided to keep your old names or go for new ones to reflect your new selves.”

Dave, Mike and Jeff look at each other.

Mike: “Umm... we really hadn’t thought about changing our names. May I ask why we need to change them?”

Ironbar: “You don’t really need to change your names, Mike, if you three don’t want to. But it has become something of a tradition on this ship for newcomers such as yourselves to choose one.  Sometimes the Howlers choose one for you, but you can pick one if you'd like to.”

Kindle: “As changing your name would help you put aside your own personal pasts and bring you guys closer to being a part of our family.”

The trio go back to looking at one another for a minute before looking once more at their friends and now crewmates.

Dave: “Hmmm.. I guess you guys can call me Canem then.”

Rev: (smiles) “The Latin word for dog, good choice, Dave.”

Mike comes up behind his cream-colored pack brother and throws a furry arm around his right shoulder.

Mike: “And you guys can call me Wolfy.”

Jeff comes up on Canem’s other side and also throws his arm around his friend’s left shoulder.

Jeff: (smiles) “Call me Liyoht.”

Rev watches as Ironbar and Kindle smile before the two dogs walk up to greet their newest pack mates. They fondly hug the trio and give each of them an equally fond nuzzling on the cheeks canine style. Canem and Wolfy nuzzle them back while Liyoht gives Ironbar a couple of friendly licks to the muzzle.

Ironbar: (smiles) “Down boy, down.”

Liyoht grins and backs away from Ironbar. The little get-together between dogs is then interrupted by Kyle who hurriedly enters the room and nearly collides with Rev.

Kyle: “Oops, sorry Rev, didn’t mean to run into you like that.” (he looks over to Ironbar) “The Cat-tain wants to know if your Howlers here are ready to see him now. He.. sounded a little cranky when he sent me off to find you.”

Rev: (teasing) “You better get these three up to see the captain then, Ironbar. It doesn’t sound like he’s going to be in a better mood than the one you gave him last night.”

Ironbar: (smiles sheepishly) “I know, I know, but here’s hoping that you can cheer up him.”

Wolfy: “And what did you do make him so cranky, Ironbar?”

Ironbar: “We’ll talk about that later as I am sure we shouldn’t be keeping the captain waiting. And after your little chat with him, I am going to get you three properly introduced to the rest of your new pack.” (he smiles) “The captain wants to have a serious talk about your futures on this ship.”

The dog trio look at each other and then at their new alpha.

Ironbar: “Now if you three will behave yourselves in front of the captain...”

He smiles as they chuckle at his jibe. Ironbar and Kindle lead their new pack mates out the door.

Kyle: “So what kind of life do you think is in store for them on board this ship with us, Rev?”

Rev: “Hopefully a good one, I think.”

Rev crosses over to Kyle and gives his squirrel crewmate a fond pat on the arm before walking out of the room with him. As he leaves the room, he looks back at the trio’s belongings and smiles.

Rev: (wondering to himself) “I wonder at how long it will be before those three move in with Kindle and the rest of their Howler pack mates.” (he smiles) “That day when it comes should prove to be an interesting sight given what I know about those three.

The door to the room then quickly closes shut behind Rev and Kyle.

The End.

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