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Fang walked around the corner, still sulking.  Ever since he had been trapped on this boat he knew it was trouble.  The largest mistake he made was letting himself try sex with one of the dogs.  At least he became a wolf, not a dog.  They invited him in to the den, but he felt very distant from he dog that he had sex with.  He felt distant from all of them.  He wasn't a dog, he wasn't a Howler.

No, he was a wolf.  Without a family.

And even then, he was a black wolf.  It wasn't enough to be trapped by Wallworth, who was trying to wheel and deal with anyone on this boat to help him escape, but he had to become a black wolf.  He knew all about them, he was paid a fine fee to rid the countryside of them some time ago by a landowner.  Now, whatever God was doing to him was some perverted justice.  And he hated this purgatory on Earth.  He had nothing more than what he had on his back when he was captured on this boat.

He wanted to be with his girlfriend, or at least his friends.  Friends.  Fang snorted to himself.  The friends that died were the lucky ones.  They didn't have to live to see this.  And he knew of at least one of the mercenaries he got on this boat with that is now living with and fucking a skunk.  Fang snorted to himself again.

"Fang!"  The wolf turned around to see another young wolf approaching him.  His brown pelt lighter in color, his tail rolled smoother, and he had a spring in his step.  Fang already met him before, he was a merchant on the ship he was brought to this hell hole on.  "Wait up!"  The young wolf chased Fang down.  "What are you up to?"  Fang never stopped, and snarled a little.  "I was wondering, umm…"

"For the last time no!" Fang said, stopping in his footsteps and facing the young wolf.  "I won't teach you how to fight!"

"But Fang, Sir!"  The younger wolf lowered his ears noticeably.  "You said on the other ship that you'd show me some moves if you survived the battle.  And you did, and I did, and…"

"This isn't survival." Fang snarled out, turning back down the hallway.  "This isn't even being alive."  Fang stomped down the hallway.  "And stop following me like a lost puppy.  If you're a wolf you can start to act like it."

As Fang walked away, the young wolf stood dumbfounded.  "I'm not a puppy." He said.  He hung his tail low, let his ears droop fully, and hung his head.  Down the hall, Tzo closed his door softly.

"He's been just inconsolable." Silver said to Rev.  Silver pointed to Fang, who was sitting alone at the farthest table he could.  "Since the fight, and he's been on board, Fang has just been there.  He refuses to even talk to anyone.  I think he's convinced he wants to be miserable."  Silver took another bite of his meat pie.

"Not everyone enjoys their stay on board." Sharpeye told Silver.  "I'm lucky you arrived, you know.  I was getting a little lonely myself."

The silver fox nuzzled with his mate.  "You're not the only one, love."  Sharpeye smiled.  "But not everyone has that." Silver said.  "I know a few of he Jezzibelle crew members who are still unhappy."

Rev nodded.  "Should I try talking to him?"

"I don’t think it would help." Silver said.  "I know that he's been trying to since they both changed."  Silver pointed to the young wolf sitting with the Howlers.  "Fang won't have anything to do with anyone.  I think that's why he calls himself Fang."

Rev nodded.  "I think I could take some time to talk to him, to help his transition to…"

"I think you've been beaten to it." Sharpeye said, pointing with his paw.  Rev turned around to see Tzo walking towards Fang.  Rev shrugged his shoulders, and nodded.  "At least Maria is never boring, is it my love?"  Silver smiled to Sharpeye.

Tzo stood next to Fang.  "Is this seat taken?"  Fang looked up to the panda, and shook his head no.  "Domo Origato."  Tzo sat down gently next to the wolf.  They sat quietly for a minute, Tzo eating his rice and the wolf eating his dried meat with a sense of purpose.  The room was strangely quiet as the two of them ate.

"There's an old story, from my homeland." Tzo said to nobody in particular.  Tzo fiddled with his chopsticks, and placed them in his bowl.  "A story of a samurai.  What you might call a soldier, or a man at arms."  Tzo looked to Fang, who's gaze never left his own plate of meat.  Tzo looked back to his own bowl, and spoke between bites.

"This samurai fell into disgrace.  How this happened is not as important as the fact that it did happen.  He lost his family, his name, his land, his property, and even the clothing on his back overnight.  He was thrown to the wilds naked in body and in spirit.

"He considered his options.  He considered becoming Ronin, a mercenary for hire.  He chose not to out of respect for his prior life.  He considered seppuku, a ritual suicide.  But he found himself too weak in spirit to bring himself to the act.  He considered becoming a farmer, a beggar, a thief…  All dismissed because he realized that his life was Samurai.  All he knew was the code of honor, and the ways of the blade."

Tzo traced the chopstick into his rice, and made a symbol in it.  "He took many days to consider his life, and decided to walk.  He walked from what he had known as his home, and set out to discover himself.  He traveled for weeks, then months.  Until one day he found a young man."

Tzo traced another symbol, under the first.  "The young man was excited to see the warrior.  He recognized the look of combat in the older man, and saw within him the dreams he had since he was a young boy.  The young man gathered the courage to approach him.

"I have come to learn from you, the young man said, kneeling at the warrior's feet.  He held out a simple knife, as an offering to the warrior before him.

"The old warrior's spirit was broken.  You do not want to learn from me, he said to the young man.  I am disgraced.  The warrior's spirit has died within me.  I am not a great warrior.  That part of me is no more.

"The young man looked up to the warrior, and said I would never have known that if you had not told me.  He took the warrior's hand into his own, and placed the blade handle into it and said I do not believe that spirit to be dead, as you wear it as your armor.  I wish to wear your armor, to honor who you are, not who you were."

Tzo traced one more symbol into his rice, and placed the bowl down next to Fang's now empty plate.  Fang looked at the kana in the rice, then to Tzo.  The panda only nodded, got up from the table, and left silently.  Fang looked at the characters drawn in the bowl of rice, not comprehending what they meant, if anything at all.

Fang got up, and walked to the Howlers table.  He slammed his paws next to you young wolf.  "If you want to learn some moves, I suggest you come with me before I change my mind."  Fang turned and began out the door.  The young wolf excused himself quickly, and followed him.

Later that night, Rev knocked on Tzo's door.  "Come in." he heard.  Rev opened the door to see the panda in his favored kimono.  There were a few candles lit in the room, and Tzo was working over a piece of paper.  "What brings you here tonight?"

"I'm curious." Rev said.  "How it ends."

"Hmm?"  Tzo put this brush down.

"The story." Rev said, closing the door behind him.  "Of the warrior and his student."

Tzo turned to look at the rabbit. "I don't know." he said.  "The ending hasn't been written yet."

Rev cocked his head to the side.  "You made it all in your head?"

"No." Tzo said.  "It's being written as we speak."

"YAAAHHHHH!"  The young wolf lunged at Fang, claws bared.  Fang stepped to the side, avoiding the blow.  The young wolf stopped his momentum, and raised his elbow to hit Fang.  Fang blocked it with his hand.

"COME ON!" Fang screamed.  "Fight like you mean it!"  Fang pushed the young wolf to the side.  The two of them had already managed to shred clothing from each other in the height of combat, experimenting with their animal claws as they sparred.  What furniture Fang had in his quarters were almost all smashed.  "Fight like a warrior!" he screamed at his young student.  Fang kicked the back of he young wolf's knee.  As he was going down, the wolf punched Fang in the stomach, winding him and buckling his knees.  They both hit the ground hard.

The younger wolf snarled, and attempted another punch.  Fang caught his paw in mid strike and held it there.  Their eyes locked, their scents filled each other with a feral spirit.  Fang pulled the young wolf to him and they locked muzzles in a growling kiss.  Fang rolled the young wolf onto his back.  The young wolf's ears folded back, submitting.  Fang looked into the wolf's eyes again, and saw in them a warrior's spirit, untamed and raw.

The young wolf looked up at Fang, and saw a kindred warrior spirit within him, honed to perfection.  He felt his own body stir, his scent changing radically with Fang's.  Fang's ears perked high, fur on it's ends.  Fang quickly growled and placed his jaws on he wolf's throat.  They both felt the tension of the moment, and the young wolf gave into it.

They both sensed each other's arousal, and their social status within each other.  Fang bit his young wolf, and the young wolf whimpered.  Fang's tail raised high into the air, asserting his dominance.  His shaft pressing against the hole under the young wolf's tail.  Then Fang thrusted with his hips into the young wolf, and the two felt a change.

They felt the beginnings of a pack.

Rev sipped on the tea with Tzo.  "I don't understand the method, but if it works, I can' argue with it."

Tzo nodded.  "And if it doesn't, I did tell him what I could.  It's just a story, after all."

"Stories have more power than you know." Rev said.  "Some have been told for generations, and holds a powerful message for all that read them."

Tzo nodded with a smile.  "I know.  You're holding a book of them now."  Rev half closed an eye, and shook his head with a grin.

The next morning Fang woke up, still tied inside his sparring partner who was still sleeping.  They were both utterly exhausted from the night before.  He could smell his own scent, as well as the other wolf's seed spilled all over his floor.  The furniture was still smashed, and their clothing was now better suited to rags.  Fang felt within himself something he hadn't felt for a long time.  A sense of family he had missed.

"Mmmmmmggghhh…."  Fang looked down to the wolf he was still inside.  The young wolf tried to move, then realized he was locked in.  He began to panic.

"Hey!  HEY!" Fang said to the young wolf sharply.  "We're stuck here.  Calm yourself, I know it'll go down soon."  The young wolf stopped kicking, and relaxed somewhat.  "If you're going to learn how to fight you're going to have to learn when not to fight." Fang said sternly.

"Sorry." the wolf said.  He lowered his ears, and his tail went between his legs.  HE looked down to the ground, not wanting to look Fang in the eye.

"And you'll need a new name.  All the best fighters I knew had a name to match their instincts and bravery." Fang said.  "I was thinking Slash, as that seems to be the one attack you've got figured out."

The young wolf smiled to himself.  "Slash." he said.  "I like that."

"Good." Fang said.  "Because the next thing you need to learn is how to block."

"Yes Sir." Slash said, bowing his head slightly.

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