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Nickname / (Name)
(Alphbetical Order)
Duty on Ship
History, and general information
Abacus Raccoon Arbitrator Mate of Robert, the tabby cat.  Often the go-between to settle disputes between the Jackrats and Howlers.
Scott Allen Navigator / Captain One of the surviving raiders from teh first book, Scott was brought back by Wallworth to find the Maria in book 2.
Andrew Cunnings  Hereford Unknown Former first mate of the "Rena", mated with Eric Boldwyn.  One of two steers on board.
Belfrey Bat Night Lookout A horrible punster, "Belfry" changed his name to match his appearance.  He's blind, and uses sonar to watch the seas.
Bernie (Ian) St. Bernard Howler Originaly aboard the "Rena" (Wolfy short story)
Bullseye (Pete) Jack Russel Terrier Howler / shipsman Originally a member of the Jezzibelle, he was transformed by Ironbar soon after coming on board. (Book 1, Ch 2)
Butch Bulldog Howler / shipsman
Canem (Dave) German Sheppard
(cream / blonde)
From the future (2003), his ship crashed into the Maria where he was assimilated into the crew.  (Tempis Fugit story from Canem)
Charles  Rat Jackrat / Shipsman
Cuff (Chris) Collie Howler Originally on board the Rena. (Wolfy short story)
Claude Clydesdale horse ropesman
Darel Iguana Massuse / sculptor Transformed over months, the only non-mammal on board the Maria.
Dice Bull Terrier Howler / shipsman A scrimshaw artist and an "enforcer" for the Howlers, Dice is mated with Red.
Diggs (Ron) Badger Ron was a member of the raiding party to take over the Maria for her money, now mated to Remmy.  (B2, CH 10)
Diver  (Mike) Otter Unknown Mike was a member of the Jezzibelle sent to assasinate Yars on the island (Book 1, Ch 9)  Transformation completed by Bullseye on the island
Doc (Richard) Buck Medical Doctor Former crew member of the "Rena", transformed in the presence of Rev after boarding the Maria (Short story by Wolfy)
Duke Dalmatian Howler / ropesman Most of his backstory is in Book 2, Chapter 3.
Eric Jackrat Enforcer Changed violently by Vermin, Eric was created (Book 1, Ch 5) to gain revenge on Silver for defacing Vermin.  Eric died later when the main mast was struck by lighting and exploded while he was standing near it.  (Book 1, Ch 7)
Eric Boldwyn Aberdeen-Angus Unknown Former second mate on board the "Rena", mated to Andrew Cunnings.  One of two steers on board the Maria.
Greg Rat Jackrat Originally aboard the Rena (Wolfy Short story)
Ironbar (Frank) Great Dane Howler Leader Mated with Yars, origanally served on the HMS Anne
Kindle (Chris) Mixed breed dog
(Grea dane /
Howler / high ropesman Originally a jackrat, Chris was thrown out by Vermin after disobeying an order (Book 1, Ch 7)  After reverting to his human form, he was changed by Mutt on the island into his current canine incarnation (Book 1, Ch 10)
Kyle Squirrel First Mate
Captain Langley Human Captain of the Jezzibelle Pirate, Former captain of the Jezzibelle, Langley was killed by his own men on the island.  (Book 1, Ch 11)
(Captain Lanaham)
Lion Undetermined Former captain of the Rena, Transformed by Kyle on board the Maria (Short story)
Liyoht (Jeff) German Shepard
From the future (2003), his ship crashed into the Maria where he was assimilated into the crew.  (Tempis Fugit story from Canem)
Jenny Yars fiancee Woman brough by Captain Wallworth to lure Yars off the Maria.
Maria ??? The Ship Maria is the best pronounciation for her name.  Maria is an unknown, but all comes from her.  Maria is the ship, but also resides deep in the ship.  By placing a hand on a box, several crew members have "spoken" to Maria.  What she is and why she does what she does remains a mystery.
Mutt (David Dobbs) mixed breed dog
(Unknown mix)
Howler / shipsman Befriended Chris / Kindle when he was a Jackrat.  Plays accordion.  Most of his backstory is in Book 2, Chapter 3.

(Drawing by Wolfy!)

Randy Rat Jackrat Originally aboard the Rena  (Wolfy short story)
Red Irish Setter Howler / morning watch Mated with Dice
Redpaw (Wendle) Brittany Spaniel Howler Formerly aboard the "Rena"  (Wolfy short story)
Remmy Skunk Shipsman Mated to Diggs
(Rev. Joseph Bailey)
Rabbit (white) Religous consultant A prisoner on the Jezzibelle, Rev had proven himself invaulable to the emotional health of the crew.  Also one of the few crew members who changed wihtout sexual contact (Book 1, Ch 2), and is rumored to be celibate.
Riverfoot (Arron) Otter Unknown Former crew member of the "Rena", transformed by Darel (Short story by Wolfy)
Robert Tabby cat
(tan / brown)
Herbalist / healer Rumored to have the gift to see into the future.  Mated to Abacus.
Rose Horse Former Captain of
the Maria
"Rose" has been reffered to in the past as the former captain, but has not been mentioned since.  Also the only female to be mentioned in the story.
Sam Rat Jackrat Originally aboard the Rena (Wolfy short story)
Scott Human Navigator from the Jezzibelle Offered to bring messages from the crew back at the end of book 1, concripted by Captain Wallworth to find the Maria for his purposes in Book 2
Sharpeye Red Fox Navigator Former navigator of the "Santa Christa".  Mated to his apprentice, Silver.
Silver (Joseph) Grey Fox Apprentice Navigator Former cabin boy and high-ropes walked for the Jezzibelle, now apprenticing under Sharpeye on the Maria.  Also mated with Sharpeye (Book 1, Ch 7)

(Drawing by Bandit!)

Smoke (Jason) Cat
(grey striped)
Musician (Flute) Previous member of the Jezzibelle.  Changed by the Howlers (Book 1, Ch 3).  Rumored to be mated with Treble.
Treble (James) Cat
(black and white)
Musician (violin) Previous member of the Jezzibelle.  Changed by Smoke (book 1, Ch 4)  Rumored to be mated with Smoke
Tzo Panda Shipsman Japanese philosopher, origin explained in Wolfy's short story
"Vermin" Rat ex-Leader of the Jackrats First introduced as the "Captain" of the Maria, Vermin's history is little known.  He was a pirate of unknown origin until changed on the Maria under unknown circumstances.  He died in combat.
Captain Roger Wallworth Mink Captain, owner of the Jezzibelle Introduced in the epilogue fo book 1, Captian Wallworth searched for the Maria for purposes of getting it's gold and coin.  He is now trapped on board as a mink.
Wolfy  (Mike) German Shepard
(White fur)
From the future (2003), his ship crashed into the Maria where he was assimilated into the crew.  (Tempis Fugit story from Canem)
Captain Yars Tiger Captain of the Maria Originally of the ship "HMS Anne", where he served as a Lieutennant

(Drawing by Bandit)

Yellow (Joel) Dingo Howler Originally a shispman on teh raider's ship, joined the crew of the Maria willingly (B2, Ch 9)

...and an ever-growing cast of skunks, horses, wolves, and more than a few others...

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